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Feel Younger, Longer!

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“Genius Pill” Saves Your Shrinking Brain

Landmark Prestigious California university study finds when given to Americans 50+ it can…

  • “Undo” 28 years of brain aging
  • Activate 4x more memory-saving brain stem cells¹
  • And grow a 14% bigger brain
“I’ve made an IQ-boosting, memory-enhancing discovery that involves no drugs or pills or dangerous effects. Ever since I gave this “smart pill” to my patients, they don’t just feel, think, and act younger and smarter than at any point in their lives. Their brains are younger at the cellular level, even the same as 30-year-olds. This is why I’ve made my “smart pill” available to Americans age 50+, for the first time ever, without a prescription.”  – Dr. Al Sears MD.

Dear Reader,

Did you know that, as we age, our brains shrink by almost 1% each year?
Even if we’re completely healthy and regardless of diet, exercise, genes or lifestyle…

We lose 500 million brain cells each year.

And it gets even worse.
Most of the loss is in the hippocampus, the region of the brain where we process memory, learning and recognition.
This is why we get “senior moments,” brain fog, age-related memory loss, and problems with facial recognition and recall.
But the good news: it’s not just avoidable…
It’s reversible.
Thanks to the non-drug, side-effect free nutrient in my “smart pill.”
One that a team of researchers from a prestigious California university found has the ability to “undo” 28 years of brain aging.
All with just a single small dose each week.
They gave it to a group of 260 men and women over the age of 65.
After a few weeks, they took MRI scans of their brains…
And what they saw was remarkable…
Their brain’s hippocampus was 14% larger than the placebo group!²
Think about that…14%.
That’s 14 billion brain cells.
That’s how much the average brain declines over the course of 28 years.
In other words…
“Their Brains Got 28 Years Younger” 

Naturally. Without drugs. And with just 1 small dose per week.

That’s incredible.
The radiologist of a prestigious California university who led the study, could hardly contain excitement… “[With this nutrient] your hippocampus — the big memory and learning center — is 14% larger. 14 percent. That has implications for reducing risk of age-related memory decline.”
“If you have a stronger hippocampus, your risk of age-related memory decline is going to go down.”

So just imagine…

Imagine if you took just 1 dose of this brain nutrient every single day…
A dose seven times more powerful… and 3x more absorbable.
Imagine what it could do for your brain health.
How much younger, clearer, and quicker you’d think.
How much better your focus and word recall would be.
And how your memories from decades ago could not only return but seem as clear as photographs.
You could even think better and smarter than at any point in your life.
That’s what my patients are reporting…

Julie Went from Scoring on the Bottom 30th Quintile to the Top 90th — in a Matter of Months

Like Julie G., age 49, who completely transformed her brain health with this single pill. Her memory lapses were mounting… she’d forget common roads while driving… and she couldn’t remember a thing she read.

But then she turned to this smart pill, and within four months, she experienced a dramatic turnaround. She felt her mental sharpness return. And she went from scoring in the bottom 30th quintile to the top 90th on an official cognitive test.
That means she now has greater mental aptitude than 90% of the population!

“My Focus and Memory Are Back At Age 30-Levels”

According to Mark K., of West Palm Beach, Florida…

“I was worried when I started blanking out on things that used to be routine.
All those ‘senior moments’ started way too young. But they suddenly stopped when I started taking this [genius pill].
Now, I feel my focus and memory are back at age 30-levels.”

Pete Couldn’t Remember His Locker Combination — Now He’s a Math Wizard CPA

And then there’s Pete, age 69, who had suffered from progressively weaker memory for 11 years.

At one point he was unable to remember his locker combination.
But within four months of taking this smart pill, he’s now a math wizard.
In fact, he went back to work as a CPA at a large corporation.

Feel Younger, Longer!

Buy one for $49.95, get 50% OFF 2nd bottle plus… FREE SHIPPING.

These are just a handful of the growing movement of seniors who are growing younger brains, thanks to this unusual pill.

