Secret Genius Pill, Omega Rejuvenol

World’s #2 Smartest Man Reveals…

Secret “Genius Pill”

He has one of the highest IQ scores ever recorded.
He beats Einstein and Stephen Hawking in the genius directory.
Yet you have probably never heard of him, officially the world’s second smartest man.
Some experts say it’s because his intelligence was almost by accident.
The Result Of An Unusual “Smart Pill” He Takes Every Morning.
And he agrees. “This pill makes my brain work better,” says the world’s second smartest man. “By preventing or slowing the brain’s inevitable aging process, it’s sort of like growing smarter.”

But it goes beyond just the world’s second smartest man… In fact, this new smart pill has already started sweeping American retirement communities.

And some American seniors are experiencing some very positive results…
  • ​Peak cognitive health
  • ​Improved IQ
  • ​No brain fog or “senior moments”
  • ​Crystal-clear thinking
  • ​Plus preservation of your brain size and function
Mark K. of West Palm Beach:
“My Focus and Memory
Are Back At
Age 30-Levels”

“I was worried by those occasional moments when I started blanking out on things that used to be routine.

But they suddenly stopped when I started taking this [smart pill]. Now, I feel my focus and memory are back at age 30-levels.”
Pete, Age 69…
There Were Times He Couldn’t Figure Out His Locker Combination — Now He’s a Math Wizard CPA
Pete felt like his memory wasn’t quite the same for the last 11 years. At one point he was having occasional lapses with his locker combination. But within four months of taking this smart pill, he’s now a math wizard. In fact, he went back to work as a CPA at a large corporation.
Julie G., Age 49…
“A Dramatic Turnaround of Mental Sharpness”
Her memory lapses were occasional… Every now and then she’d forget familiar roads while driving… And sometimes she had to read things two or three times before she could remember them. But then she turned to this smart pill, and within four months, she experienced a dramatic turnaround. And she went from scoring in the bottom 30th quintile to the top 90th on an official cognitive test.

One study found it suported the memory and cognitive function of 430 seniors in just 24 weeks.[1]

Another study published in Neurology found it not only stopped age-related brain shrinkage in over a thousand postmenopausal women…
And they found an association with an increase in the area of the brain that supports memory also.[2]
Researchers for a prestigious California university analyzed brain scans from 260 seniors who ate fish 1-4 times per week[3]…
They found a portion of the brain associated with memory was 14% larger in comparison.
And get this…
The part of the fish that has such a part of this study has a great impact on brain health:
  • ​It has no adverse side effects
  • ​You don’t need a prescription or doctor’s visit
  • ​And it’s 100% natural.

So how did I hear about this brain nutrient that I created my “brain pill” from that can support healthy brains and better memory for seniors?

Why am I so certain that it can be beneficial for you?
And how can I guarantee you a supply today to start supporting your brain?
Because I’ve been on the ground floor of its use from the very beginning. Which means I have the inside scoop on how to get these smart pills… the results they’re delivering… and why they’re so powerful.
And after you see everything I’m about to show you today I think you’ll agree…
We’re on the cusp of a brain aging revolution that could transform your life.
Allow me to introduce myself…
My name is Al Sears, MD.

But I’m not like any doctor you might know of.
I don’t just stay in my practice, hit the golf course on off-hours and call it a day.
For the last 30 years, I’ve put my “boots on the ground” in 30 countries in search of health promoting natural remedies.

The kind you won’t hear about from doctors or drug commercial ads.

During this time I’ve visited and even lived with natives who still live much like our ancient ancestors.
People who don’t suffer from the same effects of brain aging as we do in America.
Their elders still think quickly, clearly, and they’re famous for their “sharp as a tack” memories… re-telling ancient stories their grandparents passed down to them.
Map of Okinawa, Japan where I discovered this brain nutrient.
All these decades of experience taught me that modern science has it all wrong on brain health and aging.
What we’re experiencing is actually a condition resulting from our modern lifestyles and environment.
But nothing prepared me for what I recently uncovered on a tiny island off the southern coast of Japan…
An island where locals are known to…

Maintain Peak Brain Power and Creativity Well Into Their Later Years

I had to know why.

