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Our Vision


Our Products Help You Renew Yourself. The More You Use Them The Better. Really.

This is a simple concept. Just like drinking water, the more water you drink the healthier your system is.

This is true with our products, the more often that you use them, the healthier you will look and feel.

You do not have to make a compromise to improve yourself with our skin and hair care products. Our products are healthy and safe.

This is not true with chemical based skin or hair care products. Many times the products that you use can cause more problems. Products with mineral oil and other chemicals actually can make skin problems such as eczema or acne worse.

Hair care products with chemicals can cause the very. Hair care products with chemicals can cause the very problem that you are trying to fix.

Many main stream personal care companies promote being natural with less than (1)% percent natural ingredients used.

It is time to stop being misled and demand products for a healthier you and ethe nvironment.


We select the finest ingredients from around the world. To make the best products for your hair or skin care needs.

Many ingredients are grown and or produced in Australia, Chile, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Tahiti, Egypt, Mexico, India, Africa, Colombia, Peru, India, Nepal, Thailand, Brazil, Tunisia, Dominican Republic, Kenya and the United States.

One of the most important things that we do as a company is support small family farms that produce these ingredients.

Without our support and yours, many of these small farms would not survive.


Our mission is to create a sustainable, profitable, ecological, educational and inspirational business that impacts on the individual by promoting healthy skin and hair in the community by creating employment; on the country by featuring the uniqueness of our ingredients around the world, solving environments and skin problems in a way that inspires the human spirit.



We could answer this in many ways, but to keep it simple our products work because they are made with love.

Each formula for every product is unique.

Each product is created with the idea of improving your skin or hair and resolving the underlying cause of the problem that you are having.

As we find new ingredients from around the world that can improve your particular condition we improve our formulas.

Nutritive ingredients have a purity and energy to them that we try to preserve and pass on to you.

Just Nutritive is made in USAMade in the USA with the best ingredients from around the world. Cruelty-Free – Vegan

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All in One – Deep Moisturizer for Men

Guys,  did you know that if your skin is dry and cracked it then is exposed to dangerous bacteria and pathogens that could lead to some real health concerns?

Don’t let this happen to you. This moisturizer is the solution, it provides a moisture barrier against the environment keeping you safe while looking good.

If you have dry flaky skin, cracked skin, callouses on your hands or feet, psoriasis, or eczema:

This is a miracle in a bottle for you.

1.      Dry, scaly or cracked skin can allow dangerous bacteria to get into the skin. Well moisturized skin can help prevent this.

2.      Slows the appearance of aging and reduces wrinkles to look younger

3.      Can help if you have eczema or psoriasis by keeping skin moisturized and sealed

4.      Age spots and blemishes diminish smooths dry patches on the face and hands

5.      Great for your cracked skin or calluses on your feet

6.      Shaving irritation helps smooth and calm

7.      Beard moisturizer like no other

8.      Scalp moisturizer for the best feel ever

9.      Made in the USA with free shipping and a hassle-free money back policy

Simple, quick and easy moisture for men. Great skin anytime, anywhere

Banish dry, flaky or irritated skin.

This is an all-in-one, 12-hour moisturizer formulated for men soothes, nourishes and comforts, and can be used for face, body and hands. Great for beards too!

Imagine, this can be your gateway to smoother younger looking skin and keep wrinkles and fines lines away.

This lightweight, quick-penetrating treatment made with vitamin e infuses skin with intensive moisture with potent antioxidants, essential nutrients, and fatty acids for a healthy, improved appearance.

NO BS! Real Ingredients that get the job done. No harmful preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Robert says:

As a man, I had no idea my skin would respond so well to a moisturizer. This stuff is great, lightweight and not greasy at all. I use it on my skin after shaving and on my arms, elbows, and feet. Just what I was looking for!

8 oz.

(28 Reviews)

Banish dry skin with natural botanicals like kukui, apricot, and hazelnut oils with essential oils that deliver long-lasting, rich moisture and a smooth, lightweight feel.

Antioxidant-rich, gentle formula for men to repair damage, prevent dryness and minimize the effects of environmental factors.

Our customers say:


This serum for men is amazing! I use it for my face and my beard and I am in love! It absorbs so quickly and leaves your skin so soft.


I had always been too afraid to try moisturizers on my face. Tried it once and was in love. This is light but rich to provide the moisture my skin needs. I also put this on my hair and it soaks right in.