Natural CBD The right way, Dr. Sears Cool Relief

Natural CBD The right way, Dr. Sears Cool Relief

CBD Shocker:
Why 94% is WASTED — Without this One Ingredient
Are millions of Americans missing out on CBD Oil’s biggest health rejuvenating benefits?  A shocking new study says yes, and why instead of just a few benefits — you should be enjoying support for it…
  • Healthy pancreatic b-cells, promoting healthy insulin levels 
  • Healthy brain cells
  • Healthy blood pressure in the normal range 
  • Healthy heart
  • “De-age” brain health
  • ​Healthy blood sugar in the normal range
Below: New discovery reveals, for the first time ever, how to enjoy CBD’s MAXIMUM power for younger joints, brain, heart, and more!

They’re calling it the “miracle molecule.” The “wonder herb.” “The health breakthrough of the 21st century.”

CBD is sweeping America. It’s transforming our approach to health in remarkable ways. 
Americans age 50+ are reporting miraculous results — support for healthier joints, mood, sleep, and stress.
Just by taking CBD alone — and nothing else.
In 12,782 studies…
Researchers have uncovered that CBD supports better health in 295 ways. That means 295 different health benefits.
And most importantly, they’ve uncovered how:
By tapping into a network that exists in every cell, a network that is designed to work with CBD
Our cells are rejuvenated and restored to their healthy, youthful state.[1]
This is how CBD really transforms our health.
But whether you’re already taking CBD, or just thinking about it, you need to see this new discovery…
Because according to researchers at the New York University School of Medicine…
Without This One Crucial Thing… You Might As Well Throw Your CBD Oil in the Trash!
The right hemp oil absorbable
According to researchers, without this one crucial thing, your CBD oil is rendered useless.

In this study, when CBD oil was administered, only 6% actually got past the cell membrane.[2]

In other words…
Ninety-four percent of the CBD went completely to waste!
It did NOT get to our cells… where all the real health effects happen.
And that’s bad news…
Because millions of Americans taking CBD oil are missing out on critical support…
  • Healthy neural stem cell growth to give you a “young again” brain
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Comfortable joint function
  • Healthy pancreatic b-cells, to promote healthy insulin levels
  • Healthy brain cells
  • Healthy heart
  • ​“De-age” brain health 
  • Healthy blood sugar
The right hemp oil absorbable
These are results proven in peer-reviewed studies by Oxford, Johns Hopkins, and the Salk Institute.
Results you can’t see with nearly any CBD oil on the market.
Isn’t it sad that we don’t have a reliable source of something so powerful — and so proven — as CBD oil?
That’s why our team has spent the last 24 months working on something very important…
A way to do what all CBD oils fail to achieve:
Get the maximum amount of CBD inside our cells… in a fraction of the time.
And now they’ve done it.
We’ve developed a new technology that unleashes TOTAL CBD relief…
15-times more, to be exact…[3] Instantly… With a single 1-second spray. 
Effectiveness comparison is shown in this chart: CBD at 6% vs. “Nano CBD” at 94%.
The right hemp oil absorbable
The choice is clear:
You can get some help for mood, discomfort or appetite… using regular CBD oil.
Or nearly 300 remarkable benefits that will change your life.
Thanks to this one CBD technology.
Using it… we’ve managed to hack CBD — and shrink it to this size.
The right hemp oil absorbable
Standard Oil
10% or less Absorption
The right hemp oil absorbable
Liposomal Microemulsion
100-1000 Nanometer
<20% Absorption
The right hemp oil absorbable
Nano-Sized Microemulsion
25 Nanometer (AVG)
>50% Absorption
Maximum Bioavailability
From 2,000 nanometers…
To just 80 Nanos. No bigger than a grain of sand.
This is important because it’s ALL that can fit in your cell membrane.
Any more gets discarded.
In short, we’ve condensed CBD to its MAXIMUM power.
We call this new technology “Nano CBD.”
Introducing “Nano CBD

Today, we’re taking this public, making it available to all Americans age 50+.