What was their secret?
And could it really help Americans experience the same effects?
At first I thought it could be their school system. But then I found they spent next to nothing on education. In fact, their school budget is one of the lowest in the Western world. And genetics, well, I found no proof of any hereditary intelligence.
So I studied their environment, their diets, and their daily habits.
And what I found astonished me…

Turns out not only are they exercising more and eating more nutritious foods, with lower calories, but they also regularly eat a portion of the key nutrient in my smart pill.

A nutrient with more proven brain benefits than just about anything else. Men… women… children. Rich… poor… and everyone in between.
This weird ingredient is part of every meal, every single day, in almost every household.
This Had To Be It — Their Hidden Key To Elite Intelligence.
When I saw the obvious connection, I decided to do something about it. I even brought back a supply of this nutrient to America and started handing out samples. And that’s how I uncovered the “nootropic” that I used to make the key ingredient in my smart pill.

The Truth About Nootropics

Now, in case you haven’t heard, “nootropics” are the hottest new brain supplements around. You may have seen them on NBC’s hit show “Limitless” or covered on the news.

Pretty much any “drug” that promises to boost your IQ is labeled a nootropic. The problem is most of these new pills don’t necessarily deliver on what is promised. Besides wasting most peoples’ money on little proven chemicals and nutrients…
They’re often not natural.
Drexel University researchers discovered smart drugs have an adverse effect on brain function. When dopamine levels exceed the optimal threshold, cognition becomes impaired. In fact, individuals in this group “show[ed] distractibility, impulsivity, stereotypical behaviors and cognitive inflexibility.”[4]
But that’s what makes my “smart pill” so different and promising.
It’s 100% natural and harnesses a nutrient that comprises 60% of your brain material.
One that supports the possibility of healthier gray matter and a better memory.
And is now delivering my patients such remarkable cognitive support. With stories that are nothing short of mind-blowing…

Like August Ammirato, a senior who started taking this smart pill and reported within weeks… “I notice my very old memories are easier to remember. I can remember everything, I’m learning faster, I’m sharp and witty, my moods feel more balanced and I feel happy and stress-free. I used to have quite a few moments of stress that made me freeze but now I only get one if none at all.”

Or Sam from Wyoming, who gave this to his 90-year-old father and writes, “It definitely increases his mental acuity. His memory has improved quite a bit. 
He’s more alert, cognitive, and back to his opinionated self with facts to back up his beliefs.”
Since taking this smart pill, Timothy Bergin writes, “I see a noticeable increase in my brain function. I am experiencing a noticeable increase in my concentration level and productivity throughout the day. Moreover, I am experiencing a higher level of energy and am in a better mood that has helped me feel calm and less stressed..”
And this is just a very tiny sample…

Did you know that, as you age, some brain regions can shrink at a rate of 0.5% per year?

The loss in volume of gray matter is a contributor to weaker brain function in the elderly. That’s especially the case in the brain’s hippocampus – our memory and learning center.
But researchers from a prestigious California university found that seniors who eat fish seem to maintain healthy brains.[6]
These researchers had a group of 260 men and women over the age of 65 eat fish one to four times each week. Then they analyzed the MRI scans of their brains. And what they found was remarkable…
Their brains’ hippocampus was larger than the placebo group!
Think about that… Just imagine what it could do for your brain health. How much younger, clearer, and quicker you’d think. How much better your focus and word recall would be. And how your memories would seem as clear as photographs.
You may even think better and smarter than at any point in your life!

In fact, I have a file of similar patient stories all testifying to the same thing…

This is the most powerful brain-enhancer I ever developed.
A true turning point for your brain health. One that could mean the difference between living your retirement while maintaining your freedom and independence…
Or feeling like you might become a burden to loved ones. It’s not just my patient experiences, either. I scrutinized the scientific literature and found a body of research that confirms its brain charging power…
For instance, a landmark study published in the Dutch journal Age[5] that found…

This “Nootropic” Promotes Healthy Brain Volume 

A dose 3x more absorbable.

