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Pioneering anti-aging doctor reveals how America’s best-selling supplement just got MUCH better

Nobel Prize “Upgrade”

Unleashes 3 Times More Energy

Thirty-nine years ago, a scientist cracked the code on how cells in your body create energy. He won the Nobel Prize. And soon after created the world’s first real “energy pill.” Since then, more than 4,036 studies have PROVEN beyond a shadow of a doubt it can help:

  • ​Ramp up your natural immunity and shield your heart and brain from disaster…
  • Maintain normal blood pressure levels and heart rhythm, and banish chest pain…
  • Balance healthy blood sugar levels…
  • ​Energize your heart, brain, lungs and muscles…
  • Provide abundant energy your cells need to repair themselves and reproduce normally…
  • Fall asleep faster and sleep longer!

With NO SIDE EFFECTS whatsoever. Which is why it’s been a bestseller ever since.

A 21st century “upgrade” has emerged that unleashes the full power of this original Nobel-Prize winning discovery. See Below…

Patients often ask me:

“Dr. Sears, if there was only one thing I could take to feel younger and healthier, what is it?”
I used to say fish oil, CoQ10, or turmeric. But this new discovery beats them all…
Dear Reader,
If you take America’s best-selling supplement, go grab the bottle right now.
Because 90% of what is sold today does NOT deliver as promised. And you can find the deception printed right on the label. 
I’ll show you what to look for in a moment.
But first, let me reveal what fulfills every promise of America’s best-selling supplement and gives you 3 TIMES MORE disease-busting, feel-young-again energy.
The story starts in 1961.
That’s when a researcher cracked the code on how your body creates energy.
Medical historians call it “the largest step forward in the history of medicine.” 

That was the “key to unleashing hidden energy reserves in the human body.” And allowed us to “keep our batteries fully charged throughout life.” [1]

He won the Nobel Prize.
And soon after, his monumental discovery led to the creation of the world’s first real “energy pill.”
People bought it in droves. Demand soared. And it’s been a best-seller ever since (Americans spend $603 million on it per year.)
And for good reason…
Just one pill floods your body with the single most valuable nutrient on the planet.
The “Raw Fuel” Every Cell in Your Body NEEDS to Create Energy
I’ve had countless patients, even some at death’s door, who’ve made full recoveries and went on to lead normal, happy lives with this scientific breakthrough.
Over 260,000 people, including many of my patients, are enjoying three times more energy thanks to this new supplement.
3 Times More Energy helps 79-year-old Chris play A-Grade tennis against teenagers !
“I am 79, and I still play A-Grade tennis, often against teenagers.”
“With any luck, and some assistance from Dr. Sears, I will still be enjoying the game into my 90s.”  – Chris
70-year-old Roberta is walking again almost free of pain !
“I am 70 years old and could only walk short distances. Now, I can walk well with very little pain. Last time I saw my doctor, she wanted to know what on earth has happened to me. Thank you very much, you have transformed my life.”  –Roberta
Bart is knocking it out of the park playing gin!
“My brain no doubt, feels better. I have been able to do things with gin playing that I have never done before. I am very thankful to Dr. Sears and how he has helped me. I look forward to feeling this good for a long time.”  – Bart
I know I’m healthier inside and out!
“It had a positive effect on more than just my heart and my brain. It can change how you look, as well. Now, my hair is thick, shiny and strong. I’m able to grow it longer than I have in years because it’s so healthy.”  – Cathy
This 82-year-old fools everybody with her youthfulness!
“This ‘upgrade’ fools everybody with my youthfulness.“
 “I’m 82 years old, and people won’t believe me. They think that I’m way younger than I am.”  – Elizabeth
More than 4,036 studies prove the energy provided by this “raw fuel” stops — and in some cases, reverses — countless diseases, with no side effects whatsoever.
And gives you more energy to keep moving… look young… and feel young.
It was THE game-changer of the 20th century.
Far more powerful than anything ever cooked-up by Big Pharma.
The “raw fuel” I’m talking about is Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)
This CoQ10 “Upgrade” Does What Regular CoQ 10 Can NEVER Do!
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is the “raw fuel” every cell in your body uses to create energy. It is inarguably the most important nutrient ever discovered… and as a result… America’s best-selling supplement.
But there is one BIG problem with CoQ10 they’re not telling you about.
New research from UC Davis has discovered not all of your cells can turn this raw fuel into extra energy… even if they want to. Or need to.
That’s like pouring gasoline down the drain! In other words, MUCH of the CoQ10 you buy goes to waste.
When this happens your energy levels plummet.
And as a result, you do NOT get the healing benefits CoQ10 is PROVEN to deliver. Not by a long shot.
But now, all that’s changed.
Because now, UC Davis scientists have confirmed a new molecular discovery unleashes the full power of CoQ10 and puts all this previously wasted raw fuel to good use.
21st Century CoQ10 Upgrade Makes Every Cell in Your Body Pump Out 3 Times More Energy
Human clinical trials and studies on human cells have found this new CoQ10 upgrade boosts your heart, brain, energy and body back to youthful levels, and:
  • Stops brain cells from dying. Fifty percent more human brain cells survived every single day when treated with it. – Neuroscience Letters [2]
  • Helps you sleep. People taking it fell asleep faster, slept longer and woke up less throughout the night… which resulted in reduced feelings of stress and frustration, feeling blue, and — of course — fatigue. – Functional Foods in Health and Disease [3]
  • Improves high level brain function. People suffering from forgetfulness could perform memory tasks twice as fast after just 12 weeks of use. – Food Chemical News [4]
  • ​​Reduces inflammation by 51% in human cells. – Neuroscience Letters [5]
  • ​Boosts blood flow to your brain. People taking it experienced 208% more blood flow to their brain, compared to the placebo. – Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology [6]
  • Reduces cholesterol to safe levels. People with “dangerously high” LDL cholesterol took it and saw their levels drop 15.4% — down to “acceptable” levels — in just 6 weeks. – Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology [7]
But that’s just the beginning…

