Let’s Talk about Stem Cells & Primal X Plus



The world’s leading stem cell pioneer says this changes everything…
The Stem Cell Organ
The discovery of an organ that nurtures your stem cells has ushered in a new and better therapy already proven in clinical trials to:
  • Banish Blood Sugar Worries — Thanks to “50% better insulin sensitivity”¹
  • Soothe Battered Joints — “At least 20%” fewer aches in just 6 months²  in over 200 patients.
  • Harden Bones — Leading to “19.9% more healthy bone growth”³
  • Smooth and Strengthen Weakened Skin — “Reduced skin wrinkles and had positive effects on dermal matrix synthesis” in 114 women aged 45-65.⁴
  • Plus, supercharge your heart, mind and adds years of healthy living to your lifespan —  according to the results of one 5-year study of 7,216 people⁵
“A previously unknown feature of human anatomy with implications for the function of all organs, most tissues, and the mechanisms of most major diseases.”
– New York University School of Medicine ⁶
“Broad implications for tissue regeneration, aging.”
– Stanford University ⁷
“The regulation of stem cell self-renewal [through this new organ] is of great biological and medical interest.”
– Harvard University ⁸

Dear Health-Conscious Reader, A new type of stem cell therapy unleashes your body’s existing — but dormant — supply of stem cells, so you can reverse the signs and symptoms of aging… and… maximize your health and vitality.

It’s based on a breakthrough that has advanced stem cell science more than anything in the past decade.

The discovery by a Columbia University doctor of a stem cell organ

And how it solves the one BIG – and rarely talked about – problem with stem cell therapy. And that is…

Just Because Stem Cells CAN Mature into Any Type of Cell in Your Body Doesn’t Mean They Always DO

This means a stem cell boost could give you a young-again heart, brain, lungs, joints, and more… and help you grow old with virtually no heart problems, no dementia, no blood sugar or blood pressure concerns, no joint issues and no breathing problems. Or it may do nothing.

In other words, some people regain ALL the qualities of youth. While others get nothing.

It’s a crapshoot.

But now that’s all changed…

Because what this stem cell organ does is control the maturation process of stem cells inside your body.

Specifically, it controls when they mature…

What they mature into…

And, perhaps most importantly, IF they mature at all.

As you can imagine, this revelation has blown the doors wide open on the possibilities of stem cell therapy. Right now, prestigious institutions around the world are testing the limits of what your stem cell organ can do, and the results I’ve seen – and will share with you today – are unlike anything in the history of medicine.

Most of this research is still in the lab, waiting for new treatments to be developed and approved.

But today, I’ll share with you my most exciting discovery yet…

It’s a new cellular technology that’s helping my patients tap into this organ to unleash the full power of the stem cells already inside them.

And, if you or a loved one is facing a health crisis, it could change your life forever.

My Name Is Dr. Al Sears

I’ve devoted my entire medical career studying the miracles of stem cells.And at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, I recommend them to nearly every patient.

That’s because they have the miraculous ability to mature into almost any type of cell…

Which means a single stem cell boost can replace damaged or dying cells in any part of your body.

  • Harvard Stem Cell Institute scientists have used them to generate new pancreatic cells, which support healthy blood sugar.
  • Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute researchers discovered stem cells can grow new heart cells in just one month.
  • Researchers at a prestigious California university found stem cells can even replace missing immune cells… and attack errant cells that undermine your health.

And that just scratches the surface.I have filing cabinets full of clinical studies and patient stories documenting success after success for people using stem cell therapy.

But the remarkable discovery of this stem cell organ has ushered in a new approach that is light-years better than any current stem cell therapy.

It’s given me a new idea of how to address a problem we’ve had for some time – that our stem cells are not what they should be because they are not being nourished sufficiently.

That’s partly because of the lack of nutrients in the modern diet.

So, with this new discovery, I’ve come up with a new way to feed your stem cells — by addressing primal deficiencies in what we eat today.

This new therapy requires:

  • No doctor’s visits
  • No prescriptions or drugs
  • No surgeries or injections

Instead, it unleashes the full potential of your body’s own stem cells to heal you.And as you’re about to see, harnessing this power can make you look and feel years, even decades, younger.

More on that in a moment. But first, let me put the power of this new discovery into perspective…

She Couldn’t Kiss Her Newborn Baby for 18 Months

Alysia Padilla-Vaccaro’s daughter was born with no immune system.⁹Without it, the little girl couldn’t fight off germs.

