Natural Approach

Natural Approach

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I have been struggling to try and figure out a way to change things the way they are. I am talking about Nature. I am talking about keeping everything green, healthy, preserving this Beautiful world the way it is.

Every little thing on this planet, no matter how small, it’s important. It has somehow been elaborated with a plan to be together, exist together. There is no separation. One can not be without the other.

One thinks, let’s make some rain. They go there, put together a whole lot chemicals and here comes the rain. They don’t think about the implications. Maybe there is a way, maybe trying to use something natural, One could have done that, but not with chemicals.


Maybe that place wasn’t supposed to rain, period. Who knows? I know one thing as strong as being alive, that it’s not the way.

We are here on this Earth and we have to live here with our family, our loved ones. We want the best for them. Everything that we do has got to be thinking about preserving the green aspect of life. Balanced solutions every day.  We have to be in touch with ways to approach all the issues that hurt the environment every second of the time.

There are solutions to the problems, always two sides of everything. The good and the bad.

The good with solutions that are going to be solving something.  And solutions with complications. Coming out of greedy. Wanting too much. Not knowing where is the end of it. It’s never enough. We need more people having a green approach my friends.

Come join me!

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I will follow you

Many Times trying to go conventional ways to follow all the wrong steps (It’s conventional?) Just because that is what everyone is doing!

You don’t follow someone just because everyone is doing it. Of course not. You will follow someone when you are sure that person is doing what you think is right, not because everyone is doing it, correct? Most of all, we have to unhook ourselves from what we have been doing for so long…

We have built inside us some sense of right and wrong. We most definitely have. Because we have been doing something for so long it doesn’t mean that it’s right. Having a sense of right and wrong tell us even more than we have billions of reason to follow the instinct that makes us choose what we think is the right thing to do. But, not because the majority of people are doing it.

I will always be very suspicious of all the traditional things that everyone is overdoing. But, we have to be careful sometimes we might be lead to follow a wrong thought because a lot of people keep saying it is happening, and the media, and the politician, and even the scientists!?  One huge example is Climate Change. Of climate implication on the environment. So you hear this, you hear that. And you hear manipulation. Its very sad to think that people would come up with that kind of speculation for using for their advantage, money wise, I mean. I mean?

What a shame, you think. You even think very hard to put that thought out of your mind because it sounds so EVIL! There it is a big possibility that Climate Change is a lie that has started with very bad intentions. Some people trying to get ahead with a few speculations, and also a few statistics, only with the intention to benefit from that in a lot of different ways. For political gain, ambitious, manipulation. In the end, POWER! Money, power-hungry people that stop at nothing to get the results they want, no matter how much that will hurt everyone. Even, simply simulation bringing catastrophe.


What an imagination! Not me, them! Believe me, I did a lot of research and, you, if you don’t believe me, do your own research, and be done with it and take your own conclusions. We are entitled to have our own doubts, our own suspicious. Do you believe that one of the theories about climate change is that the oceans levels are going up? It was scientifically proved that they have been rising for over 6 thousand years. There is no scientific proof that the Earth is getting hot or cold, really! There is also proof that these changes have always been happening for thousands and thousands of years, indeed? Nature always changed. Change is a major characteristic of the planet, it always has been.

Seriously, change is the middle name of Earth. So we used to be ice. We used to be water. It keeps going and going. It’s not definitely static, always moving and changing, every so many thousand of years, coming and going. Always changing, very unstable, my friend… So, maybe Climate change is a hoax!

So, regardless it’s a hoax or not, we still have an obligation to save and protect the environment. We know for sure that everything on the planet is related. Everything under the sun is connected and need to be preserved, animals, plants, oceans, rivers, mountains, etc…

These invisible relations have to be respected. We can’t just go around killing animals to extinction, disturb the waters on rivers, oceans, anyway, they are here for a reason, and doing pipelines under the ocean doesn’t seem like a good idea. Let’s just respect the universe. Let’s not destroy anything, period. There are very serious implications with our stupid actions

We are a bunch of babies crawling, not knowing how much we can hurt acting without thinking, messing up with things that we don’t really understand. Let’s listen to the scientists that are telling us what we can and what we can’t do. Let’s put the greedy aside and start to think wisely. We know already what greedy is about, it’s about destruction and bad actions. We, that all think alike, have to get together and stop this nonsense and start to do what is right. I’ll see you on the inside, thank you!


Luzia Soares.