As we speak, scientists are testing its limits… conducting thousands of cutting-edge studies… pitting this extraordinary discovery against the deadliest diseases known to man.

Over and over and over again, this CoQ10 upgrade emerges victorious… with no limits to its healing potential in sight… and no side effects whatsoever.
Here’s just a small sample…
  • Stops heart cells from dying. When exposed to heart-attack like stress, 40% more heart cells survived in mice given it compared to the placebo. – University of California, San Francisco [8]
  • Destroys up to 1,000 times more disease-causing free radicals than vitamin C. – UC Davis [9]
  • Lengthens healthier lifespan by 25%. That’s the equivalent of adding 15-20 healthy years to your life on average! – The Journal of Biological Chemistry [10]
  • ​​​Triggers the growth of nerve cells in your brain for sharper thinking. – National University of Singapore [11]
  • ​Reduces severity of heart attack by 51%.  – University of California San Francisco VA Medical Center [12]
  • Promotes radiant skin. Women taking it retained 583% more water in their skin. Preventing moisture loss reduces the appearance of wrinkles and skin discoloration. – Department of Applied Biological Science, Tokyo University [13]
  • ​Supports healthy blood sugar levels. Just two weeks of use improved insulin resistance in mice. – Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry [14]
  • Protects against vitamin deficiencies. Mice fed a vitamin deficient diet… but supplemented with it demonstrated improved learning function, compared to the placebo. – UC Davis [15]
  • Increases immune system function. Blood tests showed mice given it had 600% more antibodies (proteins that fight bacteria, viruses, and toxins) compared to the placebo. – UC Davis [16]
  • ​Restores joint comfort and easy, pain-free mobility. Was found to promote movement after spinal cord injuries. – Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications [17]
  • ​​Supports the sharp vision and healthy eyes. Prevents cataract formation in animal studies. – UC Davis [18]
These are scientists with impeccable credentials, from world-class institutions, with teams of researchers.
In short, much like CoQ10, this discovery could further expand healthy lifespan and eliminate fear of so-called “incurable” chronic disease.
A Laundry List of Big Pharma Drugs
ROB Your Body of the Energy It Needs to Fight Disease!
Molecular Nutrition and Food Research discovered many common prescriptions leave you tired… weak… and vulnerable to disease, because they destroy the ability for your cells to generate power!
Here are just a few:
  • Common pain relievers such as aspirin, Tylenol, and naproxen
  • Antidepressants like Prozac and Asendis
  • ​Heart and cholesterol medications like Cordarone, cholestyramine, and most statins
  • ​Anxiety drugs like Xanax and valium
  • ​Diabetes medications like metformin
  • ​Beta-blockers, cancer meds, antivirals, the list goes on…
Researchers found even common antibiotics steal your cellular thunder, too, leading to “oxidative damage to DNA, proteins, and membrane lipids.”
The Sinister Angle to This Story the Press Hasn’t (Or Won’t) Report on…
How Big Pharma’s Shameless Profiteering Puts Your Health in Danger

There’s a deep, dark secret fueling the chronic fatigue… widespread obesity…

And skyrocketing cases of all chronic disease you see all around you.

You see, emerging evidence reveals the power-generating sections of your cells that are rejuvenated by this CoQ10 upgrade…
…that create energy to power your heart, lungs, muscles, and mind…
…youthful energy your body needs to support good health and look, feel, and act like
a kid again…
…are KILLED OFF by prescription drugs.
Why You’ll NEVER Hear the Story I’m About to Share With You on the Nightly News…

Big Pharma spends billions running drug ads on TV, the radio, and major newspapers and magazines.

