Mobilify, “Miracle Substance”

Mobilify, “Miracle Substance”

“Miracle Substance” in the Gospel gives you Younger Joints in just 5 Days!

In the second chapter of the Gospel, there’s a “substance” hiding in plain sight,
one that modern science shows could miraculously relieve your achy, creaky, stiff joints.

In the second chapter of the Gospel, there’s a remarkable secret to the smoothest, youngest, most comfortable joints of your life.

Joints that don’t ache, pop, flair up, and ruin your day…

Joints that allow you to walk freely, upright, and in strides…

Joints that feel younger than perhaps at any point in your life since age 30!

It’s entirely possible now due to a Biblical substance being proven by modern science.

Something I call the “Gospel’s 1-Week Miracle”.

Because according to new scientific research it dramatically improves your joints in just one week.

This may sound unbelievable, but the results people are seeing with this God-given nutrient are nothing short of miraculous.

Take one double-blind study, where knee patients were given the “Gospel’s 1-Week Miracle.” 1

And compared to the placebo, they saw a 49% reduction in scores for pain, stiffness and function…

With measurable results in as little as 5 days!

In another study led by UC Davis researchers, the results took a little longer — two days longer exactly. 2

Seventy elderly patients were also given either this healing nutrient or a placebo…

And according to researchers, “Significant improvements in pain score and functional ability were recorded in as early as 7 days.”

Talk about immediate improvement!

Imagine going from old, worn-out, rusty gears…

To shiny new engine parts that keep you moving like a well-oiled machine… all in one week!

That’s what this Biblical treatment is now proven to deliver.

What’s more, 100% of patients in the study saw dramatic improvements!

These weren’t lab rats. And it wasn’t just “in their heads” either.

These were measurable scores in placebo-controlled trials, using a Biblically-prescribed nutrient.

And the truth is, we’re only just now scratching the surface of what people knew eons ago.

According to Alain Touwaide, a historian of medicine at the Smithsonian Institution, “We have textual — and also archaeological — evidence that the [Gospel’s 1-Week Miracle] was used as a medicinal substance in antiquity.” 3

In other words…

Science has validated what people in ancient, Biblical times knew: that this is a “joint miracle” — one that once gave the elderly the ability to walk with complete mobility, just like the young!

To call it a “miracle” may seem cheesy to some, but let me ask you…

When has our manmade medicine ever created something so powerful, that works so quickly?

158% Better Than The Most Popular Joint Solution

In fact, a study measuring it against the No. 1 popular joint solution found the two don’t even compare.

They split knee patients in two groups: 1) the typical solution and 2) the Biblical nutrient.

And in just 12 weeks, the patients who received the Biblical nutrient saw a 158% improvement rate! 4

Whereas just 1 in 3 given the manmade solution group experienced joint improvement…

Over 8 in 10 who received the “Gospel’s 1-Week Miracle” saw better, smoother, younger joints!

What’s more, this group could walk better and longer. And experienced less joint discomfort.

The best part: they got these results without the side effects of the popular solution!

Oh yeah, just in case you’re wondering, this involves…

  • NO Ill Side Effects
  • NO Big Pharma
  • NO Expensive, dangerous solutions
  • NO Doctor’s visits
  • NO Hospitals

It’s 100% natural, safe and best of all it WORKS.

Today, I’ll share with you the Biblical discovery I call the “Gospel’s 1-Week Miracle”…

You’ll see how I discovered it… and examples of my own patients seeing miraculously younger and smoother joints.

And whereas most solutions simply blast your body with chemicals, making the problem worse…

You’ll see the science showing how this harnesses our body’s God-given ability to support healthy joints.

I’ll also share several other nutrients that complement and intensify its joint-boosting properties.

Over the years, I’ve visited and even lived with natives who still live much like our ancient ancestors.

People who have never even heard of modern-day health challenges like arthritis.

People who don’t suffer from the same effects of aging joints as we do in America.