The research shows that’s what the brain nutrient in this smart pill could do for you – and more. And really…
“What’s your alternative?”
Do you continue to allow your brain to decline in function until you no longer feel it’s working as well as it could? I’ve seen too many of my patients come to me in this state. But the good news is, this smart pill helps support healthier brains.
These patients can start feeling smarter and more focused, with better memory recall. So from where I’m sitting you have two choices: Spend your retirement traveling the world… sharing your love and life with family and friends… Or instead allow yourself to live with the effects of an age related decline.
This smart pill makes THAT difference.
Why am I so certain? Because so many people have seen these same life-changing results.
Imagine if you took just one dose of this brain nutrient every single day…
Just imagine what it could do for your brain health.
How much younger, clearer, and quicker you’d think.
How much better your focus and word recall would be.
And how your memories from decades ago could seem as clear as photographs.
You May Even Think Better And Smarter Than At Any Point in Your Life!

Stephanie was losing her mind like her mother…

Like Stephanie A., age 65. She watched her mother live with slow, age-related memory decline. Years later, it started happening to Stephanie, too. She had trouble remembering little things. She started noticing that roads weren’t as familiar as she thought. When Stephanie consulted her physician, he told her she might end up in the same situation as her mother.. Two years into not quite feeling like herself she had a recommendation.
Luckily, a friend directed her to a prestigious California university program. The protocol included: changing her diet to cut out all simple carbohydrates, gluten and processed food; participating in yoga and meditation; improving her sleep cycle; fasting. And also taking the very same brain nutrient found in this smart pill.
She was skeptical but enrolled anyway, and the results were better than she could imagine.
The report from the California university’s study[7] details Stephanie’s reversal…
“After three months, she started feeling more like herself. She was navigating well, recalling telephone numbers came more easily, she was preparing reports… reading and retaining information all seemed like when she was younger.”

A Complete 90-Day Turnaround 

Now Stephanie is 70 and remains at work – with no symptoms of age-associated cognitive decline. She didn’t have to retire early. And researchers doubt she’ll follow the same path as her mother — the same path millions of seniors find themselves on every year.

In just a moment, I’ll reveal how you can secure a supply of this brain breakthrough that Stephanie used as part of the protocol that turned her life around. And how you can begin using it to think sharper, clearer and quicker. All for under $2 per day.

But before I go into that, allow me to answer what you’re probably wondering…

What Exactly Is This “Brain Nutrient?”

And why is it the key ingredient of my smart pill?”

It’s a little-known fatty acid called DHA.

I say little-known, but scientists are recognizing this nutrient as the world’s most powerful “nootropic”.

You see, your brain is almost entirely made up of fats – 60% essential fatty acids, of which DHA is a good proportion.
DHA is essential because it has been shown in animal studies to help brains grow new branches and renew and rejuvenate itself — a key to supporting greater brain power and sharper thinking as you age.[8]
Here’s a snapshot of what new research shows DHA can do for your brain…
  • Has been shown [9] in animal cell cultures to aid in brain cell regeneration
  • Crosses the blood-brain barrier to support the integrity of brain cells [10]
  • Offers neuroprotection in a variety of ways [11]
  • ​Prevents age-related brain shrinkage [12]
  • ​Supports the health and integrity of neuroglial cells (clean up brain “debris”, transport nutrients to neurons, hold neurons in place; digest parts of dead neurons; regulate content of extracellular space and provide the insulation (myelin) to neurons) [13]
  • ​Provides the building blocks for cellular brain maintenance and repair [14]
  • ​Activates genes that protect tissue from insults to brain cells [15]

Why is DHA so important? 

