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June 20, 2020


Just three lines of dialogue in a movie…

And a fur bikini…

Was all it took for Raquel Welch to become an instant international sex symbol.

That was in 1966.

In the movie “One Million Years B.C.”

Raquel was just 26 years old at the time.

With a body and face to die for.

Fast-forward half a century, and…

At age 76, Raquel was still turning heads on the red carpet at the premiere of a movie she starred in…

The question everybody was asking at the premiere — (or at least thinking) — was…


As in:

“How does Raquel Welch have such an ageless complexion at 76 years of age?”


She says not.


She denies that, too.

Should we believe her?

I don’t know for sure.

But here’s what I do know for sure…

Raquel Welch is rather unique in Hollywood.

Unique in what ways?

Well, first of all, at the start of her career, she stood up to Hollywood and refused to change her name.

(The Hollywood movie moguls wanted her to change her name to “Debbie.” No dice for the movie moguls.)

Second, even though it probably hurt her acting career… Raquel Welch…

Always Refused to
Lie About Her Age

So, if Raquel Welch says she hasn’t had a facelift…

And hasn’t had Botox…

We’re more apt to believe her than many other women in Hollywood.

So, then…

Just what IS Raquel Welch’s secret to an ageless complexion well into her late 70s?

Genetics obviously play a part.

But there has to be more to it than that, doesn’t there?

Turns out there is.

Because Raquel…

Does Admit to Having a
“Complexion Enhancing Secret”

OK, she hasn’t exactly kept it a secret…

Since she openly admits to using a facial cream which…

Upon closer inspection

Has a remarkable (mostly completely overlooked) “miracle vitamin” in it.

And since hardly any other woman uses this remarkable “miracle vitamin” on their face and neck in their daily skin-care regime…

And since this “miracle vitamin” is only just now starting to be recommended by leading dermatologists for its beneficial effects on the skin’s complexion…

It seems only logical to conclude that this “miracle vitamin”

Is One of the Biggest Secrets to
Raquel Welch’s Flawless Complexion

Perhaps even THE secret as to why she still has a near-perfect complexion…

Even though she’s in her late 70s.

As you probably know…

For years, vitamins A, C and E have been the in-vogue vitamins used in facial moisturizing and beautifying creams and serums.

Maybe you even have facial creams, serums or oils that contain those vitamins.

Most women do.

But most women are still not happy with their complexion.

If you feel the same way about your complexion…

If you are not completely happy with it…

I want you to know…

It’s Not Your Fault

You’ve done everything right.

You’ve likely used high-end vitamin creams or serums on your face.

Including creams and serums that contain…

Vitamin C.

Vitamin A.

And vitamin E.

It’s just that you’ve never known to use the “miracle vitamin” that Rachel Welch uses in her facial cream.

Again, it’s not your fault.

Because this new “miracle vitamin” is very rarely found in any facial creams or serums.

Not even in the really expensive ones from high-end brands.


Because until recently — hardly anyone really knew just how amazing this new “miracle vitamin” is for the complexion of your skin.

It’s especially good for the complexion of sensitive, easily irritated skin.

Hi, I’m Dr. Al Sears. I’m often invited to speak at high-level symposiums where the latest anti-aging discoveries are discussed.

Over the years, this has given me a unique inside-look at the newest, most exciting breakthrough anti-aging medicines and supplements.

Before most other doctors and health care professionals ever know about them.

And well before most of the supplements became widely commercially available.

That is exactly the situation here with the new “miracle vitamin.”

It’s unlikely you’ll hear much — if anything at all about it — on any beauty blog or from any YouTuber!

But I want you to know about it.

I want you to experience the complexion-enhancing benefits of this “miracle vitamin” before anyone you know does.

That said…

If you now want to take your complexion to the next level

You Need to Know About the
NEW “Miracle Vitamin” On the Block

This new “miracle vitamin” has suddenly got many of the world’s leading dermatologists very excited.

And my prediction?

It’s this:

The new “miracle vitamin” I’m about to reveal to you will leapfrog over vitamins A, C and E to become many women’s favorite skin illuminating and beautifying nutrient.

The one they will use daily to take the appearance of their skin to the next level.

It’s obvious why — when you consider that when applied topically to the face this new “miracle vitamin”…

GIVES YOU THE APPEARANCE OF SILKY SOFT SKIN – it makes your skin silky-soft to the touch after just one or two uses.

GIVES YOU THE APPEARANCE OF FIRMER, MORE TAUT SKIN – it firms up your skin (perfect for face and neck skin that is starting to sag, as well as for unattractive eye-bags).

