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September 9, 2019
$1 Spice Defeats Opioid Cr


Following the fallout from the Opioid Crisis, American doctors are turning to a $1 spice that’s clinically proven to “turn down the volume” on opioid receptors by as much as 1,350%.

In fact, it’s so powerful, doctors are now prescribing it AFTER surgery… to alleviate post-surgical discomfort.

Even better, you can get your hands on it today without side effects and without a prescription. Full story below…

“Is effective in [supporting and relieving mild discomfort].”
– Stanford University School of Medicine

“Improves postoperative [discomfort].”
– Surgery Endoscopy

“Trials of [this $1 spice] have shown benefit.”
– Washington D.C. Department of Health

Naloxone kit used by police.
The problem has become so widespread that police equipment now includes the drug Naloxone, used to counter the effects of an opioid overdose.


America is NOW in a full-blown drug crisis due to the over-prescription of opioid drugs.

Every day, more than 130 people in the United States die after overdosing on opioids.1

And up until recently, they were thought to be the best solution…

But not anymore.

There is NOW a natural solution.

And it’s SO powerful…

Doctors are even using it after surgery.

One recent double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled study followed 50 people undergoing gallbladder surgery.

Some were given this natural pain solution, or an identical-looking placebo, along with rescue analgesics — actual pain killers to take if the pain became unbearable.

The result?

In the weeks following surgery, doctors saw a dramatic drop in pain and fatigue scores in the group given the natural solution.

However, we are talking about surgery here…

So during the follow-up period the natural pain relief group did have to take seven of the rescue analgesics.

But that’s nothing compared to the 39 the control group had to take!2

And if it works that well after surgery…

Just imagine what it can do for the discomfort you may have in your back, hip or knees.

But what’s even more exciting…

Is that this new way of dealing with pain is 100% natural.

What’s more…

It works on a very specific set of receptors that researchers have identified as key in dealing with a variety of issues associated with discomfort.

THAT’S why this new approach is such a game-changer.

It acts on the SAME receptors that make opioids work so well.

Yet it has zero side effects and isn’t addictive.

Plus, it goes to work in seconds — to relieve discomfort almost instantly.

And it relieves a variety of issues.

Unlike other products on the market that mask your discomfort by numbing your brain…

Only to eventually wear off.

This all-natural solution is different.

Because it works to eliminate the PRIMARY source of your discomfort, not just cover it up.

What’s more…

It takes just 30 seconds per day to experience all-day relief.

I’ve pretty much seen just about every kind of painful condition you could imagine.

I’ve consulted with thousands of patients who wake up to sore, stiff knees…

Painful crooked backs…

Taut and tender muscles…

And raw, overly sensitive nerves.

I know firsthand how difficult life can be when someone hurts so badly you can barely get out of bed each morning…

…let alone actually enjoy your life.

I also know just how desperate pain can make you feel?

But let’s face it — modern medicine has let you down…

Which is why, I’ve spent my ENTIRE career going against the mainstream…

Especially when it comes to dealing with pain.

Throughout medical school and well into my residency I was conditioned to believe that prescription pills were the best way to treat pain.

It’s what we were all taught.

And if that didn’t work? Surgery!

Setting up a terrible cycle of pain.

And yes, early in my career I prescribed my fair share of medication.

But after watching patients come back time and time again — still suffering or describing the myriad of side effects they were experiencing…

…I started to question everything I was taught.

“What if the way we were treating pain was all wrong?”

What if prescription pain pills aren’t the answer?

Well, I’m here to tell you…

They’re not!

And it looks like western medicine is FINALLY beginning to catch on.

The Truth about the Opioid Crisis…

Back in 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that, between 1999 and the late 2000s, prescriptions for opioid painkillers quadrupled.3

Drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin, and Percocet were handed out like candy…


We’re smack dab in the middle of a full-blown opioid crisis.

The New York Times recently reported that for the first time ever the federal government charged a major drug distributor for its role in perpetuating the country’s deadly opioid epidemic.

Can you believe that?

A major drug company indicted?