All told, 27,432 bottles of this pill have been sold —

and whoever takes it reports similar mind-blowing results.

One study found it DOUBLED the memory and cognitive function of 430 seniors in just 24 weeks.[3]

Another study published in Neurology found it not only stopped age-related brain shrinkage in over a thousand seniors…
But even boosted brain size, especially in the brain’s memory center.[4]
Researchers from the University of California analyzed brain scans from 265 seniors who took this smart pill…[5]
They compared the group to the placebo and found on average…

Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Al Sears, MD.

But I’m not like any doctor you might know of.
I don’t just stay in my practice. Hit the golf course on off-hours. And call it a day.
For the last 30 years I’ve put my “boots on the ground” in 30 countries in search of cures and remedies…
The kind you won’t hear about from doctors or drug commercial ads.
During this time I’ve visited and even lived with natives who still live much like our ancient ancestors.
People who have never even heard of modern conditions like Alzheimer’s.
People who don’t suffer from the same effects of brain aging as we do in America.

Feel Younger, Longer!

Buy one for $49.95, get 50% OFF 2nd bottle plus… FREE SHIPPING.

Their elders still think quickly, clearly, and they’re famous for their “sharp as a tack” memories… re-telling ancient stories their grandparents passed down to them.

My decades of experience has taught me that modern science has it wrong on Alzheimer’s.
It’s not a “natural” disease of aging. Nor is it inevitable.
It’s actually a condition resulting from our modern environment.
But nothing prepared me for what I recently uncovered in a tiny island off the southern coast of Japan…
An island where…
“They Produce SEVEN Times More Geniuses
Than Anywhere Else”

Where they rank No. 1 in cognitive testing and IQ.

And where their elders have virtually no cases of age-related brain dysfunction. Depression and other psychological disorders are non-existent, too.
I had to know why. What was their secret? And could it really help Americans experience the same effects?
At first I thought it could be their school system. But then I found they spent next to nothing on education.
In fact, their school budget is one of the lowest in the Western world.
Map of Okinawa, Japan where I discovered this brain nutrient.
And genetics, well, I found no proof of any hereditary intelligence.
So I studied their environment, their diets, and their daily habits.
And what I found astonished me…

Turns out they consume large quantities of the key nutrient in my smart pill.

A nutrient with more proven brain benefits than just about anything else.
Men… women… children.
Rich… poor… and everyone in between.
This weird ingredient is part of every meal, every single day, in almost every household.
This had to be it — their hidden key to elite intelligence.
When I saw the obvious connection, I decided to do something about it.
I even brought back a supply of this nutrient to America and started handing out samples.
And that’s how I uncovered the “nootropic” that I used to make the key ingredient in my smart pill.
The one that makes it so powerful, and gives my patients such remarkable cognitive results.
Since then it’s caught on like wildfire, with stories that are nothing short of mind-blowing.

Like August A., a senior who started taking this smart pill and reported within weeks…

“I notice my very old memories are coming back. I can remember everything, I’m learning faster, I’m sharp and witty, my moods are stable and I feel happy and stress-free. I used to have quite a few moments of severe stress that made me freeze but now I only get one if none at all.”

Or Sam from Wyoming, who gave this to his 90-year-old father and writes,

“It definitely increases his mental acuity. His memory has improved significantly. He’s more alert, cognitive, and back to his opinionated self with facts to back up his beliefs.”

Since taking this smart pill, Timothy B. writes,

“I see a noticeable increase in my brain function. I am experiencing a noticeable increase in my concentration level and productivity throughout the day. Moreover, I am experiencing a higher level of energy and am in a better mood that has helped reduce my anxiety and stress level.”