GIVES YOU THE APPEARANCE OF BEAUTIFUL SKIN LUSTRE – it replenishes your skin’s thirst for moisture and gives the surface of your skin a new refreshing lustre (dry, dull skin will be a thing of the past for you).

GIVES YOU THE APPEARANCE OF A HEALTHY, RADIANT COMPLEXION – just ask Raquel Welch. Or the leading dermatologists who stay on the forefront of skin-care science.

GIVES YOUR SKIN NOURISHMENT – providing your skin with comprehensive moisture renewal; soothing that dry, irritated skin.

And if all that is not enough…

The “miracle vitamin” (when applied topically to your skin)…

Also Reduces Your Risk of Some
Forms of Skin Cancers Caused by Being
Out in The Sun

It also helps reduce your risk of premature skin aging from sun exposure.


It can even help reduce your risk of premature skin aging caused by air pollutants and other irritants.

So, let’s see…

Better facial complexion… plus… reduced risk of skin damage caused by the sun and air pollutants…

No Wonder Demand for This
“Miracle Vitamin” as a Topical
is Already Picking Up

And once word gets out more…

There is only ever going to be more and more demand for it.

Which is why you’ll start hearing a lot more about this “miracle vitamin” over the coming months and years…

And why you’ll start to see more and more of the big brands coming out with expensive skin-care products with this “miracle vitamin” in it.

But why wait that long?

Especially since there’s now a way to get this “miracle vitamin” in an intelligent face cream…

So you can immediately enhance the illumination and complexion of your skin…

At a lot less than the big brand cosmetic companies will charge when they “catch up”…

And listen, why wait for just another cosmetic cream with the “miracle vitamin” in it…

When my anti-aging skin-care company (Pure Radiance) has already taken things a step further

See, here at Pure Radiance, we believe in pioneering the future of skincare products.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done with a new anti-aging suncream we’ve produced that comes loaded with the “miracle vitamin” in it.

The “miracle vitamin” is… bioactivated vitamin D.

And the new anti-aging suncream from Pure Radiance (that contains the “miracle vitamin” — bioactivated vitamin D)… is called:

Vita-D Suncream

Vita-D Suncream is the “future” of sun protection…

And a skin-savior… in ONE.

Nothing else like it exists on the market.

And probably won’t for a long… long… time.

Vita-D Suncream is for you if you have spent too much time in the sun in the past… and regret what it’s done to your face and neck skin.

It’s also for you if you like to be out in the sun — perhaps gardening, walking the dog, golfing, playing tennis, and the like — but secretly worry about the face-aging, skin damaging consequences.

In both cases, the intelligent thing to do is to start applying the new Vita-D Suncream to your face and neck area.

And do so as quickly as possible.


And why the hurry?

Well, first, it’s no secret that it’s a good idea to use a sun protection cream on your face each day.

Every dermatologist recommends it.

Especially since the ozone layer in the atmosphere (the Earth’s “sun protection”) is not what it was.

Meaning, today the rays of the sun can be harsher (more dangerous to your skin) than ever before.

Second, air pollution today is a lot worse than it ever was. Traffic fumes. Aerosol spray. Microscopic airborne specks of smoke, soot, chemicals and acid.

Our exposed facial skin is “under attack” from more air pollutants than at any other time in history.

Third — and perhaps most concerning of all — has something to do with your skin itself.

And that is the continual and progressive loss of vitamin D in your skin.

Most people don’t know this, but…

We need vitamin D in our skin to remain healthy and look healthy and youthful.

Yet, here’s the problem…

Vitamin D in the skin declines rapidly with age.

We all start to lose vitamin D in our skin by around age 20.1

By age 70 we have lost as much as 75% of the vitamin D from our skin.

75% LOST!

Here’s why that’s so concerning…

Two words:

Faster aging.

Especially faster aging of our skin.

In one study — in the journal Cancer Causes and Control2 — women over age 40 with low levels of vitamin D had more facial skin aging than those with adequate vitamin D.

That’s not the worst of it though…

Because the continual loss of vitamin D in the skin makes you increasingly susceptible to it…

Increased Risks of Skin Cancers

Now, perhaps you already take a good quality oral vitamin D supplement.

That’s an excellent step to take.

But the BIG problem remains…

Because the vitamin D you get through diet and oral supplementation is used up by organs within your body.


Even if you get plenty of vitamin D through your diet and oral supplementation… it doesn’t get to your skin.


Your Skin is Likely Still Deficient
in Vitamin D

Leaving your skin “wide open” to faster aging and damage.

For those reasons, either you do the intelligent thing and start applying topical vitamin D to your exposed facial skin…


You run the very real risk and consequences of lack of vitamin D in your exposed facial areas.

