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Groundbreaking New Report From America’s Top Anti-Aging Pioneer
Strange Biological Activator Nourishes Aging Hair Follicles

“Discover the root nourishing secret my patients use to give the appearance of youthful hair at any age.”

– Dr. Al Sears, MD, CNS
Clinical studies confirm this simple at-home treatment works where all others have failed, creating the appearance of hair growth in as little as 8 weeks, even if you’ve been thinning for years.

Hi, my name is Dr. Al Sears.

If you’re losing your hair, there is finally hope.  Because a new discovery has stunned the scientific community…
For the first time ever, researchers from the University of California have proven aging hair follicles can show the appearance of new life. This is nothing short of a revelation.
Because until now scientists believed that after a hair follicle died — in other words, once it stopped growing new hairs — NOTHING could change that. However, clinical studies now confirm, it’s not only possible… it’s easy.
By simply triggering a newly discovered biological activator you can nourish aging hair follicles for the appearance of thicker, fuller, more youthful hair at any age.

Now, my team and I have found a simple, at-home way to instantly stimulate this biological activator… And the results have been life changing.  



My patients — even those in their 70s and 80s — report this biological activator has been the ONLY thing to deliver real, noticeable, and lasting results. Men and women who came to me teary-eyed were able to experience a remarkable, life-changing turnaround, often in a matter of weeks.
“When my husband began use of this product, all he had on top of his head was fuzz. The hair began to grow after 30 days and now after 7 months, his hair is about two to three inches long! Very exciting and like the other products that we order from you — IT WORKS!! Thank you so much.” – Jeanne F., San Diego, CA

“I’ve been doing this for approximately six weeks and have seen a significant improvement in hair growth. Previously, you could see thinning areas at the back of my head and now hair has grown over it.”  – Peter W., Kemptville, Ontario, Canada

“I’m in my 50s and hormones are wreaking havoc with my hair. It’s awful! I decided to give Dr. Sears’ Re-Nourish a try. I’ve been using it diligently for just over 4 weeks and was happy to notice little baby fine hairs sprouting!”  – Georgia H., West Palm Beach, FL

“I have used the product on only one side of my head. I used the other side as a type of ‘before’ control. My receding hairline is growing back. I took photos this morning and it truly shows a difference from one side to the other.”  – Valerie H., Canada

And the beauty behind this biological activator is…

It’s all natural. 
It’s simple… it’s fast-acting… it’s proven to work… and it doesn’t require surgery, a trip to the doctor, ugly hair plugs, or “good genetics.” Best of all, it’s 100% safe with zero side-effects.
Plus, when you discover how to use this biological activator, you won’t have to do ANYTHING else. No dietary changes… no massaging your scalp with almond or coconut oil… no pills, no shampoos, no hormone-disrupting drugs.
All you have to do is follow the simple instructions exactly how I outline them… and allow this breakthrough to work its magic.
Then, in just a few short weeks, you can stun your friends and family as your hair appears thicker and fuller than ever before, finally covering those embarrassing bald patches.
So, if you hate people staring at your thinning scalp, if you’re sick of finding hairs on your pillow each morning and if you’re tired of feeling unattractive and older than you actually are…
Then I urge you to read this special report. Because what I’m going to share with you has already helped thousands of men and women across the country. And I can’t wait for it to help you, too…

How I Discovered This “Root Nourishing” Secret

For the last 20 years I’ve worked tirelessly to find new, all-natural solutions to the health problems plaguing our country.

And during those two decades, I’ve published over 500 scientific papers, many of which have been featured by almost every major media outlet, including ABC News, CNN, National Geographic, Lifetime, and dozens of others.
But nothing is as remarkable as what I’m sharing with you today…

You see, for many years, my patients would come to me — often with tears in their eyes — BEGGING for help.

They’d tell me their hair was falling out and no matter what they tried, nothing worked.
Shampoos, supplements, hormone therapy, dietary changes. It all failed. Their hair loss was only getting worse.
Seeing my patients suffer like this always broke my heart… I hated seeing the desperation in their eyes and wished I could help. So, you can imagine how much it pained me to explain their hair loss was a natural part of aging and couldn’t be prevented.
I didn’t know it at the time… but I was dead WRONG
Because a new discovery has now reshaped decades of medical knowledge…

In the blink of an eye, this breakthrough flipped everything we thought we knew about hair loss upside down…

…and, it has paved the way for a revolutionary new treatment that helps support thick, youthful hair at any age.

You see, until very recently, scientists always believed once a hair follicle died — once it stopped sprouting new hairs — it couldn’t be saved.

But researchers from the University of California have now proven aging hair follicles can be nurtured by switching on a simple, all-natural, and completely safe “activator” within your cells.  
Clinical studies confirm this root nourishing secret works to make existing hair thicker, fill bald spots, and restore your natural hairline 
As the magnitude of this discovery hit me, I realized I owed it to my patients to explore this breakthrough in more depth…
I owed it to them to figure out how they could use it to inspire the appearance of lush, thick hair, at any age. So, I dropped everything and called an urgent meeting with my research team.
I told them this was our top priority. I wanted to know EVERYTHING about this biological activator hidden in our cells. And, for the next few months, analyzing this breakthrough became our singular focus.
Today, I’m finally ready to share our ground-breaking results…
By the end of this special report you’ll know exactly WHY hair loss occurs… WHY all the treatments you’ve tried have failed… and HOW a simple at-home treatment can support your hair growth, even if you’ve been thinning for years.

The Real Reason Men & Women Lose Hair 

To understand why this works, you first need to know the truth about hair loss. Believe it or not, the average person loses between 50-to-100 hairs per day.[1] While this may seem like a lot, it’s perfectly normal, because your hair grows in cycles… and all of those hairs eventually grow back.[2]

When you’re young, each hair passes through the three phases uninterrupted.

Once the follicle completes the full cycle, this 3-phase process starts up again. In other words, when you’re younger it doesn’t matter if you’re losing 100 hairs per day because they all grow back.

The problem is, as you get older, it becomes tougher for your hair follicles to complete this cycle. Over time your hair follicles start to malfunction… failing to complete this three-phase cycle[3,4]… and eventually dying.
This “death” of your hair follicles is the real reason why hair loss occurs.
You see, when your hair follicles can’t complete the three-phase cycle, it becomes impossible to regrow hair. It doesn’t matter what diet you try, what supplement you take, or what “miracle” shampoo you use… if the follicle is dead, new hairs will never grow.
Until recently, this was believed to be an irreversible state. Scientists believed once the follicle died, it was too late.

The 3 Phases of Hair Growth

1. The Anagen Phase — This is the “growing” phase. It occurs for a period of 2-6 years.

2. The Catagen Phase — This is the “transitioning” phase where your hair stops growing and prepares to shed. This phase lasts about 3 weeks.
3. The Telogen Phase — This is the “shedding” phase where your hair gets pushed out of the follicle and falls out. And the duration of this phase varies (more on this later).
But it has now been proven aging hair follicles can be nourished… leading to the completion of this crucial three-phase cycle… and unleashing the appearance of new hair growth at any age and no matter how bald you are. 
And my team and I discovered the secret of this support lies in stem cells.
However, unlike the controversial stem cell therapy from the early 2000s, this breakthrough works hand-in-hand with a completely new, 100% ethical form of stem cells called adult stem cells. It’s thanks to these adult stem cells that dead hair follicles can be nurtured.
In fact, many of Hollywood’s stars are using a treatment based on adult stem cell technology. It’s what allows these men and women to quickly deal with hair loss and to continue to enjoy a thick head of hair.[5]
Unfortunately, these treatments are reserved for the rich and famous. They cost on average of between $10,000 to $20,000 for a SINGLE treatment. Which puts it well out of reach for most Americans. That’s the bad news.
The good news: My team and I have developed a truly revolutionary, cost-effective treatment to mimic the results of adult stem cell therapy… 100% naturally and without surgery, hair plugs, or a prescription.

A Better Way To Nourish Your Hair

As it turns out, scientists have been studying the adult form of stem cells since the 1950s.[6]

In fact, ever since 1986, there have been numerous successful stem cell transplants where patients were able to extend the lives of other cells in their bodies.[7]
See, adult stem cells are not like normal cells. They can divide and multiply an almost infinite amount of times. This is what makes them so remarkable.
What’s more, adult stem cells can turn into various other cells in the body to regenerate tissue which has become old and dysfunctional. They do this through a process known as “cell differentiation.”[8,9,10]
This is something normal cells can’t do. For instance, an adult stem cell can start as a blood cell… and turn into a heart cell… or a muscle cell… or even a hair cell, just so long as it’s an adult stem cell.
A new stem cell breakthrough has the ability to rejuvenate hair follicles.

Adult stem cells are like having an unlimited source of fuel your body can use to repair and replace dying tissue. But what’s most fascinating is these stem cells can be channeled into other areas of your body… reviving those areas.

And the best way to do this is through this strange biological activator I’ve been telling you about. Once it’s activated, you can start using the power of adult stem cells to create the appearance of thicker, fuller, more luscious looking hair, at any age.
And that’s because adult stem cells are found everywhere in your body. And many of them are rooted deep in your hair follicles. These are known as hair follicle stem cells and they’re the reason your hair either grows or falls out.
Hair Follicle Stem Cells Are The Reason Your Hair Either Grows Thick Or Thin 

Studies have shown hair follicle stem cells are vital for the completion of the full hair-growth cycle.[11]

For instance, a study published in Nature — one of the world’s leading peer-reviewed science journals — revealed hair follicle stem cells quickly become activated when your hair enters the “growth” phase.[12]

This means in order to grow hair, your body NEEDS hair follicle stem cells.

They are the key element fueling hair growth.

Simply put…
Hair Only Grows When Your Stem Cells Are Active

But your adult stem cells — much like the rest of your body — age over time.

And when they do, your hair follicle stem cells become dormant, unresponsive, lifeless
Worse still, studies have shown adult stem cells can age FASTER for certain people…[13,14,15] Which is why some folks lose hair faster than others.

Hair Follicle Stem Cells Decline As We Age

As we age, our hair follicle stem cells become inactive — causing hair to thin and fall out. But the good news is we have developed a truly revolutionary, cost-effective treatment to nourish your hair follicles… stimulate normal hair growth… and make your hair look fuller, more luscious and silkier than ever before.
Scientists Have Discovered Why Hair Follicle Stem Cells Become Inactive 

For years, scientists have studied why adult stem cells become inactive and they’ve struggled to explain why.

Up until recently, they just assumed it was a natural part of aging. However, a new study from the University of California has finally found the answer.
It has to do with a little-known cell called a “Treg.” These are microscopic immune cells responsible for regulating inflammation in your body. Simply put, they’re responsible for ensuring your body functions effectively.[16]
However, the breakthrough discovery from the University of California revealed these Tregs are also vital for hair growth. In fact, they showed by stimulating these Tregs, it was possible to renourish aging hair follicles to give the appearance of thick, youthful hair.
For example… in one study scientists took a group of mice and shaved small patches of hair from their bodies. Then, they temporarily removed Tregs cells from the skin of half the mice.
The results?
The mice who had their Tregs intact continued to grow hair normally. But the mice who had their Tregs removed COULDN’T grow hair anymore. In other words, the moment they lost Treg cells… their hair follicle stem cells died and could not regrow hair. Well, it turns out this is the exact same thing happening to men and women who’re going bald.
But here’s the interesting twist… as soon as the bald mice had their Tregs restored, their hair grew back rapidly,[17] leading the scientists to conclude…
Tregs Cells Have The Power To Resurrect Hair Follicle Stem Cells…[18]

And Force Them To Grow New, Youthful Hair.

But there’s just one problem…

Tregs are a limited resource in our bodies. As we age, the amount of Tregs in our body declines. Which means we can no longer grow hair naturally. And taking supplements, hair products, and shampoos won’t help either.

Case in point, a study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology found 57% of women and 73% of men will all experience irreversible hair loss eventually. That’s nearly 3 in 5 women, and 4 in 5 men.[19]
The fact is, we all lose Tregs over time… it’s just some of us lose Tregs faster than others. So as it turns out… when it comes to restoring hair, it’s not about the stem cells. It’s about activating them. 
And Tregs are the ONLY way to do this safely and naturally. You see, by boosting Tregs studies now you can NOURISH aging hair follicles, leading to the appearance of healthy, youthful hair even if you’ve been balding for years.

How Likely Are You To Suffer From Hair Loss?

The Root ReNourishing Secret For Aging Hair Follicles 

For the next several months my team and I started focusing exclusively on finding nutrients that could naturally support Tregs and trigger this biological activator. We poured over every scientific paper we could get our hands on and we eventually found five “Activators” which were scientifically proven to help regulate and even boost Tregs. Here’s what we found:
  • Treg Activator #1 — D-alpha tocopherol
D-alpha tocopherol (DAT) is a powerful antioxidant found in wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds, and dry roasted almonds.[20] Studies show it supports Tregs by regulating your “dendritic cells” (DCs). You can think of DCs as your body’s security guards. They pick up potentially toxic material that’s in your body and if they identify it as a threat, they ramp up Treg production to get rid of it.[21] Studies have shown that DCs help maintain optimal hair health, at any age.
  • Treg Activator #2 — Panax ginseng root
Panax ginseng has been used as an ancient herbal remedy for more than 2,000 years.22 However, it’s only recently its impact on hair has been uncovered. Scientists have found Panax ginseng root contains a powerful antioxidant called ginsenoside.[23] Well, it turns out ginsenoside helps boost and activate Tregs by stimulating your dendritic cells — just like Treg Activator #1.[24,25] Now, there is a growing mountain of evidence that shows Panax ginseng is a perfectly safe way to support hair growth… and even prevent hair loss.[26]
  • Treg Activator #3 — Niacinamide (aka NAD)

This vitamin holds the key to restoring your falling NAD+ levels.

It is a critical coenzyme for hundreds of metabolic processes in your body, and it feeds the famished stem cells in your hair follicles so you’re able to grow hair again.
  • Treg Activators #4 & #5 — Zinc & Biotin

While you’ve probably heard of both of these before, they are two of the most overlooked ingredients for hair support. Zinc and Biotin work synergistically not only to increase Treg cells but also to ensure your body attracts 40% more of these cells.[27,28,29]

What’s more, a recent study published in the International Journal of Trichology revealed 38% of women who suffer from hair loss are deficient in Biotin.[30]

This is crucial because in addition to boosting Tregs, Biotin is the nutrient responsible for making Keratin — the hair protein.[31] So it’s no wonder that nearly 2 in 5 women suffering from hair loss are deficient in this nutrient.

So there you have it.
The five natural and perfectly safe ingredients capable of activating Tregs are:

This is crucial because in addition to boosting Tregs, Biotin is the nutrient responsible for making Keratin — the hair protein.[31] So it’s no wonder that nearly 2 in 5 women suffering from hair loss are deficient in this nutrient.

