All you should know about Omega 3

Omega Rejeuvenol

Dear Friend,

The party’s over for fish oil.

It had a long run, but it was just a stepping stone to something much, much better.

Don’t get me wrong — omega-3s are still absolutely critical for your healthy future. But getting them from fish oil?

Forget it.

Fish oil has one big problem it can’t overcome. And it doesn’t matter if you buy the most expensive brand in the world…

Fish Oil Loads You up With the Wrong Omega-3

“If There’s One Thing My Patients Get an Earful About,
It’s This” 

Today’s toxic world is one of the biggest threats to your health going. So it kills me when the most popular nutritional supplement of all1 is processed from tainted raw sources!

There’s no doubt the fish used in fish oil — sardines, tuna, anchovy, mackerel, salmon — can be laced with heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, and lead and chemical toxins like dioxin, PCBs, PCPs.

And no distillation process is 100% perfect. Trace amounts remain.

One study found PCB trace levels varied widely from one fish-oil product to the next.2Even tiny levels are a concern because PCBs and heavy metals accumulate in your body. In a supplement you’ll take daily for years on end — no thanks!

And there’s a second health alarm about fish oil you may not know about:

Fish oil can turn into the wrong kind of powerful. 

You see, fish oil begins oxidizing practically the minute processing begins. By the time you take it, much of the fragile omega-3 could be destroyed.

Besides the stinky smell you burp up, you end up consuming rancid fats. That’s not good!

Oxidation creates harmful free radicals that damage cells. Rather than reduce your health risks, oxidized fish oil may actually increase them.

Omega Rejuvenol offers you a superior alternative with its exceptionally pure Antarctic krill and Argentinian squid. And its payload of antioxidants like astaxanthin and vitamin E prevent oxidation from taking place.

You get the omega-3 benefits you want without the worry. Just sit back and enjoy the results!

1. Recent Consumer Reviews.

2. Millstone K. “Lawsuit: Disclose PCB Levels in Fish Oil.” CBS News. March 2010.

I’ve seen hundreds of fish oil formulas over the years. And every single one shortchanges you on the most beneficial omega-3 of all.

That’s right. After all the hullabaloo over fish oil, it cheats you of the “Super Omega” that does most of the heavy lifting. The one that works absolute wonders to help you…

  • Keep your memory and brainpower sharp1
  • Stay comfortable and flexible with joints that go the distance2
  • Enjoy clear and strong vision year after year3
  • Keep your cholesterol and triglyceride scores just where you want them4
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar5 and blood pressure6 as the years go by
  • Even keep your skin looking young7

And That’s Where Fish Oil
Falls Flat on Its Face

I never stopped looking for better sources of this “Super Omega,” even while the billion-dollar fish oil industry kept banging its own drum.

I wanted my patients to get the bigger, better, and faster results they were promised with fish oil — and were still waiting for!

That’s how I uncovered not one but two ideal sources for the “Super Omega” your body is mostly begging for — and you won’t believe the difference they can make.

How big a difference? Let me put it this way:

How Fast Do You Want to Feel Younger? 

Dr. Sears at Institute

Hello, I’m Dr. Al Sears, M.D., and I’m founder of the 
Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine
Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

I was one of the first doctors in America to be board-certified in Anti-Aging Medicine. Since then, I’ve treated more than 25,000 patients using the best natural and nutritional solutions known to science.

After decades of practice, I’m convinced this “Super Omega” is nature’s most powerful single medicine of all.

Problem is, it’s all but missing in the typical modern diet.

And fish oil doesn’t fill the gap.

These two incredible sources do. They absolutely inundate you with the “Super Omega” that…

Rebuilds and Rejuvenates Every Cell
in Your Body

The “Super Omega” is called DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). For decades, it was lumped together in studies with EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) — the dominant omega-3 in fish oil.

But when scientists began isolating DHA in clinical studies, they quickly realized they had something special on their hands. They were amazed!

After more than 2,500 studies, a common theme has emerged: DHA does…

More Good for More Health Concerns
Quickly Than Any Other
Single Nutrient We Know 

In fact, when I started taking a higher dose of DHA myself, the soreness I usually have from an old Achilles injury disappeared in a few short days.

And I’m not the only one in the aches-and-pains department who’s smiling.

In a 2017 placebo-controlled study, published in the prestigious Clinical Nutrition, the lucky patients given DHA every day discovered for themselves — comfort and mobility go hand and hand with healthy levels of this critical fatty acid!.8

With “Super Omega” DHA, Enjoying Greater Comfort
Is Just the Beginning 

Happy seniors

Whether you’re approaching 50 or rounding 70, DHA tackles practically every anti-aging goal on your checklist.

Take another look and tell me I’m wrong! Ramping up your DHA will help:

  • Keep your mind sharp as a tack — according to a Tufts University study showing that people with high DHA levels have a 47% lower risk of age-related brain and memory concerns.9
  • Support strong vision — says a 2012 Australian study in which one DHA test group reported vision gains in just  90 days.10
  • Keep your heart ticking away like a champ — studies show just 200 mg of DHA daily makes a difference in supporting a healthy heart!11
  • Promote healthy blood sugar “from cradle to grave” according to impressed Dutch researchers in 2014”12
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol and triglycerides. Studies show that DHA is the powerhouse omega-3 that supports these blood lipid markers.13
  • Support healthy blood pressure. A landmark Hypertension study likewise concluded that DHA has more health-supporting impact than EPA.14
  • Slow down chronic age-related processes that damage tissues in your brain15 and other key organs including the liver, the body’s most critical detoxifying organ.16

See what I mean?

That’s why the debate isn’t whether to get your omega-3s from plant sources, fish oil, or fish itself. That’s last-century thinking.

The question is…

Where On Earth Can You Get the Most — and Best — DHA? 

Dr. Sears

So I went on a search for the world’s best DHA sources, and it took me practically to the ends of the earth to find them.

If you want to follow my footsteps, you’d better pack warm… because the first great DHA source is found off the coast of Antarctica.

It’s called krill, and it’s a tiny shrimp-like crustacean most prevalent in the frigid pristine waters of the Antarctic Ocean.

Indeed, krill is so plentiful that it represents the greatest biomass on the planet. And it’s among the purest nutrient sources in the world.

Krill feed on phytoplankton, which puts them so low in the food chain that they remain virtually toxin-free.

Short of eating plankton yourself, you couldn’t do better!

Yet krill oil’s biggest advantage is the way it…

Pumps More and More DHA Into Every Cell in Your Body


Pure and plentiful krill
provide essential omega-3s in superior phospholipid form

You see, krill delivers DHA in phospholipid form, rather than the triglyceride form you get in fish oil.

Phospholipid DHA is much easier for your body to digest and your cells to absorb. Studies back it up: krill oil delivers higher levels of DHA and EPA into your tissues and organs where you need it the most.17

And it’s what you absorb that counts, not how much you take.

In contrast, fish oil triglycerides are tough to break down. That’s why you get the stinky burps. Worse, much of fish oil omega-3s can simply pass through your system unabsorbed.

That’s another reason why you can wait forever for fish oil to work — and it never does!


Multiple studies demonstrate krill oil’s absorption advantage — up to 60% more omega-3 reaches your cells where you need it!

Here’s Where Krill Really Kicks Fish Oil’s You-Know-What

DHA in krill oil is attached to an antioxidant called astaxanthin, one of the few nutrients that can cross the protective blood-brain barrier.

The 5 Secrets Behind Omega Rejuvenol’sAmazing Power

You could grow old waiting for ordinary omega-3 supplements to start working.

But not with Omega Rejuvenol— you’ll start feeling “younger” the very first month you take it.

That’s because its unique formulation is superior to fish oil in five important ways:

1. Potency. Its high concentration of the “Super Omega” DHA blows fish oil products out of the water.

2. Bioavailability. Krill oil and calamarine oil deliver phospholipid Omega-3s that your cells just gobble up.

3. The “Missing” Nutrients. Fat-soluble vitamins like K2, tocotrienols, and retinoids have been stripped from the modern diet — just wait until you replenish them.

4. Premium Quality. Every ingredient meets my strict standards for quality and purity. I stake my reputation on it.

5. Doctor-Formulated For Results. It’s based on my decades of practice in Anti-Aging Medicine to give you the “mind and body” support you really need.

See for yourself. Read here for your risk-free supply today!

And when astaxanthin gets through, it brings DHA along with it — with all its focus-sharpening, memory-saving, and mood-lifting powers.

Fish oil, on the other hand, gets blocked at the gate.

Not to sound like a broken record, but I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get DHA into your brain.

Studies show that people with age-related “senior moments” have significantly lower DHAlevels in the part of the brain that’s responsible for creating memories.18

Others show that high DHA intake can actually improve age-related memory loss and learning ability.19

The Challenge is Replenishing DHA Constantly — and Krill Oil Excels at It

So how much DHA should you get daily?

I recommend 500 mg of DHA for adults along with 60 mg of EPA, the other famous omega-3.

You won’t achieve that high level with krill oil alone. At least not in a single capsule. For that, you’ll need the help of…

The Most Concentrated DHA Source of All: Calamarine Oil


Few people know this seafood delicacy is packed with the most potent omega-3 of all

You may know calamari as a tasty seafood dish. I know it as nature’s second miracle DHA provider.

By the time calamarine oil is distilled, its DHA concentration is a whopping 50%. Nothing else on the planet comes close!

Calamarine oil is processed from Argentinian squid harvested in the pure waters of the South Pacific. This seafaring mollusk lives in the deep sea, far from the polluted surface waters.

So, like krill, calamarine oil is a virtually toxin-free source for vital omega-3s.

Most importantly, its super-concentration of DHA lets you easily reach my recommended level of 500 mg daily.

Calamarine oil shares another huge advantage with krill oil. They both provide DHA and EPA in the superior phospholipid form. That means…

Better Absorption for You… and More DHA
to Revitalize Your Mind and Body

Now a word to the wise:

It’s not easy finding nutritional formulas that provide optimal amounts of both krill and calamarine.

And ALWAYS check the small print when you shop for DHA.

Most supplements that advertise themselves as DHA formulas are processed from fish, including mercury risks like tuna, and not from ultra-pure krill and calamarine.

But there’s one formula where you’ll find the purest DHA and EPA in the levels I recommend:

Omega Rejuvenol From Primal Force

Omega Rejuvenol delivers 505 mg DHA and 62 mg EPA in every softgel capsule. It meets my standards to a “T” because I’m the doctor who formulated it.

And unlike formulas processed from risky fish like tuna, every milligram of DHA and EPA comes from the purest Antarctic krill and South Pacific calamarine.

I consider it the ultimate omega-3 formula. It certainly outshines anything else I’ve seen.

And it comes not a minute too soon, because the latest DHA research has revealed…

An Astonishing Secret That Puts DHA at
the Very Core of Longevity Itself

New science reveals how phospholipid DHA may do more to help you “stay young” than ever imagined — thanks to its amazing ability to keep cell wall membrane in ever-youthful condition.20

Needless to say, healthy cell membrane is critical for the very life of the cell itself. It protects against harmful invaders while enabling nutritional intake, cell signaling, and other life-essential functions.

And as it turns out, DHA-rich phospholipids are the core building blocks of cell membrane. Not triglycerides you get from fish oil.

In fact, phospholipids fits into the cell membrane like a hand fitting into a glove. Your cells just soak them up and put them to use.

Phospholipid DHA Sounds Better and Better, Doesn’t It? 

The DHA-rich phospholipids you get from krill and calamarine literally rebuild the cell wall in a never-ending process of renewal!

That means your cells stay protected. They communicate at their best. They absorb nourishment efficiently. They get rid of waste effectively.

It helps every cell in your body stay younger, healthier, longer…

And That Helps You Live It up at Any Age! 

strong seniorI’m convinced that cell membrane integrity is a huge reason why DHA works so well to keep you young. It may be the biggest.

So let the fish oil makers bang their drum for their EPA-loaded fish oil formulas.

With the clinical research showing DHA’s “young-again” benefits and the breakthroughs in phospholipid-driven cell membrane support… Omega Rejuvenol has a much better message:

“Get Your DHA Here!” 

Now, I wish I could say the phospholipid DHA in Omega Rejuvenol filled the only gap holding you back from the stronger health you deserve.

But there’s a second group of missing fat-soluble nutrients you’d better brush up on, too.

Like DHA, they’re crucial for cell health, including cell membrane support, and deficiencies are linked with a wide host of age-related health issues.

But when you restore depleted levels…

You’ll Unleash a Second Surge of Youth Inside Your Own Body!

Our ancestors got plenty of these vitamins because they ate animal fats and organ meats like their lives depended on it.

They were right, and they instinctively knew it.

Even our great-grandparents got enough. They didn’t run away from animal fats in organs, fatty meats, and dairy — they absolutely devoured them!

That’s not the case today. I see patients who haven’t had liver or even whole milk in decades.

Their tanks are empty when it comes to these fat-soluble nutrients — and it shows in their low energy and depleted health.

At the top of this list is vitamin K2. After all…

What Would You Call a 90% Deficiency Rate?
I’d Call It an Absolute Priority! 

You get vitamin K2 from organ meats — which is why as many as 9 out of 10 people are deficient. Some experts estimate deficiency as high as 98%!21

Low K2 is a big problem at any age… but especially if you’re over 50.

You see, K2 is an unsung hero when it comes to lasting heart health. It really makes a difference.

It’s a critical nutrient for keeping blood vessels healthy and flexible — which is right at the core of maintaining a healthy heart.

One study of 4,800 people even linked high K2 levels to a longer life compared to people who were low.21 Indeed…

Every Daily 10 mcg Increase Was Shown to Produce Better
and Better Results!

How Phospholipid DHA is Rewriting the Book On Staying Young 

Scientists have recently uncovered a new key to cell health that helps pave your way to lasting youthfulness.

They’ve unraveled the secrets of cell wall membrane — and the power of certain nutrients to generate new membrane and keep it healthy.

At the top of this list are DHA-rich phospholipids — the very kind you get in Omega Rejuvenol

Hungry cells absorb these phospholipids right into the cell wall as if they were plugging a leak. 

This process maintains cell membrane integrity — and it turns every cell into a fortress that can protect itself… absorb nutrition… remove waste… and communicate with other cells with lightning-fast efficiency.

However, common deficiencies in DHA as well as vitamin A and vitamin E have just the opposite effect. The cell membrane failure that follows has been linked to problems in the brain, liver, bones, and other organs in the body.3

Today, you can make sure your cells get the youth-extending support they need with Omega Rejuvenol.

Its payload of phospholipid DHA and vitamins A, E and K2 promotes cell membrane generation. It helps turn a cellular “weak link” into a suit of armor that can help stop premature aging!

Read here to see for yourself why it’s called Omega RejuvenolYou’ll feel younger or you’ll pay nothing!

39. Depner CM., et al. “Docosahexaenoic acid attenuates hepatic inflammation, oxidative stress, and fibrosis without decreasing hepatosteatosis in a Ldlr(-/-) mouse model of western diet-induced nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.” J Nutr. 2013 Mar;143(3):315-23

Omega Rejuvenol gives you 50 mcg in every daily softgel. That puts you in the optimal zone in a hurry.

K2 also supports healthy cell growth and normal cell division.24 It even promotes joint comfort and ease of mobility.25

That is, if you get enough.

Omega Rejuvenol gives you the superior MK-7 form of vitamin K2. It’s the most bioactive form available.

Next is vitamin E. And just like the situation with omega-3s…

You Get the WRONG Vitamin E in Most Supplements — and You Miss the Benefits

The same way DHA is the true omega-3 powerhouse, tocotrienols are the vitamin E workhorses. And they get shortchanged in supplements, too… just like DHA.

Tocotrienols cost more, so vitamin makers use cheaper tocopherols. That works for them, but not for you!

