Does this new discovered Amazon tribe hold the ultimate secret to surging mental energy?

Generate Millions of New Neurons and Revitalize Your Aging Brain

“It energizes the mind and enhances IQ in ways we’ve never seen …” — Al Sears MD

But this tribe of natural healers is being hunted to extinction… Keep reading for the full story…


Dear Friend,

While covering the worst genocide of the 21st century…

…war reporter Gethin Chamberlain came across the most promising brain rejuvenation secret of the decade.

This incredible compound:

  • Stimulates brain energy 200X in human studies (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)1
  • Increases the growth of new brain cells by 105% (Journal of Natural Medicines)2
  • Multiplies protection against brain aging by a factor of 10 (Harvard Medical School)3

This little-known secret can transform you from brain-foggedforgetful and fatigued… to sharp-as-a-tack, with intense all-day focus and lightning-quick recall

This secret…

  • Is “exceptional” when it comes to quenching the free radicals that cause brain aging. Stunned researchers say it has “by far the highest quenching ability of any compound to date.” (Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry)4
  • Supports the healthy flow and function of proteins in the brain (Cornell University study)
  • And in one emerging study, a powerful polyphenol in this ‘secret’ even extended healthy, energetic life by 15%.5

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Journal of Natural Medicine and Harvard Medical School
Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry and Journal of the American Medical Association

Scientists are calling it the “Holy Grail” of renewable brain energy. This stunning secret:

Increases your brain’s natural ability to supercharge the energy source in every cell — called mitochondria — and generate more energy for itself…

Regrows and multiplies your brain cells… leading to enhanced memory and a higher IQ…

Dramatically improves processing speed and performance of mental tasks…

And in emerging studies it even REVERSED memory loss…

But only if you get your hands on it in time.


If we’d waited another month, even another week…

…the chance to rejuvenate your brain… have laser-sharp focus… and surging mental energy… might easily have been lost forever.

You see, the Awá tribe who discovered this breakthrough are being hunted to extinction.

As you read this, there are just 355 members of this tribe left alive. More than 100 of them have never had contact with the outside world.

Big business corporations are taking their land and destroying all their medical know-how.

Make no mistake.
The Awá medicine men are the only people on earth who know how to collect, harvest and administer these remarkable natural brain enhancement secrets.
I call them the Awá Brain Secrets…
These secrets can increase your brain energy up to 107%6… boost blood flow to your brain 200X7… and give your brain 20X more protection against brain aging, compared to other compounds8


INSIDE this special report — 7 Stunning Brain Enhancement Secrets

Brain Secret #1 — The Ultimate Brain Fuel For a Higher IQ

Brain Secret #2 — Fire Up Your Brain With New Neurons

Brain Secret #3 — Elevate Your IQ by 38% and Hack ANY Mental Challenge

Brain Secret #4 — TRIPLE Your Brain Connections With Faster Neural Firing

Brain Secret #5 — The 3 “Happiness Compounds” Your Brain Needs the Most

Brain Secret #6 — Military Grade Protection Against Deadly “Brain Gunk”

These secrets — discovered long before the Spanish Inquisition… but known only to a handful of tribal medicine men until now… can dramatically increase your brain energy… regrow new brain cells… “fire up” the connections in your brain… and even enhance your overall IQ…

Some scientists are even calling it “the greatest revolution in science since antibiotics…”

It can turn you from brain-fogged, forgetful and struggling to find words…

…into someone who is always sharp as a tack, flowing with creative energy, with instant memory recall, and never at a loss for what to say…

That’s why I’m writing you today.


Dr. Sears

My name is Al Sears, MD — and for three decades I’ve been tracking down ‘disappearing’ cures like the Awá Brain Secret

I’ve treated more than 25,000 patients at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in Royal Palm Beach, Florida…

…using powerful natural treatments from remote rainforests threatened with extinction.

I’ve brought back ancient cures from a dying lineage of Caribbean healers.

I’ve studied Ayurvedic medicine in India.


I’ve lived with the Ashaninka Tribe in the rainforests of Brazil, collecting their incredible medical secrets.

I’ve studied hundreds of brain-boosting nutrients from around the globe, many with astounding results for dramatically enhancing verbal and spatial memory, increasing focus and attention, and boosting brain energy.

But I’ve never seen anything as powerful as this. When I checked the research and read the case studies… when I verified the data… I was astounded.

This threatened super-nutrient for the brain… on the verge of being wiped out… is the most powerful whole-brain enhancer I’ve ever seen.

It’s been used by uncontacted tribes deep in the Amazon for centuries. It grows along the equator — deep in the lush tropical jungle.

To find it, you’d have to travel on narrow long-boats like I did — along winding tributaries thousands of miles from civilization.

It’s a tiny purple berry called Amazonian palm fruit or Açai (pronounced AH-SAH-EE). It packs a dozen different super-nutrients9,10 that enhance nearly every aspect of brain health — including memory, brain energy, mental stamina, focus, multi-tasking and motivation.

It’s as if God had designed a berry specifically to target and enhance every aspect of brain health — nature’s PERFECT brain food…

açai berries


Studies show that the stunning brain-enhancement compounds in açai can:

  • Dramatically enhance brain energy by up to 107%11 — doubling the energy in your brain can lead to laser-like focus, instant recall of words, memories and names… and faster thinking and problem-solving…
  • Give you military grade protection against dangerous free radicals — with up to 20X the protection against brain aging compared to other brain foods, so your brain will stay young for decades12
  • Increase cerebral blood flow up to 200 TIMES13 — so you can have long-lasting focus, especially during challenging cognitive tasks…

This remarkable whole-brain formula works by supporting brain health to give you natural “get-up-and-go” energy…faster memory recall… increased positivity and motivation… and laser-sharp, “project crushing” focus.

