Omega Rejuvenol 3 Pure Radiance Dr. Sears M.D.

Omega Rejuvenol 3 Pure Radiance Dr. Sears M.D.

A “Young Again” Special Report For Women by Al Sears, M.D., pioneer in natural medicine and anti-aging research
Alternative Medicine Review reveals…
New Omega-3 Wonder That’s
800% Better for Women Than Fish Oil!
There’s now a new and better way for you to enjoy lustrous hair… flawless skin… a slimmer body… a sharper brain… and a stronger heart.
Just look at the clinical comparison versus fish oil…
  •  For burning off fat, 64% better!
  •  For easing bloating, 72% better!
  •  For soothing achy joints, 93% better!
  •  For reducing stress, 106% better!
  •  For calming irritability, 127% better!
  •  For healthier cholesterol and triglycerides, 800% better!
And it’s not just clinical studies. Look at my own experiences….
Almost daily, women are showing up at the Sears Anti-Aging Institute from all over the world and experiencing life-changing results:
Jackie is thrilled that her hair looks twice as thick as it was… and is as shiny as a teenager’s.
85-year-old Helen just broke her age-group world record for the marathon.
46-year-old Monica was overweight, swollen and racked with achy joints. Now, her aches have vanished, and she feels like she’s lost 50 lbs. 
“All of this is possible, because for the first time in medical history, you can control your own genetic code and use it to grow biologically younger as you age.
“It starts by re-activating your ‘eternal youth’ gene — and now, this same age-defying secret my female patients are using to restore their health and beauty and to look and feel years younger is available to you.”
— Dr. Al Sears, MD
I’m going to ask you to read this Special Report with an open mind.
Why? Because what I reveal about aging flies in the face of conventional wisdom. In fact, it proves why most popular theories of aging are DEAD WRONG.
You’ll learn about a new technology, proven by over 1,000 medical studies, that promises to turn everything we know about aging on its ear.
More important, you’ll discover a NEW way to grow younger, biologically… PLUS a new Omega 3 wonder that’s 800% better for women than fish oil… all so you can enjoy “young again” health, including more radiant hair… smoother skin… a stronger heart… a sharper mind… smoother-moving joints… keener eyesight… healthier lungs… and a rejuvenated body just like many of my female patients.
How is all this possible?
It starts with…

Dr. Al Sears, M.D.

Uniquely Qualified to
Keep You Healthier For Life

Dr. Al Sears, M.D. currently owns and operates a successful integrative medicine and anti-aging clinic in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, with over 25,000 patients. His cutting-edge therapies and reputation for solving some of the most difficult-to-diagnose cases attract patients from around the world.

As one of the first doctors to be board-certified in anti-aging medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), he’s been on the cutting-edge of anti-aging medicine for 30 years. Developing ways for everyday people to see real age-reversal.
Dr. Sears takes his research and translates it into actionable anti-aging advice you can use — from the comfort of your own home.
As a board-certified clinical nutritionist, ACE-certified fitness trainer and author, he enjoys a worldwide readership. Dr. Sears and his breakthrough discoveries have appeared on more than 50 media outlets including ABC News, CNN, ESPN, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Lifetime and many more.

A Nobel Prize winning discovery

that makes your cells nearly “immortal”
Did you know that, every single day, the cells in your body divide as many as two trillion times?
The new cells replace old, damaged or dead cells and help you live, grow and thrive.
But up until recently, we’ve been told that human cell lines have a built-in mortality. As your cells divide, there’s a limit, like the sands of time that finally run out.
There’s an internal mechanism or authority that sets the limit on cell division and shuts down the cell line when that limit is reached… causing death.
Scientific studies at Yale, USC and other leading institutions show that this mechanism or authority is the telomere (TEE-luh-meer), a little bit of genetic material found at the end of each strand of DNA in your cells.
We now know that telomeres are what really control aging. Every time your cells divide, your telomeres get shorter—and as a result, your body produces cells that are older, weaker and more decrepit.
This could lead to a frail heart… age-related memory loss… thinning or lost hair… weak bones… sore joints… wrinkling, aging skin… poor vision… breathing difficulties… and many other old-age ailments.
Yet, new medical research shows if you boost the health of your telomeres — and lengthen them — your cells actually stay youthful and keep dividing indefinitely!
Telomeres are “protective caps” at the end of each strand of DNA that control aging.
This means you keep younger and healthier…dodge old-age ailments…and stay OUT of the hospital.

As you’re about to see, unlocking the telomere may well be the MOST IMPORTANT event in the history of anti-aging medicine.