Do you really think the mainstream media will run a story like this… and offend their biggest advertisers… and risk losing all of that money?
Of course not…
But, I can’t be bought by Big Pharma…
Which is why I’m writing you today. To expose Big Pharma’s shameless profiteering at the expense of your health.
And, to share with you the biggest health breakthrough since the discovery of CoQ10…
If you are interested in sky-high energy levels — no matter what obstacles life throws at you — then this might be the most important report you’ve ever read.
Specifically, I’ll show you how this CoQ10 upgrade makes it possible for your cells to pump out 3 times more energy when your energy demands are the highest… like… when you are stressed, sick, or being attacked by disease.
In other words, it’s unlike every other “energy pill” because it gives your cells the ability to keep your energy up… when you need energy the most!
Over the next few minutes I’m going to share with you the exact details of this CoQ10 upgrade… what else I’ve discovered that complements and intensifies the energy-boosting, health-rejuvenating powers of CoQ10… and how this can give you a new lease on life, like it has for thousands of my patients.
And rest assured, this has nothing to do with nervous or jittery energy (like you get from stimulants).
Imagine having a car with a big powerful engine…

You don’t HAVE to smash the pedal to the floor. You can drive at a leisurely pace. But if you NEED an extra boost of energy, well, isn’t it nice to know the power is always “on tap”?

That’s exactly what this gives you. Extra energy. On demand. Energy that could save your life. Let me explain how…
If Your Bottle of CoQ10 Does NOT Have These Three Letters Printed on the Ingredient Label…
Then You Are NOT Getting the Full Benefits of CoQ10

If your bottle of CoQ10 does not have pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) printed on the ingredient label, then you are NOT getting the full benefits of CoQ10.

That’s because PQQ is the only nutrient scientifically shown to create brand-new “molecular engines” inside every one of your cells.
These “molecular engines” are what burn the raw fuel of CoQ10… and… turn it into energy your body can use.
Simply put — like emergency generators during a power outage — these extra “molecular engines” kick-in during times of stress… and… give you more energy to power through even the toughest of times.
How much better is this than CoQ10 alone?
Gives You 3X More Energy… When You Need it Most!

In research too dangerous to do on people, UC Davis scientists stressed mice to the point of deadly physical exhaustion. [19]

One group received PQQ before the tests. The others did not. The results were shocking…
The mice deprived of PQQ folded under pressure. Their blood sugar skyrocketed.
They shrank in size. Researchers thought their lungs were going to explode!
But the mice given PQQ gained healthy body weight. Maintained steady, healthy blood glucose levels.
 And displayed no “labored breathing” like the other mice. In fact, with PQQ the greater the stress, the HEALTHIER the mice became.
In Other Words, Not Only Did the Stressed PQQ Group Survive… They THRIVED

A closer inspection revealed why. The researchers tested the “relative activity” of mice cells. Essentially, “relative activity” measures how much energy cells pump out.

During the test, mice without PQQ quickly fatigued. Their “relative activity” plummeted… with their cells working at just one-third normal capacity.
On the other hand, mice with PQQ showed
Zero Drop in Energy When Pushed to the Limit

No wonder the mice given PQQ passed the “stress tests” with flying colors. Even under extreme stress, their cells were pumping out 3 times more energy!

Said differently, PQQ keeps your energy level at maximum capacity… when… you need it most!
  • Imagine having 3 times more energy — waiting in reserves — when you have to suddenly run to catch a plane.
  • Imagine having 3 times more energy — waiting in reserves — when your grandkids come to visit.
  • Imagine having 3 times more energy — waiting in reserves — for those sudden times when energy is a matter of life or death.
3X More Energy Stops a Heart Attack… While It’s Happening!

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco wanted to know if the energy-on-demand from PQQ could stop the No. 1 cause of death in the United States… heart disease. [20]

So they induced heart attacks in three groups of mice.
The control group was deprived of PQQ.
The other group received PQQ. And the final group received PQQ after having a heart attack.

The results were stunning… Compared to the control, pre-treatment with PQQ reduced the severity of a heart attack by 51%!

But that’s not the most surprising part…
3X more energy so powerful it can save your life AFTER a heart attack!
Specifically, UC San Francisco researchers found it reduced the severity of a heart attack by 35%, resulting in:
  • Less free radical damage to heart cells
  • Better blood flow
  • And a steadier heart beat
Which means PQQ is so effective at helping your cells pump out more energy… that… it keeps your heart pumping even if taken AFTER a heart attack!
Leading the researchers to conclude…
“PQQ is highly effective in reducing myocardial infarct size”… “Improving cardiac function”… and is “a highly effective cardioprotective agent.”
Pretty impressive, right? But you’re not a lab rat.
Does it work on people? You bet. In fact…
The Higher Your Cholesterol, the Better It Lowers It.