The doctors said she had only two options:

Live the rest of her life isolated from the world, in a sterile bubble…

Or not live at all.

While other babies her age were learning to crawl, walk and talk, she was confined to a plastic prison no bigger than a dog cage.

But then the new mom heard about a clinical trial at a prestigious California university that stimulated the body’s own stem cells.And several months after starting treatment, just shy of her second birthday…

The little girl had developed a fully functioning immune system.

Soon after, doctors cautiously cleared her release…

And her mother was able to hold, kiss, and love on her for the very first time.

Alysia Padilla-Vacarro is finally able to hold, kiss and love her daughter after stem cell therapy.

To date more than 40 children with the same life-threatening condition have been treated with this method. And they aren’t just surviving. They’re all thriving. That’s the life-changing potential locked inside of your own stem cells.

That this new stem cell organ can unleash.

But unlike this prestigious university’s clinical study, what I’m about to share involves…

  • No surgeries or drugs
  • No prescriptions
  • No doctors

So what is this new stem cell organ? How does it control the fate of your stem cells? And how can it help banish your worst health concerns?Let me explain…

More Important Than Blood

Surrounding your brain, heart, lungs and every joint in your body is a huge interconnected network of “sponge-like” tissues.Inside these “sponges” is a fluid.

It’s not blood.

I’d argue it’s even more important.

First off all, you have three (3!) times MORE of this fluid in your body than you do blood.

And second, it contains nearly every important molecule your body needs to survive:

  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Proteins
  • Cells that repair damage
  • Cells that power your immune system
  • Other cells that are surely important but we don’t know what they do yet
  • And — perhaps most importantly — a vast supply of dormant stem cells

In other words, all of the various support cells and “building blocks” your organs need to function.Now, scientists have known about this network of tissues for decades. It’s clearly visible in biopsies of dead human tissue.

But they thought it was just a “dead space” between all of your organs that simply stored various nutrients until they were needed.

But here’s what they didn’t know.

A Secret Communication System

The limits of old technology didn’t allow scientists of past generations to look at these tissues in “real time”…They could only slice up tissues and look at them under a microscope.

But while using a newly invented microscope — called a probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy — to study how cancer spreads through this so-called “dead space” in living, human patients, a Columbia University doctor noticed something strange.

This “dead space” wasn’t dead at all.

These tissues don’t just store nutrients.

They receive signals from the surrounding organs.

Specifically, requests for certain nutrients.

And based on these signals they transport the required nutrients to the organs.

For example, if a virus was attacking your lungs these tissues send in stored immune cells to fight it off.

Or, if you get a cut (your skin is an organ), these tissues release nutrients to stop the blood loss and begin the repair process.

Said differently, just like…

Your lungs supply oxygen.

Your stomach digests food.

And your heart pumps blood.

This network of tissues has a very specific job. And that is to keep…

All of Your Other Organs in Perfect Working Order!

In other words, it’s not simply some dusty warehouse of nutrients.It’s more like an orchestrator…

Constantly reviewing signals from every single one of your other organs… and working in real-time to give them what they need to stay healthy. And that’s why everyone is calling it a new organ.

An organ that’s sole purpose is to heal your other organs. And keep them in perfect working order.

Called the “interstitium,” it’s a huge discovery.

That was reported in all of the major media outlets…

But that was just the beginning…As other researchers started looking into this organ, they noticed the signals shooting back and forth through it also influenced stem cells.

Specifically, they noticed these signals would nudge stem cells in a certain direction.

Some signals would tell a stem cell to mature into a muscle cell. Other signals made a stem cell mature into a bone cell. Still, other signals would tell a stem cell to divide and create more stem cells for future reserves.

In short, for the first time in human history science could finally explain the mystery of the stem cell maturation process. And…

Experts Say This Is the Breakthrough They’ve Been Looking For

It was the breakthrough stem cell researchers were looking for since the discovery of stem cells. Finally, they had the mechanism that controls the maturation process of stem cells.

  • Stanford University¹⁴ said this has “broad implications for tissue regeneration, ageing.”
  • Harvard University says “the regulation of [the interstitium] is of great biological and medical interest.”¹⁵
  • Columbia University¹⁶ reports it “is crucial for cellular function” for each of the trillions of cells in your body.
  • UC San Francisco¹⁷ discovered, “a complex interplay exists between [this interstitium] and cellular function” that when disrupted “promote pathologies such as cardiovascular disease.”
  • Yale University¹⁸ says this new organ is already leading to breakthroughs that are “challenging the dominance of glucose meters in diabetes management.”