You see, it’s the tocotrienols that give vitamin E the ability to boost your cells’ antioxidant strength by an amazing 300%.26

And That’s What Gives You
the Real Shot in the Arm

Tocotrienols are the heart-protecting vitamin E. They help keep C-reactive protein in check, which is a key goal in heart support.
They also work to keep cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure within their normal healthy bounds.27,28

Tocotrienols are key nutrients for the prostate, breast and pancreas as well. They keep cells healthy to help fend off age-related problems.29,30

Need more?

A new study even shows that a patented tocotrienol blend provided significant support for the blood vessels, circulation, and white matter in the brain.31

It was published in Stroke, the official journal of the American Stroke Association, so it raised quite a few eyebrows.

Omega Rejuvenol gives you the very same vitamin E used in this Stroke study. It’s a state-of-the-art blend called Tocomin® —and I consider it the best vitamin E on the planet.

Now let me set you straight on the most misunderstood vitamin of all…

 Don’t Let This Vitamin A Myth Put You in a Downward Spiral 

Vitamin A is actually a group of nutrients that include plant-based carotenoids like beta-carotene on one side and animal-based retinoids like vitamin A palmitate on the other.

Many people believe that beta-carotene is all they need. They’re wrong.

Retinoids are critical, too. But they’re found in animal fats, so most people are getting less and less of them by the day.

Before you know it, this shortfall can drain your energy and compromise your health.

You see, the latest research shows that retinoids work to activate cell mitochondria where energy is produced.32

They’re Right in the Thick of It When It Comes to Firing up Your Furnace

Your muscles, lungs, immune system, and kidneys all use retinoid vitamin A to keep running like clockwork. Beta-carotene alone won’t do.

That’s why Omega Rejuvenol gives you the palmitate retinol form of vitamin A: you may need it!

It’s the vitamin A many people are missing thanks to constant misinformation… in a safe, effective level for your everyday needs.

Then there’s vitamin D — and it kills me to say it:

Americans Are STILL Not Getting Enough!

Did you know that 96% of people who have heart attacks are vitamin D deficient?33 Or that half the people with osteoporosis-related fractures are low on D?34

Or that 63% of Crohn’s victims are D-deficient,35 and people who are low on D have significantly higher risk for colon cancer?36

I could go on all day.

There’s overwhelming evidence that increased vitamin D levels supports virtually every area of health in your body. It’s the “everything vitamin” — being low is just not an option!

Yet Americans still shy away from vitamin D-generating sunlight.

So better safe than sorry: Omega Rejuvenol provides an extra boost of vitamin D3 to help fill the gap every day.

There’s one more ingredient that helps “reverse the clock” so you can…

Look, Feel and Act Younger in Every Aspect of Your Life

In fact, I already mentioned it: astaxanthin.

It’s contained in krill oil, but I added more.

Its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and protect your brain cells from damaging oxidation makes it one of the most powerful anti-aging weapons of all.

We’re also learning that Astaxanthin is a potent vision protector. It’s able to cross the blood-retinal barrier too, something that even beta-carotene can’t do!

That means it safeguards retinal cells from oxidative damage in ways other antioxidants simply can’t.

All the more reason to add more of it to Omega Rejuvenol

With all these remarkable nutrients combined in a single, one-capsule-a-day formula, I’m convinced that Omega Rejuvenol lives up to its name in a big way…

And the “Thank Yous” I Get Confirm It!

Omega RejuvenolMark K. of Florida was worried when he started “blanking out” on things that used to be routine — but now he’s as sharp as he was decades ago. He writes:

“All those ‘senior moments’ started way too young. But they suddenly stopped when I started taking Omega Rejuvenol. Now I feel my focus and memory are back at age 30-levels.” 

Omega RejuvenolFreda G. from the Netherlands had achy legs for years. Nothing she tried worked — until she discovered Omega Rejuvenol. She’s thrilled by how quickly it helped!

“I have been taking Omega Rejuvenol for about one month now. But I noticed after taking it just three days that aches and pains I have had in my legs for the last 5 years have completely vanished. I am very happy” 

It’s Really That Good — and It’s Not Just Mark and Freda Cheering!

Omega RejuvenolThere’s Michael L. from England. He has a business to run, so he can’t afford to slow down. He tried Omega Rejuvenol and now he couldn’t be happier. Michael writes:

“I am 71 years old and still run my own business. I have been taking Omega Rejuvenol for two months and I find I have more energy and get up and go. Great product!”
Omega Rejuvenol

Martha from Los Angeles was constantly using eye drops and taking fish oil for her tired eyes. Now she doesn’t have to — and her sight’s better, too! According to Martha…

“I’m not using eye drops or cod liver oil anymore. With Omega Rejuvenol, I noticed my sight was better. I don’t have to put on my glasses to go to the bathroom at night.” 

That’s the Power of Omega Rejuvenol for You

…and the list of satisfied users keeps getting longer and longer. Joy in Atlanta is thrilled with her memory boost and calmer moods. She says…

Omega Rejuvenol“I just love your Omega Rejuvenol! This is the first fish oil I can take on an empty stomach without belching up a fish taste. Within one week I started feeling improvement in my memory and it gave me a sense of calming.” 

Milo H. feels the best he’s felt “in decades” thanks to Omega RejuvenolHe writes: 

“My lung capacity has improved significantly (I recently hiked 8 miles at 7,000 and 8,000 feet with no problems)… my blood sugar is normal… my good cholesterol is in the normal healthy range and my body fat is 20% so I’m now wearing slim shirts and slim jeans.” 

This Kind of Vibrant Health Can Come Back to You, Too

So if you’ve had it up to here with foggy thinking… achy joints… fading vision… low energy… low spirits — all the signs of aging that frustrate you the most — Omega Rejuvenol will have you whistling a new tune in no time.

And just as important, you’ll flood your cells with nature’s most powerful protective nutrients, in levels that could add decades of better health to your life.

The Vitality You Thought Was Gone? Here It Is — Come and Get It!

Whether you’re turning the page on smelly fish oil or trying omega-3s for the very first time, you deserve to experience what this true “next generation” formula can do.

And rest assured, it’s the exact DHA-rich formula I recommend for my patients.

I want you to get great results, too. That’s why Omega Rejuvenol has been so carefully formulated. And it’s why our 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee lets you…

Open the Floodgates to Better Health Without Risking a Cent!

With Special Introductory Savings available with this offer, there has never been a better time for you to tap into the vitality and health that Omega Rejuvenol promises.

With your order, you’ll also receive up to three Special e-Reports to help you make the most of your rejuvenation. They include:

FREE reportsSPECIAL e-REPORT #1 A $19.95 value!
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SPECIAL e-REPORT #3 A $19.95 value!
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SPECIAL e-REPORT #3 A $19.95 value!
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In this report, you’ll get dozens of additional strategies that can sharpen your thinking and prevent you from losing your memory and concentration as you age. You’ll learn the best ways to promote your mental clarity naturally and effectively.

So what are you waiting for?

There’s so Much to Be Gained
When Omega Rejuvenol is Part of Your Life

  • You’ll enjoy a surge in energy and stamina…
  • You’ll think with greater clarity and remember things better…
  • Your joints and muscles will feel more comfortable and flexible…
  • Your moods will be sunnier and your zest for living will return…

And you’ll have the confidence of putting the full power of the “Super Omega” and a full team of often-missing nutrients on the job to protect your heart… your brain… your eyes… and more.

Order Your Supply of Omega Rejuvenol Now!

With its power to strengthen… protect… and rejuvenate your health right down to the cellular level, Omega Rejuvenol helps you start a fresh new chapter in your life — a second Springtime!

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You’ve heard from folks who are thrilled with their results.

You’ll be next — I guarantee it!

To Your Good Health,


Al Sears, MD, CNS

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Let’s talk about Stem Cells


World’s leading stem cell pioneer says this changes everything…
The Stem Cell Organ
The discovery of an organ that nurtures your stem cells has ushered in a new and better therapy already proven in clinical trials to:
  • Banish Blood Sugar Worries — Thanks to “50% better insulin sensitivity”¹
  • Soothe Battered Joints — “At least 20%” less aches in just 6 months²  in over 200 patients.
  • Harden Bones — Leading to “19.9% more healthy bone growth”³
  • Smooth and Strengthen Weakened Skin — “Reduced skin wrinkles and had positive effects on dermal matrix synthesis” in 114 women aged 45-65.⁴
  • Plus, supercharges your heart, mind and adds years of healthy living to your lifespan —  according to the results of one 5-year study of 7,216 people⁵
“A previously unknown feature of human anatomy with implications for the function of all organs, most tissues, and the mechanisms of most major diseases.”
– New York University School of Medicine ⁶
“Broad implications for tissue regeneration, aging.”
– Stanford University ⁷
“The regulation of stem cell self-renewal [through this new organ] is of great biological and medical interest.”
– Harvard University ⁸

Dear Health-Conscious Reader,A new type of stem cell therapy unleashes your body’s existing — but dormant — supply of stem cells, so you can reverse the signs and symptoms of aging… and… maximize your health and vitality.

It’s based on a breakthrough that has advanced stem cell science more than anything in the past decade.

The discovery by a Columbia University doctor of a stem cell organ

And how it solves the one BIG – and rarely talked about – problem with stem cell therapy. And that is…

Just Because Stem Cells CANMature into Any Type of Cell in Your Body Doesn’t Mean They Always DO

Which means a stem cell boost could give you a young-again heart, brain, lungs, joints, and more… and help you grow old with virtually no heart problems, no dementia, no blood sugar or blood pressure concerns, no joint issues and no breathing problems.Or it may do nothing.

In other words, some people regain ALL the qualities of youth. While others get nothing.

It’s a crapshoot.

But now that’s all changed…

Because what this stem cell organ does is control the maturation process of stem cells inside your body.

Specifically, it controls when they mature…

What they mature into…

And, perhaps most importantly, IF they mature at all.

As you can imagine, this revelation has blown the doors wide open on the possibilities of stem cell therapy. Right now, prestigious institutions around the world are testing the limits of what your stem cell organ can do, and the results I’ve seen – and will share with you today – are unlike anything in the history of medicine.

Most of this research is still in the lab, waiting for new treatments to be developed and approved.

But today, I’ll share with you my most exciting discovery yet…

It’s a new cellular technology that’s helping my patients tap into this organ to unleash the full power of the stem cells already inside them.

And, if you or a loved one is facing a health crisis, it could change your life forever.

My Name Is Dr. Al Sears

I’ve devoted my entire medical career studying the miracles of stem cells.And at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, I recommend them to nearly every patient.

That’s because they have the miraculous ability to mature into almost any type of cell…

Which means a single stem cell boost can replace damaged or dying cells in any part of your body.

  • Harvard Stem Cell Institute scientists have used them to generate new pancreatic cells, which support healthy blood sugar.
  • Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute researchers discovered stem cells can grow new heart cells in just one month.
  • Researchers at a prestigious California university found stem cells can even replace missing immune cells… and attack errant cells that undermine your health.

And that just scratches the surface.I have filing cabinets full of clinical studies and patient stories documenting success after success for people using stem cell therapy.

But the remarkable discovery of this stem cell organ has ushered in a new approach that is light-years better than any current stem cell therapy.

It’s given me a new idea of how to address a problem we’ve had for some time – that our stem cells are not what they should be because they are not being nourished sufficiently.

That’s partly because of the lack of nutrients in the modern diet.

So, with this new discovery, I’ve come up with a new way to feed your stem cells — by addressing primal deficiencies in what we eat today.

This new therapy requires:

  • No doctor’s visits
  • No prescriptions or drugs
  • No surgeries or injections

Instead, it unleashes the full potential of your body’s own stem cells to heal you.And as you’re about to see, harnessing this power can make you look and feel years, even decades, younger.

More on that in a moment. But first, let me put the power of this new discovery into perspective…

She Couldn’t Kiss Her Newborn Baby for 18 Months

Alysia Padilla-Vaccaro’s daughter was born with no immune system.⁹Without it, the little girl couldn’t fight off germs.

The doctors said she had only two options:

Live the rest of her life isolated from the world, in a sterile bubble…

Or not live at all.

While other babies her age were learning to crawl, walk and talk, she was confined to a plastic prison no bigger than a dog cage.

But then the new mom heard about a clinical trial at a prestigious California university that stimulated the body’s own stem cells.And several months after starting treatment, just shy of her second birthday…

The little girl had developed a fully functioning immune system.

Soon after, doctors cautiously cleared her release…

And her mother was able to hold, kiss, and love on her for the very first time.

Alysia Padilla-Vacarro is finally able to hold, kiss and love her daughter after stem cell therapy.

To date more than 40 children with the same life-threatening condition have been treated with this method. And they aren’t just surviving. They’re all thriving. That’s the life-changing potential locked inside of your own stem cells.

That this new stem cell organ can unleash.

But unlike this prestigious university’s clinical study, what I’m about to share involves…

  • No surgeries or drugs
  • No prescriptions
  • No doctors

So what is this new stem cell organ? How does it control the fate of your stem cells? And how can it help banish your worst health concerns?Let me explain…

More Important Than Blood

Surrounding your brain, heart, lungs and every joint in your body is a huge interconnected network of “sponge-like” tissues.Inside these “sponges” is a fluid.

It’s not blood.

I’d argue it’s even more important.

First off all, you have three (3!) times MORE of this fluid in your body than you do blood.

And second, it contains nearly every important molecule your body needs to survive:

  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Proteins
  • Cells that repair damage
  • Cells that power your immune system
  • Other cells that are surely important but we don’t know what they do yet
  • And — perhaps most importantly — a vast supply of dormant stem cells

In other words, all of the various support cells and “building blocks” your organs need to function.Now, scientists have known about this network of tissues for decades. It’s clearly visible in biopsies of dead human tissue.

But they thought it was just a “dead space” between all of your organs that simply stored various nutrients until they were needed.

But here’s what they didn’t know.

A Secret Communication System

The limits of old technology didn’t allow scientists of past generations to look at these tissues in “real time”…They could only slice up tissues and look at them under a microscope.

But while using a newly invented microscope — called a probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy — to study how cancer spreads through this so-called “dead space” in living, human patients, a Columbia University doctor noticed something strange.

This “dead space” wasn’t dead at all.

These tissues don’t just store nutrients.

They receive signals from the surrounding organs.

Specifically, requests for certain nutrients.

And based on these signals they transport the required nutrients to the organs.

For example, if a virus was attacking your lungs these tissues send in stored immune cells to fight it off.

Or, if you get a cut (your skin is an organ), these tissues release nutrients to stop the blood loss and begin the repair process.

Said differently, just like…

Your lungs supply oxygen.

Your stomach digests food.

And your heart pumps blood.

This network of tissues has a very specific job. And that is to keep…

All of Your Other Organs in Perfect Working Order!

In other words, it’s not simply some dusty warehouse of nutrients.It’s more like an orchestrator…

Constantly reviewing signals from every single one of your other organs… and working in real-time to give them what they need to stay healthy. And that’s why everyone is calling it a new organ.

An organ that’s sole purpose is to heal your other organs. And keep them in perfect working order.

Called the “interstitium,” it’s a huge discovery.

That was reported in all of the major media outlets…

But that was just the beginning…As other researchers started looking into this organ, they noticed the signals shooting back and forth through it also influenced stem cells.

Specifically, they noticed these signals would nudge stem cells in a certain direction.

Some signals would tell a stem cell to mature into a muscle cell. Other signals made a stem cell mature into a bone cell. Still, other signals would tell a stem cell to divide and create more stem cells for future reserves.

In short, for the first time in human history science could finally explain the mystery of the stem cell maturation process. And…

Experts Say This Is the Breakthrough They’ve Been Looking For

It was the breakthrough stem cell researchers were looking for since the discovery of stem cells. Finally, they had the mechanism that controls the maturation process of stem cells.