In a double-blind study, researchers found PQQ lowered LDL (the so-called “bad”) cholesterol 4.9% in 6 weeks compared to a placebo. [21]

That’s nothing to write home about. But the people in the study who started off with the worst cholesterol improved the most. Specifically, their LDL cholesterol dropped 15.4% in 6 weeks.
They lost THREE TIMES as much cholesterol. In short, the higher your cholesterol the BETTER PQQ works!
What Makes PQQ So Powerful?
In short, PQQ turns back the clock and makes old cells pump out energy like they were young again.
That’s because PQQ make your cells grow more mitochondria. Mitochondria are the “molecular engines” inside your cells.
Like an engine in a car converts fuel into power… mitochondria transform the raw fuel of CoQ10 into youthful energy.
Older, weaker cells have fewer and damaged mitochondria.
Cells exposed to PQQ regenerate mitochondria.

It’s important you take PQQ, because mitochondria levels plummet with age.

Researchers studied the muscle tissue of a 90-year-old man and compared it to that of a 5-year-old boy. [22]
The results? Shocking!
They discovered the mitochondrial DNA of the older man was 95% damaged. Yet the mitochondrial DNA of the 5-year-old boy was completely intact.
Bottom line: PQQ gives you back the mitochondria you lose as the years tick by. If you’ve ever wondered why you look, act, and feel OLDER than you used to, blame your missing mitochondria!
By age 90, as much as 95 percent of your mitochondrial DNA may be damaged.
Now, before we continue — and in the interest of full disclosure — you should know PQQ is not the only way to grow new mitochondria.
If You Read Nothing Else, Read This…

I’m a doctor. I want to help you get healthier. And I believe you should know all of the options available.

So that you can make an informed decision on what is the best course of action for you.
So you should know, you do NOT have to supplement with PQQ to restore the power of your youth.
You have two other very good options to restore your mitochondria.
They are: First, high-intensity exercise (like the brutal workouts you see football players doing… or… running wind-sprints).
All you have to do is find a short stretch of land — preferably with an incline, like a hill — and sprint up until you are huffing and puffing. Repeating this 7 times… twice a week… for 3 months will start to regrow lost mitochondria.
And… Second, calorie restriction (also known as eating less).
A clinical trial published on the respected Public Library of Science Medicine proved it.
After 6 months on a strict low-calorie diet… people grew 35% more mitochondria compared to the control. [23]
But PQQ Gives You More Mitochondria, Quicker Than You Can Get Through Diet and Exercise…

Now, I’m a big believer in eating healthy and exercise. But I also understand you have to live in the real world. And not everyone can always follow this advice.

Which makes PQQ the fast and easy way to restore lost mitochondria.
I invite you to consider the following…
A study in the Journal of Nutrition found remarkable things begin to happen shortly after supplementing with PQQ. [24]
Researchers gave mice PQQ, and compared the results against a placebo.
In just 8 weeks, the mice consuming PQQ saw an extraordinary 55% increase in the number of new mitochondria in their cells compared to the group who ate no PQQ.
That gives you 20% MORE mitochondria than 6 months of extreme dieting.
And unlike dieting, the result happened quicker… just 8 weeks.
Of course, you are not a mouse. And these two studies aren’t an “apples-to-apples” comparison.
But the mice with the strongest mitochondria showed NO signs of aging — even though they were the equivalent of 80-year-old people!
Without starving yourself and punishing yourself with high-intensity exercise every week, to my knowledge, mitochondria creation simply does not occur any other way.
This is Why Not All CoQ10 Supplements Can Deliver on the Promise of “More Energy”

If you don’t have mitochondria to burn the CoQ10 you take through supplementation… it all goes to waste!

You need both high-quality CoQ10… and PQQ to get the job done. I’ll circle back to that in a moment.
You’ve already seen how PQQ can stop a heart attack in its tracks. But that’s just the beginning…
How Do You See Yourself at 80 and Beyond?
When I first meet patients at my clinic, many tell me they’re worried about ending up weak and feeble-minded — stuck in a wheelchair.
But then I tell them it’s possible to feel younger and healthier, even into old age… 
So they can sustain youth — and they love it.
Is that a reality for you? It can be with the help of my Ultra Accel II formula.
3X More Energy Reverses the Damage Done by the Biggest Threat to Your Brain
The Alzheimer’s Association says it “triggers inflammation” in the brain.
Making it a “prime suspect in cell death and tissue loss in the Alzheimer brain.” [25] That experts agree causes “memory loss and other cognitive problems.” [26]
I’m talking about beta-amyloid plaques… useless collections of protein fragments that form in the brain.
Just like a mudslide across a highway stops traffic, these plaques disrupt the flow of communication between brain cells… and… block transportation of nutrients into your brain, too.
As a result, brain cells — called neurons — die. You can’t tell at first. Maybe you notice it takes a little longer to find your keys.
But as more plaques form, brain cell death accelerates. Big Pharma considers beta-amyloid plaques the biggest threat to an aging brain.
But they’ve failed to reliably and safely target it using drugs. In fact, many drug companies are giving up even trying to help people.
A recent Fortune magazine headline reads…
But that’s okay.
Because PQQ Reverses the Damage Done by Beta-Amyloid Plaques… And Protects Your Brain THREE Different Ways!

