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I have heard and have read a lot of articles about sunscreen and the implications that they have with the chemicals that they put in it and how bad they are for your body and for the environment. In all the researchers that I did, they are definitely very harmful. Fortunately, there are companies that are well prepared for that kind of problems. Safe Sunscreen was made with the purpose of being safe for both, you and the environment. 
When you use a safe sunscreen you are acting with respect to all marine life, and with respect to your body and other people that are using the water the way you do. When we act responsibly with mother nature we somehow are being a person that everyone wants to be around. This planet does not belong only to us that are here on the Earth right now. This planet also belongs to the people that are to come to and want a piece of this pie as well. The Ultimate Green Store is a store that is a pioneer of the future savers of this Earth. Just like, there will be more, yes, there will be more of The Ultimate Green Store around!


The Ultimate Green Pet - Planet and Pet-Friendly Products

The Ultimate Green Pet - Planet and Pet-Friendly Products So many chemicals used in products that are bad for people are also bad for animals. We offer a variety of products to help your pet live the green life, too!

The Ultimate green Pet.

Eco-Friendly Toys

The Ultimate Green Store, makes me feel that I wanted to go back to be a kid again or have kids to give them these toys that are definitely very cool. What is best of all, they are SAFE. I have to write that with capital letters.  I really urge you to see and get information about these toys. They are very cool! Eco-Friendy Toys, get it!

Large Fire Engine with Firemen


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Looking for eco-friendly products for kids?  From eco-friendly school supplies such as school backpacks for kids to green kids toys and kids bedroom decor, we offer an array of planet-friendly organic kids products. Invest in your child’s present and future today.

Your kids’ school can also fundraise for us. Check out our Save The Planet | Sustain A School program. Interested in learning more? Check out our Affiliate page for additional information. Eco-Friendly Kids.

OfficeEco Promotional Products Branding and Corporate Gifts

Eco Promotional Products Branding and Corporate Gifts

Get to green your Office is an excellent idea.  Like I have said in the other pages, we should try to change what is around us first, being a step if you want to help to eliminate chemical, pollution in your life you have to have a place to start. What about the space around you first? Your home, your office, and it goes on and on!

Looking to contribute to the environment?  Greening, your office has never been easier with eco office supplies and more!  Choose from furniture, storage units, water bottles, work bags, and more that are created out of recycled or sustainable materials.  When you need green office supplies, choose The Ultimate Green Store!
Contact us for customized promotional branding and corporate gift ideas.
We have a long way to go when comes to make this world a better world every way you can think of. It is a lot of things that we really don’t like to see around. Injustice, abuse, the distribution of richness that doesn’t seem fair to us, and so many things that would take one a lifetime to be able to enumerate and point it out making a list. When I used to think this way, I would be very frustrated and get depressed a great deal. Today, I think this way:
I go around trying to see very closely the things that are around me that I don’t like it, and try one by one to fix them, the best way I can when they depend on me to do so. Since then I am feeling much, much better. I Actually,  see results, I see changes that I am responsible for and that makes me feel awesome, really awesome!
Going on and on, your home still a very good place to implement your new you with what concerns the fact that living without harmful chemicals is much better. You will see immediately an improvement in your health, on your family and pets health. And never mind that things that are clean, organic are more beautiful and have that glow that comes with being healthy.
Healthy Home will change your life dramatically!

HomeCertified Organic Bedding and Eco-Friendly Home Decor Products

Certified Organic Bedding and Eco-Friendly Home Decor Products

The Ultimate Green Store carries the widest selection of organic bedding, organic towels, eco-friendly cookware & dinnerware, recycled glassware and other sustainably made home goods and green living products for a healthy and beautiful home.
Here a summary of The Ultimate Green Store Departments and Products.

At The Ultimate Green Store, our goal is to bring you sustainably made stylish, eco-friendly, organic home decor products and home essentials for every room in the house.  In curating our selection of eco-friendly, sustainable healthy home goods, we work with sustainable green brands and manufacturers that are committed to making products that respect health, people, animal life and the planet-  consciously made products that will allow you to detox your home.

The products we carry for your home are green in a number of ways. We look at how manufacturers use recycled and upcycled materials and how they reduce carbon emission emissions and water in the production process. We carry a huge selection of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic home textiles – from a comprehensive top- to- bottom of bed organic bedding collection, including organic mattresses, organic sheets, organic mattress toppers, organic comforters and blankets to organic towels, shower curtains and bath mats. These beautiful products are all made with 100% certified organic that is pesticide-free, made without heavy metal dyes and free of harmful flame retardants. Many of these products are also Certified Fair Trade ensures that the people who work so hard to make these wonderful products are paid and treated fairly.

Of course, the kitchen is the heart of the home. We offer a huge selection of green kitchen products for a healthy and stylish kitchen and tabletop. From our safe cookware with special technology to help you prepare the healthiest food, to kitchen utensils and serving pieces made with natural materials including bamboo, stunning recycled glassware, non-toxic gorgeous dinnerware, dishes and serving pieces, The Ultimate Green Kitchen is here!

We love connecting with our customers. We strive to inspire sustainable living and help you live a green lifestyle. We know we are making a difference and we want to enable you to do so too! The Ultimate Green Healthy Home awaits you!

Certified Organic Bedding and Eco-Friendly Home Decor Products

The Ultimate Green Store carries the widest selection of organic bedding, organic towels, eco-friendly cookware & dinnerware, recycled glassware and other sustainably made home goods and green living products for a healthy and beautiful home.
I want to thank you for being here with me.
God be with you, always!
Luzia Soares.
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