1. D-alpha tocopherol (aka DAT)
2. Panax ginseng root
3. Niacinamide (aka NAD)
4. Zinc
5. Biotin
Combined, these five nutrients exploit this biological activator to re-nourish aging follicles… giving you the appearance of youthful hair.
The problem is until now these nutrients were unavailable in a single formula.
If you wanted to use them you needed to hunt them down individually, calculate the science-backed doses, and blend them together correctly.
 However, that’s all changed. Because after discovering these Treg activators, my team and I formulated them into a groundbreaking new product that instantly helps you start regrowing hair, at any age.
Introducing Dr. Sears’ Treg-Boosting Formula…


The simple, at-home treatment that clinical trials proved work where all others have failed, supporting the appearance of hair growth in as little as 8 weeks, even if you’ve been thinning for years. Re-Nourish is the world’s first and only Treg-boosting formula. It is the ONLY formula that leverages the “root renourishing” stem cell technology to help you deal with bald spots, thinning, and hair loss — without expensive surgery.
Re-Nourish works by rejuvenating aging hair follicle stem cells… giving you the ability to invigorate each strand, so your hair appears to be fuller, thicker, and more beautiful than ever.
And today, I want to invite you to try Re-Nourish 100% Risk-Free.
But first, let me tell you how we’ve recently “upgraded” Re-Nourish to help trigger even faster, more permanent hair support by including several special “hair accelerators” you won’t find anywhere else.

Re-Nourish Also Includes One Of Switzerland’s 

Most Prized Possessions, The Uttwiler Spätlauber
This strange apple grows in certain areas of Switzerland. Unlike most apples which rot when you cut into their flesh, the Uttwiler Spätlauber grows a new protective layer of skin… because it contains, deep within its core, its own stem cell supply.[32]
In recent years, scientists have found a way to utilize this apple’s stem cells to enhance your own.
In one study, Swiss scientists found an extract containing just 0.1% of this miraculous apple was able to boost human adult stem cells by a whopping 80%.[33]
Furthermore, when the scientists placed human hair follicle stem cells in a petri dish containing this extract… they found hair remained alive 28% longer. This is the equivalent of having hair that appears to be 15-20 years younger.
And inside every dose of my breakthrough new Re-Nourish formula, you’ll get the stem cell boosting power of this strange Swiss apple.
The Uttwiler Spätlauber is able to repair its skin just like new because of plant stem cells that naturally transform the apple.

We Also Included These Additional Hair-Boosters That Are 

Scientifically Proven To Support Each Strand of Hair
  • Organic Nigella Sativa – In one double-blind, placebo-controlled study, participants who used a lotion containing Nigella Sativa saw significant improvements — in only 90 days.[34]
  • Fenugreek Seed – This ingredient holds a powerful antioxidant which improves blood flow to the capillaries, which feed the roots of your hair.[35]
  • Serenoa Repens (SR) – In a 12-week study published in the Journal of Dermatology, scientists found SR significantly boosted the appearance of new hair.

Can you imagine how much more confidence these women felt? They probably never again had to rely on wearing hats or having blunt bob haircuts to hide their embarrassing secret.

Along with the Treg activators I mentioned earlier, I also made sure to include all of these additional ingredients in the new, upgraded Re-Nourish formula.
In fact, there are a total of 29 hair-supporting nutrients in Re-Nourish. And the results achieved with this formula have been fantastic.
But don’t take my word for it…

Just Listen to What Some of Our Satisfied Customers are Saying…

“I didn’t use this product as often as recommended so I didn’t expect results. And boy was I surprised! I used Re-Nourish sparingly for 2 weeks. But then on week 3, I noticed new growth right at the front of my hairline. This is where my hair is most damaged from highlights and hair irons. I can’t wait to keep using Re-Nourish and see how it affects all over hair growth! Not only am I surprised by my results, but I’m also pleased with the product itself. I was worried that it would leave my fine, light hair feeling heavy or looking greasy and it hasn’t done either. On top of that, it has a lovely natural botanical smell. Awesome product!”  – Elizabeth B., West Palm Beach, FL
I can say confidently that the Re-Nourish product from Sears Institute has done more for me than expected. And I will continue to be an avid user of the product. My hair feels and looks much fuller. My barber even noticed. And I didn’t tell him I was using the product Re-Nourish! That’s all the evidence I need to know this product is legitimate!”  – John S.
“My scalp and hair instantly felt soothed, fresh, and clean. I’m seeing noticeable results with my hair thickness and length!”  – April W., West Palm Beach, FL
I’ve noticed thicker, fuller hair. I feel my hair has been restored to BETTER THAN its pre-blow dry-every-wash state. I can now confidently go without styling and enjoy a gentle wave and a lively bounce, and so much more volume. Thank you, Dr. Sears.”  – Sarah G., FL
“My hair was thinning. So, I began to use Re-Nourish every day on the front part of my scalp. Now I have thicker hair.”  – Susan D., Fort Pierce, FL
It’s really mind-boggling that my hair has started growing back in — in the front and back. The only two things I attribute it to is Re-Nourish and prayer.”  – Zan Reynolds
Here’s How To Try Re-Nourish


Re-Nourish is simple and easy to use. It literally takes seconds. All you have to do is apply a couple of gentle sprays to the area where your hair is currently thin… and watch in amazement as — in just a few short days — the appearance of new hair begins to emerge.

Over the next few weeks, when you look in the mirror, you’ll see your hair appears to be fuller. And when you run your fingers through it, you’ll immediately feel the difference. Thick, luscious hair your friends and family will notice, too.
And as you continue to use Re-Nourish over the next few months, you’ll be astonished as the hair you thought you lost forever, appears fuller and thicker than you could’ve ever imagined. 
Now, while it’s true some of the ingredients in Re-Nourish are easy to find — such as Zinc and Biotin… there are about a dozen others that are available only in very limited quantities… and only if you have the right resources to harvest them.
There are a total of 29 ingredients in Re-Nourish — each one just as essential as the next. And in order to unleash this formula’s full potential, you need the correct doses of ALL 29 compounds.
You also need to cultivate them from quality sources.
Most of the brand-name products you find at your local store are formulated by giant corporations that prioritize profits over quality. They cut corners by using low-quality, synthetic sources because they have no standards.
Instead of being extracted from nature, the majority of their compounds are grown in a lab.
Creating a quality product takes time. And it’s difficult to mass-produce such a product. Which is why we can only produce Re-Nourish in small batches. And it’s why, if you’re serious about regrowing your hair, you must act immediately.
I’ve been helping people achieve better health for over 20 years… and I’ve made it my personal mission to help women and men of all ages maintain their beauty and hold onto their hair at any age. 
Re-Nourish Is The Only
All-Natural Alternative 
To The $20,000 Adult Stem Cell Hair Loss Solution. 
It uses the same root nourishing technology… but you won’t pay anywhere near $20,000 for it.  
  • Supports healthy hair
  • Nourishes thinning hair
  • Promotes existing hair growth

However, I must warn you, because Re-Nourish is such an effective product, people are buying up in droves. Which means there is a very real risk of Re-Nourish going out of stock.

This isn’t a gimmick either. People really do love this product. That is why today I am offering new customers a special introductory offer.
I want you to know you’re making the right decision. You are taking matters into your own hands. And you’re ready to embark on a journey to a fuller, thicker, more youthful head of hair.
I have no doubt in my mind Re-Nourish will give a renourished look to the hair follicles on your head — no matter how long you’ve been losing hair.
And don’t worry if you spray some on your forehead and hands. Re-Nourish will only grow hair if there are hair follicles in place to begin with. No need to worry about hair in odd places — it won’t happen.
 So, before you order, I just want you to imagine what life would be like when you no longer have to wear a hat to cover up your thinning hair.
Imagine not having to worry about the wind blowing your hair, revealing the bald spots you’ve been hiding for months — or years.
Imagine the look in your spouse’s eyes, when you resemble the younger version of yourself… And imagine the relief you’ll feel knowing that strangers are no longer staring at your humiliating bald spots and receding hairline, but instead are admiring your new-found appearance.
Imagine the thrill of being able to go out on a hot summer day and dunking your head in the water — in public — and not have to worry about your scalp showing through.
Re-Nourish is designed to help you support the appearance of new hair in areas of your scalp where it hasn’t grown in years.

I have noticed [a nice thickening effect in] the area where I have applied Re-Nourish and I only applied it once a day, approx. 

4 days a week.”
– Carolyn H.
In addition, you’ll get 2 FREE special e-Reports
Free special e-Report: 
Regenerate Thick Lustrous Hair (a $19.95 value, yours FREE! )
In this brand new 19-page dossier, I reveal the worst environmental toxic offenders laying siege to your hair. And the simple steps to re-balance your hormones to save your hair and more. You’ll look good from the inside out — all the way to the top of your head — your hair!
My 100% New Hair Guarantee

“Youthful Hair” In 90-Days

I want you to be absolutely thrilled with the results you get from Re-Nourish. If in the next 90-days, you’re not completely happy for any reason, just send me back the empty bottle, or bottles, within 90 days after your purchase. You will get a full refund of every penny you paid.
I’m happy to give you this full money-back guarantee because I believe in Re-Nourish. And I’m confident that once you try it, you’ll love what you see in in the mirror.
I promise you Re-Nourish will:  
  • Transform the way your hair looks. 
  • Nourish your hair follicles and scalp with natural and potent nutrients you won’t find in any other hair treatment.
  • And make you feel like you have young again hair, with the confidence and joy that comes with it.
When you use Re-Nourish, the benefits start stacking up and get bigger over time. You have the opportunity to enjoy HUGE gains over the long term.
You have absolutely nothing to lose — and an opportunity to experience first-hand what it’s like to say goodbye to thinning hair. Plus, Re-Nourish gives your hair more volume, shine, length, thickness, strength and youthfulness.
To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, M.D., CNS

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Our Most Potent Collection of Anti-Aging Formulas





A selection of the herbs used in our line are hand picked in the mountains where they grow wild– this is the definition of wildcrafted. When we use wildcrafted herbs, we know that no commercial farming methods have been used, and that the plants are hearty, vibrant and full of skin-nourishing nutrients.

Wild Alchemy

Hydrate, revitalize, and glow with the Wild Alchemy Collection, our luxury line. It includes a transformative routine for all skin types.


Restore Collection

Restore Collection

Replenish, freshen, and fortify the skin with our most potent collection of anti-aging formulas. The Restore Collection works best for dry and mature skin.

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Balance Collection

The Balance Collection is curated for anyone craving serenity and sheen, softening and radiance. It’s best suited for normal & combination skin.

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Deeply-penetrative and uniquely reviving, the Purify Collection is ideal for oily skin. It is formulated to tone and tame excess shine as it helps to unclog pores thoroughly.

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Sample the essentials best suited to each skin type. They’re a great way to get acquainted with our line or introduce a friend to our products.

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Anti-Aging Serum

firms & tightens skin.

Rated 4.8 out of 5
1560 Reviews

$ 60.00 / 15ml

Anti-Aging Facial Oil

softens skin.

Rated 4.8 out of 5
1418 Reviews

$ 60.00 / 15ml

Aloe Herb Cleanser

pH balanced.

Rated 4.9 out of 5
1371 Reviews

$ 57.00 / 100ml

Neroli Toning Mist

soothes body & mind.

Rated 4.9 out of 5
1000 Reviews

$ 31.00 / 50ml


Renew - Facial Cream Cleanser

Renew – Facial Cream Cleanser

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Radiate - Facial Moisturizing Oil

Radiate – Facial Moisturizing Oil

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Resurfacing Facial Exfoliant

Resurfacing Facial Exfoliant

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Rejuvenating Facial Oil

Rejuvenating Facial Oil

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5 Foods to Eat—And 5 Not to Eat—To Reduce Acne Breakouts

Ditch the Chemicals—7 Ways to Color Your Hair Naturally

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What’s your skin score?

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Clean Beauty Trial Annmarie Gianni

Reveal Gorgeous, Radiantly-Healthy Skin Annmarie Gianni




The Clean Beauty Trial Offer promises flawless results without chemicals. It features…

  • Aloe Herb Cleanser (trial size), a pH-balanced cleanser to purify and soften with organic Aloe Vera, coconut oil, and beautifying herbs.
  • Anti-Aging Serum (trial size), a hydrating elixir that nourishes and firms the look of skin with hyaluronic acid, edelweiss, and soothing life everlasting flowers.
  • FREE Anti-Aging Facial Oil sample, a revitalizing moisturizer for luminous skin to complete your skin care ritual.
  • FREE shipping* + a money-back promise.


Aloe Herb Cleanser

741 Reviews

Anti-Aging Serum

1131 Reviews

Anti-Aging Facial Oil

1026 Reviews

No commitment. No subscription. No risk.

*For US and Canadian residents only.


Real Reviews from Real Customers

“Amazing company, amazing products”

Silvie Horka


“I love all Annmarie’s products. Amazing company, amazing products, excellent customer service! Will forever be a customer.*”

“The great minds behind this REALLY care about me'”

Lakiia Nasir Day


“This elixir leaves me feeling like the great minds behind this REALLY care about me, this planet and an integrity that can sustain them for generations to come.*”

“My skin started looking brighter and healthier”

Susan Beauregard


“I only use Annmarie products on my face. I’m 48 years old and people often mistake me for being in my 30’s. My skin started looking brighter and healthier after I’d switched to her products.*”

*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.
Annmarie Skin Care customers

Shown above are our very own Annmarie Skin Care customers.


Your search for pure, all-natural skin care ends here—especially if you’ve been looking for chemical-free solutions that actually work.

Enter the The Clean Beauty Trial Offer. It includes a full routine of clean and complex elixirs, all but guaranteed to hydrate, soothe, and rejuvenate your skin and lift your spirit. It’s a true beauty boost, and something to take comfort in.

Aloe Herb Cleanser

Aloe Herb Cleanser: Purify, moisturize, and breathe…

Our Aloe Herb Cleanser (trial size) is gentle and effective; lightweight, yet impactful. This pH-balanced elixir is formulated to purify and moisturize all skin types, while removing makeup and build up. Plus, it’s a joy to the senses, given its citrus-scented infusion of organic Aloe Vera, creamy coconut oil, and soothing Calendula flowers. Let your skin breathe again.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera

Our certified organic Aloe Vera is derived from the whole and the inner leaf of the plant, then freeze dried to retain all of the essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes. This potent, synergizing plant is where our biocompatible ingredients thrive.

Lemon Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil

Balance your complexion’s natural oils with a purely-sourced dose of citrus-powered purification known to brighten, clear, and refine skin.

Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil

Nourishment comes naturally to pure, nutrient-rich coconut oil. Restore your complexion with superior moisturization to fight dehydration and environmental stressors.

Anti-Aging Serum

Anti-Aging Serum: Brighten, hydrate, and revitalize

Your skin can always use a multivitamin elixir like the Anti-Aging Serum (trial size), beloved for its ability to soften and tighten your look. It’s infused with non-GMO hyaluronic acid and organic sunflower seed oil, ginkgo leaf, and life-everlasting flowers for bouncy, firmer-feeling skin.

Plus, it’s packed with antioxidant-rich herb extracts of Buddleja davidii and edelweiss to boost the skin’s natural defenses and protect it from environmental stressors.

Buddleja Extract
Buddleja Extract

This antioxidant-rich extract is the ideal ingredient for fighting the environmental stressors that cause the appearance of aging.

Life Everlasting Flowers
Life Everlasting Flowers

Life everlasting flowers are abundant in natural fatty acids ursolic and oleanolic, which have potent antioxidant and skin-defensive properties.