Researchers published in the prestigious journal Neuroscience Letters are quoted saying that PQQ “holds potential for neuroprotection [and is a] promising treatment for Alzheimer’s.” [27]

Here’s why…
They took human neuron cells and divided them into three groups. A control group. A group exposed to beta-amyloid plaques. And a group treated with PQQ… and then exposed to beta-amyloid plaques.
The results were startling…
They found cells exposed to beta-amyloid plaques suffered heavy DNA damage… upward of 30%. But when those same cells were protected with PQQ first? DNA damaged dropped down to as low as 2%.
That is a very impressive reduction in damage. And that’s just for starters…
Inflammation DOUBLED in human cells exposed to beta-amyloid plaques. But when those same cells were protected with PQQ first? Inflammation didn’t increase. In fact, inflammation PLUMMETED BY 51%!
There’s more…
Beta-amyloid plaques sent cell-death skyrocketing. Specifically it killed off a whopping 260% more human cells — per day!
But when those same exposed cells were protected with PQQ first?
49% more cells SURVIVED! 
And I invite you to consider this…
This was in comparison to regular, healthy human neurons cells. So in other words, the human cells pre-treated with PQQ turned out HEALTHIER than regular cells! 
Even when they were exposed to the No. 1 threat to brain health: neurotoxic beta-amyloid plaques!
Leading the researchers to say “PQQ could protect [human] cells against beta-amyloid-induced neurotoxicity.”
But PQQ Does More Than Protect Your Brain
It BOOSTS performance. In a double-blind study of 50- to 70-year-olds, researchers measured the effect of PQQ supplementation on blood flow. [28]
Why blood flow?
Because blood carries oxygen. And your brain uses more oxygen than any other organ in your body.

So any supplement that increases blood flow is good for your brain, too.

Sure enough, they found PQQ boosted brain blood flow by an amazing 208% compared to the placebo.
With the extra oxygen flowing to their brain, the people performed better on standardized tests, leading the researchers to conclude PQQ supplementation “resulted in the enhancement of cognitive function.”
A follow-up double-blind, placebo-controlled study confirmed these results. With researchers saying…
“PQQ was found to improve immediate memory, spatial awareness, and higher brain functions.” [29]
Because PQQ goes to the root of the problem — age-related energy decline — there’s almost nothing it can’t do.
I could go on for another 100 pages explaining all of the miracles of PQQ.
But because I respect your time, let me give you “just the facts” on what else PQQ can do for your health and vitality.
Unleash the power of Ultra Accel II and… heart, brain and body. 
More energy in 24 hours!
“I noticed more energy within 24 hours of taking Ultra Accel II.  I was thrilled to have all that extra strength and endurance. Then, after a few weeks, I ran out and within a week, all that extra energy disappeared. I didn’t realize how much it affected me until it was gone. Now, I’ll never be without Ultra Accel II. I would recommend this to everyone.”  – Karyn E. 
3X More Energy for Healthier Blood Sugar…
A study published by the American Diabetes Association states, “Damage to mitochondria inevitably leads to disease.” Specifically, “Mitochondrial damage in ß-cells causes diabetes.”
That’s the first reason why PQQ is a godsend for diabetics… as you’ve seen, it restores lost mitochondrial function. [30] But that’s just for starters…
As you know, blood sugar soars when your cells can’t absorb the glucose in your bloodstream.
This is called impaired glucose tolerance.
And is an early warning sign of diabetes.
But researchers from Japan shows PQQ could end your blood sugar worries for good.
Here’s why: They gave type 2 diabetic mice PQQ for two weeks and found it “improved impaired glucose tolerance.”
Leading the researchers to conclude…
“Our findings clearly suggest that PQQ can be useful in anti-diabetic treatment for type-2 diabetic subjects.” [31]
“My increased mobility and energy levels helped me fulfill a lifelong dream — climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.” – Dr. Sears
3X More Energy for Less Painful Inflammation and More Mobility
PQQ can help you keep moving well into old age, even if accident, injury, or illness has robbed you of that freedom. Here’s why…
A cover story in Time magazine linked chronic inflammation to heart attacks, cancer, Alzheimer’s, joint pain, and more.
They even said it “may be the engine that drives many of the most feared illnesses of middle and old age.”
But a study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry found healthy people who took 20 mg of PQQ experience significant decreases in two key inflammation markers, C-reactive protein (by 45% in three weeks) and IL6. [32]
It’s such a powerful anti-inflammatory, PQQ even promotes movement after the worst type of trauma.
A study published in Biochemical and Biophysical Research [33] reported on the effects of PQQ on spinal cord injuries.
Compared to the placebo, they found mice given PQQ experienced 66% less trauma… got back on their feet quicker… and gained back more range of motion.
3X More Energy Promotes Radiant Skin in Just 8 Weeks
UC Davis researchers discovered PQQ keeps the layers under your skin tight. [34]
Specifically, PQQ accumulates in the skin. This promotes collagen formation and gives your skin a firm foundation to rest upon, stopping your skin from sagging. But that’s not all…
Sixty-seven women took PQQ for 8 weeks. Tests showed their skin retained a whopping 583% MORE water. Preventing moisture loss reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