Now, for the first time ever, you can enjoy CBD’s total health rejuvenating potential — without a doctor’s visit.
Some Americans are already experiencing life-changing results. Results you could never see from any old CBD.
For example…
The right hemp oil absorbable
Healthier Blood Sugar in 1 Week!
David M., age 69, worked to have healthier blood sugar for 25 years. He tried everything — exercise, eating right, and NOTHING worked.
Finally, he stumbled upon “Nano CBD,” and one week later everything changed for him. He had deep, refreshing sleep again. His joint discomfort was gone by the 6th day. And he can easily keep his blood sugar levels healthy!
The right hemp oil absorbable
Memory Reboot Overnight!
Lilly H., age 92, had long-term age-related memory loss and doctors said his situation was dire. Daily living was very tough, as she was confused, occasionally falling down and couldn’t speak clearly. She often lay in bed and would make no eye contact with her family or friends.
Then, Lilly tried “Nano CBD” and everything changed… overnight! She had refreshing sleep again, she was back to her happy, talkative self, and she seemed like “herself” again. Her daughter said she got her mother back. Lilly says, “I know it sounds crazy but it seems like I was given back a life.”
The right hemp oil absorbable
20 Years of Discomfort and Mental Stress were Gone — in 7 Days!
Kelly H., age 49, reports that she tried everything for her backaches and mental stress. After 20 years, she tried so many things, but nothing worked.
But then she found “Nano CBD” and after one week she reports that it “ended my 20-year battle with back discomfort and mental stress. I can whizz through my four-bedroom bungalow with the Hoover now,” she said. “I have so much more energy. I’m a different person.”
the right hemp oil absorbable
This is the power of “Nano CBD.”  And we’ve taken it a step further…
Two steps further, to be exact.
Three Critical Amplifiers That Deliver TOTAL CBD Relief 
We’ve combined several new technologies to maximize CBD’s health rejuvenating potential, starting with…
1. “Nano CBD” for MAXIMUM CELLULAR ABSORPTION — Nanotechnology gets 1,500% more CBD past the cell membrane… rejuvenating your cells to their young, normal, healthy state.[4]
And two others…
2. Vaporizing Technology for LIGHTNING-FAST DELIVERY — Vaporizer delivers CBD to your cells in SECONDS after swallowing.[5]
3. High-Potency CBD Dose for Amplified Results — With each bottle you get lab-confirmed 200 mg of high-potency CBD, giving you the same amount used in the clinical studies. We use a CO2 process that extracts a high dose of pure CBD from the hemp plant — while eliminating toxins, impurities, and chemicals.
All three things turn CBD from just a healthy plant compound… into a superior health rejuvenating technology…
One that supports “young again” heart[6], eyes[7], brain[8], lungs[9], and more.
This finally delivers on everything we’ve been promised about CBD!
What this means for you is simple:
Total CBD Power… in Your Cells… in Seconds

These three technologies are now, for the first time, combined in one single formula.

We call it Cool Relief.
You may have heard about CBD… its amazing rejuvenating potential… and even tried it yourself. Whatever the case, we doubt you’ve tried anything like Cool Relief before.
It’s not another CBD oil, soft gel, or gummies. And it is far from just another herbal supplement.
Rather, it’s a cutting-edge solution that’s three generations ahead of any and all kinds of CBD.
It does so much more than just help with a little sleep and mood…
Yes, most CBD formulas do that… but not much else.
However, with Cool Relief, benefits like enhanced mood and deeper sleep are just the tip of the iceberg.
And we know this with certainty, thanks to a mountain of clinical research…
In fact, even while it’s been banned for years, the government has quietly funded research on CBD.
They wanted to “prove” it doesn’t work. Even to show it’s dangerous.[10]
So they gave a “pass” to researchers from Oxford, Johns Hopkins, and the Salk Institute, to name a few…
These researchers were greenlighted to “prove” it should be banned.[11]
They studied high doses of pure isolated CBD — the kind like you’ll find in Cool Relief.
And here’s the thing…
That’s NOT what happened. In fact…
After 12,797 peer-reviewed studies… here’s what they found:

CBD Has 295 HUGE

Potential Health Rejuvenating Benefits!
All WITHOUT the “high”… or any side effects.
What Peer-Reviewed Research Is Saying About CBD
Supports healthy brain cell inflammation.
In a study by the Salk Institute, researchers found CBD promotes healthy activity in neural cells.[12]
93% success for sore joints!
In a study published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, 2,736 elderly patients were given CBD for occasional joint aches. After six months, 93% of patients reported relief.[13]
Supports healthy insulin and blood sugar levels within the normal ranges.
According to a 5-year study from a Boston Ivy League university and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, CBD users saw 16% better insulin levels, 18% better insulin metabolism, smaller waist circumference, and better HDL levels.[14]
Supports healthy blood pressure — in one use!
An Oxford University study found just one use of CBD supports healthier blood pressure in people even when under physical and mental stress.[15]
Supports better and calmer mood… with a single dose.
In a study by Washington State University, researchers tracked 1,399 patients. Patients reported 58% better mood and calmer feelings following CBD use. What’s more, patients experienced these results after just a single dose… reporting improvement 93% of the time.[16]
Supports a younger, healthier brain — in just one month!
In a study published in a prestigious memory journal, a dozen aging memory patients were given CBD oil over the course of four weeks. Researchers reported substantial benefits for their cognitive function, including a 71% improvement in mood.[17]
Supports healthy brain stem cells.
In a study published in the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, researchers used CBD oil to generate new neural stem cells in the brain’s hippocampus — a process known as neurogenesis.[18]
94% of users report dozens of positive health effects!
University of New Mexico researchers examined 13,687 patients using CBD oil and found an average 37% boost in health effects. What’s more, 94% of users report deeper sleep, more comfort, and positive mood following CBD use. [19]
Supports healthy mood for one week — with just one use.
In a study published in the Journal of Molecular Biology, University of California researchers gave people a single dose of CBD and found it boosted mood in just 30 minutes… and 7 days after administered.[20]
Healthy blood sugar support.
In another University of California university, 10,896 adults were examined for how CBD use supported their blood sugar. Researchers found CBD users had better support for maintaining healthy blood sugar in the normal ranges compared to the non-CBD group.[21]
45% improvement in sleep!
University of New Mexico researchers examined 409 patients struggling with sleep concerns. The patients reported an average 45% improvement in sleep following CBD use, meaning longer, deeper, and more refreshing sleep.[22]
Enhances pancreatic b-cell function and supports healthy glucose levels.
In a study by Oxford University, researchers gave CBD to 125 blood sugar people. They found it supported healthy glucose levels and the healthy function of pancreatic b-cells, which are essential for healthy insulin production.[23]
Supports healthy markers in heart patients.
In a study by researchers with the National Institutes of Health, heart patients were given CBD and found it maintained healthy heart function. Government researchers said that CBD has “tremendous potential” for supporting a healthy heart.[24]

The list goes on and on.

But here’s the thing…

These 295 health effects have never before been publicly available…
Not with CBD oils, gummies, or any formulas on the market…
Nothing until now could possibly deliver them.
At least nothing the everyday Americans could access.

However, with Cool Relief, for the first time ever, you can finally experience all of these benefits!

And the best part? This “Nano CBD” technology…
  • Has NO side effects
  • Needs NO prescription

CBD’s true health rejuvenating potential has finally been unleashed… ushering in a new era of health.

And in just a moment, you’ll see why this is several generations ahead of existing CBD formulas…
You’ll also discover…
  • How Americans are already seeing results you can’t get with any old CBD.
  • How you too can begin to experience the TRUE potential of CBD, for the first time ever.
  • And how the three technologies in Cool Relief are scientifically proven to AMPLIFY CBD’s strength.[25]
But first…
Why CBD?
Why is CBD such a powerful health rejuvenating tool that it can target so many health effects…
Health effects that seemingly have nothing to do with one another?
For years, researchers have searched for the answer.
Finally, a remarkable yet overlooked discovery was made three decades ago.
A discovery that Big Pharma has worked overtime to suppress.
It has to do with…