Rose Distillate
Rose Distillate

This delicate hydrosol is the steam captured from the distillation process of extracting pure rose essential oil. Rose helps to nurture and soothe the appearance of temporary redness, while it’s aromatherapeutic quality provides balance to the mind, body and spirit.

Anti-Aging Facial Oil: A FREE sample to moisturize and promote flawless skin

Anti-Aging Facial Oil: A FREE sample to moisturize and promote flawless skin

This offer also includes a FREE sample of our best selling Anti-Aging Facial Oil to soften, moisturize, and promote flawless skin. It rounds off your self-care ritual nourishing jojoba oil, beautifying rose distillate and antioxidant-rich goji berries. They’re known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by delivering intense moisture to keep mature skin supple and dewy.

Jojoba Oil
Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil closely resembles the texture of the skin’s natural oil, and its status as a protective emollient ensures optimum, nutrient-dense replenishment.

Chia Seed Oil
Chia Seed Oil

An ultra-moisturizing superfood renowned for its restorative properties. It is considered one of the richest botanical sources of omega-3 fatty acids found in nature, and contains an abundance of vitamin B3 and zinc that bode well for the skin’s plumpness and resilience.

Goji Berries
Goji Berries

One of the most powerful antioxidant-rich superfoods in the world, teeming with essential trace minerals, amino acids, and vitamin C. Our goji berries are sourced from the Himalayas, grown in high-altitude to preserve the berry’s natural vibration.


Aloe Herb Cleanser

STEP 1 /Aloe Herb Cleanser

Use daily, AM/PM. Apply to damp skin, massage into face, rinse. For deeper exfoliation, use with a face brush.

How to Use Aloe Herb Cleanser

Anti-Aging Serum

STEP 2 /Anti-Aging Serum

Apply to clean skin. Pump a generous amount into palm of hand. Dab a bit on nose, chin, cheeks and forehead​.​ ​Blend well. Best used before your preferred facial moisturizer.

How to Use Anti-Aging Serum

Anti-Aging Facial Oil

STEP 3 /Anti-Aging Facial Oil

Use AM/PM or ​as needed. Apply to clean skin or over serum. ​Pump 1 ​to 2 full pumps into palm of hand. Dab on nose, chin, cheeks and forehead. Blend with gentle strokes.

How to Use Anti-Aging Facial Oil





A selection of the herbs used in our line is hand picked in the mountains where they grow wild—this is the definition of wildcrafted. When we use wildcrafted herbs, we know that no commercial farming methods have been used, and that the plants are hearty, vibrant and full of skin-nourishing nutrients.



Aloe Herb Cleanser

This pH-balanced formula easily dissolves impurities and removes makeup without stripping the skin’s moisture or disrupting its sensitive barrier.


Instead of water or alcohol, we used organic Aloe Vera as a base for its soothing and hydrating properties and added beautifying herbs and light, natural oils.

Anti-Aging Serum

Natural hyaluronic acid refreshes and hydrates your skin for a softer finish, helping to plump up the look of fine lines and wrinkles.


This potent herb infusion is jam-packed with antioxidant-rich botanicals like Buddleja extract and life everlasting flowers, which protect your facial ecosystem from all four seasons of environmental stressors.

Anti-Aging Facial Oil

Firm, tighten, and fortify skin with antioxidant-rich seed oils—Chia, goji berry, broccoli—that aid your complexion’s environmental resilience with a wealth of vitamins, amino acids, and omega fatty acids.


This luxurious, herb-infused formula boasts over a dozen intention-laden botanicals that leave skin supple, dewy, and happy—from moisture-binding acai fruit to soothing gingko and plantago.


Get Your Clean Beauty Trial Offer Set Today

Get Your Clean Beauty Trial Offer Set Today Annmarie Gianni

Clean Beauty Trial Offer Set includes:

Aloe Herb Cleanser (trial size)
Anti-Aging Serum (trial size)
Anti-Aging Facial Oil (FREE sample)

$19.99 + FREE Shipping


No commitment required. No subscription. No risk. Money back guaranteed.


New York Times Best-selling Author, Wellness Activist
Kris Carr“I’m a loyal fan of Annmarie’s beautiful, organic products. I’ve been using them for over a decade and my skin has never looked or felt better!*”


New York Times Best-selling Author, Health Expert
Dr. Mark Hyman“These products are natural and chemical free, totally in alignment with my health recommendations. And they are far more effective than anything I’ve seen in my 20 years of practice. They smell and feel amazing, and they really work.*”
*Specific results are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.

We’re pretty sure you’re going to fall in love with our natural, beyond-organic products. But just in case, your purchase is backed with a complete money-back guarantee. If you don’t like them, we’ll completely refund your purchase, no questions asked. This puts the risk on us to deliver the best possible products and results to you. Click here to read our full policy.

Looking for more skin care guidance?

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2. What is the refund policy?
3. How do I use these products?


The Annmarie Skin Care Story

The origin of Annmarie Skin Care began with a cross-country voyage. In 2008, our founders—hosts of a popular YouTube health show—vowed to find the best natural skincare in America.

Left: Cofounders,
Kevin and Annmarie

It wasn’t easy. They encountered formulators who took shortcuts or shrugged off chemicals—and a beauty industry that encouraged it.

Then, serendipity took hold: they met Bunnie, a chemist, herbalist, and pioneer of plant-based skin care. They teamed up to craft a line—using organic and wildcrafted ingredients—that promises beautiful, glowing skin.

Left: Annmarie and

In 2010, Annmarie Skin Care was launched. Each product is made with the intention, using our 3-step, Wild. Beautiful. Proprietary process. All ingredients are hand-selected, infused in base oils and aloe juice, and then crafted using additional plant extracts to make them as effective as possible.

Left: Hand selected
Herbs infused into
Skin nutritive oils for
Up to 30 days at low

Today, Annmarie and Kevin spread the message about good, clean, effective skin care through consumer education and a natural, organic, wildcrafted product line that speaks for itself.

Together with COO Rachel Pachivas, they’ve put together a team that is dedicated to helping people make better decisions about their skin, beauty, and overall health.

Left: COO, Rachel
and team member,
Jen, holding
Annmarie Skin Care
Anti-Aging products.

We are committed to bringing you high quality, pure, organic skin care with a sustainable and conscious approach, because we know those values are just as important to us as they are to you.
Clean Beauty Trial Set Annmarie Gianni


Aloe Herb Cleanser (trial size)
Anti-Aging Serum (trial size)
Anti-Aging Facial Oil (FREE sample)


No commitment required. No subscription.
No risk.

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Splash Probiotic to your Skin Care, Pure Radiance

Dermatologists FRANTIC Over the Release of “Friendly Microbe” Study…

News Flash: The Microbiome On Your Face Has the Power to Restore the Appearance of Lush, Youthful Skin… WITHOUT Chemical Peels and Costly Doctor Visits!
Dear Beauty Seeker,
No dermatologist will ever tell you this…
Your skin’s microbiome has more power to affect the age and appearance of your skin than any drug or treatment known to modern medicine.
In fact, a new study shows women with a robust number of “friendly microbes” have young, beautiful skin… no matter their age.[1]
And when you take this one simple step to improve the health and diversity of your skin’s microbiome… your skin starts to appear YEARS younger.
I first discovered the power of the microbiome about 15 years ago.
Today, we know your gut’s microbiome is the heart of your immune system and has the power to send signals to your brain, mitochondria, and much more.

The Microbiome On Your Face and Skin Is 

Just as Powerful 

That’s bad news for every dermatologist in the United States.

They make their bread and butter pushing chemical peels… believing if they torch the microbiome on your face it will somehow rejuvenate your skin.
And you can’t leave a dermatologist’s office without the esthetician pitching their very expensive and microbiome destroying “daily skin care regimen.”
Now there’s a safer, less painful, more affordable way to restore the appearance of youthful skin. And it’s a completely natural asset your skin already owns.
Here’s a quick look at the results my patients ALREADY enjoy:
  • Slows the appearance of wrinkles and sagging…
  • Improves your skin elasticity by 30%…
  • Improves your skin sensitivity 50%…
  • ​Strengthens your skin barrier by 25%…
  • ​Helps your skin retain moisture and stay hydrated…

In this letter, I’ll show you how I help my patients nourish the “friendly microbes” on their skin to give them vibrant, youthful-looking skin regardless of their age or genetics.

Knowing this secret will empower you to look YEARS younger than your friends and peers… And you don’t need multiple trips to the dermatologist or exclusive spa treatments.
More on that in a moment.
First, let me show you what you’re up against.

Do Your Beauty Products ACCELERATE Skin Aging?

An avalanche of new studies show common soaps and scrubs disrupt your facial microbiome… and severely limit the diversity of friendly microbes, which are essential for young-looking skin.

Yet day in and day out, women unwittingly destroy this fragile layer that keeps skin looking fresh and young.
Additives like triclosan — a common antibacterial chemical in cleansers, soaps and cosmetics — violently abuse your skin’s friendly microbes.[2]
And these chemicals don’t wash off.
One recent study of lotions and moisturizers found their residue sticks around — embedded in your skin — for up to two weeks![3]
Is it any wonder HALF of all Americans over 65 suffer from at least one skin condition?[4]
But some researchers are starting to catch on…
One scientific review from earlier this year urged companies to develop, “Hygiene and/or beauty products that preserve or restore the natural, individual balance of the microbiota.” [5]
But with an army of dermatologists and their lobbyists reaching into their deep pockets to squash this discovery, I expect it will be YEARS before the truth becomes widely accepted.
Here’s the good news.
You don’t have to wait years to feel the smooth, firm appearance of younger skin.
Today, it’s YOURS.  


Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip

Reawaken Your Skin’s Perfect Complexion With The World’s 1st Probiotic Facial Cleanser

  • Repair damaged skin
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Help skin retain moisture
  • Repair DNA damage from UV
  • Protect against skin stressors
  • Control oil/moisture balance
  • Strengthen sensitive skin

You’ve heard of swallowing probiotics to improve digestion…

But putting probiotics for your face to look younger? (Is that really a thing?)

Yes it’s true — probiotics are so healthy for your skin! 

Cultures all over the world have been fermenting skincare potions for thousands of years:
  • 4,000 years ago the Babylonians used beer (fermented grains) to heal wounds.
  • 2,500 years ago Greek women scrubbed their faces and bodies with bubbles made through fermentation.
  • 1,500 years ago Chinese women began using fermented rice water to lighten their skin — a practice that continues to this day.
But thankfully you don’t have to slather stinky sauerkraut on your skin to get all the skin revitalizing benefits of probiotics.

Our Formula Contains High Doses Of Raw Nutrients That Restore Your Skin’s Natural Anti-Aging Power

We start with the proven probiotic bifidobacterium longum.

This strain of bacteria is native to the human body — even newborn babies are born with it — and it is associated with a wide-range of beneficial health effects.
The probiotic bifidobacterium longum nourishes dull, lifeless skin back to health!

We then use enzymes to break bifidobacterium longum down into smaller parts your skin can more easily absorb.

The result is an all-natural, bio-active elixir of dozens of:
  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • amino acids
  • ​antioxidants
  • ​peptides
  • ​nucleic acids

…called Bifida Ferment Lysate that has been shown to nourish dull, lifeless skin back to health!

All of this is done at low temperatures so the resulting nutrients are 100% raw and ready for absorption by hungry skin cells.
Here are just some of the ways your skin can look so much better when it is treated to Bifida ferment lysate therapy on a regular basis…
Probiotic Face Therapy Benefit #1:

Repairs DNA Damage Caused By The Sun

Sun damage is one of the leading causes of aged skin because it can lead to dryness, sunspots, wrinkles and roughness.
Normally your skin can repair itself, but the ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun actually retards the skin’s innate healing abilities by damaging the skin’s DNA.
A recent in vitro lab test showed that fibroblasts — the skin cell that is responsible for repairing aging and damaged skin — had 50% less UV-induced DNA damage when it was also exposed to Bifida ferment lysate.[1]
When fibroblast cells are exposed to UV radiation it triggers the formation of micronuclei which are a sign of DNA damage.
The graph above shows how cells that were treated with Bifida ferment lysate had half as much micronuclei formed (22) compared to the control group (44).
Probiotic Face Therapy Benefit #2:
Slows the Skin-Destroying Enzymes That Cause Wrinkles and Sagging

Reduced skin elasticity is highly associated with the elastase — an enzyme that creates wrinkles and sagging by breaking down structural proteins that hold your skin together.

In the lab, when elastase is added to a Bifida ferment lysate solution it is inhibited by 34% within just a few minutes.
This proves that Bifida ferment lysate slows down the skin-breakdown process![2]
Probiotic Face Therapy Benefit #3:
Improves Skin Elasticity by 30%
One of the subtle clues that reveals someone’s age is how fast their skin snaps back to normal after being stretched.
This is called skin elasticity and it’s actually measurable by a device called a cutometer that suctions the skin to see just how stretchy it is.  (Most women don’t want to suction their faces so cutometer tests are usually completed on the forearm.)
In a lab test by the Korea Dermatology Research Institute, women had the elasticity of their forearm tested — then they applied a cream containing Bifida ferment lysate to their skin 2 times a day.
Skin elasticity is important to looking youthful. Loss of skin elasticity causes skin to look saggy, crinkled, or leathery.
After just 4 weeks of treatment their skin elasticity improved by 30%![3]
Probiotic Face Therapy Benefit #4:
Reduces Skin Sensitivity 50%

Skin sensitivity is a major problem for millions of women because it can cause unpleasant reactions to dyes, fragrances, and other chemicals found in conventional skincare products.

So in another study, women with sensitive skin applied Bifida ferment lysate cream to their face, legs, and forearms twice a day for two months.
Their skin sensitivity was then tested at Day 1, Day 29, and Day 57 by a lactic acid stinging test on a sensitive spot on their face.

Women who used the Bifida ferment lysate cream reported 50% less skin sensitivity from the sting of lactic acid after just 57 days of treatment.

With sensitivity scores this low, these women would no longer be considered to have sensitive skin![4]
Probiotic Face Therapy Benefit #5:
Strengthens Skin Barrier By 25%
In another test that was part of the same study, the women had dermatological tape applied and removed from their forearm until a specific level of moisture loss was achieved.
On Day 1 the average woman could only withstand 13 tape applications and removals until they reached the moisture loss threshold.
But by Day 57 that number had increased to 17 — that’s a 25% increase in skin strength caused by treatment of Bifida ferment lysate![5]
What All Aging Skin Needs The Most… Hydration!

Water evaporation through the skin is one of the leading causes of aged skin because dry skin can make fine lines and wrinkles look more pronounced.

So in the final test from this study, the women gave skin samples from their legs so that markers of skin hydration could be tested.
One of these hydration markers is urea which increases water retention in the upper layers of skin.

Although levels of urea did not increase much during the test, it is interesting to note that the women using the control cream (without Bifida ferment lysate) saw a 50% decrease in urea over the 58-day test period.

This means that Bifida ferment lysate helps skin retain moisture that would otherwise be lost.[6]

Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip 

Contains 3 Additional Skin-Supporting Superstars From the Plant Kingdom

You might be thinking… “I’ve tried everything to make my skin look younger!”
…but you probably haven’t tried probiotics on your face yet.
And even if you have, you haven’t tried Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip!
It’s more than just Bifida ferment lysate — Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip also contains 3 more all-natural anti-aging powerhouses that synergistically support your skin’s eco-shield…
The Miracle Berry: Sea Buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is a thorny tree that was first discovered growing along the salty seacoasts in Europe.

