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Recipe for Warmth

December 24, 2020

Happy Holidays! Sometimes, as happy and joyful as they are, the holidays can put us in a rush to get things done. And that busy schedule can cause us to neglect our health and upkeep which can make an appearance on your skin – just when you least want it to.

So this Christmas Eve, I’m sharing my easy, quick and entirely natural recipe for a soothing facial scrub using sugar and peppermint oil extract.

This scrub is strong enough to brighten your complexion. But it’s gentle enough to use on dry winter skin… Sugar benefits your skin in three ways:

  1. First, sugar is a natural humectant. That means it draws moisture from the air into your skin. This hydrates and moisturizes your skin naturally.
  2. Sugar is also a good source of glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid that gets deep down into your skin. This encourages quick cell turnover for fresher, younger-looking skin.
  3. It’s strong, but gentle. Compared to commercial products or salt scrubs, sugar granules are a gentler exfoliant. They remove the dirt and dead skin cells that dull your complexion without stripping your skin of oil or creating tiny tears.

And peppermint oil not only has a great Christmas scent, it contains natural antibacterial properties that can prevent breakouts brought on by stress. It also provides a cooling effect that soothes irritation and inflammation.

Easy Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Sugar and peppermint oil provide many skin benefits


  • ¾ cup white sugar (don’t use raw sugar)
  • ¼ cup coconut oil (you can use olive or almond oil instead)
  • 10 drops natural peppermint essential oil


  1. Mix the sugar and coconut oil in a bowl and combine well.
  2. Add the peppermint oil and stir.
    For best results, wet your skin before using. Don’t use more than twice a week.

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Japanese Skin Secret Dr. Al Sears M.D. Pure Radiance

 Japanese Skin Secret Dr. Al Sears M.D. Pure Radiance

August 28, 2020

Japanese Secret
to Youthful Skin

(And it lasts a LOT longer than Botox)


There really is something special about the flawless complexions of Japanese women…

A secret that makes 60, 70 and 80-year-old women look 20 even 30 years younger.

These strikingly beautiful women have the smoothest porcelain-like complexions and a remarkable radiance. It’s as if they wash their face in the fountain of eternal youth every day.

How is it Japanese women can show almost no telltale signs of aging—no sagging or drooping, crow’s feet or laugh lines? They may be 70 years old and yet… their skin is so tight, tone and firm it springs back like a 17-year-old’s, overflowing with youthful collagen and elastin.

Their skin is remarkably perfect and ageless, so richly hydrated and luminous it glows.

So when you use this, all your friends will be asking…

Does She Or Doesn’t She?

She does!

After seeing hundreds, if not thousands of Japanese women, I began to wonder if a secret in nature gave these women such firm skin it never seems to sag. After all, the Japanese have been passionate about herbal remedies since the 17th century.

Now I’ve spent years journeying around the world, uncovering youthful skin secrets hidden in the roots, leaves and vines of trees and flowers…

…once locked away in the vaults of royalty…

And passed down by word of mouth through generations of indigenous tribes living in places so remote you can only get there at great peril.

That’s why I began looking to the Japanese mountains and forests. This is where the Japanese are encouraged to go to practice shinrin yoku or “forest bathing”—a form of healing in nature. That’s where I unearthed the centuries old secret of Japanese women…their elixir for beautiful, flawless, virtually wrinkle-free skin.

I’m going to share the “Japanese Secret” with you right now.

First introduced by Japanese Buddhist monks, its use spread to royalty and the elite. Legend has it, Japanese women give this to their babies instead of water. This is the secret that gives them stunningly youthful, glowing skin and helps them stay looking years younger than their biological age.

And, it’s the same one that can work for you to:

yes Fade the look of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, lips and forehead—the ones that give away your age or make you look older
yes Plump, firm and tighten saddlebags cheeks
yes Flood dry skin with rich hydration, turning dull and lifeless into radiant and springy
yes Smooth uneven, splotchy skin tone so you can finally go makeup Free—and look and feel great
Love this product!


“My skin looks so good I rarely feel the need for makeup other than very special occasions.” – Gail H.

The longer you use it, the better your skin looks.

Take it from Gail…

What is the Japanese secret?

It’s not an injectable derma-filler.

And it doesn’t cost a king’s ransom.

Skin grows young not old.

Gren tea

Loaded with antioxidants, studies have shown this Japanese Secret—green tea—contains catechin which allows blood to flow more smoothly.

If you want a fresh-faced complexion that’s radiant, springy and glowing you need healthy blood flow.

Catechin also protects the body from oxidative damage caused by Free radicals and other toxins which contribute to aging “looks like a bulldog” skin. Catechin protects green tea leaves from harsh ultraviolet rays.

But inside this ancient botanical is a nutrient I guarantee you’ve never heard of… and it works skin magic.


A believer in her 80s, “I plan to continue using it!

“I am 83 and I think it does wonders for my skin.” — Sarah J.

It’s an omega-9 fatty acid called oleic acid — a skin-saving, youth-renewing, beauty bombshell! The women here at the office nicknamed it the “Big O” because of how good it makes them feel.

I’ll share more about oleic acid and its secret superpower with you in a minute but…

Now you know why Japanese women turn to green tea to help slow the aging process and keep skin youthful and supple…

It beautifully soothes stressed, irritated skin, detoxifies, and helps stave off wrinkles and fine lines. However…

There’s one more missing link
in the Japanese Secret…

And it’s the one that seals the deal to help ensure skin grows visibly younger. For oleic acid in green tea to work it MUST have this groundbreaking technology…

“Beauty bubbles” that release a burst of nature to help replenish and rejuvenate your skin.

Amazing Molecule

It’s called a liposome — breakthrough cellular delivery technology that penetrates deep into your skin where it can do the most good.


Like little carrying cases, liposomes are tiny hollow spheres made up of the same molecule as a cell membrane. Liposomes are able to power through the epidermis, the tough top layer of your skin — the very place other anti-aging creams break down.

Other creams contain particles too big to get through your skin’s tough exterior. What happens next is… nothing.

That cream or serum you were so excited about just sits on top of your skin doing nothing except trapping oils and pollutants. Eventually the cream just gets washed away. There goes your money down the drain.

Preliminary studies show liposomes can be a highly effective delivery mechanism when it comes to rejuvenating skin. That’s because these molecules carry nutrients inside that support younger-looking skin.

The Truth About Injections and Fillers:
What no one tells you but I will…


Injections cut through nerves and muscles and leave heavy bruising.

Hyaluronic acid, when injected, can cause your skin to take on a bluish cast — it’s called the Tyndall effect. Do you really want to look like a Smurf?

This revolutionary liposome technology is the answer! It’s better than injectables or fillers because it deposits nutrients into your cells where real change takes place — Botox can’t even do that!

These nutrients help improve hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin texture.1 Liposomes are like the Fed Ex of skin delivery. They transport nutrients directly into the cell to promote collagen production, nourishing your skin from the inside out. It’s exactly what you need to breathe new life into your skin. Know what else is amazing?

Liposomes Have a Second Secret Superpower that Tightens and Firms Your Skin

When these molecules come into contact with the exterior cell wall, they signal the cell to product collagen and elastin — two of your skin’s most essential components for firmness, strength and shape.

But that’s not all.

You see, liposomes are made up of a unique phospholipid known as phosphatidylcholine (PC), which is comprised of choline and essential fatty acids. These components allow the PC to assist in repairing cell membranes and help make the cell walls supple and flexible.2

Because the cell membranes are made up of phosphatidylcholine they absorb the liposome, not repel it. It’s as if the liposomes are “feeding” your skin at the same time they’re delivering nutrients deep into your cells.3

With this added nutrition, your skin bolsters its own cell membrane, ensuring the integrity of your skin cells and improving the appearance of your skin. When your skin cell membranes hold firm, your cells better retain water and nutrients — and that means your skin looks healthier.

You don’t need a needle to get “Wow, you look years younger” results. Even the days of spending untold amounts of money on anti-aging creams, lotions and serums that do nothing are over! No risk, no pain and no money down the drain. But…

There’s one thing you MUST know to ensure liposomal technology works for you.

In order for liposomes to work they must be flexible, not rigid. Otherwise, you’re stuck with another worthless skin cream. Flexibility allows the liposomes to work their way through your pores, through the epidermis (outer layer) and into the dermis where the vitamins, minerals and essential oils can rejuvenate your skin cells.

The more flexible the liposome’s membrane, the greater potential for better delivery of the nutrients inside the skin.4

Next thing you know, trouble spots like deep lines on your forehead or creases that run like the north-south highway around your mouth are smoothed over. That’s because the liposomes release the nutrients that help fill them out! And your skin looks glowing, radiant and smooth.

Where on earth are you going to find advanced liposome delivery technology you can trust to work?
I’m about to show you…

Get Results that Mirror Botox and Hyaluronic Acid Fillers… Without A Single Injection. Here’s How…

I’ve always believed that you should be able to rejuvenate your skin and maintain a youthful appearance — without resorting to costly $500 injections with potentially dangerous side effects or, with toxins in them.

Smile at great skin

So many women prefer a natural approach that can give you results that closely mirror injections. This is exactly what millions of women have been waiting for! This is the kind of breakthrough delivery technology that will have your friends thinking, “Wow, she looks amazing — I bet she had work done!”

What is it? Restore with liposome delivery technology. My groundbreaking new dermal filler gives you a safe, effective and natural way to instantly hydrate, lift and firm your skin. Just smooth it on morning and night for gorgeous, flawless-looking skin.

I give you my word: you’ll love how silky and sexy it feels gliding over your skin and how your complexion glows! You’ll feel like you turned back the clock 10 years in just 10 seconds. Instantly, you’ll enjoy a big confidence boost as…

Restore Plumps And Fills Your Skin To Smooth The Looks Of Wrinkles

Wait until you see the difference in volume around your eye area, cheeks and forehead. You can even use it on your neck to smooth that crepey, “gives-away-your-age” look. Mary from London, England told me she used it on her throat, which was a bit crepey… “…it improved and filled out,” said Mary.

Cathy doesn’t see why anyone would get injections
or surgery after using Restore


“Wow, this is a great product! The lines around my mouth and eyes are filled in and my skin is tightened. I love having younger-looking skin, so I will continue using Restore. It goes to work right away and takes years off your face.

Why go under the knife when there’s Restore?” — Cathy C.

Restore mimics the results of injectables better than any anti-aging cream I’ve seen. Before I tell you more about that… there’s just one more thing you need. Without it, you might as well use nothing.

Fountain of Youth Nutrients that Tighten, Firm and Smooth For Gorgeous, Glowing Skin

In order for liposomes to work, each one must encase nature’s most powerful “fountain of youth” nutrients. Once the liposomes breach the outer layer of the skin these nutrients get released deep into your cells to:

yes Fade the look of wrinkles, lines and crow’s feet
yes Smooth over and even out an uneven complexion
yes Hydrate skin so it looks luminous and young
yes Plump up skin from the inside out
yes Improve the condition of dry, flaky skin
yes Help skin spring to life and support greater elasticity

And with NO adverse side effects. This exclusive combination of nutrients sees to it that you…

Bring Back Your Youthful-Looking Complexion Starting In Just Seconds

To find the most powerful age-reversing nutrients for skin revival, I travel to the most exotic and remote locations on earth.

I spent days, weeks and months living among extraordinary healers in West Africa, learning from the long-forgotten Balinese herbalists and practicing medicine alongside Ayruvedic practitioners, Ashaninka Indians and the ancient Batwa who all were eager to share their healing secrets with me.

As a result, I discovered nature’s most powerful age-erasing botanicals, vitamins and essential oils that heal, rejuvenate, replenish and revitalize. I didn’t know it at the time but they would turn out to be the perfect nutrients to encase inside the liposomes.

Once at the epicenter of youth restoration — your cells — these nutrients help boost collage and elastin, deeply hydrate and nourish, and plump, firm and fill out the skin safely and gently — from the inside out.