More important, you’ll discover a new breakthrough formula that harnesses the power of nature’s new telomere boosters for super health and vitality.
First though, don’t just take my word for how powerfully telomeres affect aging…the condition of your health…and quality of your life. Take a look at the latest scientific research…
Who better to prove the power of healthy, longer telomeres than centenarians — in this case, people ranging in age from 97 to 108?
In an eye-opening study reported by The Journals of Gerontology, the telomere length of centenarians in great health was compared to those in poor health.
What researchers discovered was stunning!
Centenarians in great health — those with healthy hearts…clear mental focus… normal blood pressure… perfect blood sugar…and robust lung power — had significantly longer telomeres than their unhealthy counterparts.
Longer telomeres gave these folks super health and independence even as they hit age 100 and beyond! Those with shorter telomeres? Poor health and lack of independence.[1]
Clinical Proof
Shorter telomeres make women age 10 years faster. 
Longer ones give them super health, youthfulness and independence.
Who better to prove the power of healthy, longer telomeres than women under stress?
Numerous studies have linked chronic stress and poor health — and now, stress is directly associated with how fast your cells age and how quickly your body prematurely ages.
Stress is shown to be a hidden trigger of higher oxidative stress, shorter telomeres and lower telomerase activity — all key factors that can accelerate your biological aging and shorten longevity.
In an eye-opening study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, women with the highest levels of perceived stress were found to have telomeres shorter on average, by the equivalent of at least one decade of additional aging, compared to low stress women.
Shorter telomeres accelerated aging by a full decade or more! [2]
Yet what could longer telomeres mean?
In a landmark study reported by The Journals of Gerontology, the telomere length of centenarians (ages 97-108) in great health was compared to those in poor health.
What researchers discovered was stunning!
Centenarians in great health — those with healthy hearts…clear mental focus… normal blood pressure… perfect blood sugar…and robust lung power — had significantly longer telomeres than their unhealthy counterparts.
Longer telomeres gave these folks super health and independence even as they hit age 100 and beyond! Those with shorter telomeres? Poor health and lack of independence. [3]
In another study of centenarians, the relationship between telomere length and age-related health conditions was clearly shown.
Better blood pressure, blood sugar and brain power…
In another study of centenarians, the relationship between telomere length and age-related health conditions was clearly shown.
Better blood pressure, blood sugar and brain power…
Remarkably, centenarians with longer telomeres were free of blood pressure, blood sugar or cognitive problems — while those suffering from these problems had shorter telomeres. [4]
…and less risk of dementia, blocked blood vessels or a heart disaster
What’s more, hundreds of published studies show the relationship between telomere length and the markers of disease, life span and quality of life.
In a study of 62 nurses age 70 plus (see chart at right), if telomere length was less than the median, women had a 12 times greater risk of dementia and a 9.6 times greater risk of being diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. [5]
The prestigious medical journal Lancet reports that people with short telomeres had accelerated aging of their blood vessels resulting in a build-up of plaque that correlated with someone 8.6 years older. [6]
And the Journal of American College of Cardiology adds that people suffering from heart failure had telomeres that were 40% shorter than normal. [7]
The fact is, telomeres are so important to aging and health, I call them your “eternal youth” genes.
Shorter Telomeres Can Put You At Higher Risk For…
If you can lengthen telomeres, your cells can divide almost forever, and you’ll look and feel years, even decades, younger!
Now, there’s a new way for you to supercharge telomeres and extend cell life

Your cells’ telomeres come with an enzyme designed to rebuild them called telomerase (tuh-LOM-uh-reys).

