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At The Ultimate Green Store, we believe everything can be made a better way.

The Ultimate Green Store is a huge store that works with Organic and sustainable products that are free from harmful chemicals with a 100 percent credibility. Home Page.

The Ultimate Green Store has been doing business with all the organic and recyclable materials giving it’s customers a piece of mind when comes to supply for every important and sensitive member of your family, whatever is the event. About your baby, your oldest daughter’s wearing, etc. We have products that on the top of being the best products on the market, they have a wonderful durability that will go to your family’s generation after generation.

You can do your daughter wedding list of presents. You can do your son or daughter shower gifts list, etc… Talk to us and we will accommodate your needs with honesty and delighted to be of help.

At The Ultimate Green Store, we have the latest in technology or fashion ready to suit your modern needs for sure. The quality is immensely truthful. There is no doubt in my mind that you will think why I haven’t met you guys before. We have every information about every product that we have here to help make your purchase being very sure that you are making the right choice, indeed. It’s very important to us that you will be very satisfied customer on our huge list of all.

We are proud to empower you with all the information that will make your a very wise shopper. Tell us what you need, and we will comply with all your concerns and aspirations. We know that there are important times in our life that the right gift will mean the world to you. We truly respect that. We are also concerned shoppers ourselves and know better than that. We take our own experience in an account to learn to treat you the way we would like to be treated, every step of the way.

BabyOrganic Cotton Baby Clothes

I want to let you know that my name is Luzia Soares. I am an affiliate marketer for The Ultimate Green Store. Do not worry, my pay doesn’t come from the products you buy from my website. Doing the transactions with me doesn’t increase the price for you. You will always pay the same, from me or anyone else. Be an Affiliate Marketer is a very interesting work. You also have the choice to choose who you want to work with. I am a total believer that this world should be the same way that God put it here, long time ago.

See people destroy Nature, it feels to me like the same to see somebody building something very perfect and nice and someone else go there and destroy it. There is no difference to me from what men are doing to this planet, day after day. It hurts. This is a work of art. Nature is absolutely amazing. Amazing is not enough to describe it.

Waste-Free Lunch Packing Systems

I need to come up with a more intense word, but I think that the word is the Almighty. That is the word, and everything that is associated with God should have this name, Almighty, Majestic, King, etc … I guess that you will have a chance to read about me on the about me page, thanks… I just want to give you a heads up, like a summary, in case that you haven’t read that yet.

I can tell you that I am a total admirer of The Ultimate Green Store.  I am a fighter against pollution. I want to save the world and the animals also in the process.  I have decided that The Ultimate Green Store would be the company that would help me to continue my effort to try to keep this planet much less polluted. During your reading, you will see highlighted words or pictures that have a link to another page that will take you to more information.

On the Baby section, we have Organic, Moses, and Baskets that are adorable. That is absolutely beautiful. The best of it is: Totally ORGANIC, which will help your baby grow up so strong day by day, with a strong Immune System, indeed!

We also have Cribs and Mattresses, ready to go following a healthy way to keep the Household safe, carrying also eco-friendly Baby laundry.
20-load pouch Baby Dropps

Organic Bibs + Burp Cloths

The Ultimate Website for us, that wants things that were made Better. Never settle. So, what I think is, let’s get what was made better, like Organic Bibs and Burp Cloths. This is one of the choices. There is much more that will come to you when you click the link, please!
I want to give to the whole world a piece of my inspiration. I think that is the most accomplishments, being able to speak right from your heart.
We can reach higher and have our voice heard.
You will get very fast, just don’t be afraid. Sometimes, I fear that fear is necessary, but, It can take up permanent residence if you allow it to.

There is space for us. This space will be ours, no matter what!

