Food that Balance your Hormones Naturally

Food that Balance your Hormones Naturally

 When you talk about Food, and all the implications that word has and even after so many thousands and thousands of years, still have, you would think that men would have evolved and would be an expert on the subject. No matter how much technology we have developed over all these years, men still crawling like a baby as far as good food, wise eating habits are concerned etc… etc…

So we have found out about all the food properties, what that food is good for, or how we should eat this or that to avoid getting overweight or get the right nutrition if you have certain illnesses that you think it will be good to prevent that kind of sicknesses…

We will eventually find out that some people can’t afford to buy good food. Why? Good food is expensive, supplements are expensive.
Really, only people that make a lot of money can eat the food that is good for you.

Now, with all those things that men have found out we have another discovery to do; Find out how to get all the healthy food to the people that can’t afford to buy it! So, that is the part that I have been wondering about. We need programs. We need subsidies, we need the government to step up and start to create programs that will have everyone able to get the good food to their table.


I ask you; Do you have any ideas? Please, sign up, leave a comment or subscribe, and tell me what idea do you have? We do have good food. I am sure about that. Your opinion and suggestion will be appreciated.

Anyway, I have this research that I did about good foods that should be on our table. Try to go to places and compare prices. Tha’s what I do. Like vegetables, they still are cheaper than meat, and you can have it instead. There are a lot delicious vegetable dishes that you can cook for your family. So, My next post I will have some very good recipes for vegetables that will be made rich. I can’t wait to talk to you again, thank you! Meanwhile, down here are some suggestions of foods that will help you. Please, read and make the best you can. I hope I was able to help.

You might know by now that I believe we are what we eat, but, that really doesn’t mean that if we eat wrong that it is our choice, because, like I have said before, FOOD IS EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. Please bear with me and let’s try together to make a simple meal a very grand meal, indeed!


It’s the healthiest nuts that supply your skin, the health that you need. It has been scientifically proved that it increases the levels of Adiponectin Hormone, that help the regulation of blood sugar levels to prevent and control the high-insulin high androgen ripple effects.

Researchers have found direct tyes when almonds are consumed, a significant reduction in the levels of not so health male Hormones, like Testosterone that make your skin dry and thinner.

Almond Blossom

It’s very important that you add about 11 almonds to your day by day consumption of Almonds. Increase, if you will, but, be careful with the intake of calories.

We try to eliminate Nuts because of the whole calorie content, but maybe we are missing some of the crucial. We often don’t pay very much attention to the Hormone balancing profiles of food, such as Testosterone, that is very important to maintain and decrease the damage to the health of your skin. We can safely balance a very healthy diet that will contribute to our skin, maintaining a balanced Hormones.

Almonds Nature


The dark green veggies, like Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, and Spinach have a lot of Antioxidants, Vitamins, and naturally occurring compounds, indole3 Carbinol, and sulforaphane, that enhances the potential of the Liver to metabolize Estrogen.

Broccoli on Wood Table

Estrogen helps increase Collagen that makes our skin young, tight. It helps the skin also self-repair by increasing the blood flow that reaches the skin. By the time the levels of Estrogen that are within the body start to decrease, the skin, and other organs will shrink and pulling inwards. It is crucial that we consume at least a cup of dark leafy green veggies every single day.


Avocado, coconut, and Olive Oil are overflowing with healthy fats that help the body keeping and controlling healthy cholesterol levels while having a strong capacity for synthesizing Hormones. It helps your skin to be healthy allowing the release and circulation of essentials Hormones that keep all the Natural beauty of your skin.

Avocado in a Green Setup

In order to keep the membrane healthy and vitalized, Avocado, with their healthy fats enhancing the Natural Lipidbylayeras of our skin cells. It will increase skin ability to retain water avoiding a dull, and dry looking skin.

With a half Avocado a day to bring up a handful of Nutrients like monosaturated fatty acids, Potassium, Vitamin C and E, Fiber, which add to shield the skin from bad results from the sun.


Loaded with heart-healthy  Omega3 fatty acids, it is a major building bold in synthesizing both, Hormone and Cholesterol levels. Being very beneficial to the health of the heart and brain, it helps very much in generating and regulating Hormones. Salmon

It was found in researches that Salmon has a huge anti-inflammatory which helps soothing and preventing a great deal of skins ailments like acne and eczema.

Eat 4 ounces of Salmon twice a week.


I want to reveal to you that the yolks of the Eggs do not have bad Cholesterol. In fact, the Eggs’ yokes have the good and HDL Cholesterol that is required by the body to generate Essential Hormones.

Easter Eggs

Moreover, HDL cholesterol will soften the Skin and will enhance its beauty. It’s wise that you will eat one egg a day to maintain healthy fats and HDL cholesterol, that will keep your skin healthy and beautiful, and so, your body energizing protein.


This amazing grains essential to fill up your body with Energetic-Hormone-Regulating-Nutrients. It’s loaded with all the best Nutrients and Minerals plus Phosphorus, Magnesium and Protein.

Quinoa is not like other grains that usually is high on the Glycemic index and can threaten to heighten your blood sugar levels. Quinoa stabilizes blood sugar levels as it is a complex carb, brimming with heaps of protein.

Quinoa in a Bowl

This helps the body control the Domino Effect that happens when high blood sugar levels increase Insulin levels, bringing it to a  dangerous rise in Androgen levels.

We want to advise you to eat Quinoa twice on the place of any Grains, like rice and bread.

You will need a half cup of Quinoa twice every week. That will have energizing Nutrients and balanced Hormones and Minerals that will keep a tight and firm skin.

Thank you again!


Luzia Soares.

This article I have gotten from research on Natural Remedies, Prevention.

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