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Natural Approach wants to bring honesty back to this business, back to when people would be willing to make a difference in your life, just for that reason.

Living on good terms with Nature would be the right thing to do. Having a Natural Approach to plants, herbs, and other things that are on Earth is also necessary for our survival. And then one’s asking, quality life? We need a Natural Approach to deal with The Deadly Chemicals “AROUND US”.

Be your own Health Advocate!

Big doubts, who to trust? Is this Brand Organic? Is it GMO?  Is it for real? Am I in the right place? I am trying to get a natural and organic product that I trust. How do you know for sure? One asks… The main way to find it out is to do research! It will take time and work, and obviously persistence, and consistency. If they are stubborn, we are even more stubborn than they are. So you have the personality of a researcher. How about if you can find someone willing to do that work for you? So, you will try someone and see what happens after that, someone who has already researched for you, and get some Brands together that you can trust!

Also, make sure you can have a money-back guarantee, because, with that commodity, you will have nothing to lose. You will try the product and find out what is working and what is not working.  You have to ask questions, and the legitimate will be able and glad to give you all the information you need. Usually, if they have a lot of information it is the path to legitimacy and transparency. Information will take you to the TRUTH. People who walk around and don’t give any information are trying to make a sale and don’t care about helping with your issues. They are not concerned about helping you,  being a friend, and being on your website for days or years to come. They don’t feel the need to help you and make a difference in your life and the loved ones that matter to you immensely!

Natural Approach wants to make a point and pass to you what we have learned after some failures too. We wish that we can pass it on to you and anyone who cares to listen and to try or show you a better way. We do not always do perfectly. We do make mistakes and we learn and try to teach what we have learned. We should always admit to our faults because that is when we truly learn something. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes and when we recognize them, we will learn something from them, indeed. Natural Approach is struggling to learn the best way to heal our bodies and feed our minds.  We love NATURE. We think NATURE has a lot of answers to give to us.

We are an extension of NATURE and NATURE is an extension of us.

Here, at Natural Approach, we do our best to work with doctors or a person who knows the subject in question, which is really involved with healing the natural way. We strive to make it a better way and work with others that aim that also. Our researchers are trying to get to the truth. Usually takes a long time, but the results are efficient and real.

We are using organic, non-chemical solutions, that keep you healthy, and well-taken care of avoiding using threatening solutions in your home to clean, for your care, and everything else that is in your home and surroundings without being bad to you healthwise. We try to go as far as we can when we are talking about the safety of you and your loved ones. We also try to carry as many products and different products as possible, so we want to make it easy for you to find everything you need on one website. I have called it a Natural Approach because I thought that it was the closest name to what I have in my mind, a store that has everything you need safe for you and your loved ones and you wouldn’t have to go everywhere to find what you need for your household. So, everything is in one place, for your convenience. We here at Natural Approach did a lot of research, so you wouldn’t have to, make sure that you would get the green light for Brands that we like and think would be of very good use to you and your loved ones. The Brands are legitimate and transparent, and everything that we want to promote gives us peace of mind knowing that we speak the truth.



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We, at Natural Approach, expect the Brands that we promote to be free of harsh chemicals, non-toxic, with no animals used to produce these products,  fair trade, sustainable to the perfect environmental rules, and No exploitation of any kind to the workers that help to come up with the product. When we were doing our research, we made sure that all the information that we had gotten about all these Brands was accurate to the best of our knowledge. I can assure any of you, my subscribers, that we did the best that we could to give you the certainty of our own selves. I have always loved Nature, throughout my life, and have a lot of respect, and tried to do my share of recycling and treating Nature. During the years that I was not aware of the harmful chemicals that may be in your food, your cleaning products, your products, and everything that we use every day, I didn’t realize that these solutions could hurt me. I thought that somehow the organs in the government, for consumer protection and such, would protect me and wouldn’t allow the companies to do that.

As I found out later in life, how wrong I was for putting my health in someone else hands. I have to be my health advocate. You shouldn’t put your health not even in your doctor’s hands. You have to evaluate, do research, and finally find out what is best for your health: YOU! You owe to yourself to at least, ask questions, the doctor is not a God. I am going, briefly to name the Brands that I work promoting it and I will try to tell you a little bit about them. These brands have a lot of information which has helped me to decide to choose them. The more information you have on a product the wisest is a decision to shop for it.