We’re still a few years away from directly manipulating stem cells using this new organ. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use this discovery to improve your health today, tomorrow, and years to come.

And that’s because, with this newfound understanding, the study results are piling up that a healthier interstitium can help…

Razor Sharpen Your Mind
The Alzheimer’s Association states:
“Beta-amyloid plaques are prime suspects in cell death and tissue loss.”

As more beta-amyloid plaques clog your brain, thinking slows… reaction time slows… and your memory starts to fade.But a study at New York University School of Medicine¹⁹ confirmed a healthy interstitium transports beta-amyloid  “from the interstitial space across the blood-brain-barrier and into the blood” where it is flushed out. Calling this an “important clearance system for driving the removal of soluble beta-amyloid.”

Harvard Medical School goes so far as to say:²⁰

“…facilitation of beta-amyloid clearance along the [interstitium]” should be considered as a “new target” for supporting good brain health.
Supercharge Your Heart

The famous Framingham Heart Study — which started in 1948 and has followed the cardiovascular health of three-generations of residents of Framingham, Massachusetts — looked at the interstitium surrounding the muscular tissues of the heart. And the association was crystal clear…

People who had healthy interstitial fluid lived longer and were much healthier.

In addition, heart surgeons from the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery of the Medical University of South Carolina witnessed changes in the interstitium contributed to the loss of a healthy heart.

Specifically, people with a healthy interstitium had a resting blood pressure that was a minimum 3 times … and up to… 6 times lower than everyone else²¹!

In other words, when your interstitium isn’t healthy every blood vessel in your body endures at least 3 times more stress than it otherwise would!

Cholesterol Levels²²

Drug companies want you focused only on blood cholesterol. But completely ignore cholesterol in the interstitial fluid. But a study in Frontiers in Pharmacology states:

“…it is widely recognized that what really matters is cholesterol flux and removal from cells. However, relatively little research examines the trafficking of [cholesterol] into and out of the interstitium.”
Keep Your Joints Pain Free And Mobile

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen Muscle Research Center examined the interstitial fluids of people before and after they did exhaustive leg exercises and noted that “accumulation of [waste products] in muscle interstitium may be an important factor in the development of fatigue.”²³And these are just the findings on the most deadly diseases…

If you look into all the studies — more than 20,000 of them are on PubMed, the medical database where every reputable study ever conducted is stored — a mountain of evidence proves it’s a key
player in everything standing in your way of a better quality of life.

In short, all of these researchers have come to the same conclusion.

The Health of Your Interstitium Is Paramount to Your Overall Health

When this organ is healthy, you thrive. When it’s not, the hallmarks of “old age” kick in and everything goes downhill fast. The best part: to invigorate this organ…

  • You do not need a prescription.
  • You do not need a hospital or doctor’s visits.
  • And you do NOT need health insurance.

But while most of the research about this new organ is still in academia, waiting for new treatments to be developed and approved…Eighteen months ago, I tasked researchers at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine to look into this new organ…

And after months of testing, refining, and perfecting…

We’ve developed a series of protocols to improve the health of your interstitium.

It needs no prescription. It has no dangerous side effects. And you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

Specifically, I’ve discovered 35 nutrients that — when combined in specific amounts — support the healthy function of your interstitium to:

  • Restore power to worn out, aging organs
  • Rejuvenate strength to weak, failing muscles
  • Regain mobility in stiff and achy joints
  • Revitalize lost memories and foggy brains
  • Renew an overwhelming sense of optimism
  • And roll back years, even decades, or old age
I’m excited to tell you that now, you too can experience these results with a new natural formula that…
Kicks Your Stem Cell Organ into Maximum Capacity

…and keeps you feeling years, even decades younger. This formula is the new Primal X Plus, and as you’re about to see, it’s the first and only supplement available with unique ingredients clinically proven to…

Reverse the REAL cause of aging (a failing interstitium). Support your interstitium so it can continue to support the health of your OTHER organs and joints.

Create a supportive environment surrounding your cells, so they’re not constantly fighting to survive… and instead… are given everything they need to thrive, in turn, boosting EVERY area of your health.

I’ve long recommended powerful supplements like omega-3’s, curcumin, CoQ10 and more… But with the discovery of this new stem cell organ, Primal X Plus is now my “go to” the first recommendation to ALL my patients.