In reality it flourishes all over the world, including the mountains of Tibet where they call sea buckthorn oil “liquid gold”.
The berries of the sea buckthorn tree are true superfoods — containing an impressive array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants — including more beta-carotene than carrots and 15 times more vitamin C than oranges.
Sea buckthorn also boasts something that’s very rare in the plant kingdom: all four omega fatty acids (omega-3, 6, 7 and 9).
With all that’s going for it, it’s no wonder that this highly-nutritious oil has been used since ancient times to protect and rejuvenate tired skin.
More modern studies show that sea buckthorn oil:
  • Stimulates appearance of skin regeneration
  • Reduces look of inflammation
  • Helps the skin detox
  • Prevents moisture loss
  • Improves circulation
  • Promotes appearance of skin elasticity[7]
With so many beauty benefits, you can see why sea buckthorn oil is one of the main active ingredients in my Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip.
Plant of Beauty and Immortality: Aloe Vera
The ancient Egyptians believed that aloe held the secrets of beauty, health and immortality.
In fact, both Cleopatra and Nefertiti — the legendary Egyptian beauty queens — are said to have used aloe as part of their extravagant daily skincare routines. 

What we know now (that they didn’t know then), is that aloe vera contains more than 200 nutritious ingredients including polysaccharides, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and minerals!

These nutrients work together symbiotically to help retain moisture, stimulate the production of skin-supporting structures (like hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen) and soothe skin inflamed by pollution or too much sun.
The gel also contains salicylic acid, a super popular ingredient found in most acne treatments.
Now thanks to Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip you can see just how fresh, soft and supple your face feels after cleansing it twice a day with aloe.
Italian Anti-Aging Mystery Revealed: Rosemary
The small coastal village of Acciaroli, Italy is the home of more than 300 centenarians — people who’ve lived to be 100 years old — or even older! 
In 2016, a group of scientists from Rome traveled to Acciaroli to find out why the people there live so long (and so well).
Besides the health benefits of eating the Mediterranean diet, the people of Acciaroli put ample amounts of rosemary on everything. 
According to recent research, the regular use of rosemary keeps the body younger thanks to an antioxidant called carnosic acid.
When applied to the skin, the carnosic acid in rosemary can:
  • Repair and prevent sun damage
  • Revitalize the blood vessels that deliver nourishment to skin cells
  • Fight free radicals that age skin cells[8]
When I discovered these anti-aging benefits of rosemary I just knew I had to add it to my Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip!

Get Ready for A Better (and better-for-you)
Face Washing Experience!

As soon as you pump Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip onto your fingertips you’ll notice that it feels cleaner and purer than what you’re used to.
Once you apply this luxuriously creamy cleanser to your face you’ll see that this is a totally different face washing experience because…
It’s not foamy (because it doesn’t contain harsh detergents)…
And it isn’t scrubby (because it doesn’t contain exfoliators)…
This may leave you wondering…
“Is this stuff even working?”
Yes — I promise it is!
Just hang in there because it takes a while for the probiotics to work their “magic” and begin restoring your skin’s delicate eco-shield.
But by the time the bottle runs out you will have no doubt that Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip has restored your skin’s natural anti-aging power! 
I just know you’ll love Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip and see results, which is why I’m more than happy to offer you this exclusive guarantee…
My “Great Skin” Guarantee to You
I realize that trying something as new and different as a probiotic facial cleanser can be a little unnerving.
You don’t know how well your skin will react or…
You might be unsure that our “natural” product will work as well as your “modern” one.
So with all that in mind, here is my “Great Skin” guarantee for you:
Replace your usual face wash with Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip for 60 days — and if you aren’t wowed with what you see in the mirror — simply contact us within 90 days of purchase for a “no questions asked” refund.
If you aren’t taken aback by how great your skin looks, then I’ve failed you and I’d love nothing better than to refund your money so you can go back to your favorite face wash.
But if your experience is like so many other women who have switched to Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip, you’ll find that it’s your new favorite…
…and you’ll be eager to get more from us when you run out…
…and you’ll want to tell your girlfriends all about your new, all-natural beauty secret…
(or not!)

Now You Can Try the Beauty Breakthrough 

of the Decade…

Without Flying to Palm Beach, Florida!

Women fly in to Palm Beach International Airport from all over the world just to get access to the cutting-edge anti-aging treatments that are only available at my clinic.
But you no longer have to book a round of treatments — or spend $10,000 – $25,000 — to get luxury med spa results.
If you’re finally ready to reclaim the bright, glowy complexion you enjoyed in your youth, then the staff at my clinic can send a bottle of Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip out to you today for just $44.96 per bottle.
But if you want to significantly reduce the price you can enroll in Auto Delivery or buy multiple bottles.
But I am so confident that you love what Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip does to your skin that I have an even better offer for you…
And with my “Go Natural” guarantee, there’s no reason you can’t let Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip reveal your skin’s natural beauty.


De-Age Your Skin and Balance Your Microbiome
In this special Eco-Shield Protection e-Report, you’ll discover the critical step almost everyone is missing in their beauty routine and how to protect your skin’s microbiome. Here’s some of what you’ll discover:
  • Are We Sterilizing Our Skin? By studying modern tribes who live in isolation, researchers determined that the healthiest skin contains a certain kind of bacteria. But our manufactured soaps and body cleansers wash it away. Learn how to bring this probiotic back.
  • 3 Ways To Balance Your Skin’s Microbiome. We’re way too clean today, and it’s harming our health. I’ll show you the 3 ways we can balance our modern way of living and improve our skin health.
  • Cleaning Your Face As Nature Intended. The best thing you can do for your face is to keep your skincare routine simple. I’ll deliver three all-natural skin cleansers to try.
  • Omega-3 Oils Erase Crow’s Feet. One of the best anti-inflammatories you can consume is omega 3 fatty acid. I’ll show you five ways this fatty acid helps your complexion.
  • The Best Foods for Your Skin. It’s not just beneficial bacteria that keeps your skin young-looking and healthy. By eating the right kinds of foods, you can take care of your skin from the inside out.
  • And so much more!
Get Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip Now… While You Still Can!
Probiotics are the future of skincare — and even though it’s a new product — the word about Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip is spreading quickly.
(Somehow you found out about it today, right?)
So many ladies who order Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip come back to buy more and so it’s amassing a kind of cult following.
That’s why it’s not uncommon for us to run out of this popular product — as the small-batch probiotic fermentation process takes way more time than mass-producing a synthetic skincare product in a factory.
But the end result is so worth it…
An all-natural elixir of raw, nature-made vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other skin-sustaining nutrients that can restore your eco-shield and the brilliant skin of your youth. 
It takes just 1 minute a day to start experiencing the dramatic, skin rejuvenating effects of Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip.
So get it now while supplies last! 
To Your Health,
Al Sears, MD, CNS
P.S. There is only ONE PLACE you can find a facial cleanser that uses all 4 of these all-natural anti-aging ingredients — Bifida ferment lysate, sea buckthorn, rosemary and aloe — and it’s right here. You won’t find this product anywhere else! If you do, please let me know, because they’re selling counterfeit versions of my exclusive product!
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Please send 1 bottle of Splash Probiotic Cleanser with Rosehip for just $59.95 + shipping and handling.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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Telo X Pro, About Telomeres. Indeed.

The gallery featured interactive booths where guests could feel, taste, hear, and experience some of the cutting-edge solutions for supporting and enhancing their health and vitality.
During my 2019 Confidential Cures Summit we presented our Health Solutions Gallery

When I walked in the first day, there was a buzz in the room and a crowd had gathered around one of the booths…

Attendees sampling my “tile-technology” formula.

Word had gotten out that attendees could sample my brand-new telomere formula and as a result, my team was mixing and serving them just as fast as they could.

You see, after 12 years of being at the forefront of telomere science, I’ve developed a new “telo-technology” formula that helps support and even rebuild your telomeres – giving you, like my patients…

  • A stronger heart and more robust lungs
  • Better blood sugar levels
  • More youthful energy
  • Improved memory
  • Younger-looking appearance

Telomeres determine how young or how old you cells behave… and help prevent the diseases of aging.

By helping my patients keep their telomeres long, I’ve watched them achieve sharper memories, more energy, perfect blood sugar, and healthy hearts.

They did this by activating telomerase.

You see, telomerase has been hailed as “the enzyme that could end aging”…

Without requiring you to do intense physical exercise… or sacrifice your favorite foods… or take Big Pharma’s dangerous drugs…

My newest telomerase technology is a whole generation more advanced than the formula that cause such a stir at my conference.

Al Sears, MD
11905 Southern Blvd.
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411

February 21, 2021

200 Memory Patients Join Revolutionary South Florida Clinical Trial… And The Results Are In:

“1-Hour Technology”
Restores Decades of
Youthful Brain Power

And enhances your brain’s ability to repair itself, no matter your medical history…

  • Two-year-old Eden drowned for 15 minutes and suffered from “irreversible” brain damage. But after using this “1-hour technology,” her brain was totally repaired, and several years later, she’s a happy, healthy, normal kid!
  • One year after a stroke, 61-year-old Katy S. Could not bathe, dress or climb stairs without help. But thanks to this technology, “she is able to not only bathe and dress on her own, but also able to shop and cook independently.”
  • Keith, age 50, nearly died of early onset Alzheimer’s. He could barely walk, talk or stand up… but now, thanks to this technology, he says “I’m 57 but feel like I’m in my 20s again. My mind is sharp and memory is completely restored. I feel GREAT.”

Discover the no-drug, no-side-effect technology that researchers call…
“The first therapy to not only halt, but significantly improve cognitive health.”
— Dr. Paul Harch, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

(PALM BEACH, FL) 12 months ago, I led a renegade group of South Florida doctors on a radical study, with one goal:

To defeat and conquer all age-related memory loss and brain aging for good.

Most said it was impossible.

But 200 memory patients from around the world ignored the naysayers and enlisted anyways.

They didn’t use drugs or surgeries.

They didn’t change their lifestyle.

Instead, they used a stunning “1-hour technology.”

One that doesn’t require a prescription.

And has no dangerous side effects.

Now, I’m excited to report…

We’ve done it.

From “typical” senior moments and brain fog…

To full-blown brain damage, stroke and even multiple sclerosis…

We defeated every single symptom of brain aging.

Don’t take my word for it…

Linda, age 58, was diagnosed with age-related memory loss. For eight months, it rapidly progressed.

She refused all drug options…

But after using this “1-hour technology,” her brain dramatically changed. Look at the PET scans…

Before and After 1-Hour Technology

It’s like her brain came back “online”! And she felt it, too.

She felt massive improvements in energy and mood.

She could solve crossword puzzles, draw a correct clock face and go about her daily living without help.

And most importantly…

Her brain metabolism improved by 38%.

This is the key part of the brain’s function.

It’s the gas that fuels the brain’s engine.

It allows the brain to dissolve deadly plaques, clean out dead neurons and revive new ones.

And without it…

Your brain virtually stops working.

But now, using this “1-hour technology,” Linda’s brain had restored its God-given ability to repair itself.

Johns Hopkins professor Dr. Paul Harch saw these results and calls it:

“The first therapy to not only halt, but significantly improve cognitive health.”


You can even watch footage of this happening in real time…

But it’s not just age-related memory decline…

Quadriplegic Feeds Himself for First Time!

A 5-year-old boy with cerebral palsy couldn’t use his arms or legs. He couldn’t speak more than two or three words at a time. In fact, he never had a full conversation.

But then after using this “1-hour technology,” he began initiating conversations, using his hands and feeding himself for the first time!

The remarkable transformation was fully documented by brain scans. Just look at the before and after MRI results, showing fully restored brain activity in regions that were previously completely “offline.”

War Vet Defeats Brain Damage!

In 2006, a bomb blast in Afghanistan left soldier Ben P. With devastating injuries.

Nine years later, he had tried everything but his recovery was still minimal.

He was confined to a wheelchair, unable to clearly speak, and he still relied on aid for even small tasks like eating and even sneezing!

But when he began using this “1-hour technology,” everything changed dramatically.

For the first time since his injury, Ben regained feeling in his legs — almost instantly. He recovered much of his speech. He could eat on his own and even do high-intensity exercise.

Even his doctors referred to the instant recovery as “miraculous.”

But it goes beyond these few samples.

In our study, 200 patients from around the world enrolled.

Using an overlooked “age test,” we measured the baseline age of the study group.

The patients averaged age 58…

And all suffered from the ravages of brain aging.

Some had full-blown age-related memory loss, stroke and even brain damage.

Others had simple senior moments.

But ALL experienced a dramatic recovery.

Once they used this “1-hour technology,” the test shows they became clinically 41 years old!

In other words, they aged backwards.

By 17 years.

And the first-time-seen-in-public chart from my clinic proves it…

Two decades of youthful brain power restored!

Imagine decades of youthful memory restored… instantly.

One of my patients, Keith, reports…

“I almost passed away in 2013. I had a multitude of health issues – including two strokes with symptoms of age-related memory loss. I was 50, but fell 80. I could barely walk, talk or even stand. My memory was all but wiped out. Now, after completing the protocol, I’m 57 but feel like I’m in my 20s again. My mind is sharp and memory is completely restored. I feel GREAT.”

Billy K., an elderly Colorado man, suffered from age-related memory loss so bad he hadn’t spoken a word in nine months.

Within just days of using this “1-hour technology,” he was a completely different person.

Or back to his old self, I should say.

He hasn’t only started talking again, but he’s also back jogging, shoveling snow and making jokes with the grandkids.

They have their grandpa back!

His wife Rachael called it a “miracle.”

And it’s not just Keith or Billy…

Thousands of everyday Americans are now experiencing miraculous recoveries from age-related memory loss and stroke…

All in a matter of days.

All thanks to a groundbreaking technology that the New Scientist says “targets the underlying CAUSE of memory loss.”1

And just to be clear, it involves…

NO drugs or surgeries

NO dangerous side effects

NO Big Pharma

NO prescriptions, doctor visits or hospitals

No Wonder Why Doctors Are Calling It

“The Best-Kept Medical Secret in Our Country”

It can be used from the comfort of your home.

And it’s 100% natural!

All while delivering results that have never been seen by the medical establishment.

So I can say this with certainty…

If you or a loved one is battling with memory loss, this technology could radically change your life.

Regardless of…

How long you’ve been suffering…

What stage, it’s developed to…

Your age or family history…

Or if you’ve tried every drug or supplement under the sun!

In a moment, you’ll see exactly what this technology is, and how it works.

While once obscure, even the biggest medical institutions are now touting its brain-boosting powers. Including…

  • An Ivy League Medical School
  • Northeastern University’s Barnett Institute of Chemical and Biological Analysis
  • The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
  • The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital

So with all of the science behind it, why has the FDA banned this for the past 70 years?

I’ll share more on that story in a minute.

But first…

Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

Hi, my name is Dr. Al Sears.

I’ve spent the last three decades working on cutting-edge therapies…

The kind that was once written off by modern medicine, but are now being used everywhere.

