Let me tell you about Propolis…

One does not know Enough

Transparent glass jar with lemon, and mint leaves inside plus honeycomb outside it

About oneself to make the right choices and make the right decisions in one’s life…

Some choices are easier to identify, and some choices are like a puzzle that no matter what, the choices can’t be that clear about being the right one or the wrong one. One would love to be in a situation that is black or white. How about the ones that are, “in-between”?  Circle that! Oh, multiple choices! Just put it in a column of five or four and choose one. Doesn’t one love the simplicity? It’s just not that simple!

Everyday life decisions are never, ever that simple. But, sometimes they are simple, and we just come and complicate it. Just when you need your blood pressure checked to see if it is high and the doctor wants to put you on some medication that you don’t like because the side effects are horrible. So, it will be high, with the anticipation that will be there. As simple as that. What is that? Anticipation syndrome? Wow!

Somedays decisions can be that simple!

Don’t we wish that decisions would be easier to make? Don’t you wish that they would come with very clear directions or a video tutorial? Yes, I wished that every time I was about to make some choice and I was terrified of it. Some decisions can be that simple, and the next day the choices are getting so blurred and hard to recognize…

But there is one decision that is very easy to make, and that would have to be your decision. The choices and decisions about your HEALTH. You must make those decisions. I agree that you do trust your doctor. It is fine. To a certain point. I have met people throughout my life who put the burden of choices and decisions on their doctors. They are amazingly trustful of their doctor to an extreme that they would be not necessarily a person, but some kind of a saint or a genius. A perfect human being…

Bees on a light pink Cherry Blossom tree

Doctors are not that infallible.

A doctor is a human being that above all, is not perfect. Doctors are not infallible! Doctors make mistakes. Like in any kind of trade, they are subject to be sometimes, plain and simple, wrong, making mistakes that sometimes are even stupid. In any profession, there are good and bad professionals. Or sometimes you could make a bad decision on one case and still be a good doctor…

Why then when it comes to a doctor, people simply, can’t get the reality of a doctor making the wrong decision… Like any journalist, lawyer, etc… It is challenging the way that people adore their doctor to the point that they let the doctors make all the decisions for their problems like they would not let any other professionals do in any other circumstances…

Be your Health Advocate

Be your Health Advocate! It’s a wonderful phrase and it is safe to be that way because if you do, you will do much better. Question your doctor, disagree if you have to. If he tells you to your face, ” I am your doctor!”, that phrase like he is the almighty, you answer; so what? Answer it; I am a patient.

I have friends that I love dearly, telling me when we are talking about their doctors, that disagree with me saying that; Are you crazy? He’s my doctor, he knows… Like he’s some kind of infallible person who will not make any mistake in any circumstances. I can’t agree with it!

Doctors are not God.

I have been getting hurt by an almighty doctor! I have just painted his picture. The day that I questioned him about the mistake that he had made that had made me lose my baby, he answered that he had never made a mistake in his life! That was what he told me. That dreadful day was when I lost my baby and almost lost my life.

I am 60 years old. I have been on Earth for that amount of time that has to mean something.  Let me tell you something; No one is perfect and infallible, no one!


Doctors are human beings just like anyone else!

That’s about one thing that sometimes makes me think more deeply why is everyone so hooked up with doctors being perfect human beings? I have met some people here and there, throughout my life, sometimes a dear friend and sometimes an acquaintance that was introduced to me by a friend that has become very dear to me. Some of them have doctors prescribing them a huge amount of prescriptions sometimes even over 23 different prescriptions. I have to tell you that I wasn’t that comfortable knowing that a person that I care so much about was taking so many prescription medications like that.

So, time went by and during this time it wasn’t only one person that  I  have gotten to know that was taking so many prescription medications like that. I used to know a lot of people in that same position taking all those chemicals that were unbelievably inappropriate, I thought. I would try to reason with them on different occasions and use my knowledge about some homeopathic organic or even homemade medicine. I don’t even remember the amount any longer that was the average amount of prescription medications that of the people that I have known were prescribed to and still do.