Their elders still walk upright, move-in strides, and enjoy complete mobility…

They even compete with the young in sporting matches and intense week-long hikes.

All these decades of experience taught me that modern science has it wrong on joint aging.

It’s not a “natural” part of aging. Nor is it inevitable.

It’s actually a condition resulting from our modern environment.

But nothing prepared me for what I recently uncovered in the second chapter of the Gospel…

A Biblical Breakthrough That Science Shows Delivers Almost Instant Relief

Something that could mean the difference between going through your “golden years” in pain and agony…

Being held back by weaker, stiffer joints…

Or do all the things you love to do…

Bike, hike, snorkel, and boat…

All with completely smooth, ache-free movement… and no flair-ups ruining your day!

Everyday folks with stiff, aching joints that held them back…

They tried everything, all conventional formulas, and solutions, therapy — you name it.

And nothing worked…

Then, they tried this Biblical substance, and within a matter of days… everything changed.

Their joints felt easier, smoother, and more comfortable, even with fewer uses.

Eventually, they were able to move around completely free, with no aches or stiffness.

And all without side effects, a doctor’s visit, or a prescription.

So what is this groundbreaking joint-pain nutrient?

The Wise Men’s Gift to Jesus and Mary for Pain-Free Postbirth

Frankincense is an extract from the trunk of the Boswellia tree. For centuries it has been used for its medicinal properties and is a well-known anti-inflammatory.


You might know it as one of the three gifts given to the infant Jesus by the Wise Men.

But few ever asked why it was so important for Mary and Jesus.

Back then, frankincense was recognized as a natural healing remedy.

And historians now believe it made perfect sense as a therapy to…

  • Alleviate the pain of postpartum cramps for Mary.
  • And dull the pain of circumcision for the infant Jesus.

The miracle of frankincense isn’t just in chapter two of the Gospel.

In fact, it’s mentioned 17 times in the Bible.

In the Holy Anointing Oil — given to Moses on Mount Sinai — it’s one of the key ingredients.

Bottom line…

This is truly a sacred substance… a substance that science shows have unquestionable healing potential…

Enough to improve aging joints in as little as 5 days!

But it gets even better…

The Bible’s Solution to Aging Joints

Frankincense is known today as Boswellia serrata by medical researchers.

It’s the gum-like resin scraped from the trunk of the Boswellia — a tree native to India.

And new research is being conducted on it by the likes of Baylor University.

Dr. Ajay Goel, a Baylor scientist, calls it a “powerful agent against age-related inflammation.” 5 He adds, “I think it’s only a matter of time until we catch up and really understand how powerful Boswellia is.” 6

But here’s the thing…

In order to see its maximum healing potential, you can’t just use Boswellia.

Not unless you want to spend tons of money and consume it constantly.

That’s why most solutions — advertised as frankincense — will simply not deliver the goods.

Instead, scientists have honed down on its most powerful healing component… what’s called ASBK.

This is a boswellic acid — the network of compounds from within the Boswellia tree.

And it’s the most powerful component of this vast molecular system.

One that can deliver the maximum joint-healing powers of frankincense!

Why is frankincense — and its healing compound ASBK — so powerful?

It all boils down to what’s REALLY aging your joints. And how modern medicine fails to treat it. Let me explain…

What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Treating Age-Related Inflammation

It’s no secret that inflammation is the biggest cause of weaker, stiffer, older-acting joints.

It breaks down cartilage. It dissolves joint tissue. And it swells your joints.

But the way it’s treated by modern medicine is absolutely insane.

In 99 out of 100 cases, doctors recommend typical pain relievers.

These are supposed to act on inflammation. But they completely miss the mark!

You see, inflammation is linked to hundreds of genes. And synthetic solutions can only go after one. It’s called “monotargeted.”

Take COX-2 — one of the main genes involved in your body’s inflammatory response.

