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Here is Amazon

The first online Affiliate Marketing Program that was launched in 1996. The Amazon Affiliate Program has more than 12 years track record of developing solutions to help website owners, web developers, and Amazon sellers make money by advertising millions of new and used products.


When websites owners and bloggers who are associates create links that will have a particular and unique code that will go to the affiliate marketer that has the code.  He will make a commission that will entire him too.

Affiliate Marketing

Amazon was my first Affiliate Marketer job that I have got. I have applied to Commission Junction, Offer Vault, Click Bank, and Amazon Associates Program was the one that has accepted my application. I was so happy and I have felt so accomplished with that Welcome email. It was an instant love that I felt for that company. But, really, Amazon, was the only company that has given me that feeling of being welcomed on something that I felt that I wasn’t that skilled for. Somehow I have thought that I would never get accepted.


With gratitude for a trust

Now I am writing this blog about this very sensitivity company that has given me a chance. I can tell you with my heart full of gratitude that I really appreciated that Amazon, you really have given me a chance on this journey that at first has terrified me.

I also want to say thank you for giving me the benefit of a doubt, that I was this newbie that needed your confidence so much. I am taking the chance that you have given to me and using it very diligently. Doing all the right things that I have intended too for your great satisfaction.

I am putting this image right on the top of this blog, that is the Amazon River that coincidentally passing by Brasil in their beautiful course by a few countries, one of it is the country that I was born on and that I love so much, Brazil

Devastation in the Rain Forest

We have only one problem. What they are doing to the Rain Forest. I have seen something about on the Internet News. We definitely need to get on watch what about the devastation of the Rain Forest. We do need to get together and stop this nonsense that is happening. I have to be honest that I really don’t know the very details about it. I will. Meanwhile, I wish that you will keep clean above this called devastation because we do need our Rain Forest. It’s responsible for the 1/3 of our oxygen, and that is a lot to lose.

Let’s get to the bottom of it and find out about, that is the first step and go forward. Let’s hope that we can call reason and find a huge solution to a huge problem. All together we will not peril. We will succeed!

Thank you, Amazon, my life, my dream…

This is a beautiful flower that I find so amazingly beautiful to celebrate this company that has been trying very hard to give access to better and quality products to people that sometimes can’t afford the good things in life. Amazon having prices so affordable with the best quality and very effective ingredients that make the organic and non-chemical, no animals testing products reachable to all of us,  which has been even more tangible to every person on this Earth. Salute Amazon! Thank you.

I am going to try to make it easy for you to shop through me and you will feel comfortable about this experience. We are going to start with: Links, let’s talk about the links. So, all my links that will help you to navigate, will be a kind of dark purple, like almost red. This is happening because the links colors in this theme are blue which is no different than the color of the heading of them, which I figure it would confuse you, so read it is.

You will find a lot of information. When I did my research, I have tried very hard to make sure the products and brands that I would work with would be Definitely LEGITIMATE,  which means, no lying here. No one, I mean, no one, would lie to my subscribers. If I am going to try to help you not to go through what I went through a good chunk of my life, I mean, make sure you have a very healthy lifestyle, I will not permit any scams in my website. I went for years doing research, being in a financial holocaust, trust me, for nothing. I did for a reason, and now that most of the bad times are almost gone, I am not going to allow anything that I didn’t allow in the first place. I didn’t go through that for giving it up right now.

You can be sure about everything that I used to be and believe still the same. I will continue my battles and be your trusted vessel to you healthy way to be right now and always, my friends. This way will never change. It will always get even more fierce!

Thank you so much. If you have any questions or suggestions, please go ahead and let me know. I will be happy to be able to answer your questions or hear about what do you think about everything?


Luzia Soares