This is why the researchers reported…

“Orally ingested PQQ improves skin conditions because less water is lost from the skin’s surface… and the appearance of wrinkles is reduced in humans.”
3X More Energy Makes EVERYTHING Better…
  • ​ 3X More Energy Supercharges Your Immune System! Mice given PQQ had 600% more immune system antibodies.  – UC Davis  [35]
  • ​ 3X More Energy So You Sleep Better! People taking PQQ slept longer, woke up less throughout the night, and fell asleep faster… which resulted in reduced feelings of frustration, feeling blue, and — of course — fatigue (and even improved relationships with friends and family).  – Functional Foods in Health and Disease [36]
  • ​ 3X More Energy Keeps Away the Chills! PQQ supplemented mice withstood exposure to cold temperatures without labored breathing, indicating increased comfort compared to PQQ-deficient mice.  – Journal of Nutrition [37]
  • ​3X More Energy Keeps You Thin! Cells in mice deprived of PQQ couldn’t utilize carbohydrates. And when your cells can’t use carbs… they turn into fat.  – Department of Nutrition, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Los Angeles [38]
The list goes on…
In essence, PQQ is the Ritz Carlton of supplements… it powers up every single one of your cells… giving them the ability to pump out 3 times more energy needed to stop you from falling victim to a laundry list of the worst diseases.
That’s why I call PQQ “nature’s all-purpose tune up.” As you’ve seen, the extra energy it delivers positively impacts everything.
But the news about Ultra Accel II is even better. Like I mentioned previously, it doesn’t just create new mitochondria to power up your heart, brain, and body.
It also includes a superior form of CoQ10 that’s…
8X More Powerful Than Old, Poorly Absorbed CoQ10