It literally ‘fires up’ your brain by stimulating the growth of new neurons.14 And it dramatically boosts the production of neurotransmitters, making the connections between brain cells faster and more efficient.

It has a proven impact on the overall function of long- and short-term memory15… and can improve memory in less than 1 week…

And it can potentially elevate your IQ by nearly 40%16 — making you not just a faster, sharper thinker, but smarter too.

All these benefits have had a stunning impact on the lives of my patients — from greater career success… to better relationships…

to improved verbal ability… to solving problems faster and more creatively…

In other words, this remarkable formula refocuses your brain, leading to dramatic benefits in all areas of your life.

It puts your whole life back into focus. That’s why I’ve called it…



— the Ultimate Secret to a SmarterFaster, More Efficient Brain

ReFocus Dr. Sears M,D. Primal Force

The ReFocus formula is built around the ultimate life-force in every cell in your brain — a force that produces the pure energy you need to think up new ideas, remember details, make decisions and solve problems.

I’m talking about the tiny powerhouses inside each of your cells called mitochondria

These tiny organelles produce the ‘life-force’ that keeps your brain sharp, focused and “on task” — and the mitochondria in your brain are the most important ones in your entire body.

Why? Because even though your brain is only 2% of your entire body weight, it actually uses up 20% of your body’s energy.17,18

And to get the fuel to create this energy, your mitochondria need glucose — and a ton of it. I’m talking at least 5.6 mg per 100g of brain tissue every minute19

This the first reason why Açai is so powerful for your brain — because it supercharges your brain’s fuel system, giving it a vastly superior energy upgrade…


Brain Secret #1:

The Ultimate IQ-Fuel for a Sharper, Smarter, Faster-thinking Brain

A remarkable breakthrough study has shown that the anthocyanins in açai have a dramatic impact on glucose metabolism.

We call it:

The Brain Mitochondria Miracle:
Increasing Your Brain Energy By Up to 107%


This Royal Society of Chemistry study found anthocyanins increased glucose consumption by a stunning 107%20. In other words, it more than doubles the power of your brain’s fuel system.

Remember — without glucose, your neurotransmitters break down. Communication between neurons fails. You forget your keys, you forget names and dates. 

And you fall into brain fog, where you can’t think straight, and have no mental stamina to complete — or even begin — tasks that need you to think.

So imagine what it means to more than DOUBLE your brain fuel.

Imagine having double the focus and concentration… double the mental stamina… double the thinking speed… double the verbal ability…

“Potentially the greatest revolution in medicine since antibiotics…”

In fact, scientists are calling this mitochondria breakthrough “Potentially the greatest revolution in medicine since antibiotics.”21

That’s according to Dr. Nick Lane, senior research fellow at University College London.

By targeting the mitochondria, the anthocyanins in açai are super-charging the life-force of your brain…

…and açai is the perfect fuel because it contains twice the anthocyanins of any other known food.

Remember — everything your brain does, including memory recall, learning a new language, finding the exact words in conversation…

…would never happen without the power of your mitochondria to “fire up” your brain.

But here’s the problem:

As we age, our supply of this ‘life-force’ gradually weakens, sputters and dies — leaving us brain-fogged, struggling for words, and grasping at fading memories.
In fact, every symptom of an aging brain — including memory loss and slower verbal ability — is triggered by the breakdown of this energy source.

That’s why I’ve included a second powerful brain-energy enhancer in ReFocus. It works hand-in-hand with the anthocyanins in açai to supercharge the mitochondria in your brain…

…to give you an all-day surge of mental energy and stamina, so you can have the focus, attention-span, productivity and creative ‘juices’ of someone 20 years younger…

Supercharge Your Brain Cells and Turn Your Brain Into the Ultimate Thinking Engine

It’s called Acetyl-L-carnitine, or ALC for short.

ALC is a natural super-antioxidant with incredible powers when it comes to improving focus, supporting memory and enhancing brain energy.

It’s an improved version of carnitine — a natural compound found in every cell in your body. It plays a critical role in energy production — by transporting brain-fuel into your mitochondria.

Your mitochondria then ‘burn up’ this essential fuel, to produce surging mental energy.

But ALC is no ordinary type of carnitine. It’s a “next level” version. It’s much more active and has much higher bioavailability. It gets to your brain faster, giving you more mental stamina exactly when you need it the most.

It literally “fires up” your brain to give you day-long bursts of pure mental energy — so that you have laser-like focus, a sharper memory, and faster verbal ability.

111% MORE Mental Energy
At ANY Age

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

In a breakthrough brain study, ALC had a remarkable impact on the energy levels of the elderly. It boosted mental energy by an astonishing 111% in centenarians (The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition).22

This study of 66 men and women over the age of 100 showed significant improvements in both mental and physical fatigue.

It’s all because of ALC’s special super-power — the ability to carry essential nutrients into your mitochondria, which turn this fuel into brain energy.

Even better, ALC may be the single most efficient brain-energy generator known to science.

In a second landmark study23 patients were given a 15% increase in carnitine — but it didn’t just raise their fuel metabolism by 15%, as you would expect.

Instead, the carnitine raised their fuel metabolism by a stunning 40%! And when you think that ALC is a much superior version of carnitine, you can imagine the impact on brain energy.

That makes ALC the ideal brain-fuel generator — because it takes just a tiny amount of this super-nutrient to generate 3.5 TIMES the amount of brain fuel.

ReFocus is the Perfect Natural Fuel Delivery System for Your Brain — Nothing Else Comes Close

But there’s another reason ALC is the perfect fuel delivery system for your brain.

You see, it doesn’t only create more fuel by shuttling nutrients into your mitochondria. It also gets rid of waste, by shuttling the toxic by-products of energy out of your mitochondria.

This makes your mitochondria even more efficient and hard-working, and capable of generating ‘genius’ levels of brain energy.


Landmark Study:
ALC Led to 4X Better Logical Memory

In one astounding study of 61 men and women24, researchers tracked the effect of ALC on a wide range of cognitive functions.