And it starts with the primary building block of your interstitium…

Ingredient #1:
95% of My Patients Are Deficient in This Overlooked Nutrient

Before beginning treatment at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine, patients undergo a slew of diagnostic tests. One of them measures bone mineral density.

And by far, the most common deficiency is collagen.

Collagen is well-known in beauty circles as the protein that keeps your skin firm and wrinkle-free.

But did you know collagen makes up 25% of the WHOLE amount of proteins in your body?

Its “firm and flexible” qualities are used everywhere.

It holds together the calcium and other minerals that make up your bones.

It holds your bones together in the form of connective tissues. This connective tissue also connects your muscles to bones… your organs to muscles…  forming a lattice that holds up these otherwise soft and fleshy tissues.

In other words, if you didn’t have collagen… your body would literally collapse in on itself.

So it should come as no surprise that collagen also forms the bulk of your interstitium. And as a result, this spongy network of collagen also acts as a shock absorber to keep tissues from rupturing while your organs, muscles, and vessels constantly pump and squeeze throughout the day.

Here are just a few studies highlight the benefits of collagen supplementation:

  • More muscle, less fat: A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition gave 53 men with age-related muscle loss collagen or a placebo. Just 12 weeks later, 100% of the collagen group experienced more fat loss and more muscle growth than the placebo group.²⁴
  • Soothe battered joints: A study in Complementary Therapies in Medicine gave 200 people with minor joint pain collagen or a placebo. The collagen group had “at least 20%” fewer aches in 6 months later compared to the placebo group.²⁵
  • Smooth and strengthen weakened skin: A study in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology gave 114 women — aged 45-65 — collagen or a placebo for 8 weeks. The result? The collagen group had a “significant reduction of eye wrinkle volume” compared to the placebo group.²⁶
But here’s the problem…

When you’re young, your body makes enough collagen to keep tissues pliable and youthful. But it’s all downhill once you pass your mid-20s.

By your 40s, your body’s ability to produce collagen drops about 25%. And your production is down by half of the youthful levels by age 60.

When you’re young, your body makes enough collagen to keep tissues pliable and youthful. But as you age, your body’s ability to produce it plummets.

You see the effects of this on the outside as wrinkles, scarring, and sagging skin. But that exact same process is happening on the inside too.

Furthermore, your interstitium is constantly rebuilding itself (for example, the interstitium surrounding your gut replaces itself every 3 days).

For this reason, you need a constant new supply of collagen.

This is why the new Primal X Plus includes the best source of collagen you can find. Collagen sourced from grass-fed, organically raised cows raised without the use of hormones and antibiotics.

Ingredient #2:
The Stem Cell ‘Switch’

Absent from most people’s diets today, almost every dig site of ancient humans unearths animal bones, bashed open with simple human tools… evidence that the fat-rich, and nutrient-dense bone marrow was highly prized. And modern science confirms what our ancestors knew.

Bone marrow is a nutritional powerhouse.
For example, a University of Michigan study found the fat tissue in bone marrow is a significant source of adiponectin which helps:²⁷
  • Maintain insulin sensitivity
  • Break down fat
  • And has been linked to supporting cardiovascular health, blood sugar, healthy DNA and a healthy weight

But more importantly, is its role in your interstitium. In a remarkable study published in Stem Cells, researchers from Tufts University School of Medicine found that when adiponectin came into contact with dormant stem cells they matured into cells that repaired tissue.²⁸

But not just at the site of injury.

Incredibly, adiponectin puts stem cells on the move… prompting them to travel into the peripheral blood supply and “subsequently migrate to the injured sites and participate in tissue remodeling.”

In other words, adiponectin is like a “Sherpa.”

It guides stem cells throughout your interstitium to where they are needed most.

What can this mean for you?

In a really cutting edge study, researchers at the University Hospital in Freiburg, Germany gave stem cells harvested from bovine bone marrow to a group of dental implant patients.

And compared to the placebo, they formed 19.9% more bone growth providing a “reliable base for dental implants.”

And in one study published in the well-respected scientific peer-reviewed journal PLOS One, compared to a placebo group… mice supplemented with bovine bone marrow produced more than twice as many stem cells.

Science is just beginning to scratch the surface of the benefits of bovine bone marrow on your stem cells. Which is why I’ve included it in Primal X Plus.