When you nurture your body with telomerase, you boost telomeres and power up cells in your heart, brain, joints and whole body.
How important is this age-defying enzyme for giving you healthier, younger cells?
Doctors at the University of Southern California report: “Under stress, cells in the presence of telomerase do not lose their ability to divide and grow… Ultimately, cells treated with telomerase retain the characteristics of young and healthy cells.”
Science journal reports that telomerase can “make a normal line of human cells immortal.” By adding the gene for telomerase to normal human cells, these cells could divide indefinitely without entering cell death.
Solid research, isn’t it? But most folks do little or nothing to nurture the health of their telomeres — so their cells and their bodies break down and age, fast.
But thanks to new discoveries from the frontiers of natural medicine, this won’t be a problem for you…
You can grow biologically younger and healthier with a new telomere/telomerase breakthrough
I first learned about telomeres and telomerase back in 1990 — and believe me, I was intrigued by this new technology that finally deciphered the once-secret code that controls aging.
So I threw myself into telomere biology — and what I discovered was astounding.
This is a medical fact: When you prevent telomeres from getting shorter — or you make them longer — you can program your body to create younger cells.
I’ve spent the past six years using this unique anti-aging discovery helping my patients…
  •  Restore power to worn out, aging bodies
  •  Rejuvenate strength to weak, failing muscles
  •  Revitalize lost memories and foggy brains
  •  Renew lustrous hair and enjoy smooth, flawless skin
  •  Roll back years, even decades, of old age
Fantastic results. Yet there was still one big hurdle. Treatments boosting telomere health and activating telomerase were very effective, but expensive.
When this age-fighting phenomenon was first developed, the technology to boost telomere health and activate telomerase was very costly, out of the reach of most.
So I’ve spent hundreds of hours searching for a more reasonable replacement. Something you can take every day to reprogram your cells to grow younger without costing you an arm and a leg.
I’m excited to tell you it’s now possible with a new natural formula that…
Re-activates your “eternal youth” gene and maintains your heart, brain and whole body health.
This formula is new Rejuvenol 3, and as you’re about to see, it’s the first and only supplement available today with unique ingredients clinically proven to…
Reverse the REAL cause of aging (shortening of telomeres)
Support your telomeres and keep them longer as you age
Penetrate deeply into your cells and deliver far more heart-saving, brain-boosting,
hair-restoring, skin-rejuvenating, health-supercharging etc.
As reported on ABC’s World News Tonight
Stunning youth-restoring results from a prestigious Ivy League university
In 2011, Diane Sawyer announced the results of a groundbreaking study conducted by a professor of a prestigious Ivy League university.
In this study, published in Nature, the Ivy League professor took aging mice (the equivalent of humans in their 80s), reversed their old age ailments and restored their youthful appearance and vitality.
These aging mice were suffering from shrunken brains and lost intelligence, dull and graying hair, dimming vision and infertility.
But when the professor “turned on” the enzyme that rebuilds telomeres called telomerase in these mice, what happened next was like a miracle.
One by one, each of the signs of aging was reversed.
The mice became sexually active and fertile again. The shrinking of their brains reversed, and they grew back normal, healthy brains.
Their eyesight returned, and their hair became glossy and thick once again. Most important, these mice went on to live long, healthy lives. [8]
The Ivy League professor and his colleagues had taken the mice and made them young again. He said this study produced results that were equivalent to finding the famed fountain of youth.
The smaller, shrunken brain on left shows the loss of size that comes with aging. The brain on the right was restored to normal by “switching on” telomerase.

Yet, what was NOT reported in the story on ABC’s World News about this watershed study is how this breakthrough could affect aging in humans.