I want you to have what you want and be happy about it. I will do everything I possibly can to help you with your choices, I promise! I want also to point out to you that the information I have in this post is just brief because this post is a summary of the real pages that I have here in this post. On the website, Natural Approach, I will have much more information about every one of these Brands, more precisely and longer. So, you will encounter more information indeed about every one of these Brands.

Better Brands Promoted by Natural Approach

Dr. Al Sears Primal Force has gotten everything about Supplements, Nutrition, a Superfood the best way it can be. After or should I say, during, because he’s not done with his research, it’s a work that will never cease to exist. It will keep going bringing to us all the breakthroughs that it can be during his travels all over the world where he always finds big, essential discoveries about another plant or herb that has become another natural science miracle. With all the purest nutrients, that are revolutionizing all the supplements or superfoods that could have been found out by Dr. All Sears, indeed.

He’s a big name in the women’s health aging process, helping women deal with all the bad signs of Hormones (Menopause). Men’s aging process(Prostates) Everything about hormones, Testosterone, estrogen, etc… Effective discoveries of Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Thyroid, etc… It is worthwhile to read all the information that Dr. Al Searshas for you. His studies are dedicated and phenomenal… He will not stop for anything. Some people are just like that, they will not stop until they can say that they did what they have to do.

They have a researcher soul and are here to help. Compassion is their main thing and we are very glad that doctors like him are here to a breakthrough in everything that will benefit everyone. Praise Dr. Al Sears Primal Force and Pure Radiance! Please read and find out about the many miracles that Dr. Al Sears has done with his unresting dedication to making solutions that work for everyone.



Assure II Heart Tonic Dr. Sears M.D. Primal Force

Assure II Heart Tonic: The Ultimate Heart Support

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When I wrote The Doctor’s Heart Cure, I was one of the first MDs to successfully challenge the medical establishment’s view of heart health, and correctly identify the specific heart-targeted nutrients that nourish your cardiovascular system. Now there’s an easy way to get the benefit of EVERY recommendation I make in my book, at the dose levels […]
Curcumin Triple Burn Dr. Sears M.D. Primal Force

Curcumin Triple Burn At Last! A Curcumin Formula that Delivers the Goods

Omega Rejuvenol Dr. Sears M.D. Primal Force

Omega Rejuvenol

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Restore the Youthful Power Nature Intended Our ancient ancestors enjoyed a level of strength and potency you and I would envy. What was the secret to such amazing strength, speed, and agility? Our ancestors were perfectly matched to their environment and had access to the key fat-soluble vitamins and other vital nutrients that aren’t always […] VIEW PRODUCTS

Dr. Al Sears Pure Radiance Skin Care:


Girl in a grass (medium format image)

Girl in a grass (medium format image)


Dr. Al Sears Pure Radiance Skin Care is about as good as Primal Force. Dr. Al Sears has the same amount of care that he put in all his supplement lines, superfoods, and also skincare that have some amazing products that are making people very happy having an alternative to plastic surgery, botox, you name it, is treating the patient with mostly nutrition, is with no doubt on his mind he says that Nutrition is the key to a healthy body and mind, all the way. His success is proof that he’s right, his patients may tell you that gladly. Dr. Al Sears has very committed patients in his clinic who testify to that. The nutrition and all the ingredients in his formulas are essential. Nutrition it is, Nutrition Does the job. That is a famous thing that you hear and I believe that with conviction, you are what you eat. That is right. I have some pictures of Dr. Al Sears’s Pure Radiance Skin Care products for his line Pure Radiance Skin Care.


new regenesis dna rejuvenation cream prima lforce spa woman

Spa beauty woman

Regenesis HGF

I partnered with a team of researchers from Stanford University to develop a formula so revolutionary, that it has the power to reverse the appearance of age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, scars, acne, and photoaging.

It even restores the appearance of younger, firmer, and silkier skin.

No matter how old you are right now.

When I got word of what this Stanford team was doing, I wanted to get involved immediately.

I knew their research could beautify and “de-age” the skin of millions of Americans.

Give me a few minutes, and I’ll show you how this discovery will change the way the world sees you.

Growth Factors Support Your Skin Naturally

You may have heard about how growth factors can help give you a more youthful appearance.