These botanicals, vitamins and essential oils do everything from revive your collagen and elastin to decrease etched-in laugh lines and sun-induced wrinkles, smooth puckery lip lines, reduce sagging in the jowl area, firm lifeless cheeks and smooth over crow’s feet.

People think I’m 20 years younger!


“…it leaves my face feeling firmer and tighter every time I use it. I am 61 and… the ‘crow’s feet’ area of the eye… is very smooth. I have been enjoying people thinking I am in my 40s at 61!” — Susan R.

I knew we hit upon the ultimate combination when women everywhere couldn’t get enough. They loved it! Even the women in my office could not stop raving about Restore. Let me tell you… it’s hard to keep stocked since it flies off the shelves so fast.

You can order Restore right now — just click hereThrough this exclusive offer, you can get 3 Free GIFTS, too! In the meantime, I want you to know that…

I hear things like this over and over…

Let me be clear: you won’t find this combination of ingredients anywhere else. This is an exclusive blend I created from my trips around the world seeking native remedies from the earth. Big Pharma would love to patent these naturals… but they can’t. That means all of this is more affordable and accessible to you.

Are you ready to discover the magic inside Restore? Let’s take a look at the combination inside the liposomes that can give you the head-turning results of injections and fillers without the needles…


Indigenous to the Amazon, guarana (Paullinia cupana) has long been revered as an aphrodisiac and a protector against malaria and dysentery. But this unusual-looking, fleshy fruit is also loaded with caffeine — up to twice as much as coffee!

If you’ve ever had a Monster Energy drink, Jolt or Mountain Dew you’ve had guarana. As a physician I recommend avoiding these beverages but topically applied, guarana is a Rockstar of anti-aging.

Tighten and Smooth Your Skin and Turn on Your Smokin’ Hot Sex Appeal

Why does guarana work so well on your skin? Because caffeine constricts blood vessels, making it especially great for reducing puffiness in the eye area and for creating a smoothing effect on the skin.

Caffeine also increases blood flow to your skin. And you know how that makes your skin look — like you just had the best sex or your life — flushed and fabulous! Your radiance shines through. Increasing the blood flow helps purge toxins from your skin which eliminates dirt and bacteria. Guarana is both a powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial — exactly what you need to turn aging skin around.

But that’s not all…

This Amazing Fruit Stimulates Your Collagen for Intense Firming

In one study where guarana was topically applied to the faces of 43 participants, the guarana cream blend stimulated collagen synthesis to help firm skin. Experiments also showed the topically applied guarana mixture rapidly reached the dermis. Talk about a perfect nutrient for Restore’s liposome delivery. Touch your skin and watch it spring back like it did a decade ago!

Another study using topical application for 6 weeks…

yes Reduced the look of sagging cheeks in the jowl area
yes And showed a significant reduction in crow’s feet and wrinkles

I’m convinced guarana fruit is the reason Brazilian women have such beautiful, smooth, almost flawless-looking skin and that’s why I formulated Restore with only the purest guarana extract. But I was just getting warmed up…


One of the things that drew me to avocado oil is the early evidence it can help reverse degenerative skin changes you see with aging — especially when you hit menopause and skin aging accelerates as collagen degrades like milk after its expiration date. That’s why you look in the mirror and it seems as if saggy cheeks and jowls happened overnight.

Avocado oil contains fatty acids and phytosterols to help minimize the signs of aging. These nutrients help boost hydration and increase the water content in your skin to keep it moist and plump, and soft and supple, drawing water in and improving elasticity. Phytosterols also help stimulate collagen production.

Whether your skin has been exposed to too much pollution, smoke, sun or chemicals in other skin creams and lotions… or your skin has been undernourished for too long… avocado oil is a godsend. No wonder it was hailed as the “the king of fruits” reserved only for royalty in ancient times.

In Just 4 Weeks the Look of Crow’s Feet Appears to Fade

Avocado oil also contains copious amounts of skin-loving vitamin E. When eye and facial creams with vitamin E were evaluated on the ability to improve wrinkles, skin tone and elasticity on aged skin here’s what researchers found:


  • Crow’s feet decreased 14.07%
  • Skin elasticity increased 8.79%
  • Density of the skin improved 27.63%

You’ve probably never heard of it but avocado oil has another secret ingredient: a nourishing substance called avocado furan. One study showed that when participants ages 50-69 applied avocado furane to their skin, they saw a 25% decrease in the look of wrinkles in 12 months. Their skin also appeared more luminous.

Researchers concluded that the avocado replenished skin’s cellular metabolism. This is exactly the result you want for head-turning skin that looks kissed by youth.

Even brown spots diminish!

The sterolins in avocado oil help reduce their appearance and soften your complexion. Why risk looking “rode hard and put away wet” when you can have gorgeous, soft, touchable skin? Avocado oil is like a rejuvenation factory. By penetrating the skin more deeply, it can transport its bountiful nutrients through the outer layer to deep into the dermis.

Encapsulating avocado oil into the liposome carrying case was a natural. It’s like switching to acceleration mode for youthful-looking skin. As soon as you smooth on Restore you’ll feel the avocado oil go to work… and feel results instantly! Your skin drinks it in yet, it’s never oily.

Encapsulating avocado oil into the liposome carrying case was a natural. It’s like switching to acceleration mode for youthful-looking skin. As soon as you smooth on Restore you’ll feel the avocado oil go to work… and feel results instantly! Your skin drinks it in yet, it’s never oily.

White Tea

When I first began researching white tea, little did I know this delicate tea may be why Asian women have such beautiful complexions.

Rarer and more treasured than green tea, white tea (Camellia sinensis) has 3 times as many antioxidants than its green cousin and it’s rich in catechins, which are strong anti-aging compounds.


In a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition , older women given a supplement containing white tea extract twice daily for 6 months saw improved skin structure and firmness.

Rich in polyphenols, white tea is like the white knight of anti-aging — neutralizing Free radicals that damage skin and promote accelerated aging. But white tea also has the unique ability to restore Langerhans cells — your skin’s watchdog cells.

Part of your skin’s immune response system, Langerhans cells stay on high alert for foreign agents and mutated proteins. But sunlight can weaken your watchdog cells and over time, wipe them out. That’s where white tea comes to the rescue.

In a study by Case Western University, Langerhans cells of skin treated with white tea extract were completely restored in 3 days. DNA damage — the kind that promotes wrinkling — was limited.

If you want to protect your skin and possibly slow its aging and smooth the look of wrinkles, you want white tea. Guess what? You don’t have to search for white tea… you can get it in RestoreBut I didn’t stop there. I also included the magnificent moisture magnet…


Hyaluronic acid is the gold standard for plumping, filling and smoothing wrinkles and lines. Not only does it help restore younger-looking skin, but it closely mimics the volumizing results you can get with injections — without the potentially dangerous side effects, bruising or blue hue.

Hyaluronic acid makes your face feel like baby skin — soft, supple and deeply hydrated.

Known as a super-hydrator, hyaluronic acid holds 1,000X its weight in water, making it an intense moisturizer — just what you need for aging skin that tends to dry out. When it mixes with water this moisture magnet forms a gel-like substance, making skin soft, supple and more elastic.

Hyaluronic acid also helps maintain the skin’s structure so you see more firming, less sagging.

You’re born with ample amounts of hyaluronic acid which is why, as a baby and into your youth, your skin is so velvety soft and smooth.

Then it happens…

As you age, hyaluronic acid supplies start to run low. Your cheeks starting to sag, wrinkles form around your mouth and creases line your forehead. Your skin becomes drier and thinner.

But once hyaluronic acid reaches deep into your cells, it fills your skin so wrinkles, fine lines and creases are smoothed over. No other biological substance can retain as much water as hyaluronic acid to help smooth and soften your skin and minimize the look of wrinkles.

This truly is the gold standard for skin rejuvenation — and now, thanks to Restoreyou can get hyaluronic acid in a topical dermal-filler serum that can get deep into your skin. It’s like getting the impressive results of an injection without the needle — or the scalpel. Finally, no more broken promises or disappointing results.

As soon as you smooth on Restore you’ll notice its soft, gentle texture and how smooth it makes your skin feel. It goes to work immediately to help support your skins sub-architecture and to plump and fill so your skin looks dewy and soft — and years younger. Perkier skin happens in just seconds!

And, trust me, you’ll get compliments. C.S. from West Palm Beach, Florida says she…

Looks Better Than She Has in Years!


“Restore took years off my face! It did an amazing job filling in the lines around my eyes, and it even tightened up my jawline and neck, which made my skin firmer and younger-looking.

I will keep using Restore because I look better than I have in years. And best of all, it’s a safe and natural product.” — C.S.

Dermatologists, doctors, and cosmetic surgeons like hyaluronic acid because it binds with water molecules in the cells and adds volume to lift, plump and smooth wrinkles and skin imperfections. But they also tend to love the needle.

I say…

Why go to such extremes if you don’t want to? Instead, you can get hyaluronic acid to penetrate and plump the skin — like an injection — with Restore dermal-filler serum.

What was once impossible is now possible. Using advanced liposome technology, Restore delivers hyaluronic acid deeply into the layers of your skin safely, naturally and effectively. No needles ever needed!

What other youth-boosting, skin-beautifying nutrients are in Restore?

  • Bright Madonna Lily to brighten skin, produce a more even skin toneincrease your skin’s cell turnover and help fade the look of brown spots;
  • Vitamin A, also known as retinol, to help reduce the look of wrinkles and smooth out lines;
  • Japanese Green Tea for hydrating, toning, firming and diminishing the look of wrinkles. Plus, it helps increase your skin’s permeability so your skin can soak up the nutrients.

Where Can You Get Restore
With Advanced Liposome Technology… and This Exclusive Combination of Youth-Boosting Nutrients?

You can’t get it anywhere but here — it’s not in any store or TV infomercial and it’s not on Amazon. My Restore Instant Volume & Lift formula is proprietary because I want to make sure you’re getting the real thing — not some cheap, watered-down knock-off.

That’s why only offer it through my online store.

I guarantee you that Restore is unlike any other age-reversing and skin rejuvenating cream, serum, or lotion you’ve ever tried.

Restore is the only topical dermal-filler that gives you advanced liposome delivery technology with this exclusive combination of nutrients that penetrate deep into your skin’s structure to restore smoother, softer, firmer and more youthful-looking skin. Trust me, this one won’t end up sitting under your sink half-used or in the trash.

If you don’t want to resort to painful injections then Restore is perfect for you!

The Powerful Combination In Restore Can Completely Transform Your Skin!

  • Deep wrinkles are visibly smoothed, taking 5-10 years off right from the start.
  • Creases and crow’s feet look plump up and filled in.
  • Your nasolabial fold lines (the ones running from your nose to your mouth that look like a pair of parenthesis and are a dead giveaway to your age) — could fade dramatically. You might barely notice them.
  • Uneven skin tone and trouble spots could visibly fade for a smoother complexion — without using harsh chemicals.
  • Sagging areas around the jaw line are noticeably firmer, more lifted.
  • And that uneven, splotchy, dry skin? It can turn soft, smooth, and supple — as if you turned the clock back 30 years.

And, because it’s safe, gentle and effective, Restore is perfect for all skin types — dry, oily, combination skin, or hormonally challenged. Try Restore RISK-Free and transform your aging skin without so much as a stick of a needle.

I’m confident you’re going to experience the same, “Wow, I can’t believe the difference in my skin” results. Try it today. Click here to order and get ONE Free BOTTLE of Restore with my Best Introductory Deal Ever plus 3 Free GIFTS including Free SHIPPING.