Now we know, if you “turn on” telomerase like the Ivy League professor did, you can boost the health of your telomeres — even lengthen them — and grow biologically younger as you age. And that’s all possible with new Rejuvenol 3.
Omega Rejuvenol 3 Pure Radiance Dr. Sears M.D.
Now, re-activate your “eternal youth gene” and show off radiant hair… flawless skin… and a slimmer body.
Feel the Pure Radiance difference
or it’s FREE!
Rejuvenol 3 harnesses the power of nature’s NEW telomere boosters so you feel like you’ve had a 20-year rollback!
I’m one of the first medical doctors immersed in telomere biology, and one of the first licensed to administer the first telomere activator.
Yet I wanted to see if medical research had uncovered any new nutrients or vitamins to boost telomeres and activate telomerase that were more accessible to the general public — and what I found was a real surprise.
Landmark study:
Telomere-boosting discovery found in omega-3s
For years, I’ve known of the healing power of omega-3 fatty acids. But a landmark study by doctors at Ohio State University and U.C. San Francisco now reveals why omega-3s are so potent.
In this study, published in Brain, Behavior and Immunity, doctors wanted to see if taking omega-3 supplements could affect the rate at which telomeres shorten.
For the study, 106 healthy, sedentary, middle age older adults were given a placebo… a low dose of 1.5 grams/day of the most active ingredients in omega-3s (EPA and DHA)… or a high dose of 2.5 grams/day of omega-3s for four months.
Telomere length was measured at the beginning and the end of the study. The results? Astounding!
The telomeres of those taking the omega-3s did not shorten but actually increased in length!
Those taking the low-dose omega-3s saw telomere length increase by 21 base pairs — and those taking the high-dose omega-3s increased telomere length by 50 base pairs.
Those taking the placebo? A decrease in telomere length by 43 base pairs. [9]
This study reveals an important point: Telomeres typically shorten as you age — but this “aging process” is NOT inevitable!
This is why the first key ingredient in the new Rejuvenol 3 is a special form of omega-3 fatty acids. And as you’ll see in a moment, these omega-3s are far superior in purity, penetration and power than typical sources of omega-3s like fish oil. To order, click here…
But that’s not all. The new Rejuvenol 3 also…
…unleashes a secret of our ancient ancestors: “Grow younger” vitamins most people are lacking today
Did you know our ancient ancestors had unlimited access to vitamins from food they ate that kept them strong, vital and young?
Research shows that many Native cultures like Australian Aborigines, Indians of North America, Eskimos, New Zealand Maoris and African tribes had near perfect teeth… strong, fat- free bodies… little or no disease… and almost endless youth. Their bodies were perfectly matched with nutrients found in the environment.
We now know that their diets of Native foods like organ meats, butter fat, marine oils, fish, shellfish, eggs and animal tallows gave them 10 times more fat-soluble vitamins compared to what we find in our processed foods today.
Native cultures had unlimited access to “grow younger” vitamins
The fact is, most people today are lacking these vitamins and are looking and feeling older before their time.
Why are these fat-soluble vitamins so vital for young again living? They help your cells to grow younger because they boost telomere health and telomerase activity.
For the first time, I’ve combined these hard-to-get vitamins with the most powerful omega-3 fatty acids on earth in the new Rejuvenol 3.
These youth-boosting, cell-rejuvenating vitamins include…
Vitamin D3: The telomerase supercharger
Vitamin D is the “sunshine vitamin” because the best way to get more of it is from the sun.
But according to Scientific Americanthree quarters of U.S. adults and teens are deficient in Vitamin D.
And if you’re deficient in vitamin D, genes that are designed to keep your heart, brain, blood sugar, and blood pressure healthy CAN’T work properly.
More important, we now know that Vitamin D supports healthy levels of telomerase, the enzyme that rebuilds telomeres to activate your “eternal youth” gene. A recent study showed Vitamin D supercharged telomerase activity by 19.2%. [10]
This is why the new Rejuvenol 3 includes the most natural and usable form of Vitamin D, Vitamin D3.
Mixed Tocotrienols: The little-known telomere restorer
Mixed Tocotrienols are members of the Vitamin E family, yet you won’t find them in any multi-vitamin or typical Vitamin E supplement.
This overlooked form of Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps squelch age-robbing free radicals.
The most well-known form of vitamin E, alpha tocopherol, protects against telomere shortening by activating and restoring telomerase. [11]
In addition, one of the lesser known forms of Vitamin E, gamma tocotrienol, can “modulate the length of the telomere possibly via telomerase.” In one study, telomere lengths were 16% longer than controls when exposed to gamma tocotrienol. [12]
Now, in Rejuvenol 3, you get the right dose of Mixed Tocotrienols not found in typical Vitamin E supplements to boost telomere health.
Vitamin K2: The missing longevity secret
I call Vitamin K2 the “missing link” to a life of longevity and robust health.
Found in organ meats, egg yolks, some dairy products, fermented cheese curd and Japanese natto, Vitamin K2 activates proteins that play a vital role in the health of your heart, bones, brain, joints and more.
Even better, Vitamin K2 has been shown to have positive effects on telomere length and longevity. This may explain the reason that people who took 45 mcg of K2 every day were found to live seven years longer than those who only took 12 mcg per day, according to The Rotterdam Study. [13]
Yet most people don’t get enough Vitamin K2, if any, from their diets or supplements. This is why each serving of Rejuvenol 3 also includes Vitamin K2.
Vitamin A Retinol: The telomere extender
Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps your cells reproduce naturally… supports clear vision… keeps your immune system strong… and promotes healthy, younger looking skin.
But what you may not know is that most Vitamin A people take is beta carotene, not retinol. And you need Vitamin A retinol because it’s linked to boosting telomere health and activity.
In a study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, women who took vitamin A as part of a multi-vitamin had healthier telomeres. [14]
This is why the new Rejuvenol 3 also includes the preferred form of Vitamin A as retinol in each serving.
Each of these hard-to-get fat soluble vitamins helps boost telomere length and healthy activity of telomerase.
And now, for the first time you can get all of these “grow younger” vitamins in Rejuvenol 3 — all to give new life to your aging cells so you feel years younger and healthier.
But Rejuvenol 3 does far more than re-activate your “eternal youth” gene and help you grow biologically younger.
It also helps you enjoy great cholesterol and triglycerides numbers… a sharp memory… joint comfort and mobility… and even healthy eyesight.
These benefits are all possible because…
Telomeres and Telomerase hold the key to “young again” living…
  •  EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH: “Telomerase can make old skin young again.”
  •  CELL: “Telomere loss causes aging…and telomerase can extend the lifespan of an organism.”
  •  LANCET: “Short telomeres cause us to die of old age.”
  •  NATURE: “Telomerase reverses the aging process”
  •  NUTRITION REVIEW: “Development of an effective telomerase therapy could help extend human lifespan indefinitely by resetting the genetic clock in healthy cells to retain their telomeres.”
  •  SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY NEWS: “Telomere length can be used as a measure of aging…shortened telomeres are associated with age-related [conditions]…patients with longer telomeres live longer.”
  •  THE FOUNDATION FOR ALTERNATIVE AND INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE: Telomeres are “critical for healthy cell division and function and for healthy youthful living…and a special enzyme called telomerase can restore telomeres.”
Rejuvenol 3 Harnesses the “Universal Healing Nutrient” Found in a Unique Deep Sea Source of Omega-3s (Hint: not fish)
As I mentioned earlier, Rejuvenol 3 is three generations ahead of typical fish oil or omega-3 supplements. Why? The answer starts with its unique source of DHA, the most potent and vital fatty acid found in omega-3s.
I call DHA the “universal healing nutrient” because every one of your cells has built-in receptors that absorb it, and every one of your cells is craving it. And new research backs this up, reporting that DHA can give you…
  •  A supercharged memory: Tufts University researchers report that those with high levels of DHA have a 47% lower risk of memory and brain concerns. [15]
  •  Younger, healthier looking skin: Clinical results from omega-3s like DHA can improve overall skin condition and reduce itching, scaling or redness, according to a study published in           The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition[16]
  •  Healthy blood sugar: Nearly 70% of people with blood sugar concerns who took DHA had a healthier response to insulin. [17]
  •  Good cholesterol and triglycerides: In higher doses, DHA raises HDL (“good”) cholesterol to a protective level, while keeping blood fats low. [18]
  •  Sharper vision and healthy eyes: Studies show that folks with high levels of DHA were up to 50% more likely to have healthy maculas. [19]
  •  Greater joint mobility: People taking highly absorbable DHA saw pain scores drop by 28.7%… stiffness scores drop by 20.3%… and functional impairment scores drop by 22.8%. [20]
  •  Thicker, fuller hair: A stunning study in the            Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology reports that 120 healthy females who took omega 3s (DHA), omega 6s and antioxidants got great results fighting off hair loss. After six months of treatment, 89% of women reported a reduction in hair loss… 86% reported an improvement in hair diameter… and 87% reported an improvement in hair density. [21]
Amazing results like I’ve never seen before!
It’s a medical fact: Your body needs much higher levels of DHA than it does of EPA (the other fatty acid found in omega-3s).
Just consider a mother’s breast milk. It has 4 TIMES more DHA compared to EPA…because DHA is the real healer and caregiver.
Omega Rejuvenol 3 Pure Radiance Dr. Sears M.D.