Growth factors unlock the keys to healing ourselves naturally.

But most of the growth factors on the market come from plants.

And by nature, plant growth factors are not the top of the line for humans — they don’t unlock as many healing processes as human growth factors do.

Here’s the rub: You can only get effective human growth factors from human stem cells.

But this team from Stanford discovered something truly remarkable.

They discovered how to separate human growth factors from the stem cells — while still retaining their amazing powers.

In other words…

You can get the regenerative benefits of stem cells without ever using, or coming into contact with stem cell

dna rejuvenation cream TeloRevive reverse the signs of aging

New & Improved TeloRevive DNA Rejuvenation Cream

Ashaninka “Rainforest Secret” Repairs Skin Cells & Makes Years Disappear While You Sleep.


TeloRevive Rejuvenating Night Cream helps you maintain and extend your telomeres. I combined four new, telomere enhancing ingredients (including Cat’s Claw) with originalRevive’s telomerase activators – astragalus and baicalin. It’s an easier and faster way to dramatically reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and age spots… Your skin cells will rejuvenate while you sleep, and help you look years younger. TeloRevive’s other powerful ingredients include:

  • Teprenone is a remarkable compound that increases skin moisture, reduces redness, firms sagging skin, brightens skin tone, and promotes slower shortening of your telomeres. It puts the effects of aging into “slow-motion.1
  • Hyaluronic Acid, with the amazing ability to absorb around 1,000 times its weight in water. It plumps up your skin and enhances both volume and elasticity. It also restores a youthful freshness to your skin.
  • Squalene is a pure essential oil with powerful hydrating action. It soaks into the deepest layer of your skin for the most protection. This essential oil produces a barrier against water loss. It restores moisture and suppleness to your face while it reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Honey Colony

Moving Small Waterfall

Moving Smal Waterfall

They have their complicity in all the work done through difficult times. When you feel that you work and there are results for the benefit of everyone. What accomplishment there is. We have more than taking good care of ourselves. There is something always lurking and taking you in another direction. As long you will make sure that when you are helping someone, you are going beyond yourself and you will be loyal and through like it is being done because of someone else’s predicament, not yours. Honey Colony has gotten what you need to keep your life, your goals, your good attitude, and care of all the nutrition that your body needs to act upon your aspirations right now.
And here comes the big pharma which has a few demands. Where are we?
Maryam Heynes is the Co-Founder, it’s a person that I am proud of, for being a woman like me, like you, like everyone. She goes for it and she is not afraid to speak her mind. Cool! You can learn a lot from her example and her wonderful attitude. I have never spoken with her, but she so transparent and reachable. God be with you Maryam Heynes. I trust her doing everything she can, just like us, trying to have some people slow down in a mission of destruction, not really for the well-being of everyone.
Where is the money never end the need for it? Some individuals would do anything to get ahead, no matter what. Superior CBD is one of the Stars products from the Honey Colony. You will be glad and excited to know that Honey Colony has superior CBD and it is very genuine and extremely powerful. Superior CBD being made the

The Entourage Effect: Why Whole Plant CBD Matters?

Beware of isolates that strip organic plant extracts and rob you of health benefits

It may sound like an HBO sequel or a Michael Crichton techno-thriller, but the entourage effect is serious business and can make the difference between Superior CBD providing immense health benefits and doing nothing at all. In whole plant (non-conventional) medicine, the entourage effect refers to hundreds of natural components within a plant interacting together and with the human body to produce a stronger impact than with any one of those components used alone. The combination of these multiple compounds in their natural state is what produces a synergy.