“He’s Going to Be Better Than He Was Before” 

I’ve uncovered dozens of “miraculous” cases just like this. People who were written off by physicians and specialists, only to see remarkable recoveries. That’s why I’ve made one of the major components in fish oil, called DHA, a key ingredient of my smart pill.

In just a moment, I’ll show you exactly where and how you can get your hands on it… In fact, you can begin feeling its brain-charging effects immediately for under $2. But before I go into that, let me explain why this powerful nutrient can make the difference between exceptional children… and everyone else.

Even the USDA Recommends DHA To Mothers 

I usually don’t think of our USDA as being forward thinking. But even this conservative government body can no longer ignore the evidence on DHA.

Yet, DHA is still ignored by modern medicine.
Most doctors still don’t recommend it. Plentiful sources aren’t widely available. And the result is most mothers still don’t consume enough DHA during pregnancy. But a well-informed few do…
And these mothers give their children a significant boost in life. One that launches them to the top of their class, setting them up for higher incomes, better jobs, and more success.

Oxford University researchers wanted to see how DHA could help underperforming elementary school students.[19]  They selected 362 children, ages 7 to 9, with the lowest test scores. They gave them DHA for four months, then tested them again.

And the results were astounding…
The children who took DHA saw on average double and triple increases in reading scores, compared to the placebo group.
They not only caught up with their peer group on reading test scores, but surpassed them! They had gone from the bottom percentile on tests to now among the highest, all in under half a school year.
As you’ve seen, it doesn’t matter…
  •  Your age
  •  Your past medical history
  •  Or what you’ve tried before
This can have a transformational impact on your brain health, too!

That’s why I use the highest possible dose that fits into a capsule and combined it with a unique “delivery” system…

All to make a world’s most powerful DHA formula. One that I’ve made the key defining factor of my smart pill.
I call it Omega Rejuvenol.
Let me tell you a little bit about what’s inside…

New Source of DHA Enhances Brain Power!

Calamari or squid oil may be the most potent source of DHA on Earth.

Squid oil has that perfect ratio I was talking about. In fact, it’s the same 4:1 ratio found in a mother’s breast milk. The problem has always been, how do you get the calamarine oil?

Even if you eat calamari you’re not getting very high concentrations of oil… and if you eat it in a restaurant, it’s usually fried. So we’ve been struggling for some time with how to get this perfect ratio of DHA from squid oil.

Now we’ve solved that. I’ve found a unique squid that lives off the coast of South America in the pure waters of the Southern Pacific, called illex argentinus.
After the oil is distilled it’s over 39.5% DHA – the highest concentration of DHA I’ve found yet.

And that’s the delivery system that makes this work. Old forms of omega-3s don’t have enough DHA. And fish oil just seem to need some helpers.

Yet now, we’ve been able to crack that nut by making sure the DHA in krill oil is attached to its naturally occurring partner: Astaxanthin, the world’s strongest antioxidant. Krill oil and astaxanthin CAN cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver DHA’s benefits deep into your brain cells. In fact, in order to get a U.S. Patent, krill oil and astaxanthin had to be proven to cross the blood-brain barrier.[20] This is why Omega Rejuvenol includes krill oil (and astaxanthin).
The potent DHA from the squid oil binds to the highly-penetrable krill oil, and combined with astaxanthin, gets VIP access to your brain.
No one else is doing this, but we’ve combined squid and krill oil and astaxanthin to give DHA easier access to all the cells of your body, including your brain.

Now Available to you in a one-a-day soft gel…

Omega Rejuvenol

This brain-boosting formula is brought to you by the cutting-edge researchers at Primal Force… The potent DHA from the squid oil binds to the highly-penetrable krill oil, and combined with astaxanthin, gets VIP access to your brain. No one else is doing this, but we’ve combined squid and krill oil and astaxanthin to get DHA into every cell in your body… even your brain cells!

Grow a Younger Brain by Years — Even Decades — with Omega Rejuvenol!

A first-ever combination of 100% pure, non-fish oil sources of DHA, plus 4 key fat-soluble nutrients that are almost completely gone from our modern diet.