You would be surprised to know

You would be surprised to know the number of people who despite their doctors, even the ones that definitely would have nothing to do with anything, but giving prescription drugs to the core, still will not get away with their closed tight minds. People out there are fighting fiercely to tell their doctors what they would rather have for their bodies other than what their doctors are so closed-minded about it. That is really what I am talking about.

Before I go any further with bad-mouthing doctors, I don’t want to do that, because there are doctors out there that are amazing. There are doctors that at this moment that we are speaking about Almighty doctors, they are stretching themselves, prolonging their education on the integration of traditional medicine and holistic medicine; putting together yoga, acupuncture, herbal supplements, etc…  They are working together to accommodate the best of a westerner medicine with what has been used for thousands of years. I strongly wish for this beautiful idea, because we need both.

It’s very frustrating to even ask them if they would consider just stopping to check about all these prescriptions, if maybe, only maybe, we could somehow make a careful evaluation to eliminate some or maybe, only one medication from the list. Maybe replace some of it with some herbal supplements to see if we could treat some of the symptoms with nutrients in supplements here and there. Even the suggestion was like I was insulting them. How can you consider that? He’s my doctor. He knows very well what he’s doing. When I would reply that, maybe we could ask him. That person would think that would be an insult to suggest that to the doctor, to suggest such a thing!

A new study published in the Health Service Research Journal shows that Physicians and Nurses, most of the people who work in the Medical Field, are more inclined to use Complementary Medicine Than everyone else. This study has concluded that 63% of general people use some kind of Natural options Medicine, and 76%  of the ones that work in the Medical Field use Complementary Medicine ( Health Care Workers use more Natural Options than the ones that are not working in The Medical Field; doctors, nurses, social workers, health technicians, etc…

Some rules keep doctors from prescribing

Some rules keep doctors from prescribing Holistic Healing. Those coming from Health Insurance,  Employment Contracts, and Medical Board Regulations. I will do another post on the subject. The most important thing to understand right now is, we need integrated Medicine. We need to combine traditional with Holistic, Herbal supplements, and complementary Medicine. We can all work together for the wellness of the people. Medicine is about finding cures for the Illnesses the best way we can. Use something that works in that particular case. Things like the way you eat, are really the most important issue in your overall health. I like this phrase very much, You are what you eat! Isn’t that true? It’s a lot on the subject. We will need another page…

We have to try different things if what we have tried before isn’t working. Give it a chance…

So, I have to put my tail between my legs and wimp… So much for any suggestions. Let’s not forget about the reason that conversation has even started in the first place. Side effects. So, I have concerns about some people that I have cared a lot about and want to help. I know that I am not better than the doctor. I just sometimes don’t understand why a doctor would prescribe so much medication to one person. It’s very disturbing to me that sometimes what they have is not something so major that ends up becoming a major problem because of the way it was handled.

We have to try different things.

We have to try different things if what we have tried before isn’t working. We don’t have to be a doctor to know that antibiotics weaken our immune system if we take them too much. I see doctors day after day prescribing antibiotics like it is a candy(granted that candy can be very bad for you also). Anyway, I think if you have something infected or inflammation you can take some time prescribing something that would take care of it without using an antibiotic, why not? Or anything else that you could treat using something more natural without so many side effects.


I knew that some problems that some of the people that were so dear to me have been only minor issues that could have had a very simple solution, but, it was getting more serious day by day and I was hoping for some natural medications, and supplements with good nutrients. but, swelling down those pills every day, wasn’t helping either. It just was making things much worse day by day, all those deadly chemicals. I was so sure that maybe even with an improved diet and some supplements we would have eliminated most of those chemicals.

It’s known that we come in contact with over 200 chemical agents in our own homes every day.

I know for sure that the chemicals that we usually come in contact with day after day make our immune systems very weak.  They are also carcinogens. I have tried very hard to have her change her mind, but it was no use. I believe in nutrients. I think that most issues we have with our health have something to do with a very poor diet. Nothing that we can’t solve with some very good nutrients that Nature has to offer.