Rejuvenol 3 gave me a sense of calming, and I can take it on an empty stomach without a fish taste.

— Joy, Georgia
But Here’s the Problem: Fish Oil Does NOT Have Enough DHA to Make a Real Difference for Your Health and Beauty
Most people think they can get all the omega-3 DHA they need by taking fish oil. WRONG!
Fish oil has two little-known flaws that make it less effective than you’d expect.
  •  Fish oil does NOT provide adequate amounts of DHA. Fish oil actually gives you more EPA than DHA.
Eating four grams of fish or taking four grams of fish oil gives you 2.04 grams of EPA but only 1.4 grams of DHA, according to the National Institutes of Health.
  •  Fish oil does NOT get into your cells quickly or deeply enough. It can’t get to all the places it needs in your body to deliver healing DHA.
So I began looking for a better, more concentrated source of omega-3 DHA.
And I found it where nobody else was looking
If you looked at my passport, you’d see I’ve traveled the world over seeking out new and better breakthroughs to help boost and protect your health.
I’ve trampled through the unforgiving Australian bush, cut my way through dense Southeast Asian jungles, and trekked for miles over the hot plains of Africa. But where I found an amazing new source of DHA — one that’s far superior than any fish oil — was a real surprise: Practically at the South Pole!
It was here that I found the Argentinian squid, thriving by the billions in the icy, pure waters off the tip of South America.
What got my attention is this mighty mollusk is loaded with DHA. In fact, it has the same DHA to EPA ratio as mother’s breast milk: 4:1. Even better, after this special squid oil is processed, it delivers over 65% DHA — the highest concentration of DHA every achieved!
This is why I’ve added this unique squid oil to my supercharged, super-rich Rejuvenol 3. Each daily serving gives you a healthy supply of squid oil (calamarine oil), making Rejuvenol 3 like a DHA express train! Go here to order now…
But just as important, I wanted to make sure this powerfully concentrated DHA could penetrate quickly and deeply into all of your cells. And this is why…
46.4% more omega-3s
The proof of krill’s superior penetration power
In a study published in Nutrition Research, krill oil, fish oil and olive oil were compared to see which one raised omega-3 levels higher.
Seventy six overweight and obese people took 2 grams of krill oil, fish oil or olive oil every day for four weeks — then their omega-3 levels were tested.
The result? Eye-opening!
Those taking olive oil saw their omega-3s rise 2.9%. Those taking fish oil saw their omega-3 rise 131.8%. But those taking krill oil saw their omega-3 skyrocket a whopping 178.4%! That’s 46.4% MORE omega-3s absorbed into your body than fish oil! [22]
But there’s even more…
Krill Oil Superior to Fish Oil
for Omega-3 Absorption
Fish oil can’t cross the protective blood-brain barrier. But krill oil can!

