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Dear Hive Members,

How is your overall energy level?

Is the gradual decline of sunlight starting to weigh on you? Are you experiencing aches and pains, headaches, sleep disturbance, depression, novel allergies, lack of motivation, trouble focusing, edginess, or brain fog? Well, you’re not alone.

Life feels like it’s back to a steady normal. But after a year of isolation and stress, the uncertainty of the unexpected is keeping many of us on edge.

Your body isn’t designed to be in constant fight or flight mode, and I’d like to get you back on track to feeling balanced, unworried, and prepared for whatever life may bring.

Energy is Key

The underlying factor is a lack of energy. Long-term stressors undermine your ability to produce ATP in the cells. ATP accounts for 95% of your total energy needs. And if energy deficiency becomes chronic and systemic, as it has for many people in the last 12 months, your body responds with accelerated biological aging—along with debilitating symptoms (see above).

Accelerated aging isn’t just about the few extra grey hairs you prematurely discover. Your cell’s mitochondria (energy source) are becoming compromised. Without energy, a silent inferno is taking place under your hood with severe long-term consequences.

Most doctors can’t measure accelerated aging but will suggest you “lower your stress,” “take your vitamins,” “exercise,” “stay positive,” or “eat healthy” to counter chronic fatigue. Each suggestion is a great idea, but they fall short—especially for older people.

Why is this?

Between the ages of 40-60, humans lose up to 50 percent of their NAD+ reserves. NAD+ is a coenzyme that helps cells produce energy. Today, research shows us that NAD+ slows down the aging process when properly administered.


NAD+ supplements and injections have gained mainstream popularity. Biohackers often pay $600 for a single NAD+ IV therapy.

Tru Niagen is the only patented and FDA notified NAD+ supplement proven to work in clinical tests and boost NAD presence in cells by up to 60 percent.

Tru Niagen is a powerful addition to our arsenal to fight fatigue, especially when combined with nutrition, hydration, and a healthy lifestyle.

NAD+ & H2

We believe that NAD is a powerful addition when combined with a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and hydration. And when it comes to hydration, think HYDRA+, the molecular hydrogen supplement that supercharges the cells to carry out waste products.

Our Optimized Cellular Health Bundle combines both Tru Niagen and HYDRA+ and is our top recommendation for fighting fatigue while additionally supporting a healthy lifestyle.


Today, through Tuesday, October 26th, enjoy 15% OFF Hydra+ or Tru Niagen. Or purchase our Optimized Cellular Health Bundle, for a total of 20% off. Use coupon code: CELL15

Remember, all orders above $49.99 ship free in the U.S.!

Maryam Henein
Founder, HoneyColony
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