Take for Granted

Take for granted things that we should not…


We tend to take for granted about being healthy. We only realize that when we are sick. Prevention? No way. We seriously think that it’s a waste of time. I lost a lot because of chemicals. I knew it was there, but I really refused to admit because that would be more work and I would be out of my comfort zone! We can definitely serve ourselves when we make the smart decision of not be depending on harsh chemicals for any illnesses. We need to understand that if we prevent, like eating the right food, staying away from chemicals, we will have more chances to succeed beautifully. I am a living witness of that. It is really just a miracle, you just have to give it a try with a trusting heart. My friend, you will be surprised at what you’ll find out!

People underestimate the harm that chemicals can inflict on you and loved ones. Especially the chemicals that get into your home in the products that you use for cleaning or personal use. They are extremely harmful. Please do not underestimate the damage that they can cause to you and your members of your family.

Those chemicals come in the products that we use every day on our home to clean, for personal care, antibiotics, that inflict serious damages to our immune system, there are also carcinogens. If we do what’s right, Our body will do a jump from where it is right now to a more advanced state totally unbelievable. It reacts change pretty fast!

Everything that we need to hurt ourselves in right here on the
Earth and everything that we need to heal ourselves is right here on the Earth too… At  Our reach!

Fortunately, we have such complex system in our body that definitely do the work of the Almighty as intricate and, “Almighty”. Everything that we need to hurt ourselves is right here and the things that we need to heal ourselves are here too, at our fingers tips. We have no idea how our body is ready to heal.

Take good care of yourself is very easy. You stop listening to people that don’t know anything about it and start to do your own research. Try to get information from people that really care, and, know what they are talking about. You have gotten to know the right people, going to the right places.

It’s good to know that there are a lot of companies that are genuinely concerned about their products being up to be clean of chemicals like their statements to ensure they are, but there are also a lot of companies that their only concern is about have a profit, and, lots of it.


Most important, knowing different options, so, you have choices. I was very impressed with Amazon, that works with an assorted number of Brands, different,  truthful, reputable Brands. which use the most effective nutrients, that brings a wonderful assurance of authenticity and prices that left me in awe… Things that normally would be really expensive, it wasn’t…

It’s always two sides to everything under the sun. Two choices or even more than that. People will say anything to have you join their deceiving,  greedy way. You have to give your brain the chance to think things over and using common-sense. Taking the good way path instead of the bad way and make the right choices. If they are rushing you, you’ll know that something is wrong. Always take your time and think it through. Why rush?  Be your own health advocate… And another thing, doctors are not God. They don’t know everything, no one does. Live is learning. Every single day we will learn. Good things, bad things. Learning from our mistakes, and learning from our victories. It is not because you are a doctor that you are “Almighty”. You are a doctor and subject to mistakes like all of us, human beings.

God has made our body and mind so well that everything is connected to our well being. If we didn’t have so much pollution and chemicals we would be fine. We have to be smart and try to do the right thing because I know for sure that this machine called body, can manage anything, anything at all!

We have the instinct that will tell us the good out of the bad. Just think this way, the bad always takes less work, at least apparently. I am sorry. It’s just the way things are. But, if you make the right decision the results are always, rewarding…

Sometimes we go from one to another trying to make excuses not to use the best to eat, the best personal care, best supplements, the best cleaning products, etc, Thinking, that they are too expensive, or hard to find, or they are not legitimate. Those are excuses.

Think this way, you can buy a bottle of supplements for an “x” amount of dollars that seem to you it will be cheaper. At the other store, with no good reputation, they have the same stuff that doesn’t come with some ingredient that has to be there in order for the supplement be effective. Ok, Cost less, but, does it have the potential the other one has? So, you have to buy the ingredient separated. Conclusion: The price is the same or even more expensive. Sometimes is the quantity. The more expensive one has more quantity, so the value is over much more than the cheaper one. Think about it, the cheaper has become more expensive. Like concentration. Sometimes the price is more expensive because that is more concentrated. A little bit goes a long way, etc…

We have to think this way, It’s expensive to get the good stuff. It’s more expensive for a reason… I just think that maybe the price being more is trying to tell us something?

I want to Thank you so much for everything. I hope I have gotten to be some help to you. If you need anything, please let me know. We have a contact form that will make it easy for you to get in touch with me, and we have a comment form. Even if you just want to leave a comment, positive or negative, it’s important to me to have your feedback. Any questions, concerns, suggestions, please let me know. If you want to be a subscriber and get our Newsletter, I’ll be thrilled to accommodate you, for sure. Together we can learn a lot of things about our body and how to keep it healthy.

All the blessings to you and loved ones.


God be with you, always!


Luzia Soares.

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