And this is just a very tiny sample…
In fact, I have a file full of similar patient stories all testifying to the same thing…
This is the most powerful brain-enhancer ever developed.
A true “Wonder Drug” for your brain health.
One that could mean the difference between living your retirement with complete freedom and independence…
Or being a burden to loved ones.
It’s not just my patient experiences, either.
I scrutinized the scientific literature and found a massive body of research that confirms its brain-charging power…
For instance, a landmark study from the University of California[6] found…
This “Nootropic” Substantially Increases Brain Volume
Did you know that, as you age, some brain regions shrink at a rate of 0.5% per year?
The loss in volume of grey matter is the leading contributor to weaker brain function in the elderly.
That’s especially the case in the brain’s hippocampus — our memory and learning center.
But a team of researchers from the University of California found that seniors who take the nutrient in this smart pill don’t suffer that same loss.
They gave this nutrient to a group of 265 men and women over the age of 65 once each week.
Then they analyzed the MRI scans of their brains.
And what they found was remarkable…
Their brain’s hippocampus was 14% larger than the placebo group!
Think about that…
That’s how much the average brain declines over the course of 28 years.
In other words…
Researchers of the University of California find this nutrient boosts our brain’s cerebral cortex by 14%.
“Their Brains Got 28 Years Younger”
Without drugs.
And with just one mild dose per week.
That’s incredible.

Dr. Cyrus Raji, a radiologist from the California university who led the study, could hardly contain his excitement…

“[With this nutrient] your hippocampus — the big memory and learning center — is 14% larger. 14%. That has implications for reducing risk of age-related memory decline.”
“If you have a stronger hippocampus, your risk of age-related memory decline is going to go down.”
So just imagine…
Imagine if you took just one dose of this brain nutrient every single day
A dose seven times more powerful… and 3x more absorbable.
Just imagine what it could do for your brain health.
How much younger, clearer, and quicker you’d think.
How much better your focus and word recall would be.
And how your memories from decades ago could not only return but seem as clear as photographs.
You may even think better and smarter than at any point in your life!
The research shows that’s what the brain nutrient in this smart pill could do for you — and more.
And really…
“What’s your alternative?”
You allow your brain to shrivel up and lose its capacity to function…
Leading to a loss of ability to make decisions for yourself, process information, or even form memories?
I’ve seen too many of my patients come to me in this state. And it’s heartbreaking every single time.
But the good news is, with just a short period of using this smart pill, everything changes.
They feel smarter, more alert, and focused than they have in years.
They can recall what happened yesterday, last month, and 35 years ago.
And they can begin to act independently — without relying on aides or burdening family.
So from where I’m sitting, you have two choices:
Spend your retirement traveling the world… sharing your love and life with family and friends…
Or instead, waste away in the confines of a nursing home.
This smart pill makes THAT difference.
Why am I so certain?
Because so many people have seen these same life-changing results.
Stephanie was losing her mind like her mother…
Like Stephanie A., age 65.
Her mother had begun suffering from loss of brain function at that age.
Eventually her condition got so severe, she had to go to a nursing home — where she died at age 80.
Now it was happening to Stephanie.
She couldn’t remember what she read, phone numbers, or her pet’s names. She had trouble navigating familiar roads.
She even had to consider quitting her job.
When Stephanie consulted her physician, he told her she had the same thing her mother had. That there was nothing she could do to stop it. And they even turned down her application for long-term care.
Two years into her memory decline, she decided not to die in a nursing home like her mother.
And she was ready to take her own life.
“She Was About to Commit Suicide When…”
A friend then directed her to the University of California program that utilized the brain nutrient in this smart pill.
She was skeptical but enrolled anyways, and the results were better than she could imagine.
The report from the prestigious California university’s study[7] details Stephanie’s dramatic reversal…
“After three months she noted that all of her symptoms had abated: she was able to navigate without problems, remember telephone numbers without difficulty, prepare reports and do all of her work without difficulty, read and retain information, and, overall, she became asymptomatic.”
A complete recovery.
In 90 days, no less.
A Complete 90-Day Turnaround
Now Stephanie is 70 and remains at work — with no symptoms of cognitive decline.
She didn’t have to go to a nursing home.
And researchers doubt she’ll suffer the same fate as her mother — the same fate that now ravages millions of seniors every year.
Now, thanks to this smart pill…
You don’t have to either.
In just a moment, I’ll reveal how you can secure a supply of this brain breakthrough…
And how you can begin using it instantly to think sharper, clearer, and quicker — without a prescription or a doctor’s visit.
All starting with as little as $2.
But before I go into that, allow me to answer what you’re probably wondering…
“What exactly is this brain nutrient —
and why is it the key ingredient of my smart pill?”