Restore helps you keep your age a secret. Plus, here’s an extra bonus! Order today and through this exclusive offer you’ll get…

4 Free GIFTS Just For Giving Restore
A RISK-Free Try!

First, I’ll send you the 2 BONUS e-REPORTS absolutely Free! They’re filled with all of my top secrets for boosting your look younger results even more. You’ll, get…

Free GIFT #1:
Purify Your Body in 6 Easy Steps

Free report

Boost your radiant, look-younger skin results with the 6 simple steps in Free BONUS e-REPORT #1, Purify Your Body in 6 Easy Steps. When you follow these 6 detoxing steps you’ll notice an immediate change in how you look and feel. By counter-acting the effects of thousands of chemicals and toxins that have infiltrated your blood, you can slow — even reverse — the aging process! Discover…

  • How reducing your intake of these 4 foods could turn you into a raving beauty! Page 4
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Plus, you get my personal secret smoothie and juice recipes that flush toxins fast — including my famous “10 Years Younger” juice!

Because I want you to experience the absolute best results, I’ll also send you…

Free GIFT #2:
Dr. Sears’ Steps to a More Youthful Neck

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Your fresh, new, youthful-looking skin is going to be amazing — but don’t forget about your neck. It’s a dead giveaway to your age because it ages faster than any other area on your body. Rejuvenate and reclaim a youthful neck with the surprising secrets in this Free BONUS e-REPORT…

  • Discover the 2 most important nutrients for a beautiful, smooth, youthful neck — they’re right at your fingertips! Page 6.
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  • A blockbuster nutritional supplement that’s can bring spring and volume back to “turkey neck” by making skin cells young again!” Page 8
  • 5 simple moves that can banish saggy neck, make a double chin disappear and firm your jaw line FAST! Page 10


Yes, I’ll pay the shipping — that’s how confident I am Restore can bring back your youthfullooking skin and gorgeous complexion. You keep the $8.95 in your pocket!

As If All Of This Weren’t Incredible Enough… Here’s Another Great Reason To Order Restore Today: It works for you…or it’s Free!

… and you have a full 90 days to try it and see the transformation in your skin.

Order today. You won’t be disappointed. Restore with advanced liposome technology safely and naturally helps bring back the youthful beauty of your skin from deep within.

Please send before and after photos, too, so I can see the difference Restore has made in your skin. I love hearing from you and your friends!

To Your Good Health,


Al Sears, MD, CNS

P.S. Remember, I stand behind every one of my products. Try Restore and see how it could take years off your appearance in just 10 seconds! If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason I will return every penny you paid! The Free GIFTS are yours to keep. Get your 2 Free REPORTS and Free SHIPPING today with the Ultimate Deal.



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  •  Member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine
  •  Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  •  Member of the Herb Research Foundation
  •  ACE-Certified Fitness Instructor

Sleep is still a mystery to modern medicine and it’s not a required course in medical school. I bet your average psychologist knows more about sleep than your doctor. And that’s not good news for you.

While your doctor has good intentions, there’s a 99% chance you’ll get a prescription for even the mildest of sleep challenge and be sent on your way.
And don’t bother asking about how to calm your thoughts, or feel more relaxed when you’re staring at the ceiling at 3 a.m. Because they won’t have an answer.
I don’t believe sleep medicines will help you in the long run. And who wants to feel like a zombie when you wake up?
There’s a better way to help you FALL asleep and STAY asleep during the night.
  • ​First, there are effective “sleep herbs” that help calm your nerves and ease your mind as you go to bed.
  • ​Second, there are key minerals that help to stimulate the areas in your body that regulate sleep.
  • ​Third, with the help of a new “delivery technology,” you can reset your natural sleep cycle, making it much easier to both fall asleep and stay asleep… WITHOUT frustration or tossing and turning.

Jamaican locals have a unique fishing method that few people outside the island know about.

The local fishermen will paddle their boats out, crumble up some dried leaves and bark, and then throw them into the water. Then a few minutes later, fish start to float to the surface! The fish are alive but “relaxed.” Then the fishermen scoop up the fish and return to shore.
How is this possible?

The leaves and bark they use are from a tree that grows wild all over the island, and its medicinal qualities temporarily calm the fish, causing them to float. Jamaicans also use it as a natural relaxant and stress reliever. And locals throughout the West Indies rely on it for help with stress, tension and occasional sleeplessness.

This bark, called Jamaican Dogwood, makes it much easier to both FALL asleep, and STAY asleep. It also helps to calm the “racing thoughts” or “worried mind” that keeps you up at night thinking and fretting about every little thing.
Keep reading to learn how Jamaican Dogwood, along with a few other “sleep secrets” in my new natural formula, help to calm your mind, eliminates tossing and turning, and helps you get the most satisfying and restful sleep you’ve had since you were 6 months old.
This all-natural formula, which I call Native Rest, is behind the success stories you’re about to read…

Many people describe Native Rest with words like “Godsend” and “Savior,” but to me there’s no “magic” behind it. The way it works is well-documented and easy to measure.

Just ask Kate. Here’s part of an email she wrote to our customer care team.

 There are times I just feel really wired at night… 

It’s like my brain can’t shut off. I’ll try reading, watching TV, I’ll even get up and start cleaning the house. When it gets to that point, nothing seems to help. I just seem to get my second wind at the wrong time, and when I’m up at 3 a.m. I get stressed out because I know I have to get up early.
When Dr. Sears recommended Native Rest , I didn’t know what to expect but I was hopeful. When I tried it, I noticed a difference the first night. Instead of feeling like my mind was racing, I felt more relaxed and I was able to wind down without getting that feeling that I needed to start watching TV or do something to preoccupy myself. And best of all, I fell asleep! The next morning, I felt clear and rested. Needless to say, I keep Native Rest on my nightstand. And I always take it with me when I travel. A big thank you to Dr. Sears for this one! ”   *
“I was under a lot of stress and was waking up at 3:30 a.m. every morning. I couldn’t make it stop, and I couldn’t get back to sleep no matter what I tried. But after taking your formula, all that changed. I feel like my sleep cycle is back to normal and I’m just not worried about falling asleep anymore.” *
James – Wellington, Florida
“I’m not as stressed out and not as anxious anymore. I always fall asleep within 10 to 20 minutes.” *
Kim – West Palm Beach, Florida
“I don’t have to rely on the TV to fall asleep anymore. I sleep through the night, without waking up. My husband uses it too and swears by it.” *
Janet – Delray Beach, Florida
* These results are not guaranteed, and each person’s results may vary.


A staple of traditional Chinese medicine, the jujube fruit is prescribed regularly for tension, nightmares, night sweats and sleeplessness.

And like most Chinese medicines, there are modern studies to confirm their effects.

Today, we know an extract of the jujube fruit works by affecting an area of your brain called the hippocampus. The hippocampus is located in the middle of your brain and is one of your brain’s emotional centers. Jujube fruit acts to relax your hippocampus which helps your mind relax and calms your emotions. It works especially well for people who lay awake thinking or worrying.

Jujube fruit may be the “switch” that helps you “shut off” your mind at night.


But relaxation and a calm mind is just one part of the equation.

There are key minerals that help you sleep and those need to be present in just the right amounts. These sleep minerals are critical for a good night’s rest .

Selenium is a trace mineral that protects your cells from free-radical damage and supports your immune system. It also helps regulate your thyroid.
And that’s key because in addition to other functions, your thyroid affects how well you sleep.  If your thyroid is too active or sluggish, you’ll sleep less or have a hard time getting to sleep. You may lie awake with your mind racing, wake up several times throughout the night, or wake up in the middle of the night, unable to fall back asleep.
Selenium helps solve this problem.


Zinc is another sleep mineral you may have too little of… it’s key for producing your sleep hormone called melatonin.

Zinc used to be in our soil but these days it’s hard to come by, thanks to commercial farming techniques that practically sterilize our soil, leaving it with almost no minerals to be taken up by the fruits and vegetables we eat.

And the extra zinc in Native Rest is essential for fixing the final problem with your sleep cycle: melatonin.
Now you’ve probably heard of melatonin. It’s the hormone your body uses to regulate sleep. But if you’ve tried melatonin before and felt disappointed, don’t worry… that’s common. There are two problems with melatonin that most doctors overlook:
  • ​The dose needs to be much smaller than most people realize.
  • ​Taking melatonin as a pill will not make it past your gut. In other words, it won’t be absorbed and it won’t work.

During my research for Native Rest, I discovered a solution that makes melatonin MUCH more effective… and a LOT more convenient.

But first, let me show you how critical melatonin is to your sleep (and your sanity).
You have a “body clock,” and under normal circumstances, your body releases melatonin at the end of the day when you’re ready for bed. That sends you off to sleep. But when you don’t have enough melatonin, your “daytime” hormones release early… waking you up suddenly and for no apparent reason.
And that happens more and more as you get older. In fact, by the time you reach middle age, you have less than half the melatonin you did when you were in your twenties!
Low levels of melatonin mean you’ll have a harder time falling asleep. You’re also more likely to be a “light sleeper” and wake up sooner without being able to fall back asleep. But that doesn’t mean you need drugs to fix the problem. You can reset your body clock and get a good night’s sleep just by giving your body the right dose of melatonin.
  •  First, melatonin works by inducing sleep when your body is unable to “switch gears” at night.
  • ​Second, it works by inhibiting your drive for wakefulness when it’s late at night.
  • ​And third, by creating a “phase shift” in your body clock when you need to change the time you fall asleep.
What’s more, melatonin doesn’t stay in your blood like sleep drugs do. That means by the time you wake up in the morning, the melatonin you took before bed is completely out of your body.
This last point is worth repeating. Melatonin can help you kick the sleeping pill habit, because I’ve seen it work with my own patients. By taking regular low doses of melatonin, you can wean yourself off sleeping pills and re-balance your natural sleep cycle.



With Native Rest, all you need is a few sprays. That’s it. Quick and easy.

And yes, I said, “sprays.”

Native Rest is a convenient spray. It’s about the size of a breath freshener. Just a few shots before you’re ready to go to bed and you’re set.  And that’s good… because with pills you have to take them up to an hour before you go to bed. And that can be hard to judge sometimes.
Taking melatonin in a pill form slows down absorption and kills off its effectiveness.  Before it gets a chance to work, the pill form of melatonin mostly gets destroyed in your gut. And by the time it gets through, what little is left is not usually enough to make a difference. Even if you could maintain total absorption, (which you can’t) you’d still have to estimate when you want to fall asleep and then take the pill at just the right time.
But my unique spray delivery bypasses that whole process.
Just a few shots under your tongue and the melatonin — along with the other herbs and minerals — enter your bloodstream in a matter of seconds!
No need to predict when you’ll want to fall asleep. And no waiting around for it to start working.
Helps calm your “racing thoughts” or “worried mind”, relieving stress and making it much easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.
A key mineral for producing the sleep hormone melatonin. However, our modern environment makes it hard to get enough through food alone.
Another key sleep mineral. It protects your cells from free-radical damage and supports your immune system. It also helps regulate your thyroid.
Acts to relax your hippocampus, relaxing your mind and calming your emotions. Works as a switch to “shut off” your mind at night and let settle down to a good night’s rest.
A low dose of melatonin, delivered in an easy to absorb way, will help you to reset your body clock and gently “shift gears” between day-time and night-time hormones.

To help you get restful sleep AND the most from your waking hours, I want you to have my special e-Report Repair, Refocus and Recharge Your Brain when you order my BEST DEAL.

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So what are you waiting for?

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The choice is yours.
I encourage you to get the BEST DEAL, a 3-month supply of my all-natural Native Rest formula, and restore your body’s natural ability to sleep peacefully night after night.
“Take Your Life Back” and remember, if you are not completely satisfied, I will give you an unconditional refund. That way, you risk nothing.
You’re always covered by my Ironclad, No–Risk, 90-Day, Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Simply return the bottle with the unused portion within 90 days, and get every penny back! This gives you the opportunity to try Native Rest with no worries or regrets.
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New Shield, Immune Booster, Dr. Sears M.D.