But that’s exactly what happened.

The company Rochester Drug Cooperative is facing charges that they didn’t report thousands of suspicious orders of opioids, including oxycodone and fentanyl.4

And oh boy is their CEO in hot water!

Can you guess what all this means?

It means, hundreds of thousands of people suffering from pain who have NOW become addicted to these overly prescribed pain medications will have a much more difficult time getting them.

If they can get them at all.

Which in the long run is a good thing…

But short term? It’s incredibly sad.

Because these poor people are going to be going through hell.

Not only will they experience increased pain…

But they’ll also experience all of the symptoms of withdrawal.

It’s going to be a mess.

It also means they MUST find an alternative.

And fast!

Now, I’m not talking about taking another drug.

That would be like pouring gasoline on a fire…

No, I’m talking about a natural solution.

Something that isn’t addictive and doesn’t have terrible side effects.

And the good news is that there is. And I’ll tell you all about it in a minute.

But first…

Let me tell you something I found to be very interesting when I started to research this drug crisis.

And that’s the fact that post-surgical patients appear to be most at risk.

Common everyday people getting knee surgery, back surgery, appendectomies’, shoulder surgery and even having their gallbladder removed.

Which is why there is so much interest in the discovery of a natural alternative than ever before.

And even if you’ve never had surgery and don’t plan on it…

The same holds true for joint, muscle, disc and nerve discomfort too.

Now you may be saying…

But Dr. Sears, “I’ve never taken a pain pill in my life, it could never happen to me!”

Well, think again…

Because according to researchers at the University of Michigan…

Six percent of people who have never taken a pain medication before (people are known as “opioid-naïve”) are at a much greater risk for abusing pain medication.

And to make matters worse…

Up until recently, there has never been any kind of reference range for doctors to go off of when prescribing opioids.

Meaning doctors have been giving away too much for way too long.

Think about it…

Every doctor wants to help their patients.

And prescribing bottomless bottles of opioids was an easy way to get people out of pain quickly.

But you and I both know the one BIG problem with western medicine is that it’s symptom-driven…

Big Pharma profit.
Big Pharma makes enormous profits from physician prescriptions.

It’s always been about treating symptoms and not really addressing the cause of those symptoms.

And frankly…

That philosophy has played right into the hands of Big Pharma.

The more pain medication doctors prescribed the more money they make.

And frankly, with opioids, it was WAY too easy…


Because they are powerful drugs.

So Why Do Opioids Work So Well?

Well as it turns out…

Your brain is filled with small receptors that control how you experience pain.

They’re called opioid receptors and they act like little gatekeepers.

When you experience pain whether it be from surgery, joint, muscle or nerve discomfort…

Those pain gates fling wide open and stay open — causing excruciating flare-ups.

Prescription pain medications like opioids quickly shut those gates…

And keep those pain signals from reaching your brain.

If you’ve ever been given a prescription for one of these heavy-duty pain drugs, you know what I’m talking about…

They numb you up pretty good.

But as you already know…

These drugs are dangerous, addictive and can even lead to premature death.

Now, I know I mentioned this earlier but it’s worth repeating…

Medical emergencies.
Opioid overdoses occur every day in emergency departments.

More than 130 people die every day here in America from opioid overdose alone.

And that doesn’t even include all the deaths associated with all the other types of pain medications being prescribed every day.

Including over-the-counter pain relievers.

Sure, at first you’ll welcome the relief.

But sooner or later — the side effects start piling up.

At first, they’re minor — a little foggy-headedness, some mild nausea, constipation, and drowsiness.

But sure enough…

Your body begins to build up a tolerance.

Which means, all of those wonderful pain-relieving benefits…

Start to wear off.

And it now takes more medication to get the same results.

Which is why so many people become addicted.

It’s also why the opioid epidemic continues to spiral out of control with no end in sight.

So if opioids and other prescription pain pills aren’t the answer…

Is There A Natural Alternative?

What if I told you that there IS a better solution?

A natural solution to all of the discomfort you’re currently experiencing?

