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There are moments in our life that we think that nothing will work out the way we want it too.  We should never, ever allow ourselves to that kind of thoughts, because it will always be for better, the same way they change for worse. We have to have HOPE!
Events can change all over a sudden, Always… TRUST. Try to always be Positive. When you are negative you attract Bad vibes to your life. When you think positive, you will attract Beautiful things to your life…

Do you know that we have chemicals in our body that when we see the object of our interest we discharge gestures and scents to that person without totally notice at first? Isn’t that Amazing how our body is equipped with all these chemicals and mechanisms that it produces all the time?


My name is Luzia. I am 59 years old. I am very pleased to have visited you on my Web site.

I am doing this work for so many reasons… I think that the most important one is the fact that I see too many people from childhood to elderly, suffering from sicknesses that maybe could be avoided.

I have been living the Natural Way for some time, I don’t really remember how long it has been, I guess a long time…

I really love my planet.

When I started to realize the things that are happening to this wonderful Planet, Nature being destroyed day by day, not even have an idea about when we are going to agree with a solution. The chemicals, pesticides, carcinogens, etc… Are taking over of the beautiful solutions Earth has to offer. Is it cheaper?  Is it a shortcut?  Who knows?

I thought it’s crucial that we do something…

If we are going to take action it has to start in our own home. Being that way Hawk flying

individually,  doing our own mission, living the Natural Way, working on our body, our home, our family, and our surroundings. Doing it this way,  its very best place to live could be within our reach, our place, our solution!

If every one of us does that, think about the accomplishments… It’s huge!

I try every minute of my life to have a Natural Approach to everything that I do. When I wake up in the morning to the time that I am going to bed. So, everyone could do a few things on their own, saving, preserving, at one’s own pace!

When this Planet has come to my attention, such clever world, taking also into consideration that everything in this planet and universe, was made for us, Human Beings, Animals, Weird life forms… Don’t you feel rather important?

It is a big responsibility. But, God trusted us with a humongous mission. Really, I am flattered. We are his helpers in this ultimate ride escalating further to our own improvement. I do feel that the more I can do, the better it will be. Let’s face it, it’s for our own good.

We are all supposed to work towards to preserve, save, nourish.

Being one step ahead of this Earth needs and care. We can all help having some habits that are crucial to the environment.

With all the trees, the soil, and every precious thing that is in Nature, it’s very important that we do it, each one of us, in our own way, little by little.

Most of the life forms are already making their contributions every second of the day, faithfully.

I guess we are the only ones that in fact do more destroy than building.

Thinking this way I have decided to build this Web Site. With things that will help most of us take good care of ourselves without getting hurt or hurting this planet! Things that you need every minute of the day, to care for your home, your possessions, your family and yourself. Smoothly, using Nature at its very best, preserving and helping to save our environment at the same time.

We are going to make sure that the things that you are already getting are going to be the best for you, your family, your soul and your world!

I have on this Web Site a huge selection that took a lot of research to have at your fingertips. Come, navigate and find out what you are looking for… You can know for sure, without a shred of a doubt, that you are really not hurting yourself, your family and friends and your Sacred Environment. Honestly!

Luzia Soares having a Natural Approach. Join me!

Thank you.


Luzia Soares.