Nobel Laureates Use Shocking Telomere Technology to…
Grow Up to 7x Stronger Immune Super Cells
  • Adds up to 20 years of youthful power to your immune system, giving you long-term protection[1]
  • Reprograms “old” white blood cells to fend off microbes, germs, and other foreign invaders[2]
  • Awakens sleeping Immune Stem Cells, restoring your body’s lost ability to DEFEND itself[3]
A Dream Team of Nobel Laureates have found the key to unlocking a new level of immunity — so you can achieve permanent protection.

Now, finally, you can unleash your body’s total immune power and…


Hello and welcome. Dr. Al Sears here today. Today, I want to tell you about one of the things that is always important in our anti-aging and health building practice, but is particularly important today with all the scare that’s going around about infectious disease.

And every time there’s a new infectious threat, it’s as if there’s nothing we can do except run and hide or wait for a vaccine.

I’m here to tell you that there is not only something that you can do, but there’s something that you should do, and I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it.
It’s not some billion dollar solution concocted by big pharma that you have to wait and subject yourself to side effects and to their agenda. Instead…
It’s something that I found that is a key to unlocking a new level of immunity so that you can achieve long-term protection, and it’s already inside you. 
That’s right. It’s in your own cells now.

I’m going to show you how you can unleash your body’s total immune power and become safe again without toxic side effects and without synthetic chemicals. 

This is all possible due to a select group of powerful immune super cells.

I once believed that they age and wither away, but it turns out I was wrong.
There is definitely hope for recovery, and we have proven that even very elder people can get back the immune system of their youth, and that is key.
In fact, these super immune cells, they don’t die. They just lie dormant, kind of in a state of sleep that I call immune senescence.

And now there are teams of Nobel laureates at some of the best universities in the world, like Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Oxford, that are coming around to this point of view.

The research is undeniable…
There’s a hidden activator inside these immune cells, one that can be turned back on, restoring your body’s natural ability to totally defend itself against foreign invaders of any kind at any age.
And that’s exactly what my research has been showing for years.
When we put these natural therapies together, these immune cells suddenly sprang back to life as if they were years younger.[4] They regained their fighting spirit. 
They grew new cells that were up to seven times stronger and they achieved this without drugs, without doctor’s visits and without dangerous side effects.
Up to 7X Stronger Immune Super Cells!
This completely rewrites the rules on aging.
Now the cream of the medical crop has to admit, you can reprogram your immune super-cells.
You can support your body’s natural ability to defend itself…
And you can do this entirely naturally.

I call this…

“Shield Immunity”

Think about that.
They’ve always said that you need something else, something to fight bacteria microbes and germs for you. No other options exist.
Your only choice is to run and hide and wait for their solution — but it turns out we had the healing power all along.
There’s no need to fear.
You can use and activate your God-given immune power to work as it was designed to do. And you can achieve victory over threats to your health.
Now that you have the key to doing exactly that, you don’t have to pay big pharma. You don’t have to wait to get permission from the FDA.
The solution is already here. It is changing lives, and it can do the same for you today.
How can I be so certain? Because…
My patients and I were on the front lines of this super immune breakthrough, from the very beginning. We’ve taken our health back into our own hands and we’ve built our own “Shield Immunity.”
 And the results have been breathtaking.
I’ve seen over 23,000 patients of all ages,… 50 and older and all the way up to 100 years old… from all walks of life and various backgrounds.
And I can tell you that across the board, they’re enjoying year-round super health.
We have been able to build robust lungs, which I very much emphasize in my patients.
And that has turned out to be a very important part of immune surveillance.
The stronger your lungs are, the more youthful you are in many other respects, including the strength of your immune system.
We think of the lungs and the heart together to build a bigger cardiopulmonary capacity and we measure that.
When we improve those, there are other surprising things that come along such as better mood and sharper memory.
We have 133% more strength in that patient group.[5]

There’s a Certain Youthful Kind of Invincibility About Their Immune System

They have more energy and that clear deep breath that comes from building pulmonary capacity is also affecting their mood. They are in better spirits.
You can’t help but recognize that in the patient population that comes back for their followups.
And importantly, they’re not concerned about their health or the health of their loved ones.
And our clinical trial shows why they need not be concerned because they’ve all achieved a measurable higher level of immunity.
This shows how on average, my patients achieved younger immune age, on average of 13 years younger, to be exact.
And for some patients it was much more than that.
Years of Immune Aging Reversed 
Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine Core Study Group > 200 Telomere Test Patients
The average “biological age” of the study group was 59 years old. Your biological age is a measure of how strong or weak your immune system really is… regardless of your actual age. By the end of the study, the average biological age of the participants was 46. That means their immune strength became 13 years younger.
They’ve built lasting immunity.
Now, for the first time since their 20s and 30s, they’re enjoying year-round good health strength, and a kind of unstoppable endurance that they report they haven’t felt since they were very young.
One of my patients, who’s 61, reversed his brain age back to that of a 44 year old.
He rewound his lung age back to a 24 year old.
He’s improved his eyesight, lowered his diglycerides, boosted his testosterone…
He even lost 20 pounds in the process.
There’s another young woman of 86 years that’s even more remarkable.
Originally she had the heart of a 100 year old…
But two years later on this program, she reversed her heart age by 23 years.
Her brain is nearly a decade younger and her lungs are an astonishing 27 years younger. 
Results After Two Years

I’m in my 60s, yet I have the immune system of a 20 year old…

The lungs of someone half my age…
And the heart of a 27 year old. 
And the reason I’m telling you this is that age reversing medical program has been shown to increase the strength of the immune system.

 If There’s One System We Need to Keep Young, It’s Our Immune System

And no one else is talking about this or doing this.

I’m not talking about the kind of immunity that you get from a vaccine, or even the kind that you’ll get from contracting an infectious agent and building antibodies.
This is a different kind of immunity that I’ll get to in a minute. It’s been decades in the making.
It’s an immune cell technology that’s making this all possible. And you don’t need to visit my institute to get your hands on it, you don’t even have to leave your home.
I’ve locked thousands of hours of research and studies working alongside some of the leading minds in regenerative medicine and anti-aging, and together we’ve discovered, tested, refined, improved new cellular mechanisms that can change your life, especially when it comes to the strength of your immune system.
I’ve conducted studies on some of the most powerful ingredients and my own protocols.
After all this trial testing and calibrating… ruling out all the false positives and honing in on the cream of the crop, one technology has stood out head and shoulders above the rest.

Finally I Can Say With Certainty, the Answer We’ve Been Searching for Is Here…

 …and I’m not talking about the antibody system — this is much bigger.

This discussion around the antibodies that you see in the news every day is reaching a new level of hype that really misinforms people, as if that were their only option.
If you don’t know, antibodies are the proteins generated by your immune system if you’re infected — they stop the infection from returning.
You can easily get an antibody test. Many researchers call an antibody test the Holy Grail of the immunity, but I think they’re dead wrong and my results prove otherwise.
They’re missing the big picture.
You see, antibodies are only one small part of your immune system and far from the most important part. They belong to the circulatory half of your immune system, along with what we call the B cells and the macrophages.
Those are the cells that run around and gobble up infective viruses or bacteria.
But these things about your immune system, they don’t run it. They are not the control master switch, they are a secondary system that comes into play when your primary system fails.
So what is the primary system?
Well, in fact, that is the master commander of all your immune operations. It’s the brains of the entire project.
This is your built-in immunity for everything.
And the key to building lasting immunity at any age is not about antibodies. They fade.
It’s about the cellular immunity.

I’m Talking About T cells

This is the innate part of your immune system, the “Immune Shield,” and it’s your frontline defense.

It’s so much more powerful than waiting for you to get infected to produce the antibodies.
This is the immune defense that you are born with.
T cells swarm to an infection, a bacteria, virus, or any pathogen. And then once the battle is won — because they are powerful killers — they kill anything that they see as foreign.
Once they’ve done that, they transform into a kind of wise veteran for your immune system.
They keep a record. They record all past infections and keep your immune system fine tuned and smart in that regard.
They recognize those infected cells on site, and then they’re the ones that coordinate the antibodies and other parts of the immune system to rapidly respond to and destroy any infection that might have the bad luck of returning to your body.
They’re the highest rank in your body’s army.
Finally, the world’s top universities agree …
“They’re longer lasting than antibodies.” 
– Oxford University[6]
“Your body’s antiviral snipers” 
– UCSF[7]
“T cells offer lasting protection.” 
– Nature[8]
“They’re more important than antibodies.”
– La Jolla Institute for Immunology[9,10]
Finally, we’re getting some recognition here.
Yet outside of these narrow scientific establishments, most doctors and most people in the media and in big pharma have no interest in this.
And for the most part, they are ignorant, but there is a problem with T cells that we have come to address in my anti-aging center, and that is that the power of your T cells diminish with age.
Production of new cells decline rather dramatically, and in many cases by as much as 90%. The remaining cells in very aged individuals lose their capacity to do the work.
Your “Immune Shield” Diminishes As You Age
Data From Immunology
And this is, again, called immune senescence.[11]
The important thing is to realize that they didn’t die — they were down-regulated and they become dormant. They went into kind of a sleeping state — and as a result — your whole immune system kind of goes off the rails.
They need to be rejuvenated… they need to be invigorated.
Every part of your body needs exercise, and your immune system is no different.
If you don’t have some kind of challenge or stimulation, it becomes less and less aggressive, but also more and more likely to have errors.
It stopped being coordinated. The army loses its generals and our defenses fail as various free radicals and alien invaders of our modern world produce false challenges to the immune system, and over time it tends to weaken it.
Loss of T Cell Production Increases Disease Incidence
Data From Epidemiology
This is why a treatment that restores your natural young T cells is what I call the holy grail of immunity. 
It’s why the media has no interest in this, because it takes kind of a partnership with your body that is the farthest thing in the world that big pharma wants.
Big pharma wants to be able to develop something that they can patent and test against a single intervention in a controlled way and prove that the benefit to you — like killing the virus — is purely the result of their new space age alien molecule…
And then run a campaign to convince people that somehow you need this new chemical to be safe or to be healthy, but it’s not the real source of your immune power.
And believe me, big pharma has 50 billion reasons why[12] — and 50 billion is a low number for what they will predict they will get from the next big vaccine — the numbers are staggering.

I’ve spent years quietly innovating a way you can reboot your T cells back to their real potential…

…the potential they were designed to have.

Now it’s finally here… It’s light years ahead of everything else big pharma has ever made, and you can do what they’ve been calling impossible.
You can rebuild your immune system at the cellular level allowing you to stay healthy year round — potentially to age a hundred and beyond without side effects and without chemical solutions. 
It’s 100% natural technology. 
I’ll reveal what that is in a moment, but first you should know a little bit about how this works.
It all started with a Nobel prize winning DNA discovery.
If you’ve been following my work or reading the daily newsletter Doctor’s House Call, you know that for the past 10 years I’ve been raving about this discovery.
Unfortunately, convention still hasn’t picked it up, and only my patients and my readers seem to be listening.
I even brought it to the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine. They seemed excited for a while, but then it died off…
But the importance of this discovery can’t be overemphasized.
We now know the very mechanism by which your body controls aging.
It’s called the telomeres — also called the immortality enzyme or the molecular fountain of youth. And it is the biological clock.
Telomeres are these end caps on every stand of DNA and they act like a shoelace cap that keeps your DNA from unwinding.
We used to think that that’s all they do, but now we know that telomere length shows your age, just like a built in timestamp.
The shorter your telomeres — the older you are… the longer your telomeres — the younger you are… the faster your telomeres shorten — the faster you age… and the slower they shorten — the slower you age.
But here’s the thing…
Stressors, toxins and pollutants from our modern foreign environment combine to stress your telomeres and advance the shortening, thereby accelerating your aging.
There’s nowhere that this is more important and more noticeable than the effect of shortening of telomeres on your T cells.
Every time your cells divide, your telomeres get shorter. The shorter your telomeres get, the older your cells become. This includes the aging of T cells within our immune system. This is why and how our immune system ages and becomes weakened.
As a matter of fact… stresses, toxins and pollutants seem to shorten the telomeres on the T cells faster than any other.
Then the surviving T cells are forced to divide to replace themselves, and the more they divide, the more they use up their telomeres, the shorter they get, and the more they get to that immune senescence that we talked about.
When your T cells stop dividing, your immune system is wrecked.
This is why the immune system is the most important one to keep young.
But it doesn’t stop there, you see…

Every Part of Your Body Has Its Own Separate Immune Defense

From your brain and your heart, to your pancreas, none of it functions right without strong immune cells.