Our Hidden Cellular Network

That’s Designed to Work with CBD
It should have made front-page news.
It should have won the Nobel Prize.
But nobody heard about what was perhaps the biggest physiological discovery of the 20th century…
The reason why CBD has 295 huge health effects…
In fact, when asked about this cellular network, a survey found just 1 in 8 medical schools teach it![26]
According to Dr. David Allen, “its teaching is being intentionally restricted by politics.”
It’s not very well known, but it’s perhaps the single most important system in our body.
I’m talking about the endocannabinoid system.
This is a network of receptors that exist in our brain, nervous system, and peripheral nervous tissue — almost everywhere in our body.
E\The right hemp oil absorbable
And they bind specifically to cannabinoid molecules, enabling these compounds to penetrate the cells.
The right hemp oil absorbable
This remarkable discovery was first made in 1992 by researchers with the National Institute of Mental Health.[27]
They found this system promotes “homeostasis” — restoring our body’s functions to their natural, working, healthy state.
This is how cannabinoids — found in the hemp plant — work wonders.
In fact, our body is practically designed to work in tandem with the compounds in the hemp plant!
And the most powerful, proven compound in the hemp plant is… CBD.
How CBD Heals
Here’s how it works…[28]
The cannabinoid receptors are embedded in the cell membrane, transmitting signals back and forth between the cells.
There are two crucial cell receptors.
The CB1, a receptor that’s found mostly in our central nervous system, but also in our kidney, lungs, and other organs.
And then there’s the CB2, which exists in immune cells, in the gastrointestinal tract, and in the peripheral nervous system.
The right hemp oil absorbable
Cannabinoid receptors transmit signals between cells.
Because cannabinoid receptors are found in so many places in the body, they are crucial for our health. In fact, they play a significant role in regulating many bodily functions[29] like:
  • Sleep
  • Appetite, digestion, hunger
  • Mood
  • ​Motor control
  • ​Immune function
  • Discomfort
  • Reproduction and fertility
  • Pleasure and reward
  • ​Memory
  • ​Temperature regulation
Imagine these cellular receptors as a set of locks, each with corresponding keys, chemical compounds called “agonists.”
Each time an agonist binds to a cell, it relays a message, giving the cell an instruction.
The agonists, or keys, that activate these receptors are the cannabinoids.
Some of the body produces on its own, called “endocannabinoids.” Others come from external sources, such as the hemp plant, also known as “exocannabinoids.”
These compounds help our body maintain its normal function… and keep us free of health worries.
When our body detects anything that’s “off”, it releases its own cannabinoids to set things right.
They are key to maintaining balance.
That’s why researchers have uncovered large buildups of cannabinoids when the body is imbalanced.
But the system is on borrowed time.
You see, cannabinoids are quickly metabolized within the cell… meaning new ones must be released over and over.[30]
This is, even more, the case as we are exposed to toxins in our food, products, and modern environment.
Over time, after years of exposure to toxins, our internal cannabinoid production suffers from burnout.
We become deficient in these vital compounds.
And we no longer produce[31] the necessary amount of cannabinoids we need to maintain our health, vitality, and well-being.

