You can stop getting sick now

You can stop getting sick Now

It’s the truth. I know of many people that have given it a try and has succeeded. It’s not that hard. On the contrary, it’s something that you will enjoy. Feel healthy is now achievable, indeed. We can help you try to live your life without pain and suffering. Sign up and get started to have the products that will give you peace of mind and a chance to change from being sluggish, with no energy and being sick all the time to a better state of mind and body. There is no need to struggle to get well. Being well is yr right. Everyone deserves and have the right to feel good and healthy. This is not a privilege, it is your right, indeed.

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I know so many people that have struggled to be healthy, that are taking so many chemicals and` getting worse day after day instead to get better. These people are poisoning themselves to death. It’s a slow death. You can be healthy at any time that you decide to make a commitment that you want to get healthy. It’s not that difficult. It is possible for anyone. You don’t need a lot of money either.


You just have to commit and be honest with yourself and feel in your heart that you do want to change and live a healthy life. We can help you if you decide to do it. We will be with you all the way to this life-changing, helping you to bring health to your body and mind. We are the ones who make our lives difficult. We have to trust and let go. Commit to a new life an achievable way o life. Felling excellent every minute of your day. Day after day.

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Your diet, your products for your personals health, your cleaning products, plus some more things that need to change. At last, you will find out that you have also saved some money in the process. I lived my life for a long time going from one sickness to another. I didn’t have a clue of what I was doing that my health was so bad. At that time I really wish that I could reach someone that would let me know. But, those were different times, when the power to acquire information wasn’t this easy. We live in a world today where the information has such speed that is much easy to communicate.

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That would be the reason why I have struggled for so many years having so many health issues. Don’t let that happen to you. Today I don’t even suffer from a cold. It’s really a blessing to know and be sick free for over 16 years or more. I really lost count. How about the money you save. You see, it’s incredible, but when you buy natural and organic products they tend to be concentrated and they last much longer. So, your money goes very far. The reality is everything lasts so long and that’s when you save lots of money.

Honey Colony

Going through life feeling this way is such a wonderful way to be. Have a healthy body gives you such satisfaction in life and that’s the only thing you want to do is spread and share the blessings. On the top of it, I feel this huge necessity to go around and tell everyone how good it is not to have a cold, not to have the flu, not to have cancer and how great I feel. I promote products that I have done a diligent research to make sure they are all legitimate. They are the real thing, I am sure.

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You have to be very careful because a lot of labels out there that are stating that they are organic and free of chemicals are not really what they say they are. You have to have a provider that can be trusted and you can also do your own research. All the products that I promote were checked and rechecked to be made to believe that they are totally legit. You can have your money back guaranteed.

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We do stand behind our products to give you the freedom to receive your money back if you happen to find anything wrong or not legitimate about it. I have more than a year of research done. I am not full. I know that a lot of people will not hesitate to lie to get what they want with no remorse. You can also ask for any information and you will have your questions answered with no delay. All the products that I promote have lots of information at your fingertips. You will notice that on my website. I think that as consumers it’s easy to make a choice when you have all the information that you will need. The information is the soul of the business. You will be wiser if you have access to information.

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I will have pictures of some products from different brands that I do promote for you in this post. So you have a summary of some brands that will have your attention. These brands are organic, sustainable with all the natural guidelines that support an excellent product. Organic, non-toxic, no animals used, free trade, Ethical made, etc… Each one of the products will have all the information that is needed to help you to make a smart choice, indeed. If you need time to decide, it’s ok, take your time. Do you have a question? Please, ask the questions and we will give you all the answers, always! Transparency is our only motor.



Let me tell you about Propolis

Let me tell you about Propolis

What the Bee creates are all useful. There is no waste. Everything is good in their own way. Propolis works as a protection for the hive from Natural Elements,  from any harm to the Hive. That could be snow, rain, wind, protection against parasites bringing infections, prevents diseases, small harmful visitors. Propolis mainly is a mixed resin composed of beeswax. It’s dark, sticky. It feels like glue, and it is good to seal the hive so there are no gaps.

Having Propolis into your Regular Diet

The health benefits of Propolis are phenomenal. I still amazed at the results that I normally get when I use Propolis. I am always reaching for Propolis, again and again over so many years. It’s been 45 years since I have known Propolis and about over 35 years that I have been taking it. Not continuously, but, time taking it and time not. Recently I have been taking it more often. Having Propolis into your regular diet is a very wise move towards a life with no sickness.

The Benefits of Propolis are Endless

The benefits of Propolis are endless. I did some research again with the help of my friend Honey Colony and Google and I have found out an amazing amount of solutions that Propolis does to your health. The Bees are definitely very versatile creatures that seem like perfection, I mean, they are really unbelievable little ones that are very good to this Earth and to you. We can’t live without them and as soon as men realize that, as soon as we will become safe. in this Earth.

Diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever

I have been fascinated by Propolis since I was a little over 15 years old. I have just developed a Rheumatic Fever after this very bad Strep Throat that almost killed me. it’s a little hard to diagnose Rheumatic Fever. Some blood test will still be negative and that doesn’t mean you don’t have it. After many tests, we have gotten the diagnostic and my parents have started to think about how they were going to handle it. The doctors have told my parents that I have to take Antibiotics.

The Bees are Definitely Amazing Creature

Knowing at that time that antibiotics taken so often could hurt my immune system, my parents have decided to take me to a Homeopathic doctor. Now remember I am 61 years old now, and that was a time that people really used more Natural Healing, taking herb teas for anything. My mother was those old fashion woman using as much as possible the treatment even more than today, I believe. So we went to the doctor and he has prescribed Propolis and it was the liquid one that my parents have gotten for me. Horrible taste. So, then I have started my relationship with Propolis. It’s amazing how everything about bees is usable. It comes from the bees, it’s pretty much no waste. They are definitely an amazing creature, our friends, the bees.

The Bees Play a Very Important Role in this Planet

I have noticed that people don’t pay very much attention to the Bees.  When they do, is to kill them. They have a part in the Nature that is so crucial, and I really don’t understand how come we are not so involved and doing more work to find out more things about Bees and really try not to hurt them. The part that they play in life it’s very much so important that is truly amazing how men are not trying to bring light to this crucial issue, indeed. I know that there is some research going on about this very intricate God’s creatures. But, I still think that it should be more. Mainly about the things that are hurting the Bees right now.

I Have Been Taking Propolis for About 35 years

It’s been about 45 years, given and taken, that I have been taking Propolis. I have sometimes during this period, stopped taking for a while and resume taking it after, but I know for sure that I have been taking Propolis for about 35 years, at least. I have never had a Cold, The Flu, or any Allergies. I have had some health problems from a long time ago, but that was because of the period of times that I have stopped taking the Propolis for some time, so I assume that I had some behavior issues and such.

If I Feel Anything Out of The Ordinary, I Take Propolis

If I feel anything out of the ordinary, I take Propolis. If I have an Abscess in my tooth, I take Propolis. If my cat has had a fight and the big chunk that was taken from his neck is infected, I give him Propolis, and Propolis has never, ever fall short of working, on the contrary, it delivered, efficiently. In my book, Propolis is excellent for anything. Anything at all. A Miracle Holly solution. Propolis was put here on the Earth by God.

Bee Panacea is a Miracle

All the experiences that I have had with Propolis were positive. All the experiences that my family, friends, and pet have had with Propolis were definitely amazing. That is the reason I have to spread the word. It’s my responsibility to bring an awareness of Propolis. Mainly because I know about Propolis, it’s my obligation to spread the word. I want everyone, as far as I can reach, to feel also the miracle of Propolis on themselves, for their families and friends. I want so much that everyone feels the help of having a sickness being cured. Everyone deserves that information. It would be selfish of me doing any different.

Propolis will Help with Cold and The Flu

This is the right season to use the help of Propolis. Granted any season will be the right one. Here I will have many of the benefits that Propolis has given to us, Human Beings. I don’t think that it is all of them because Propolis is always surprising me with their vast list of help that they can bring to our body and soul. Let’s start and get some out to you, shall we?

Antibacterial Capabilities

In the mouth with root canals, compared with Calcium Hydroxide, very good Anti-Microbial more powerful at eliminating certain germs than Calcium is. Effectively killer of Bacteria. It has been additionally used to treat Cold and The  Flu.

Traditionally we have been using Propolis to kill Colds and the Flu. Studies show how powerful is the Bacteria-killing properties on your body of Propolis.

Propolis has a very powerful killing Bacteria capabilities.

Propolis Lower Blood Pressure

Nitric-Oxide is an important substance for a Healthy Heart. The inner lines of your Blood vessels use Nitric Oxide to signal the surrounding smooth muscles to relax, resulting in Vasodilation (widening of Blood Vessels), increasing Blood flow.

Reduction on the Bioavailability of Nitric-Oxide plays a significant role in the development of High Blood Pressure. Without it, you would have a Heart Attack. There is an Enzyme called Tyrosine Hydroxylase ( or TH ), that limits the amount of Nitric-Oxide you can produce,

The research was done with rats that Propolis decrease TH, and lower Blood Pressure. Propolis may modulate Blood Pressure.

If you suffer from Hypertension you may want to consider using raw honey which contains Propolis.

Bone Disease

Propolis helps treat Bones  Diseases-Healthy Bone Tissue.

Scientists recently investigated whether Caffeic Phenethyl Ester, a very powerful compound found in Propolis could help or reverse Osteolytic Bone  Diseases. It’s very effective at suppressing the inflammatory compounds that cause Bones Diseases. Propolis could be a potential treatment for Bone Wasting Diseases like Osteoporosis.