Drug companies have developed a number of COX-2 inhibitors. But the kicker is…

They also suppress your body’s COX-1 gene, which is vital to repair your stomach lining.

That’s why these anti-inflammatories often lead to dangerous gastrointestinal problems.

According to the American Journal of Medicine and the New England Journal of Medicine… 7,8

Popular pain relievers hospitalize over 100,000 patients per year from gastrointestinal bleeding.

As many as 16,500 die as a direct result of use.

And they called these estimates “conservative”!

That makes these treatments one of the leading causes of death in America.

Popular Pain Solutions Are a Leading Cause of Death in America

And that’s just for starters…

One study by Lancet found that these solutions DOUBLE your risk of heart failure.9

And that’s just one of over 24 dangerous side effects uncovered by peer-reviewed research.

Plus, since they only target a single gene, these solutions don’t work!

But that’s what makes the sacred substance frankincense so different, and so much better.

Whereas these solutions maybe suppress ONE gene… and not only don’t work but trigger serious (often fatal) side effects…

This Biblically-prescribed nutrient instead switches off ALL of the genes involved in age-related inflammation…

And it does so naturally… and free of side effects.

Which makes it the world’s most powerful and safest solution for age-related inflammation.

Shuts Down Our Body’s “Inflammation Command Center”

How is this possible?

It has to do with the molecule Nuclear Factor-kappa B (NF-kB) — the inflammation command center. 10

This critical molecule can be linked to nearly every major health concern. Let me explain…

NF-kB is the “switch” that activates over 400 of our body’s pro-inflammatory genes.

Including the enzymes COX-2, iNOS, and LOX.

As a result, it provides our body the blueprint for regulating its inflammatory response.

That’s why Big Pharma has long considered NF-KB the “holy grail” for anti-inflammatory drugs.

But they haven’t yet found a way to reliably and safely deactivate it.

So instead they’ve created a bunch of solutions to target each individual enzyme…

And as a result, missed the “forest from the trees” — the master molecule of inflammation.

That’s OK.

Because our Creator already designed frankincense — a powerful NF-kB deactivator.

This is why frankincense is so powerful…

Why it relieve aches, pains, and stiffness… in such short periods of time.

And actually make your joints feel young again.

The best part is, we don’t have to wait for the FDA.

I’ve traveled halfway around the world to bring this “joint miracle” right to your doorstep.

I traveled 10,000 Miles To Bring You The World’s Most Powerful Source
of Frankincense

As I mentioned, I’ve been “on the ground” in over 30 countries on six continents, going directly to the source of the most powerful therapies in the world. Therapies unknown to Western medicine.

meadowsweetI travel all around the world to discover the most powerful therapies.

That includes places like India, Bali, and Sri Lanka — where frankincense is renowned for its healing strength.

Where the elderly are just as strong, upright, and mobile as the youth.

And where joints don’t “age” like they do in America…

It’s in the first, India, where I uncovered the world’s ultimate source of frankincense.

A potent concentration of the ABKA compound — the most proven, tested, and sourced form of frankincense.

This is the kind used in all the studies I’ve shared with you.

Now typically, in these studies, the dose used is around 100 mg.

But I’ve taken it a step further…

I’ve concentrated a dose of 400 mg of pure frankincense.

That’s FOUR-TIMES the average power of the dose in these studies.

And remember, these studies show a standard dose of frankincense boosts joint function in just 5 days!

So just imagine what a 300% stronger dose could do for you.

Also, it’s completely safe and free from side effects.

Younger, Smoother Joints in 1 Week or Less With Mobilify

This powerhouse Biblical nutrient is the key ingredient in my proprietary new joint formula.

I call it Mobilify.

And it goes beyond just the “joint miracle” frankincense.

In every pill, I’ve added the world’s most powerful enzymes and herbs for joint relief.

That includes…

meadowsweetThe meadowsweet flower is the source of aspirin.