Not a single system, not a single organ, not a single tissue can survive the effects of age, toxins and pollutants from the environment without being able to defend itself.
It’s a built in expected part of biology.
You need to repair the damage, you need to clear out the junk and your ou need to fight off invaders.
But then as your immune system ages, you stop doing that and the damage builds, cells begin to die, inflammation runs wild and this impacts everything.
Like your brain…
“Activating immune cells can revitalize the aging brain.”[13,14]
And in your lungs…
“Targeting killer T cells in the lungs could lead to immunity.”[15]
Your immune system even protects your eyes….
“Fading vision linked to aging of immune cells.”[16]
A failing immune system accelerates all kinds of aging…
“Aging T cells make us old.”

You don’t have to sit back and wait for that to happen. 

We have measurable ways of proving that we can slow the aging of the T cells and even rejuvenate aged T cells, which has an amazing sequela.
All the symptoms of old age, like brain fog and senior moments, battered joints, hard to lose weight around the abdomen, lower blood flow which has so many consequences, a faint or weaker heart and the imbalance of blood sugar that’s so common in America today leading to a wrecked metabolism.
And without an active metabolism, you can’t do so many of the other functions that you are depending on.
You get slower, weaker, smaller lungs.
Fading vision can be a direct consequence of the shortening of telomeres, and that is part of the controlled mechanism of aging that we are intent on measuring, altering and proving that our interventions changes those things.
Immune aging could be thought of as the cause of all aging.
The problem is, no one’s really talking about this.
You won’t find it from your doctor, you won’t find it on CNN, and really it is often negated as if it’s a minor specialty.
No… it really is the basis of. If you’re beyond about 40 years old, you need to be concerned about this. And the further you get beyond 35 or 40, the more important and the more central it becomes to your overall health.
And no one else is talking about telomeres at all, especially not how telomeres are weakening your T cells and how your T cells are the primary instrument, not antibodies.
The cellular immunity is really the central controlling thing.
You can’t just add antibodies and expect the whole system to work like it did in your youth. You need to rebuild the health and vigor of your T cells.
This is cutting edge research.
It’s light years ahead of the conventional pharmaceutical approach, because it’s the real underlying cause. And once we know the underlying cause, we can pursue the real solution.
There’s only one thing to do…

Put Your Immune System Back On Track

To keep you healthy, to keep you free of worries, but you have to do it at the cellular level. 

And thanks to that Nobel prize discovery…
There’s a system that we know accelerates aging, there’s the system that naturally controls aging, but also there’s a natural system that reboots the youth.
It’s an enzyme called telomerase.
If you’ve heard me talk in lectures to the medical establishment or in writing for our several newsletters, telomerase often comes up.
But what I want to say today is that telomerase is also found in your T cells.
The same way that it restores telomere length in heart cells, muscle cells, brain cells, liver cells and in the pancreas to allow you to produce insulin again in a diabetic…
It also can restore telomere length in the T cells — and that undoes years of immune aging.
There are few things that I’ve ever done in my clinic that are as important as reversing the immune age of weakened people who need rehabilitation, people who have chronic disease, people who have suffered heart attacks and strokes or people who are just suffering the consequence of unregulated telomeric shortening… and that’s often just the result of a life that is long lived.
Over time, it tends to get to us all. We all need some intervention there — to live the longest, healthiest and most vital life that we can.
In my clinic, we’ve reversed immune age by an average of 13 years on a group of 200 people.
And that’s just the average, some achieved much more.

The Biggest Breakthrough of the 21st Century on Aging 

And I’m proud to have been a part of it from the very beginning.
It puts how you age and how quickly you age in your own hands. It’s wonderfully empowering.
This completely rewrites the rules on aging.
This puts your immune system back to work to keep your brain, your lungs, your kidney and your heart working as they did when you were younger.
To keep runaway inflammation in check and keep you safe from pathogens, germs, viruses, bacteria and any foreign invader.
Is it any wonder that it won the Nobel prize finally in 2009, and ever since, it’s launched an entire new age of medicine. 
Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD, won the Nobel Prize in 2009 for discovering the molecular nature of telomeres.
We now know the power of telomerase to restore super immunity as being studied by Nobel laureates, Ivy league universities, and even government agencies like the CDC.
According to the CDC…
“T cells from the long telomere group exhibited significantly greater expansion than those from the short telomere group.”[17]
Expansion means that they were able to clone themselves and produce many copies of T cells that are conditioned to respond to a certain invader.
If you have T cells encounter something foreign, they divide to create a new army that specializes on killing that new invader.
Johns Hopkins found something similar…
“Immune cells Age and Die Prematurely in People with very short Telomeres.”[18]
People with longer telomeres had greater immune cell survivability. The people with short telomeres, their immune cells died prematurely.
That’s the last thing you would want.
The 2009 Nobel Prize winner, Elizabeth Blackburn, reports that “telomerase helps produce immune cells and stops telomeres from shortening.”[19]
UCLA said something similar about cortisol (the damaging effect of stress)…
“Enhancing telomerase levels can help the immune system ward off cortisol’s effect.”[20]
David Sinclair, a researcher at Harvard who’s been big on anti-aging and critical of many the things that the anti-aging community has done, says “telomere shortening reduces the number of immune cells in the elderly.”
Scientists have discovered a chemical that extends telomeres in the stem cells of patients with short telomeres — which could help older people too.[21]
The National Institute of health found…
“Accelerated Telomere Erosion is associated with a Declining Immune Function.”[22]
The University of Cambridge concluded…
“Telomerase positively influences T cell expansion.”[23]
And it doesn’t stop with your immune system.
The immune system is probably the one system that I would want to be younger.
God forbid when disease gets us in the end, it can be thought of as that disease gaining supremacy over your immune defenses.
But for all the chronic diseases, it’s our immune system that is trying to defend us from a cancer or from a deterioration.
We now have gunk getting in the way. We need an active immune system to clean up this garbage so that our cells can operate normally again. And this occurs in almost all chronic diseases.
The process of rebuilding your immune system can reset your heart, lung and brain age — just to name a few.
The world’s biggest universities and medical research centers, and the pinnacle of the medical establishment, are saying this is impossible in one breath and then in research they’re saying that you can rebuild your immune system and protect yourself, but they’re not relating that to the current situation.
That’s what you should be doing, rebuilding your immune system.

You don’t have to hide and wait — you should be doing something now to strengthen yourself.

Of course, that’s just common sense. And now we have the technology to reboot telomerase activity better than anything else we’ve ever done.
It’s hailed as the world’s number one, telomerase activator and it’s a great immune booster.
It unlocks an entire new layer of that cellular immune power I’ve been talking about….
And that’s what you need to keep you healthy and safe. Nothing else available delivers this kind of result.
When UCLA researchers used the cellular activator, everything changed, the results were astonishing.
The T cell activation was increased by up to seven-fold as a result of this single intervention.[24]
The T cells appeared younger, they acted faster, they divided again and they regained their ability to remember germs, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens and invaders.
And they replaced the loss of the immune cells that come with a lifelong exposure to toxins with brand new, very vital replacement cells.
This was a total immune system rewind, and it happened all in a single week.
Imagine that…
They restored aged T cells and rebooted the aging immune systems all in only seven days.
I cannot exaggerate just how many important and monumental this discovery is.
It restores your immunity at the most fundamental level.
This is what gives you lasting protection, not just for this season but for all seasons coming, no matter what threats are approaching.
And get this, it’s the only proven immune telomere activator and it’s a 100% natural.
Surprisingly enough, it’s not only 100% natural, it’s a God-given remedy and it works better than anything else man designed…
But it’s over 2,000 years old in its use and it’s one of many, many thousands of bioactive plants.
The technology company — that was originally researching turning on the enzyme telomerase, rebuild telomere length and reverse the aging clock in your T cells of your immune system — tested over 50,000 bioactive compounds and eventually they honed in, as I’ve done in my own research.
It’s been backed up by many different proven scientific studies and the whole thing has been very results and functional approach driven.
That means that we’re not only changing the numbers in the labs, but we’re changing the capabilities of the immune system that we can measure.
And as we restore telomeres and help turn back the clock on your immune age, we can keep other organ systems running on all cylinders.

So what is this technology?

How does it boost activity, in turn aging, withered old immune cells back into full combat ready soldiers that can protect you at any moment?

And how can you get it to protect yourself right now?

I’m Talking About Astragalus

It is a herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine.
It’s popular in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, really throughout East Asia — and it’s still used today.
It was also hailed by the ancients for its immune property. Somehow they knew that astragalus root was not only an anti-aging tonic, but it also helped with immune strength.
And now we know that it may be related to the higher life expectancy that we see in the East Asians and the better heart and lung health markers that we see.
It definitely is related to why we see they have stronger immune system. Now, western medicine finally starting to agree.
Some of the big names like UCLA, Johns Hopkins, Sloan Kettering in fact are using astragalus in clinical trials. They’re testing various extracts with doses of 50 to 200 milligrams, some are on animals, but many are on the stage of testing in humans.
There’s one remarkable thing…
All the studies are making the same remarkable discovery — that from robust young lungs, to younger brains, to refreshed stem cells — they seem to find an age reversing effect with no dangerous side effects.
A mountain of clinical research has supported that you can make T cells young again, adding years of immune firepower to your most important system, giving you healthy, longer telomeres — and in some cases, by as much as a decade younger.[25]

Healthy telomerase activity supports…

  • Youthful production of nerve cells in the brain and the maintenance of those nerve cells[26]
  • Healthy new lungs that are clear, strong and younger — pumping more oxygen in the blood[27]
  • Healthy stem cell activity — supporting the body’s natural growth of new tissue and cartilage[28]
  • ​Healthy retinal cells — supporting crystal clear vision in patients[29]
  • ​Young-again brain power — rebooting years of sharper memory, learning and quicker recall[30]
  • ​A healthy, natural growth of new white blood cells that fend off all kinds of foreign invaders[31]
  • ​Younger heart power
  • ​Better bone strength
  • ​Supportive healthy blood sugar — restoring insulin production[32]
  • ​Healthy levels of cholesterol and blood pressure
  • ​Healthy natural killer cells are increased[33]
  • ​And so much more
The biggest breakthroughs are coming in the field of telomeres and how the telomeres relate to all of this.

When it Comes to Generating Healthier, Longer Telomeres, Nothing Comes Close to the Power of Astragalus

Again, UCLA researchers studied an astragalus compound in a double blinded clinical trial that used a specific kind of extract from the root.
This study was 50 milligrams, but they compared this to other potential telomerase activators…
The astragalus knocked all the way just out of the park.
In just 72 hours, they saw get this, a 330% boost in telomerase activity compared to any other thing tested.[34]
And as a result, they saw a similar boost in new T cells.
In fact, only the astragalus compound made a significant impact on the growth of the new T cells.