It took serious legwork to make this happen.

While medical establishment professionals never leave their desks…

I’ve traveled more than 60,000 miles, to 30 countries on six continents, all to search for real health-promoting tools.

In places most doctors would never think to look, or have even heard of…

I’ve uncovered unknown alternative therapies that keep people free from debilitating health challenges.

And I’ve used these breakthroughs to help my own patients see the same life-changing results.

But nothing I’ve seen in my three decades of health prepared me for what I would uncover next:


A First-Ever, At-Home, Drug-Free Technology
That Supports Improving Brain Health – Without Side Effects.

It does this by targeting the ROOT CAUSE of brain aging.

The hidden cause most medical experts have no idea about, but more than 6,100 studies now confirm.

Not only that…

This therapy creates brand-new brain cells, while erasing all traces of aging in the brain.2

That way your brain is not only free of years of damage and toxins…

But made “as good as new” again.

Meaning you can have the same young brain you once had with full clarity, sharpness, and memory recall.

Just like it’s already doing for countless everyday Americans.

For example…

2-Year-Old Girl
Recovers From Brain Damage!

At the age of 2, Eden C. Fell into the family swimming pool and drowned.

She stayed underwater for 15 minutes before being discovered.

And she wasn’t successfully resuscitated for another two hours.3

Even though she survived, Eden suffered severe brain injury, including grey and white matter loss.

She could no longer speak, walk, or respond to voices.

The doctors said nothing could be done for her.

Then in stepped a team from the LSU School of Medicine and the University of North Dakota.

Using the Same “Youthful Brain Power” Technology That Helped Teller and Reagan, They Repaired Eden’s Brain Damage… All in a Matter of Weeks!

First she recovered her alertness and ability to move her arms and legs.

After a few treatments, Eden was back to “near normal.”

And when treatments ended, she regained her walking and her speech pattern had actually IMPROVED!

Almost like it had never happened at all.

She showed gains on all neurological tests and normal cognitive function.

Within six months after Eden drowned, her scans showed a complete reversal of all grey and white matter loss!

Two years later, Eden is as healthy and happy as every other child in her preschool class.

The results stunned everyone close to the story.

The team of scientists monitoring Eden’s recovery said that this was…

“Unreported With Any Other Therapy”

But even though the story of Eden’s recovery was all over the media…

And verified by a team of doctors at one of America’s top medical institutions…

This “Youthful Brain Power” technology remains suppressed by Big Pharma.

In fact, the news OUTRAGED some arrogant scientists with ties to the drug industry.

They said nothing could possibly achieve these results. Not without drugs or surgeries!

They published opinion pieces against the study.

They even demanded a retraction from media outlets.

In short, they tried to ERASE the news of this brain-restoring “miracle.”

The Story Big Pharma Tried to Suppress

But here’s the thing…

New research confirms that patients are experiencing life-changing results with this “Youthful Brain Power” technology.

Sometimes years, or even decades after strokes.

The medical establishment says this is “impossible.” But it’s happening…

Written off as “irrecoverable,” my patients are enjoying more alertness, focus, stronger memories, wit, and quicker response.

They’re even seeing brain damage repaired – and it’s verified by the medicine’s top MRI technology.

For example, in a study conducted by Israeli researchers…4

Post-stroke patients, age 60 and older, were treated with this “Youthful Brain Power” technology.

Some had experienced severe brain damage as much as 20 years earlier!

Which means, according to the “scientific experts,” the damage is “permanent.”

So what happened next was astonishing:

Brain Damage REPAIRED 20 YEARS Later…

With two months of therapy, brain scans showed significant improvement in everyone!

One woman in the study, age 62, was in assisted living. She needed help to bathe, dress, walk, climb stairs, and even eat.

But after therapy, the changes were remarkable.

She regained speech and reading capabilities. She was able to walk, climb stairs and eat by herself.

She was no longer dependent in bathing and dressing.

And brain scans showed that previously damaged area were functioning like normal.

Take a look:

There’s also the remarkable story of NFL Hall of Famer Joe Namath.

Thanks to this therapy…

Legendary Quarterback Joe Namath Is 77
And Thinking Clearer Than Ever Before!

Like many other long-term players, he suffered from countless concussions that punished his brain.

At age 71, he was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury. His scans show serious brain damage on the left lobe. His brain cells were dark and not getting blood flow.

That’s when Namath began using this “Youthful Brain Power” technology.

Within the first 40 days, his scans showed the cells were getting lighter. His brain activity was returning.

“The whole area of his brain just came back to life,” reports his physician.

After six months of therapy, his scan showed completely healthy cells. His brain had been rejuvenated!

He now thinks more clearly, sharper, and he feels and looks healthier than ever!


So what is the technology behind the recoveries of Joe Namath, Edward Teller, Ronald Reagan…

As well as so many everyday Americans? Why is this being touted by the world’s leading medical schools as a miracle? One that restores your brain’s ability to think, process, and recall. Let me explain: It all starts with…

The Hidden Cause of Memory Loss
That the Medical Establishment Ignores

I’m talking about a critical element.

One that our brains and bodies can’t do without.

One that is essential to all life on earth.

Of Course, I Mean Oxygen.

Now, that may sound unusual.

But think about the brain for a second.

Although it’s only 2% of our body mass…

Our brain uses 20% of our oxygen supply.

That’s because it uses more energy than any other organ.

Neurons are constantly firing, carrying messages, and executing orders.

To do it all requires a significant energy load.

Which means a constant source of nutrition in the form of glucose.

That’s where oxygen comes in.

Without it, our brain cannot convert glucose into energy… and shuts down.

In other words, if glucose is our brain’s fuel, oxygen is the engine that keeps the motor running.

In Fact, No Other Organ in Our Body Is More Dependent Oxygen For Its Strength And Survival!

We may not normally think of it this way…

But oxygen is an essential healing agent.

As we go about our day, the oxygen we breathe repairs and regenerates our tissue.

Especially our brain tissue.

If totally deprived of oxygen, for even a short time, your brain cells are the first to die.

The brain is asphyxiated!

On the other hand…

Large boosts of oxygen, harnessed in a specific way, are shown to repair the damage…

All without side effects!

This is the secret key to improving memory for good.

An Explosive Body Of Research Confirms:
The Lack of Oxygen Is the REAL Cause Of Memory Loss

You see, as we age our body loses the capacity to intake as much oxygen and carry it to our brain.

What’s more, as you’ll see in a moment, our earth’s atmosphere has rapidly lost its oxygen content…

Resulting in the major age-related memory loss crisis now underway.

With less and less oxygen over time…

Our neurons are slowly starved of the fuel they need.

Our brain’s metabolism begins to slow down, losing its capacity to coordinate activities.

The result?

Our memory weakens.

Our wit and sharpness goes out the window.

Our ability to process and comprehend things is lost.

In Short, the Brain Becomes “Aged.”

According to a study by the University of British Colombia, lack of oxygen is what increases age-related memory loss.

It accelerates the activation of a special gene called BACE1, which triggers the creation of amyloid plaque.

This plaque buildup is now known as the biggest hallmark of age-related memory loss.

And it all starts with oxygen deprivation!5

While the link between age-related memory loss and amyloid plaque has been known for years…

Scientists Are Just Now Uncovering the Other Part Of Memory Loss: Inflammation.

Oxygen is also key here.

See This Video?


It shows how lack of oxygen triggers runaway inflammation in our brain.

It triggers our brain’s immune cells – known as microglia – to attack the neurons.6

Normally these cells patrol the brain, looking for signs of damage or infection, clearing out damage.

Think of them as the garbage cleanup crew for your brain.

But without oxygen, these microglia become overactive, and even destructive.

They release cytotoxins that trigger inflammation in the brain.

The toxins destroy synapses that connect nerve cells, weakening the brain’s ability to coordinate activity.

The result is more and more damaged neurons that lead to age-related memory loss.

But Here’s the Good News:
There’s A Powerful “Trick” to Boost Your Body’s Oxygen Intake
By 1,000%…

A way to improve memory and brain processing speed.

All without a prescription or doctor’s visit.

It does this by doing what scientists say is impossible:

Regenerating NEW neurons, brain tissue, and blood vessels.

In Other Words, It Makes Our Brain
As “Good As New.”

And that’s just the beginning…

I’ve spent years researching, studying, and implementing this “Youthful Brain Power” technology at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine.

I’ve overseen case studies, worked with research labs and top university teams.

All to bring my patients the inside scoop on what I really believe is the most powerful brain healer available.

And now I’ve compiled all of my discoveries on this oxygen powerhouse in my brand-new dossier:

The 1,000% Oxygen Booster: Nature’s Brain “Miracle” Is Now More Powerful

With your permission, I’ll send this groundbreaking research to your inbox, 100% free of charge.

It’s That Simple.

With these findings…

Oxygen was on its way to becoming a go-to protocol for nearly every health challenge.

But things turned out very differently.

You see, something else was happening…

Something that would send oxygen and every natural healing agent underground for years.

Something that would leave us stuck with disease and no tools to fight it.

Nobel Prize Technology:
Banned for Big Pharma Profits

Before the 1930s, mom-and-pop drugstores fulfilled all prescriptions, including natural remedies.

But then, a new dangerous form of medicine emerged.

I’m talking about mass consumed prescription drugs.

Ones that were chemically designed by scientists.

A handful of conglomerates patented this “medicine.”

They began growing in power and profits, and then established a monopoly over medicine.

They didn’t do it alone, either.

In 1933, the American Medical Association (AMA) declared that these drugs are the only solution.

And declared an all-out war on all competition, including centuries-old natural remedies.

The first target was oxygen.

In the 1940s, the FDA declared oxygen had no medical use… seizing thousands of ozone generators.

As competition with drugs disappeared, the “drug industry” was born.

Today We Know It As Big Pharma.

Seventy years later, oxygen is still banned by the FDA.

Instead, deadly and expensive drugs are prescribed for debilitating diseases.

And the rates of disease are worse than ever.

Some doctors have tried to defy the ban though.

Notably, Dr. Robert Atkins-
Famous Author of the “Atkins Diet“-
Began With Oxygen Therapy.

His reported cases of patients recovering from health challenges.

In response, he was arrested by FDA goons and had his medical license revoked.

All for fulfilling his Hippocratic Oath!

Fortunately, there was a giant public uproar and he won his license back.

Not only that…

The whole incident pressured New York to pass laws permitting alternatives to FDA-approved drugs.

Since then, 14 states have legalized the medical use of oxygen.

But here’s the thing…

You do NOT have to wait for the government or anybody else.

Oxygen is already inside you!

You can experience its healing ability today — without a prescription or doctor’s visit.

The first step?

Discover the at-home oxygen “trick” that boosts your oxygen levels by 1,000%. It’s all inside my new dossier:

But before I go any further, let me tell you a little about this oxygen technology. And how it works.

At-Home Oxygen “Trick” Boosts Your Brain Cells
By 1,000%

The medical establishment tells you that the brain can’t repair itself.

That it’s impossible.

They say when your neurons die, they die.

When your tissue is lost, it’s gone forever.

When the brain is damaged, it won’t change.

But None of It Is True!

In fact, new advanced brain imaging shows that after an injury, brain cells don’t really “die.”

Instead, they’ll simply go to “sleep,” or lie dormant.

Something is needed to activate the cells and restore brain function.

And that’s where this oxygen “trick” comes in.

It regenerates new nerve calls…

A Process Known As “Neurogenesis.”

And that’s just for starters…

In one study conducted on patients with brain damage, this oxygen “trick” was found to work miracles. It repaired years of damaged brain tissue by:7

1. Bringing “dead” neurons back to life.

2. Creating new blood vessels to restore blood flow – what’s called “angiogenesis.

3. And triggering a brain repair “mechanism” that generates new tissue.

It goes further though…

Improves Memory Function!

In a new study in the journal, Neurobiology of Aging, this oxygen booster was shown to improve memory.

In Just Two Weeks, Researchers Found It…8

Washed away 40% of amyloid plaque

Cut 40% of brain inflammation

And eliminated tau tangle proteins

All hallmarks of age-related memory decline!

The lead author of the study rejoiced, “it holds great potential for improvement in brain function.”

But that’s not where it stops.

While erasing the hallmarks of age-related memory decline is one thing…

How does this oxygen “trick” create NEW brain cells – ones that repair the damage done by brain aging?

The answer lies in stem cells.

The Most Powerful Stem Cell Booster Known to Man

Specifically neural stem cells – the ones in our brain.

Stem cells, if you haven’t heard of them, are our body’s repair mechanism.

They replace any kind of dead or damaged cells with new ones.

At least when we’re young.

The problem is, as we get older, these cells stop their activity.

The number of stem cells in circulation begin to diminish.

And aging, dead, or damaged cells go unreplaced.

This is the process of aging.

To stop it is needed to trigger the spread and growth of stem cells in the brain.

And That’s What This Oxygen “Trick” Does.

Now, can you see why this oxygen breakthrough is being called a miracle”?

Why everyone from the rich and famous, to everyday Americans, are now beginning to use it?

All with results not seen by any other treatment available?

Here’s a stunning example:

War Veteran With Brain Damage Experiences Miraculous Recovery Overnight!

In 2006, a bomb blast in Afghanistan left soldier Ben P. with devastating injuries.

The blast broke his back in three places and punctured his lungs.

Every single rib was broken, his spleen was ruptured and his cheek, nose and jaw were smashed.

He Suffered From a Total of 40 Separate Injuries!

Ben, then 22, was left in a coma for four months during which surgeons removed both his legs above the knees.

He also lost his speech and had debilitating brain injuries.

Nine years later, he had tried everything but his recovery was still minimal.

He was confined to a wheelchair…

Unable to clearly speak…

And still relied on aid for even small tasks like eating, or even sneezing!

That’s when his family was referred to this powerful oxygen technology…

And Everything Changed Dramatically.

For the first time in EIGHT years, Ben had feelings in his legs almost instantly.

After one month of treatment, he regained complete feeling in his limbs and recovered much of his speech.

The nerves in his muscles began working again!

As a result…

He was able to do two-mile walks every day in crutches.

He was able to eat on his own again.

He could do over 200 sit-ups per day and “feels stronger than ever.”

Months later, he kayaked down Canada’s treacherous Yukon River for 250 miles!

Even his doctors referred to the instant recovery as “miraculous.”

But it’s not a “miracle.” Examples like these go on and on.

Everywhere, everyday Americans are seeing astonishing recoveries from all sorts of neurological challenges…

Stroke, brain damage, age-related memory loss, you name it.

All thanks to this oxygen technology!

That’s because it’s slowing down the No.1 cause of brain aging.

The lack of oxygen.

Oxygen Deficiency Is Starving Your Brain!

There is just not enough oxygen in your cells to function normally, stay healthy, and fight off dangerous toxins and microorganisms.

This is because most infectious agents simply cannot live in oxygen-rich environments.

And today’s modern environment is dangerously depleted of oxygen.

Researchers conclude that the level of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere has declined by over a third, and in polluted cities by more than 50%.

And that’s just for starters.

Research shows oxygen levels continue to plummet sharply, especially in larger, industrialized cities.

There Are Three Primary Reasons for the Problem:

1. Carbon emissions produced by the burning of fossil fuels

2. Global pollution

3. The rampant destruction of trees and rain-forests

Our civilization’s combined technologies consume nearly 20 times the amount of oxygen that would normally be consumed by the earth’s present population.