Half these patients received 2g of ALC twice a day. The other half received a placebo. When researchers compared the results, they were stunned.

improved logical memory

  • Patients who were given ALC showed, on average, a 308% improvement in logical memory.

improved verbal skills

  • They also improved verbal skills by 74%. In other words, they were able to talk faster, respond quicker, and remember words more easily.

improved EEG test results

  • And not only that — but 88% of the ALC patients showed a significant improvement in EEG tests, which measure electrical activity in the brain.


But here’s what’s really important:
This dramatic increase in brain energy has a stunning impact on all areas of cognition…

In a landmark clinical trial, published in Neurology Journal, participants who took ALC showed dramatically better scores for logical intelligence, verbal ability, long-term verbal memory and selective attention, compared to a placebo.

Neurology Journal

Imagine waking every morning with a fresh surge of positive energy…

Imagine feeling “switched on” from the moment you get out of bed…

Imagine staying highly focused and on task all day long…

And imagine sustaining this high level of mental energy without the energy crash you get when you drink coffee or eat sugary snacks to get through the day…

This is exactly what the brain-energy nutrients in ReFocus can do for you.

But when I formulated ReFocus I didn’t just stop there. Increased mental energy can dramatically change your life — but there’s something else that’s just as important as you get older.

I’m talking about the gradual decline of your brain cells as you age.

It’s a decline that can potentially lead to the loss of millions of neurons every year — and a prime cause of brain fog, lack of focus and a ‘scatter-brained’ memory…25

And that leads me to the second big brain secret in this special report.

In the ReFocus formula, I’ve included a unique combination of nutrients that stop and even reverse the massive loss of brain cells as you get older.

Until recently, scientists believed this was impossible. Researchers believed that once you start losing brain cells, it’s a downward spiral. They believed there was nothing you could do to stop the gradual mental decline.

But we’ve proved them wrong — because nothing is further from the truth.

The special combination of nutrients in the ReFocus formula can potentially regenerate lost brain cells. — and not just a small number. I’m talking about millions


Brain Secret #2:

Fire Up Your Brain with New Neurons


Why You MUST Act Fast — This Brain Secret is on the Verge of Extinction

Remember — the remote Amazonian tribe which supplies us with this incredible brain secret could soon be lost forever.

Their incredible medical knowledge could soon be wiped out.

One Brazilian judge has called it “a real genocide.” And the NGO Survival International is calling this ancient community “Earth’s most threatened tribe.”

If you want to see remarkable improvements in focus, memory, verbal skills and mental energy, you must act fast — keep reading for full instructions on how you can get hold of these secrets today.



Your brain’s aging process begins as early as your late 20s — when you start to lose billions of brain cells every year.

Reasoning, spatial skills and speed of thought start to decline. Your brain loses volume. Your brain’s cortex — responsible for higher thinking, speech and decision making — becomes thinner.

In fact, a shocking British Medical Journal report found that in your 40s and 50s, reasoning skills decline by 3.6% over a 10-year period.

British Medical Journal

It gets harder to find words and recall names. Multi-tasking gets more difficult. Your ability to pay attention decreases.


With ReFocus You Can Stop Mental Decline in Its Tracks

There’s a reason you may be losing your memory… or getting mentally slower… and it’s because you may be losing billions of brain cells every year.

Once you hit your late 20s, you start losing neurons — the cells that make up your brain and nervous system — at a shocking rate.

Some studies estimate you can lose up to 9,000 neurons every day — or 3,285,000 every year.26,27

By the time you hit you’re 40s, brain-cell death has become so acute, your brain starts to shrink — by 5% every decade.

That’s why it takes longer to learn new languages, and why it’s harder to memorize words or names as you get older.

But with ReFocus, I’ve included a unique combination of brain-enhancing super-nutrients that can reverse this decline, and help you regenerate billions of lost brain cells… 


Scientists used to think that brain cell loss was impossible to reverse. That brain aging was a steady, slow decline into mental fog, confusion and forgetfulness. And that there was no turning back.

But here’s the good news. We now know that nothing could be further from the truth…

Austrian Institute of Molecular Biotechnology

Stunning research by scientists at the Austrian Institute of Molecular Biotechnology discovered that it is now possible to completely regenerate human brain cells — and that we can even re-grow an entire brain.

ReFocus Can Help You Grow New Brain Cells at a Rate of 105%
“This is a real bombshell in the field of neuroscience…”

Study co-author Terry Sejnowski calls it “a real bombshell in the field of neuroscience”28 — because it means we can now regrow new neurons… leading to faster thinking, faster memory recall, quicker verbal recall and a higher IQ.

This is where açai’s next superpower comes in…

One remarkably powerful compound in açai helps the brain grow new neural stem cells — and at a dramatic rate.

Neural stem cells are the cells that give rise to new neurons in your brain, leading to faster thinking, superior verbal ability and quicker memory recall.

This stunning compound is called Beta-sitosterol. In one study, beta-sitosterol increased the growth of neural stem cells by 105% compared to a placebo (Journal of Natural Medicine)29.

That’s a remarkable increase in brain cells. But when it comes to growing new brain cells, the beta-sitosterol in açai is just the beginning…

I’ve included a second brain-regeneration compound in Refocus that dramatically boosts the growth of new neurons even further…

….and has a stunning impact on short- and long-term memory, logical memory, mood, mental stamina, verbal skills, and much more…30,31

It’s an amino acid called L-Glutamine, and it’s the only compound besides glucose that can be used by the brain for energy.

In a series of remarkable studies, L-Glutamine supported memory, increased concentration and increased IQ.

And the reason it works so well is because it potentially…

Triggers a 78% BOOST in Your Brain’s Natural Growth Factor

L-Glutamine dramatically increases your brain’s production of a powerful brain-growth hormone called IGF‑I.