Now what if I told you it worked on the certain receptors that act as the gatekeepers to your brain’s experience of discomfort?

Well, there is and it does.

But before I tell you what it is…

Let me first tell you WHY it works so well.

You see if you’ve been experiencing discomfort on occasion…

If you’re aging, you have probably had an old injury that temporarily causes discomfort.

But what you probably don’t know is why this happens inside your body.

So let me take just two minutes to explain.

Then I’ll show you how this natural breakthrough can quickly eliminate your discomfort.

You see, when we’re younger our joints are heavily cushioned with protective, shock-absorbing cartilage.

Our muscles are flexible and strong and our nerves are calm and at ease.

As you age, however — the “old” injuries and all the wear and tear begins to take its toll…

Cartilage that was once thick, cushy and well lubricated becomes thin, brittle and dry.

Muscles that were once strong and flexible become knotted, shortened, tight and sore.

And nerves that were once calm and at ease are now frayed and sensitive.

The worst part is… You don’t notice it all at once.

But over time things can go from bad to worse.

Your knees throb after standing too long.

Your back aches after a round of golf, a few hours in the garden or simply after sitting too long.

Your shoulder stiffens as you reach into the cupboard.

And your neck tightens as you try to get comfortable in your favorite chair.

Now, obviously that’s no way to live.

And as bad as that all sounds, it’s the END result of all this that you should really be concerned about.

You see, when your cartilage begins to wither away, your muscles tighten and your nerves scream, your body has its own way of dealing with all this.

I’m talking about inflammation.

Any time something goes wrong in your body — whether it’s joints, muscles or nerves…

Inflammation is how your body handles it.

It sends a message to your brain that says, “We’ve got trouble here”

…and tells it to do something about it fast.

Which means most of the time, inflammation is a good thing and a natural part of the healing process.

Unfortunately, when you’re suffering from worn-out cartilage, damaged muscles or painful nerve endings…

Non-stop inflammation becomes the norm.

This leads to all of that excruciating discomfort we’ve been talking about.

Think of it like this…

Have you ever seen the fire department purposely burn dead or dying trees and brush?

It’s called a controlled burn and it’s an effective way to keep things contained.

That’s what minor discomfort is like.

Sure, it can be a bit annoying but for the most part it’s easily “contained” and limited to a local area.

Full-fledged fire.
Inflammation is like a fire in your body that can damage healthy tissues.

But inflammation can quickly go from a “controlled burn” to a full-fledged forest fire…

Raging through your body and destroying everything in its path.

The worst part is that it can happen really fast…

It’s why once your joints begin to ache, you can quickly go from occasional discomfort to suffering on a daily basis.

The kind of daily suffering that never ends.

That’s why you need a long-term natural solution…

And why — if you want fast effective and lasting relief — the first thing you need to do is to slam the gates shut that communicate discomfort…

…supporting healthy comforting happy signals to the brain.

So you can start feeling good again.

Once you do that, you’ll finally ease your discomfort.

No longer living with the constant fear that it will come back.

Allowing you to finally live without the burden of what’s to come.

Imagine for just a moment how great that will feel.

Just imagine what you’ll be able to do and all the activities you can NOW enjoy.

Maybe tennis, golf, hiking or perhaps a stroll on the beach?

How about those dance lessons you’ve been putting off?

Without out all of that constant discomfort, anything is possible.

Are you starting to see just how good things can be?

Well lucky for you…

There IS a Safe, All-Natural Alternative!

Something that is gentle enough to be used every day, yet powerful enough to be used on even uncomfortable…post-surgical pain!

Are you ready to find out what it is?

I bet you are…

This all-natural discomfort reliever is none other than turmeric.

But not just any turmeric…

In fact, regular turmeric simply doesn’t work.

But this new blend works better than anything I’ve ever seen.

And I’m about to show you…

yes How my patients are already experiencing the kind of relief you can’t achieve with traditional turmeric supplements.
yes The three other natural root extracts I’ve included that are proven to boost turmeric’s effectiveness.
yes And how you too can use this powerful blend to experience REAL relief, maybe for the first time in your life.