Consider this compared to conventional medicines that focus on extracting single compounds from a plant and isolating or producing the active ingredient in a laboratory then selling it to you as in the form of pills and powders. The dichotomy also exists when it comes to the manufacturing and marketing of Superior CBD. CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of 100 cannabinoids (naturally occurring compounds) found in the cannabis or hemp plant. But CBD also refers to the product itself. Two common forms of the product marketed as  CBD extract are whole-plant hemp and CBD isolates. Isolate as the name implies, isolates cannabidiol (CBD the cannabinoid).
This is done through a refining process that strips out any additional cannabinoids, terpenes (unsaturated hydrocarbons that exist in the essential oils of plants), and plant components found in the hemp plant. The final product is a fine white powder that contains 99 percent cannabidiol. This is CBD in its purest form. Whole-plant hemp extract CBD, on the other hand, keeps the full properties of the hemp plant intact. In addition to CBD the cannabinoid, this extract includes terpenes, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, phytonutrients, and any other materials that are extracted from the hemp plant, including 99 other cannabinoids that provide their unique benefits. A growing body of evidence shows a greater efficacy of whole plant medicines over isolates thanks to the entourage effect – something herbalists and holistic practitioners have known for a long time. For example, a 2015 groundbreaking study from Israel documented the superior therapeutic properties of the whole plant CBD-rich cannabis extract as compared to single-molecule cannabidiol (isolate). Published in the journal Pharmacology & Pharmacy, the article directly challenged one of the golden tenets of Big Pharma and the medical-industrial complex —  that “crude” botanical preparations are inherently low-grade and less effective than pure, single-molecule compounds. A Balancing Act: Whole Plant Zapateado, click this highlighted phrase to read more.

87 Benefits of Equilibrium Superfood That Will Super Charge Your Life

With a specialized formula combining Ayurveda and holistic medicine, Chinese principles, and inspiration from Nutritional Genomics, our Equilibrium Superfood provides the ultimate balance between body, mind, and spirit. Each ingredient is potent, carefully hand-selected, certified organic, or wildcrafted to provide 100% high-grade quality in every spoonful; a concentrated superfood in each gulp! We’ve broken down each of the key ingredients and compiled a list of benefits that make Equilibrium Superfood the best superfood available.

Key Ingredients For The Ultimate Superfood

Active Natural Prebiotics

Most people are familiar with probiotics, the live bacteria that are commonly found in yogurt, and aid in gastrointestinal conditions. Prebiotics are a special form of fibers that nourish and fertilize bacteria that are already present in the colon. Equilibrium is jam-packed with powerful probiotics that 1. Increase fiber consumption for health promotion and disease prevention. 2. Increase resistance to invasive pathogens. 3. Support the prevention of gastrointestinal infections and diseases. 4. Stimulate the growth and activity of intestinal bacteria to promote health and well-being.


Marine phytoplankton makes up one-quarter of all vegetation on the planet, in addition to providing 90 percent of all of the planet’s oxygen. Its richness in trace elements and micro-nutrients can help the body reach optimal health and wellness when regularly consumed. 5. Phytoplankton is one of the most nutrient-dense superfoods on the planet. This offers optimal nutrient count with minimal calorie consumption. 6. Phytoplankton is loaded with essential fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, and trace minerals—all necessary for regular organ, muscle, and joint function. 7. Strengthens cell membranes and supports cell regeneration. 8. Supports the body’s natural methylation process and helps with proper cell division and growth, removing toxins, repairing DNA, and reducing inflammation. 9. A University of Utah study showed subjects who used phytoplankton had higher measurements of CD3. Cd3 is an indicator of immune cells responsible for fighting viruses and bacteria.  10. Boasts more Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) than any other source of SOD available. SOD is an antioxidant enzyme produced by cells in the human body. It reduces free radicals, protects against oxidative damage, and defends oxidative damage on the cellular level while protecting against potential damage to the cardiovascular, mental, and immune systems caused by oxidative stress. 11. Phytoplankton offers 100 percent bioavailability. No part of it is wasted, allowing our cells to absorb everything and boost all the health benefits.

Click here to Check Out Equilibrium

 The Brand New Evolutionary Peak Of Superfoods! 

The Ultimate Superfood

A Natural Antimicrobial

Add energy to your day, promote weight loss, combat viruses, suppress allergies, and promote total body health.

wholesale energy superfood
                                                               Picture of Equilibrium Bottle Honeycolony

