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I am very proud to be now promoting the Murchison Hume Home. Yes, I love Murchison Hume, especially now that they have personal care solutions. They look very pretty and best of all, they are simply effective. The smell is totally awesome. They are all made from plants. Organic to the core. Honest, transparent, and have a lot of respect for Mother Nature. I am going to tell you that, Murchison Hume is here to stay.

Mother Nature, we love and do respect you. I am in love with all these Organic and Natural products because they are real steps to having this planet preserved and respected. Murchison Hume is in the process to make a big difference,  no, they are already making a big difference.

I have to say. Maybe, if we all work very hard together, soon we are going to have, much cleaner companies, organic, working to preserve the environment than the other way around. I can’t help, I am a dreamer. I have too. It’s the only way that I can feel better thinking that we will save the Earth and all the amazing sites, Rain Forests, Riffs, and all, Beautiful Animals, especially the ones that are up to extinction. I do hope so.

While everyone is going crazy, complaining and doing nothing to change the status quo, people behind companies like Murchison Hume, are fighting their own way creating products that don’t hurt Nature and don’t hurt us. All the chemicals that are circulating on this planet, and the pesticides, etc… I don’t even like to say these words because seems like I am bringing bad vibes, that’s how bad I think they are.

On one hand, I can’t afford to produce the products and so, I try to sell them. I try to bring an awareness of all these chemicals that are in our home and out there. And you, my dear friend that might be reading this piece, try to help using the right products that will not hurt the planet and you, and your loved ones either.

So, I go around signing  petitions trying to get the attention of the people that are running offices, and people just like me, that are consumers, trying to bring some awareness about what is going on,  looking to see if I can make some understand that the Earth is just beautiful just the way it is. To leave it alone.

The more companies like Murchison Humes, the better. They are the best thing that could have happened to us. I will keep promoting these companies the best way I can. If you, my subscribers can help me, that would make much difference. The truth is, I can’t do without you.

I want very much for you to know that I have been very honest with you just like these companies Murchison Hume, and all the others that I am promoting, that pledge to do their very best to bring very clean and organic solutions to your home and your life with your loved ones. It gets tough sometimes, but with your help and God’s help we are not giving up. We will succeed.

Thank you so much.

God be with you, always!

Luzia Soares.

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