  • Stanford University¹⁴ said this has “broad implications for tissue regeneration, ageing.”
  • Harvard University says “the regulation of [the interstitium] is of great biological and medical interest.”¹⁵
  • Columbia University¹⁶ reports it “is crucial for cellular function” for each of the trillions of cells in your body.
  • UC San Francisco¹⁷ discovered, “a complex interplay exists between [this interstitium] and cellular function” that when disrupted “promote pathologies such as cardiovascular disease.”
  • Yale University¹⁸ says this new organ is already leading to breakthroughs that are “challenging the dominance of glucose meters in diabetes management.”

We’re still a few years away from directly manipulating stem cells using this new organ. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use this discovery to improve your health today, tomorrow, and years to come.

And that’s because, with this newfound understanding, the study results are piling up that a healthier interstitium can help…

Razor Sharpen Your Mind
The Alzheimer’s Association states:
“Beta-amyloid plaques are prime suspects in cell death and tissue loss.”

As more beta-amyloid plaques clog your brain, thinking slows… reaction time slows… and your memory starts to fade.But a study at New York University School of Medicine¹⁹ confirmed a healthy interstitium transports beta-amyloid  “from the interstitial space across the blood-brain-barrier and into the blood” where it is flushed out. Calling this an “important clearance system for driving the removal of soluble beta-amyloid.”

Harvard Medical School goes so far as to say:²⁰

“…facilitation of beta-amyloid clearance along the [interstitium]” should be considered as a “new target” for supporting good brain health.
Supercharge Your Heart

The famous Framingham Heart Study — which started in 1948 and has followed the cardiovascular health of three-generations of residents of Framingham, Massachusetts — looked at the interstitium surrounding the muscular tissues of the heart. And the association was crystal clear…

People who had healthy interstitial fluid lived longer and were much healthier.

In addition, heart surgeons from the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery of the Medical University of South Carolina witnessed changes in the interstitium contributed to the loss of a healthy heart.

Specifically, people with a healthy interstitium had a resting blood pressure that was a minimum 3 times … and up to… 6 times lower than everyone else²¹!

In other words, when your interstitium isn’t healthy every blood vessel in your body endures at least 3 times more stress than it otherwise would!

Cholesterol Levels²²

Drug companies want you focused only on blood cholesterol. But completely ignore cholesterol in the interstitial fluid. But a study in Frontiers in Pharmacology states:

“…it is widely recognized that what really matters is cholesterol flux and removal from cells. However, relatively little research examines the trafficking of [cholesterol] into and out of the interstitium.”
Keep Your Joints Pain Free And Mobile

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen Muscle Research Center examined the interstitial fluids of people before and after they did exhaustive leg exercises and noted that “accumulation of [waste products] in muscle interstitium may be an important factor in the development of fatigue.”²³And these are just the findings on the most deadly diseases…

If you look into all the studies — more than 20,000 of them are on PubMed, the medical database where every reputable study ever conducted is stored — a mountain of evidence proves it’s a key
player in everything standing in your way of a better quality of life.

In short, all of these researchers have come to the same conclusion.

The Health of Your Interstitium Is Paramount to Your Overall Health

When this organ is healthy, you thrive. When it’s not, the hallmarks of “old age” kick in and everything goes downhill fast. The best part: to invigorate this organ…

  • You do not need a prescription.
  • You do not need a hospital or doctor’s visits.
  • And you do NOT need health insurance.

But while most of the research about this new organ is still in academia, waiting for new treatments to be developed and approved…Eighteen months ago, I tasked researchers at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine to look into this new organ…

And after months of testing, refining, and perfecting…

We’ve developed a series of protocols to improve the health of your interstitium.

It needs no prescription. It has no dangerous side effects. And you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Specifically, I’ve discovered 35 nutrients that — when combined in specific amounts — support the healthy function of your interstitium to:

  • Restore power to worn out, aging organs
  • Rejuvenate strength to weak, failing muscles
  • Regain mobility in stiff and achy joints
  • Revitalize lost memories and foggy brains
  • Renew an overwhelming sense of optimism
  • And roll back years, even decades, or old age
I’m excited to tell you that now, you too can experience these results with a new natural formula that…
Kicks Your Stem Cell Organ into Maximum Capacity

…and keeps you feeling years, even decades younger. This formula is the new Primal X Plus, and as you’re about to see, it’s the first and only supplement available with unique ingredients clinically proven to…

Reverse the REAL cause of aging (a failing interstitium). Support your interstitium so it can continue to support the health of your OTHER organs and joints.

Create a supportive environment surrounding your cells, so they’re not constantly fighting to survive… and instead… are given everything they need to thrive, in turn, boosting EVERY area of your health.

I’ve long recommended powerful supplements like omega-3’s, curcumin, CoQ10 and more… But with the discovery of this new stem cell organ, Primal X Plus is now my “go to” the first recommendation to ALL my patients.

And it starts with the primary building block of your interstitium…

Ingredient #1:
95% of My Patients Are Deficient in This Overlooked Nutrient

Before beginning treatment at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine, patients undergo a slew of diagnostic tests. One of them measures bone mineral density.

And by far, the most common deficiency is collagen.

Collagen is well-known in beauty circles as the protein that keeps your skin firm and wrinkle-free.

But did you know collagen makes up 25% of the WHOLE amount of proteins in your body?

Its “firm and flexible” qualities are used everywhere.

It holds together the calcium and other minerals that make up your bones.

It holds your bones together in the form of connective tissues. This connective tissue also connects your muscles to bones… your organs to muscles…  forming a lattice that holds up these otherwise soft and fleshy tissues.

In other words, if you didn’t have collagen… your body would literally collapse in on itself.

So it should come as no surprise that collagen also forms the bulk of your interstitium. And as a result, this spongy network of collagen also acts as a shock absorber to keep tissues from rupturing while your organs, muscles, and vessels constantly pump and squeeze throughout the day.

Here are just a few studies highlight the benefits of collagen supplementation:

  • More muscle, less fat: A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition gave 53 men with age-related muscle loss collagen or a placebo. Just 12 weeks later, 100% of the collagen group experienced more fat loss and more muscle growth than the placebo group.²⁴
  • Soothe battered joints: A study in Complementary Therapies in Medicine gave 200 people with minor joint pain collagen or a placebo. The collagen group had “at least 20%” fewer aches in 6 months later compared to the placebo group.²⁵
  • Smooth and strengthen weakened skin: A study in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology gave 114 women — aged 45-65 — collagen or a placebo for 8 weeks. The result? The collagen group had a “significant reduction of eye wrinkle volume” compared to the placebo group.²⁶
But here’s the problem…

When you’re young, your body makes enough collagen to keep tissues pliable and youthful. But it’s all downhill once you pass your mid-20s.

By your 40s, your body’s ability to produce collage drops about 25%. And your production is down by half of the youthful levels by age 60.

When you’re young, your body makes enough collagen to keep tissues pliable and youthful. But as you age, your body’s ability to produce it plummets.

You see the effects of this on the outside as wrinkles, scarring, and sagging skin. But that exact same process is happening on the inside too.

Furthermore, your interstitium is constantly rebuilding itself (for example, the interstitium surrounding your gut replaces itself every 3 days).

For this reason, you need a constant new supply of collagen.

This is why the new Primal X Plus includes the best source of collagen you can find. Collagen sourced from grass-fed, organically raised cows raised without the use of hormones and antibiotics.

Ingredient #2:
The Stem Cell ‘Switch’

Absent from most people’s diets today, almost every dig site of ancient humans unearths animal bones, bashed open with simple human tools… evidence that the fat-rich, and nutrient dense bone marrow was highly prized. And modern science confirms what our ancestors knew.

Bone marrow is a nutritional powerhouse.
For example, a University of Michigan study found the fat tissue in bone marrow is a significant source of adiponectin which helps:²⁷
  • Maintain insulin sensitivity
  • Break down fat
  • And has been linked to supporting cardiovascular health, blood sugar, healthy DNA and a healthy weight

But more importantly, is its role in your interstitium. In a remarkable study published in Stem Cells, researchers from Tufts University School of Medicine found that when adiponectin came into contact with dormant stem cells they matured into cells that repaired tissue.²⁸

But not just at the site of injury.

Incredibly, adiponectin puts stem cells on the move… prompting them to travel into the peripheral blood supply and “subsequently migrate to the injured sites and participate in tissue remodeling.”

In other words, adiponectin is like a “Sherpa.”

It guides stem cells throughout your interstitium to where they are needed most.

What can this mean for you?

In a really cutting edge study, researchers at the University Hospital in Freiburg, Germany gave stem cells harvested from bovine bone marrow to a group of dental implant patients.

And compared to the placebo, they formed 19.9% more bone growth providing a “reliable base for dental implants.”

And in one study published in the well-respected scientific peer-reviewed journal PLOS One, compared to a placebo group… mice supplemented with bovine bone marrow produced more than twice as many stem cells.

Science is just beginning to scratch the surface of the benefits of bovine bone marrow on your stem cells. Which is why I’ve included it in Primal X Plus.

Ingredient #3:
Saves Your Circulatory System

I call vitamin K2 the “missing link” to a life of longevity and robust health. Found in organ meats, egg yolks, some dairy products, fermented cheese curd, and Japanese natto, vitamin K2 plays a vital role in the health of your heart, bones, brain, joints… and… your interstitium.

That’s because it keeps the arteries supplying every square inch of your body with life-giving blood supple and fluid.

And while experts call arterial stiffness a “growing epidemic associated,” but vitamin K2 has been shown to have positive effects on the interstitium surrounding your arteries.

In a study published in Thrombosis and Haemostasis, researchers gave postmenopausal women a placebo or vitamin K2 for three years.

The results were crystal clear…

The women taking vitamin K2 had a huge improvement in the flexibility of their arteries. 50% better to be exact.

And that’s not all.

Researchers reporting in Diabetes Care found vitamin K2 can banish blood sugar worries thanks to its ability to deliver “50% better insulin sensitivity.”³¹

And in the Rotterdam Study — a massive study started in 1990 that follows the nutritional habits of tens of thousands of citizens of the Netherlands — found people who took 45 mcg of K2 every day were found to live seven years longer than those who only took 12 mcg per day.³²

Yet most people don’t get enough vitamin K2, if any, from their diets or supplementation. This is why each serving of Primal X Plus also includes a heaping 90 mcg of vitamin K2.

But that’s not all. The new Primal X Plus also…

Unleashes a Secret of Our Ancient Ancestors:
“Grow Younger” Vitamins Most People Are Lacking Today

If you look at historical records you’ll see many native cultures like Australian Aborigines, Indians of North America, Eskimos, New Zealand Maoris, and African tribes had near perfect teeth… strong, fat-free bodies… little or no disease… and almost endless youth. Well, over the last 30 years I’ve traveled to over 30 countries… visiting and living with natives who still live much like our ancient ancestors.

And I’ve discovered their incredible health stems from a diet full of native foods like organ meats, butterfat, marine oils, fish, shellfish, eggs, and animal tallows that supply 10 times MORE fat-soluble vitamins compared to what’s in a typical westerner’s diet.

The simple fact is inescapable…Most people today are lacking these vitamins. And as a result, they look and feel older than their years.

Why do these fat-soluble vitamins keep you young? They help your interstitium stay in perfect working order.

For the first time, I’ve combined these hard-to-get vitamins with collagen and grass-fed bovine bone marrow in the new Primal XPlus.

These vitality boosting, stem cell rejuvenating vitamins include…

Our ancient ancestors had almost-endless youth because of their diet.
The “Sunshine Vitamin” That Helps You Breathe Easier

Vitamin D is the “sunshine vitamin” because the best way to get more of it is from the sun.Our ancestor’s weren’t covered head to toe with clothes and didn’t spend all day indoors, so they got plenty of sun.

But according to Scientific American, three quarters of U.S. adults and teens are deficient in vitamin D.

And if you’re deficient in vitamin D, genes that are designed to keep your heart, brain, blood sugar, and blood pressure healthy CAN’T work properly.

More important, we know now that vitamin D supports the healthy function of your interstitium.

A recent study showed vitamin D deficiency was linked to 21%³³ higher rates of a malfunction in the interstitium surrounding the lungs. Leading the researchers to conclude “serum vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor” leading to lung and breathing problems.

This is why Primal X Plus includes the most natural and usable form of vitamin D, vitamin D3.

Primal X Plus also…

Boosts The Force Field Around Your Heart

Mixed Tocotrienols are members of the vitamin E family, yet you won’t’ find them in any multi-vitamin or typical vitamin E supplement. That’s because, for years, vitamin E supplements contain only alpha-tocopherol… just ONE of the eight-member vitamin E family.

And that’s a shame because this overlooked class of vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps squelch age-robbing free radicals.

And this has a huge impact on the health of the interstitium surrounding your heart.

In one study researchers³⁴ fed rats a high carbohydrate diet that typically causes a laundry list of health concerns… notable in the areas around the heart. But guess what happened when they ALSO gave them mixed tocotrienols. Nothing!

What happened?

This vitamin E protected the interstitium surrounding the heart which maintained normal “glucose tolerance, blood pressure, and ventricular stiffness.”

Vitamin E protected the interstitium surrounding the heart.

In other words, it protected them from the negative effects of a high-carbohydrate diet. Of course, this is a study done on rats. But I’ve found many of my patients test deficient in these critical nutrients.

Now, in Primal X Plus, you get the right dose of mixed Tocotrienols not found in typical vitamin E supplements… and not found in a typical western diet… to boost interstitium health.

What’s more, you’ll also get…

The Emergency Stem Cell Saver
Many specialized cells, such as in the skin, gut or blood have a lifespan of only a few days.
Therefore, a steady new supply of these cells is necessary for survival. Normal stem cells replace them under normal circumstances.
And under emergency circumstances — like bacterial or viral infections, heavy blood loss, or in the wake of chemotherapy — a dormant emergency supply of your most potent stem cells rushes to the rescue. But it’s a delicate dance…Too little of these emergency stem cells opens the door to chronic health problems. But churning through them leaves you vulnerable to future attacks. How do you maintain this crucial balance? With a special form of Vitamin A.In a study at the famed German Cancer Research Center, researchers fed mice a diet deficient in this special form of vitamin A.³⁵The result? The researchers reported the emergency stem cells were “unable to return to a dormant state.” And were “lost as a reservoir.” Demonstrating that a “Vitamin A deficiency impairs the immune system.”This study finally explains why vitamin A supports healthy vision, immunity, skin, gut health, and much more.This is why the new Primal X Plus includes a heaping helping — 400% of the recommended daily value — of a special form of vitamin A called mixed carotenoids (which include beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin).

Each of these hard-to-get carotenoids helps your body make vitamin A to regulate the balance of your emergency stem cells.

But sometimes even your emergency stem cells need a little help. And that’s where the next ingredient in Primal X Plus comes in…

The Stops-Brain-Cell-Death Vitamin

A team from the University of Cambridge and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases has achieved what scientists thought was impossible…They’ve discovered how to reverse normal skin cells BACK into stem cells… and then… coaxed them to grow into brand new brain cells.

You read that right.

They turned skin cells into brain cells.

It’s a huge breakthrough. Scientists used to think stem cells were just a “one-way street.”That once they matured into adult cells there was no going back.

But this research uncovered another brain health breakthrough…

They noticed that when they fed these new brain cells a unique type of vitamin B, energy production skyrocketed.

Why? Because it boosted mitochondria in the brain cells.

Mitochondria turn the food you eat into energy your body can use.

 In a remarkable breakthrough, scientists discovered how to turn skin cells back into stem cells then coax them to grow into brand new brain cells.

Problems with mitochondrial function are linked to the death of brain tissue… and as a result… use up your reserve stores of stem cells leading to age-related mental decline. But senior study author Dr. Michela Deleidi reports this unique type of Vitamin B “stimulates the faulty energy metabolism in the affected nerve cells and protects them from dying off.”

This unique form of vitamin B is called nicotinamide riboside.