Organic Nursing Pillows

Holy Lamb Organic Cotton Zippered Nursing Pillow Cover
You will be able to scroll down to see more information on the products that will win your heart, immediately.  The organic nursing pillows will make a difference in comfortability, for sure. You don’t have to take the risk of your baby or grown-up kids. Even if you have only a husband. You want to make sure that their immune system is not compromised.
Organic Baby Towels, hooded,  are made of 100% pure soft organic cotton grown without the use of pesticides and colored with low impact dyes. The white ones are whitened naturally with Hydrogen Peroxide, not with chlorine bleach.
With clean air, it will be a very good night’s sleep. The Baby’s Air Breath, baby air purifier removes airborne contaminants and create a “white noise” clinically proven to help babies fall asleep fast and long. These specialty Air Cleaners are certified to remove 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns or larger.
We want our baby to be safe. If you have a baby, this is all you want the most, safety from harm from chemicals or anything else that somehow could compromise your baby’s safety.  Organic Baby Bedding is a 100% cotton, all natural, pesticide-free cotton, that meets and exceeds The Global Textile Standards (GOTAS). Yur baby will sleep not only with higher quality, it’s also beautifully styled as well. Choose from different styles and colors. Your baby will definitely be safe with us, I promise. Remember, we do it better, indeed!
Organic Baby Bedding

Green Baby Toys

There’s nothing more important than the health of your baby. Shop safe organic and eco-friendly baby toys and stuffed animals made to the highest standards. New! Introducing Organimals! Amazingly cute Fair Trade stuffed animals handmade with love by underprivileged Moms who support their families making these toys. 

I really have to copy and paste this. I thought that was the cutest thing and handful helping these momos to bring up their family. Way to go The Ultimate Green Store. I really love it. These Green Toys, Organimals, are major cool.


Nursery Storage and Furniture

Here is another part of your home that needs to be attended, the Nursery Storage and Furniture. When you have decided to go green, to take this fight about a chemical and the harm that has been done again and again, to the environment, you feel that have to be complete commitment. You owe it to you, your family and friends. You have decided to take to follow the path to achieve the green dream, indeed.
We, at, want to be on this journey with you. We want to learn with you and from you. We are all learning here… We are no experts in this business of trying to save the land that was given to us. We have to protect it from the vultures. I mean, people that are only concerned with filling their pockets and bank accounts. Not caring what means to use to get what they want.
The Ultimate Green Store is a perfect place to shop for a baby. Anything that is made better would suit someone that will not take chances with their baby and you need Organic Baby Blankets, you know exactly where to go.
We, at, want to be on this journey with you. We want to learn with you and from you. We are all learning here. No one is an expert in this business in trying to treat nature with respect and save it from the vultures. I feel this immense feeling in my heart that I have to do more. The Ultimate Green Store has taken one step further in this approach and invested their soul in this business of taking charge of this environment and help it to stand out and be of concern to everyone.

Organic Baby Clothes

They do their job all the way, not cutting any corner. I can imagine managing a big place like they have a huge responsibility to do best that they can possibly can. When you are trying to do that, obviously they would pay as much attention to the Organic Baby Clothes. It’s absolutely adorable. What is the plus, it is, it’s healthy and cute, absolutely! I want a baby! Too late, I am 60!

Organic Cotton Romper - Safari Animal Print
The more people we reach, it’s another huge victory for us, stubborn people we are,  that still here not interested in giving it up. When I have decided that I would take my mission, to bring awareness to people about chemicals and pollution to our beautiful planet, I was glad that in my intense research I end up working with such wonderful companies. The Ultimate Green Store was one of it. I am lucky, I guess. I have found almost everything that suits my subscribers right here, at The Ultimate Green Store, no less. Now,  here you can also get your Baby Shower Gift List. Wow!!! Go for!

Baby Gifts

It’s always a better way of doing anything!

 Home Banner BottomThe Ultimate Green Store has products that have an exceptional quality that will guarantee anything for many years to come. Sometimes you may do pay a little more, but the purity and the special of everything that always has been made a better way gives you the undeniable quality that will be with every unique piece done by The Ultimate Green Store. Stick with quality, not quantity; professional, wise way to do everything under the sun giving that wonderful advantage of products that will last, and last in a very resistant way. That is when the money and time you invest will worth a while.