IGF‑I regulates the growth — and re-generation — of billions of new neural stem cells, the cells which lead to fully-formed brain cells…

And in one study L-Glutamine boosted HGH by as much as 78%33

In other words, the L-Glutamine in ReFocus supercharges your brain’s ability to grow new brain cells.

  • A study in the Journal of Neuroscience found IGF‑I “generated large proliferative clusters” of new neural stem cells… 34
  • A study in the Journal of Anatomy found it reversed the age-related decline in spatial, working and reference memory35
  • And a study in Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology reported “profound effects on the central nervous system”36 — with dramatic enhancement of memory, mental alertness, motivation and working capacity…

Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Anatomy and Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology

Talk about a “bombshell” in the field of neuroscience!

So far I’ve told you how ReFocus can supercharge your mental energy, and regenerate billions of new brain cells.

And on their own, these are already stunning benefits.

But I’m about to reveal a third secret, a secret which can enhance the working power of your brain cells — boosting their ability to work faster, think more deeply, multi-task without losing productivity, and have even more creative and original ideas.

I’m talking about the power of ReFocus to deepen, increase and enhance the billions of connections between each of your brain cells…


Brain Secret #3:

TRIPLE Your Brain Connections with Faster Neural Firing

I’ve combined açai with a third brain-enhancing compound which supercharges your brain by growing billions of new connections between each of your neurons.

It’s used by some of the smartest men and women in the world to boost their IQ and have more complex — and ‘deeper’ — ideas, thoughts and solutions.

Even the great scientist Stephen Hawking took a formula containing DMAE. I’m talking about a man who was so smart, he discovered that time has a beginning

Great minds!

It’s all about that ability great minds have to connect two different ideas and come up with something completely original…


Or the skill of a great diplomat to connect the opposing beliefs of two governments at war — and make everyone happy…


Or the ability of a great CEO to manage the finances while also dreaming up incredible new product ideas — because his or her brain cells are so well-connected



This is Exactly Why the Amazonian ‘Genocide’ Is So Deadly to Science — And So Important to You…

When you put all these incredible benefits together — including the “profound” benefits of the multiple brain-enhancing nutrients in açai — you can see why the survival of the Awá tribe is so critical to scientists.

Don’t get me wrong. First and foremost, I’m concerned about the fate of the men, women and children whose lives are being reduced to ashes.

But their tribal leaders also possess a scientific breakthrough the world cannot afford to lose…

I’m concerned that time could be running out — and that our access to these incredible compounds could be lost forever.

This is why I want you to get your hands on the ReFocus formula as quickly as possible.


Every one of these skills comes from having more and better neural connections — and this is exactly what this stunning ‘neural-connector’ compound can do for you.

People who take this compound on its own report improved concentration, better focus, increased mental clarity and better short-term memory.

They also report better sleep patterns. In other words, it gives you all the cognitive benefits, including mental alertness, but still gives you better sleep exactly when you need it.

It’s called DMAE — and dozens of studies show how it can lead to remarkable improvements in focus, attention-span, verbal ability, and even your overall IQ37,38

  • When 121 patients with a mean age of 72.2 took DMAE, the results were stunning. These patients all had mild cognitive impairment — but after taking DMAE, they showed on average a 4-point improvement on the ADAS cognitive scale.39
  • DMAE significantly elevated IQ in a Princeton study.40

But the reason DMAE works so well will astound you.

It’s all because DMAE boosts your brain’s natural production of a vital neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine is a brain chemical that empowers your brain cells to fire through the synapse — the gap — between the billions of neurons in your brain.

This incredible neurotransmitter was only discovered by chance — by Japanese scientists who were studying vitamin B deficiency in sailors during World War II…

But make no mistake. Acetylcholine is the most important neurotransmitter of all. It’s heavily involved in brain plasticity, sustaining attention, learning and memory.

Without it you couldn’t remember anything — let alone multi-task, focus, or have a two-way conversation. It’s the foundation of everything your brain can do…

And that’s not all.

connections between brain cells

I’ve included a second neuro-transmitter enhancer in the ReFocus formula. Combined with DMAE, it provides a ‘double-whammy’ which can potentially enhance the billions of connections between brain cells.

You’ve already seen its power to enhance your brain energy — but this particular super-power may be even more significant.

I’m talking about acetyl-L-carnitine, or ALC for short.

In study after study, ALC has proved to have an astounding impact on raising levels of acetylcholine — and the results of this increase have a stunning impact on IQ.

  • In one emerging study ALC dramatically reversed memory loss (National Academy of Sciences)41
  • Patients treated with ALC had better scores for logical intelligence, verbal critical abilities, long-term verbal memory and selective attention (American Academy of Neurology)42
  • Patients with mild memory loss had a 50% response rate when given ALC — with better cognitive function and behavioral symptoms compared to a placebo (Current Medical Research and Opinion journal)43
  • In a year-long clinical trial on patients with memory loss, those who took ALC showed markedly better scores on all outcomes, including logical intelligence, verbal critical ability, long-term memory and selective attention (American Academy of Neurology)44

National Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Neurology, and Current Medical Research and Opinion journal

“It’s the single most remarkable nutrient I have ever used”
— Richard Kunin MD & Nutritionist

Leading nutritionists are hailing the key nutrient in ALC — carnitine — as a “medical miracle.”

Richard Kunin, MD calls it “the single most remarkable nutrient I have used…”45

In addition to boosting the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, ALC also:

  • Prevents deterioration of your brain during stress…
  • Protects against the loss of brain cell receptors that normally occurs with age…
  • Reduces the amount of damaged fats that clutter up your brain as you get older…
  • Increases Nerve Growth Factor — an all-important brain-healing compound…

But if that isn’t enough, there’s something even more incredible that ALC can do for the billions of connections in your brain…

3,000X Faster Neural Signaling?
ReFocus Can Help Make it Happen

You see, neural signaling — the ability of your neurons to send and receive messages — relies heavily on something called myelination.