Bottom line…

Astragalus Is an Immune System Miracle Like No Other

This natural breakthrough rejuvenates every kind of immune cell and it gives your body’s defenses the activity level of someone many years younger and without side effects.
That’s the finding of the study led by the researchers from the Rockefeller Institute, from Sloan Kettering and Dartmouth.
These folks gave a specific astragalus extract to a 100 patients, 63 and older, where they used varying doses in this study from 10 to 50 milligrams, but results were breathtaking.
There were fewer cells with shorter telomeres. They reported “positive remodeling of the immune system.”[35] And that’s what’s important to our discussion here.
Remember with age, your T cells fall asleep. This is what we referred to as immune senescence. But they found decades of sleeping T cells were reawakened.
There were fewer cells with shorter telomeres. They reported positive remodeling of the immune system. And that’s what’s important to our discussion here.
Remember with age, your T cells fall asleep. This is what we referred to as immune senescence. But they found decades of sleeping T cells were reawakened.
The final conclusion, age reversal of five to 20 years in the biomarker of immune aging. That’s like what we have done in the clinic and we have our own biomarkers of immune aging, which have shown similar results.
In layman’s terms, their immune age becomes decades younger.
My patients saw these exact same results in our own clinical study. The exact same results.
What this means is simple, astragalus is tested and proven clinically to be an immune agent powerhouse unlike any other.
There’s nothing else that’s been shown to add decades of immune health, all with no chemicals, no harmful ingredients and no side effects.

That’s why I’ve selected this as my anchor ingredient in my new immunity formula…

Shield Immune Booster

It reboots your body’s innate immune shield, giving you kind of a bulletproof protection from all kinds of foreign invaders now and in the future, no matter what they might be.

It’s no secret why this sort of protection is more important than the other antibody related immunity and why it’s so important now, more important than ever.
For the first time, I’ve decided to bring the solution directly to the public.
That means you don’t have to visit my Sears Institute for anti-aging medicine in Palm beach, Florida.
You can get your hands on this today and I’m going to show you exactly how.
First let me tell you, what is Shield immunity? And why is it better to do it this way with this astragalus based formula?
You see, most astragalus solutions only target a single bioactive component, but that’s not the way to get the most power.
What I’m doing with this formula is the same thing that I recommend in my patients.
First of all, we don’t use a single distilled component of astragalus, but we use the entire root — and I recommend that you do the same.
Because according to many different pieces of clinical research that I’ve put together — including a really seminal one from a Sloan Kettering Memorial which you could regard as the number one hospital in the world — the entire astragalus root is greater than the sum of its parts.
When they split up astragalus into separate parts — then tested these parts against the whole root — what they found was remarkable. The entire Root showed better Support for Antibodies.[36]
Even more incredibly…
The researchers concluded that every component of astragalus has a single immune role — much like the immune cells do themselves. Only astragalus as a whole can impact the entire immune system.
This is what I call the entourage effect. You want to bring all these different components together because together they have a greater effect than one individually.
And effect known that in medicine as synergy.
Synergy means that when you take all the individuals and add them up, they don’t account for the total effect. That there’s some kind of multiplication that occurs and this is particularly interesting when it applies the immune system.
Well the immune system is a natural system of detecting and responding to threats and in the responding, there’s often a gearing up where you multiply cells.
If you can affect other things in that chain of command, you might eliminate a bottleneck that is keeping you from mounting the robust immune response that you could in your youth.
Together, all of these things activate telomerase, particularly we’re focusing on activating telomerase in the T cells.
They reboot aging T cells and put them to work again on the front lines defending you similarly to the immune systems that we see in the very young and healthy.
I’ve also added seven other complimentary natural ingredients that are separate proven immunity boosters for this reason, they enhance the power of the astragalus root. 
An effect known that in medicine as synergy.
Synergy means that when you take all the individuals and add them up, they don’t account for the total effect… there’s some kind of multiplication that occurs and this is particularly interesting when it applies the immune system.
The immune system is a natural system of detecting and responding to threats and in the responding, there’s often a gearing up where you multiply cells.
If you can affect other things in that chain of command, you can eliminate a bottleneck that is keeping you from mounting the robust immune response that you had in your youth.
Together, all of these things activate telomerase in the T cells.
They reboot aging T cells and put them to work again on the front lines defending you similarly to the immune systems that we see in the very young and healthy.

There are several sets of immune boosters that we put in Shield.

The next most important is a group called flavonoids.

We have two herbs in particular, cat’s claw and a nutrient derived from plants called persaten that are natural moderators of your immune system.
Remember, as you age your immune system, eventually because it is weakened and it’s under threat, it tends to run wild. It makes mistakes.
As it becomes senile, it loses sight of the regulatory mechanisms. And then it begins firing inappropriately and causes inflammation, whether it’s friend or foe alike, it has a response that tends to damage, destroy and be an additional toxin to your sensitive organs.
Cat’s claw
Persaten (nutrient derived from plants)
Remember, as you age your immune system, eventually because it is weakened and it’s under threat, it tends to run wild. It makes mistakes.
It becomes senile and loses sight of the regulatory mechanisms. And then it begins firing inappropriately and causes inflammation.
It has a response that tends to damage, destroy and be an additional toxin to your sensitive organs.
That’s why many of our most sensitive organs like our heart, kidneys, pancreas, eyes and brain are wrecked with age.
That’s where the flavonoids come in.
They support how your immune system is supposed to work.
This means friendly fire is restrained and you have a similar role with antioxidants.
I’m sure you’ve heard of them. They have many different roles, but the one role I’m focusing on here is that antioxidants protect immune cells.
They stand on the frontline of germ warfare in conjunction with the power of your immune cells. 
You remember immune cells are the most vulnerable to attacks from invading free radicals. They are involved in responding to areas of inflammation.
Those areas might have high inflammatory markers and run away of free radicals, that damage those first responders.
And they’re fighting all those toxins to keep you safe and they tend to be exposed to that stuff so they age quicker than other cells.
That’s where the antioxidants come in.
You remember immune cells are the most vulnerable to attacks from invading free radicals. They are involved in responding to areas of inflammation.
Those areas might have high inflammatory markers and run away of free radicals, that damage those first responders.
And they’re fighting all those toxins to keep you safe and they tend to be exposed to that stuff so they age quicker than other cells.
That’s where the antioxidants come in.
They help keep your immune systems young.
They keep your DNA healthy and protect telomeres from aging so the immune cells can do their job without aging and weakening.
This is why I loaded Shield with the world’s top antioxidants from my research.
Camu camu is a Brazilian fruit that I found in one of my trips to the Amazon.
It was presented to me by my friend’s mother — who’s also a doctor living there on the Amazon — as a milkshake. I was attracted to it’s a wonderful flavor, but it turns out it is one of the world’s best sources of the water soluble antioxidant, vitamin C.
It has more than oranges — more than any other fruit.
Camu camu contains 30 times more vitamin C than an orange and one of the world’s best sources of antioxidants. That’s why I have included it in my new immune booster, Shield.
At the same area right there in the Amazon, I found something you’ve probably heard of called the açaí fruit.
It’s a grape-like berry that grows on a palm tree in South America. And it is richer in antioxidants than blueberries.
Remember blueberries have more antioxidants than blackberries which have more than raspberries which have more than strawberries. That is a powerful berry for antioxidants.
Your immune system can’t win any battle without antioxidant power on your side. Luckily, açaí are high in antioxidant compounds like polyphenols and polysaccharides, which have been shown in the lab to stimulate immune response.
And then we also put something called cyanthox in there — which is a bioactive ingredient of the sea buckthorn and has been measured to hold not just the most antioxidants of any sea plant — but out does any land based plant.
It’s the most powerful antioxidant extract in the world.
On top of immunity-boosting compounds, sea buckthorn also contains several antioxidants that protect the body against the effects of free radicals.
Finally, I have two potent oxygen sources in there.
Why do I focus on oxygen?
Because oxygen fuels your white blood cells and feeds energy-producing mitochondria in your immune cells.
Oxygen is also important in the way that your immune system and including the natural killer cells kill foreign invaders.
They do this by burning it with a hyped-up form of oxygen, but they need an oxygen laden environment to be able to do that.
It’s also simultaneously a source of rocket fuel and ammunition for your immune cells — because oxygen creates robust, strong lungs which are very important for fighting respiratory infections.
That’s why I recommend two of the world’s most powerful oxygen herbs.
First is an herb that I found many years ago in a trip to Peru.
This root — you’ve probably heard of — is called maca.
But the maca root only has a very high oxygen delivery mechanism when you harvest the maca from very high altitudes.
We were up above 10,000 feet where we found this particular kind of maca because.
If this plant survives at 12,000 feet where hardly anything else can grow — it has done so by producing enzymes that get more use out of the low level of oxygen… and then when you consume that maca, it can do the same thing for you.
It’s believed to be taking a major physiological role in oxygen metabolism by the production of nitric oxide.[37]
Nitric oxide, by the way, is the new thing in sports performance, causing vasodilation. Meaning, you get more oxygen and blood to the tissue faster. And it’s something I use for the athletes in my center and have for years.
With Shield, we use a specific kind of maca root that is harvested at high altitudes where hardly anything else can grow.
There’s another similar mechanism going on with a mushroom that also grows at high altitude – but this one comes from the Himalayas and grows at some of the highest elevations in the world.[38]
And that’s the cordyceps mushroom.
If you take the right extract from the cordyceps mushroom, it can do the same thing and boost your oxygen delivering capacity in your blood.

In total, you get…

  • The world’s best telomerase activator
  • The world’s best flavanoids
  • The world’s best antioxidants
  • The world’s best oxygen boosters

All in one single formula and all designed and tested to improve your immune system defenses. 

Nowhere else can you find this many complimentary immune boosters all working together to build your body’s immune shield and provide you with protection against any threat that might be out there.
And I’ve held nothing back. For the first time I’ve combined all of these most recent cutting edge technology, all from top shelf research and my own research at our anti-aging center.
We’ve unleashed this body’s innate immune power, and you can get it all from a single solution. I want you to begin using this to build your immune shield right away.

Don’t miss out on this most important solution…

I Want You to Begin Using This to Build Your Immune Shield Right Away

I want you to take back your immune power now so that you can feel safe, start living your life to the fullest and enjoying the health you deserve — the health you rightfully deserve now.
Most importantly, I want every American to be able to access it and reap these benefits as possible.
That’s why I’ve instructed my team to make this available to you.
Every day our office is being asked about our solutions for your immune system.  Millions of Americans are waking up to the threats we face, and they’re searching for answers.
You’ve heard today about all of the incredible immune power that Shield delivers.
So the question is, for something so powerful, what would be a fair price?
Our team spent many long hours discussing this.  Some suggested as much as $299.
And for all it delivers, all of this immune protection, we feel like we could have charged this. After all, one of those trendy IV immunity boosts can set you back that much. Even more.
And they don’t contain the full astragalus root. Nor these complimentary antioxidants.
They don’t support your T cells, reprogramming your immune strength at the most fundamental level.
They don’t potentially add up to 20 years of immune vitality and restore your Immune Shield. They don’t come close.
But the situation is urgent. It’s a must that ALL Americans protect ourselves from foreign invaders.
A one-time offer only for the winter of 2020
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NOT for $200 or even $50
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Shield Immune Boost Dr. Al Sears Primal Force
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I want you to remember this as the day you finally felt safe again. The day you finally felt back in control.
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K.O., age 50, writes that after seeing me, “In just 24 hours, my energy levels were higher than they’ve been in years. Thank you, Dr. Sears, from the bottom of my (now totally healthy!) heart.”
And Jack C. of Palm Beach, FL reports, “Within 3 months, I started to feel years younger.”
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*The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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Natural CBD The right way, Dr. Sears Cool Relief

CBD Shocker:
Why 94% is WASTED — Without this One Ingredient
Are millions of Americans missing out on CBD Oil’s biggest health rejuvenating benefits?  A shocking new study says yes, and why instead of just a few benefits — you should be enjoying support for it…
  • Healthy pancreatic b-cells, promoting healthy insulin levels 
  • Healthy brain cells
  • Healthy blood pressure in the normal range 
  • Healthy heart
  • “De-age” brain health
  • ​Healthy blood sugar in the normal range
Below: New discovery reveals, for the first time ever, how to enjoy CBD’s MAXIMUM power for younger joints, brain, heart, and more!

They’re calling it the “miracle molecule.” The “wonder herb.” “The health breakthrough of the 21st century.”