I’ll reveal all of this and more in just a moment…

But first, let me show you why some are calling turmeric the new discomfort solution.

Why Doctors are Now Turning to Turmeric.

In one recent study published in the journal, Phytomedicine researchers discovered for the first time a unique mechanism for curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric.5

Turmeric helps reduce discomfort.

This unique mechanism is a powerful way curcumin works to bring needed relief.

And it does it by specifically targeting receptors called opioid-related nociceptin receptor 1, also known as OPRL1.

Now I know it sounds complicated but it’s not.

You see, this particular receptor plays a key role in modulating discomfort…

I’m talking about…

  • Stiff joints
  • Muscle aches
  • Overactive nerves
  • And more.

What this study found was that the active ingredient in turmeric downregulates these receptors resulting in amazing relief.

In other words… it closes that gate I mentioned earlier!

Now, if you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’re thinking…

“This can’t be possible. How can a spice like a turmeric do that?”

But it does.

And trust me… at first, I was skeptical too.

Then as I was looking for additional research to verify this receptor downregulation effect and I found plenty.

Can you guess why you’ve never heard of it?

That’s right… Big Pharma!

They have way too much to lose, but now?

The Jig is up.

And the medical literature is crammed and jammed with study after study showing just how powerful turmeric can be…

Here’s just a sample of the hundreds of studies published in some of the most prestigious medical journals in the world…

And in a separate animal study published in the journal Anesthesia and Analgesia, researchers looked at turmeric’s ability to relieve the pain associated with surgical incisions.

What they found was that turmeric was able to significantly reduce the intensity of the subjects discomfort.6

In the journal of Alternative Medicine Review researchers observed as test subjects taking curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric) reported a 60% drop in their discomfort scores.

Pain scale.

Their stiffness scores dropped too, by as much as 73%!7

Isn’t that incredible?

Just think what it can do for you!

Imagine your joints feeling loose, flexible and lubricated…

Your back strong and stable without a twinge of pain.

Your knees, hips, shoulders, and wrists freely moving — no “catches,” no stiffness, no throbbing…

And nerves that are calm and at ease.

Well, these are the sort of life-changing results my patients and I are now used to seeing all of the time.

And because turmeric is all-natural…

You can’t build a tolerance.

So rather than having to “up-your dose” or having to suffer in agony because you hit your daily pill limit…

You’ll experience the support you need to help you move freely throughout the day.

But these amazing benefits are only possible IF the turmeric is actually absorbable… and IF it crosses the blood-brain barrier.


Because that’s where those receptors are and it’s the only place where the desired effect can take place.

You see, as powerful as turmeric is…

Most turmeric supplements are WAY too difficult for your body to absorb.

Plus, they simply don’t contain enough of the key compounds found in turmeric to maximize results…

Which means…

You NEVER experience the relief you should…

And You NEVER get to feel its soothing effects on your joints, muscles and nerves…

Which is why I added a brand-new technology to my turmeric supplement.

Groundbreaking Turmeric Technology —
That Boosts Absorption by 2,000%!
Curcumin Super-Charger #1 – Bioperine

Piper longum
Bioperine is derived from two plants: Piper longum and Piper nigrum.

This technology, proven at St. John’s University has the ability to enhance the power of turmeric by as much as 2,000%.8

What is this game-changing technology?

It’s called Bioperine and it’s a highly absorbable plant extract derived from two types of plants, Piper longum, and Piper nigrum…

Here’s why this is such a breakthrough…

When researchers tested the blood levels of curcumin (the active compound in turmeric) alone versus combining it with Bioperine…

After just 45 minutes of use, patients taking the combination had blood levels of curcumin 2,000% higher than those taking curcumin alone.

Combination of turmeric and bioperineTurmeric and Bioperine are effective natural remedies.

What this means is that the combination of turmeric and Bioperine has the ability to support those receptors we’ve been talking about.

Which also means that the desired process can actually take place…

Making the combination of turmeric and Bioperine one of the most effective natural remedies available anywhere.