A little-known fatty acid called DHA.

I say little-known, but scientists are recognizing this nutrient is the world’s most powerful “nootropic.”
You see, your brain is almost entirely made up of fats — 60% of which is DHA.
DHA is essential because it helps your brain grow new branches and renew and rejuvenate itself — so you can keep your brain power and sharp thinking.[8]
Here’s a snapshot of what new research shows DHA can do for your brain…
DHA renews and rejuvenates your brain — keeping your brain thinking sharp and focused.
  • Aides brain cell regeneration[9]
  • Crosses the blood-brain barrier to support the integrity of brain cells[10]
  • Reduces age-related neuroinflammation[11]
  • ​Prevents age-related brain shrinkage[12]
  • ​Supports the health and integrity of neuroglial cells (clean up brain “debris”; transport nutrients to neurons, hold neurons in place; digest parts of dead neurons; regulate content of extracellular space and provide the insulation (myelin) to neurons)[13]
  • ​Provides the building blocks for cellular brain maintenance and repair[14]
  • ​Activates genes that protect tissue from insults to brain cells[15]
Why is DHA so important?

It really gets down to what I call my “brick wall analogy.”

Think of your brain like a brick wall.
When you’re an embryo in the mother’s womb, DHA is the bricks that first form your brain.[16]
Your body doesn’t do this by itself — it must come from your mother’s own food or supplements.
Once you’re born, your brain then constantly needs it from the nutrients you consume.
That’s because the neurons must always grow new and repair themselves in order to function.
So just like a wall, your brain needs to add new bricks — DHA — to keep it supported.
In fact, according to a study from Cornell University…

“The brain needs DHA to reach its full potential”

– Cornell University researchers[17]

Unfortunately, that’s not what happens in our modern-day world.
Most of us don’t get nearly enough DHA in our food and as a result, our brain health deteriorates with aging.
In fact, DHA is the telltale marker of brain aging.
The famous Framingham Study shows us people with lower DHA levels have smaller brains and do worse on tests of visual memory, function, and thinking.[18]
But there’s good news…
Get enough of it — and the right kind — and you can get a rejuvenated, “just like new” brain.
The kind of brain nature intended you to have for all of your life. Even up to age 100 and beyond!
DHA’s brain-repairing power is so incredible, it’s even reached the mainstream media.
I’m talking about reports of real people who saw their minds rejuvenated and healed by DHA.

“This Saved Our Son’s Life”

– Parents of Bobby Ghassemi tell CNN

Like Bobby Ghassemi, a 17-year-old from Virginia, who after suffering from a terrible car accident…
His doctor told his parents there was nothing he could do.
But within three months, reports CNN, he was back on his feet and healthy.
Even though no drugs or surgery could help him. His parents didn’t give up…
They contacted an expert who gave him large doses of DHA.
Enough to help his brain reconnect neurons and repair damaged cells.
And it saved his life.
He even attended his school prom within 90 days of his accident!
And Bobby was not alone…
CNN also reported the story of Grant Virgin, age 16, who suffered from a tragic car accident…
One that had his doctors telling his parents that they had to “let him go”…
But his parents decided to take action and had an expert administer large doses of DHA, just like Bobby received…
And within a little over a year, he was back to his normal self.
In fact, his parents told CNN…

“He’s Going to Be Better Than He Was Before”

I’ve uncovered dozens of “miraculous” cases just like this.
People who were written off by physicians and specialists, only to see remarkable recoveries.
All thanks to the “younger brain” power of DHA.
Given the right dose — with the proper kind of DHA — I’m sure it could deliver similar results for you.
That’s why I’ve made it the key ingredient of my smart pill.
In just a moment, I’ll show you exactly where and how you can get your hands on it…
No prescription or doctor’s visit is required.
In fact, you can begin feeling its brain-charging effects immediately for under $2.
But before I go into that, let me explain why this makes the difference between exceptional children… and everybody else.