CBD is sweeping America. It’s transforming our approach to health in remarkable ways. 
Americans age 50+ are reporting miraculous results — support for healthier joints, mood, sleep, and stress.
Just by taking CBD alone — and nothing else.
In 12,782 studies…
Researchers have uncovered that CBD supports better health in 295 ways. That means 295 different health benefits.
And most importantly, they’ve uncovered how:
By tapping into a network that exists in every cell, a network that is designed to work with CBD
Our cells are rejuvenated and restored to their healthy, youthful state.[1]
This is how CBD really transforms our health.
But whether you’re already taking CBD, or just thinking about it, you need to see this new discovery…
Because according to researchers at the New York University School of Medicine…
Without This One Crucial Thing… You Might As Well Throw Your CBD Oil in the Trash!
The right hemp oil absorbable
According to researchers, without this one crucial thing, your CBD oil is rendered useless.

In this study, when CBD oil was administered, only 6% actually got past the cell membrane.[2]

In other words…
Ninety-four percent of the CBD went completely to waste!
It did NOT get to our cells… where all the real health effects happen.
And that’s bad news…
Because millions of Americans taking CBD oil are missing out on critical support…
  • Healthy neural stem cell growth to give you a “young again” brain
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Comfortable joint function
  • Healthy pancreatic b-cells, to promote healthy insulin levels
  • Healthy brain cells
  • Healthy heart
  • ​“De-age” brain health 
  • Healthy blood sugar
The right hemp oil absorbable
These are results proven in peer-reviewed studies by Oxford, Johns Hopkins, and the Salk Institute.
Results you can’t see with nearly any CBD oil on the market.
Isn’t it sad that we don’t have a reliable source of something so powerful — and so proven — as CBD oil?
That’s why our team has spent the last 24 months working on something very important…
A way to do what all CBD oils fail to achieve:
Get the maximum amount of CBD inside our cells… in a fraction of the time.
And now they’ve done it.
We’ve developed a new technology that unleashes TOTAL CBD relief…
15-times more, to be exact…[3] Instantly… With a single 1-second spray. 
Effectiveness comparison is shown in this chart: CBD at 6% vs. “Nano CBD” at 94%.
The right hemp oil absorbable
The choice is clear:
You can get some help for mood, discomfort or appetite… using regular CBD oil.
Or nearly 300 remarkable benefits that will change your life.
Thanks to this one CBD technology.
Using it… we’ve managed to hack CBD — and shrink it to this size.
The right hemp oil absorbable
Standard Oil
10% or less Absorption
The right hemp oil absorbable
Liposomal Microemulsion
100-1000 Nanometer
<20% Absorption
The right hemp oil absorbable
Nano-Sized Microemulsion
25 Nanometer (AVG)
>50% Absorption
Maximum Bioavailability
From 2,000 nanometers…
To just 80 Nanos. No bigger than a grain of sand.
This is important because it’s ALL that can fit in your cell membrane.
Any more gets discarded.
In short, we’ve condensed CBD to its MAXIMUM power.
We call this new technology “Nano CBD.”
Introducing “Nano CBD

Today, we’re taking this public, making it available to all Americans age 50+.

Now, for the first time ever, you can enjoy CBD’s total health rejuvenating potential — without a doctor’s visit.
Some Americans are already experiencing life-changing results. Results you could never see from any old CBD.
For example…
The right hemp oil absorbable
Healthier Blood Sugar in 1 Week!
David M., age 69, worked to have healthier blood sugar for 25 years. He tried everything — exercise, eating right, and NOTHING worked.
Finally, he stumbled upon “Nano CBD,” and one week later everything changed for him. He had deep, refreshing sleep again. His joint discomfort was gone by the 6th day. And he can easily keep his blood sugar levels healthy!
The right hemp oil absorbable
Memory Reboot Overnight!
Lilly H., age 92, had long-term age-related memory loss and doctors said his situation was dire. Daily living was very tough, as she was confused, occasionally falling down and couldn’t speak clearly. She often lay in bed and would make no eye contact with her family or friends.
Then, Lilly tried “Nano CBD” and everything changed… overnight! She had refreshing sleep again, she was back to her happy, talkative self, and she seemed like “herself” again. Her daughter said she got her mother back. Lilly says, “I know it sounds crazy but it seems like I was given back a life.”
The right hemp oil absorbable
20 Years of Discomfort and Mental Stress were Gone — in 7 Days!
Kelly H., age 49, reports that she tried everything for her backaches and mental stress. After 20 years, she tried so many things, but nothing worked.
But then she found “Nano CBD” and after one week she reports that it “ended my 20-year battle with back discomfort and mental stress. I can whizz through my four-bedroom bungalow with the Hoover now,” she said. “I have so much more energy. I’m a different person.”
the right hemp oil absorbable
This is the power of “Nano CBD.”  And we’ve taken it a step further…
Two steps further, to be exact.
Three Critical Amplifiers That Deliver TOTAL CBD Relief 
We’ve combined several new technologies to maximize CBD’s health rejuvenating potential, starting with…
1. “Nano CBD” for MAXIMUM CELLULAR ABSORPTION — Nanotechnology gets 1,500% more CBD past the cell membrane… rejuvenating your cells to their young, normal, healthy state.[4]
And two others…
2. Vaporizing Technology for LIGHTNING-FAST DELIVERY — Vaporizer delivers CBD to your cells in SECONDS after swallowing.[5]
3. High-Potency CBD Dose for Amplified Results — With each bottle you get lab-confirmed 200 mg of high-potency CBD, giving you the same amount used in the clinical studies. We use a CO2 process that extracts a high dose of pure CBD from the hemp plant — while eliminating toxins, impurities, and chemicals.
All three things turn CBD from just a healthy plant compound… into a superior health rejuvenating technology…
One that supports “young again” heart[6], eyes[7], brain[8], lungs[9], and more.
This finally delivers on everything we’ve been promised about CBD!
What this means for you is simple:
Total CBD Power… in Your Cells… in Seconds

These three technologies are now, for the first time, combined in one single formula.

We call it Cool Relief.
You may have heard about CBD… its amazing rejuvenating potential… and even tried it yourself. Whatever the case, we doubt you’ve tried anything like Cool Relief before.
It’s not another CBD oil, soft gel, or gummies. And it is far from just another herbal supplement.
Rather, it’s a cutting-edge solution that’s three generations ahead of any and all kinds of CBD.
It does so much more than just help with a little sleep and mood…
Yes, most CBD formulas do that… but not much else.
However, with Cool Relief, benefits like enhanced mood and deeper sleep are just the tip of the iceberg.
And we know this with certainty, thanks to a mountain of clinical research…
In fact, even while it’s been banned for years, the government has quietly funded research on CBD.
They wanted to “prove” it doesn’t work. Even to show it’s dangerous.[10]
So they gave a “pass” to researchers from Oxford, Johns Hopkins, and the Salk Institute, to name a few…
These researchers were greenlighted to “prove” it should be banned.[11]
They studied high doses of pure isolated CBD — the kind like you’ll find in Cool Relief.
And here’s the thing…
That’s NOT what happened. In fact…
After 12,797 peer-reviewed studies… here’s what they found:

CBD Has 295 HUGE

Potential Health Rejuvenating Benefits!
All WITHOUT the “high”… or any side effects.
What Peer-Reviewed Research Is Saying About CBD
Supports healthy brain cell inflammation.
In a study by the Salk Institute, researchers found CBD promotes healthy activity in neural cells.[12]
93% success for sore joints!
In a study published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, 2,736 elderly patients were given CBD for occasional joint aches. After six months, 93% of patients reported relief.[13]
Supports healthy insulin and blood sugar levels within the normal ranges.
According to a 5-year study from a Boston Ivy League university and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, CBD users saw 16% better insulin levels, 18% better insulin metabolism, smaller waist circumference, and better HDL levels.[14]
Supports healthy blood pressure — in one use!
An Oxford University study found just one use of CBD supports healthier blood pressure in people even when under physical and mental stress.[15]
Supports better and calmer mood… with a single dose.
In a study by Washington State University, researchers tracked 1,399 patients. Patients reported 58% better mood and calmer feelings following CBD use. What’s more, patients experienced these results after just a single dose… reporting improvement 93% of the time.[16]
Supports a younger, healthier brain — in just one month!
In a study published in a prestigious memory journal, a dozen aging memory patients were given CBD oil over the course of four weeks. Researchers reported substantial benefits for their cognitive function, including a 71% improvement in mood.[17]
Supports healthy brain stem cells.
In a study published in the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, researchers used CBD oil to generate new neural stem cells in the brain’s hippocampus — a process known as neurogenesis.[18]
94% of users report dozens of positive health effects!
University of New Mexico researchers examined 13,687 patients using CBD oil and found an average 37% boost in health effects. What’s more, 94% of users report deeper sleep, more comfort, and positive mood following CBD use. [19]
Supports healthy mood for one week — with just one use.
In a study published in the Journal of Molecular Biology, University of California researchers gave people a single dose of CBD and found it boosted mood in just 30 minutes… and 7 days after administered.[20]
Healthy blood sugar support.
In another University of California university, 10,896 adults were examined for how CBD use supported their blood sugar. Researchers found CBD users had better support for maintaining healthy blood sugar in the normal ranges compared to the non-CBD group.[21]
45% improvement in sleep!
University of New Mexico researchers examined 409 patients struggling with sleep concerns. The patients reported an average 45% improvement in sleep following CBD use, meaning longer, deeper, and more refreshing sleep.[22]
Enhances pancreatic b-cell function and supports healthy glucose levels.
In a study by Oxford University, researchers gave CBD to 125 blood sugar people. They found it supported healthy glucose levels and the healthy function of pancreatic b-cells, which are essential for healthy insulin production.[23]
Supports healthy markers in heart patients.
In a study by researchers with the National Institutes of Health, heart patients were given CBD and found it maintained healthy heart function. Government researchers said that CBD has “tremendous potential” for supporting a healthy heart.[24]

The list goes on and on.

But here’s the thing…

These 295 health effects have never before been publicly available…
Not with CBD oils, gummies, or any formulas on the market…
Nothing until now could possibly deliver them.
At least nothing the everyday Americans could access.

However, with Cool Relief, for the first time ever, you can finally experience all of these benefits!

And the best part? This “Nano CBD” technology…
  • Has NO side effects
  • Needs NO prescription

CBD’s true health rejuvenating potential has finally been unleashed… ushering in a new era of health.

