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    Curious: Intimate Massage and Pleasure Moisturizer Lubricant

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    Hydra+ Molecular Hydrogen Ultra Dose

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This site is brought to you by Maryam Henein, a veteran Investigative Journalist of 25 years and a Functional Medicine Consultant.

As a journalist with 25 years of experience, Maryam Henein originally started investigating hit stories for mainstream media and is well known for directing award-winning documentaries like Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Oscar-nominated actress Ellen Page.

But when faced with chronic health problems in her own life and doctors failing over and over to offer answers or relief… Henein found herself delving into alternative medicine and using her investigative chops to figure out the root causes behind her health issues. She fused solid research with first-hand experience and not only became quite knowledgeable, but also found healing and was back to thriving. Sharing the power of knowledge became yet another important mission for Henein in addition to her concern for the reporting of environmental catastrophes.

Dedicated to educating and empowering people about bees, food security issues, and health, she created this site and developed a team to be a high-quality online resource geared toward helping people on their health journey and reaching science-backed information that mainstream media won’t cover.

Turns out, there are groups and forces that don’t like when people like Henein speak about information and options deserve access to for making personal choices… Henein continues her activist and news-spreading work despite being the target of massive censorship.