Myelination is the process of thickening and enhancing your brain’s neural pathways by increasing the myelin coating — a coating along which all your brain’s messages are sent.

The thicker the coating, the higher the speed and frequency of the signals and messages between the billions of neurons in your brain…

One landmark study made this absolutely clear:

In this ground-breaking study from a prestigious California university,46 researchers compared how quickly a group of men, aged 23 to 80, could perform a motor task. Then they correlated their performances to their brain’s myelin integrity.

The results were shocking. Researchers found a striking connection between the speed of the task and the integrity of myelin

In other words, there’s a direct link between the quality and size of the brain’s superhighway — the myelin — and its ability to process information with greater speed and efficiency.

Even more stunning is how much impact this can have on your processing speeds:

By enhancing the myelin sheath, it is now possible to speed up your brain an astounding 3,000 TIMES — with faster neural signaling.47
And ALC is one of the most efficient compounds we’ve found for triggering this process.

It’s yet another reason ALC is so powerful in enhancing your speed of thinking, and your ability to perform many different brain tasks at the same time.

Enhances Your Neural Pathways by an Astounding 211%!

When scientists at the University of Manchester, U.K., tried using ALC to increase myelin thickness, the results were stunning.

ALC increased myelin by an astounding 211%!48

In other words, it enhanced neural pathways — which are literally the ‘broadband’ of your brain — by 3 TIMES

I’m talking about the potential to have thinking speeds that are 3 TIMES faster than you normally experience…


Faster in a business meeting

Imagine being 3 TIMES faster in an important business meeting.

Faster in social conversation

Or 3 TIMES faster in conversation at a social event…

Faster at recall

Or 3 TIMES faster at recalling names, dates and other memorized facts…


But there’s even more to the DMAE-ALC combination. You see, all this increased neural signaling has a profound impact on your overall cognitive ability — and ultimately on your IQ…

And that leads me to the fourth brain secret in this brain-enhancement report…


Brain Secret #4:

Elevate Your IQ By Up to 38% — and Hack ANY Mental Challenge

I’ve told you about the stunning power of DMAE to enhance your neural pathways — but when you see the effect this can have on IQ, you’ll be astounded.


Two remarkable studies found that DMAE can dramatically enhance cognitive ability — and even increase IQ.

In one remarkable study in the journal Science — with 25 girls and 83 boys — DMAE dramatically improved learning ability… and in some cases elevated IQ by 38%.49

In a second, double-blind study, researchers gave DMAE to 74 participants. Their goal? To observe the effects on learning, memory, attention spans and motivation.50

Journal Science



In a third study — published in the European Journal of Medical Research — researchers gave DMAE to a group of adults. They saw the exact same results: the DMAE dramatically enhanced attention, vigilance, energy and mood.51

But this study also showed another remarkable brain benefit for DMAE…

Researchers asked a group of 80 men and women to watch short video-clips — and then measured their brains’ electrical reactions.

European Journal of Medical Research


The clips included emotionally disturbing images, and were designed to put the subjects under emotional stress. Researchers then assessed their ability to stay sharp, focused and positive under stress.

The subjects taking DMAE showed significantly enhanced attention, positive mood and brain energy.

In other words, even under stress, DMAE can help you stay focused, sharp, positive and mentally alert.

All this means that you can hack any mental challenge no matter what life is throwing at you.

Stressed at work? DMAE will help you stay focused and on task…

Going through a break-up? DMAE will help you stay positive and motivated…

Too many family obligations making you stressed? DMAE will help your brain manage everything in a calm, logical way…

And that’s not all. This remarkable study showed something else that astounded the researchers.

When scientists measured the brain waves of participants who had taken DMAE, they discovered a remarkable difference.

The DMAE participants showed dramatically less theta and alpha brain waves — further proof that their brains were much more calm and positive, but also more vigilant and focused.

And if all that wasn’t enough — DMAE has yet another astounding benefit: in emerging studies it actually increased life span by a remarkable 30%!52

Are you starting to see why DMAE is known as the “smart supplement” — and why it can have such a big impact on your life?

ReFocus Can Bring New Focus to Your Whole LIFE
(Including better friendships and a more successful career)


I want to be absolutely clear about what ReFocus can do for your life.

I want you to understand just how powerful a sharper, faster, more focused brain can be for just about everything else that’s important to you.

Your relationships. Your career. Your productivity.

Your reputation. Your motivation. Your sense of purpose.

Imagine having the whole range of mental abilities — quick wit, sharp mind, mental agility, all-day long mental stamina…

Imagine having instant recall of names, facts and dates…

Imagine never having to say “it’s on the tip of my tongue” — but instead being able to find words instantly… 

Imagine never having to feel embarrassed in social situations — because your conversation flows, and you think quickly on your feet…

Imagine being able to impress your friends or co-workers — with your sharp comebacks, and intriguing facts at your fingertips…

Imagine feeling truly upbeat and positive about your life — because you wake up energized and motivated every morning… And the reason I can describe these benefits in such detail? Because this is exactly what my own patients have experienced after taking ReFocus… These patients are now at the peak of their mental powers…

Peak Performance for Your Brain

ReFocus is a unique blend of over 20 vitamins, nutrients and amino acids, carefully designed to give you unmatchable energy and mental alertness…

It’s designed to keep your brain young and well-fed — and in peak working condition.

I designed ReFocus to target every aspect of brain health.

Increased mental stamina? We’ve got it covered.

Regeneration of brain cells? Done.

Supporting and enhancing memory, verbal ability and motivation? Done.

But when it comes to achieving true peak performance, there’s one aspect of brain health that most supplements out there completely ignore.