This is where Vita-D Suncream has you covered better than any other daily skin cream on the market.

How so, exactly?

Well, in terms of sun protection…

Vita-D Suncream gives you a super high-quality 35 SPF (sun protection factor).

Vita-D Suncream also gives you dermatologist-recommended broad-spectrum protection

Throw Out Any Sunscreen That Contains These “Skin Terrorists”:
Do you know what that The Environmental Working Group – a leading voice in consumer sunscreen safety – found when they tested more than 2,000 suncreens?1

They found that…

Seventy-five percent of the sunscreens contain toxic DNA damaging chemicals?

It’s true.

Some of the worst toxic chemicals – “skin terrorists” – found in many store-bought sunscreens include:

Oxybenzone – this “bad boy” disrupts the endocrine system (the body’s system that regulates all your hormones) putting your hormones out of whack.

Oxybenzone has also been associated with a painful disorder in women called endometriosis – which can lead to fertility problems.

Octinoxate – another common ingredient in many commercially available sunscreens. Octinoxate can negatively affect your reproduction system and thyroid.

Homosalate – another common sunscreen ingredient, homosalate disrupts the hormones estrogren, androgen and progesterone.

Titanium dioxide – this toxic heavy metal is in most store-bought sunscreens. It might not be on the label which is most worrying because – according to The International Agency for Research on Cancer – Titanium dioxide is classified as “possibly cancer causing.”

Also check your current sunscreen for these other “skin terrorists”…
You’ll want to check any sunscreen you use very carefully – and immediately throw it away if it contains any of these other dangerous ingredients:

Micronized titanium




Those “skin terrorists” do not belong in any safe, healthy sunscreen. Yet many of them are in store-bought sunscreens. Even more alarming, sunscreen manufacturers are not required by law to detail all the toxic chemicals contained in their sunscreen on the product label.

So you can NEVER be sure what exactly a store-bought sunscreen is trying to hide from you.

But you can rest assured and feel safe in the knowledge that you will not find any toxic chemicals in Pure Radiance’s Vita-D Suncream.

Nor will you find one of the most corrosive “skin terrorists” of all in Vita-D Suncream.

I’m talking about an active chemical ingredient called: PABA.

Want to know what “evil” PABA does when used in a sunscreen?

I think you’ll be surprised.

Because as a board-certified anti-aging doctor

With extensive research into DNA enhancing protocols…

I know that PABA messes with your skin’s ability to repair at the cellular level.

And that means…

PABA “mutilates” your DNA and CAUSES ugly photo-aging to your skin
Making you look much older than you actually are.

Most people have no idea that’s what’s happening with regular store-bought sunscreens.

But now you know.

And you are now in a unique position of being able to do something about it for yourself.

Because by choosing to use Organic Vita-D Suncream as your daily “go-to” cream means your skin will NOT be exposed to any of those “skin terrorists.”

NOT even those corrosive PABA’s.

In fact, the bottom line is, Pure Radiance’s Vita-D Suncream

Is better for the HEALTHY FUNCTIONING of your skin than any other sunscreen cream. Period.
References: 1 J. Axe, M.D., The Dangers of Conventional Sunscreens, draxe.com

Against Both UVB And UVA Light

But the way: That alone is a HUGE advantage over 99% of store-bought sunscreens.

You see, most commercially available sunscreens have single-spectrum protection (against UVB light only)…

Meaning they can’t protect your skin from the more dangerous UVA light.

In contrast, Vita-D Suncream contains 25% natural, non-toxic, micro-fine zinc oxide to give you the best protection possible.

Zinc oxide is one of the most effective sun blocks there is against both UVA and UVB light rays.

Unlike chemical sunscreen creams that absorb UV light…

Zinc oxide sits on top of your skin and reflects and scatters both UVA and UVB rays…

So They Do Not Penetrate Your Skin to Cause Damage

Something else that’s good to know:

The kind of zinc oxide used in Vita-D Suncream does not create a white film on your skin as some zinc oxides do.

Instead, it smooths to an invisible layer of protection on your skin.

Nobody will know you are wearing it!

What’s more, the zinc oxide in Vita-D Suncream does not break down in the sun — so you get…

the Sun From Just ONE Application of
Vita-D Suncream

Which is what we all want, right?

So, to recap: with Vita-D Suncream you get…

  • Superior daily sun protection to your face from the natural zinc oxide it contains…

And because Vita-D Suncream is loaded with the “miracle vitamin” (bioactivated vitamin D)… you also get…

  • A superior, more youthful-looking complexion to your face and neck area.