The Pill That Delivers High-Powered “Accel” CoQ10 to Rocket

Your Vitality, Energy and Youthfulness
While PQQ creates brand-new molecular engines in your cells, you still need enough “raw fuel” to produce youthful energy and vitality… and that fuel is CoQ10.
That’s why I’ve combined PQQ with a high-powered form of CoQ10 I call “Accel” in Ultra Accel II… and this 1-2 punch is the best I’ve ever seen for helping my patients and me stay younger and healthier.
If you don’t have enough of CoQ10 cellular “raw fuel,” your body becomes like a car that’s sputtering, running on fumes.
This lack of energy especially drains your heart, brain and vitality.
As I mentioned earlier, when I first started using CoQ10 back in the early 1990s, I tested my patients and found out that a shocking 87% of them had low levels of CoQ10.
Why? Because CoQ10 Levels Plummet as You Age
As this chart shows, between ages 20 and 80, CoQ10 levels in your body drop dramatically.
Look at how much life-saving, health-boosting CoQ10 you’ll lose by age 80 if you don’t take action
  • ​In your liver, CoQ10 drops by 17%
  • ​In your kidneys, CoQ10 drops by 34.7%
  • ​In your lungs, CoQ10 drops by 49.3%
  • ​In your heart, CoQ10 drops by 57.1%
  • ​In your heart wall muscle, CoQ10 drops by 72%
So my patients started taking CoQ10, and many of them had excellent results.
But still, some of my patients didn’t get the kind of natural energy and health boost they expected from CoQ10.
That All Changed When I Met a Pioneer in CoQ10 Research, Dr. Tatsumasa Mae from Japan
Dr. Mae came to my clinic here in South Florida and unveiled his innovative CoQ10 — a supercharged version of CoQ10.
That’s the only one I take and only one I recommend.
It makes all other CoQ10 obsolete, and it accelerates your health and youthfulness so effectively…
I call it Accel CoQ10.
Dr. Tatsumasa Mae and me at my clinic as he revealed his CoQ10 breakthrough
Accel CoQ10 Proves Superior in Two Ways
As you may know, traditional CoQ10 is known as ubiquinone. But once it gets into your body, it must be converted to its reduced form, ubiquinol.
Ubiquinol is the only form of CoQ10 that can work miracles.
But here’s the problem: After age 45, your body’s ability to covert CoQ10 from ubiquinone into ubiquinol is diminished, proven in a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society. [39]
So traditional CoQ10 doesn’t give you the full health-boosting power of CoQ10 ubiquinol.
Fortunately, Dr. Mae and his team discovered a new delivery system that’s a reliable way to skip this conversion process.
The result? You take CoQ10 ubiquinol straight on its own. So powerful was this discovery, Dr. Mae’s company patented it and licenses production of it to just a handful of manufacturers.
By taking this special new form of CoQ10, you gain two huge advantages over typical CoQ10…
1. You get eight times greater absorption of CoQ10 for superior age-fighting and disease reversal.
According to a study published in the journal Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, 150 mg of Accel CoQ10 raised blood levels to a degree that would take 1,200 mg of CoQ10 ubiquinone. [40]
And if you double the dose of Accel CoQ10 to 300 mg — the ideal dose for reversing the health challenges of aging — you’d have to take a whopping 2,400 mg of traditional CoQ10 to equal that power.
This proves the new Accel CoQ10 is eight times more powerful than the traditional form of CoQ10 when it comes to absorption. And this means you can take less and still get more of the full power of CoQ10 in Ultra Accel II.
Even better…
2. Super-charged Accel CoQ10 remains in your blood at a nearly four times greater concentration.
Another flaw of traditional CoQ10 ubiquinone is it peaks at a much lower level after you take it and dramatically decreases over the following eight hours.
Not so with my recommended Accel CoQ10.
In one study using mice, 100 mg of traditional CoQ10 ubiquinone dropped to a low level (just 1.2 mcg/ml) after eight hours — a level too low to have an effective disease-fighting or anti-aging effect.
But 100 mg of Accel CoQ10 ubiquinol was still in the blood at a 3.75 times greater concentration after eight hours — with a blood level of 4.5 mcg/ml. And this high concentration staying in your system for eight hours is a key to unleashing CoQ10’s full healing potential.
I remember when I had to tell some of my patients they needed to take 400 mg of the old CoQ10 every eight hours to keep their blood levels high enough.
Not anymore with my Accel CoQ10. This is why this special form of CoQ10 is the only one used in my Ultra Accel II.
What Can This High-powered CoQ10 Do for You? Plenty!
Research shows fueling your body with CoQ10 helps…
  • ​ ​Reverse memory-robbing brain plaque [41]
  • ​ Keep your blood vessels open for a healthier heart [42]
  • ​ Balance your blood pressure to healthy levels [43]
  • ​​Reduce oxidative stress and slow down the aging process [44]
  • ​​Reduce skin roughness and the appearance of wrinkles [45]
Bottom line: Taking Ultra Accel II gives you an unfair advantage at beating old age!
So many of my patients have been literally transformed when they’ve taken PQQ and the superior form of CoQ10 I recommend that it only made sense to combine these two powerhouses into the exclusive Ultra Accel II formula.
More Than 260,000 People Have Taken Ultra Accel II Or My Original Accel Formula.
Here’s Why They LOVE It…
“Doubled my endurance!”
I noticed a difference within a few weeks. I exercise several times a week, and with Ultra Accel II, my endurance doubled. I love it. There is really something about Ultra Accel II that I can FEEL. It’s not just in your body either… you can feel it mentally, too. This is something I’ll be taking for a long time.” – Jerry M.
“Blood pressure nightmare, over!”
Mary, a 63-year-old, came into my office because she was really worried about her blood pressure, her heart, her lack of energy and her inability to lose weight even after “eating like a bird.” But after just a week taking Ultra Accel II, her blood pressure is healthy, she feels renewed energy and she’s even lost two pounds!
“Secret super fit 67-year-old!”
“Honestly, I have been taking Ultra Accel II for so long I forgot what I was like before. I am a 67-year-old and feel pretty good and take no medication. My workmates who are all under 50 say I am the fittest 67-year-old they have ever seen and have trouble keeping up with me.”
– Dale A.
“83-year-old gets youthful surge!”
“At 82, I thought that it was probably downhill from then on. At 83, I realized I had more energy at the end of the day. The difference has to be Ultra Accel II. I used to take another CoQ10 product until I saw your Ultra Accel II and changed to that. I used to be really physically tired by 5 pm, but not these days. I now enjoy my evenings and am happy to go out and return much later than previously.” – Barbara
“Improved my health 10-fold!”
“I have been under intense stress for quite some time. I thought I would never recuperate. I started following your approach to improve my overall health with Ultra Accel II and two of your other supplements. I started feeling better…now I have improved my health 10-fold. I am living proof that your products absolutely work. I look much younger and have greater strength.”  – Chris B.
“Feels like a 30-year rollback!”
“With PQQ in Ultra Accel II, I have energy I never thought possible. I am in my 70s but feel 40 again. I think clearer, move with real energy and sleep like a baby.”  – Colleen R.
Two Rare Nutrients That Keep Your Mitochondria Running Strong for Years to Come…
Ultra Accel II is new and improved with the addition of two nutrients most people don’t recognize. Yet they can boost your health and youthful vitality.
First, I learned I could increase the power of Accel CoQ10 by adding tocotrienols, a special group of vitamin E related organic antioxidants.
We used to think there was only one type of vitamin E (alpha tocopherol), but now we know there are many different types called tocotrienols and tocopherols.
Tocotrienols are the type of vitamin E mostly missing from our diet and the most powerful type we can take.
Ultra Accel II contains a special high-powered form of vitamin E called gamma tocotrienols.
Gamma tocotrienols boost your cells’ antioxidant strength by 300%, which helps protect your body from free radical damage and keeps your heart healthy.
As an added bonus, gamma tocotrienols help CoQ10 to work even better to supercharge your health.
But that’s not all. Ultra Accel II also includes…
The “Immortality Herb” That Keeps You Young