Blue Algae

Blue algae is also a seaweed high in nutrient density. The Aztecs and native Africans consumed blue algae regularly for its various health benefits. The most common form of blue algae is spirulina. It offers a high serving of protein, all essential amino acids, and numerous minerals and vitamins making it a highly concentrated superfood. What’re more, blue algae: 12. Aids in detoxifying the body, especially from heavy metals. 13. It contains phenylalanine, which works as an appetite suppressant and supports weight management. 14. Aids in cardiovascular disease prevention. 15. Research shows Spirulina maxima consumption aids in preventing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushrooms have been used as a staple for thousands of years in Ancient Chinese medicine. The common belief was that regular consumption would offer immortality. Current research shows that although immortality may not be the end result, a long and healthy life is attainable with medicinal mushrooms because of 16. They contain biologically active polysaccharides, which research suggests contain anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiviral support. 17. They contain immune-activating beta-glucansBeta-glucans show promise in preventing vascular injuries that lead to heart disease. They also control blood glucose levels and lipids to allow for better diabetes management and reduce hypertension risk. 18. Mushrooms are immune modulators. They are able to activate immune effector cells, such as lymphocytes, macrophages, and natural killer cells.

Double-Directory Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogenic herbs, as the name, suggests, allow us to adapt to the day today. Environmental stressors, toxins, people, and foods we eat throw off our bodies, drain our energy, and offset our mood. Adaptogenic herbs provide an all-natural balance to allow us to quickly bounce back and: 19. They help your body adapt to your particular environment, which allows you to better handle any kind of stress. 20. Allow the body and mind to transition from an extreme state back to a balanced state. 21. Increases energy by stimulating the central nervous system, without the negative side effects of most common stimulants such as caffeine.

22. Adaptogens are often used as overall wellness tonics to promote total body health.


Ormus, which was discovered in 1975 by an Arizona farmer named David Hudson, contains a mix of key elements such as cobalt, nickel, copper, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, osmium, iridium, platinum, gold, and mercury. This natural conglomerate of elements is reported to offer endless health benefits through 23. Enhancing the immune system’s functions. 24. Increasing the rate the body heals. 25. Nourishing and hydrating body cells. 26. Increasing energy and strength for athletic conditioning. 27. Helping to enhance one’s mood and combat depression. 28. Supporting healthier sleep patterns. 29. Supporting the body cells’ generation of hydroelectric energy, which improves brain function. 30. Aiding in repairing damaged tissues and supporting joint relief. 31. Helping promote a healthy cellular pH balance.


Throughout history, ginger has been used in various forms of traditional and alternative medicine. It is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that have powerful benefits for your body and brain. Gingerol is the main bioactive compound in ginger, responsible for much of its medicinal properties. What’s more, ginger: 32. Exerts protection from gamma radiation. 33. Has the ability to decrease age-related oxidative stress caused by UVB ray markers by activating the oxidase system.

34. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and decreases swelling and pain. 35. May be effective against osteoarthritis and rheumatism. 36. Aids in breaking up intestinal gas, offering relief from nausea and vomiting. 37. It suppresses allergic reactions. 38. It is effective against exercise-induced muscle pain. 39. It is just as effective as OTC medication and offers natural pain relief for menstrual pain. 40. Enhances both attention and cognitive processing capabilities in a study using healthy, middle-aged women.

41. Inhibits the growth of oral bacteria.

Organic Turmeric

In India, turmeric has been used for over 4,000 years as a spice and medicinal herb. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. Although it has been around for years, it is making waves as a new superfood. 42. Research shows that curcumin has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 43. Curcumin has shown the ability to inhibit tumor growth and also has anti-angiogenic effects. 43. Curcumin has the ability to damage the bacteria membrane and destroy numerous bacteria. 44. As an immune modulator, curcumin enhances the immune system’s antibody response. 45. Curcumin is a natural antibiotic and has no negative effects on the intestinal microflora compared to OTC antibiotic pills. 46. Curcumin has the ability to boost brain function and lower the risk of brain diseases.

100% Raw Honey

Raw honey comes straight from the beehive making it a superfood on its own. This means it is pure, natural, and potent. Supermarket honey is processed and heated and devoid of beeswax, pollen, enzymes, and vitamins—all the true healing elements that make raw honey so wonderful. 47. Raw honey naturally neutralizes toxins. 48. Mixing cinnamon and honey has been shown to relieve arthritis pain when applied to the area. In addition, eating both offers internal joint relief. 49. Honey has been used for thousands of years as an all-natural anti-bacterial. 50. Honey contains high acidity which helps alkalize the body. 51. Honey as a natural sweetener can suppress hunger, limit sugar intake, and promote weight loss. 52. Eating honey before bed aids in glycogen energy production. Since our brains use a lot of energy while we sleep, additional glycogen helps with brain function and sleep. 53. Supports the release of melatonin, which also aids with sleep. 54. Honey boosts the body’s antioxidants, which prevent cell damage from free radicals and aids in fighting disease. 55. Honey decreases the healing time of wounds when paired with natural hydrogen peroxide. 56. Honey’s anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties make it an all-natural solution in soothing sore throats. 57. A 2007 report shows honey applied topically had the ability to treat a diabetic ulcer. 58. Honey contains phytonutrients that provide anti-inflammatory benefits

Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is the food of younger bees and is one of the most complete natural foods available. 59. Bee pollen contains over 5,000 enzymes and co-enzymes to aid in digestion, making it the most enzyme-rich food available. 60. Bee Pollen is rich in B-complex vitamins, which support total body energy. 61. Natural phenylalanine content makes bee pollen an appetite suppressant. 62. Through a technique called desensitization, bee pollen suppresses allergy symptoms. 63. Bee pollen has been shown to have antibiotic abilities against salmonella and other bacteria. 64. Bee pollen contains more than 300 natural compounds, making it a potent antioxidant. 65. Bee pollen contains vitamin A for healthy vision. 66. Bee pollen contains vitamin C for immune support. 67. Bee pollen contains vitamin D for bone and immune support. 68. Bee pollen contains vitamin E for cholesterol regulation. 69. Bee pollen contains selenium for immunity boosting and metabolism maintenance. 70. Bee pollen contains lecithin which reduces fat deposits in the liver.

Bee Propolis

Bees collect propolis by gathering resin from pine and evergreen trees. Propolis is initially used to support structures throughout the hive and protect the hive from contamination and invaders. Bee propolis contains many healing attributes that we can benefit from. 71. Bee propolis shows high antibacterial activity against cocci and Gram-positive rods. 72. Bees use propolis for its anti-fungal properties and actively apply it to infected areas of the hive 73. Propolis has been used to treat aphthous stomatitis (RAS), which is a common, painful, and ulcerative disorder of the mouth. 74. Research suggests that bee propolis has the ability to lower blood pressure. 75. Bee propolis has been shown to help with bone tissue reformation. 76. In prostate cancer, bee propolis has shown promise in boosting cancerous cell death. 77. Brazilian green propolis has reduced the metastasis of colon cancer cells. 78. Aiding in bone tissue reformation also allows bee propolis to protect injured teeth.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is the exclusive food of queen bees, an all-natural superfood. This nutrient-dense food provides numerous health benefits and contributes to extending queen bees’ lives for up to five years, while worker bees tend to only live for six weeks. Royal jelly’s benefits: 79. Treatment for asthma 80. Research shows that royal jelly has the ability to act as an immunomodulator and boost the body’s immune system response. 81. Six months of regular royal jelly consumption helped enhance brain function. 82. Over the course of seven days, the regular use of royal jelly showed promise in protecting the liver from damage. 83. Through regular consumption, royal jelly has shown the ability to reduce inflammation in periodontal disease, suggesting anti-inflammatory relief for the entire body. 84. Royal jelly is 60 to 70 percent water and supports natural skin healing. 85. Royal jelly has been shown to prevent osteoporosis when consumed with bee pollen. 86. Royal jelly limits blood supply to tumors and can inhibit breast cancer cell growth. 87. Royal jelly’s mixture of proteins, vitamins, and minerals helps to decrease total cholesterol and LDL.

Annmarie Gianni

For Annmarie Gianni with the special solution to choose their effective and wonderful Skin Care, Essential Oils, etc, every product has a unique wild way that was made to accommodate your preference for Organic as well. Who wants the products to treat their skin should be the best, I can’t blame them. I want the best to trust to put on my skin or go down my throat. Annmarie Gianni has been doing solutions on beautiful and very well-made products for your beautiful skin and has pure and excellent Essential Oils. The purest Essential Oils should be the ones you will get. I was doing some research about Essential Oils and they figured out finally that the criteria should be about evaluating and judging The Best Essentials oils would be, how pure it is, indeed. Annmarie Gianni is very PURE. Try the Annmarie Gianni Essential Oils or Skin Care, both wonderful solutions to have at home if you are not completely satisfied, no questions asked, you get your money back, guaranteed.