Our Deficiency in Cannabinoids

Causes Our Bodies to Age!
As a result…
  • Our immune system weakens
  • Our memory fades
  • Our metabolism is wrecked
The right hemp oil absorbable
  • Joint discomfort becomes more frequent
  • Our mood sours
  • ​Our sleep worsens[32]
In short, we become unhealthy and aged.
Look at how it supports healthy blood sugar.
The endocannabinoid system plays a major role in the metabolism of sugar.
But, over time, as we consume more sugary drinks and foods…
The system has to work on overtime to metabolize more glucose.
Eventually, the system goes on overdrive and starts to break down…
Resulting in weaker blood-sugar metabolism, weight gain, and heart aging.[33]
Oxford University researchers report that the “chronic overactivation of the endocannabinoid system has been identified in obesity and blood sugar worries.”
Brain aging is another.
Stanford researchers identified a substance, A-beta, that depletes healthy levels of endocannabinoids in the brain.
As we age, the A-beta molecule begins to run wild.
This disrupts our memory and learning… resulting in brain fog,[34] worse recall and retention, and more.
The right hemp oil absorbable
Researchers conclude… based on animal studies: “When the activity of the cannabinoid system declines, we find rapid aging in the brain.” [35]
But it’s not just brain aging or blood sugar.
According to a University of Washington neurologist, “deficient cannabinoid levels may be the underlying cause of numerous conditions.”
This is why endocannabinoids — like CBD — are so important.
They recharge the cannabinoid system when our internal mechanisms slow down…
That’s how CBD has the ability to support our body’s normal, healthy, youthful state!
“[CBD] turned back the
molecular clock.”
For instance, in a study published in Nature, researchers gave CBD to older animals.[36]
After a low dose over several weeks, they found the animals were thinking sharper and better than ever!
Their genetic structure even appeared like that of younger animals a third their age.
The lead researcher reported, “It looked like [CBD] turned back the molecular clock.”
Another study explained why…
The right hemp oil absorbable
You see, our brain has a special set of cells called microglial cells.
Think of them as the “clean-up crew” for the brain.
They clear out the gunk and excess litter that damages our nerve cells.
However, if overactive, glial cells can cause serious long-term damage to our brains.
This is where the endocannabinoid system comes in.
In normal times, scientists found it supports maintaining glial cells in their normal, healthy function.[37]
It keeps them doing only the necessary amount of work.
But with old age, as the endocannabinoid system breaks down, the glial cells are unleashed…
They end up overactive, creating an imbalance in the brain.
In short, the aging of the endocannabinoid system is a huge factor in brain aging!
New research even shows CBD is key to the biggest new medical discovery of the 21st century:  Stem cells.
Specifically neural stem cells — the ones in our brain.[38]
The Most Powerful Support for Brain  Stem Cells 
Stem cells, if you haven’t heard of them, are the body’s repair mechanism.
They’re ushering in a whole new revolution in regenerative medicine.
They support the replacement of dying cells with new young ones.
When we’re younger, our brain uses stem cells to generate 5,000 new nerve cells daily — a process known as “neurogenesis.”
But how does the brain turn stem cells into neurons?
Scientists are just uncovering the mysteries of this process. And now the answer is here:
It’s the endocannabinoid system.
In short, it supports the activation of neural stem cells to create new neurons in place of dead ones.
One stem cell count falls by 90% with age!
The problem is, as we get older, our endocannabinoid system loses strength.
Our stem cells go dormant.
And aging, unhealthy neural cells go unreplaced.
This is why the brain ages.
It’s why we become forgetful, foggy, and not as sharp.
And that’s where CBD comes in.
Dr. Gary Wenk, professor of neuroscience at Ohio State University, researched brain aging in animals for 40 years.[39]
But he kept coming up against a wall.
Everything he tested worked on young animals, but not old ones. Then he began using CBD. And the results were stunning.
After several clinical studies, he reports:
“A single dose of CBD a day not only supports healthy memory function in older animals but also promotes neurogenesis.” [40]
This means it was able to maximize the natural regrowth of stem cells into new nerve cells.
Think about it.
This is a leading professor of neuroscience at a top university. He’s at the cutting-edge of brain medicine.
And out of EVERYTHING he tried for several decades…
All of the different substances and solutions.
CBD was the only option that actually worked to support the process of neurogenesis.
Bottom line: CBD is unlike anything else developed by man or nature for stem cells.
The question is…
How to get the full power of CBD directly to your cells, where it makes all the difference?
We already told you about our nanotechnology. That’s our first CBD-enhancer, but we’ve taken it further…
Adding a way to get ALL of the CBD possible in your cells — 5x faster!
New Canna Technology #2:
“Vaporizer” Delivers Total CBD Results in Seconds

You see, besides size…

Speed is the next most important thing when it comes to CBD.
You want to get these benefits right away, the second you take your CBD, right?
The problem is, with typical CBD, most of it doesn’t go directly to your cells.
This is why they’ve decided to add a “shortcut.”
A medical vaporizer that blasts CBD into your bloodstream — 5x faster than CBD oil.[41]
The right hemp oil absorbable
The right hemp oil absorbable
With it, you begin feeling these results in seconds — not an hour or even minutes.
So, to sum it all up, there’s nanotechnology that gets the maximum amount of CBD in your cells. Plus, the vaporizer technology that delivers it to our cells in seconds.
Together, they produce maximum absorption — instantly.
But here’s the thing…
None of this matters if you don’t have the correct kind of CBD — in the correct dosage.
And the final technology…
New Canna Technology #3:
Lab Tests Confirm Maximum Dosage of CBD

You see, most formulas are not actually “CBD.”