To my knowledge, this is the only formula available that harnesses the maximum health-promoting of DHA – along with four other critical nutrients – to support healthy telomere length. These youth-boosting, cell-rejuvenating vitamins include…
  • Vitamin D3: The telomerase supercharger Vitamin D is the “sunshine vitamin” because the best way to get more of it is from the sun. But according to Scientific American, three quarters of U.S. adults and teens are deficient in vitamin D. And if you’re deficient in vitamin D, genes that are designed to keep you healthy CAN’T work properly.More importantly, we now know that vitamin D supports healthy levels of telomerase, the enzyme that rebuilds telomeres to activate your “eternal youth” gene. A study showed vitamin D (at 60,000 IU per month or 2,000 IU vitamin D per day) supercharged telomerase activity by 19.2%.[21,22]   This is why Omega Rejuvenol includes a portion of the most natural and usable form of vitamin D that you require, vitamin D3.
  • Mixed Tocotrienols: The little-known telomere restorer Mixed Tocotrienols are members of the vitamin E family, yet you won’t find them in any multi-vitamin or typical vitamin E supplement. This overlooked form of vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps squelch age-robbing free radicals.The most well-known form of vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol, protects against telomere shortening by activating and restoring telomerase.[23] Now, in Omega Rejuvenol, you get Mixed Tocotrienols not found in typical vitamin E supplements to support telomere health.
  • Vitamin K2: The missing longevity secret I call vitamin K2 the “missing link” to a life of longevity and robust health. Found in organ meats, egg yolks, some dairy products, fermented cheese curd and Japanese natto, vitamin K2 activates proteins that play a vital role in the health of your heart, bones, brain, joints and more.[24]Even better, vitamin K2 has been shown to have positive effects on telomere length and longevity. Yet most people don’t get enough vitamin K2, if any, from their diets or supplements. This is why each serving of Omega Rejuvenol also includes vitamin K2.
  • Vitamin A Retinol: The telomere extender Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps your cells reproduce naturally… supports clear vision… keeps your immune system strong… and promotes healthy, younger-looking skin. In a study reported in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, women who took vitamin A as part of a multivitamin had healthier telomeres.[25]This is why Omega Rejuvenol also includes the preferred form of vitamin A as retinol in each serving. Each of these fat-soluble vitamins helps boost telomere length and healthy activity of telomerase.

And now, you can get portions of these youth promoting vitamins in Omega Rejuvenol – all to give new life to your aging cells so you feel years younger and healthier. In addition, I’ve added the world’s purest and most powerful source of DHA… And a unique “delivery system” that supports DHA to be utilized in the brain, where it protects, nourishes, and then “switches on” telomerase, the enzyme that rebuilds your telomeres.

Let me explain…

How DHA Activates Your “Eternal Youth” Gene 

Telomeres shorten as you age, but this aging process is NOT inevitable. And it’s not unstoppable. In fact, it’s reversible.

Now for years I’ve understood how DHA can support your heart and brain. Research I’ve already shared with you proves it can support aging hearts and brains, and their normal function.
But now, thanks to landmark studies conducted by institutions like the University of California, San Francisco, we now know DHA can “de-age” your body. For instance, researchers led by Nobel Prize-winner Elizabeth Blackburn conducted a landmark study on 608 patients in their midsixties.[26]
They measured the length of telomeres in their white blood cells, and blood concentration of this DHA. Five years later, the researchers followed up and published their incredible results in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The study found “an inverse relationship between omega-3 fatty acids and the rate of telomere shortening.” The chart below proves that telomere shortening slowed down considerably in patients with higher blood levels of DHA.
That’s pretty remarkable by itself, but it gets better. In the 23% of patients with the highest levels of DHA, the telomeres lengthened. In other words, their cells began growing younger. The researchers’ conclusion was that omega-3 fatty acids may protect cellular aging. The study also found those people with higher omega-3 levels died at a slower rate, or were less likely to die within the study period than the people who had low omega-3s.[27]  Look, I can cite study after study until I’m blue in the face. But I think you get the point by now. Telomeres shorten as you age, but this aging process is NOT inevitable.
And that’s why, for the first time ever, I’m making the special form of DHA capable of achieving this effect available to everyday Americans.
Omega Rejuvenol is the only natural formula that includes…
Squid Oil’s DHA
The most CONCENTRATED source of brain-saving DHA on earth… found in Argentinian squid (calamarine oil).
Krill Oil’s Omega 3s
Nature’s most ABSORBABLE and POWERFUL omega-3s… found in krill oil that penetrates healing power deeply into your brain cells and tissues.
Nature’s most powerful antioxidant, that PROTECTS the omega-3s from oxidation and helps them cross the blood-brain barrier.
High-DHA Squid Oil Gets Penetrating Boost from Krill 