Combustion of carbons and hydrocarbon fuels creates carbon dioxide, which binds up huge amounts of free oxygen.

According to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego, concentrations of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in the global atmosphere are now surpassing 400 parts per million for the first time in human history, (see the graph below).

As You Can See In This Graph, Co2 Is At An All-time High.

And we’re not just talking about the last hundred years.

New evidence from ice core samples, published by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) show CO2 levels are far higher than anything our planet has experienced in over 650,000 years!

And remember: CO2 binds to hemoglobin in your red blood cells.

Hemoglobin is the “carrier” that delivers oxygen to your cells. But CO2 shuts down those carriers, making it impossible for oxygen to get to your cells. (That’s why your garage door probably has a warning sign on it, reminding you that breathing CO2 from exhaust fumes can kill you. It shuts down oxygen delivery.)

And as the world gets contaminated, the fluids surrounding our cells and organs also get polluted, which interferes with the way our red blood cells carry oxygen to our cells.

This interference — along with the lack of key nutrients in our Standard American Diet — dramatically reduces the amount of oxygen delivered to your cells.

It’s no wonder the world  and especially the U.S.  is facing growing rates of disease epidemics.

Just look at the shocking rise in death rates from age-related memory loss since 1900. (See graph below.)

The rise in age-related memory loss rates looks almost identical to the graph of rising CO2 in our air.

Is it any surprise?

As Oxygen Drops, Memory Loss Rises.

In order to stop this threat, you need additional sources of oxygen.

And you need to help your body get more oxygen into your cells.

That’s where my 1,000% oxygen booster comes in. To get started today, just claim your copy of:

The 1,000% Oxygen Booster: Nature’s Brain “Miracle” Is Now More Powerful

In just a moment, I’ll show you how to get this cutting-edge research, absolutely risk free.

Before I do, I’d like to share with you another treatment in the 30-Day Protocol.

Oxygen Is Just One of the Secret “Youthful Brain Power” Technologies and Tricks I Use for My Patients…

While oxygen therapy works for most patients, to repair mental decline…

This one – in combination with oxygen – has the ability give a second chance to truly “hopeless” cases.

Stem Cell Breakthrough Generates New Brain Cells

Don’t worry… I’m not talking about “embryonic” stem cells that caused so much controversy years back.

This has nothing to do with those.

These are called “pluripotent” stem cells.

These stem cells originate in your own body.

In fact, an Ivy League university reports it is possible to “generate stem cells from the skin of a patient and then direct these cells to become different types of brain cells.”10

It’s truly a breakthrough in the research of brain health. Because it proves you can take healthy cells that are living in your body right now… and simply… reprogram them to act like other cells.11

In it, mice were split into two groups: the normal control and the test group.

The test mice were given a treatment to stimulate stem cell production in their hippocampus.

That’s the part of the brain responsible for long-term memory and identifying objects in your environment.

The study’s lead author said, “Neurogenesis – the generation of new neurons from stem cells,” in this area of the brain, “is critical for keeping similar memories separate.”

In other words, a healthy hippocampus lets you tell the difference between a pencil or a pen… or… your loved ones from a stranger.

So, what happened?

Two Times MORE Brain Cells!

The treated mice had a two-fold increase of neurons in the hippocampus.

And the results couldn’t have been more clear…

The researchers reported treated mice had “more precise and stronger memories.” “Improved pattern separation.” And better “memory precision.”

Right now, stem cell therapies are not cheap.

For example, a single stem cell therapy at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine starts at $10,000.

It’s the very best stem cell therapy currently available.

However, I’ve discovered how to naturally replenish your body’s stem cell count…

Using a safe “6-ingredient cocktail” that reactivates your body’s hidden ability to generate new stem cells.

In one placebo-controlled study, elderly patients taking this cocktail saw an immediate boost in stem cell count — in just one day!

One week later, their stem cell levels doubled over the control group.

The researchers believed the protocol actually repaired their body’s ability to produce new stem cells.12

Along With My Dossier,
“The 1,000% Oxygen Booster: Nature’s Brain Miracle Is Now More Powerful”…

You’ll get the full details of this “6-ingredient cocktail”… the nutrients inside… and how to make it in The Brain Power Protocol.

Up until this point, I’ve only shared this cutting-edge research with patients who visit the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

And then, it can be quite expensive …

The “Rolls-Royce” option for treatment lasts 90 days… involves multiple office visits… ongoing bloodwork… with fees STARTING at $10,000.

And that doesn’t include hotels and air-fare.

It’s intensive.

It’s exclusive.

And very effective (as you’ve seen in this letter).

But considering the fact that ZERO new  therapies for age-related memory loss have won federal approval since 2003.

And only five (5!) drugs have EVER been approved by the FDA for age-related memory loss… and those merely alleviate symptoms. They don’t prevent, slow or repair the disease.

And there is NOTHING in the pipeline that shows even the remotest of promise to help people with age-related memory decline….

And the additional fact that — according to a non-profit organization — the average person with age-related memory loss will spend $45,000 a year for BASIC care (or place that financial burden on their family).13

It’s not a stretch to say that $10,000 would be the bargain of a lifetime. After all, we’re talking about your brain here…

But not everyone can afford it.

And as a doctor whose mission it is to help as many people as possible, that kept me up at night.

Which Is Why I Created
The Brain Power Protocol.

Now, instead of spending thousands of dollars at my clinic, you can now access the secrets in my protocol for just $199. This will increase to $499 when I release this to the general public.

You are getting an early bird discount because you are a reader of Doctor’s House Call.

But even the fee is a moot point…

Because you are covered by my personal money-back guarantee — no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

My Personal, Unconditional 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

I take my responsibility as a doctor very seriously. And I want you to know I stand behind everything I do.

So you must be completely satisfied with the discoveries and breakthroughs you find in The Brain Power Protocol.

If you decide it’s not for you, simply let me know and you’ll receive a prompt refund.

You don’t even have to return any material I send you.

I trust you’ll be honest. I know if I publish my research I’ll attract good, honest folks who aren’t looking to take advantage of me… but rather… are looking for something that can have a REAL impact on their long-term health.

If that’s you (and I believe it is)… then this is a “no brainer.” After all, why would you have read this entire letter, and investigated the details of The Brain Power Protocol, if you weren’t truly committed to taking charge of your own health.

If what I’ve said to you in this letter has resonated with you… in your “heart of hearts”… I know you’ll benefit richly like so many of my current readers…

Now the decision is completely yours…

But I Can’t Guarantee How Long I’ll Be Allowed to Make This Available

Information like this threatens the fortune raked in every day by our medical establishment…

And Big Pharma has $1.2 trillion reasons to keep this this health-promoting breakthrough secret from the public.

I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep this offer available.

I’ve offered to give you secrets typically reserved only for my patients…

My tested, refined, and perfected protocols are clinically proven to improve memory in the next 30 days…

The at-home, 1,000% oxygen booster that repairs the underlying cause of all age-related cognitive decline…

A “6-ingredient cocktail” that reactivates your body’s hidden ability to generate new stem cells in your brain.

A single spoonful of the memory-restoring miracle that starts to work in just 3 hours.

A beta-amyloid destroying discovery that won the Nobel Prize… twice.

And dozens of other virtually unknown therapies, technologies, and tricks that restore your “young-again” brain.

Now the Decision Is Completely Yours.

I wish I could click the Add to Cart button for you, but this is entirely up to you. Considering how much you stand to gain, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to.

Don’t wait another minute.

I urge you to experience the power of The Brain Power Protocol. If you’re like many of my patients, it will keep your brain young for many years to come.

I’ll be with you every step of the way.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD, CNS


1. Motluk A. “Could lack of oxygen trigger Alzheimer’s?” New Scientist. 20 November 2006.
2. Gemma C, et al. “Chapter 15 Oxidative stress and the aging brain: From theory of prevention.” Brain Aging: Models, Methods, and Mechanisms2007.
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12. Mikirova N, et al. “Nutraceutical augmentation of circulating endothelial progenitor cells and hematopoietic stem cells in human subjects.” J Transl Med. 2010;8:34.
13. “Planning for Care Costs.” Alzheimer’s Association.














Where are we going?!

Woke up today feeling confused about my country, about my friends, about what to do to help, to put together a plan that somehow can give me an insight into how I can do something and help to, at least, fixing the things that are going on, bad things I mean. It does sound like a place that when you try to fix this, it will be a problem, and so, You have to seek a solution that will not automatically, have repercussions that are extremely negative. It is impossible. You can’t have a solution to a problem that is really unattached to anything negative. Really, maybe you can find   Some people are saying that Mister president is making wrong decisions, trying to save our planet, and so people are losing jobs, the economy will be hurt. Maybe!? So, it comes that part of the deal, there will be negative

Canna LS, Maxmmum Absortion!


Woman in a red and white dress sniffing Hemp Plants in a Field (Mountains mostly).




450% Better

Than Hemp Oil

The next generation in hemp technology is finally here. 

 And 12,797 peer-reviewed studies prove that it supports…
  • Healthy neural stem cell growth to give you a “young again” brain
  • Ache-free joints with 93% success rate
  • Pancreatic b-cell strength, resulting in healthy insulin levels
  • Healthy inflammation markers in heart patients by 100%
  • Strong memory recall and retention with just a tiny dose a day

Below: How everyday Americans are now free to enjoy the full power of hemp,

without a prescription and doctor’s visit.

Dear Reader,

After 81 years of “fake news” about hemp and related health claims — everyday Americans are finally waking up to the unique healing power of hemp.
Seniors everywhere are reporting that it delivers relief better — and safer — than anything else. For instance…
Daniel M, age 69, saw his blood sugar concerns banished after 1 week of taking hemp oil — without any changes in diet or exercise!
Katherine H, age 49, reports after several months that “hemp oil ended her 20-year battle with back discomfort and mental stress.” “I can whizz through my four-bedroom bungalow with the Hoover now,” she said. “I have so much more energy. I feel like a different person.”
And Tara experienced a complete mental reboot in what was called an “Overnight Miracle!”

Why is hemp so powerful? Because it interacts with the most important system inside our bodies.

One that is practically designed to work with the molecules in hemp.
When we take it, our cells are rejuvenated and restored to their youthful state.
It’s a God-given medicine that threatens to end all of Big Pharma’s monopolies.
Even Ivy League researchers are aware of the miracles of hemp.

“Removes beta-amyloid plaque from brain cells.” [1]

— Salk Institute*

The Salk Institute says:

“Exposing the cells to [a compound in hemp] reduced amyloid beta protein levels and eliminated the inflammatory response from the nerve cells caused by the protein, thereby allowing the nerve cells to survive.”

“A single dose improves blood pressure.” 

— Oxford University*

Oxford University says:

“A single dose of this [compound in hemp] supports healthy blood pressure in healthy volunteers. Nine healthy male volunteers were given 600 mg of [a hemp compound] or placebo in a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, crossover study.”[2]

“Hemp users have better blood sugar control.” 

— Ivy League University*

And says:

“a Novel study reports hemp users have better blood sugar control. Current hemp users have 16% lower fasting insulin levels compared to non-users, according to The American Journal of Medicine.”[3]

But get this…

We do NOT recommend ordinary hemp oil.
Instead, we recommend a unique technology that’s proven 450% better.
One that allows you to finally enjoy hemp’s FULL SPECTRUM of benefits… safer and faster than anything.
You see, researchers have been making remarkable findings in no less than 12,797 clinical studies
Proving that hemp supports healthy joints, sleep, mood, memory, inflammation levels, and more…
As a result, all sorts of new formulas are coming on the market, promising these life-changing results.
However… you will NOT experience these results with any of the other hemp formulas.
While most try to harness a single compound alone… All-new research shows that when key hemp molecules work together, they create an “entourage effect.”[4]
An effect that delivers the full spectrum of hemp’s healing benefits.
What’s more, the most common kind of delivery system — oil — does NOT breach the cell membrane.
Which is how you get all of the real benefits.
To top it off, many aren’t made in America and contain high amounts of pesticides and toxins.
Bottom line: Most available formulas only deliver a tiny fraction of hemp’s true healing potential!
That’s why our team took on the challenge of forming the world’s best, most absorbable kind of hemp. And now we’ve done it.
We’ve created a first-time ever, non-toxic, all organic hemp technology.
One with…
Three Crucial Hemp Amplifiers  That Maximize Its Full Healing Potential
1. The full spectrum of cannabinoids in the hemp plant that most formulas lack, at the correct dose.
2. Hemp that is made in America, non-GMO, organic, pesticide-free, and FREE of THC.
3. A proven delivery system to maximize absorption — one that’s proven 450% better than hemp oil!
All of these things turn hemp from just an ordinary herb… into a superior healing system booster!
In just a moment, you’ll see why this technology is several generations ahead of conventional hemp.
But first, here’s a little bit about why hemp is such a miracle.
Even while it was banned for years, government funded scientists quietly studied its healing potential.[5]
And here’s what they found…

Hemp Has 282 HUGE Potential 

Healing Benefits!
In more than 12,797 peer-reviewed studies, the results have been absolutely astonishing, including…

What peer-reviewed research 

is saying about hemp…

▶ Fights brain cell inflammation. In a study by the Salk Institute, researchers[6] found hemp targets neural inflammation and removes toxic proteins in neural cells.

▶ 93% success for sore joints! In a study published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, 2,736 elderly patients were given hemp for joint aches. After six months, 93% of patients reported relief.[7]
▶ Significant support for healthy insulin and blood sugar levels. According to a 5-year study from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, hemp users saw 16% better insulin levels, 18% better insulin metabolism, smaller waist circumference, and better HDL levels.
▶ A single dose supports healthy blood pressure! An Oxford University study[8] found just one dose of hemp supports healthier blood pressure in patients and prevents blood pressure spikes in response to physical and mental stress.
▶ Substantial mood and anxiety improvement… with a single dose. In a study by Washington State University, researchers tracked 1,399 patients. Patients reported 58% better mood and anxiety ratings following hemp[9] use. What’s more, patients experienced these results after just a single dose… reporting improvement 93% of the time.
▶ Supports a younger, healthier brain — in just one month! In a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, a dozen aging memory[10] patients were given hemp over the course of four weeks. Researchers reported substantial relief, including a 71% improvement in mood.

▶ Boosts brain stem cells. In a study published in the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, researchers used hemp to generate new neural stem cells in the brain’s hippocampus — a process known as neurogenesis.[11]

▶ 45% improvement in sleep! University of New Mexico researchers examined 409 hemp users struggling with sleep concerns. The patients reported an average[12] 45% improvement in sleep scores following use, meaning longer, deeper, and more refreshing sleep — without side effects.
▶ Supports memory retention — with a single small daily dose.[13] In a study published in the journal Nature, researchers treated elderly patients with just a single daily dose of hemp. In just a matter of four weeks, the elderly patients performed similar to the younger ones just a third of their age. Even their genetic profile matched that of the younger ones!
▶ Enhances pancreatic b-cell function and supports healthy glucose levels. In a study by Oxford University, researchers gave hemp to 125 blood sugar patients.[14] They found it also enhanced the function of pancreatic b-cells, which are essential for healthy insulin production.
▶ Turns off the key enzyme tied to brain aging! In a study from the Scripps Institute, researchers used hemp to block a key[15] enzyme tied to brain aging. Researchers said it works better than “currently anything available to patients.”
▶ Improves inflammation markers in heart patients. In a study by the National Institutes of Health,[16] researchers gave hemp to heart patients who saw improved levels of all inflammation markers, better heart function and less risk of a sudden cardiac episode. Researchers said that hemp has “tremendous therapeutic potential” for heart concerns.