They use the whole hemp plant extract, which contains 400 cannabinoids, only one of which is the most proven, powerful molecule CBD.
The thing is, CBD is proven more powerful than all of the rest of the molecules, combined.
What is more…
The right hemp oil absorbable
Lab tests confirm maximum dosage of CBD.

And it doesn’t even matter where they’re sold.

This is what makes Cool Relief so much better than anything on the market.

We lay all of our cards on the table… and we have every reason to do so.
We use CO2 technology, a completely natural process, to isolate the maximum yield of CBD
While eliminating all toxins.
This is done at an ISO 7 Clean Room Lab, which is designed to prevent any kind of contamination.
Thanks to the proprietary process, you get the maximum dose of CBD with…
  • NO solvents
  • NO THC
  • NO chemicals
And our lab tests confirm it…
To wrap it all up, here’s what you get in every single spray of Cool Relief.
CBD Dose
Maximum potential dose, isolated from the hemp plant using a high-yield CO2 process.
Blasts CBD in your cells, delivering absorption in seconds.
Nanotechnology proven to get 1,500% more CBD in your cells than regular oils.
Highest, Pure Grade
CO2 process eliminates all toxins, impurities, chemicals, and no THC.
At Last! The Full Power of CBD Unleashed… for $2 a Day!

Nothing has American seniors more excited than CBD oil. And for good reason…

It seems like every day new science shows its health rejuvenating potential is second to none.
That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond to not only release CBD’s MAXIMUM potential…
But to make it even more affordable, and accessible to YOU.
When you begin your test run today, you’ll get your hands on a full supply of Cool Relief for just $2 per day!
  • Ache-free, smooth, comfortable joints with 93% success
  • Enhanced memory and recall with a single daily dose
  • Healthier heart markers by 100%
  • The happier, healthy mood in over 9 out of 10 users
  • ​Healthy levels of HDL and triglycerides
  • ​Healthy brain stem cell growth
  • ​Healthy blood pressure levels within the normal ranges — with one use
  • ​Pancreatic b-cell strength, promoting healthy insulin levels
  • ​And so much more…
When you consider all these life-changing results, I think you’ll agree: $2 a day is an absolute steal. Even $50 a day would be a no-brainer.
Plus, when you begin your test run of Cool Relief, you’ll receive two free special e-Reports, each valued at $39.95, including…
Bonus Dossier #1:
The CBD Health Guide
In this exclusive, easily downloadable Special e-Report, you’ll discover every detail of how CBD oil boosts your health…
Including why the federal government has made it very difficult for doctors to even talk about CBD, even though the government filed this patent[42] 20 years ago…
The right hemp oil absorbable
Inside, it claims that CBD has serious neuro-enhancing potential. It’s a major memory-boosting molecule.
A judge for the DEA once called it: “The safest therapeutically active substance known to man.”[43] 
One government agency after another agrees: it is a powerful weapon against many health concerns.
In my new dossier, you’ll discover the government-patented technology that’s been used by thousands of patients for every health concern imaginable…
The right hemp oil absorbable
Normally, this research goes for $39.95. But today, you’ll get it in your inbox free of charge. It’s completely on the house.
And that’s just for starters…
Bonus Dossier #2:
The Incredible Stem Cell Revolution
As mentioned before, CBD is a stem cell powerhouse. There is almost nothing stem cells can’t do.
They give you a like-new brain, heart, lungs, pancreas, and virtually any organ.
All by harnessing your body’s own power to repair itself!
You’ll get the latest research on stem cells… all in this latest breakthrough, cutting-edge new dossier, The Incredible Stem Cell Revolution, completely free of charge.
That’s two e-Reports, normally priced at $79.90, that you’ll get completely free. It’s all part of your test-run of Cool Relief.
But you must take action quickly because…
The right hemp oil absorbable

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The right hemp oil absorbable
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Most people have no clue what their products actually contain!
They don’t show their lab results — if they ever even take them.
They don’t show their actual levels of cannabinoids.
In other words…
Most CBD oils are a shot in the dark.
With them, you may get some “CBD.” You most likely won’t.
Plus so many are shown to contain chemicals, GMOs, and toxins, all things that ruin the results.
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