Feel Younger, Longer!

Buy one for $49.95, get 50% OFF 2nd bottle plus… FREE SHIPPING.

The 3-Letter Secret of Gifted Children

We have an obvious yet overlooked example of just how powerful — and essential — DHA is.

One of the world’s most powerful sources of the nutrient…
Mother’s milk.
In certain cultures, it’s revered as the source of all life.
Buddhists consider it the ultimate example of a debt we can never repay.
Now we understand why it’s so important for a baby’s development.
UCI researchers studied how DHA could affect the early development of neurons in the fetus.
In the first week, they scanned the neurons in animals with normal and deficient DHA levels.
As they say, a picture says a thousand words…
UCI study shows neuron health in animal embryos with and without DHA. [19]
The study shows that without DHA, your neurons are literally “dim.” They don’t grow as strong or healthy. And they don’t make the connections they need to.
My research backs these results…
A USDA study found that breastfed infants whose mothers took DHA outperformed DHA-deficient infants at every level.
They had better hand-eye coordination, as well as enhanced “gross motor skills” like standing up, walking, going up and downstairs, and keeping their balance.[20]
The results were so outstanding, the USDA is now recommending it to all pregnant and nursing mothers.
Even the USDA Recommends DHA to Mothers
I usually don’t think of our USDA as being forward-thinking. But even this conservative government body can no longer ignore the evidence on DHA.
Yet, DHA is still ignored by modern medicine.
Most doctors still don’t recommend it. Plentiful sources aren’t widely available.
And the result is most mothers still don’t consume enough DHA during pregnancy.
But a well-informed few do.
And these mothers give their children a significant boost in life.
One that launches them to the top of their class, setting them up for higher incomes, better jobs, and more success.
Oxford’s Genius Kid Study

Oxford University researchers wanted to see how DHA could help underperforming elementary school students.[21]

They selected 362 children, ages 7 to 9, with the lowest test scores.
They gave them DHA for four months, then tested them again.
And the results were astounding…
The children who took DHA saw on average double and triple increases in reading scores, compared to the placebo group.
Oxford University study: With DHA, students saw their reading scores surge 200% in just 4 months!
They not only caught up with their peer group on reading test scores but surpassed them!
They had gone from the bottom percentile on tests to now among the highest, all in under half a school year.
This is the remarkable brain-boosting power of DHA.
As you’ve seen, it doesn’t matter…
• Your age
• Your past medical history
• Or what you’ve tried before
This can have a transformational impact on your brain health, too!
That’s why I’ve uncovered the highest dose of DHA on the planet and combined it with a unique “delivery” system…
All to make the world’s most powerful DHA formula.
One I’ve made the key defining factor of my smart pill.
I call it Omega Rejuvenol.
In a moment, I’ll show you why this is the world’s most powerful source of brain-enhancing DHA.
Before I do, let me share with you the little-known reason why DHA is so essential, we can’t function without it.
As you’ll see, new research shows it’s key to what makes humans so different.
Without it we couldn’t reason, learn, or intelligently think.
In other words, wouldn’t really be too different from other animals.
Let me explain…
DHA: The Secret to Why Humans Have Bigger Brains

You see, I’ve recommended the paleo diet for years — long before it became a fad.

DHA is one of the critical nutrients our ancient ancestors consumed. They were constantly surrounded by dangerous environments. And needed to be sharp, alert, and focused. Anything could change at a moment’s notice.
That’s how the molecule played a critical role in their survival.
But now researchers have found it may have even played a bigger role than that.
According to leading neuroscientists, DHA may be responsible for our very brain evolution. Even the existence of our nervous system!

