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Jan 2, 2023, 8:33 PM (2 days ago)

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URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Monarch butterflies are OFFICIALLY ENDANGERED — yet Bayer-Monsanto is still contributing to their decline.

Bayer-Monsanto’s Roundup is wiping out milkweed: 850 MILLION of these essential plants have already DISAPPEARED in the last 20 years. And along with this decline, we’ve lost 90% of the North American monarch population.

Monarchs simply CANNOT survive without milkweed. Baby monarch caterpillars rely on this vital plant as their ONLY FOOD SOURCE. And without it, these beloved butterflies will run out of places to reproduce and lay eggs in the first place.

Endangered monarch populations are plummeting at dangerously fast rates — and Roundup is a key driver in this massive die-off. We MUST hold Bayer-Monsanto accountable for their corporate greed, which is threatening monarch survival. Will you take action right now to tell Bayer-Monsanto to STOP producing this butterfly-harming product before it’s too late for monarchs?


Monarchs are truly magnificent creatures, beloved for their vibrant black and orange patterns. Right now, these little pollinators are completing their epic 2,500-mile migration south where they will hibernate for the winter months. When they return north in the springtime, they lay eggs along their journey to repopulate the next generation of monarchs.

But this spring, there’s a chance we won’t be seeing as many of these colorful critters fluttering about — because these ENDANGERED backyard beauties are DYING OUT RAPIDLYAnd Bayer-Monsanto continues to further threaten their survival… all to rake in profits. Please, Luzia, we can’t let these precious pollinators go EXTINCT. Help PROTECT monarch butterflies from the dangers of Roundup by adding your name now >>


Thanks for taking action to save monarch butterflies.
Friends of the Earth

Save endangered monarchs from Bayer-Monsanto’s toxic pesticides!

Endangered monarch butterflies are at risk of being wiped out — in large part due to pesticide industry greed.

Bayer-Monsanto’s Roundup contains a toxic chemical called glyphosate which is a key reason why 850 million milkweed plants — the ONLY food source for young monarch caterpillars — have DISAPPEARED.

Without milkweed, monarchs will not survive. So we MUST hold Bayer-Monsanto accountable for decimating this essential plant with their butterfly-harming Roundup before we lose these precious pollinators forever. Take action NOW!

Demand Bayer-Monsanto stop selling butterfly-harming pesticides NOW! >>

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