But I didn’t just stop there…

You see, in addition to Bioperine…

I’ve added two additional turmeric superchargers to my brand-new formula.

I call it Curcumin Triple Burn and you’ll see why in just a moment.

You can use Curcumin Triple Burn anytime you feel discomfort coming on…

Giving you the power to stop it in its tracks.

Curcumin Triple Bur

Even better…

By using Curcumin Triple Burn daily you can stay healthy and active.

That way you’re always ready no matter what the day brings.

Going golfing? No problem!

Working in your garden all day? Not an issue!

Out shopping or sightseeing for the day? Go for it!

Whatever you decide to do, you’ll no longer have to worry about discomfort getting in the way.

No more aching joints…

No more stiffness…

No more sore back, hips, or knees after gardening or playing a round of golf.

Feels almost like a second chance at life, doesn’t it?

I am so excited for you to experience what REAL relief feels like.

And in just a minute, I’ll show you how to get your own supply of Curcumin Triple Burn for a very special price.

I’ll give you all the details in a moment…

First, I want to show you something.

See, now that you know how to use turmeric and Bioperine…

Bringing you fast, effective and long-lasting relief.

I want to show you a way to “supercharge” the power of turmeric…

With Bioperine, we’ve taken care of the delivery of turmeric — making sure it gets to those places where it can do you the best.

But I didn’t stop there.

In fact, I did something no one has ever done.

I’ve added TWO additional feel good spices to my brand-new curcumin formula…

Two spices in the same “family” as curcumin.

Both with proven benefits….

And when combined…

Not only do they complement each other…

But they “super-charge” turmeric’s ability to deliver fast relief.

Curcumin Super-Charger #2 – Ginger

Remember how I said that my two superchargers are from the same “family as turmeric?

Well, it just so happens that ginger has a profound effect on those same “feel good” receptors too.

Ginger has a profound effect on “feel good” receptors.

But I’m not talking about the ginger you can buy in the grocery store.

Instead, I’m talking about a concentrated form of its most powerful compound gingerol.

One study published in the journal Addiction and Health showed that ginger may, in fact, play a role in reducing the morphine addiction.9

Plus, ginger short-circuits genes associated with age-related inflammation.

Including the dreaded NF-kB (Nuclear Factor-kappa beta) which happens to be your body’s inflammation master controller.

NF-kB is associated with the activation of over 400 of your body’s pro-inflammatory genes.

Including COX-2 and iNOS and LOX.

Just how powerful is ginger?

In a double-blind study, researchers looked at the effects of ginger on knee pain.

They gave 261 knee pain patients either ginger extract or a placebo and what they found was truly SHOCKING.10

Patients taking ginger reported 40% more joint comfort than those taking a placebo.

But, as powerful as the combination of turmeric, Bioperine and ginger is…

I added one more often overlooked spice to my “Triple Action” formula.

Curcumin Super-Charger #3 – Galangal

Galangal root supports healthy joint and muscle health.

Like ginger and turmeric, galangal also provides powerful support for joint and muscle health.

And while it’s not as well known…

It adds another dimension to my already incredible “triple-action” formula.

Galangal is also a member of the Zingiberaceae family.

Which is why I’ve decided to make galangal one of the “core” ingredients in my revolutionary new formula.

I call it Curcumin Triple Burn.

Curcumin Re-Defined!

Over the years, I’ve used curcumin in a variety of ways. But, never have found such a powerful formula.

This one-of-a-kind curcumin formula contains a powerful dose of curcuminoids.

What that means is that there is more than enough in each dose to have healthy effects on your body.

Plus, I’ve included a revolutionary delivery system that ensures the delivery of curcuminoids.

But, I didn’t stop there.

I’ve added one more bonus “supercharger” to my already potent formulation.

This final ingredient is what’s called an adaptogen.

And if you think the combination of curcumin, bioperine, ginger and galangal is something…

Holy Basil

Holy basil supports healthy joints.

What until you see this!

It goes by the name Holy Basil.