Your body makes nicotinamide riboside from vitamin B3. Which is why I’ve put it in Primal X Plus.
Other B vitamins have similar beneficial effects on each and every one of your cells:

A study from the University of Georgia found the B vitamin folate is “essential for the proper functioning of all cells in the body” because it “stimulates stem cell proliferation.”³⁷

In the medical journal Aging, researchers from the University of Manchester report vitamin B2 “stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis” that may be useful in sabotaging stem cells related to unnatural cell growth.³⁸

And a two-year long study that followed 87 participants aged 65-75 examined stem cells and found those with higher B12 intake had healthier DNA.³⁹

The list goes on…

Which is why you get the full spectrum of B vitamins in Primal X Plus — all to maximize the life every cell in your body, and preserve your precious stem cells.

Plus, you’ll get…

975% More Brain Cell Growth⁴⁰

I tell my patients four specific antioxidants can give them a quick brain cell boost even in worst-case scenarios. Here’s why. Free radicals don’t only damage existing cells. They also stop stem cells from maturing.

But certain antioxidants are particularly good at protecting your brain stem cells from oxidative damage.

Like the kind that occurs in strokes…

This means more brain cells, and this is proven in research.

In a study reported in Molecular Brain, researchers simulated a stroke in two groups of rats. Specifically, they cut off blood flow to parts of their brains for 2 hours. As you can guess, this typically causes irreversible damage.

But one group of rats received the antioxidant alpha lipoic acid immediately after blood flow was restored. The results blew everyone away…

According to the study report, rats receiving alpha lipoic acid experienced “significantly reduced mortality, infarct size, and neurological deficit score (NDS) in the test group compared to the control group.”

And these results lasted…Again, according to the study report, “long-term functional outcomes were markedly improved by treatment.”

And tests of the rat brains revealed why. Four weeks after a single alpha lipoic acid treatment, the rats had 975% more newborn brain cells than the control group!

Leading the researchers to conclude that “immediate treatment after ischemic injury may have significant neurorestorative effects.”

This is why I’ve included alpha-lipoic acid and the similar brain-saving antioxidant superstars choline bitartrate, phosphatidylserine, and n-acetylcysteine in Primal X Plus.

Remember, alpha-lipoic acid alone resulted in 975% more brain cells. So just imagine what all four of these powerful antioxidants could do for you. Also, they’re completely safe and free from side effects.

Yet, there’s even more in this one-of-a-kind formula. In every serving, you also get…

The Master Stem Cell Regulator:

During the Age of Exploration, (between 1500 and 1800) sailors discovered citrus remedied the skin, muscle, and joint wasting effects of scurvy. That’s because vitamin C in citrus binds to collagen and forms the foundation of connective tissue… including the connective tissue that makes up your interstitium. But a massive review⁴¹ of 195 cutting edge studies on vitamin C reveals it also is “a key regulator of stem cell identity/behavior, influencing pluripotency, self-renewal, and differentiation.”

In other words, without it, EVERYTHING falls apart.

That’s why every dose of Primal X Plus delivers more than 200% of your daily recommended value of vitamin C and other citrus bioflavonoids.

The Interstitium Bacteria Destroyer:

Grape seed extract has powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Studies show it can scavenge up to 85% of free radicals produced by a particular type of bacteria that haunts fluid in the interstitium. And new research shows three major constituents of grape seed extract support the health and function of heart valves by stopping bacteria that thrives in heart valves.⁴²

The Interstitium Preservation Crew:

Just like minor changes in your blood’s acid-base balance can wreck your organs permanently, changes in the acid-base balance can rip apart your interstitium… leading to a cascade of health concerns. Neurological disorders, muscle spasms, heart complications, the list goes on. But study after study finds a proper balance of minerals maintains this delicate balance.

Which is why I’ve packed Primal X Plus with a full spectrum of macro and trace minerals crucial for maintaining the optimum pH level in your interstitium.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Primal X Plus
Chronic Allergy Attacks… GONE!

“I felt my stress levels seemed more manageable and I noticed I have not had an allergy attack since takingPrimal X Plus.I usually have allergy attacks at least twice a week. I love Dr. Sears’ products and information. I feel he really knows what he is talking about and I trust his brand.”

– Jillian R., Royal Palm Beach, FL
Just Feels Better

“I’ve never taken a supplement like this before in my life. But after listening to Dr. Sears talk about all of the nutrients we’ve lost in our food, I thought I would try it. All I can say is I’m glad I did. I just feel better. I have more energy and feel engaged in the morning. Even though I’m sleeping the same.”

– Brandon E., Charlotte, NC
I Don’t Get Sick as Often

“I felt more energy taking Primal X Plus. My immune system was a lot better and I didn’t get sick as often. I love it.I have to recommend Primal X Plus to all friends and family.

– Camille E., Stowe, VT
Wanted More Energy, And Got It!
“The only thing I was looking for [with Primal X Plus] was increased energy. And I got it! :)”
– Carolyn H., San Diego, CA
Can’t Get These Nutrients Anywhere Else

“It has great amounts of nutrients I feel like I need the most, so that makes me feel good in general. It’s way more protection than I could get with any other single vitamin, so it’s convenient, easy, and I know it’s giving me nutrients I can’t otherwise get.I would recommend Primal X Plus to my friends and family.”

– Ken W., Decatur, GA
Best Supplement I’ve Ever Tried

“I often feel tired. Hoping this would help. When I takePrimal X Plus I don’t feel as tired and sluggish/lethargic as when I don’t take it.I have tried other supplements, but I do think Primal X Plus is the best. It’s the only one where I actually ‘felt’ a difference.”

– Wendy M., Phoenix, AZ

Let’s recap. Primal X Plus is a unique blend of over 30 full spectrum vitamins, nutrients, and minerals…

Carefully chosen for their ability to repair and support the health of your newly discovered organ, the interstitium.

Your interstitium’s sole purpose is to store a wide variety of nutrients … and… constantly communicate with EVERY organ in your body to ensure they get EXACTLY the right nutrients immediately when they are needed…

Keeping everything running like a Swiss watch… so you enjoy a heart, brain, joints, eyes, lungs, and body like somebody much younger.

My purpose in creating Primal X Plus is to give you everything you need to accomplish this goal.

If you had to buy these ingredients separately — and if you could find them, you’d spend well north of $400. That’s enough to pay a monthly bill for a brand new car! But…

Lock In Your Lowest Price With VIP Auto Delivery And Save Over $257!

Because so many of my patients have benefited from taking Primal X Plus, I want to make it available to as many people as possible, including you. And because the health of your interstitium is so vital to your ongoing health, I recommend all my patients take Primal X Plus on a daily ongoing basis.

Which is why I’ve made special arrangements for you to lock-in extra special introductory savings when you take advantage of the VIP Auto-Delivery Program.

You’ll get 3 bottles of Primal X Plus shipped right to your door every 3 months for just $37.46 each for a total of $112.39. And you will get this discounted price along with FREE shipping for as long as you take Primal X Plus. Normally, Primal X Plus is $49.95 plus $8.95 shipping and handling ($58.90 total).

That means you save 36% every single month you stay on Auto Delivery.

And you’ll never have to worry about ordering again.

Every 3 months, just before you run out, we’ll ship you a new 3-month supply. The price will never go up as long as you’re on Auto Delivery. You can cancel at any time. And you’ll always get FREE shipping and handling on every Primal X Plus shipment forever. That’s an annual savings of over $257!

Plus You’ll Also Receive Three Free Gifts…
Free Gift #1:
Purify Your Body in 6 Easy Steps
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Great nutrition and detox are the perfect teams to transform your health and bloom into your most vibrant self. And with these six secrets, flushing toxic buildup out of your body has never been easier!
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You’ll discover advanced tools that can slow down the rate at which you age—and actually help you get younger as you get older. These proven strategies will help you enjoy a “second springtime” at any age.
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Paleo Powerfit: Rediscover Your Native Fitness
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Here’s how to rebuild your strength without grueling cardio, aerobics or weight training. This breakthrough program makes it easy to become naturally strong and resilient—just the way nature intended.
Get The Best Deal!
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If VIP Auto Delivery is not right for you, you can opt to receive 3 bottles (a 3-month supply) of Primal X Plus for only $44.96 per bottle plus shipping and handling. That saves you 10% off the retail price.
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But no matter what you decide…
You Won’t Risk One Cent
Thanks To My Ironclad, Money-Back, Triple Guarantee Of Satisfaction
When your shipment of Primal X Plus arrives, open the bottle and start taking two capsules a day. Then keep taking it knowing you won’t risk one cent. In fact, your order is backed not by one, but three guarantees…

Guarantee #1: I’m confident that once you start taking Primal X Plus, you will feel the difference. You’ll feel younger, stronger and more energized. Your satisfaction is guaranteed — or your money back! Guarantee #2: Keep taking Primal X Plus. As your interstitium kicks into high gear, you’ll feel renewed power flowing into every area of your body… your heart and brain will get a boost… you’ll breathe easier… your joints will move with more effortlessly with more mobility… you’ll sleep more soundly… you’ll enjoy healthy blood sugar… and you’ll feel “young again” from head to toe. Your satisfaction is guaranteed — or your money back!

Guarantee #3: If for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not 100% satisfied with Primal X Plus, simply return the bottle and unused portion within 90 days of purchase, and you’ll get an immediate, complete and total refund — including shipping and handling — with no questions asked. Your satisfaction is guaranteed — or your money back. So order today.

Your Stem Cell Organ Can Reverse The Sands Of Time

As you’ve read, your interstitium controls the fate of your body’s greatest innate healing ability — your stem cells. When it ails, so does every organ and every joint in your body.

When it thrives, YOU thrive.

I want you to start enjoying every benefit a high performing interstitium has to offer…

I want you to unleash the full power of the stem cells already inside you…

I want you to start feeling a fully fueled heart, brain, lungs and more. So what are you waiting for?

You have absolutely nothing to lose —and many years, even decades, of healthier living to gain. To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD, CNS

Thank you so much. I hope you have read everything and feel a little better. Dr. Al Sears is my favorite doctor ever. Please, read all his publications because they are very informative and will help you to get to know yourself very well. It is very good to know ourselves, indeed.


Luzia Soares

Natural Approach Efficiency a must has been selecting products during all-time research,  being true to the various other Brands that we do not endorse to the real products that we do think that is the best on the market today.  A health and well being of all of us is really all we are trying to accomplish in this world. Who is that that doesn’t want to achieve feeling healthy without any pain. I can wish that myself and respect others that wish to achieve it as well.

During this process of elimination, having in mind that we do not work with so many, because it ends up getting people confused with so many options. Quality is really what we are about, not quantity. We do also, ask our loyal subscribers that we do accept suggestions. if you feel that we are missing products or Brands that are valuable to you, we do accept any suggestions and that will be evaluated. Since the beginning that we have been operating, trying to bring products that will make a difference in your life and your loved one’s life.  We are here to serve your interests in life without chemicals that harm your body and mind and the Earth.

Anything that harms our Earth, it will be singled out in a heartbeat. We do not need pollution on our body or on the beautiful Earth that is our HOME.
We do wish that all the Brands that we do work with, gladly, will be for you the same that it is for us, efficient and very good quality, 100% Organic, and made and selected with nutritious herbs and plants going to specific areas in your body that need nourishment. Men have been using herbs and plants for thousands and thousands of years very efficiently. The more research that the scientists do, the more they know about the power of holistic healing. We are what we eat is the most truthful statement ever.

Before we used to eat the food that was healthy and abundant. The soil was treated fairly. They didn’t have genetically modified food. Like we know after so many years men thought of the need to do entirely other ways of speed up the process that wasn’t in need for.  It just the money that goes through peoples head and make everything spin around to a point of no return. So, really, instead, to better all the ways to make food, men have come up with ideas of speeding up the process and kill the soil at the same time. We do not need that kind of education. Being up to destruction it’s all that men get from the engineered processed harvesters. It kills the soil and makes everything worse. Just like cloning, “these are ideas for major destruction and uglinesses, not even mentioning the suffering that each creature that was victims of the cloning went through, unimaginable”.

When I see pictures that testify the most beautiful sites of beauty that Nature has reserved for us every day of our lives, I am totally speechless. Just looking in quite a silence is putting me in a NIRVANA  state of mind that is very, immensely constructive. I love NATURE,  just the way it was made. simply RAW. We do not need a TV, we do not need anything men made to overpass all this beauty that is totally embedded in our mind and soul and it will carry us to the grave in peace. We have been, for so many years doing so much harm to NATURE that it has become a huge contradiction with our actions mind and soul. That WAVE of peace and gratitude that we feel when we contemplate NATURE, it is very natural all right.  While most of us are so angry about a few of us that are selfish and totally greedy, sounds like it is not there but it is. The very minority are the ones that are really up to the destruction of our beautiful Earth. Believe me, this fight should and will be a piece of a cake. I am sure and let us take part in it, NOW!

We do need to stop complaining and instead, do something about it. Really if every time that we let out a sigh we should take an action. Can you imagine how far we would be by now? Major accomplishment. Also, we keep blaming other people. Just like, nobody is doing anything… Another one that if maybe we would take action every time when we complain about no one doing anything? Put the seconds, minutes, etc… Let’s do what we think no one is doing…

Take a long look at this gorgeous animal, and tell me how you feel? Down are comments and I wish you tell me about this very genuine and spiritual beautiful animal that was made for us to have around and see for their well-being. Yes, that is the reason that God, absolutely has animals like that on Earth. God put the humans in charge of these beautiful animals to respect their habitat, to have cubs, and thrive in the wonderful woods free and happy. They are not for human use, absolutely not. They are to be respected, be watched to be sure that no one will harm them. No one will make use of them the wrong way. No one will use this animal in any other way than keep them protected from any harm. Please, we are more than them. We have the majority in the house. We can do it if we stand together helping each other unconditionally!

First our HOME. After the SURROUNDS. What I did was take a good look at below the sinks all over the house. In the bathrooms. The kitchen, Pantry, cabinets. All the products that you can find you read the labels. You do not need chemicals for anything. You can clean totally without chemicals. You can also do it yourself, find somethings around the house and improvise if you need too until you can get the stuff you need. The chemicals are the no, no, no… What is really remarkable is the difference it will make on everyone’s health wise. You can feel the difference very fast. It is satisfaction right away. Your health, your vision,  You will be a totally different person.

Men have broken Gods trust in a lot of different ways. Men will have to take up with God with all the violations on the care of his creatures and Men will have to answer a lot of questions one day. Now, it’s our job, people like us that don’t like what is going on, people that mind very much to see the injustice being done affecting the animals and the Earth, we will have to do what we can to change things that are not working right to the way that God wishes. That is our major mission, stand up and exercise changes that will favor Gods creatures and The Earth in a very much way better than what it is right up to NOW! indeed. Don’t you ever think that you are not helping? Anything that you do, like signing a petition, making a donation, write a post from your heart, always expressing your thoughts and making sure that violence is off the hooks. Every gesture that you move towards Gods mission is totally cool. We need you with us. Your work is very valuable. We can’t do without you. You are what we need. Don’t ever forget! We are in more number. Everything that you do is a major help.  All of us doing something! It is major cool!  Any action towards a purpose to help an animal and our planet,  It will never, ever go to waste. We need your help!

Something is moving towards our goal. We are all going forward to the same goal. It’s exciting. Now, “CONSISTENCY”!

So, come to the picture with a heart full of hope about a better outcome for these animals that have been brutalized by humans, our Earth and its beauty permanently here to stay and precisely, wishing that will be here, beautiful as always for the kids of our kids. Let us make sure of that. Each one of us the majority, doing our mission making a difference in our home. Making a difference around us, in the surroundings with trust that it will be done if we try to stick together always, making a little difference here and there with positive actions exercising compassion and love all the way, around. It will definitely work for the better.