In fact, most physicians don’t even talk about it — because they don’t think it’s ‘scientific.’ But when you look at recent research, nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m talking about something I call the ‘Happy-Smart Connection’ — in other words, the impact happiness has on your overall mental ability and IQ.

Recently, a series of remarkable studies revealed that one of the most important indicators of a high IQ, peak mental performance and overall intelligence… is how happy you are…

And that brings me to the fifth brain secret in this exclusive report…

Stay Happy!



Brain Secret #5:

The Happy-Smart Connection — And How to Achieve Peak Mental Performance

For decades even the best scientists believed it was impossible to ‘study’ happiness.

But a stunning research breakthrough reveals that being happy has incredible benefits for your brain.

Reported in Psychology Today53, this landmark study reveals that staying positive has much more impact on intelligence and mental performance than scientists once believed.

Psychology Today

Staying happy…

  • Stimulates the growth of new nerve connections…
  • Enhances cognition by increasing mental productivity…
  • Improves your ability to analyze and think clearly
  • Boosts your attention span…
  • And generates even more happy, positive thinking…

This study also found that if you stay positive and optimistic, you’ll live a richer life, have better relationships, maintain a stronger immune system, and even live longer.

Those are very impressive brain-enhancement results — just for staying happy!

That’s why ReFocus contains three powerful ‘happiness nutrients’ — 100% natural super-nutrients which trigger the ‘Happy-Smart Connection.’

The first “happiness compound” comes from a remarkable brain discovery from Medieval times…

Medieval Monks Discover the Secret to Revitalizing Your Brain

It’s a powerful brain enhancement nutrient called Melissa officinalis — and it’s a ‘must-have’ ingredient in a 500-year-old memory elixir called Carmelite Water.

It was first made by medieval monks — and quickly became popular across Europe for its astounding ability to improve memory, relieve stress and anxiety and ease depression.

The famed 16th-century physician and herbalist Paracelsus called this herb the “Elixir of Life.”

Paracelsus and Charlemagne

And the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne decreed that monasteries across Europe grow more of it.

It’s also known as the “motivation compound” — and it works by increasing a neurotransmitter in your brain called GABA. GABA is the brain chemical that keeps you calm, focused and motivated.

But as you age, your body’s GABA levels decline sharply — making you unmotivated, moody, unfocused and anxious.

That’s why Melissa officinalis can be such a life-changer. It increases your GABA levels so that your brain functions at its peak, keeping your mood and motivation elevated throughout the day.54

And dozens of studies prove it…


  • A study in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology showed this Medieval herb dramatically improves memory, mood and feeling of calmness on healthy adults.55
  • A second study found it increases focus, alertness and mental processing — when adult volunteers were under stress. 56
  • And a third study found it reduced the feeling of being stressed in adults, so they could get a more restful night’s sleep.57

In other words, this remarkable Medieval secret triggers the ‘Happy-Smart Connection’ — by elevating your mood AND enhancing mental performance.

In a study on 20 healthy adults, participants were given this rare herb at seven-day intervals.

As well as a sustained improvement in attention and working memory, this herb also significantly increased the speed of mathematical processing — with no reduction in accuracy.58

But the most remarkable outcome? The participants’ sense of calmness and feelings of happiness were significantly elevated — even at the lowest dose.

In other words, this remarkable study shows clear evidence of the ‘Happy-Smart Connection.’ The sense of happiness went hand-in-hand with a dramatic increase in cognitive ability.

The second “happiness compound” in ReFocus is called sulbutiamine. It’s an enhanced form of vitamin B1 — because unlike ordinary B1 it crosses the blood-brain barrier far more quickly and efficiently.

But its real super-power… is that it’s one of the most potent nutrients for triggering the ‘Happy-Smart Connection’…

Makes You Happy AND Dramatically Improves Mental Performance

By enhancing your sense of positivity and well-being, sulbutiamine increases a wide range of cognitive functions — including heightened alertness, improved mental performance, better reasoning skills and greater clarity of thought.59

It works by increasing your levels of acetylcholine — the critical neurotransmitter that helps control motivation.

  • One study found the world-class athletes took sulbutiamine each day so they could train longer and harder, and recover faster.60
  • Japanese doctors have prescribed sulbutiamine for years to treat lethargy and lack of focus.61
  • And recent studies show sulbutiamine can improve your memory. In one study, volunteers were given sulbutiamine or a placebo. By the end of the study, volunteers taking sulbutiamine had a significant improvement in “object recognition memory.”62


Get Your Creative Juices Flowing and “Crush” Projects NOW Instead of LATER…

Are you a procrastinator? Do you leave things till the last minute?

If so, ReFocus will help you “crush” projects and achieve goals much faster.

And it’s all because of the “happiness compound” sulbutiamine, which helps your brain work faster and gives you quicker memory recall.63

It also leads to better reasoning skills and greater clarity of thought.64

It also helps you recognize patterns and associations you may otherwise have missed — so you’ll be more creative and have better ideas.

But most important — you’ll have an all-day, every day burst of positivity and motivation which enhances every aspect of your life.

Including ‘life-saving’ benefits for work, family, learning new skills, your social life, and how well you combat stress…


But if you’re feeling apathy, lack of motivation, mood swings — even low libido — then I’ve included one final “happiness compound” that can make all the difference.

Remember DMAE? The compound that can potentially elevate your IQ by 38%?

DMAE is also the ultimate “happiness compound” — because it dramatically elevates the levels of dopamine in your brain.

Dopamine is the key neurotransmitter that mediates desire, emotion and ambition. More dopamine means more pleasure in everyday activities — like eating, drinking, conversation or sport.

In other words it boosts your drive, focus and concentration — leading to greater success in all areas of your life.

  • In one study, DMAE increased positivity and motivation in over 70% of patients.
  • And in a study in the European Journal of Medical Research, DMAE actually enhanced the brain waves of participants, leading to greater focus and positivity.65
  • Researchers concluded: “DMAE induces a…state of better feeling of well-being…”66

In other words, ReFocus includes a TRIPLE-WHAMMY of “happiness compounds” that will maintain that “on top of the world” feeling.