The list goes on and on.

As tens of thousands of seniors now using hemp will attest…
There’s almost nothing hemp can’t do for your body… and no result it can’t deliver…
So the obvious question is… why?
Why is hemp more hated, more suppressed, and more slandered than any other natural herb?
Now, thanks to 12,797 peer-reviewed studies, the answer is here…
“Hemp is a miracle that beats and could eventually replace all of the most popular solutions” 

Something that would cost Big Pharma billions.

And now it’s happening.
After years of being banned, blacklisted, and written off by the establishment…
Hemp — and its chief compound — have finally taken off.
For millions of seniors, it’s even become the “goto” solution.
Americans no longer buy the “fake news” about hemp being a dangerous plant.
Not when Big Pharma is shoving tons of deadly drugs down our throats.
And when hemp…
  • Has NO side effects
  • Needs NO prescription
  • Involves NO hospitals or surgeries

That’s why we’ve developed a unique hemp technology using all of the best science at our disposal.

One that, for the first time ever, delivers the full spectrum of the plant’s far-reaching effects.
It’s called Canna LS.
And in just a moment, you’ll see why this is several generations ahead of existing hemp formulas…
You’ll also discover…
  • ​How Americans are already seeing results you can’t get with most hemp formulas.
  • ​How you too can begin to experience the TRUE potential of hemp, for the first time ever.
  • And how the “delivery mechanism” in Canna LS is scientifically proven to AMPLIFY hemp’s strength.

But first, why hemp?

Why is hemp such a powerful healing tool that it can treat so many different health concerns…
Health concerns that seemingly have nothing to do with one another?
For years researchers have searched for the answer.
Finally, a remarkable yet overlooked discovery was made three decades ago. A discovery that Big Pharma has worked overtime to suppress.
It has to do with…
Our Hidden Cellular Network That’s Designed to Work with Hemp

It should have made front-page news. It should have won the Nobel Prize. But nobody heard about what was perhaps the biggest physiological discovery of the 20th century…

The reason why hemp has 282 huge healing effects…
In fact, when asked about this cellular network, a survey found just 1 in 8 medical schools teach it![17]
According to Dr. David Allen, “its teaching is being intentionally restricted by politics.”
It’s not very well known, but it’s perhaps the single most important system in our body.
This network of receptors exists in our brain, nervous system and peripheral nervous tissue — almost everywhere in our body.[18]
And they bind specifically to cannabinoids, enabling these compounds to penetrate the cells.
This remarkable discovery was first made in 1992 by researchers with the National Institute of Mental
They found this system promotes “homeostasis” — restoring our body’s functions to their natural, working, healthy state.
This is how cannabinoids work wonders.
In fact, our body is practically designed to work in tandem with the compounds in the hemp plant!
Why Hemp Heals

Here’s how it works…[20]

The cannabinoid receptors are embedded in the cell membrane, transmitting signals back and forth between the cells.
There are two crucial cell receptors.
The CB1, a receptor that’s found mostly in our central nervous system, but also in our kidney, lungs, and other organs.
And then there’s the CB2, which exists in immune cells, in the gastrointestinal tract, and in the peripheral nervous system.
Because cannabinoid receptors are found in so many places in the body, they are crucial for our health. In fact, they play a significant role in regulating many bodily functions[21] like:
  • ​Sleep
  • ​Pain
  • ​Appetite, digestion, hunger
  • ​Reproduction and fertility
  • ​Mood
  • ​Pleasure and reward
  •  Motor control
  •  Memory
  • ​Immune function
  • ​Temperature regulation

Imagine these cellular receptors as a set of locks, each with corresponding keys.

Chemical compounds called “agonists.”
Each time an agonist binds to a cell, it relays a message, giving the cell an instruction.

The agonists, or keys, that activate these receptors are the cannabinoids.

Some the body produces on its own, called “endocannabinoids.” Others come from external sources, such as hemp, also known as “exocannabinoids.”
These compounds keep our body functioning normally… and keep us free of health concerns.
When our body detects abnormalities, it releases more cannabinoids to set things right.
They are key to maintaining balance.
That’s why researchers have uncovered large buildups of cannabinoids in patients with health concerns.

But the system is on borrowed time.

Cannabinoids are quickly metabolized within the cell… meaning new ones must be released over and

This is even more the case as we are exposed to toxins in our food, products, and modern
Over time, after years of exposure to toxins, our internal cannabinoid production suffers from
We become deficient in these vital compounds.
And we no longer get[23] the amount of cannabinoids we need to maintain our health, vitality, and well-being.
Our Deficiency in Cannabinoids Causes Our Bodies to Age!
As a result…
  • ​Our memory fades
  • ​Our metabolism is wrecked
  • ​Our immune system weakens
  • ​Joint pain becomes more frequent
  • ​Runaway inflammation wrecks havoc
  • ​Our mood sours
  • ​Our sleep worsens[24]

In short, we become unhealthy and aged.

Take runaway blood sugar.
The endocannabinoid system plays a major role in metabolism of sugar.
But, over time, as we consume more sugary drinks and foods…
The system has to work on overtime to metabolize more glucose.
Eventually the system goes on overdrive and starts to break down…
Resulting in blood sugar concerns, weight gain, and heart aging.[25]
Oxford University researchers report that the “chronic overactivation of the endocannabinoid system has been identified in obesity and type 2 diabetes.” 
Brain aging is another.
Stanford researchers identified a substance, A-beta, that blocks endocannabinoids in the brain.
As we age, the A-beta molecule begins to run wild.
This disrupts our memory and learning… resulting in brain fog,[26] worse recall and retention, and more.
Researchers conclude… “When the activity of the cannabinoid system declines, we find rapid aging in the brain.”[27]
But it’s not just the brain or blood sugar.
According to a University of Washington neurologist, “deficient cannabinoid levels may be the underlying cause of numerous conditions.”
This is why exocannabinoids — like the ones found in hemp — are so important.
They recharge the cannabinoid system when our internal mechanisms slow down…
That’s how they have the ability to restore our body’s normal, healthy, youthful state!
“[Hemp] turned back the molecular clock.”

For instance, in a study published in Nature, researchers gave hemp to older animals.[28]

After a low dose over several weeks, they found the animals were thinking sharper and better than ever!
Their genetic structure even appeared like that of younger animals a third their age.
The lead researcher reported, “It looked like [hemp] turned back the molecular clock.”
Another study explained why…
You see, our brain has specific inflammatory cells called microglial cells.
Think of them as the “clean-up crew” for the brain. They clear out the gunk and excess litter that damages our nerve cells.

However, if overactive, glial cells can cause serious long-term damage to our brains.

This is where the endocannabinoid system comes in.
In normal times, scientists found it acts like a brake on the glial cells.[29] It keeps them restrained, doing only the necessary amount of work.
But with old age, as the endocannabinoid system breaks down, the glial cells are unleashed…
Releasing runaway inflammation in our brain, destroying nerve cells, and snapping nerve connections.
In short, the aging of endocannabinoid system is the cause of brain aging!

New research even shows hemp is key to the biggest new medical development of the 21st century:

Stem cells.

Specifically neural stem cells — the ones in our brain.[30]

The Most Powerful Support

for Brain Stem Cells

Stem cells, if you haven’t heard of them, are the body’s repair mechanism.

They replace any kind of dead or damaged cells with new ones.
When we’re younger, our brain generates 5,000 new nerve cells daily — a process known as “neurogenesis.”
But how does the brain turn stem cells into neurons?
Scientists are just uncovering the mysteries of this process. And now the answer is here:
It’s the endocannabinoid system.
In short, it turns our neural stem cells into new neurons to replace dead ones.
The problem is, as we get older, our endocannabinoid system loses strength.

The world’s best, most 

absorbable kind of hemp!
Number of Active Stem Cells in the Body
One stem cell count falls by 90% with age!
And aging, dead, or damaged cells go unreplaced.
This is why the brain ages.
It’s why we become forgetful, foggy, and not as sharp.
Something is needed to stop or reverse this process.
And that’s where hemp comes in.
Dr. Gary Wenk, professor of neuroscience at Ohio State University, researched brain aging in animals for 40 years.[31] But he kept coming up against a wall.
Everything he tested worked on young animals, but not old ones.
Then he began using hemp. And the results were stunning.
After several clinical studies, he reports: “reverses memory loss in older animals, but also restarts neurogenesis.” [32]

This means it was able to kick start the regrowth of stem cells into new nerve cells.

Think about it.
This is a leading professor of neuroscience at a top university. He’s at the cutting edge of brain medicine.
And out of EVERYTHING he tried for several decades…
All of the different therapies and treatments.
Hemp was the only option that actually worked.
Bottom line: Hemp is unlike anything else developed by man or nature for stem cells.
The question is…
How to get the full power of hemp directly to your cells, where it makes all the difference?
The “Entourage Effect”

Hemp, like other natural herbs, is “polypharmaceutical.” In layman’s terms, that means it contains multiple compounds with healing properties.

In total, 554 different compounds have been uncovered in the hemp plant.[33] Two of these are proven kinds of healing compounds:



What are terpenes?

Simply put, they’re aromatic oils that give hemp strains their particular smell and taste. And they’re powerhouses of health benefits.
Not only that…
In 2011, a University of Washington researcher studied all of the different molecules in hemp.[34]
Including cannabinoids and terpenes.
And he uncovered synergies with these compounds with tremendous healing potential.
He called this phenomenon the “Entourage Effect.”
And new scientific research has confirmed that full-spectrum hemp is far more potent than other solutions.
Full-Spectrum Hemp: 100% Better at Relief from Seizures

For instance, in an article in the Journal of Frontier Neurology, data on 670 seizure patients was analyzed.

Over the course of 11 studies, seizure patients were given either a single compound hemp formula…
Or a full-spectrum extract containing multiple cannabinoids and terpenes.
With an average six-month treatment, the single compound group reported a 36% improvement in frequency of seizures.
However, the full spectrum group reported a stunning 71% improvement.

That’s almost DOUBLE the results.

The study authors wrote, “Hemp-rich extracts seem to present a better therapeutic profile than purified hemp.”[35]
This is the difference the “Entourage Effect” makes!

Better for Joint Discomfort,

Inflammation, and Swelling
In a study in the Journal of Pharmacology and Psychology, animals with joint swelling were given hemp.

Once again, they were split up into two groups.

One was single compound hemp, the other was given a full-spectrum hemp extract.
The single compound group experienced improvements in joint aches. But ONLY at a certain dose.
The full spectrum hemp group saw smoother, more comfortable joints with each increasing dose.
What’s more, the full spectrum hemp suppressed the pro-inflammatory gene TNF(a) by 66%.
Researchers concluded that the better results were due to the “synergistic interactions between minor phytocannabinoids or non-cannabinoids presented in the extracts.” [36]
The research is clear:
Full spectrum hemp gets the most goods.
Now, that does not mean that the whole hemp plant is necessarily better.
With hemp, there are many different compounds and molecules interacting.
Remember, there are 554 in total.
Not all of them are known. Not all of them are proven to work together.
And taking all of them at once is just throwing everything at your cells and hoping for the best.
Instead, the better — and proven — option is to narrow down and select the best phytocannabinoids and terpenes with proven synergy.
That way you can have maximum impact.
Introducing the First Organic, Non-GMO, Full Spectrum Hemp Technology
That’s exactly what this new, full spectrum hemp technology achieves.
Again, it’s called Canna LS.

For the first time ever, everyday Americans can experience the complete range of hemp’s power.

You don’t have to guess at what’s inside, either.
The formula was tested for potency at an independent third-party lab.
The results showed…
An 85% concentration of the key hemp healing compound, plus the full spectrum of synergistic cannabinoids and 40 terpenes.
All to deliver the “entourage effect”
And all with…
  •  NO pesticides or heavy metal contaminants
  • NO THC — the hallucinogenic compound
  • NO residual solvents

Canna LS takes things one step further though…

You see, there’s another problem with hemp formulas, one that gets overlooked.
How do we get the phytocannabinoids to stimulate our endocannabinoid receptors?
And cross the cell membrane, where they’ll make the real difference for our health?
Most formulas are oil-based. But that does NOT cut it. Let me explain…
New Delivery Mechanism Enhances Cellular Absorption by 450% [37]

Our cells are 90% water.

And you know what they say about oil and water, right?
The same applies to cannabinoids.
Once the hemp oil hits our receptors, the oil form isn’t able to cross into our cell membranes.
Which means…
  •  They do NOT dissolve.
  •  They do NOT absorb into our cells.
  •  And they do NOT deliver hemp’s actual benefits.
But Canna LS takes a proprietary solution to the problem.
A special water-soluble technology that’s proven to enhance the delivery of cannabinoids into the cells.
In a study, when compared to oil, the water-soluble form boosted absorption by a stunning 450%.
See the chart…

What’s more, this technology was tested against hemp oil in water.

This is how this new hemp technology delivers more results — and faster.
This delivery system makes the difference between getting only a fraction of hemp’s potential or the full spectrum of its true healing potential.
That’s why Canna LS has a delivery system for hemp oil, while so many others do NOT.
And there’s one last key thing that makes this the most powerful hemp formula available.
The Only All-Organic, Non-GMO, Pesticide-Free, Made-in-America Hemp Crop

Canna LS is made with hemp that comes directly from an American farm.

One in Colorado, to be exact.
It grows unique strains of hemp, only for medicinal use.
This means you get all of the good stuff — with none of the psychoactive effects associated with other formulas.
The crop is grown using 100% organic practices, under strict agricultural guidelines.
Which means NO pesticides or GMOs.
And thanks to a proprietary extraction process…
You get the full spectrum of the best molecules within the hemp plant — without any traces of heavy metals or solvents.
It’s simply the best quality hemp crop that could possibly be grown.
One that’s farmed, extracted, and handled to deliver maximum healing potential.
To wrap it all up, here’s what you get in every single gel capsule of Canna LS.
At Last! The Full Power of Hemp Unleashed… for $1.85 a Day!