We do have some Brands that also work with communities all over the world,  remote places in different continents. These artisans are very talented artists that are producing handmade pieces like Apparel, accessories, decor, etc. Getting paid fairly, working in an ethical way bringing their communities to an upgrading way of life. Their sustainable way of life combining with a very much thirst desire to succeed. In other times these communities were exploited in a horrible way. So Accompany has come to the rescue.


You are Welcome. HoneyColony carries wonderful products that are really impressive. I guess you know already what it is about. Our Beautiful bees, bee panacea, silver,  herbs, and plants that are all coming from ethical procedures that find wonderful following up the wildcraft. We proceed with a TLC way of treating our allies. The Nutritive quality that lay in our hands can’t be compromised. Please, read our information for an educated view.  The way of treating our soil which requires expert handling. There is no shortcut. Quality always comes first to make this even more interesting. Their best-sold treasures are,

The Ultimate Green Store

I am expecting you, my subscribers to really absorb this information and be good to Mother Nature that it is right now, the most important issue in this world. Let us cooperate with all our richnesses and all the things that worth. We are the ones that will fight hard to conclude and will be ready to fight and protect our TREASURE.

I want to thank you so much for your undivided attention, I hope. lol. I want these holidays to come with a lot of love and the presence of your favorite person or people. in your life. Let us have some excitement. If it doesn’t come from your favorite people, maybe because things didn’t really work out their way, it will come from you, because you will, with your wonderful disposition, make these Holidays an excellent one to remember…

Annmarie Essentials Oils

We have a few Brands that we work promoting. I went crazy on my research to select  Essential Oil what is best because we just are different from others because we try to get what people know is integrity. We will do this the right way or not doing at all. We have Annmariegianni that I am going to mention it here. Please, click the link and the same way I am going to give you other Brands and so you have options. They all have the expertize to work in a way that will satisfy you and your loved ones.. They will try their best to give you an expertize that they possess in their characteristics. You go through and find what you want. Maybe you will not find it the first time, but, you will have the best results, always…

GuruNanda Essential Oil

GuruNanda is going to be another Brand as powerful as the others I have mentioned here. I do urge you that choose what appeals to you. Read everything that you will find about. Information is the main goal. I can guarantee you, that? You will find. You will also find very educative articles about these Brands that will definitely help you to make a wise choice. Just think this way: “They are all special and exceptionally effective.

Dr, Al Sears Primal Force


Dr. Al Sears Primal Force has done over 10 years of research on Herbs and Plants all over the world. The supplements and Superfoods are what he calls Primal Force. We are what we eat. Its a famous say that I believe with all my soul. Nutrients are what makes our body strong and ready to fight any disease. It also gives a push to your own defenses that it is always making sure that illnesses will not get to you, maybe a little closer, but not for long because the nutrients that you ingest will fight the enemy fiercely. It’s a good thing to have doctors like Dr. A Sears on your side because he is a wonderful physician that are using Medicine or science to help people. Dr. Sears is a very good person, indeed.

Dr. Al Sears, Pure Radiance

Now comes Pure Radiance that has all the plants that revolutionize the aging process that is going to help us to keep our beauty and health of our skin. Pure Radiance Skin Care, have supplements also and a variety of skin care products that will give you that wonderful lift that you can definitely get from his miracles nutrients that keep getting better and better every time when he goes around the world in search of the science in Nature breakthroughs.


Hope & Henry

Amazon Nutrition

As you can see, I also am an Amazon Associate Affiliate, which means that I promote organic, non-chemicals wonderful Brands for Amazon. I will just put in here the name and the kind products that I promote for Amazon. I really like to work for Amazon. They have a special respect for the consumer that it goes a long way for me. Every product was researched and evaluated to the standards of EXCELLENT. Please take a look and keep in mind that I stand behind these Brands totally!

Amazon Personal Care

Like Nutrition, Personal Care is another area that I promote. The Brands were hand-picked keeping in mind the fact that only the excellent ones will remain. has a wonderful selection of the best Brands that may be in this category, I mean, your Personal Care that has a huge value for us. We respect your lifestyle and your safety. We know very well that you possess a taste that is definitely important to us. Please browse around and if you feel the need for any other product that is not her, please make a suggestion. We would love to please you.

Amazon Home Care

We also have something in Amazon for your Home.
All the products being organic, super Natural and very good for the planet. We don’t allow the use of animals in any shape or form. Everything that we do is in an ethical way. We love our planet and want to respect and do everything to preserve and help to continue sustainable in any way possible, indeed. Mature is absolutely beautiful and we want to enjoy it and allow to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Amazon Pets

I really couldn’t leave the Pets out. I want you to have the convenience of having your Pets taken care also. The good thing is there is a lot of organic Brands that are of excellent quality that are non-chemicals, very much a wonderful Brands that will help you when you shop. It’s definitely easier if you can find it in the same place, I mean, the same website. It will save you a ton of time. All I want for my subscribers is an easy way to do things, knowing that everyone is super busy these days, and I do not want you to settle for less due to a lack of time. I know you know better than that Let me spoil all of you. It makes me feel good., and I want the best for you and your Pets too. I just love animals. Any animals!

Murchison Hume

What elegance may tell you about a product that it was so in ovative when was launched some time ago. I have heard that Murchison Hune was one of the first products made from plants in the country. The quality is absolutely wonderful. Now on the top of the cleaning products they have also Skin Care products that are so effective as much they are pretty. It will agree with your Decor. How about the Candles, that are very beautiful with a amazing smell. Try Murchison Hume today and you will love it!

Please, communicate. Tell me about you. Please tell me what should I do to get you settled with the best supplements that would work for you. And, or, anything that would help you and loved ones. Or, just tell me how you feel?


Luzia Soares.

Choose your Brand

Annmarie Gianni Essential Oil

Annmarie Gianni Essential Oils are a very good brand that has been carried over with a lot of TLC. The founders are very honest and transparent people that are handling Annmariegianni with their heart making sure that all the ingredients are state of art and 100 %  organic and legitimate and most of all, Pure. They also carry Skin Care products that have been proving that is very efficient in solving problems or just being good enough to keep your skin cleansed and nourished. The ingredients are very powerful and it was made with nutritious plants and herbs that have been giving customers a wonderful outcome indeed.


Nature speaks to you in so many ways, with its beauty most of the times and sometimes even with its anger. When you have a storm going on, you feel like nature is upset and coming down on you with a desire for destruction. Nature really is not mad at you. Nature is working hard in order to keep the balance in check.  Put things where they supposed to be because everything has a purpose. Everything that Nature does, being in touch, getting one thing that is always related to another. It’s intricate and only Nature knows how important it is to have every little thing going smoothly to keep all the Earth working together making sure nothing is going to interfere with  Nature running its course.

GuruNanda Essential Oils


From farm to youRosemary - Essential Oil - 100% Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade - GuruNanda

We to do things that sometimes make us ask ourselves, what am I doing?  We always have also a purpose. We going to some place-sometimes the right way and sometimes the wrong way. The truth is, we are going and we use shortcuts that will take less time to get there. many times the shortcut was taken the wrong way, it will not take us to the right places. We do it anyway and realize later that was the wrong way and we do have to pay the consequences if the shortcut ends up being the long way instead of being a good way. In reality, it became the worst way we could ever imagine. We have always to make decisions about things in our life. We want to make things easy and without knowing we get to a point in time that we thought it was the best way to do that kind thing doesn’t seem to be so easy any longer,  on the contrary, it becomes your worst nightmare ever. Lets not never, ever use the short way. Even you that have never even tried, don’t do it. It could be something you have to regret. Do not take shortcuts and try to evolve a much as you can. Keep your soul elevated, always…


We do that to Nature too. Sometimes trying to make a profit, being extremely greedy, will make us, humans, do unimaginable things to nature that shouldn’t be done. It’s ironic because while Nature is working so hard to keep things in perspective, making sure that nothing gets in the way of balance our wonderful Earth, we go and do things that essentially hurt nature in a very bad way. We keep finding excuses to put things where they  don’t belong, changing a way that wasn’t supposed to be changed, interfering with the harmony that exists between everything on the Earth and we destroy more than build, we screw up more than fix, and here we go, doing so much harm that maybe we will not be able to fix it, no matter what we do.

The Ultimate Green Store

Right now I just wish that we will be able to patch up human beings screw ups. I really think that if we get together and work hard doing our part, in our home and around us, bringing an awareness to change our attitude for better, recycling, using the right products, working with our elected officials and try to pass laws for protection and using different ways to act about the Earth. I am very optimistic about save what we have lost, picking up the pieces and be confident that instead of destroying we are going to build, a little bit at the time, every one of us, doing separately, and together getting the bad chemicals and pesticides out of the way, stop the fossil fuel industry for once and for all.

Dr. Al Sears Primal Force and I are not very big in this business. We are crawling like babies, studying, working, getting information and making ourselves more knowledgeable about all these things that will help us to help you or anyone else to work diligently towards a solution to make this Earth and Nature a wonderful world without hurting and without destruction, only love and will deep in the heart to better the loveable Earth.

Dr. Al Sears Pure Radiance

Pure Radiance Inc.

What makes a person go someplace to get something for herself or himself? you want style, good taste, very good materials or ingredients. If it is a Supplement, there is a lot of factors that will make a difference from going from one product to another, that they work with to get to the final product, whatever it is. If this item is food or something that goes to your body, it has to be organic, good nutrients, etc. Always making it a better way. It’s always a better way to do anything…  Another factor about supplements or I would say nutrients. Sometimes some nutrients work better in combination with other nutrients or, the quantity, that is very important also, Really it is crucial.  Always making it the Ok, other than that you now need a place to find what you want. That is the point that we have to choose


When you work with Natural Approach,, you are working with honest and correct people that are in this business with one thing in their mind, Evolve, get better, making this Earth a better place to live and thrive, granted that the Earth is an excellent place, I mean that let’s preserve it, let’s respect it, let’s have a common sense way to enjoy it, explore and do not damage it. The Earth needs to be nourished,  keeping the wonderful things that it has already and when we are using it, let’s make sure that we clean up after ourselves, without cause harm.  The word and the action of damage the Earth is totally unacceptable. We need that before doing any project on Nature we must have scientific proof that it will not cause any bad consequences upon Nature. We may not hurt the Earth ANYMORE!

Murchison Hume

The Earth is strong, The Earth also has a balance that we still crawling on the process of understanding it. This balance, this process of being so much dependent on other factors that is complex. Everything in Nature has a purpose. This is the part that some people sometimes take it for granted. We don’t know very much how important each and every one of us have on this planet. We should then just assume, faithfully that every one of us, creatures and also physical things have an utmost need of being here and staying here. It’s time to make a decision of changing the goals and assume another more productive idea. It’s time to take you and your loved ones to an adventure that is going to change your lives. Achieve a goal, no matter how much you think that is a crazy idea. Everything that will bring a dramatic change to your life is a little scary, but, you have realized that if you don’t, nothing is going to change. Let’s trust that The Earth needs us to make a decision, so, it’s up to us to get tough and start to demand from us, elected officials and anyone else that have a say on changing things putting the beautiful, wonderful Earth as our biggest PRIORITY NOW! Please, time to take charge and agree with God that it is up to us, only and always. “Men have the Government that he Deserves.”

“Actually, we deserve better than this.”


 We start with yourself and your loved ones making changes to the products that you and your family use for Personal Care, with Brands like:

Green Bean Buddy


Please, express your feelings. I would love to hear from you…

The Miracle of Omega Rejuvenol

Honey Colony Mission with the Honey Bees Review

Honey Colony Mission with The Honey Bees Review

 Honey Colony is one of the best business that works with our beautiful Honey Bees. Honey Colony quality and way of dealing with the Honey Bees having utmost respect all the way. and coming back in this very good path that leads us in the right direction. With all the Bee Panacea and other Nutrients that are way up to work on and in our body. In the relationship that means a lot to this amazing creatures and also means a lot of excellent products as a result of, coming from this relationship which is very good to have. I have seen Miracles at work from the wonderful nutrients that come from the Honey Bees, at work and the exceptional solutions that miraculously they produce.

We need more honesty and transparency in the organic and chemical-free products business. and solutions that help us, along with the Honey Bees,  to have the honor of being able to enjoy all the wonderful miracles that Honey Colony solutions will bring to human being lives.  We have to make this relationship be in good standing, taking advantage of the amazing results we may get used to. All the Honey Colony solutions that these wonderful creatures that were created by God are like a huge accomplishment that doesn’t seem to stop with all the advantages that the Honey Bees have to offer to human beings.

Please, Let’s not squeeze it until it is dry. The relationship should and have to be in equal terms, so that the Honey Bees will also have an advantage with its fruits, indeed. I do love the Honey Bees and everything that they produce and have to give. Its endless benefits are sometimes scaring because men are so selfish by nature and have been using these so sensitive and organizing beings so brutally unfairly, that it makes me very angry to see that happening this way, unfortunately. So, please, let us be reasonable… Is it really any way to do that?  We should worship these creatures with all of our heart.


The Honey Bees are the most intricate and original animals on this planet. They are so necessary and do such an amazing job pollinating and creating beautiful resources that don’t seem to stop to surprise everyone on this Earth. Being of the particular and necessary work that they do,  we need urgently to protect them and don’t allow men to destroy them… We need these creatures the same way we need oxygen in this world in order for us, a human being, be able to breathe.

High-quality products & standards that value planet, humanity, honesty & fair trade.

Who We Are

HoneyColony’s mission is to put honesty back into the food supply by cutting through the hype and claims about natural products and remedies. We are an authoritative source committed to empowering our large community of health and wellness consumers with educational content and a unique selection of high-converting, in-demand niche products. Our community-curated products are only the best in class, and range from HoneyColony’s own line of bee pollen-infused moisturizers and superfoods to natural antibiotics and weight loss supplements.

Why Promote Us

HoneyColony is the perfect partner for those who care about the world around them, as well as those who love the environment and clean organic products. By becoming a HoneyColony. com affiliate you will not only have access to a wide range of products that are as good for your body as they are for the environment; The brands featured in our ads are exclusive to HoneyColony and are unique.

What’s more, products in our catalog and through our Simply Transformative line have a proven track record of becoming the “next big thing.” Our best selling offers include:

Equilibrium Energy Superfood
Superior CBD Oil
Silver Surfer Natural Antibiotic Serum
NO3URISH Ozonate Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Product Artwork Examples


Honey Colony work with a lot of information on advertising because information is King. Information is the most important part of any product or promotion of this product. After each day that we go and get more information about the Honey Bees, which makes us know them better, it really doesn’t resolve our differences, on the opposite, it seems that the more we know about them, the more ignorant we become in our actions handling them!

The way we act with them, it does not show any progress.  All right, we do know the Honey Bees better now, let’s start to protect them and make sure we don’t harm them. It is not happening this way. It goes and not a day goes by that we show any progress in any research, decisions that make a step towards the prevention of poisoning the Honey Bees. All the pesticides that hurt them are still in the market killing by the thousands.

So now we ask, what really we are going to do in order to protect and help the Honey Bees, please! Enough with being irresponsible and doing things that we will regret someday, dearly. Some damage that we after causing it,  I am sure, could be irreversible to their well being. Pesticides are no joke. This is a serious damage that we are inflicting on this planet towards the Honey Bees. There is the time to stop right now and make a plan and try very seriously to implement it and start on the road to recovery.  Recovery, the so need to bring health back to our amazing friends the Honey Bees, NOW! No more delays! Having in mind the need to bring health back to us too, human being.

It’s about time to bring health back to this planet, indeed. This is the only way we can have longevity amongst us, all the way. With a healthy Earth, everything is possible. Harmony, folks. Harmony! Then, maybe we will be able to save the Honey Bees and will work very diligently to treat them with respect from that point on.