And we get even MORE penetrating power by mixing it with krill oil, which is the best-absorbed DHA. Here’s the evidence… A study published in the journal Nutrition Research compared fish oil, krill oil, and olive oil to see which one’s omega-3s would be better absorbed. At the end of the four week trial, the blood samples showed that those who took the krill oil had absorbed more EPA and DHA compared to the others.[28]

And that’s just one example… In fact, three separate studies gave the participants the same dose of krill oil and fish oil and found, on average, that krill boosts your omega-3 levels 1.6% higher than fish oil.[29]
Now, for the very first time, you can use the secret of health conscious ‘people-in-the-know’…
The high concentrations of active ingredients found only in Omega Rejuvenol are true health gifts.
So, do you want to do all you can to help win the battle against a dulling brain, decreasing cognitive abilities and memory concerns, plus possibly feel years, even decades younger?
It’s time for you to forget outdated fish oil and cookie cutter anti-aging formula and try the one and only breakthrough natural formula with a combination of ingredients clinically proven to…
…unleash the most absorbable and powerful form of Omega-3s (krill oil) deeply into your cells so you can rejuvenate your mind and memory, feel sharper, and look and feel years younger.
What’s more, you won’t risk one cent by ordering Omega Rejuvenol today thanks to an Ironclad, No-Risk, 90-Day, Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.
Bottom Line:
You Must Be Completely Satisfied With The Omega Rejuvenol Brain Power Boosting Formula… or it’s FREE!

To Prove It… Should you be in any way dissatisfied, just return the product within 90 days of purchase date for a full refund.

This is a 100% Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee. As long as you return the empty bottle, or the unused portion within 90 days of purchase date, you will get your money back.
With this first-ever combination, you can flood every cell in your brain with the world’s most powerful “nootropic” and get the full range of brain-boosting benefits I’ve shared with you today.
I’m so convinced taking Omega Rejuvenol will give you a “younger brain” with enhanced memory and sharper focus, I want to make sure you start getting ALL the benefits right away! That’s why for a limited time, I’m offering a special introductory offer I hope you’ll take advantage of.
Do you think that maintaining a balanced, healthy state while maintaining a laser-sharp memory, improving your IQ, eliminating brain fog and your “senior moments”, plus knowing that your brain is getting all of the support it needs is worth a measly $49.95?
In all, my Best Deal offer includes FREE Gifts and Savings totaling $156.60!

You’ve seen all the studies and remarkable memory-enhancing results. You have absolutely nothing to lose – and years, even decades, of growing biologically younger to gain. 

Remember, when you order Omega Rejuvenol RIGHT NOW, you get the BEST POSSIBLE PRICE offered to the public and FREE Shipping!
What’s more, you won’t risk one cent by ordering Omega Rejuvenol today thanks to an Ironclad, No-Risk, 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction.
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Free Gifts and Saving of up to $156.60!

I’m so convinced taking Omega Rejuvenol will re-activate your “eternal youth gene” and supercharge your health, I want to make sure you start getting all the benefits right away! That’s why for a limited time, I’m offering a special introductory offer I hope you’ll take advantage of.

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