It gets better still…

Because as well as the superior UVB and UVA ray protection from the sun from the natural zinc oxide

Along with the youth-enhancing complexion from the bioactivated vitamin D

Vita-D Suncream also contains these other super-ingredients that also do wonders for your skin:

Organic Olive Oil Squalene
Topical Non-GMO Natural Vitamin E
Organic Beeswax

Together, all these super-ingredients (bioactivated vitamin D, olive oil, vitamin E, and organic beeswax) help lock in moisture and hydrate your skin.

Applied daily — they leave your facial skin feeling radiant.

They also give you an immediate soothing effect from any irritation from exposure to the sun and wind.

And unlike most petroleum-based skin products — the organic beeswax in Vita-D Suncream

Does NOT Suffocate or Clog Your Pores

So your skin can still “breathe.”

(For your complete peace of mind: Vita-D Suncream does NOT CONTAIN ANY of these dangerous “skin terrorists” commonly found in other commercially available sunscreen creams — micronized titanium, octocrylene, octyl methoxycinnamate, benzophenone-3, or PABA.)

Bottom line:

Simply by applying Vita-D Suncream to your face and neck area each day

You Can Expect a Classy,
Elegant Complexion

The kind of smooth complexion the cameras love.

And others cannot help but notice and admire.

The kind of complexion your husband or partner will finally compliment you on!

Please also know that Vita-D Suncream is…

Totally organic.










Vegetarian friendly.

Environmentally friendly (it does not contain either oxybenzone or octinoxate — so it can be used on Florida and Hawaii beaches where those two sunscreen ingredients will be banned to protect pollutants to the coral reef).

It has no cheap fillers.

Is a non-nano formula — meaning ingredients in the suncream do not enter or contaminate your bloodstream… nor cause damage when inhaled.

And, it’s completely petrochemical free.

Making Vita-D Suncream

Perfect as Your DAILY
Facial Suncream

You can of course use it on the back of your hands, too.

What is Vita-D Suncream like to use?

It’s non-greasy.

Spreads smooth and easily.

A little goes a long way.

And yes, foundation and make-up and other skincare products can be applied after applying Vita-D Suncream.

Others already using Vita-D Suncream report that it’s perfect for quick-and-easy use.

It’s perfect for the whole family (both adults and children over the age of six months).

Perfect for when you are out gardening…

Playing golf…

Going for a walk…

Playing tennis…

Going to the mall…

Doing yard work…

Anytime you’re outside, in fact.

See what Rob G. from Florida had to say about his first experience using Vita-D Suncream:

“When Hurricane Irma hit, my yard was a mess. I knew I’d be outside all day cleaning up. So I put on some Vita-D Suncream before heading out.

And I have to tell you, I’m very impressed with it. It must have been 95 degrees that day and 100% humidity. But no matter how much I sweat, Vita-D stuck to my skin (even after wiping sweat off my forehead with a rag!)

Unlike other sunscreens, it didn’t drip into my eyes. So it didn’t sting them. And one coat lasted all day. I’d guess one bottle of Vita-D will last as long as three or four bottles of store-bought sunscreen and save me a bunch of money.

I was in the sun for a little over four hours and did not get a sunburn. This is the best sunscreen I’ve ever used. I highly recommend it.” Rob G., Jupiter, FL

You can see from Rob G.’s testimonial that… as well as being quick and easy to apply… once applied… Vita-D Suncream

Lasts All Day Long

Here are some other comments from people who have already enjoyed using Vita-D Suncream:

“I Thank God daily… this is a miracle sunscreen.”

“My daughter has super sensitive skin on her face, where she would get outside and the least bit of sun would start to burn on her cheeks right under her eyes.

We have tried every sensitive sunscreen under the sun and just plain zinc and nothing has worked. I searched the Internet and read the reviews and I Thank God daily I found your website as this is a miracle sunscreen. We will keep this Vita-D SPF 35 Sunscream in our house from here on out. Thank you, thank you. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for bringing back my sun-loving daughter!” – Margaret H., Salem, VA.

“I showed this to my doctor he was very impressed by this.”

“I love Vita-D! I had been searching for years as my hyper-sensitive skin could not cope with other `natural’ sunscreens. The fact that it [Vita-D] contains vitamin D is amazingI showed it to my doctor he was very impressed by this. Unlike other companies, I have total trust in you and I enjoyed reading all the background science behind this product. I would recommend this to everyone, especially sensitive skinned people.” – Kate, London, UK.

“I’m a customer for life”

“Finally, a brilliant manufacturer brings an excellent product to market. Vita-D SPF 35 is everything a parent could want in a sunscreen. And fortified with vitamin D, that sunscreens reduce natural production. I’m a customer for life – Danielle W., Miami, FL.

