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11 Reasons Why Equilibrium Superfood Rocks And Ranks High


Equilibrium Superfood uses raw organic, raw honey as a base to blend high vibration nutrients. This is the link for Equilibrium Superfood Energy 12 ounces.

To maximize your health in one superfood – dense teaspoon, we decided to cross-pollinate with former Bee Panacea formulator Gosia Reed and take things to a new and different level – After researching different combinations of superfoods, adaptogens, and other medicinal ingredients, we landed on Equilibrium Superfood. There will be three different functional blends, the first one being Energy.

Equilibrium Superfood is a top-notch blend of Ethically – sourced Bee products combined with other nutrients – dense health wonders. The result – the finest superfood mix on the market today. Here are 11 reasons why we stand by Equilibrium Superfood Blend.

  1. Boasts Nearly Twice As Many Supplements As The Competition:

Besides the standard Bee Pollen, Raw Honey, Propolis, and Royal Jelly, all Equilibrium Superfood formulas contain 10 more active Adaptogenic Herbs and Medicinal Mushrooms compared to the Competition.

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  1. A Far More Powerful Anti-inflammatory:

Equilibrium Superfood  Energy prioritizes anti-inflammation. Each bottle of Equilibrium Superfood is packed with some of the strongest Anti-Inflammatory ingredients, including, Ginger, Turmeric, Medicinal Mushrooms, and Phytoplankton. Combined with the Anti-inflammatory properties of the Bee Products, Equilibrium Superfood targets Inflammation.

Attention, Equilibrium Superfood 12 ounces, makes sense and will bring to you a handful of very special Nutrients that are very powerful and done definitely the right way. We don’t cheap up our products to save money mostly because of we breathe and feed on SOLUTIONS, efficiently. Our customers always come back for more because they see positive RESULTS, always.

           3.More Bang For Your Buck:

Equilibrium’s large 12-ounce jars contain 69 servings, while the large jar of other brands only offers 10 ounces (50 servings) but sells for a similar price. So with Equilibrium Superfood, you’re getting more of an advanced, innovative, and potent formula for the same price you would pay for our other offerings.

  1. Different Options To Suit The Moment:

Depending on what the moment requires of you, you can choose between three different Equilibrium options (Glo, Energy, Clarity), without compromising on any of the anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, detoxifying, and alkalizing health benefits found in all.

  1. Biophotonic Glass Jars Keep Product At Optimal Health Levels:

Equilibrium is preservative-free and will not go bad, no matter where you travel. That’s because honey doesn’t go bad. Also, the Biophotonic Jars protect natural ingredients from oxidation and spoiling. This ensures the product is fresh. What’s more, the longer the product is stored in the jar, the more potent and medicinal it becomes.

  1. Good For Fighting Gut Health:

Due to a superior quality of Equilibrium’s Bee Products, each spoonful has an enormous amount of naturally occurring prebiotics, probiotics, and life-giving enzymes. For this reason, people with stomach issues feel digestive gut relief right after taking Equilibrium Superfood.

  1. Careful Analysis Of All The Ingredients:

Equilibrium Superfood is our own brand, so we can make sure each one of the ingredients is at its Optimal Prime. We request an individual certificate of analysis for any possible contamination for each batch of superfoods and supplements we get.

We also conduct an Identity Test (IT) from a third-party laboratory to verify the accuracy of the certificate of analysis (COA). We have confidence that our ingredients are 100 percent pure and in their freshest state. This advanced level of testing is very rare in the 30 billion dollars natural supplement industry.

  1. The Freshest and Most Ethical Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is packed with benefits but sadly comes from processed sources that don’t care too much for the Bee’s happiness and polluted environments, such as exist in China. Equilibrium Superfood uses only fresh, never processed Royal Jelly which is Ethically taken from happy, healthy hives.

  1. Phytoplankton Power

One of the main ingredients in each Equilibrium Superfood formula is Phytoplankton, which is one of the most potent Botanicals on the Planet. Phytoplankton’s chemical composition is the closest to human plasma, and it has tons of superb health benefits.

  1. Glo Features Moringa

Many people have been seeking Moringa Oleifera, also known as drumstick tree, horseradish tree, or ben oil tree. It has been used for generations in Eastern countries to both treat and prevents diseases such as arthritis, digestive disorders, diabetes, heart disease, anemia, liver disease, and respiratory and skin diseases. Many of its health benefits are scientifically proven.

  1. Glo Also Features Gynostemma

The much-sought and generally high-priced Gynostemma, known as“The Herb of Immortality” in China, has powerful anti-aging effects and perhaps the widest spectrum of scientifically proven health benefits any plant has ever been known to have.

Attention, Equilibrium Superfood 12 ounces, makes sense and will bring to you a handful of very special Nutrients that are very Powerful and done definitely the right way. We don’t cheap up our products to save money mostly because of we breathe and feed on SOLUTIONS, efficiently. Our customers always come back for more because they see positive RESULTS, always.

