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Hydra - The Miracle Molecule

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Bullet Proof XCT Oil – Metabolic Booting For Instant Energy

Extracted from 100% pure coconut oil, giving in to the demands of your day to day busy lifestyle, it boosts your energy,  you will lose weight and helps to lower the risks of heart problems. It also does REPLACES all the oils, butter, and margarine whatever, we have become used to have in our daily life. Please click and find out more information right here. If you do want to lose weight, here is a best and healthy way to do it.

Bulletproof XCT Oil

Silver Excelsior Serum, Full Spectrum, Highest Potency Natural Antimicrobial

Welcome to Silver Excelsior. It can change your life to a whole different way to be healthy. Many times more powerful than the popular Colloidal
Silver. This serum uses chelated Silver to create a natural antibiotic that can kill more than 600 variates of bad bacteria while leaving the good bacteria intact and you don’t have to worry about anti-resistance.

If  you don’t know or simply you need more information about Silver Excelsior Serum, or if you have an inflammation or infection in need to take regular antibiotics treatment, please take an interest in Silver Excelsior that is revolutionizing the Medical field, curing you and the problem without hurting your Immune System and at least get to know what is there that the Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know  with a huge interest in profits and nothing else.serum

Silver Excelsior Serum

Equilibrium Energy Superfood 12 Ounces

HoneyColony redefines Nutritional Energy with a new super Superfood Called Equilibrium. Energetic Mind, Body, and Soul.

Equilibrium Energy Superfood is the Evolution pack of Superfoods. If you find a better mix, we’ll give your money back. For a 3packs deal, go here.

Our specially formulated raw honey based blend consists of Organic and Wildcrafted ingredients-cultivated with the highest standards to bring you energy and superfood yumminess with every serving. Please read it here.

The core of Equilibrium Energy Superfood is raw honey. Equilibrium Energy Superfood is the finest superfood mix available on the market today. Please, you will also find Equilibrium Energy Superfood 2.3ounces. There are the same quality and power. The quantity is the difference between the Equilibrium Energy Superfood 2.3ounces.


Wisdom Article: 87 Benefits of Equilibrium Superfood that will supercharge your life.

With a specialized formula combining Ayurveda and Holistic Medicine, Chinese principles, and inspiration from Nutritional Genomics, our Equilibrium Superfood provides the ultimate balance between mind, body, and spirit.

Each ingredient is potent, carefully selected, certified organic or wildcrafted to provide 100% high-grade quality in every spoonful, a concentrated superfood in each gulp! We’ve broken down each of the key ingredients and compiled a list of benefits that makes Equilibrium the best Superfood available. Equilibrium has everything that you expect in the making of something called Superfood. Get to know Equilibrium and feel the energy that will get you up to the skies!


Maryam Henein

I really want to make sure that you have access to all the products and also the articles. One thing about Maryam Henein, she’s all about information. I, my self, am very much interested in getting information. It’s really another thing when you are a very informed consumer. Every consumer should have all the information about any product that she or he desires to purchase, or just get information for the simple fact that you have the right to have it. So, I have decided that you should see this page.

Simply Transformative Health ProductsSimply Transformative Health Products at HoneyColony.

We have all the products that HoneyColony carries. green-approach.com is proud to show you.

How to Conquer Superbugs and Parasites

Silver Excelsior

Again for Persistent Parasites, Silver Excelsior comes to the rescue. In the war against infection and superbugs, Silver Excelsior is a must. It will not disturb your Immune System. It’s a strong and perfect antibiotic. Silver Excelsior will do the job, leaving your body without a trace of anything that could mess up your whole perfect Immunologic System. Take the right action and don’t give it a chance to recover and come after you. 

Colloidal Silver Healer


Silver Excelsior Serum

5 Auto-Immune  Disorders That Have Met Their Match

Reversing The Stigma

Plant Medicines is renewing the lives of people with Autoimmune Disorders. Instead of gobbling down piles of prescriptions medication that only address symptoms, sufferers can simply and effectively digest part of a plant.

“It can benefit patients suffering from a wide range of Autoimmune Disorders because compounds in the marijuana plants activate receptors in the human brain and body that regulate inflammation and immune cell activities, says Martin A. Lee, Doctor of Project CBD”. Read the article with much more information, please.Superior hemp Oil

Superior Cannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil 3-Pack

UTIs and the Abuse of Antibiotics.

It’s a big shame what people go through when are taken by Urinary Tract Infection. I feel extremely bad. I myself have never had it, but, knowing the symptoms I can really relate about the agony that must be. Sorry, Maryam Henein.silver ointment

Best Silver Ointment: 6-Pack of 3rd Rock RashBlock

Silver Healer Landing Page

Experience The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic  In Existence

What is Silver Healer?

Silver Healer produces a nanoparticle blend of ionic and colloidal silver that can be easily absorbed by the body. It’s one of the most powerful natural antibiotics in existence. It’s extremely simple to use, and it’s the only solution in this price class that uses a custom microprocessor to make sure particle size is optimized.

With Silver Healer you get a natural antibiotic at your disposal, wherever you are ( small enough to travel ), with the best possible quality guarantee.

The Benefits Of Silver Healer

The nano ionic/colloidal silver produced by this machine can be used both topically, as well as a disinfecting agent. Here are just a favorite ways Silver Healer is used.

