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December 1, 2019

Lower Blood Pressure Prevents Alzheimer’s

A new study published in Lancet Neurology shows that high blood pressure causes Alzheimer’s.

It found people with high blood pressure in middle age had smaller brains and poorer brain health in their 70s compared to people with normal blood pressure.

But the researchers also determined that there was no link between blood pressure and the build-up of amyloid proteins — the hallmark of Alzheimer’s.

This means that brain shrinkage is a direct result of changes in the blood vessels that bring oxygen-rich blood to the brain.

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Prevent And Reverse Muscle Loss

Most doctors never talk about muscle loss with their patients – even though it affects almost half of their patients. But if you don’t stop this debilitating condition in its tracks, by the time you’re 80 you could lose 40% of your muscle mass.

But muscle loss is NOT an inevitable part of aging. And it’s never too late to rebuild muscle…

And you don’t need to lift weights or drink a protein shake.

The easiest way to replace lost muscle is with a combination of protein-building amino acids – in the right balance – that can reverse muscle loss and build more.

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The Newest – And Oldest – Cure

It’s the newest — and oldest — cure for aging.

Its discovery is recent, but what lies at the heart of it — stem cells and telomerase activators — have always been within us.

Our ancestors thrived by supporting and nurturing their stem cells through a primal diet, a pristine natural environment and physical exertion. But today’s unhealthy eating habits, toxic environment and sedentary lifestyle have upended that balance.

Nobel Prize-winning molecular biologists have discovered a way to activate a “sleeping gene” inside your cells. Activating this gene — what I call the “hTERT code” — is the key to halting and reversing biological aging.

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Johns Hopkins’ “Fountain Of Youth Enzyme” Gets 200% Boost

Imagine how great you’d feel if you could control your own genetic code and grow “biologically younger” — that is, having cells, tissues and organs that are younger and healthier than your real age.

Sound far-fetched?

Not according to the latest research on cellular rejuvenation at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine… Stanford Medical School… Boston University School of Medicine… and the University of Utah School of Medicine… and from stunning results from clinical studies.

I’m 63, yet the true “biological age” of my heart and lungs is like a 22-year-old. And I intend to have the energy and vitality like I had in my 30s and 40s even as I hit 70 and beyond. I’ve also seen the astonishing results of my patients who are growing biologically younger and healthier.

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