Ingredient #3:
Saves Your Circulatory System

I call vitamin K2 the “missing link” to a life of longevity and robust health. Found in organ meats, egg yolks, some dairy products, fermented cheese curd, and Japanese natto, vitamin K2 plays a vital role in the health of your heart, bones, brain, joints… and… your interstitium.

That’s because it keeps the arteries supplying every square inch of your body with life-giving blood supple and fluid.

And while experts call arterial stiffness a “growing epidemic associated,” but vitamin K2 has been shown to have positive effects on the interstitium surrounding your arteries.

In a study published in Thrombosis and Haemostasis, researchers gave postmenopausal women a placebo or vitamin K2 for three years.

The results were crystal clear…

The women taking vitamin K2 had a huge improvement in the flexibility of their arteries. 50% better to be exact.

And that’s not all.

Researchers reporting in Diabetes Care found vitamin K2 can banish blood sugar worries thanks to its ability to deliver “50% better insulin sensitivity.”³¹

And in the Rotterdam Study — a massive study started in 1990 that follows the nutritional habits of tens of thousands of citizens of the Netherlands — found people who took 45 mcg of K2 every day were found to live seven years longer than those who only took 12 mcg per day.³²

Yet most people don’t get enough vitamin K2, if any, from their diets or supplementation. This is why each serving of Primal X Plus also includes a heaping 90 mcg of vitamin K2.

But that’s not all. The new Primal X Plus also…

Unleashes a Secret of Our Ancient Ancestors:
“Grow Younger” Vitamins Most People Are Lacking Today

If you look at historical records you’ll see many native cultures like Australian Aborigines, Indians of North America, Eskimos, New Zealand Maoris, and African tribes had near perfect teeth… strong, fat-free bodies… little or no disease… and almost endless youth. Well, over the last 30 years I’ve traveled to over 30 countries… visiting and living with natives who still live much like our ancient ancestors.

And I’ve discovered their incredible health stems from a diet full of native foods like organ meats, butterfat, marine oils, fish, shellfish, eggs, and animal tallows that supply 10 times MORE fat-soluble vitamins compared to what’s in a typical westerner’s diet.

The simple fact is inescapable…Most people today are lacking these vitamins. And as a result, they look and feel older than their years.

Why do these fat-soluble vitamins keep you young? They help your interstitium stay in perfect working order.

For the first time, I’ve combined these hard-to-get vitamins with collagen and grass-fed bovine bone marrow in the new Primal XPlus.

This vitality-boosting, stem cell rejuvenating vitamins include…

Our ancient ancestors had almost-endless youth because of their diet.
The “Sunshine Vitamin” That Helps You Breathe Easier

Vitamin D is the “sunshine vitamin” because the best way to get more of it is from the sun. Our ancestors weren’t covered head to toe with clothes and didn’t spend all day indoors, so they got plenty of suns.

But according to Scientific American, three quarters of U.S. adults and teens are deficient in vitamin D.

And if you’re deficient in vitamin D, genes that are designed to keep your heart, brain, blood sugar, and blood pressure healthy CAN’T work properly.

More importantly, we know now that vitamin D supports the healthy function of your interstitium.

A recent study showed vitamin D deficiency was linked to 21%³³ higher rates of a malfunction in the interstitium surrounding the lungs. Leading the researchers to conclude “serum vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor” leading to lung and breathing problems.

This is why Primal X Plus includes the most natural and usable form of vitamin D, vitamin D3.

Primal X Plus also…

Boosts The Force Field Around Your Heart

Mixed Tocotrienols are members of the vitamin E family, yet you won’t’ find them in any multi-vitamin or typical vitamin E supplement. That’s because, for years, vitamin E supplements contain only alpha-tocopherol… just ONE of the eight-member vitamin E family.

And that’s a shame because this overlooked class of vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps squelch age-robbing free radicals.

And this has a huge impact on the health of the interstitium surrounding your heart.

In one study researchers³⁴ fed rats a high carbohydrate diet that typically causes a laundry list of health concerns… notable in the areas around the heart. But guess what happened when they ALSO gave them mixed tocotrienols. Nothing!

What happened?

This vitamin E protected the interstitium surrounding the heart which maintained normal “glucose tolerance, blood pressure, and ventricular stiffness.”

Vitamin E protected the interstitium surrounding the heart.

In other words, it protected them from the negative effects of a high-carbohydrate diet. Of course, this is a study done on rats. But I’ve found many of my patients test deficient in these critical nutrients.

Now, in Primal X Plus, you get the right dose of mixed Tocotrienols not found in typical vitamin E supplements… and not found in a typical western diet… to boost interstitium health.