DHA in krill oil is vital for your health, especially for your brain.

Low DHA is a telltale sign of brain aging. The famous Framingham Study shows us people with lower DHA have smaller brains and do worse on tests of visual memory, function and thinking. [23]

DHA is essential because it helps your brain grow new branches and renew and rejuvenate itself — so you can keep your brain power and sharp thinking.

But old forms of omega-3s don’t have enough DHA. And fish oil just can’t get to all the places it needs to go since it can’t cross the blood-brain barrier.
Yet now, we’ve been able to crack that nut by making sure the DHA in krill oil is attached to its naturally occurring partner: Astaxanthin, the world’s strongest antioxidant.
Krill oil and astaxanthin CAN cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver DHA’s benefits deep into your brain cells.
In fact, in order to get a U.S. Patent, krill oil and astaxanthin had to be proven to cross the blood-brain barrier. [24]
This is why the new Rejuvenol 3 includes krill oil (and astaxanthin). Even better…
Omega Rejuvenol Pure Radiance Dr. Sears M.D.
With Rejuvenol 3, Brigit’s skin is looking fantastic. The results in her words: “Incredible.”
Krill oil is clinically proven to burn fat and reduce bloating, stress, joint discomfort and blue moods far better than fish oil.
Krill oil doesn’t just deliver more omega-3s and penetrate your cells more effectively than fish oil.
Krill oil also gives you superior results for some of your biggest health concerns.
For example, Alternative Medicine Review published a study proving krill oil’s superiority over fish oil in reducing discomfort and emotional symptoms in women suffering from premenstrual syndrome and painful periods.
In a double-blind, randomized study, 70 women dealing with these problems took either krill oil or fish oil.
The results? Stunning!
  •  For reducing bloating, krill oil worked 72% better than fish oil
  •  For easing breast tenderness, krill oil worked 93% better than fish oil
  •  For stress relief, kill oil worked 106% better than fish oil
  •  For alleviating swelling, krill oil worked 39% better than fish oil
  •  For soothing achy joints, krill oil worked 93% better than fish oil
  •  For relieving feelings of being overwhelmed, krill oil worked 163% better than fish oil
  •  For calming irritability, krill oil worked 127% better than fish oil
  •  For burning off fat, krill oil worked 64% better than fish oil
  •  For overcoming depression, krill oil worked 103% better than fish oil [25]
800% Better for Women Than Fish Oil for Healthy Cholesterol and Triglycerides
And what about worrisome cholesterol and triglycerides? Again, krill oil proves to be superior to fish oil.
In a study also published in Alternative Medicine Review, people age 18-85 with cholesterol and triglyceride concerns took 3 grams of krill oil, fish oil or a placebo every day for 12 weeks.
In every case, krill oil SOUNDLY beat fish oil!
In fact…
  •  Krill oil worked 8 times better than fish oil for healthier LDL cholesterol
  •  Krill oil worked 8 times better than fish oil for healthier triglycerides
  •  Krill oil worked 3 times better than fish oil for healthier total cholesterol
That’s up to 800% better results for healthy cholesterol and triglycerides with krill oil rather than fish oil. Now you see why I say, “Forget fish oil forever!” [26]
17 Super Health Benefits
for Women!
  •  Look younger with healthier, smoother skin
  •  Re-activate your body’s “eternal youth” gene
  •  Show off lustrous, thick, youthful hair
  •  Be proud of healthy, strong nails
  •  See better with improved macula and corneal health
  •  Move easier with flexible, discomfort-free joints
  •  Feel energized with a stronger, powered-up heart
  •  “Switch on” telomerase to keep your cells forever young
  •  Restore fading memory with a supercharged brain
  •  Keep LDL cholesterol at a healthy level
  •  Boost levels of HDL (good) cholesterol
  •  Maintain healthy triglyceride levels
  •  Support healthy blood pressure
  •  Ease PMS pain and discomfort
  •  Soothe stiff, sore joints
  •  Support healthy blood sugar
  •  Feel like you got a 20-year rollback!
Omega Rejuvenol 3 Pure Radiance Dr. Sears M.D.

Rejuvenol 3 works really well for me. I get compliments all the time about my skin, and no one knows my real age. They always think I’m much younger than my real age. Really fantastic. Thank you Dr. Sears.