  • “Better than Aspirin”: In 1838, scientists identified a remarkable joint-relief ingredient in an old European herbal remedy. This was the meadowsweet flower — and its key substance, salicylic acid. Scientists isolated this substance, synthesized and processed it. This would become aspirin. In fact, the name “aspirin” is derived from “aspirin,” based on the plant’s scientific name: Spiraea. However, synthesized aspirin is not the “miracle” so many believe it to be. It has fatal gastrointestinal problems and blood-thinning effects. On the other hand, meadowsweet flower relieves joints naturally and is free of dangerous side effects. That’s why I’ve made it a key ingredient in Mobilify.

Chinese skullcapChinese skullcap has been used in ancient medicine for 2,000 years.

  • China’s Joint-Soothing Root Extract: Baikal skullcap, also known as Chinese skullcap, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for 2,000 years. But until a few years ago, it was entirely unknown in Western cultures. New research shows that its key flavonoid, baicalein, effectively “shuts off” multiple inflammatory genes, including COX-2 and 5-LO. 11
  • 2 enzymes that fight age-related inflammation:
    The papaya fruit compound papain and bromelain — extracted from the stem of the Amazonian pineapple. Much like frankincense, these compounds “switch off” the genes that trigger age-related inflammation.

    pineapple and papayaPapain and bromelain are powerful fighters of age-related inflammation.

    Study after study finds they are as powerful as common joint solutions — without the side effects. In countless studies, patients saw their joint discomfort decrease over time with each, reducing their need for other solutions. 12 These joint champions are a no-brainer, and perfect enhancers of frankincense.

These nutrients, unknown to Western medicine, are all joint-soothing champions.

And each one, on their own, could provide powerful relief.

But when combined together, age-related inflammation simply washes out of your body…

Liberating your joints and muscles from stiffness, aches, and cramps.

And in very short time spans!

That’s what many of my patients are saying about Mobilify.

8,359 Americans Have Used Mobilify — the Results Are Unbelievable

Like Larry McDowell, from Talent, OR, who wrote in saying…

“Dr. Sears,

I have had trouble with my ankles all my life. I am now aged 68 years and all of the problems of growing up, sports injuries, military service have taken their toll. I had been taking glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM for many years with some success, but not satisfied. I was still bothered by changes in the weather, mainly winter, would leave me stiff and achy.

After a week and a half of taking Mobilify, the discomfort, stiffness, minor aches, went away. Sometimes I still cannot believe the difference! It’s almost like being reborn. Thank You so much.”

And Joni D wrote:

“I think the Mobilify really helps with soreness, stiffness, and pain. Recently, after spending several hours doing spring gardening chores, I was super sore the next day (as I should have been). The day after that I was completely back to normal — so fast!”

I’m so convinced taking Mobilify will give you young, smoother, freer joints, I want to make sure you start getting ALL the benefits right away! But, regardless, with any offer you choose…

You can try Mobilify 100% risk-free, thanks to…

My Personal Money-Back Pledge

Mobilify, "Miracle Substance"

When your shipment of Mobilify arrives, open the bottle and start taking it every day. Then keep taking it.

I’m confident, that soon, you’ll feel the difference.

As you start to enjoy younger joints, joints that move freely with no aches or stiffness…

You’ll be more mobile and more capable than at any point in years… or maybe even EVER.

You’ll be free to do all the activities you love — without your joints holding you back.

Your loved ones will start noticing a difference… and that they finally have the real YOU back.

That can be yours in a little as 5 days’ time!

That’s why, if for any reason, or for no reason at all, if you are not 100% satisfied with Mobilify, simply return the bottle and unused portion within 90 days, and I will send you an immediate, complete, and total refund with no questions asked, including shipping and handling. It is my personal no-nonsense, no exceptions, no-risk guarantee that means you won’t risk one cent.

So what are you waiting for?

You have absolutely nothing to lose — and years, even decades, of growing biologically younger to gain.

So why not order today?

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Al Sears, MD, CNS

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Mobilify, "Miracle Substance"

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