  • Wipeout sore throats, ear infections,  eye infections.
  • Clear sinus and upper respiratory infections.
  • Treat Urinary Tract Infections.
  • Boost the Immune System.
  • Prevent plaque buildup, tooth decay, and bleeding gums.
  • Quiqly combat food poisoning.
  • Fight mold and mildew.
  • Heal cuts, sores, and boils.
  • Take the itch out of insect bites and rashes.
  • Get rid of athlete’s foot and nail fungus.
  • Soothe and heal burns, including sunburns.
  • Silver Healer successfully used to treat Herpes.

I really advise you to try Silver Healer, knowing that anything that you decide to try from HoneyColony, through green– approach.com will get the best that there is in this field. green-approach.com works only with the best providers that can help to keep your health sharp and in excellent condition. You will discover that you do not need to hurt your body in pursuing healing. Be your own Health Advocate, get Silver Healer today

Silver Healer

Clash Of The Titans: Which One Is Better, Ionic Or Colloidal Silver?

Wisdom Article: Ionic or Colloidal Silver?

Enjoy the combined balance and benefits of ionic and true colloidal Silver. Get the Silver Healer and win the War against Superbugs and Infections. Is anything on your mind now, doubts? Read the article and find out why Silver Healer will be winning.

War Against Superbugs

Enjoy The Combined Balance And Benefits Of Ionic And True Colloidal Silver. Get The Silver Healer And Win The War Against Superbugs And Infections.

Ionic or Colloidal Silver

The Breakdown of Bioavailability

And Infections.

Protect your family with a 3-pack of America’s safest organic Sunscreen SPF35- 1+ year supply.

Sunscreen Meme_600

What makes 3rd Rock America’s Safest Sunscreen?

Customers Also Bought


Well, for one thing, Dr. Guerry Grune’s original formula of 3rd Rock Sunblock lotion SPF35 is formulated exclusively from food-grade edible sunscreen ingredients. Consequently, it prevents Skin Damage caused by both the Sun and the Toxic Synthetic Compounds included in a long list of sunscreen to avoid. You can read the article that will tell you everything about 3rd Rock Sunblock.

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America's Best Natural Deodorant: 3rd Rock ODORBlock
America’s Best Natural Deodorant: 3rd Rock ODORBlock
Simply Olive Oil Bar
Simply Olive Oil Bar

Love Lotion

“Love Made Safer”. With organic personal lubricant, Love Lotion. Curious Intimate Massage And Pleasure Moisturizer.

Category Top Sellers

What happens when fuse pleasure with plant medicine? Introducing Curious Intimate Massage.

Curious is the only Lubricant on the market to include an array of potent medicinal plants that Rejuvenate, Nourish, and Support intimate tissues while improving Sexual Pleasure. Curious is also formulated to promote a balanced pH, which plays a vital role in overall Vaginal Health. Find out more about Curious in this article. Believe me, you will be glad you did. Curious will be a beautiful surprise in your life, always…


Wisdom Article: Nourish Your Skin With Activated Oxygen

Who knew Activated Oxygen could do so much? It may not come as a surprise that the best-kept rejuvenation method for your skin a $100- per jar, “patented miracle” by a cosmetics giant.

Activated Oxygen – also known as Ozone – is produced by adding an electrical charge to pure oxygen. Ozone contains three oxygen atoms rather the two we usually breathe. (O2+O1=O3). In nature, ozone is created when oxygen comes in contact with Ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun.

The term “Ozone” has gotten a bad rap because when Ozone levels rise in our environment, we’re likely to get sick. But Ozone is not the problem. It’s the pollutants that get caught in the Ozone that makes us ill.

Ozone itself is actually nature’s way of cleansing. Please, read more about the article, about the Ozone layers and Activated Oxygen.

We Infused Ozone With Jojoba, Bee Pollen And Beeswax For The Ultimate Natural Anti-Aging Cream On The Market. Click Here To Discover NO3URISH Today!activated oxygen

 Taking Good Care of Your Skin, I mean, Taking Good Care Of your Skin, Indeed!


Wisdom Article

Marijuana Legalization: 8 Ways CBD Can Change Your Life

Marijuana Legalization is slowing spreading throughout the US especially for Medical Use. Meanwhile, research steadily pours in for controversial and possible groundbreaking benefits of CBD, an active healing compound in the Cannabis Plant.

We have this article with much more information for you that have an interest in the marijuana plant and all the benefits that it will bring in the Medical Field. There is no surprise to know that this marijuana plant promises more and more help in the Medical Field than we can now anticipate. Please, read the article after click the highlighted words and get to know all the possibilities.

Must-Have On-The-Go Emergency Travel Kitbulletproof your life

Bulletproof Your Life Bundle

Wisdom Article: 4 things to look for when buying CBD medical Hemp Oil CBD medical hemp oil is all the craze thanks to the benefits it offers, but do you know what to look for when choosing a brand? Things that you should know when you want to get CBD.

Wisdom Article: 35 Reported Health Benefits of CBD

CBD is breaking ground with research that is set to change the lives of millions. We’ve compiled 35 reported Health benefits of cannabinoid to show you how this oil may become the most important product you add to your health regimen. Please get this information right here.

I would like to say very much thank you for your time and consideration for reading all of this. If you want to leave any comments or suggestions or your valuable opinion you are more than welcome to do so. I will be delighted to see it. I know one thing for sure, we are not perfect, no one is, and we strive to learn new things every day.

God be with you, always!


Luzia Soares.

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