You’ll wake up excited — even passionate — about starting your day.

You’ll feel an all-day-long drive and ambition to get things done.

You’ll stay on top of important tasks and never miss deadlines.

You’ll think better and more clearly under stress.

But most important of all, you’ll feel positive and happy in everything you do.

In a moment, I’ll reveal how you can get your hands on this remarkable brain-enhancing formula — so you can start to ReFocus your brain, and your life, right away.

But first there’s something I must warn you about…

Right now, your brain is under attack from two major ‘brain-killers’.

The first ‘brain-killer’? Brain-damaging toxins — and they are everywhere in your life.

Toxins like benzene, found in vehicle exhaust. Or phthalates, found in plastics and household cleaners. Or pesticides, which are all over your fruit and vegetables at the supermarket.


vehicle exhaust
poison in plastics
pesticides in food


By the time you’re 40, the build-up of these toxins is more and more damaging to your brain — leading to brain-fog, forgetfulness, slow speech, and an inability to learn new skills.

The second ‘brain-killer’? Oxidative stress — which slowly destroys your brain cells as you age.

Oxidation is the waste left behind after all that energy your brain consumes. It’s like rust on an old car. It builds over time, leading to memory loss, brain fatigue… and a foggy brain.

Maybe you’re already feeling it. You walk slower… talk slower… you forget your keys, your wallet, people’s names…

The nerve tracts in your brain shrivel… leaving gaping holes in your brain…

If that sounds scary to you (and it should), then ReFocus is exactly what you need to STOP and even REVERSE the damage.

I’ve included a trio of brain-protecting nutrients in ReFocus that clean up toxins, fight oxidation, and reverse brain aging…


Brain Secret #6:

Military Grade Protection Against Deadly “Brain Gunk”


Energize the mind and enhance IQ

There’s another reason we urgently need to protect our source of açai — and protect the tribal medicine-men who are sharing its incredible medical secrets.

You see, açai doesn’t only supercharge your brain energy.

It’s also contains one of the most potent antioxidant combinations known to science.

I’m talking about the kind of antioxidant protection the U.S. government is giving to the military — to protect them against toxins in Biological Warfare.

Yes, you heard that correctly — the antioxidants in açai are that powerful.


ReFocus Cleans Out the ‘Brain Gunk’ That’s Making You Sluggish and Forgetful

Your brain’s mitochondria need to be protected — and this is where açai’s next super-power comes in.

Acai has an incredible ability to scavenge free radicals — because it’s literally bursting with antioxidants.

The key antioxidants in Acai are all flavonoids — super-nutrients with proven ability to support many systems in your body, including the cerebrovascular system.

Açai is a flavonoid powerhouse — and dozens of studies prove it…

20X More Protection Against Brain Aging


  • One stunning study found that açai has “exceptional” activity against free radicals — in fact, “by far the highest of any fruit or vegetable to date.” (Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry)67
  • In this remarkable study, açai had “an extremely high scavenging capacity for O2 — a damaging oxidant that can kill off the mitochondria in your brain.68
  • And a second study in the journal Food Chemistry found açai contains at least five compounds that “demonstrated exceptional effects” in reducing free radicals.69
Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry and Food Chemistry



But the most remarkable study found that AÇAI can give you up to 20X the protection against brain aging, compared to other ‘super-fruits’ like grapes and even blueberries.70,71

And it’s all because açai has an ORAC value of 102,700 — that’s a measure of just how powerful its free radical scavenging ability really is.

Compare that with blueberries, which have an ORAC value of only 4,669.72 In other words, açai is 20 TIMES more powerful!



Let me explain exactly why this is so important for your brain:

By scavenging the free radicals which damage your brain, ReFocus reverses the gradual breakdown of mitochondria as you age.

Remember those tiny powerhouses inside every brain cell that create the ‘pure’ energy that fuels your brain?

The daily blast of antioxidants in ReFocus powers up your mitochondria to work at even fuller capacity — giving you even more brain energy, clarity, sharpness, motivation and positivity.

And that’s not all…

We’ve Also Included This Stunning Scientific Breakthrough


When it comes to protecting your brain, I didn’t just stop at the antioxidants in açai.

I’ve included one final, very powerful super-antioxidant which not only protects your neurons, but enhances your brain in other important ways.

It can improve blood flow to the brain. It enhances brain energy. It dramatically enhances your mitochondria.73

Healthy cerebral blood flow


It can also improve exercise capacity74, support healthy blood pressure within the normal range75 and even improve your eyesight.76

It’s called CoQ10. It’s produced naturally in your body — and it plays an essential role in the creation of brain-fuel in your mitochondria.

There’s only one problem. Your CoQ10 levels peak at around age 20 — but as you age, levels can rapidly decline.

In fact, if you have low mental energy, this is a sure sign you may be deficient in CoQ10.

That’s why the CoQ10 in ReFocus is so important for protecting your brain.


  • In an emerging study, researchers at University of California, Berkeley who studied the impact of CoQ10 on the brain reported strong “neuroprotective effects.”77
  • They called CoQ10 a “potent free radical scavenger” in the mitochondria — which is exactly where your brain needs the most protection against toxins and free radicals.
Free Radicals


Remember — ReFocus is a unique blend of over 20 vitamins, nutrients and amino acids, carefully designed to enhance your mental focus, along with every other aspect of brain health.

If you had to buy these ingredients separately, you’d spend over $400. That’s more than many people pay for their electric bill.

To Get Your Hands on ReFocus,
You’ll Be Spending Much, Much Less

Even at $400 this incredible breakthrough formula would be a steal. Especially when you consider the cost of research and development — which is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Remember, I’m talking about a whole-brain formula that can give you mental focus and mental stamina.