And the Hindu religion it’s regarded as an earthly manifestation of the goddess Tulsi.

It helps the body to work at its prime level even while under large amounts of stress.

And what’s more stressful than experiencing the discomfort of any kind?

It does this by regulating helping support the body’s natural ability to regulate stress hormones including cortisol and adrenaline.

Holy basil also contains numerous polyphenol antioxidants to combat free radicals and protect your cells from damage.

In one study presented at the prestigious Royal Pharmaceutical Society found that holy basil helped support healthy joints.11

And, even more impressively, the results lasted 24 hours.

There’s Nothing Like Curcumin Triple Burn Available Anywhere and
You Don’t Need a Prescription!

Curcumin Triple Burn

Imagine, just 30 minutes from now, being able to bend over without feeling that familiar twinge of pain in your lower back…

Or hopping out of your easy chair with ease — the stiffness in your knees and hips is gone…

Imagine the look on everyone’s face at the next family barbeque — when you dominate the horseshoe pit or stand at the barbeque for hours…without even a smidgeon of discomfort.

How will you feel when you no longer have pain in your hands, feet, elbows, or knees?

Heck, you might even be able to start a new hobby or two — start hiking or playing two or three rounds of golf each week.

I’m telling you, this is truly powerful stuff.

You finally have everything you need to send your discomfort packing.

Here’s What You Get in Every Single Dose
of Curcumin Triple Burn!

  • A healthy dose of curcumin – Including 3 of the most powerful curcuminoids.
  • Super-Charger #1 – Bioperine, the game-changing delivery system proven to increase curcumin absorption by as 2000%.
  • Super-Charger #2 – Gingerol – the most powerful relief giving component in ginger.
  • Super-Charger #3 – Galanagal – The powerful curcumin family member that rounds out this “triple-threat.”
  • And the Bonus Supercharger – Holy Basil – the powerful adaptogen shown to calm stress.

All of this for less than $1 per day.


Look, this country is in a crisis…

And my new Curcumin Triple Burn is in my opinion one of the most powerful and effective alternatives I’ve ever used.

Every single ingredient was hand-selected to support the body’s natural ability to calm, soothe, and relieve temporary and minor aches and discomfort.

But to also work together.

However, there is one catch…

You see, Curcumin Triple Burn is only available through in limited quantities.

You won’t find it in stores, or anywhere else online.

Why do you ask?

Well, I produce my formulas in small batches.

It’s the only way I can ensure the quality you deserve.

And it’s the only way I can keep prices low (not to mention, offer you special discount).

For those in the past who’ve been lucky enough to get their hands on a small supply…

…they say it works like a Godsend!

In fact, every day, I receive hundreds of emails from people telling me how much Curcumin Triple Burn has changed their lives.

Here’s what just a few of my patients have to say:

Kent S.

Kent S. from Cocoa, Florida says…

Curcumin Triple Burn definitely has helped me feel better.”

Edi T.

Edi T. from Australia wrote to say…

“I purchased [Curcumin Triple Burn]
and I now experience a true feeling of good health.”

James W. from Tekoa, Washington states…

James W.

“It seems to be helping with an old knee injury
and newer hip discomfort.

So we feel that if the improvement in both joints continues,
I may never feel the creakiness of aging again!!”

It worked for them… Now it’s your turn!

Introducing Your New “Best-Friend”!

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I’ve set the price super low at less than $1 per dose…

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And let me be very clear…

This is NOT your ordinary curcumin.

It’s a highly specialized blend designed to deliver fast, effective, consistent results.

Day after day…

What’s more…

When you order your discounted supply today, you won’t risk a dime.

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It’s all part of my…

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I’ll get 3 bottles of Curcumin Triple Burn shipped right to my door for a total of $115.95 plus shipping and handling.

I understand that if I am not satisfied for any reason… or for no reason at all… I may ask for a full and prompt refund of every penny I paid. That way, I risk nothing.

That’s a total savings today of 10%!

Trial Offer:

I’ll get 1 bottle of Curcumin Triple Burn for$42.95 plus shipping and handling.