Our early primordial ancestors were the smartest of the bunch. They already had bigger brains than the rest of the species. It’s why they survived while others didn’t.

But that wasn’t enough.
The turning point in human evolution was when they discovered readily available shellfish from freshwater sources.
Some of the world’s most DHA-packed food.
Over generations, the grey matter in their cerebral cortex rapidly expanded. This is how our brains got bigger. It’s how humans evolved to a higher stage of intelligence.

We can see a similar development in other intelligent species, too.

For example, dolphins have brains that weigh 3.6 pounds while zebra brains weigh only 350g, even though the two species have similar body sizes.
Not coincidentally dolphins are second to humans as the smartest species on earth.
This is how critical DHA is for our brain health.
It’s what made the human brain human. It’s how we learn, memorize, make decisions, and think critically.
But that’s where the problem begins…
Widespread DHA Deficiency is creating a Brain Health Crisis

Top scientists acknowledge we don’t get enough DHA in our modern diet. Over the last several decades, our food supply has dramatically changed. DHA is no longer as available as it used to be.

Not even in fish oil or fish.
This has played a major role in our deteriorating brain health.
In other words…
Modern brain disorders are really just a symptom of DHA deficiency!
What’s more, we see modern education in a crisis. Experts call it the “skills gap.”
Even with all of our technology, we’re lagging far behind in essential fields like reading, math and science.
I’m not saying DHA is the only reason…
But it’s certainly not a coincidence.
We’re simply not getting the DHA we need to think like humans are supposed to.
If you think about it, maybe what we call “genius” isn’t so abnormal.
After all, if intelligence is declining, maybe higher intelligence is actually “normal.”
Maybe “genius” is how the human brain is supposed to be, once it has the right levels of DHA.
Think of geniuses like the world’s second smartest man, who take large doses of stuff.
Or the research I’ve shown you, with gifted children getting larger doses of DHA from birth.
But you could just eat a lot of fish and take fish oil, and that should work, right?
I wish.
Most of our modern seafood and supplements are depleted of the most critical fatty acid — DHA.
Toxins and environmental pollutants in most fish have made them too dangerous to eat.
In a report to the European Union, the Scientific Committee for Food said fish from fish farms and the region’s seas are contaminated by mercury, dioxins and similar toxins.
Even The New York Times reports, “Fish oils of European origin have dioxin levels up to eight times as high as similar products from nonindustrial regions.”[22]
The problems don’t stop there either…
Fish oil doesn’t penetrate your cells quickly or deeply enough to deliver DHA where it’s needed most.
In addition to poor absorption, fish oil has TOO MUCH EPA and not nearly enough DHA.

Fish oil, according to the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine, contains 50% more EPA than DHA — a ratio that prevents your body from receiving the real benefits omega-3’s can provide.[23]

That’s why I made it my mission to find the world’s purest and most powerful source of DHA…
And a critical “system” that delivers it to hard-to-reach brain cells, where it makes all the difference.

Together, it makes up the key ingredients of what I’ve been calling my “smart pill.” Omega Rejuvenol.

Let me explain…

New Source of DHA Enhances Brain Power

Calamari or squid oil may be the most potent source of DHA on Earth.

The problem has always been, how do you get the calamari oil? Even if you eat calamari you’re not getting very high concentrations of oil… and if you eat it in a restaurant, it’s usually fried.
So we’ve been struggling for some time with how to get this perfect ratio of DHA from squid oil.
Now we’ve solved that.
I’ve found a unique squid that lives off the coast of South America in the pure waters of the Southern Pacific, called illex argentinus. After the oil is distilled it’s over 65% DHA — the highest concentration of DHA I’ve found yet.[24]
High-DHA Squid Oil Gets Penetrating Boost from Krill
And we get even MORE penetrating power by mixing it with krill oil, which is the best-absorbed DHA. Here’s the evidence: A study published in the journal Nutrition Research compared fish oil, krill oil, and olive oil to see which one’s omega-3s would be better absorbed.
They randomly assigned 76 people to get one of the three, and then looked at the results after four weeks. The people taking olive oil had a 2.9% increase in omega-3s.