What’s more, you’ll also get…

The Emergency Stem Cell Saver
Many specialized cells, such as in the skin, gut or blood have a lifespan of only a few days.
Therefore, a steady new supply of these cells is necessary for survival. Normal stem cells replace them under normal circumstances.
And under emergency circumstances — like bacterial or viral infections, heavy blood loss, or in the wake of chemotherapy — a dormant emergency supply of your most potent stem cells rushes to the rescue. But it’s a delicate dance…Too little of these emergency stem cells opens the door to chronic health problems. But churning through them leaves you vulnerable to future attacks. How do you maintain this crucial balance? With a special form of Vitamin A.In a study at the famed German Cancer Research Center, researchers fed mice a diet deficient in this special form of vitamin A.³⁵The result? The researchers reported the emergency stem cells were “unable to return to a dormant state.” And were “lost as a reservoir.” Demonstrating that a “Vitamin A deficiency impairs the immune system.”This study finally explains why vitamin A supports healthy vision, immunity, skin, gut health, and much more.This is why the new Primal X Plus includes a heaping helping — 400% of the recommended daily value — of a special form of vitamin A called mixed carotenoids (which include beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin).Each of these hard-to-get carotenoids helps your body make vitamin A to regulate the balance of your emergency stem cells.But sometimes even your emergency stem cells need a little help. And that’s where the next ingredient in Primal X Plus comes in…
The Stops-Brain-Cell-Death Vitamin

A team from the University of Cambridge and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases has achieved what scientists thought was impossible…They’ve discovered how to reverse normal skin cells BACK into stem cells… and then… coaxed them to grow into brand new brain cells.

You read that right.

They turned skin cells into brain cells.

It’s a huge breakthrough. Scientists used to think stem cells were just a “one-way street.”That once they matured into adult cells there was no going back.

But this research uncovered another brain health breakthrough…

They noticed that when they fed these new brain cells a unique type of vitamin B, energy production skyrocketed.

Why? Because it boosted mitochondria in the brain cells.

Mitochondria turn the food you eat into energy your body can use.

 In a remarkable breakthrough, scientists discovered how to turn skin cells back into stem cells then coax them to grow into brand new brain cells.

Problems with mitochondrial function are linked to the death of brain tissue… and as a result… use up your reserve stores of stem cells leading to age-related mental decline. But senior study author Dr. Michela Deleidi reports this unique type of Vitamin B “stimulates the faulty energy metabolism in the affected nerve cells and protects them from dying off.”

This unique form of vitamin B is called nicotinamide riboside.

Your body makes nicotinamide riboside from vitamin B3. Which is why I’ve put it in Primal X Plus.
Other B vitamins have similar beneficial effects on each and every one of your cells:

A study from the University of Georgia found the B vitamin folate is “essential for the proper functioning of all cells in the body” because it “stimulates stem cell proliferation.”³⁷

In the medical journal Aging, researchers from the University of Manchester report vitamin B2 “stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis” that may be useful in sabotaging stem cells related to unnatural cell growth.³⁸

And for a two-year-long study that followed 87 participants aged 65-75 examined stem cells and found those with higher B12 intake had healthier DNA.³⁹

The list goes on…

Which is why you get the full spectrum of B vitamins in Primal X Plus — all to maximize the life of every cell in your body, and preserve your precious stem cells.

Plus, you’ll get…

975% More Brain Cell Growth⁴⁰

I tell my patients four specific antioxidants can give them a quick brain cell boost even in worst-case scenarios. Here’s why. Free radicals don’t only damage existing cells. They also stop stem cells from maturing.

But certain antioxidants are particularly good at protecting your brain stem cells from oxidative damage.

Like the kind that occurs in strokes…

This means more brain cells, and this is proven in research.

In a study reported in Molecular Brain, researchers simulated a stroke in two groups of rats. Specifically, they cut off blood flow to parts of their brains for 2 hours. As you can guess, this typically causes irreversible damage.

But one group of rats received the antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid immediately after blood flow was restored. The results blew everyone away…

According to the study report, rats receiving alpha-lipoic acid experienced “significantly reduced mortality, infarct size, and neurological deficit score (NDS) in the test group compared to the control group.”

And these results lasted…Again, according to the study report, “long-term functional outcomes were markedly improved by treatment.”

And tests of the rat brains revealed why. Four weeks after single alpha-lipoic acid treatment, the rats had 975% more newborn brain cells than the control group!