— Kerry S., New Zealand
Plus, krill oil knocks out achy joints and discomfort, fast!
In addition, krill oil eases joint pain and discomfort, fast!
In a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, 90 patients suffering from stiff, sore joints took 300 mg of krill oil or a placebo every day for 30 days.
Their “pain scores” were measured at baseline and days 7, 14 and 30.
The results? Stunning!
After just seven days, those taking krill oil saw their pain scores reduce by 28.9%…their stiffness scores drop by 20.3%…and their functional impairment fall by 22.8%! [27]
Just as important…
Krill Oil Conquers Pain and Discomfort
— and Fast!
The unique sourcing of the krill oil I use makes it virtually contaminant free

The krill used in Rejuvenol 3 is sourced from the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean in Antarctica — far from any industrial pollutants.

Being at the bottom of the food chain, these krill are virtually free of contaminants.
This is important because NOT all krill oil (or fish oil) is contaminant free.
In fact, in a large review by, over 30% of omega-3 supplements, including krill oil and fish oil, were found to have excessive PCB contaminants or were mislabeled. [28]
But with Rejuvenol 3, you get the purest krill oil I’ve ever found.
The krill used is unique in its purity in the marine omega-3 world due to significantly fewer steps required to process it.
Compared to other marine omega-3 sources like fish oil, krill is considered a whole food extract.
In fact, because it is environmentally clean in its original form, no purification or distillation is required.
Even better, the immediate on-board processing of this krill prevents decomposition and degradation and protects the nutritional integrity of the krill.
The result? In Rejuvenol 3, you get the purest, most powerful krill oil I’ve found anywhere on the planet!
In fact, it’s…
Krill oil in Rejuvenol 3 is virtually 100% contaminant free!

The krill was evaluated in an independent study and was found to contain virtually no contaminants in comparison with other marine omega-3 products.

PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyl) and TEq (toxic equivalent for dioxins) were measured. Each are dangerous toxins that can wreak havoc on your health.
The size of the soft gels represents the amount of products tested.
As you can see, krill used in Rejuvenol 3 is virtually 100% contaminant free.
Omega Rejuvenol Pure Radiance Dr. Sears M.D.

“I like the fact that Rejuvenol 3 is sourced from waters that are not polluted.”

—Vicki R., Australia*
Light years ahead of fish oil…
Most people believe fish oil is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids. WRONG!
I’ve dug into the research on the purest, most potent omega-3s on earth, and I’ve found them in two superior sources: Argentinian squid (calamarine oil) and krill from Antarctica, both found in deep, pure ocean waters far from contamination.
The squid oil has a DHA to EPA ratio that matches a mother’s breast milk — and after processing, delivers over 65% DHA — the highest level ever achieved.
And krill oil is clinically proven to deliver 46.4% more omega-3 absorption than fish oil — and is able to cross over the blood-brain barrier so the omega-3s penetrate deeply into all of your cells.
Power up every one of your cells with squid oil and krill oil!
Combining my squid oil with krill gives both squid and krill the power to penetrate deeply — getting rejuvenating DHA to every hungry cell in your body.
How is this possible? The secret — and no one else is doing this — is that my squid oil rides “piggy back” on krill oil.
Omega Rejuvenol 3 Pure Radiance Dr. Sears M.D.
“By taking Rejuvenol 3, my memory has improved.” —Sheila S. Virginia*
You could take squid oil and krill oil separately, but they wouldn’t be working together like they are in Rejuvenol 3 — partnering to flood every cell in your body with omega-3s and their healing power.
The only way to get this powerful one-two punch is with my breakthrough Rejuvenol 3.
Now, re-activate your “eternal youth” gene and supercharge your heart, brain and whole body. Feel the Pure Radiance difference — or it’s FREE!
Higher Levels of Omega-3s Prevent Brain Shrinkage
In a study published in Neurology, 1,111 women volunteers had the levels of omega 3 DHA and EPA measured at the onset of a memory study.
Eight years later, when the women’s average age was 78, they underwent MRI scans to measure brain volume.
Women with higher levels of Omega-3s had slightly larger brain volumes.
Lead author James V. Pottala, PhD. said, “The results suggest that the effect on brain volume [with Omega-3s] is the equivalent of delaying the normal loss of brain cells that come with aging by one or two years.” [29]
Now, infuse your brain with the most powerful and effective omega-3s I’ve ever found in Rejuvenol 3.
Omega 3 EPA Keeps Your Skin Young, Flawless and Beautiful
Health magazine reports omega 3 EPA greatly benefits your skin by releasing oil to boost hydration and by delaying your skin’s aging process to fight off wrinkles.
In addition, the Journal of Lipids Research reports omega 3 EPA helps block ultra violet (UV) induced enzymes that eat away at your skin’s collagen, causing lines and sagging skin. [30]
Now, re-activate your “eternal youth gene” and look and feel years younger with Rejuvenol 3 for women!
As you’ve read, the new Rejuvenol 3 is three generations ahead of any fish oil or omega-3 supplement.