Take a daily dose of Propolis could be a very wise thing to do.

Propolis Treat Allergies

Propolis helps treat Allergies.

Propolis ability to calm the symptoms of Seasonal Allergies.

The scientists did experiment with rats and have found out that Propolis inhibitedHistamine Release from the rats Mast Cells. Histamine is the compound that makes you sneeze, gives you watery eyes and a runny nose _ Anti-Histamines are the main allergy drugs sold over the counter so, come to Allergy Season, don’t only take your Bee Pollen, but add a daily dose of Propolis.

Propolis Treat Prostate Cancer

Propolis boost Prostate Cancer Cell death. Another benefit of Propolis, it prevents and suppresses this type of Cancer.

Scientists examined the Cancer-Killing Effects Of Propolis, Tincture on two common types of Prostate Cancer. They concluded that Propolis Tincture markedly improved Cell death in Prostate Cancer Cells, and suggested the significant role of Propolis in Chemoprevention of Prostate Cancer.

Propolis Kills Colon Cancer Cells

Scientists are looking at the Anti-Cancer and Anti-Microbial potential of Propolis at the same time.

First, they exposed Propolis to four different Pathogens.  as those of us whole used Propolis to many Colds have known for years, the Propolis showed very strong Anti-Microbial activity.

Then they tested Propolis against Colon Cancer Cells. They found out that it caused the Cancer Cells to die by Necrosis, which means that it interrupted the Blood supply to the Cell and caused just the local Cancer Cell to die and not living Cells.

Chemotherapy doe just the opposite of this – it kills both, healthy living and the Cancer Cells and is the reason why Chemo has such violent and devasted side effects. Ultimately, this research is very promising. Some of the healthiest peoples in the world have experienced the health benefits and other Bee Products for generations. Some exciting new research may be indicative of why these people live such a long, healthy, lives, and have such high rates of centenarians amongst them.

Propolis May Help Treat Food Poisoning

The aim of a recent study was to analyze the Anti Microbial Activity of Propolis against the germs that cause what is commonly referred to as Food Poisoning (16 Campylobacter jejuni).

The scientists found that Propolis inhibited the growth of C. Jejuni, Enterobacterfaecalis, and Staphylococcus aureus, the three bugs that are commonly found in Food Poisoning cases.

They went to say that Propolis preparations could be used as support to traditional therapy for infection, especially when antibiotics show no activity against these Micro-Organisms.

Now to keep a bottle of Propolis Tincture in my purse at all times and take a dose after eating in an unfamiliar place or restaurant, is a very good idea.

Propolis Protect Injured Teeth

We know that Propolis is very effective on Inflammation, so scientists studies concluded that apparently, Traumatic Injury to the teeth creates a huge challenge of Post – Treatment complication such as Inflammation. Propolis was evaluated as Anti-Resorptive Agent, which means that if Propolis could help control the inflammation on someone’s teeth that got knocked out in an accident so they could put the teeth back in.
To find out that they could.

The scientists after a huge number of researches and tests realized that one of the benefits of Propolis is fighting inflammation, which brings a successful number of cures for diseases like, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, and many more.

People that take Propolis more often have less inflammation in their body that lead to a healthier life, longer lives.

 Heat Stress and Athletic Performance

Propolis benefits are mainly so exceptional due to the major amount of Antioxidants that are in it. It’s very beneficial for Athletes because of protection from overheating, according to an article in The Journal of Food Science.

Propolis has an active ingredient called “Caffeeic Acid Phenyl Ester, or CAPE, that triggers a broad spectrum of Biological Activities including Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammatory and antiviral.

The Researches done by scientists examined Blood from 30 competitive cyclists who did endurance training two to four years prior to the investigation concluded even after some other tests that CAPE ( one of the most powered compound in Propolis) promotion of Athletic performance taking Propolis especially during the Summer may give you a safe, natural competitive advantage.

Propolis an Effective Treatment for Warts

This lady reported that she, herself have had a personal experience that Propolis Tincture killed a Plantars Wart that she had, and it has never come back.

The International Journal of Dermatology has reported that in November of 2009, scientists found that Propolis shows strong activity against Warts.

Also was reported that a cure was achieved in 75% and 73% of patients, respectively.

After all, it still studies that are not listed here that testify about the amazing effects and benefits of Propolis.

I am inclined to believe counting also my own experiences, that Propolis or anything that comes from the wonderful Bees is indeed a great miracle.

With all the conclusions brought forth by a scientist, I am convinced without a shred of a doubt that the bees are perfect beings and extremely necessary to our planet Earth!

I hope that this information was useful for many of you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do so and I will be very happy to give to you or answer anything that I can. If you have also any more information about our beautiful friends, please allow me to get that information also. Thank you so much for your attention to my post.


Luzia Soares