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Accompany - Artisan Made, Fair Trade, Philanthropic

Accompany has landed on my website, They go global for the coolest, most nice one of a kind finds through a range of styles that have come up with a singular blowing of my mind in the process. I have always thought that no matter how important money is, it is not more important than love and the higher love that exist between family and friends, and even, acquaintances, neighbors, and also people that you just pass by every day on the streets. These communities are just like a big family working together refining what is more important than anything, LOVE, doing together and evolving souls and growing financially, and still as one.

Accompany - Colors-Crafts of India - Artisan Made, Fair Trade, Philanthropic

It’s all over the world, in the most remote communities and brings these wonderful artisans unique work, chemicals and toxic free, to us. Places that contain a mix of culture and strong conception that has fascinated the world. Every piece has a beautiful story, that can single out every importance that such work of art defines these different cultures, different people, from such different places in this amazing world.

They use manual and beautiful fabrics very artistic made, step by step with a unique identity that shows exactly where that piece has come from. Just like which country there is, you will be able to tell.

That is one of the characteristics that is shown very much, like an identity.  It is mind-blowing in the exotic way that they do every piece so unique and exquisite, from women’s, men’s, children’s apparel and household. It is also accessories so special made with unbelievable details. Not mentioned yet that’s how powerful Accompany has been in these artisans communities improving their way to live.

A love between family and friends

Accompany - Summer Shop - Artisan Made, Fair Trade, Philanthropic

If it wasn’t enough on the top of it when you buy from Accompany you will be helping communities all over the world, between continents and countries emancipating and have mostly independence with a better way of life. Please read every article that is in Accompany website that will inform you how much difference you will make in the lives of these wonderful and talented persons in the communities that used to live a life with a struggle and uncertain future. Now, with your help, they are on the way of total freedom as a result of their fight for a much better way of life, and obviously, with a lot of hard work, you will feel good about knowing that you are part of it.Accompany - Modern Bohemian Home, ethically made

It’s obvious that we all need money for survival. What we can’t forget is that money will never, ever, buy happiness, health, good friends, etc… There is no doubt in my mind that money will definitely help you in health matters, on friendship, but, you have to know how to use it for doing good. If you think that you can manipulate people to love you more, think again!

Money doesn’t buy true friendship

Accompany - Spring Bag Edit - Artisan Made, Fair Trade, Philanthropic

Now, when you are talking about health, someway money will help you to get the best that money can buy, but it is so relative. There are so many negative points that you can see that really, maybe not. That will depend on what kind of medicine you are buying… What you have truly in your heart…

Eat good and be healthy

Artisan Made

Accompany - Alpaca Addiction - Artisan Made, Fair Trade, Philanthropic

I hope you can use my suggestions wisely and also that they will help you somehow. But, at this moment I am here to talk about Accompany. That is  Accompany that does things honestly, have transparency and are on a huge mission to help people all over the world, to get a better way of life.

Accompany are having a big sale with a huge discount, please click on the highlighted words that will take you to the page so you can take advantage of this big discount.Accompany - Upgrade your Leather - Artisan Made, Fair Trade, Philanthropic

Accompany have created over the years fair trade, respect for these communities that were thriving to get ahead, is on this journey with Accompany, traveling the world in mind, and try to implement all the good that comes with an independent spirit that uses freedom as the most precious thing in this whole world.


Accompany has created over the years respect for these communities that were thriving to get somewhere but stack on the hands of this greedy world that didn’t want anything to do with prosperity other than to themselves, indeed. So Accompany went globally and selected these very talented artisans on 5 continents and is using these talented persons to prosper the best way they can have their work of art all over the world.

Every Purchase Has a Purpose

Accompany - Artisan Made, Fair Trade, Philanthropic

All the materials that are used in this collection are organic, toxic free, eco-friendly, no animals died or were used in the process of making it. All the fabrics are manually made, with a lot of work and neatly. Like I have said every piece is unique with a beautiful story behind it. Think that when you get accompany products, you will be a part of a solution for a big amount of honest families that are working to give to you their best.

Accompany - Jewelry - Artisan Made, Fair Trade, Philanthropic

So, Accompany will continue to go around finding precious jewels that are rare and unique for people that value work of art and exclusivity. Please, click and get to know these people and their traditions and tastes. I guarantee that you will love to know that are people in this world that still do basic things with a lot of talent and art, trying to bring to the surface the beautiful part of life, just like Nature that is art,  made by our dear lovely God.


Enjoy Accompany, even if you will only take a look

Accompany - Summer Shop - Artisan Made, Fair Trade, Philanthropic

and admire it. If you have any comments or suggestions, we are very glad that you do give us your opinions and insights. Accompany and thanks you very much for your valuable time.

Thank you, so much, and Accompany will continue to thrive to bring these workers respect for their work of art making sure that they get paid fairly and will be able to help their family with a better way to live with dignity and respect coming from all around them, so they will definitely pass it to younger generations that will be inheriting all the beautiful environmental surroundings, taking their respect for NATURE and their wonderful CREATURES with,  to another level, always. So long…


Luzia Soares.

Accompany - Modern Bohemian Home, ethically made