And in just a moment, you’ll see why this is several generations ahead of existing CBD formulas…
You’ll also discover…
  • How Americans are already seeing results you can’t get with any old CBD.
  • How you too can begin to experience the TRUE potential of CBD, for the first time ever.
  • And how the three technologies in Cool Relief are scientifically proven to AMPLIFY CBD’s strength.[25]
But first…
Why CBD?
Why is CBD such a powerful health rejuvenating tool that it can target so many health effects…
Health effects that seemingly have nothing to do with one another?
For years, researchers have searched for the answer.
Finally, a remarkable yet overlooked discovery was made three decades ago.
A discovery that Big Pharma has worked overtime to suppress.
It has to do with…

Our Hidden Cellular Network

That’s Designed to Work with CBD
It should have made front-page news.
It should have won the Nobel Prize.
But nobody heard about what was perhaps the biggest physiological discovery of the 20th century…
The reason why CBD has 295 huge health effects…
In fact, when asked about this cellular network, a survey found just 1 in 8 medical schools teach it![26]
According to Dr. David Allen, “its teaching is being intentionally restricted by politics.”
It’s not very well known, but it’s perhaps the single most important system in our body.
I’m talking about the endocannabinoid system.
This is a network of receptors that exist in our brain, nervous system, and peripheral nervous tissue — almost everywhere in our body.
E\The right hemp oil absorbable
And they bind specifically to cannabinoid molecules, enabling these compounds to penetrate the cells.
The right hemp oil absorbable
This remarkable discovery was first made in 1992 by researchers with the National Institute of Mental Health.[27]
They found this system promotes “homeostasis” — restoring our body’s functions to their natural, working, healthy state.
This is how cannabinoids — found in the hemp plant — work wonders.
In fact, our body is practically designed to work in tandem with the compounds in the hemp plant!
And the most powerful, proven compound in the hemp plant is… CBD.
How CBD Heals
Here’s how it works…[28]
The cannabinoid receptors are embedded in the cell membrane, transmitting signals back and forth between the cells.
There are two crucial cell receptors.
The CB1, a receptor that’s found mostly in our central nervous system, but also in our kidney, lungs, and other organs.
And then there’s the CB2, which exists in immune cells, in the gastrointestinal tract, and in the peripheral nervous system.
The right hemp oil absorbable
Cannabinoid receptors transmit signals between cells.
Because cannabinoid receptors are found in so many places in the body, they are crucial for our health. In fact, they play a significant role in regulating many bodily functions[29] like:
  • Sleep
  • Appetite, digestion, hunger
  • Mood
  • ​Motor control
  • ​Immune function
  • Discomfort
  • Reproduction and fertility
  • Pleasure and reward
  • ​Memory
  • ​Temperature regulation
Imagine these cellular receptors as a set of locks, each with corresponding keys, chemical compounds called “agonists.”
Each time an agonist binds to a cell, it relays a message, giving the cell an instruction.
The agonists, or keys, that activate these receptors are the cannabinoids.
Some of the body produces on its own, called “endocannabinoids.” Others come from external sources, such as the hemp plant, also known as “exocannabinoids.”
These compounds help our body maintain its normal function… and keep us free of health worries.
When our body detects anything that’s “off”, it releases its own cannabinoids to set things right.
They are key to maintaining balance.
That’s why researchers have uncovered large buildups of cannabinoids when the body is imbalanced.
But the system is on borrowed time.
You see, cannabinoids are quickly metabolized within the cell… meaning new ones must be released over and over.[30]
This is, even more, the case as we are exposed to toxins in our food, products, and modern environment.
Over time, after years of exposure to toxins, our internal cannabinoid production suffers from burnout.
We become deficient in these vital compounds.
And we no longer produce[31] the necessary amount of cannabinoids we need to maintain our health, vitality, and well-being.

Our Deficiency in Cannabinoids

Causes Our Bodies to Age!
As a result…
  • Our immune system weakens
  • Our memory fades
  • Our metabolism is wrecked
The right hemp oil absorbable
  • Joint discomfort becomes more frequent
  • Our mood sours
  • ​Our sleep worsens[32]
In short, we become unhealthy and aged.
Look at how it supports healthy blood sugar.
The endocannabinoid system plays a major role in the metabolism of sugar.
But, over time, as we consume more sugary drinks and foods…
The system has to work on overtime to metabolize more glucose.
Eventually, the system goes on overdrive and starts to break down…
Resulting in weaker blood-sugar metabolism, weight gain, and heart aging.[33]
Oxford University researchers report that the “chronic overactivation of the endocannabinoid system has been identified in obesity and blood sugar worries.”
Brain aging is another.
Stanford researchers identified a substance, A-beta, that depletes healthy levels of endocannabinoids in the brain.
As we age, the A-beta molecule begins to run wild.
This disrupts our memory and learning… resulting in brain fog,[34] worse recall and retention, and more.
The right hemp oil absorbable
Researchers conclude… based on animal studies: “When the activity of the cannabinoid system declines, we find rapid aging in the brain.” [35]
But it’s not just brain aging or blood sugar.
According to a University of Washington neurologist, “deficient cannabinoid levels may be the underlying cause of numerous conditions.”
This is why endocannabinoids — like CBD — are so important.
They recharge the cannabinoid system when our internal mechanisms slow down…
That’s how CBD has the ability to support our body’s normal, healthy, youthful state!
“[CBD] turned back the
molecular clock.”
For instance, in a study published in Nature, researchers gave CBD to older animals.[36]
After a low dose over several weeks, they found the animals were thinking sharper and better than ever!
Their genetic structure even appeared like that of younger animals a third their age.
The lead researcher reported, “It looked like [CBD] turned back the molecular clock.”
Another study explained why…
The right hemp oil absorbable
You see, our brain has a special set of cells called microglial cells.
Think of them as the “clean-up crew” for the brain.
They clear out the gunk and excess litter that damages our nerve cells.
However, if overactive, glial cells can cause serious long-term damage to our brains.
This is where the endocannabinoid system comes in.
In normal times, scientists found it supports maintaining glial cells in their normal, healthy function.[37]
It keeps them doing only the necessary amount of work.
But with old age, as the endocannabinoid system breaks down, the glial cells are unleashed…
They end up overactive, creating an imbalance in the brain.
In short, the aging of the endocannabinoid system is a huge factor in brain aging!
New research even shows CBD is key to the biggest new medical discovery of the 21st century:  Stem cells.
Specifically neural stem cells — the ones in our brain.[38]
The Most Powerful Support for Brain  Stem Cells 
Stem cells, if you haven’t heard of them, are the body’s repair mechanism.
They’re ushering in a whole new revolution in regenerative medicine.
They support the replacement of dying cells with new young ones.
When we’re younger, our brain uses stem cells to generate 5,000 new nerve cells daily — a process known as “neurogenesis.”
But how does the brain turn stem cells into neurons?
Scientists are just uncovering the mysteries of this process. And now the answer is here:
It’s the endocannabinoid system.
In short, it supports the activation of neural stem cells to create new neurons in place of dead ones.
One stem cell count falls by 90% with age!
The problem is, as we get older, our endocannabinoid system loses strength.
Our stem cells go dormant.
And aging, unhealthy neural cells go unreplaced.
This is why the brain ages.
It’s why we become forgetful, foggy, and not as sharp.
And that’s where CBD comes in.
Dr. Gary Wenk, professor of neuroscience at Ohio State University, researched brain aging in animals for 40 years.[39]
But he kept coming up against a wall.
Everything he tested worked on young animals, but not old ones. Then he began using CBD. And the results were stunning.
After several clinical studies, he reports:
“A single dose of CBD a day not only supports healthy memory function in older animals but also promotes neurogenesis.” [40]
This means it was able to maximize the natural regrowth of stem cells into new nerve cells.
Think about it.
This is a leading professor of neuroscience at a top university. He’s at the cutting-edge of brain medicine.
And out of EVERYTHING he tried for several decades…
All of the different substances and solutions.
CBD was the only option that actually worked to support the process of neurogenesis.
Bottom line: CBD is unlike anything else developed by man or nature for stem cells.
The question is…
How to get the full power of CBD directly to your cells, where it makes all the difference?
We already told you about our nanotechnology. That’s our first CBD-enhancer, but we’ve taken it further…
Adding a way to get ALL of the CBD possible in your cells — 5x faster!
New Canna Technology #2:
“Vaporizer” Delivers Total CBD Results in Seconds

You see, besides size…

Speed is the next most important thing when it comes to CBD.
You want to get these benefits right away, the second you take your CBD, right?
The problem is, with typical CBD, most of it doesn’t go directly to your cells.
This is why they’ve decided to add a “shortcut.”
A medical vaporizer that blasts CBD into your bloodstream — 5x faster than CBD oil.[41]
The right hemp oil absorbable
The right hemp oil absorbable
With it, you begin feeling these results in seconds — not an hour or even minutes.
So, to sum it all up, there’s nanotechnology that gets the maximum amount of CBD in your cells. Plus, the vaporizer technology that delivers it to our cells in seconds.
Together, they produce maximum absorption — instantly.
But here’s the thing…
None of this matters if you don’t have the correct kind of CBD — in the correct dosage.
And the final technology…
New Canna Technology #3:
Lab Tests Confirm Maximum Dosage of CBD

You see, most formulas are not actually “CBD.”

They use the whole hemp plant extract, which contains 400 cannabinoids, only one of which is the most proven, powerful molecule CBD.
The thing is, CBD is proven more powerful than all of the rest of the molecules, combined.
What is more…
The right hemp oil absorbable
Lab tests confirm maximum dosage of CBD.

And it doesn’t even matter where they’re sold.

This is what makes Cool Relief so much better than anything on the market.

We lay all of our cards on the table… and we have every reason to do so.
We use CO2 technology, a completely natural process, to isolate the maximum yield of CBD
While eliminating all toxins.
This is done at an ISO 7 Clean Room Lab, which is designed to prevent any kind of contamination.
Thanks to the proprietary process, you get the maximum dose of CBD with…
  • NO solvents
  • NO THC
  • NO chemicals
And our lab tests confirm it…
To wrap it all up, here’s what you get in every single spray of Cool Relief.
CBD Dose
Maximum potential dose, isolated from the hemp plant using a high-yield CO2 process.
Blasts CBD in your cells, delivering absorption in seconds.
Nanotechnology proven to get 1,500% more CBD in your cells than regular oils.
Highest, Pure Grade
CO2 process eliminates all toxins, impurities, chemicals, and no THC.
At Last! The Full Power of CBD Unleashed… for $2 a Day!

Nothing has American seniors more excited than CBD oil. And for good reason…

It seems like every day new science shows its health rejuvenating potential is second to none.
That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond to not only release CBD’s MAXIMUM potential…
But to make it even more affordable, and accessible to YOU.
When you begin your test run today, you’ll get your hands on a full supply of Cool Relief for just $2 per day!
  • Ache-free, smooth, comfortable joints with 93% success
  • Enhanced memory and recall with a single daily dose
  • Healthier heart markers by 100%
  • The happier, healthy mood in over 9 out of 10 users
  • ​Healthy levels of HDL and triglycerides
  • ​Healthy brain stem cell growth
  • ​Healthy blood pressure levels within the normal ranges — with one use
  • ​Pancreatic b-cell strength, promoting healthy insulin levels
  • ​And so much more…
When you consider all these life-changing results, I think you’ll agree: $2 a day is an absolute steal. Even $50 a day would be a no-brainer.
Plus, when you begin your test run of Cool Relief, you’ll receive two free special e-Reports, each valued at $39.95, including…
Bonus Dossier #1:
The CBD Health Guide
In this exclusive, easily downloadable Special e-Report, you’ll discover every detail of how CBD oil boosts your health…
Including why the federal government has made it very difficult for doctors to even talk about CBD, even though the government filed this patent[42] 20 years ago…
The right hemp oil absorbable
Inside, it claims that CBD has serious neuro-enhancing potential. It’s a major memory-boosting molecule.
A judge for the DEA once called it: “The safest therapeutically active substance known to man.”[43] 
One government agency after another agrees: it is a powerful weapon against many health concerns.
In my new dossier, you’ll discover the government-patented technology that’s been used by thousands of patients for every health concern imaginable…
The right hemp oil absorbable
Normally, this research goes for $39.95. But today, you’ll get it in your inbox free of charge. It’s completely on the house.
And that’s just for starters…
Bonus Dossier #2:
The Incredible Stem Cell Revolution
As mentioned before, CBD is a stem cell powerhouse. There is almost nothing stem cells can’t do.
They give you a like-new brain, heart, lungs, pancreas, and virtually any organ.
All by harnessing your body’s own power to repair itself!
You’ll get the latest research on stem cells… all in this latest breakthrough, cutting-edge new dossier, The Incredible Stem Cell Revolution, completely free of charge.
That’s two e-Reports, normally priced at $79.90, that you’ll get completely free. It’s all part of your test-run of Cool Relief.
But you must take action quickly because…
The right hemp oil absorbable

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You can try 1 bottle of Cool Relief spray for $79.95, plus shipping and handling.

“The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”
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Most people have no clue what their products actually contain!
They don’t show their lab results — if they ever even take them.
They don’t show their actual levels of cannabinoids.
In other words…
Most CBD oils are a shot in the dark.
With them, you may get some “CBD.” You most likely won’t.
Plus so many are shown to contain chemicals, GMOs, and toxins, all things that ruin the results.