Leading the researchers to conclude that “immediate treatment after ischemic injury may have significant neurorestorative effects.”

This is why I’ve included alpha-lipoic acid and the similar brain-saving antioxidant superstars choline bitartrate, phosphatidylserine, and n-acetylcysteine in Primal X Plus.

Remember, alpha-lipoic acid alone resulted in 975% more brain cells. So just imagine what all four of these powerful antioxidants could do for you. Also, they’re completely safe and free from side effects.

Yet, there’s even more in this one-of-a-kind formula. In every serving, you also get…

The Master Stem Cell Regulator:

During the Age of Exploration, (between 1500 and 1800) sailors discovered citrus remedied the skin, muscle, and joint wasting effects of scurvy. That’s because vitamin C in citrus binds to collagen and forms the foundation of connective tissue… including the connective tissue that makes up your interstitium. But a massive review⁴¹ of 195 cutting edge studies on vitamin C reveals it also is “a key regulator of stem cell identity/behavior, influencing pluripotency, self-renewal, and differentiation.”

In other words, without it, EVERYTHING falls apart.

That’s why every dose of Primal X Plus delivers more than 200% of your daily recommended value of vitamin C and other citrus bioflavonoids.

The Interstitium Bacteria Destroyer:

A grape seed extract has powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Studies show it can scavenge up to 85% of free radicals produced by a particular type of bacteria that haunts fluid in the interstitium. And new research shows three major constituents of grape seed extract support the health and function of heart valves by stopping bacteria that thrive in heart valves.⁴²

The Interstitium Preservation Crew:

Just like minor changes in your blood’s acid-base balance can wreck your organs permanently, changes in the acid-base balance can rip apart your interstitium… leading to a cascade of health concerns. Neurological disorders, muscle spasms, heart complications, the list goes on. But study after study finds a proper balance of minerals maintains this delicate balance.

This is why I’ve packed Primal X Plus with a full spectrum of macro and trace minerals crucial for maintaining the optimum pH level in your interstitium.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Primal X Plus
Chronic Allergy Attacks… GONE!

“I felt my stress levels seemed more manageable and I noticed I have not had an allergy attack since takingPrimal X Plus.I usually have allergy attacks at least twice a week. I love Dr. Sears’ products and information. I feel he really knows what he is talking about and I trust his brand.”

– Jillian R., Royal Palm Beach, FL
Just Feels Better

“I’ve never taken a supplement like this before in my life. But after listening to Dr. Sears talk about all of the nutrients we’ve lost in our food, I thought I would try it. All I can say is I’m glad I did. I just feel better. I have more energy and feel engaged in the morning. Even though I’m sleeping the same.”

– Brandon E., Charlotte, NC
I Don’t Get Sick as Often

“I felt more energy taking Primal X Plus. My immune system was a lot better and I didn’t get sick as often. I love it.I have to recommend Primal X Plus to all friends and family.

– Camille E., Stowe, VT
Wanted More Energy, And Got It!
“The only thing I was looking for [with Primal X Plus] was increased energy. And I got it! :)”
– Carolyn H., San Diego, CA
Can’t Get These Nutrients Anywhere Else

“It has great amounts of nutrients I feel like I need the most, so that makes me feel good in general. It’s way more protection than I could get with any other single vitamin, so it’s convenient, easy, and I know it’s giving me nutrients I can’t otherwise get. I would recommend Primal X Plus to my friends and family.”

– Ken W., Decatur, GA
Best Supplement I’ve Ever Tried

“I often feel tired. Hoping this would help. When I takePrimal X Plus I don’t feel as tired and sluggish/lethargic as when I don’t take it. I have tried other supplements, but I do think Primal X Plus is the best. It’s the only one where I actually ‘felt’ a difference.”

– Wendy M., Phoenix, AZ

Let’s recap. Primal X Plus is a unique blend of over 30 full-spectrum vitamins, nutrients, and minerals…

Carefully chosen for their ability to repair and support the health of your newly discovered organ, the interstitium.

Your interstitium’s sole purpose is to store a wide variety of nutrients … and… constantly communicate with EVERY organ in your body to ensure they get EXACTLY the right nutrients immediately when they are needed…

Keeping everything running like a Swiss watch… so you enjoy a heart, brain, joints, eyes, lungs, and body like somebody much younger.

My purpose in creating Primal X Plus is to give you everything you need to accomplish this goal.