I want to thank everyone that has read this blog and urge you that spread the word and try to bring awareness to our Honey Bees. I know it makes a lot of sense, to help these wonderful creatures,  to make changes, to bring an awareness about all these chemicals, pesticides, etc… etc…  to an end for once and for all. Honey Colony is in an eternal advocate for the Nature that we love. There are a lot of countries in the world that hasn’t been using these poisons for a long time.

Why we still do it? Why we still bending over to these big and filthy rich corporations that don’t care about the next generations that are coming after us, that does care at all about the wonderful amazing surprises and sites that are always pleasing us, day after day. The generations to come to, have the right to be able of one day, to enjoy also, all the beauties… Please, let’s get together for one purpose! Let’s take care of the only thing we have, Our Earth!

Let’s get healthy with the help of Honey Colony and other friends that also are advocating for fairness, having opportunities like everyone else without favoritism. We all have the right to grow.

Please leave a comment or any suggestions that you may think would help or just express your opinion. We would love to hear from you!

Thank you so much!

Warmly from my heart to you!

Luzia Soares.

You can stop getting sick now

You can stop getting sick Now

It’s the truth. I know of many people that have given it a try and has succeeded. It’s not that hard. On the contrary, it’s something that you will enjoy. Feel healthy is now achievable, indeed. We can help you try to live your life without pain and suffering. Sign up and get started to have the products that will give you peace of mind and a chance to change from being sluggish, with no energy and being sick all the time to a better state of mind and body. There is no need to struggle to get well. Being well is yr right. Everyone deserves and have the right to feel good and healthy. This is not a privilege, it is your right, indeed.

The Ultimate Green Store

I know so many people that have struggled to be healthy, that are taking so many chemicals and` getting worse day after day instead to get better. These people are poisoning themselves to death. It’s a slow death. You can be healthy at any time that you decide to make a commitment that you want to get healthy. It’s not that difficult. It is possible for anyone. You don’t need a lot of money either.


You just have to commit and be honest with yourself and feel in your heart that you do want to change and live a healthy life. We can help you if you decide to do it. We will be with you all the way to this life-changing, helping you to bring health to your body and mind. We are the ones who make our lives difficult. We have to trust and let go. Commit to a new life an achievable way o life. Felling excellent every minute of your day. Day after day.

Dr. Al Sears Primal Force

Your diet, your products for your personals health, your cleaning products, plus some more things that need to change. At last, you will find out that you have also saved some money in the process. I lived my life for a long time going from one sickness to another. I didn’t have a clue of what I was doing that my health was so bad. At that time I really wish that I could reach someone that would let me know. But, those were different times, when the power to acquire information wasn’t this easy. We live in a world today where the information has such speed that is much easy to communicate.

Dr. Al Sears Pure Radiance

That would be the reason why I have struggled for so many years having so many health issues. Don’t let that happen to you. Today I don’t even suffer from a cold. It’s really a blessing to know and be sick free for over 16 years or more. I really lost count. How about the money you save. You see, it’s incredible, but when you buy natural and organic products they tend to be concentrated and they last much longer. So, your money goes very far. The reality is everything lasts so long and that’s when you save lots of money.

Honey Colony

Going through life feeling this way is such a wonderful way to be. Have a healthy body gives you such satisfaction in life and that’s the only thing you want to do is spread and share the blessings. On the top of it, I feel this huge necessity to go around and tell everyone how good it is not to have a cold, not to have the flu, not to have cancer and how great I feel. I promote products that I have done a diligent research to make sure they are all legitimate. They are the real thing, I am sure.

Annmarie Gianni

You have to be very careful because a lot of labels out there that are stating that they are organic and free of chemicals are not really what they say they are. You have to have a provider that can be trusted and you can also do your own research. All the products that I promote were checked and rechecked to be made to believe that they are totally legit. You can have your money back guaranteed.

Murchison Hume

We do stand behind our products to give you the freedom to receive your money back if you happen to find anything wrong or not legitimate about it. I have more than a year of research done. I am not full. I know that a lot of people will not hesitate to lie to get what they want with no remorse. You can also ask for any information and you will have your questions answered with no delay. All the products that I promote have lots of information at your fingertips. You will notice that on my website. I think that as consumers it’s easy to make a choice when you have all the information that you will need. The information is the soul of the business. You will be wiser if you have access to information.

The Green Bean Buddy

I will have pictures of some products from different brands that I do promote for you in this post. So you have a summary of some brands that will have your attention. These brands are organic, sustainable with all the natural guidelines that support an excellent product. Organic, non-toxic, no animals used, free trade, Ethical made, etc… Each one of the products will have all the information that is needed to help you to make a smart choice, indeed. If you need time to decide, it’s ok, take your time. Do you have a question? Please, ask the questions and we will give you all the answers, always! Transparency is our only motor.



Let me tell you about Propolis

Let me tell you about Propolis

health benefits of propolis

What the Bee creates are all useful. There is no waste. Everything is good in their own way. Propolis works as a protection for the hive from Natural Elements,  from any harm to the Hive. That could be snow, rain, wind, protection against parasites bringing infections, prevents diseases, small harmful visitors. Propolis mainly is mixed resin composed of beeswax. It’s dark, sticky. It feels like glue, and it is good to seal the hive so there are no gaps.

Having Propolis into your Regular Diet

The health benefits of Propolis are phenomenal. I still amazed at the results that I normally get when I use Propolis. I am always reaching for Propolis, again and again over so many years. It’s been 45 years since I have known Propolis and about over 35 years that I have been taking it. Not continuously, but, time taking it and time not. Recently I have been taking it more often. Having Propolis into your regular diet is a very wise move towards a life with no sickness.

The Benefits of Propolis are Endless

The benefits of Propolis are endless. I did some research again with the help of my friend Honey Colony and Google and I have found out an amazing amount of solutions that Propolis does to your health. The Bees are definitely very versatile creatures that seem like perfection, I mean, they are really unbelievable little ones that are very good to this Earth and to you. We can’t live without them and as soon as men realize that, as soon as we will become safe. in this Earth.

Diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever

I have been fascinated by Propolis since I was a little over 15 years old. I have just developed a Rheumatic Fever after this very bad Strep Throat that almost killed me. it’s a little hard to diagnose Rheumatic Fever. Some blood test will still be negative and that doesn’t mean you don’t have it. After many tests, we have gotten the diagnostic and my parents have started to think about how they were going to handle it. The doctors have told my parents that I have to take Antibiotics.

The Bees are Definitely Amazing Creature

Knowing at that time that antibiotics taken so often could hurt my immune system, my parents have decided to take me to a Homeopathic doctor. Now remember I am 61 years old now, and that was a time that people really used more Natural Healing, taking herb teas for anything. My mother was those old fashion woman using as much as possible the treatment even more than today, I believe. So we went to the doctor and he has prescribed Propolis and it was the liquid one that my parents have gotten for me. Horrible taste. So, then I have started my relationship with Propolis. It’s amazing how everything about bees is usable. It comes from the bees, it’s pretty much no waste. They are definitely an amazing creature, our friends, the bees.

The Bees Play a Very Important Role in this Planet

I have noticed that people don’t pay very much attention to the Bees.  When they do, is to kill them. They have a part in the Nature that is so crucial, and I really don’t understand how come we are not so involved and doing more work to find out more things about Bees and really try not to hurt them. The part that they play in life it’s very much so important that is truly amazing how men are not trying to bring light to this crucial issue, indeed. I know that there is some research going on about this very intricate God’s creatures. But, I still think that it should be more. Mainly about the things that are hurting the Bees right now.

I Have Been Taking Propolis for About 35 years

It’s been about 45 years, given and taken, that I have been taking Propolis. I have sometimes during this period, stopped taking for a while and resume taking it after, but I know for sure that I have been taking Propolis for about 35 years, at least. I have never had a Cold, The Flu, or any Allergies. I have had some health problems from a long time ago, but that was because of the period of times that I have stopped taking the Propolis for some time, so I assume that I had some behavior issues and such.

If I Feel Anything Out of The Ordinary, I Take Propolis

If I feel anything out of the ordinary, I take Propolis. If I have an Abscess in my tooth, I take Propolis. If my cat has had a fight and the big chunk that was taken from his neck is infected, I give him Propolis, and Propolis has never, ever fall short of working, on the contrary, it delivered, efficiently. In my book, Propolis is excellent for anything. Anything at all. A Miracle Holly solution. Propolis was put here on the Earth by God.

Bee Panacea is a Miracle

All the experiences that I have had with Propolis were positive. All the experiences that my family, friends, and pet have had with Propolis were definitely amazing. That is the reason I have to spread the word. It’s my responsibility to bring an awareness of Propolis. Mainly because I know about Propolis, it’s my obligation to spread the word. I want everyone, as far as I can reach, to feel also the miracle of Propolis on themselves, for their families and friends. I want so much that everyone feels the help of having a sickness being cured. Everyone deserves that information. It would be selfish of me doing any different.

Propolis will Help with Cold and The Flu

This is the right season to use the help of Propolis. Granted any season will be the right one. Here I will have many of the benefits that Propolis has given to us, Human Beings. I don’t think that it is all of them because Propolis is always surprising me with their vast list of help that they can bring to our body and soul. Let’s start and get some out to you, shall we?

Antibacterial Capabilities

In the mouth with root canals, compared with Calcium Hydroxide, very good Anti-Microbial more powerful at eliminating certain germs than Calcium is. Effectively killer of Bacteria. It has been additionally used to treat Cold and The  Flu.

Traditionally we have been using Propolis to kill Colds and the Flu. Studies show how powerful is the Bacteria-killing properties on your body of Propolis.

Propolis has a very powerful killing Bacteria capabilities.

Propolis Lower Blood Pressure

Nitric-Oxide is an important substance for a Healthy Heart. The inner lines of your Blood vessels use Nitric Oxide to signal the surrounding smooth muscles to relax, resulting in Vasodilation (widening of Blood Vessels), increasing Blood flow.

Reduction on the Bioavailability of Nitric-Oxide plays a significant role in the development of High Blood Pressure. Without it, you would have a Heart Attack. There is an Enzyme called Tyrosine Hydroxylase ( or TH ), that limits the amount of Nitric-Oxide you can produce,

The research was done with rats that Propolis decrease TH, and lower Blood Pressure. Propolis may modulate Blood Pressure.

If you suffer from Hypertension you may want to consider using raw honey which contains Propolis.

Bone Disease

Propolis helps treat Bones  Diseases-Healthy Bone Tissue.

Scientists recently investigated whether Caffeic Phenethyl Ester, a very powerful compound found in Propolis could help or reverse Osteolytic Bone  Diseases. It’s very effective at suppressing the inflammatory compounds that cause Bones Diseases. Propolis could be a potential treatment for Bone Wasting Diseases like Osteoporosis.

Take a daily dose of Propolis could be a very wise thing to do.

Propolis Treat Allergies

Propolis helps treat Allergies.

Propolis ability to calm the symptoms of Seasonal Allergies.

The scientists did experiment with rats and have found out that Propolis inhibitedHistamine Release from the rats Mast Cells. Histamine is the compound that makes you sneeze, gives you watery eyes and a runny nose _ Anti-Histamines are the main allergy drugs sold over the counter so, come to Allergy Season, don’t only take your Bee Pollen, but add a daily dose of Propolis.

Propolis Treat Prostate Cancer

Propolis boost Prostate Cancer Cell death. Another benefit of Propolis, it prevents and suppresses this type of Cancer.

Scientists examined the Cancer-Killing Effects Of Propolis, Tincture on two common types of Prostate Cancer. They concluded that Propolis Tincture markedly improved Cell death in Prostate Cancer Cells, and suggested the significant role of Propolis in Chemoprevention of Prostate Cancer.

Propolis Kills Colon Cancer Cells

Scientists are looking at the Anti-Cancer and Anti-Microbial potential of Propolis at the same time.

First, they exposed Propolis to four different Pathogens.  as those of us whole used Propolis to many Colds have known for years, the Propolis showed very strong Anti-Microbial activity.

Then they tested Propolis against Colon Cancer Cells. They found out that it caused the Cancer Cells to die by Necrosis, which means that it interrupted the Blood supply to the Cell and caused just the local Cancer Cell to die and not living Cells.

Chemotherapy doe just the opposite of this – it kills both, healthy living and the Cancer Cells and is the reason why Chemo has such violent and devasted side effects. Ultimately, this research is very promising. Some of the healthiest peoples in the world have experienced the health benefits and other Bee Products for generations. Some exciting new research may be indicative of why these people live such a long, healthy, lives, and have such high rates of centenarians amongst them.

Propolis May Help Treat Food Poisoning

The aim of a recent study was to analyze the Anti Microbial Activity of Propolis against the germs that cause what is commonly referred to as Food Poisoning (16 Campylobacter jejuni).

The scientists found that Propolis inhibited the growth of C. Jejuni, Enterobacterfaecalis, and Staphylococcus aureus, the three bugs that are commonly found in Food Poisoning cases.

They went to say that Propolis preparations could be used as support to traditional therapy for infection, especially when antibiotics show no activity against these Micro-Organisms.

Now to keep a bottle of Propolis Tincture in my purse at all times and take a dose after eating in an unfamiliar place or restaurant, is a very good idea.

Propolis Protect Injured Teeth

We know that Propolis is very effective on Inflammation, so scientists studies concluded that apparently, Traumatic Injury to the teeth creates a huge challenge of Post – Treatment complication such as Inflammation. Propolis was evaluated as Anti-Resorptive Agent, which means that if Propolis could help control the inflammation on someone’s teeth that got knocked out in an accident so they could put the teeth back in.
To find out that they could.

The scientists after a huge number of researches and tests realized that one of the benefits of Propolis is fighting inflammation, which brings a successful number of cures for diseases like, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, and many more.

People that take Propolis more often have less inflammation in their body that lead to a healthier life, longer lives.

 Heat Stress and Athletic Performance

Propolis benefits are mainly so exceptional due to the major amount of Antioxidants that are in it. It’s very beneficial for Athletes because of protection from overheating, according to an article in The Journal of Food Science.

Propolis has an active ingredient called “Caffeeic Acid Phenyl Ester, or CAPE, that triggers a broad spectrum of Biological Activities including Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammatory and antiviral.

The Researches done by scientists examined Blood from 30 competitive cyclists who did endurance training two to four years prior to the investigation concluded even after some other tests that CAPE ( one of the most powered compound in Propolis) promotion of Athletic performance taking Propolis especially during the Summer may give you a safe, natural competitive advantage.

Propolis an Effective Treatment for Warts

This lady reported that she, herself have had a personal experience that Propolis Tincture killed a Plantars Wart that she had, and it has never come back.

The International Journal of Dermatology has reported that in November of 2009, scientists found that Propolis shows strong activity against Warts.

Also was reported that a cure was achieved in 75% and 73% of patients, respectively.

After all, it still studies that are not listed here that testify about the amazing effects and benefits of Propolis.

I am inclined to believe counting also my own experiences, that Propolis or anything that comes from the wonderful Bees is indeed a great miracle.

With all the conclusions brought forth by scientist, I am convinced without a shred of a doubt that the bees are perfect beings and extremely necessary to our planet Earth!

I hope that this information was useful for many of you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do so and I will be very happy to give to you or answer anything that I can. If you have also any more information about our beautiful friends, please allow me to get that information also. Thank you so much for your attention to my post.


Luzia Soares

Blog, Natural Approach, Healthy Goal

Natural Approach, Healthy GlowMy Goal When I first Start to think about having Natural Approach

When I first start to think about having this website I have one thing that sticks in my mind the whole time, the experience that I have had many years ago. When you are living a situation that things are going bad day by day, and finally you are not in the situation any longer and you look at the past, the hard and difficult times, it seems that it didn’t happen to you. The pain is gone, all the things that used to bother you, are no longer a threat, it looks like it has happened to someone else, indeed.

