Accompany us to a healthy Life Now!



The world is better when we all play together. We’re passing the impact on through support for nonprofits including the Society of Fa’afafine in American Samoa and Alive & Kicking.

Bundles of colorful fiber

Design On A Mission

We created Accompany for all those seeking style with substance and high design that holds itself to an even higher standard.

Accompany is proud to be a Certified B Corporation
Lets make Goods Meaningful and Meaningful Good placed over brightly colored dip dyed fabric

Style Is What We Curate. Change Is What We Create.

This is fashion in action, where captivating design is the catalyst for powerful purposeful change. Every single piece in our collection serves as a change agent, working to uplift people, preserve cultures, and reshape the rules of industry. So that buying beautiful things means making life more beautiful, all over the world.