Nothing has American seniors more excited than hemp oil. And for good reason…

It seems like every day new science shows its healing potential is second to none.
That’s why Canna LS has gone above and beyond to not only release hemp’s MAXIMUM potential…
But to make it even more affordable, and accessible to YOU.
When you begin your test run today, you’ll get your hands on a full supply of Canna LS for only $1.85 per day!
And at $1.85 a day is an absolute steal. Even $50 a day would be a no-brainer.
Plus, when you begin your test run of Canna LS, you’ll receive two free special e-Reports, each valued at $19.95, including…

Bonus Dossier #1: The 

Phytocannabinoid Healing Guide

In this exclusive, easily downloadable Special e-Report, you’ll discover every detail of how phytocannabinoid oil supports your health…

Including why the federal government has made it very difficult for doctors to even talk about phytocannabinoid oil, even though
the government has a patent on its incredible healing powers.
You’ll discover how this government-patented technology has been used by 12,000 cancer patients…
All without side effects, a prescription, or doctor’s visit.
A judge for the DEA once called it: “The safest therapeutically active substance known to man.”[38]
One government agency after another agrees: it is a powerful weapon against many conditions.
Normally, this research goes for $19.95. But today, you’ll get it in your inbox free of charge. It’s completely on the house.
As an additional bonus with your order…
Amazing: What You Get In Every Single Gel!
  •  A Therapeutic Cannabinoid Dose — 10 mg of the most powerful cannabinoids.
  •  The Entourage Effect — contains the full spectrum of therapeutic phytocannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Water-Soluble Nanoemulsion Technology — one proven to make hemp 450% more absorbable in the cells than oil. 
  • Highest, Pure Grade Hemp — made in America, all-organic, non-GMO, and free of pesticides and toxins.

Bonus Dossier #2:

The Incredible Stem Cell Revolution

You’ll get the latest research on stem cells… all in this latest breakthrough, cutting-edge new dossier, The Incredible Stem Cell Revolution.

You’ll receive this invaluable research completely free of
That’s two e-Reports, normally priced at $39.90, that you’ll get completely free. It’s all part of your test-run of Canna LS.
But you must take action quickly because…
Limited First Shipment… Try Canna LS now

At this moment, there’s a limited supply on hand and so only a number of orders will be fulfilled right away.

Once this supply runs out, it’s uncertain when the next will be available. This is not your ordinary hemp, and there is high demand for it.
So you must take action quickly if you want to experience hemp oil’s life-changing benefits…
In order to guarantee your shipments, this presentation may have to be shut down in the next few days… possibly even tonight.
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With the BEST DEAL , you also ensure that you receive FREE shipping and handling, a $26.85 value. You also get the two e-Reports, a $39.90 value, absolutely FREE.
Plus, if you’re not satisfied, you can get a prompt refund of every dollar you paid. That way, you risk nothing.
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Save 10% and get Free Shipping when you select our Great Deal and get 3 bottles of Canna LS!
Buy a bottle of Canna LS for $69.95 plus $8.95 Shipping & Handling!
“The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”
*Use of these schools and publications is not an endorsement of this product

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Molecular Hydrogen Supplement: The Miracle Molecule


A Tiny Molecule Can Make A Huge Difference To Your Health

The molecular hydrogen supplement is well worth exploring.

Molecular hydrogen (H2), the smallest molecule in existence, is making a big impact as an antioxidant health supplement. Molecular hydrogen is a tasteless, odorless, flammable gas that is generating a lot of buzz among researchers who link it to helping battle more than five dozen diseases. It works primarily by reducing, one of the major causes of most lifestyle-related illnesses, cancers, and the aging process.

“There are now over 500 medical studies available on the health benefits of molecular hydrogen,” says Nedalee Thomas, author, researcher, and CEO of Chanson Water. “Some doctors claim that they have been able to reduce or eliminate medications from many patients who had taken prescriptions for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and osteoarthritis for example.”

A 2015 study reports that H2 may significantly help keep us better hydrated. A 2012 study concluded that drinking molecular hydrogen water was an effective fluid hydration strategy for athletes. This is significant considering studies show two of three people are partially dehydrated. Even light dehydration of no more than 2 percent of total body weight and decreases the body’s efficiency. Metabolism and energy levels are directly affected, and this extends even further to mood and mental alertness.

“Asia is all over this, but the West is not,” says Ed Wunder, researcher associated with the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation “This is not something that the pharma industry can patent. It is in the public domain so that’s why there probably is not a lot of interest on their part.”

Wunder says another reason the public is not familiar with the molecular hydrogen supplement is because it’s not a “symptom-chasing” solution, a hallmark of Big Pharma.

“Molecular hydrogen really gets to the root of a lot of issues,” Wunder says.

The Super Effects of H2

The list of reasons to use a molecular hydrogen supplement include:

  • Fights autoimmune disease
  • Reduces pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis
  • Combats allergies
  • Improves skin/fights aging
  • May help prevent diabetes
  • May battle cancerous tumors
  • Corrects DNA damage
  • Faster sports injury recovery
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Helps reduce fat
  • May help keep us better hydrated

A study published in Medical Gas Research, goes even further, and concludes that a molecular hydrogen supplement can be successfully used to treat eight of the 10 most common causes of death in the U.S. including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, chronic lower respiratory diseases, and influenza/pneumonia.

molecular hydrogen supplement


Size Is The Key

Scientific skepticism has also played a large role in why molecular hydrogen is just now coming into its own. Researchers have had a hard time believing an inert gas with only two atoms (the minimum to form a molecule) could have health benefits. But it’s the smallness of molecular hydrogen that makes it an ideal antioxidant. It is possibly the only antioxidant molecule that can reach inside the mitochondria (power generators) of a cell.

According to Wunder, this improves cell communication and provides a cell modulating property to the body to help prevent the formation of toxic free radicals.

Molecular Hydrogen Foundation founder and executive director Tyler LeBaron agrees. “This is not a conventional antioxidant in that it just indiscriminately scavenges all radicals. Hydrogen is a unique and superior molecule, because it can also activate the Nrf2 pathway and increase the endogenous levels of glutathione and other antioxidants if they are lower than they should be. Its cell modulating properties in biological systems is what affords it with various anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and anti-obesity effects.”

Discover Optimal Health With Hydra, The Leading Molecular Hydrogen

HoneyColony molecular hydrogen supplement

Another important factor is that molecular hydrogen supplement is hydrophobic, meaning it is not diluted by water, which allows mitochondria access. In contrast, vitamin C as an antioxidant is hydrophilic, meaning it becomes diluted in water so it has problems in trying to pass through a cell’s fatty layer.

Earlier this year, a detailed, scholarly analysis of molecular hydrogen appeared in Scientific Research. The paper spent considerable space explaining this incredible ability of molecular hydrogen to penetrate deep within the heart of a cell:

Hydrogen has some distinct advantages as an antioxidant. Hydrogen as a gas dissolves in physiological fluids and distributes rapidly. It can easily penetrate cellular membranes and enter intracellular compartments. Most antioxidant supplements are limited in their cellular distributions and are poorly taken up by organelles like mitochondria.

Working deep within the cellular level puts H2 in the perfect position to neutralize free radicals and reduce . Once inside the mitochondria, previous studies have shown that molecular hydrogen exerts anti-inflammatory properties and protects from noxious chemicals (cytoprotective) in addition to acting as an antioxidant.

There is also evidence that H2 can increase the production of the ghrelin hormone that protects the brain, vascular system, and liver.

The study also discussed molecular hydrogen’s advantage of being able to “penetrate the blood brain barrier,” a very delicate interface that separates the brain from the circulatory system and protects the central nervous system (CNS) from potentially harmful chemicals while regulating transport of essential molecules.

Due to this ability to easily cross the blood brain barrier, molecular hydrogen may assist the well being of those with Parkinson’s disease. In rat models of Alzheimer’s disease, H2 prevented neuro inflammation and improved memory.

Molecular Hydrogen Supplement: How To Take It

There are several ways to get molecular hydrogen into your system including drinking hydrogen infused water, inhalation, taking an H2 bath, or putting H2-saline into the eyes. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), H2 inhalation significantly ameliorates intestinal and pulmonary transplant injury and prevents remote organ inflammation thanks to its antioxidant effects.

Molecular hydrogen is now even being used in sports medicine, applied directly to areas of the body where injury and pain occur. Nationally recognized sports nutritionist, strength, and conditioning coach Brandon Mentore is a big believer in H2:

“Molecular hydrogen is extremely important to health as it is the most significant element to life itself. Hydrogen has multiple cellular protective properties in the human body. It has the ability to upregulate virtually all metabolic processes that have rate limiting factors due to our internal and external environment.”

Mentore says there are machines that can boost water with hydrogen through electrolysis.

“But be sure to do your research as not all of the machines are created equal and may not confer the same health benefits,” says Mentore.

The easiest and probably most efficient method is by simply dropping an H2 tablet in water and then drinking it. In all cases, molecular hydrogen enters the bloodstream and is transported throughout the body.

Safe Without Side Effects

All this takes place without unpleasant side effects because when H2 neutralizes a free-radical, the byproduct is water. And there doesn’t appear to be an upper limit of use. The more hydrogen infused water we consume the better, especially for those suffering from a particularly grave condition that needs to be turned around quickly.

According to LeBaron, a good general recommendation for significant health benefits is to drink a concentration of 1-3 mg of dissolved H2 per liter of water. Read more about the leading molecular hydrogen supplement, , and try it out for yourself.


Silver Excelsior Serum A Natural Immunity Booster HoneyColony

Silver Excelsior Serum

A Natural Immunity Booster

A natural immune booster that can support the
killing of more than 600 varieties of bad bacteria

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Natural immunity booster

Helps clears sinuses
Alleviates cuts, sores, and boils

Full Spectrum, Highest Potency Natural Antimicrobial.

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Silver Excelsior Serum can change your life!

Many times more powerful than the popular colloidal silver, this serum uses chelated silver to create a natural immunity booster that can support the killing of more than 600 varieties of bad bacteria, while leaving the good bacteria intact. That means, no worrying about antibiotic resistant superbugs, new gut health issues, or the toxicity that comes with pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Why Silver Excelsior Serum?

Formulated as extremely potent bioparticles, Silver Excelsior Serum works hand in hand with your body’s cell structure. The buzz is that it repels  more than 660 known types of pathogenic bacteria.

Each bottle of Silver Excelsior contains about 660 drops – and a single drop creates 1 oz. of highly potent chelated silver ions.

Chelated Silver: A Biologically Superior Form Of Silver

Most silver solutions can’t fully bond to living tissue, limiting their bacteria-killing capabilities. The chelation process attaches silver molecules to amino acid molecules (chelators). These chelators are then able to bring the silver into the body so that each particle of silver can come in contact with the infected area. Therefore, each drop of silver excelsior serum is hundreds of times more potent than other forms of silver.

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The Future of CBD Oil, HoneyColony


CBD oil is the future. Cannabis has been stigmatized for decades, despite proof of its various beneficial attributes – mostly because they come hand-in-hand with psychoactive elements that get you high. But in recent years, scientists have pinpointed that cannabinoids (CBD), the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, are responsible for many of the plant’s abilities to support immune system health. “There is SO much confusion and even mis-information in the marketplace about the benefits of this wonderful plant,” says Stephen T. Smith, President/Co-founder of Petreleaf, a CBD and hemp oil infused pet products company. “THC does have many benefits beyond just “getting stoned” but it plays a minor role in improving our health.” It’s possible to breed marijuana to the point of getting all the cannabinoids out of the plant – and little to none of the THC. The result, CBD oil,  has reportedly been shown to promote healthy immune response, reduce hunger, and sweeten the mood.

The Science

According to research, cannabinoids synergize and help support humans’ built-in Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is our body’s way of communicating with itself to properly regulate bodily functions. It acts on the hippocampus, central nervous system, creates energy balance and supports the reproductive system. Consider it the main command center. ECS has been shown to control pain sensation, appetite, temperature regulation, stress reactivity, immune function, sleep, and many other processes. Even more interesting is muscle and fat tissue also utilize these receptors to control their processes. Scientific studies and data show Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil, as well as all micronutrients (phytonutrients) and phyto-cannabinoids found in the oil, work in harmony with the human body, creating a positive effect for overall wellness. To demystify any confusion surrounding CBD, let’s go over some basics:

Hemp Oil VS CBD Oil

Hemp oil commonly refers to hemp seed oil, which is obtained by pressing hemp seeds that contain low levels of CBD, typically less than 25 parts per million (ppm). In contrast, CBD is extracted and produced directly from cannabis flowers that are up to 15 percent CBD (150,000 ppm). Other times, flowers and leaves are mixed in with the stalks during hemp stalk processing for fiber. Basically, if the oil is derived from the seed, it’s hemp oil. Hemp oil is primarily used for cooking and known for its high omega-3 and omega-6 content. It can be used as a skin moisturizer, replacing lotions and soaps. Commercially it can be used as the base for different forms of plastic (typically a role that petroleum plays). This may include eco-friendly paints, or bio-diesel fuel that are used in the same way as vegetable-based fuel. CBD oil differs from hemp because it is primarily known for its medical benefits.

What Is The Difference Between CBD And THC?

Similar to CBD, THC is not a product of hemp seeds, but from various other parts of the plant. However, THC produces psychological effects, while CBD use doesn’t provide any adverse effects. A little confusing? Let us explain how THC and CBD are similar, and how they’re different. According to the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute of the University of Washington, CBD is one of more than 50 natural components of the hemp plant classified as “cannabinoids,” and are separated into subclasses. Some of the more well-known sub classes include cannabigerols (CBG), cannabichromenes (CBC), cannabidiols (CBD), tetrahydricannabinols (THC), and cannabinodiol (CBDL). “The major differences between cannabinoids are determined by the extent to which they are psychologically active.” Some of these subclasses, such as THC, CBN and CBDL are known to have varying degrees of psychological effects. Others, such as CBG, CBD and CBC are not known to have these effects. Because of the negative rap surrounding hemp plants and THC in general, federal standards ensure the product you are buying does not contain THC. To be defined as “industrial hemp,” cannabis plants may contain less than 0.3 percent THC in their flowering tops. This is important because otherwise, on a federal level, the hemp plants in pilot programs and research could be treated as marijuana. Basically, cannabinoid oil has vastly more medical benefits than hemp oil, and does not have the psychological effects that people receive from marijuana. It is a specific subclass of chemical compounds contained by the hemp plant, isolated from other subclasses and used for its medical benefits. CBD…decreases activity in the limbic system. It also plays a large role in the formation of memories. Emotional life is largely housed in the limbic system which supports epinephrine flow, emotions, behavior, motivation, long-term memory, and olfaction,” attests Anthony Franciosi Colorado “Pot-repreneur” and founder of The Honest Marijuana Company. All the excuses that have been made about medical marijuana’s validity as a health supportive agent (due to its various psychoactive side-effects) can now be thrown out the window. CBD offers you all the research supported abilities of the plant – and you don’t have to worry about paranoia, munchies, becoming non-social or non-functional. Because the high is out.

*The FDA has not evaluated the validity or truthfulness of these claims; therefore, we encourage you to review published researches relating to the benefits and properties of CBD hemp oils and other CBD products..


  1. celiacgirl 
    Love this! I have celiac and for years I was unable to eat gluten. I did a lot of research and learned about how marijuana can help. One day, I felt brave enough to give it a shot and I ate some doughnuts after having the HTC. To much surprise, I was able to eat gluten WITH OUT GETTING SICK (normally I get sick right away). Since then I have been able to indulge in the finer things in life when I choose, or when I get sick I have something to make me feel better. I just ordered CBD oil to see if it will have the same effects… wish me luck!
  2. Earl 
    Do you sell CBG, CBD and CBC products that I can use for Crohn’s? Where can I find these on your site?
  3. Kindra Nicole 
    Excellent and informative article. Unfortunately, Australia is not on the list of countries. A dad is being persecuted for administering cannabis oil to his 2-year-old who is battling cancer. http://helpmebro.com/posts/PHFrWDDTr2

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