The people taking krill oil had their omega-3s skyrocket by 178%.[25]

And that’s just one example…

In fact, three separate studies gave the participants the same dose of krill oil and fish oil and found, on average, that krill boosts your omega-3 levels 60% higher than fish oil.[26]

And that’s the new delivery system that makes this work.

Fish oil can’t cross the protective blood-brain barrier. 
But krill oil can!

Old forms of omega-3s don’t have enough DHA. And fish oil just can’t get to all the places it needs to go since it can’t cross the blood-brain barrier.

Yet now, we’ve been able to crack that nut by making sure the DHA in krill oil is attached to its naturally occurring partner: Astaxanthin, the world’s strongest antioxidant.
Krill oil and astaxanthin CAN cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver DHA’s benefits deep into your brain cells.
In fact, in order to get a U.S. Patent, krill oil and astaxanthin had to be proven to cross the blood-brain barrier.[27]
This is why the new Omega Rejuvenol includes krill oil (and astaxanthin).
The potent DHA from the squid oil binds to the highly penetrable krill oil, and combined with astaxanthin, gets VIP access to your brain.
No one else is doing this, but we’ve combined squid and krill oil and astaxanthin to get DHA into every cell in your body. Even your brain cells!
With this first-ever combination, you can flood every cell in your brain with the world’s most powerful “nootropic” and get the full range of brain-boosting benefits I’ve shared with you in this letter.
Grow a younger brain by years — even decades — with Omega Rejuvenol

The new Omega Rejuvenol is the most powerful nootropic EVER designed.

That’s because it’s the only natural formula that includes…
  • The most CONCENTRATED source of brain-saving DHA on earth… found in Argentinian squid (calamarine oil).
  • Nature’s most ABSORBABLE and POWERFUL omega-3s… found in krill oil that penetrates healing power deeply into your brain cells and tissues.
  • ​Astaxanthin, nature’s most powerful antioxidant, that PROTECTS the omega-3s from oxidation and helps them cross the blood-brain barrier.
  • ​Unique sourcing of omega-3s (from calamarine oil and krill oil) that means NO FISHY AFTERTASTE OR BURPS or contamination risks.

And you get ALL of these brain-boosting, age-defying nutrients in small, super concentrated, easy-to-swallow soft gels!

Now, use the same secrets my patients and I are using to feel and look years younger…
Order Omega Rejuvenol and get FREE Gifts and Savings Valued at over $135!

I’m so convinced taking Omega Rejuvenol will re-activate your “eternal youth gene” and supercharge your health, I want to make sure you start getting ALL the benefits right away! That’s why for a limited time, I’m offering a special introductory offer I hope you’ll take advantage of.

Best Deal

With this special introductory offer, when you buy one bottles of Omega Rejuvenol, you get the 2nd bottle at a 50% savings!

Your immediate savings: $35.93.
This is a one-shot deal, and I can’t guarantee it will be available forever.
So let me hear from you today.
Phenomenal results for triglycerides, cholesterol, memory, joints, and more…

No more limp and no more fish oil!

“Before I saw Dr. Sears, my old Achilles injury gave me a noticeable limp. It used to take 6 hours before I could walk straight. And I was taking 6 spoonfuls of fish oil a day. Now, my early morning shuffle is GONE and so is my fish oil. Amazing stuff.

– David S., West Palm Beach, FL

More mental clarity and focus!

“I took Omega Rejuvenol to increase the amount of omega-3s in my diet. After the first time I took it, I experienced mental clarity and focus. I noticed my mental function improved and I could concentrate better and be more productive throughout the day.
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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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