When I was a little girl

When I was a little girl. How fierce little girl I was. Always thinking how super me, I was most of the time. How invulnerable I have been always. So, nothing could hurt me. There I went, year in, yer out, living the life that my parents didn’t know about. So, in school, my parents have 7 kids, and money was very little and i would never, ev er, told my parents that they need to buy me books that I was supposed to read and tell them a summary of the book, what i thought about the book that I would never have had a chnce to read.
What has always puzzled me was how come they never even have gotten supicious about the fact that I never, ever ask them yp buy me books because all my siblings were always asking for books and I did not? On the top of it. I did love books. I always live to read all kind of books, adventures. mistery. scfi, etc, etc…



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