If you had to buy these ingredients separately — and if you could find them, you’d spend well north of $400. That’s enough to pay a monthly bill for a brand new car! But…

Lock-In Your Lowest Price With VIP Auto Delivery And Save Over $257!

Because so many of my patients have benefited from taking Primal X Plus, I want to make it available to as many people as possible, including you. And because the health of your interstitium is so vital to your ongoing health, I recommend all my patients take Primal X Plus on a daily ongoing basis.

This is why I’ve made special arrangements for you to lock-in extra special introductory savings when you take advantage of the VIP Auto-Delivery Program.

You’ll get 3 bottles of Primal X Plus shipped right to your door every 3 months for just $37.46 each for a total of $112.39. And you will get this discounted price along with FREE shipping for as long as you take Primal X Plus. Normally, Primal X Plus is $49.95 plus $8.95 shipping and handling ($58.90 total).

That means you save 36% every single month you stay on Auto-Delivery.

And you’ll never have to worry about ordering again.

Every 3 months, just before you run out, we’ll ship you a new 3-month supply. The price will never go up as long as you’re on Auto-Delivery. You can cancel at any time. And you’ll always get FREE shipping and handling on every Primal X Plus shipment forever. That’s an annual savings of over $257!

Plus You’ll Also Receive Three Free Gifts…
Free Gift #1:
Purify Your Body in 6 Easy Steps
(A $19.95 value)
Great nutrition and detox are the perfect teams to transform your health and bloom into your most vibrant self. And with these six secrets, flushing toxic buildup out of your body has never been easier!
Free Gift #2:
45 Days To A Younger You
(A $19.95 value)
You’ll discover advanced tools that can slow down the rate at which you age—and actually help you get younger as you get older. These proven strategies will help you enjoy a “second springtime” at any age.
Free Gift #3:
Paleo Powerfit: Rediscover Your Native Fitness
(A $19.95 value)
Here’s how to rebuild your strength without grueling cardio, aerobics, or weight training. This breakthrough program makes it easy to become naturally strong and resilient—just the way nature intended.
Get The Best Deal!
Primal X Plus Dr. Al Sears, M.D.
Great Deal!
If VIP Auto-Delivery is not right for you, you can opt to receive 3 bottles (a 3-month supply) of Primal X Plus for only $44.96 per bottle plus shipping and handling. That saves you 10% off the retail price.
Trial Offer
Or you can receive 1 bottle (a one-month supply) Primal X Plus for only $49.95, plus shipping and handling.
But no matter what you decide…
You Won’t Risk One Cent
Thanks To My Ironclad, Money-Back, Triple Guarantee Of Satisfaction
When your shipment of Primal X Plus arrives, open the bottle and start taking two capsules a day. Then keep taking it knowing you won’t risk one cent. In fact, your order is backed not by one, but three guarantees…

Guarantee #1: I’m confident that once you start taking Primal X Plus, you will feel the difference. You’ll feel younger, stronger and more energized. Your satisfaction is guaranteed — or your money back! Guarantee #2: Keep taking Primal X Plus. As your interstitium kicks into high gear, you’ll feel renewed power flowing into every area of your body… your heart and brain will get a boost… you’ll breathe easier… your joints will move with more effortlessly with more mobility… you’ll sleep more soundly… you’ll enjoy healthy blood sugar… and you’ll feel “young again” from head to toe. Your satisfaction is guaranteed — or your money back!

Guarantee #3: If for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not 100% satisfied with Primal X Plus, simply return the bottle and unused portion within 90 days of purchase, and you’ll get an immediate, complete, and total refund — including shipping and handling — with no questions asked. Your satisfaction is guaranteed — or your money back. So order today.

Your Stem Cell Organ Can Reverse The Sands Of Time

As you’ve read, your interstitium controls the fate of your body’s greatest innate healing ability — your stem cells. When it ails, so does every organ and every joint in your body.

When it thrives, YOU thrive.

I want you to start enjoying every benefit a high performing interstitium has to offer…

I want you to unleash the full power of the stem cells already inside you…

I want you to start feeling a fully fueled heart, brain, lungs, and more. So what are you waiting for?

You have absolutely nothing to lose —and many years, even decades, of healthier living to gain. To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD, CNS

Thank you so much. I hope you have read everything and feel a little better. Dr. Al Sears is my favorite doctor ever. Please, read all his publications because they are very informative and will help you to get to know yourself very well. It is very good to know ourselves, indeed.


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