It still, you, one way or the other went through that hard time. You have to remember because if you want to take that as a face value, using that experience to learn and help anyone else to prevent it from happening to them, you have to remember, even if it is hard for you to cope with it again, to live it all over again in order for you to give someone that experience, to testify that in an awareness to everyone else on the planet.

We assume that the products that we use in our home for cleaning and do anything else like to improve the place we live, are harmless. Think again. They are not harmless, on the contrary, they are deadly. Most of the popular household cleaners are very dangerously toxic.You hear a lot of stories about of diseases that people get from contact toxic chemicals that are very bad for your health.

There is no Federal Regulations of chemicals in household products. Rebecca /Sutton, Ph.D., a senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group (EWG), explains, “In terms of household cleaners,  neither ingredients nor products must meet any sort of safety standards, nor in any testing data or notification required before we bringing a product to market.

The average household contains about 62 toxic chemicals, say, environmental experts. We are exposed to them routinely. From the phthalates in synthetic fragrances to the noxious fumes in oven cleaners. Ingredients in common households products have been linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormones disruption and neurotoxicity.

We can’t stop exposure to toxic chemical altogether, but we can reduce it if we want too. We can change the products that we use and use better and safe product that is made without the chemicals. We can also use products that we make at home, like DIY works and are definitely non-toxic and it will take care of the problem. Either way, the choice between one or another depending on availability of time, whatever suits the household, it will eliminate the use of the ones that are so harmful to you and your beloved family. You can also share this article and bring awareness about the use of toxic products to your friends and acquaintances. Why not?

I did a lot of research. The solution for the problem was plain and simple, changing the way you live your life, your surroundings, etc… Take a look at under your sink in the bathrooms, take a look at under the sink in the kitchen, bedrooms, and everywhere in your garage also.

Now, read the ingredients in the products that you use almost every day. Sometimes only couple times a month, they are harsh enough to hurt. I know that you think that the institutions that are in the government are supposed to watch all this stuff. Not really. They don’t. There are a lot of high interests involved and the ball will roll to the camp that pays better. I know that for a lot of people it is hard to believe that these organs are doing such thing. Check out for yourself and after that tell me about it… Down are 8 Hidden Toxins: Whats Lurking in your Cleaning Products, by Jessie Sholl/October 2011:

1. Phthalates

Found in: Many fragranced household products, such as air fresheners, dish soap, even toilet paper. Because of proprietary laws, companies don’t have to disclose what’s in their scents, so you won’t find phthalates on a label. If you see the word “fragrance” on a label, there’s good chance phthalate are present.

Health Risks: Phthalates are known endocrine disruptors. Men with higher phthalate compounds in their blood had correspondingly reduced sperm counts, according to a 2003 study conducted by researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Harvard School of Public Health. Although exposure to phthalates mainly occurs through inhalation, it can also happen through skin contact with scented soaps, which is a significant problem, warns Alicia Stanton, MD, coauthor of Hormone Harmony (Healthy Life Library, 2009). Unlike the digestive system, the skin has no safeguards against toxins. Absorbed chemicals go straight to organs.

Healthier Choice: When possible choose fragrance-free or all-natural organic products. Greer recommends bypassing aerosol or plug-in air fresheners and instead using essential oils or simply opening windows to freshen the air. Besides causing more serious effects like endocrine disruption, “Aerosol sprays and air fresheners can be a migraine and asthma triggers,” she says. Also, consider adding more plants to your home: They’re natural air detoxifiers.

2. Perchloroethylene or “PERC”

Found in: Dry-cleaning solutions, spot removers, and carpet and upholstery cleaners.

Health Risks: Perc is a neurotoxin, according to the chief scientist of environmental protection for the New York Attorney General’s office. And the EPA classifies perc as a “possible carcinogen” as well. People who live in residential buildings where dry cleaners are located have reported dizziness, loss of coordination and other symptoms. While the EPA has ordered a phase-out of perc machines in residential buildings by 2020, California is going even further and plans to eliminate all use of perc by 2023 because of its suspected health risks. The route of exposure is most often inhalation: that telltale smell on clothes when they return from the dry cleaner, or the fumes that linger after cleaning carpets.

Healthier Choice: Curtains, drapes, and clothes that are labeled “dry clean only” can be taken instead to a “wet cleaner,” which uses water-based technology rather than chemical solvents. The EPA recently recognized liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) as an environmentally preferable alternative to more toxic dry-cleaning solvents. Ask your dry cleaner which method they use. For a safer spot remover, look for a nontoxic brand like Ecover at a natural market, or rub undiluted castile soap directly on stains before washing.

3. Triclosan

Found in: Most liquid dishwashing detergents and hand soaps labeled “antibacterial.”

Health Risks: Triclosan is an aggressive antibacterial agent that can promote the growth of drug-resistant bacteria. Explains Sutton: “The American Medical Association has found no evidence that these antimicrobials make us healthier or safer, and they’re particularly concerned because they don’t want us overusing antibacterial chemicals — that’s how microbes develop resistance, and not just to these [household antibacterials], but also to real antibiotics that we need.” Other studies have now found dangerous concentrations of triclosan in rivers and streams, where it is toxic to algae. The EPA is currently investigating whether triclosan may also disrupt endocrine (hormonal) function. It is a probable carcinogen. At press time, the agency was reviewing the safety of triclosan in consumer products.

Healthier Choice: Use simple detergents and soaps with short ingredient lists, and avoid antibacterial products with triclosan for home use. If you’re hooked on hand sanitizer, choose one that is alcohol-based and without triclosan.

4. Quarternary Ammonium Compounds, or “QUATS”

Found in: Fabric softener liquids and sheets, most household cleaners labeled “antibacterial.”

Health Risks: Quats are another type of antimicrobial, and thus pose the same problem as triclosan by helping breed antibiotic-resistant bacteria. They’re also a skin irritant; one 10-year study of contact dermatitis found quats to be one of the leading causes. According to Sutton, they’re also suspected as a culprit for respiratory disorders: “There’s evidence that even healthy people who are [exposed to quats] on a regular basis develop asthma as a result.”

Healthier Choice: You don’t really need fabric softener or dryer sheets to soften clothes or get rid of static: Simple vinegar works just as well. “Vinegar is the natural fabric softener of choice for many reasons,” explains Karyn Siegel-Maier in her book The Naturally Clean Home (Storey Publishing, 2008). “Not only is it nontoxic, it also removes soap residue in the rinse cycle and helps to prevent static cling in the dryer.” White vinegar is your best choice for general cleaning; other types can stain.

Alternatives to chemical disinfectants abound, including antibacterial, antifungal tea-tree oil. Mix a few drops of tea-tree oil and a tablespoon of vinegar with water in a spray bottle for a safe, germ killing, all-purpose cleaner. Add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil for scent.

5. 2-Butoxyethanol

Found in: Window, kitchen and multipurpose cleaners.

Health Risks: 2-butoxyethanol is the key ingredient in many window cleaners and gives them their characteristic sweet smell. It belongs in the category of “glycol ethers,” a set of powerful solvents that don’t mess around. Law does not require 2-butoxyethanol to be listed on a product’s label. According to the EPA’s Web site, in addition to causing sore throats when inhaled, at high levels glycol ethers can also contribute to narcosis, pulmonary edema, and severe liver and kidney damage. Although the EPA sets a standard on 2-butoxyethanol for workplace safety, Sutton warns, “If you’re cleaning at home in a confined area, like an unventilated bathroom, you can actually end up getting 2-butoxyethanol in the air at levels that are higher than workplace safety standards.”

Healthier Choice: Clean mirrors and windows with newspaper and diluted vinegar. For other kitchen tasks, stick to simple cleaning compounds like Bon Ami powder; it’s made from natural ingredients like ground feldspar and baking soda without the added bleach or fragrances found in most commercial cleaners. You can also make your own formulas with baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils. See the “DIY Cleaners” sidebar for a list of clean concoctions.

6. Ammonia

Found in: Polishing agents for bathroom fixtures, sinks, and jewelry; also in glass cleaner.

Health Risks: Because ammonia evaporates and doesn’t leave streaks, it’s another common ingredient in commercial window cleaners. That sparkle has a price. “Ammonia is a powerful irritant,” says Donna Kasuska, a chemical engineer and president of ChemConscious, Inc., a risk-management consulting company. “It’s going to affect you right away. The people who will be really affected are those who have asthma, and elderly people with lung issues and breathing problems. It’s almost always inhaled. People who get a lot of ammonia exposure, like housekeepers, will often develop chronic bronchitis and asthma.” Ammonia can also create a poisonous gas if it’s mixed with bleach.

Healthier Choice: Vodka. “It will produce a reflective shine on any metal or mirrored surface,” explains Lori Dennis, author of Green Interior Design (Allsworth Press, 2010). And toothpaste makes an outstanding silver polish.

7. Chlorine

Found in: Scouring powders, toilet bowl cleaners, mildew removers, laundry whiteners, household tap water.

Health Risks: “With chlorine, we have so many avenues of exposure,” says Kasuska. “You’re getting exposed through fumes and possibly through the skin when you clean with it, but because it’s also in city water to get rid of bacteria, you’re also getting exposed when you take a shower or bath. The health risks from chlorine can be acute, and they can be chronic; it’s a respiratory irritant at an acute level. But the chronic effects are what people don’t realize: It may be a serious thyroid disrupter.”

Healthier Choice: For scrubbing, stick to Bon Ami or baking soda. Toilet bowls can be cleaned with vinegar, and vinegar or borax powder both work well for whitening clothes. So does the chlorine-free oxygen bleach powder made by Biokleen? To reduce your exposure to chlorine through tap water, install filters on your kitchen sink and in the shower.

8. Sodium Hydroxide

Found in: Oven cleaners and drain openers.

Health Risks: Otherwise known as lye, sodium hydroxide is extremely corrosive: If it touches your skin or gets in your eyes, it can cause severe burns. Routes of exposure are skin contact and inhalation. Inhaling sodium hydroxide can cause a sore throat that lasts for days.

Healthier Choice: You can clean the grimiest oven with baking-soda paste — it just takes a little more time and elbow grease (see recipes in “DIY Cleaners” sidebar). Unclog drains with a mechanical “snake” tool, or try this approach from the Green Living Ideas Website: Pour a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar down the drain and plug it for 30 minutes. After the bubbles die down, run hot water down the drain to clear the debris.

Beware of Greenwashing

If a cleaning product at your supermarket proclaims itself “green,” “natural” or “biodegradable,” that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s nontoxic. In 2010 the environmental consulting firm TerraChoice Group produced a report called “The Sins of Greenwashing.” In it the group found more than 95 percent of so-called green consumer products had committed at least one “greenwashing sin,” like making an environmental claim that may be truthful but unimportant. “CFC-free,” for example, is a common one, since CFCs are banned by law. Donna Kasuska of ChemConscious offers this advice: “When gauging ecological claims, look for specifics. ‘Biodegradable in three to five days’ holds more meaning than ‘biodegradable,’ as most substances will eventually break down with enough time.”

DIY Cleaners

Clean your home safely — and cheaply — with the following recipes:

• Basic sink cleanser — Combine ½ cup baking soda with six drops essential oil (such as lavender, rosemary, lemon, lime or orange). Rinse sink well with hot water. Sprinkle combination into the sink and pour ¼ cup vinegar over top. After the fizz settles, scrub with a damp sponge or cloth. Rinse again with hot water. (From The Naturally Clean Home, by Karyn Siegel-Maier.)

• Oven cleanser — Put a heatproof dish filled with water in the oven. Turn on the heat to let the steam soften any baked-on grease. Once the oven is cool, apply a paste of equal parts salt, baking soda, and vinegar, and scrub. (From Super Natural Home, by Beth Greer.)

• Bathroom mildew remover — Good ventilation helps prevent mildew and mold. When they do occur, make a spray with 2 cups of water and 1/4 teaspoon each of tea-tree and lavender oil. Shake first and spray on trouble spots. The oils break down the mildew so there’s no need to wipe it down. (From Green Interior Design, by Lori Dennis.)

• Carpet shampoo — Mix 3 cups water, ¾ cup vegetable-based liquid soap, and 10 drops peppermint essential oil. Rub the foam into soiled areas with a damp sponge. Let dry thoroughly and then vacuum. (From The Naturally Clean Home.)

• Laundry soap — Try “soap nuts” made from the dried fruit of the Chinese soapberry tree. Available in natural groceries and online, the reusable soap nuts come in a cotton sack that goes into the washing machine with clothes.

• Dusting — Skip the furniture polishes. Instead, use a microfiber cloth. Made from synthetic fibers that are then split into hundreds of smaller microfibers, they capture dust more efficiently than regular rags. If necessary, a little olive oil makes a fine polishing agent.

 has written about health for a variety of publications. She is also the author of Dirty Secret: A Daughter Comes Clean About Her Mother’s Compulsive Hoarding (Simon and Schuster/Gallery Books, 2010).

Photography by John Mowers

Thank you.


Luzia Soares.

Better life free of Chemicals


When I first start, the main reason on my mind was a website with the purpose of help people about living a chemical free life. That idea was born from this huge desire that I have in my heart to warn people, protect them against to all the sicknesses that a life with chemical would bring to them.

I went ahead and did a lot of research trying to put together all the articles, all the products that we could replace to a good, organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly, ethical made, getting a wonderful start line of products that would bring back safety and health.  At the same time I want to also bring an awareness about animal cruelty, animal extinction, and everything else that comes from the same territory, poachers, hunters, environment, pollution, our beautiful, perfect planet are going to the total destruction if we don’t take action and fight for our rights and keep our Earth safe, so, the children of our children will be able to enjoy Nature the same way we do today, still do, fortunately.

I know that we have about over 200 chemical agents in our home, any given time, these agents are hurting every one of us in our family, big or small, it hurts people differently. We are different from each other. In a family of 5 people, every one of this family has totally different strength. One can have a very strong immune system, when the small one, the younger one, may have a weaker immune system. For example, if we are in a family of 5 different human beings that will react to a chemical solution in ways that we would never expect. So, the solution would be, just don’t have chemicals in the house at all. Just eliminate it. Remember, we react differently, but, we will be hurt one way or the other, because chemicals are not good for anyone, no matter how strong your system is.


Ok, easily said than done. We are all people of habits. There are things in our life that we have gotten on the habit to do. It is difficult that all of a sudden we will change a lifetime of addictions and habits that have been in our life since we were kids, it has come from our parents home in the first place. We need to do it, definitely, but, maybe slowly, patiently, but, certainly, with a huge conviction because we know for sure what is good for us and our environment. We can try to ignore it, we can try to put it off. neglect, postpone, but, we do know that time is running out and we have to start sooner than later. We owe it to our kids and to the generations that are coming.

We have some research made by the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency,  that are getting our attention to the fact about how bad are the chemicals we have in our home! I really wish that you read it, and find out for yourself what is scientifically proved that the chemicals we have gotten in our nest are really bad. Let’s have a look and try to take that into consideration because this is a very serious business. Sometimes we don’t understand why some families have some sickness, and others don’t. We have to look at the whole picture. We can take me for example:

It was one time in my life that I was fighting cancer. Cervical and breast cancer. On the cervical issue, I have had 3 surgeries and it kept coming back and eventually I have to have a hysterectomy. I was still in the hospital recovering when my doctor has found out that I have a little, tiny lump in my breast.  Come to find out a few days later, still in the hospital recovering from the hysterectomy, when I was diagnosed with a lump in my breast that was cancer. So, going on realizing that I better start to eliminate or change dramatically my lifestyle. The lump in my breast was removed, and fortunately, it didn’t spread. It was 2002 and after my recovery, I have moved from Massachusetts to Charlotte, NC. in 2007, since then I haven’t been in a hospital, I mean, not for being that sick.


I am cancer free for over 16  years. I don’t have a cold, I don’t have the flu. I pray and thank God every moment of my life that is very blessed because I follow his teachings and respect Nature, loving it with all my heart. I have all the chemicals out of my home, out of my life. I have changed my lifestyle much more after all these and will continue on this path. At least I am giving myself a chance to change my life for the better.