All from 100% natural brain-enhancing ingredients proven by thousands of scientific studies…

ReFocus Dr. Sears M.D. Primal Force

Like I said, the Amazonian suppliers of the leading ingredient in ReFocus — açai — are under severe threat. The supply lines could be shut down at any time.

I’ve been working round the clock to keep the supply lines open, and the cost down.

That’s why you won’t have to pay $400, or even $200.

In fact, you won’t even pay $79.95 — the average cost of brain enhancement supplements currently on the market.

When you take action right now, you’ll get your hands on a full supply of ReFocus for just

$49.95 per bottle

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But I urge you to hurry. This offer may not last long. War reporter Gethin Chamberlain, who is covering the conflict in the Amazon, recently sent back some frightening reports.

If things go the wrong way, many of these remarkable brain enhancing secrets may be lost forever.

And let me be clear. Isn’t the value of maintaining a healthy brain, laser-sharp memory, clear thinking, and a ton of positive mental energy worth at least $49.95?

And what about the value of enhancing your relationships? Your social life? Your creativity and focus?

Or the value of staying positive and happy, even under stress?

The price of $49.95 is almost nothing when it comes to living a fuller, happier, more productive life!

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These 3 FREE reports contain a wealth of knowledge to keep you strong, fighting fit, and well-protected against almost any health problem you may face…

Order ReFocus Right Now And Get 3 FREE Special Reports As My Gifts To You

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FREE REPORT: Build a Steel-Trap Memory


Build a Steel-Trap Memory

(a $19.95 value)

Filled with advanced strategies to reverse memory loss and maintain a razor-sharp mind that won’t fade as you grow older. In this e-Report, I show you the techniques that help you keep your mental edge and memory, without Big Pharma’s ineffective and expensive drugs. I explain how my work with patients over the past three decades have taught me the secrets to supercharging your mind.

  • Discover the six key nutrients that improve your brain health by boosting the length of your telomeres — tiny markers of your biological age that can be modified to keep your mental functions in top shape.
  • Learn the best ways to fuel the natural power generators in your cells — mitochondria — to light up your mind with a virtually endless supply of youthful energy.
  • Understand why CoQ10 alone isn’t the best way to improve your overall brain function. Combining this essential compound with PQQ offers even greater benefits.
  • Read up on the seven natural supplements research shows can lead to a surge in brain power.
  • Discover the right kind of exercise for optimal mental prowess. Hint: It’s not what you’ve heard from self-described “fitness experts.”
  • Learn the critical stress-busting and mind-body relaxation techniques known to feed your brain cells, to keep them firing on all cylinders.




FREE REPORT: Play Your Way to a Younger Smarter Brain


Play Your Way to a Younger, Smarter Brain in

(a $19.95 value)

Fifteen minutes a day. That’s all it takes to boost your memory and retain the mental focus and tip-top clarity you had as a younger adult. How? By engaging in brain-training games that are scientifically proven to strengthen your brain in the same way weight-training exercises strengthen your muscles.

Brain games not only boost your brain power. They can also help lower stress levels for deeper relaxation, which can reverse the negative mental impacts of chronic stress and improve the functions of your body and mind.

This special report offers the four best mind exercises and brain teasers that have been clinically proven to sharpen your mind. And here’s the kicker: They’re fun to play!




FREE REPORT: My Top 10 Life-Saving Supplements


My Top 10 Life Saving Supplements

The Secret 10 You Shouldn’t Be Living Without

(a $19.95 value)

I’ll explain how to ease joint discomfort, support cognitive function, combat age-related ailments and support healthy blood sugar.

And I’ll also explain how to build muscle, and slow down aging by giving your body the nutrients it thirsts for, plus finally discover the “Secret 10” supplements for your heart, your mind and your sex life.



The life-saving health information in these reports is worth a total $59.85 — but you’ll get each of these reports FREE when you order your first supply of ReFocus.

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100% 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason at all you’re not satisfied with ReFocus, simply return the product within 90 days from purchase for a full refund. No questions asked.

That’s because I know — with scientific accuracy — that the ReFocus formula delivers on its promises…

Today, I’ve shared dozens of studies which support the remarkable brain-enhancing power of ReFocus.

As a physician, I don’t have a shred of doubt about its ability to improve your focus, your thinking, your brain energy, your positivity, and your motivation. I don’t have a shred of doubt that ReFocus can:


Enjoy the benefits of Refocus

  • Increase your brain energy and mental stamina by up to 107%…
  • Supercharge your brain’s energy source — your mitochondria…
  • Fire up your brain by stimulating the growth of billions of new neurons…
  • Potentially elevate your IQ by as much as 38%…
  • Enhance your social life by sharpening your attention and verbal ability…
  • Give you “project-crushing” focus so you can be much more productive…
  • Dramatically boost your positivity and motivation, so you experience a daily surge of positive energy…
  • And put an end to the damage caused by dangerous toxins and free radicals that attack your brain cells more and more as you age…

ReFocus is guaranteed to include the purest, most powerful and highest concentrations of active ingredients in our super-potent Açai, DMAE, ALC and L-Glutamine combination.

And it’s all specifically formulated to enhance all the important aspects of brain health, and support your efforts to conquer your failing memory and cognitive abilities, turbo-charge your mental energy and help reverse the signs and symptoms of mental aging.


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Energize the mind and enhance IQ

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When you think of things you PAY FOR that potentially HURT your brain — like the daily cups of coffee that give you a brief surge of energy, but leave you tiredjittery and unfocused… ReFocus is actually a fraction of the cost… you’re getting a super-healthy, highly-energized and Re-focused brain… for only $1.11 per day…

ReFocus Will Cost You Only $1.11 Per Day

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In addition, the ingredients in ReF can help you keep your health as you accelerate mental speed and your ability to process thoughts, words and ideas.

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My Personal 100%-Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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