“I’ll keep spreading the word about your
products as long as you keep making them!”

“I just want to say how happy I am to find a product that does what it says. I have very sensitive skin and work outside on a goat farm, in NEW MEXICO. Being a very fair Scandinavian, this can be tough. I am so happy to have found your products and my skin is happy too. I’ll keep spreading the word of your products as long as you keep making them! – Jennifer R.

“Truly amazed by this product. Finally, I’m
enjoying a beach vacation.”

Truly amazed by this product. Finally, I’m enjoying a beach vacation!” – Anita D., British Columbia, Canada.

Currently, there is nothing else like Vita-D Suncream on the market.

The complexion-enhancing Vita-D Suncream you are getting is the BEST daily facial sun protection cream available (anywhere).

And it costs a lot less than some of the big-brand cosmetic creams out there.

For your point of reference: You’ll have to pay anywhere from $115 to $150 or more for just one bottle of those branded cosmetic creams (hint: they have to cover their huge advertising and promotional costs, remember!).

And they still don’t give you the UVB and UVB sun protection that Vita-D Suncream gives you.

As such, your choice to try Vita-D Suncream is an especially wise one.

It costs much less than the branded cosmetic vitamin D facial creams/serums available (of which there are very few).

And remember: Vita-D Suncream does more than any other vitamin D topical cream/serum.

Which is very reassuring…

Because from the moment you apply a small amount of the silky-smooth Vita-D Suncream to your face…

You have superior facial sun protection happening for you…

Right away on first use…

And you feel confident KNOWING you are giving your skin the most essential things it needs to look great.

Which is something you deserve, right?

One thing is certain — your skin complexion will love you for it.

And to make you feel even more reassured…

You are Fully Covered by my “Wow, this is
the BEST sunscreen cream I’ve ever used”
Personal Guarantee…

It’s simple:

You either feel, “Wow, this is the BEST facial sunscreen cream I’ve ever used!”

…and be head over heels thrilled with how it gives your skin new “freshness” and luster…

…or just return the used Vita-D Suncream within 90 days of purchase and you will get all your money back. Right away. No questions asked.

And, get this as well:

If you go for the BEST DEAL which most people go for and which costs just over a dollar a day (see below) you can even KEEP the special e-Report I put together, titled:

The Surprising Link Between Sunscreen and…

This e-Report has a value of $19.95.

That’s because the secrets you’ll discover in the special e-Report will reveal everything you need to know about vitamin D…

Much of which even your regular doctor will not know about — including…

Why vitamin D is the real “Fountain of Youth”…
Why many dermatologists are wrong about the sun’s dangers…
How vitamin D deficiency puts you at risk for some forms of cancers…
Plus… many more surprising links between low vitamin D and disease that hardly anyone you speak with will know about…

Now, when you go for the BEST DEAL (see below) you get that very insightful e-Report… for FREE!

And you can even KEEP it if you decide after trying Vita-D Suncream to take me up on my personal guarantee to you.

All I ask in return is that you commit to using Vita-D Suncream every day (even on cloudy days, when UVA rays still get through and affect your skin).

I’m quite serious about that.

In fact, if you cannot commit to using it every day — it takes just a few seconds to apply it — it’s probably best not to even try Vita-D Suncream (stand aside for someone else).

However, if you can commit to using it every day…

Please do be quick here

Due to its superior facial sun protection and its amazing skin complexion benefits — continual demand for Vita-D Suncream is likely to outstrip supply.

And since my company Pure Radiance is THE ONLY PLACE to get it…

Your chance to try Vita-D Suncream may be gone. At any time.

(Please note: If you go to order Vita-D Suncream and you get a “Sorry Sold Out” message — you’ll know why. And you’ll have to join a 3- to 4-month waiting list).

What to do now:

If you can promise to use Vita-D Suncream every day to experience all its incredible benefits…

You can now secure your own delivery of Vita-D Suncream… TODAY… before the current stock runs out.

(Please also note: Because of the huge expected demand and people wanting to stock-pile Vita-D Suncream for themselves and their family — orders are limited to a total number of 3 tubes per person.)

Pick the Best Option for You Below
for Trying Vita-D Suncream:

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To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Al Sears, MD, CNS

P.S. Remember: Vita-D Suncream is more than just a facial sunscreen.

It’s also an organic complexion enhancing cream full of bioactivated vitamin D (and other skin wonder ingredients) that your skin will love.

I greatly respect your intelligent choice to take one of the options to try Vita-D Suncream.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary from person to person. No individual results should be seen as typical.