Propolis, Be my Friend Now

Love and Respect

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I love and respect my subscribers with all my heart. The reason I haven’t been communicating with them is that what I have been doing on my website, sustaining, SEO, paying for hostess and all,  is coming from the small income that I am making that barely is enough to pay my bills. I have God that has been making it possible. I have just paid for a month of an email marketing company, Constant Contact, how beautiful these people are. So I am upgrading and in the next couple of days, I will be doing more communication with you all wonderful and loyal subscribers that have been with me forever. Thank you for your support. I will be able from now on, to be in touch more often. Please, do n0t give up on me. One day at a time will be making a huge difference in our lives. Please, stay with me and we will have a piece of very valuable information to make our health and eventually, our lives much better. God put us here for a reason, indeed. Trust me, better days are coming for us, all together.

Email Marketing

I am doing this post essentially for my subscribers that have been loyal to me no matter what. Even after I am in a pit so deep of procrastination due to money shorting, you all continue to support me no matter what. I am so swallowed up with gratitude that I am going to burst. I do not have enough “thank you” words to express the whole gratitude that is in my heart. I am really so grateful and wish I could bring all the things that you need to be happy. You have my prayers, always. So I have decided to post also many beautiful images for your enjoyment. THANK YOU!

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Health Problems

How difficult it is a life that comes with so many health problems. To put exactly how it was, I would be recovering from surgery and have another surgery being scheduled for a time in the future, as, the next few weeks. I was facing a load of health issues prior to taking the, maybe, the most important project of my life. Health issues have been always what stays in the way of having a happy life. In and out of hospitals, so stressful. I can’t even express how frustrating it was. I was diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever when I was 15 years old. It is a swollen on your joints that gets very hot and it really hurts. Eventually, that swallow gets huge making impossible for you to move any joint in your body. Mine was mostly on my wrists. But, sometimes it would be on my knees. They do not know everything about Rheumatic Fever, but they speculate that is a bacteria that comes from a very bad strep throat that moves to your joints, to your liver, heart, and will eventually kill you. It is incurable. The pain is excruciating. After some time it feels that the pain gets into your whole body, as the inflammation that you can see in your wrist, it seems that it is in your whole body. It aches, unbelievably hard. It is miserable.

Health Insurance

Going to the hospital so often also brings another issue with it. Waste of valuable time, because, not having Health Insurance, would make me wait for hours. It really didn’t matter if my condition was a trauma, a respiratory problem, or even a heart problem, the truth is, they do not care. You have no insurance. After all, I have had to wait. The punishment has come with the no health insurance card. So after so many years of suffering from this debilitating disease, my genius brother has come up with a solution. I was young, and the medication that controls Rheumatic Fever, unfortunately, is antibiotics. I guess every human being on Earth knows that antibiotics are very bad for your body. Especially your immune system. My brother has suggested that I should see a  doctor that practices homeopathy. Guess what?

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My brother is a genius. The doctor prescribed PROPOLIS. Yes, my dear friend propolis. I have been taking it for about over 40 years. I haven’t had a symptom of Rheumatic Fever since I was around 18 years old. Maybe even sooner than that. I really lost track of that. Propolis is a resin that the bees use to protect any infiltration that could occur in a HIVE. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory indeed. I am saying indeed, because, Propolis is absolutely AMAZING. So during this process, propolis has also helped me with everything else. Anything that I would suffer before, I would not suffer anymore. I have never had a common cold, the flu, or even an ingrown nail that got infected, which would heal because I was taking propolis. Really, not only me, my roommate, my cats, my dogs, my neighbor. Unbelievable, MIRACLE PROPOLIS!

Then, I have gotten inspired. I was so happy, and I have started to do research and have found out how bad chemicals are for our body. How bad stress hurts us and I have decided to make sure I would spread the word around. How many miracle cures were around that we didn’t know about. I have become an advocate for good health. I want to bring the news to everyone that Nature has got everything we need to have our body and mind balanced, in harmony with nature’s Force. After all these discoveries I have realized how beautiful and resourceful our planet is. The Universe, the whole Earth, and all the animals and amazing things that are attached to our universe, are defined, in perfect, amazing harmony and unfortunately, have been broken day after day. So, you ask: “Does she have to be so negative?” Unfortunately, I have to. Especially because I do need your help. We can all do something about it. We can’t allow that a minority come around and ruin everything for us. Do not worry, we do have powerful allies in this fight. “Wow, now she is talking about a fight!”

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Yes, it is a fight, but it is worth it that we will make sure we will enjoy this harmony, this balance for many years to come. It will be for our kids and the kids of our kids. That is definitely wonderful. We can all do together and help each other to make this planet safe and protect its resources that continue to help our body and mind. I totally refuse to allow anyone to destroy the only thing that exists, that is perfect, The Universe and its harmony, indeed.


My dear subscribers. I have to confess to you that what I want to do will be hard, but, I have been doing it for a while and I can guarantee to you that I have my heart hooked on this deeply. There is not much money, I still struggle day after day, but, with god’s help, I will get to where I am trying to be. The kids of our kids deserve it. One day at a time we will advance one step of the way, it will be awesome. I have learned a lot of ways to help our body and mind to conquer wellness, Healthwise. I am going to guide you with all the treasures that are on my website. These resourceful people have worked very hard to accomplish their health and they are happy people in recovery. Big Pharma is here only to collect the money. They are not interested to cure you. They are in this business to take your sacred hard worked money. Trust me, we know that very well. Many of us have been there and have walked away on another path to wellness. Please, Let us give Nature a chance to heal us. For sure, indeed.

With Gratitude!

Luzia Celia Soares



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Live in perfect harmony with the whole Universe

My sincere love for you and hope that you, and I, and all the other people that do not mind to work hard to find the resources we need to make our body healthy in a different way that really will bring all the issues to a stop and we all will live in perfect harmony with the whole planet and the Universe in a different way. May God bring what we need to care for our shortcomings and finally solve all the major diseases that are ravaging our humanity, for once and for all. All the ones that are hurting us right now, maybe not all that bad compared to one that unfortunately is killing so many innocent people right now: THE WAR!

I am so glad that we have these amazing beings called Honey Bees. They are creatures of extreme value. They have an array of beautiful cures that makes this world so easy and wonderful. It is a shame that some people do not even know that we are losing them. I say this with excruciating pain in my heart. All these poisonous that we are putting everywhere is killing them.

More to come next.

I am so glad that we have these amazing beings called Honey Bees. They are creatures of extreme value. They have an array of beautiful cures that makes this world so easy and wonderful. It is a shame that some people do not even know that we are losing them. I say this with excruciating pain in my heart. All these poisonous that we are putting everywhere is killing them.