My eye is always open for new discoveries that can help my patients live younger and healthier, and that’s why I’ve included a unique age-defying herb Gynostemma pentaphyllum in the new and improved Ultra Accel II.

This herbaceous vine is commonly found in China, Korea and Japan where it is called Xiancao — which means “immortality herb” — for both its long-life benefits and its ability to grow wild.
Gynostemma pentaphyllum is an “adaptogen,” which protects your body against stress and boosts its strength and stamina.
But what really got my attention is clinical research that shows Gynostemma pentaphyllum activates an enzyme called AMPk, which in turn…
  • De-activates many destructive effects of aging to keep your cells youthful and vital. [46]
  • Supports the health of mitochondria in your cells to give your body a revitalized boost. [47]
  • Causes cells to melt fat for energy, instead of storing it in your belly — keeping you slim and energized. [48]
Yet the news about Ultra Accel II is even more exciting as you’ll now see…
“Finally, Unleash the Full Power of CoQ10 in One Softgel!”
The PQQ and high-powered Accel CoQ10 are super concentrated in Ultra Accel II so you only need to take one small softgel a day.
No more swallowing 3–4 pills or capsules a day.
No more breaking the bank on one supplement for anti-aging…
One for better memory…
One for a stronger heart and one for boundless energy.
Just take one softgel of Ultra Accel II a day… and let the remarkable energizing and rejuvenating results begin.
Try Ultra Accel II 100% Risk-Free!
Backed by a Money-Back Triple Guarantee
Ultra Accel II has made a remarkable difference in the energy, health and longevity of my patients and me — and now, you can take it, too…without risk.
That’s because your order is backed by not one but three guarantees…
GUARANTEE No. 1: Ultra Accel II guaranteed to include the most powerful form of PQQ on earth, BioPQQ® — the only form of PQQ formed naturally… PLUS, the super strength “Accel” CoQ10, clinically proven to be eight times more powerful with enhanced absorption than typical CoQ10 — or your money back.
GUARANTEE No. 2: Ultra Accel II guaranteed to support mitochondria health and function. The PQQ will uniquely produce NEW mitochondria in your cells and power up your heart, boost your brain power, energize your body and slow down the aging process in a way that’s light years ahead of simply taking CoQ10 alone — or your money back.
GUARANTEE No. 3: Ultra Accel II guaranteed to help you feel more energized, stronger, younger and healthier — or your money back.
In fact, for any reason — or for no reason at all — if you do not want to continue taking Ultra Accel II, just return the unused portion — or even the empty bottles — within 90 days of purchase. You’ll promptly receive a FULL REFUND of every penny paid. This way, you risk nothing.
May I share a secret with you?
One of my goals as a doctor is to have the energy and the vitality of a teenager well into my 60s, 70s and even my 80s! And it’s the reason why I’ve dedicated my life to helping my patients, my readers, my family and you retain the power of youth well into old age.
This is why I won’t miss a day taking Ultra Accel II, with PQQ and the super potent Accel CoQ10. I plan to take Ultra Accel II every day for the rest of my life, and you should, too.
The secret to staying young is…
1. Producing NEW mitochondria that are healthy enough to produce more energy…
2. And skyrocketing the level of “raw fuel” to power up your mitochondria with a superior form of Accel CoQ10.
And now, for the first time, it’s all possible with my exclusive new and improved Ultra Accel II.
So what are you waiting for?
You have absolutely nothing to lose and decades of youthful health, energy and vitality to gain.
Order Ultra Accel II today.
To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD, CNS
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