That’s because it’s the only natural formula that includes…


1. Nature’s most powerful NEW telomere superchargers to reverse the real cause of aging (shortening of telomeres)

2. The NEWEST telomerase boosters that rebuild your telomeres and keep your cells dividing indefinitely — so you stay younger and healthier
3. HARD-TO-GET fat-soluble vitamins that support telomeres and telomerase activity
4. The most CONCENTRATED source of heart-saving, brain-saving DHA on earth… found in Argentinian squid (calamarine oil)
5. Nature’s most ABSORBABLE and POWERFUL omega-3s…found in krill oil that penetrates healing power deeply into your cells and tissues

6. Astaxanthin, nature’s most powerful antioxidant, that PROTECTS the omega3s from oxidation and helps them cross the blood-brain barrier

7. Unique sourcing of omega-3s (from calamarine oil and krill oil) that means NO FISHY AFTERTASTE OR BURPS or contamination risks
And you get ALL of these health-boosting, age-defying nutrients in small, super concentrated, easy-to-swallow soft gels!
That’s right! No wasting money on cheaply processed, questionably sourced fish oil. No wasting money on buying separate krill oil, calamarine oil or “grow younger” vitamins. No wasting money on fistfuls of big fish oil capsules or omega-3 pills that are hard to swallow.
In fact, taking the new Rejuvenol 3 can save you hundreds of dollars a year compared to taking obsolete fish oil or omega-3 products.
The best news of all is, now you can…
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Supercharge Your Health and Vitality with MARINE MIRACLES FOR WOMEN
In this valuable, easily downloadable Special e-Report, you’ll learn how new marine miracles can awaken your body’s stem cells to help you look and feel years, even decades, younger.
Find out the new omega-3 secrets for lustrous hair… flawless, youthful skin… stronger nails… a powered-up heart… a razor sharp brain… and pain free living that goes far beyond what fish oil or typical omega-3s can offer, all yours FREE!
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Omega Rejuvenol 3 Pure Radiance Dr. Sears M.D.

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My Personal Money-Back Guarantee
When your shipment of Rejuvenol 3 arrives, open the jar and start taking it every day. Then keep taking it.
I’m confident, that soon, you’ll feel the difference. As you start to grow biologically younger and as the potent omega-3s deeply penetrate your cells…
…you will feel stronger and more energized. Keep it up and your heart and brain will get a boost… your joints will move effortlessly… your vision will be sharp… and you’ll feel years younger. But whatever the results, you are the final judge.
That’s why, if for any reason, or for no reason at all, if you are not 100% satisfied with Rejuvenol 3, I will send you an immediate, complete and total refund with no questions asked, including shipping and handling.
Simply return the jar(s) with the unused portion within 90 days from purchase date and we’ll promptly return every penny you paid. It’s my personal, no-nonsense, no exceptions, no-risk guarantee that means you won’t risk one cent.
It’s time for you to forget cookie cutter anti-aging formulas and outdated fish oil
Try the one and only breakthrough natural formula with a combination of ingredients clinically proven to…
Re-activate your “eternal youth” gene… program your body to make younger cells…harness the “universal healing nutrient” (DHA)… and unleash the most absorbable and powerful form of omega-3s (krill oil) deeply into your cells.
So what are you waiting for?
Try my exclusive Rejuvenol 3 risk-free today.
You have absolutely nothing to lose — and years, even decades, of growing biologically younger to gain. So why not order today?
To your good health,
Al Sears, MD, CNS
P.S. Don’t forget — my special introductory offer includes 33% savings…  PLUS, a FREE e-Report… and FREE Shipping. And it all comes with my 100% money-back guarantee, so you won’t risk one penny.
Here’s what industry experts are saying about Dr. Sears:

“Dr. Sears blows away the conventional medical wisdom…”

-Ronald Klatz, MD, DO Founder and President, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

“Dr. Sears has distinguished himself as a leader in the area of Anti-Aging Medicine and recently in cell and telomere biology…”

-Frederic J. Vagnini, MD, FACS; Medical Director of the Heart. Diabetes and Weight Loss Centers of NY

“Dr. Sears masterfully explains how we can flip the switches that allow access to the store of human vitality that resides within each one of us. We understood how to do this when we were young and now Dr. Sears gives us the evidence-based means to tap into our potency, strength, and stamina with intention.”

-Paul L. Hester, MD, MBA

“Dr. Al Sears really gets it. What a refreshing breath of fresh air…”

-Jonny Bowden, auth or, Living the Low Carb Life: From Atkins to the Zone Choosing the Diet That’s Right for You

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
*Individual results may vary. Comments may be from the original formula, Omega Rejuvenol, now called Rejuvenol 3.

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