The Ultimate Green Store, Teens and Dorms

At The Ultimate Green Store, our mission is to provide products that, simply put, are made a better way. We recognize the importance of sustainable practices, production, and social responsibility. The products we carry are green in a number of ways – natural, organic, recycled, eco-friendly goods- products that are made with your health and the health of our planet in mind.

The Ultimate Green Store, Teens and Dorms

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We believe everything can be done better.

That’s exactly what The Ultimate Green Store is doing. Take charge and pursue the same goal that I am pursuing in a different way, that is not so different when you turn to think more deeply. We do what we can, the way you do it, it’s not that important. It doesn’t have to be this way or that. We all can help any way we can.

Every time you buy a product that is green, organic, eco-friendly, no animal testing, ever, you are helping the environment. Do you know that when I am walking on the street if I see a plastic bag flying havoc I go there and pick it up and dispose it the proper way, because the first thing that comes to my mind when I see that, it is an animal being suffocated by it, or a creek or some pond that will have some animal getting caught on it and suffer or die. Let’s not even talk about the fact that it will be there for a very long time because Nature has no way to dispose of it naturally, and The Ultimate Green Store will be right there helping you using recyclable most of everything that they work with.

It doesn’t have to change very major to help. Anything that you do with your heart, wanting to help, most certainly, it will. You could start in your own home. There is so much change that you can do to improve your relationship with the environment. Let’s think that if you start with you. Personal choices on the products that you use for skin care, for example. Things that you use on your hair. The towels that you use every day to dry yourself. The cream for your skin, etc… Please, you can communicate with me and ask, make a comment or suggestion. Even when you approach the subject you are already making a big difference.

Let’s try with your kid in college.

The Ultimate Green Store has an assorted of goods that can be used by your kid, Kids- Dorm. That is a good place to start. The Ultimate Green Store will have most of anything that you will need for this most important phase in your kid’s lives. These are all actions that ultimately will help the environment, but, more so, it will help you to improve his health. I do consider that a major change for you and loved ones. I bet your family would be very happy to know that your kid is a healthier person. All these changes will reflect on them, period!

Solar Bags

There is no doubt that he or they will need Backpacks, indeed. The most piece of mind that you can have is that he’s going to be away, but, he will be safe from deadly chemicals. They will have a strong immune system protected against to all the poisoning chemicals that are everywhere. If you are going to spend your hard work money, make sure that it is going to be completely safe for your loved one.
There is also another detail. These must-have items are very modern, latest fashion oriented. They are beautiful and very much functional. He or She will love it. It’s plenty of to choose from. A whole assortment of very good taste.
How about T-Shirts?
I am sure you will need it. Do you know the other good about the shop at The Ultimate Green Store? You will find everything that you need right there. That, obviously, let’s not even go any deep into the fact that it is healthy, it is convenient and easy. Let’s get some T-Shirts!
Pajamas and Nightshirts that is so special cozy, given with so much love and respect. We all take a whole in being respectful towards nature, and our kids and family, in general, know that by our attitude towards it. You do want your kids to follow your example of being wise and act wisely in every step of the way. Especially your kids, because they will be the ones who will inherit this world.
It is our responsibility to preserve and leave this planet in very good shape, we really do.

Clothing + Bags

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When your kids have to take that very important step, not only going to college, that a huge step for them, but, some will stay away from home for long periods of time. You bet it’s a big step. We the parents want to make sure that they will be all right. Let’s make sure we do our best that they will also enjoy this ride somehow. Let’s make sure they will be prepared for whatever is coming their way, away from home. The Ultimate Green Store and want to be there for you and so you will be there for them, as well! We have a variety of Clothing and Bags for you to have your beautiful kids being taken care of!
Bamboo 6 Piece Essential Eye Brush Set

Bath + Shower Filtration

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Rainshow'r CQ-1000 Dechlorinating Shower Filter with Chrome Fixed-Action Shower Head
In the Bath + Shower Filtration, the assortment of choices is immense. What I am showing you on this page is just a sample, so you get an idea what it looks like. Everything can be made a better way. The Ultimate Green Store, practice what they preach. I can definitely tell you that from the bottom of my heart. That is a company that stands behind their word. You can be absolutely sure about that!

Safe Skincare

When it comes to your Safe Skincare you better believe that we are in a territory that is very sensitive, I have learned when I was very young in life that the skin of our face is the most sensitive at all. You have to be very careful about what you are putting on it. You need something very clean of chemicals that will take care of your skin from the inside out. The Ultimate Green Store has an efficient collection of products that will give you peace of mind. All the products are organic, eco-friendly, no animal testing. They use the best nutrients that it is. That plus a gentle diet will do the trick.
After going through all the things that a teen needs when in college, away from home you come to the conclusion that the things that are needed are going to put a big hole in your pocket. You know also that if you shop wisely, getting products that really have the best quality, it will add up to big savings. The Ultimate Green Store, have all of, products that will give you peace of mind being clean of toxic agents. Huge quality control that will make sure you are well backed up by very honest people that stand tall behind their very good products. We do also cover the whole need that you will find everything in one place. Organic + Bamboo Towels as well.

Organic + Bamboo Towels

 Organic Cotton Studio Mix Towel Collection

Bath + Body

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The Bath + Body choices are very diversified, you can choose from many options and quality is a must, it is very much everything that concern The Ultimate Green Store. Have a peace of mind it’s a plus, of course. We are thirsty for compliments, that is what we are 24/7. Around the clock, we go.  We are doing everything our best, trying to exceed, knowing that we are not perfect, but we are thriving to be. Transparency is a motor that keeps moving us in the right direction. We really want to hear your thoughts and suggestions, please, feel free to write to us in the comment area or send an email. Whatever suits you the most. “”

We will be delighted to hear from you! We will take any criticism, even if it is negative. I bet that will help us to improve ourselves and learn what we need to learn. Life is a permanent state of mind going towards learning every day a new thing. No one knows everything!

Bath + Body
Bath + Body
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I do want to thank you so much for all the attention that you have been giving to my words.  I wish that you would send us some comments or suggestions, whatever you feel like telling us about how you feel. We will take any criticism, so, how will we learn if we don’t hear about our flaws? Please!
God be with you, always!
Luzia Soares