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Simply Transformative

  1. I


    have enjoyed putting Equilibrium Energy superfood into my yogurt in the mornings. I put it with granola and some fruit. After using it consistently for 5 days I started to notice an energy shift in my body. When I forgot to have it one morning I knew something was off and realized it was because I didn’t get my teaspoon of superfood in! Thank you for making this product. I feel like it’s a green juice/smoothie all in one small teaspoon. Sometimes I even enjoy it twice a day. The other way I have enjoyed it is blended up with my coffee. Again, it’s such a simple way to get all the goodness into my body! Thank you!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I wasn’t sure about using Equilibrium Energy superfood at first, but I quickly found that my regularly occurring stuffiness greatly diminished after the first time I tried it. The taste took a bit to get used to (I prefer it straight), but I’ve developed a liking for it and I love being able to breathe freely and not need my allergy medicines as often. Great product. *I was sent the Equilibrium Energy to try free of charge, but all opinions are my own and I plan to purchase the item myself when it runs out.*

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Equilibrium has been a lifesaver. My life has been especially busy lately and with the holidays – ugh! I have had zero energy and haven’t even had a desire to workout I’ve been so tired. Taking a teaspoon of Equilibrium every morning really changed things around for me. I had MUCH more energy during my workouts and throughout my day. I did not have the ‘crash and burn’ type of energy that I get from drinking caffeine. My husband tried it too and he swears by it and is buying a new jar as soon as this one runs out. It’s definitely a very convenient way to get your daily dose of superfoods, especially for people who live a more busy lifestyle.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have loved putting a spoonful of this in my smoothies first thing in the morning for an added nutrient and energy punch to keep me going all day! It’s a super convenient way to get a whole bunch of superfoods in one tiny spoonful! (I was sent this product for free to try out, but all opinions are my own.)

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Samantha Todd  

    Absolutely loved this product! I am a competitive powerlifter, as well as a new mom, and this gave me the perfect boost! It not only helped me at the gym, but at home as well!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kasey Arena-Brown 

    I started taking the Equilibrium about a month ago every morning on an empty stomach. I’ve noticed that I definitely have a hit of energy before I head to the gym after taking it. It’s basically a natural “pre workout” before my sessions and I truly enjoy it! The taste definitely has a hint of honey and it’s not too “earthy” or overpowering.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love that this product is nonGMO, and even though it’s honey, it’s not super sweet. This means that I can add it to my tea (my favorite way to consume it for an energy & immunity boost) but you could also cook with it; spread it on toast; add it to soup; etc. etc. etc. It’s very versatile. It’s a very small bottle but it comes full to the top and is super dense, so you only need a very small amount each time (don’t be scared by the high price; it’s well worth it because it lasts and it’s good quality).

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am so happy I was able to try this product! Not only is the quality outstanding and the ingredients are pure goodness… it tastes delicious and does exactly what I need it to do! I was really tired the other day and my eyes felt heavy. I decided to make some tea and mix the equilibrium into it…and then BOOM. Eyes were wide open and I was ready to get done all the things I needed to get done. Thank you so much for this HoneyColony. I truly appreciate your company and everything it stands for.

Everybody is very excited about Equilibrium Superfood. Try it, you have nothing to lose, money back guaranteed, only satisfaction to gain and a body full of healthy tremendous energy. Equilibrium Superfood has all the pure ingredients that feed your brain and body with all the nutrients that are supposed to do that. It’s amazing the amount of work that it is put on the making of Equilibrium Superfood. No wonder it’s called Superfood indeed!

If we can live our lives trying to keep our body free of radicals and all the pollutants that, unfortunately, are poisoning our lives, keeping green permanently making a big part, or totally in our food and our solutions for personal care, home care, or any care there is to be, we will be all right. Take me as an example. Somedays I just go and decide, today, everything that will come into my body will have a green color. Talking about taking it literally.


Serious!  The truth is, I haven’t been sick for over 12 long years. Not even a common cold. I think that have to mean something. Ok, nock on the wood. I am just kidding. I am totally confident that all this health comes from the actions that I have taken a long time ago. Amen to that. Thank you, God. He’s totally responsible for that. He is definitely the one who put all this health stuff on the earth, we just have to use it, and be nourished with excellent health. I really don’t understand why men take all this good stuff and start to poison it. There is no need for that. Maybe there is for them, to increase the profits. They really don’t care if it is going to get people sick. The profit is the only thing that matters to them. The government should policy all these fillers and add this and that to make the product last longer than it intends to.

I hope that you have gotten an idea about this wonderful product. I wish you all the wonderful results that you will certainly have.You are welcome to leave any suggestions or any questions. I will be glad to reply asap.

I am very excited to talk about this. When I’ve first gotten in contact with Equilibrium (Superfood from honeyColony), I was really excited. It’s a superfood with Bee Panacea and a few plants that are super efficient and good for your body, like propolis, turmeric, etc… We do have lots of articles all over the pages that you will be redirected too if you’ll click the proper links. One thing you surely have on my website, it is INFORMATION, green-approach.comHoneyColony.