There is one thing that I urge you to keep your eyes open too, the big industry behind natural and organic products. You have to do your research and make sure there is a place that you can trust too. There will be places that don’t have what they claim to have. You know that are good people and bad people in this world. Unfortunately, we are not all good. Some people will, without remorse, use people to their advantage, I really don’t like to say it, but, it is true, and we would rather not have to say it, it really sickens me to know that some people do things just like that and ruin it to everyone…


God doesn’t want us to be victims of malicious people that has no integrity, and he will make sure that you will find the right people to deal with. Pray, keep your eyes open, do research and you will be fine. I, myself, have a list of companies that are all legitimate and will help you with a lot of information about their products and making sure you will be safe. The answer is information. The companies that are transparent and legitimate, will have a lot of information. That will pick the good from the bad, period.

I know for sure that everything that God has put in this Earth it is an extension of him that is reflected in Nature. Nothing that the men make to have an easier and fast life, and cheaper for him is good. We have to celebrate Nature and thank God for all the miracles that we have on Earth. He is the smartest being in the Universe, and men know nothing. The only thing that men know is breaking God’s law and destroy the perfection of Creation. When we protect the animals, Nature the way God has created, we are respecting God. God is Nature.

Thank you so much for coming to know my website. If you need anything, make any suggestion, and tell me anything that can help, I am here to listen to you and would love to hear your opinion immensely. Please, let us know what do you think, and what do you need?


Luzia Soares.

Let’s celebrate Life and thank God for all he’s Miracles. Amen!!!


8 Shockingly Common Home Pollution Dangers

If you thought the secondhand smoke was a problem, wait until you read this.
By Cliff Weathers / AlterNet January 23, 2015, 10:31 AM GMT

Photo Credit: Davis/Shutterstock

The Environmental Protection Agency says the air we breathe indoors can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. And that is largely our fault as we unwittingly introduce products into our home that diminish the quality of our air. While we may know that secondhand smoke, radon gas and molds impair our indoor air quality, many sources of indoor air pollution aren’t so obvious.

Here are eight that might surprise you.

1. Candles. As much as you may appreciate the atmosphere they create, candles can fill up your home with harmful gases and sediments. It doesn’t always matter whether the candle is paraffin, vegetable oil, soy or beeswax based. During combustion, all candles release some soot carbon particles that become airborne and can lead to respiratory problems.

Paraffin comes with its own problems. It’s a byproduct of petroleum, coal or shale that’s whitened in industrial-strength bleach that infuses it with dioxins. Another chemical, acrolein, a compound linked to the risk of lung cancer from cigarette smoke, is added to the wax as a solidifying agent.

While the candle industry insists that the final product is inert, studies have shown that burning paraffin candles can release high amounts of benzene and toluene — both known carcinogens — into the atmosphere. And even if you buy a high-end candle, it doesn’t make it any safer. Candles from retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Yankee Candle Store and Crate & Barrel are mostly made from paraffin.

Add to the mix the artificial dyes and synthetic fragrances often used in candles, especially those for aromatherapy. The recipe varies from candle to candle, but the fragrances and dyes often contain toxic plasticizers and solvents.

If you can’t live without your candles, consider those made of beeswax or vegetable oils, and with natural dyes and perfumes.

2. Dryer Sheets. Few scents are as comforting as warm laundry pulled from the dryer, thanks to the olfactory magic of fabric softener sheets. But have you ever wondered what’s in those dryer sheets? That waxy feeling when you touch them is a surfactant compound that coats your clothes to keep them soft. The compound is also positively charged, which helps remove static. It’s often comprised of a mixture of quaternary ammonium salt (which is linked to asthma), silicon oil or stearic acid (derived from animal fat). When these ingredients heat in the dryer, they liquefy, coating the clothes. In essence, your fabrics aren’t really softer—they’re just coated with a fatty film to make you think they are.

Along with the surfactant are fragrances which contain toxins and get into the air when released from dryer vent emissions. Because the fragrances manufacturers use are trade secrets, consumers have no way of knowing what they contain. Federal laws require only that cleaning products list the ingredients that are active disinfectants or known to pose hazards.

A study published in the August 2011 issue of the journal Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health, shows that scented laundry items often contain numerous carcinogens and toxins not listed on the packaging, including acetaldehyde and benzene. The University of Washington researchers called the air vented from machines that used scented laundry detergent and dryer sheets toxic.

It’s probably best to ditch the dryer sheets altogether. But if you insist on using them, stick with the less toxic options. Seventh Generation makes dryer sheets that contain no fragrances or masking agents. The company also discloses all the ingredients of the sheets, which includes a plant-derived softening agent.

3. Carpets. As much as you may love that “new carpet smell,” that famous scent is actually the off-gassing of hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including toluene, bromine, benzene, formaldehyde, ethyl benzene, styrene, and acetone. Routine exposure to these chemicals are known to cause headaches, throat and eye irritation, allergies, confusion, and drowsiness. Synthetic carpets that contain nylon and olefin fibers are typically the worst offenders.

Regular exposure to significant levels of these toxins can pose long-term problems, including learning and memory impairment, birth defects, decreased fertility, and diseases of the liver, thyroid, ovaries, kidneys, and blood. Benzene is a well-known human carcinogen and formaldehyde is a probable human carcinogen. Some new carpets also contain the moth-proofing chemical naphthalene, which is known to produce toxic reactions, especially in newborns. Also found in some carpets is p-Dichlorobenzene, a carcinogen also known to produce fetal abnormalities when tested on animals.

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But it’s not just new carpets that cause a problem. While older carpets no longer off-gas these chemicals, dust mites and their droppings begin to permeate the nap over time. The droppings cause severe allergic reactions in many people, and researchers are just beginning to correlate dust mite exposure to asthma. Household dust can also have high levels of lead, as the heavy metal still permeates our soil from the days of leaded paint and gasoline. We also add toxins into our carpets when we walk on them with our shoes, tracking in contaminated dirt and pesticides from the outdoors. Almost any toxic substance we use at home, from paints to bug sprays, to candle or fireplace soot, can settle into carpet fibers and later spread into the air.

Consider investing in a quality HEPA vacuum cleaner that can help remove many of the toxins without throwing them back into the air. You can also buy carpeting certified “Green Label Plus” by the Carpet and Rug Institute, which evaluates carpeting for low emissions of VOCs.

4. Kitchen Stove. We’re not advocating getting rid of your range, but a poorly ventilated kitchen can cause a great amount of air pollution in your house, regardless if you’re a culinary whiz or not.

Gas stoves are particularly worrisome as they emit more nitrogen dioxide, a highly reactive gas that’s created when fuel is burned at high temperatures. Nitrogen dioxide, a strong oxidizing agent, mixes with the air to create nitric acid and toxic organic nitrates. These can irritate the lungs and lower resistance to respiratory infections such as influenza. Frequent exposure to higher concentrations than normally found in ambient air may cause acute respiratory illnesses in children, according to the EPA.

The solution to minimizing exposure to nitrogen dioxide is simple. Make sure the kitchen is well ventilated during cooking and for several minutes after. Investing in a high-quality ventilation fan, particularly a range hood, can greatly improve air quality. You should use ventilation whenever you’re cooking, not just for those times you burn something. If fan ventilation isn’t possible, as in some apartments, try to cook with nearby windows open.

5. Cleaning Products. Cleaning your home is important to air quality, as it removes dust, mold and other particulates from the air. However, many conventional household cleaning products often include harmful chemicals.

Even cleaners labeled “green” or “organic” may contain ingredients that can cause health problems. Notably, natural citrus fragrances can react with the air to produce dangerous pollutants indoors.

But conventional cleaning products are still far worse, as they may contain alcohol, chlorine, ammonia or petroleum-based solvents, all which can have negative effects on health, irritating the eyes or the throat or causing headaches. Some cleaning products release dangerous chemicals, including VOCs that can contribute to chronic respiratory problems and exacerbate allergies, asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Products containing VOCs include most aerosol sprays, chlorine bleach, rug and upholstery cleaners, furniture and floor polish, and oven cleaners.

Chlorine bleach is particularly nasty. Mixing it with an acidic cleaner like ammonia or vinegar can create chlorine gas (yes, the same gas used in chemical warfare) which can cause immediate health problems, even death when inhaled.

If you want to keep your air clean while you clean, consider using less toxic, less expensive products such as hydrogen peroxide (for sanitizing, stain removal and bleaching), tea tree oil and water (for mold removal and as a disinfectant), and white vinegar (for cleaning glass, counters and tile).

These common household items work just as well as the high-end green cleaning products, if not better.

6. Paint. Even if you haven’t painted a room in years, the paint on the walls can still do some damage to your lungs, even your brain for that matter. People living in older homes may still have walls coated in lead paint, which was banned in the late 1970s. Lead can still be a powerful neurotoxin even decades after a room is painted, as the paint continues to chip, peel and flake off surfaces. Many of these chips break down and are pulverized to microscopic pieces that become part of the interior dust you breathe. If you’re worried about lead paint in an older dwelling, you should contact a licensed paint contractor to help you find ways of mitigating your exposure.

Newer paints also create some health risks in the home as many of them contain VOCs and can off-gas for weeks, even months after a room is coated. The short-term risks of these paint fumes are headaches, dizziness, nausea, asthma exacerbation, fatigue, skin allergies, confusion, and memory impairment.

When buying paint, look for brands that have lower levels of VOCs. Low-VOC and zero-VOC paints are just as good as standard interior and exterior paints. They also tend to dry much more quickly and they’re far better for you and the environment.

7. Air Fresheners. While they may cover up bad odors, air fresheners can actually make indoor air much worse by emitting toxic pollutants at levels that may lead to health risks. Many clean-air advocates compare their toxicity to that of secondhand smoke.

There’s plenty of research to back up those claims. Scientists at the UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discovered that many top-selling fresheners contain significant amounts of ethylene-based glycol ethers, which are known to create neurological and blood effects, including fatigue, nausea, tremor, and anemia. These ethers are classified as hazardous air pollutants by the EPA and California Air Resources Board.

Many air fresheners also contain phthalates, a common family of household chemicals often used to soften plastics. You’ll find phthalates in many plastic household products and toys, but they’re also used in air fresheners to support the fragrance. As the manufacturers of air fresheners don’t need to disclose all their ingredients, it’s difficult to pinpoint which products contain them. Phthalates are known endocrine disruptors and can be specifically harmful to infants and children who do not have developed endocrine systems. Phthalates have notable effects on the developing male sex organs and are linked to abnormally developed male genitalia, poor semen quality, and low testosterone levels.

8. Air Purifiers. Knowing that the air in a home may contain dangerous pollutants, consumers have invested in air purifiers to remove the toxins. However, some air purifiers release large amounts of ozone into the atmosphere, which has a pleasant, sweet scent (similar to what you might smell after a thunderstorm).

Consumers shouldn’t be fooled by what their noses tell them; ozone is a potent lung irritant and consistent exposure to it has been linked to the exacerbation of chronic lung diseases like COPD and asthma. It can also be harmful to infants, even scarring their lungs during early development.

About a decade ago, Consumer Reports found that some popular air purifiers, notably those made by Sharper Image, released unhealthy amounts of ozone into the atmosphere. Since that time, the EPA has warned against using ozone emitters as air purifiers and California Air Resources Board has banned air purification systems that emit high amounts of ozone. However, you’ll still see some of these air purifiers for sale online and in stores.

This is not to say all air purifiers are bad; many actually do a great job at removing air contaminants and protecting your health. If you’re interested in buying an air purifier, we recommend you use Good Housekeeping’s guide to help you with your decision.

Cliff Weathers is a former senior editor at AlterNet and served as a deputy editor at Consumer Reports. Twitter @cliffweathers.

Thank you for your attention…


Luzia Soares.


Your face, like any part of your body, needs one crucial thing to behave the right way: NUTRITION. It’s all that we are about, be fed, be healthy, and that we get putting the right vitamins, minerals, etc… in our body. Over the years that have passed by, men have learned all the secrets about how to feed our body, how to combine nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, and any nutrients that our body needs to operate well turning out to be healthy and beautiful. Even knowing all these major information, we are still somehow neglecting our body of their important necessities. We still won’t give our body the utmost NUTRITION, that we really needed.

Top of that, these vitamins, minerals and all that should be done the right way. You have to know what the quantity, the quality, the interaction between one and another.  The whole process that it is done, have to be supervised by someone that knows the process well. Even the light depending on the nutrients, that would be a piece of major information that if you don’t have it, it should interfere with the way the potency of that particular nutrient works. Really this is not such a big obstacle. You can find where you can get these supplements, these superfoods, and skin care and everything that you are looking for with someone that works at that place will help to accommodate your needs and concerns, hopefully…

You don’t need to be a scientist to be able to get some crucial supplements and solutions in your body.  Usually, the places that you get these important solutions will definitely have a person that will orient you, indeed.

So, I have some good news. There are places that have what you need, for the part of your body that you need to nourish without all these skills that give the ability to figure out the science behind the simple act of get to nourish your body with the right nutrition, taking advantage of all the benefits that Supplements, Superfoods, and the right Skin Care, etc…  will have your body working in their prime, no matter how old you are. We are what we eat. I always believe that faithfully.

There is in this huge planet and universe, good people that are thriving to do the right thing. People that are sensitive to other people’s pain and suffering you can obviously believe that with your heart.


I am my Healthy Advocate. I ask questions when I am across the desk from my doctor. Whatever doctor that there is, they are human beings, just like I am. They can also make mistakes and sometimes be arrogant, thinking that they know everything and I don’t know anything. I will not allow anyone to do that to me. I respect the years they have spent learning what there is to learn about the trade. But, one of the most important thing about learning anything, it is to know that you will never, ever know everything about anything.

Sometimes you can learn very important matters from someone that has never been in school in the first place. When we are willing to respect that, we are ready to be helping someone that needs our help. Drop the Almighty attitude, and come down from the Pedestal. Join me!

For over a year I have done all the research you can think about how to nourish your body-mind, and soul. I have a huge amount of information in the best way we can. I confess that I still have to learn more. About the right place to go, about the best-done products that are there to get. Being sure that I will be dealing with the right people, honestly, transparent, that knows a lot about the subject.


I also invite you to help, if you do have any information that will help with our research and clear things up, leading us to the right place, that will be welcome, anytime. indeed. I know, for sure, that we need our body, mind, and soul well to continue to go on this journey. I do have with me one conviction that we do need to nourish our body, mind, and soul to be able to go on with our life helping every living soul that needs it, just like we do. God has given us all the tools in order for us to be well enough to thrive on this planet and universe feeling our best and helping each other to get to the top. Not really in a selfish way, but sharing everything without exception. Being there for everyone.

God put NATURE to serve us, all of us.extension, just the way it was,  clean of chemicals and raw as it is. Everything we need, it is here. Let’s thank God for that and use it wisely. During my research I have found out about these brands that are excellent, made to perfection, with the best ingredients, nutrients, organically grown with all the specifics respect with NATURE, recyclability, no animals hurt in any process that follow the making of these wonderful products that is in accordance with  all the orders of humanity every step of the way!

You will find at the website,, all the Brands that you need to click on and get what you need. I would advise you to read the information, which I have in abundance, for your own good of so you will be able to make a clear decision. Please click on it and find out all about the supplements, superfoods, and solutions for your body that will help to keep your body, mind, and soul healthy and ready for thriving everyday respecting what has given to us to keep healthy and ready, indeed, my friend. If you need anything, please write back and let me know. Also, if you are looking for products to clean your home, for decor, or anything at all, please be free to browse around and take your time. If anything still is not clear enough for you, please let me know. I will be happy to assist you in any way I can. Please, leave a comment and let me know what is in your mind.

Thank you so much!


Luzia Soares.