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Premium Jane CBD, Quality CBD

What Is CBD Oil(Cannabidiol Oil)?

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is one of the natural compounds found in the hemp plant. Countless thousands of people have experienced its calming benefits, and continue to seek out the various wellness advantages that hemp extract offers. Full-spectrum CBD products may contain a THC content of less than 0.3%, but they will not get users high or produce mind-altering effects.
After extraction from the raw plant material, CBD exists as a crystalline solid – not dissimilar from what natural sea salt looks like in terms of appearance. However, due to its molecular structure, CBD saturates efficiently when infused into a carrier oil with high triglyceride content. This is the reason why we infuse all of our tinctures in high-quality MCT oil (fractioned coconut oil).
So, what is MCT oil?
MCT stands for ‘medium-chain triglycerides.’ MCTs are lipids that are naturally found in coconut oil and other palm oils. Since CBD is oil-soluble and not water-soluble, a good, premium MCT oil will allow the active CBD compound to dissolve efficiently and “latch onto” the triglyceride molecules. This helps the CBD to be delivered with efficiency to the body’s various systems.
If you’ve been scouring the net for reliable and effective CBD products for sale (or have even searched “CBD products near me” to try and find a local retailer), be advised that every Premium Jane oil is organic, non-GMO, and made with just two main ingredients:
  • Hemp extract (including the activated CBD)
  • MCT oil (which is fractionated from 100% coconut oil).
This means that you are getting a pure, healthy, whole-body product.
Before you buy CBD oil, make sure to check out our CBD oil for sale section on the site. We offer a wide range of cannabidiol oil products and CBD derivatives. We hope to answer any questions you may have, such as “Where can I get CBD oil.” Also, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions before you order CBD online.
Premium Jane OffersMore Than JustCBD Oil Online

Premium Jane Offers More Than Just CBD Oil On-Line

In addition to our CBD oil online products (which are available in three strengths and three different flavors), we also offer high-quality CBD capsules, a CBD topical cream, flavored CBD gummies, and CBD bath bombs.
While CBD oil, tinctures are our most popular seller and will often answer the question of “where to buy CBD oil”, capsules are a great alternative for those who dislike the mildly bitter taste of hemp oil, which many people describe as “earthy” or “grassy.” (Capsules are also good for those who have a hard time holding the oil for 60-90 seconds before swallowing).
Not to be confused with CBD beauty products, our CBD-infused topical creams (which contain 750mg and 1500mg of CBD extract) are becoming a favorite among those who wish to use CBD on specific areas of the body. The advantage of topical creams is that you can apply them directly to the skin, where the CBD can work to carry out its various properties.
Lastly, our 100% vegan CBD gummies are a delicious and discreet way to get your daily CBD intake — and a robust intake at that, as each gummy, contains roughly 25mg of CBD. A lot of customers like to bring the gummies to work with them and have one or two throughout the day as a means to maintain focus and stay confident and relaxed. Also, our gummies are our only products that use CBD with zero THC (our other products are made from full-spectrum hemp extract). Feel free to message us about the potential benefits of adding CBD to your daily routine.
Just remember, no matter where you live in the U.S., you’ve likely seen signs all over the place that say something like “Cheap CBD Oil For Sale!”, or “CBD Oil for Pain for Sale!”
While there are certainly some decent, well-made products out there, some of these oils are “gimmicks” that are simply trying to turn a quick buck on the CBD oil craze.
For example, many “roadside products” (as we like to call them) will have been made from cheap hemp seed oil, which contains virtually no active CBD compound. Proper CBD oil must be extracted from genetically selected hemp strains, which is hard to find among the products that you see available in run-of-the-mill Vape shops, head shops, health food stores, etc.
Also, despite what some companies out, there may claim, it’s important to remind customers that Premium Jane products are NOT intended to treat, cure or help diagnose any medical condition or ailment.

As a Premium Jane customer, you can rest assured that all of our plants were grown right here in the U.S., and contain lab-verified amounts of the CBD compound. Check out individual product pages to view some of these laboratory reports. Also, feel free to view our online shop, but even if you decide not to shop with Premium Jane, remember to always opt for a quality brand. At the Ultimate Green Store, we believe everything can be made a better way.



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