I believed also that most of it could be an inflammation where we could use “propolis“, (propolis is something used to build their honeycomb), which works as a very good antibiotic, that naturally would get rid of the inflammation and ease up most of the symptoms. I have learned over the years that I have done the research and I, myself, have enough proof, having Rheumatic Fever for so many years and having gone also so many years without a symptom.  that propolis was very powerful. Trust me, I have used it and knew, about 100% sure that it worked. I was extremely sure. I would bet a lot of money on it and could be rich by now.

Lemon and Honeycomb

I could swear to you, under the sun that our wonderful God has put there to warm us up, that propolis is really a huge, beautiful, and pure miracle. The Honey Bee is a miracle without a shred of doubt. I can tell you this with the conviction of my whole being!

I have to see my friend’s health deteriorate every single day.

Ann is gone. I am here, still very determined to help anyone that accepts my help. We have today, after all the advancements in science, much more research that has been done about the power of honey bees. I can tell you even more convinced than ever, that you, are looking for relief about bones, joints, pain, and lack of energy, and a ridiculous amount of symptoms that afflict everyone these days, with the real aggravation from the chemicals on our food supply, and every kind of pollution that are around, come and try these simple solutions and allow it to make a miracle on your body, and soul. You will not regret it.

I promote very honest solutions for your care, home care, and everything that covers your household.


A beige wall with pink flowers

These stores are also producing miracles with advanced technology and obviously without hurting our planet in the process with very much respect for the environment. That is amazing. Get the nutrients that you need on the supplements and superfoods that green-approach.com has made available to you, and your loved ones, to use on your home, use in your body, use on your soul (I believe that if you have a healthy body, your soul will follow right after).

Equilibrium Superfood – I have been taking it for a while and I intend to continue to take it as long as it makes me feel healthier and energized. I have never, ever had a supplement that has made me feel this good. I have approved and will approve it over and over again. Honey Colony products are excellent. The quality is without a doubt in my mind, the Best. I have so much trust in this product that I will endorse it over and over again.

Come to my website and read all the information that I have. My friend if it is one thing that I have on this website, is information. green-approach.com will never have you short on information. We celebrate information. green-approach.com becomes information. Also, I want to let you know that Equilibrium Superfood is not the only product that we have. I have a couple more reviews about Honey Colony on my website. Please, take a look and find out about amazing products that will improve your health dramatically for much, much better! Please, read the testimonials that will tell you all the information from the customer’s voice.

Please, give it a try. What have you got to lose? Money back guaranteed, no questions asked. Period.

Honey spilling into a top  glass jar and some dry flowers about

Let me tell you about Propolis

What the Bee creates is all useful. There is no waste. Everything is good in its way. Propolis works as a protection for the hive from Natural Elements,  from any harm to the Hive. That could be snow, rain, wind, protection against parasites bringing infections, preventing diseases, or small harmful visitors. Propolis mainly is a mixed resin composed of beeswax. It’s dark, sticky. It feels like glue, and it is good to seal the hive so there are no gaps.Having Propolis into your Regular DietThe health benefits of Propolis are phenomenal. I am still amazed at the results that I normally get when I use Propolis. I am always reaching for Propolis, again and again over so many years. It’s been 45 years since I have known Propolis and about over 35 years that I have been taking it. Not continuously, but, time taking it and time not. Recently I have been taking it more often. Having Propolis in your regular diet is a very wise move towards a life with no sickness.The Benefits of Propolis are EndlessThe benefits of Propolis are endless. I did some research again with the help of my friend Honey Colony and Google and I have found an amazing amount of solutions that Propolis does to your health. The Bees are very versatile creatures that seem like perfection, I mean, they are unbelievable little ones that are very good to this Earth and to you. We can’t live without them and as soon as men realize that, as soon as we will become safe. on this Earth.Diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever.

White and yellow daysies

I have been fascinated by Propolis since I was a little over 15 years old. I have just developed a Rheumatic Fever after this very bad Strep Throat that almost killed me. it’s a little hard to diagnose Rheumatic Fever. Some blood tests will still be negative and that doesn’t mean you don’t have it. After many tests, we got the diagnosis and my parents started to think about how they were going to handle it. The doctors have told my parents that I have to take Antibiotics.The Bees are Amazing Knowing at that time that antibiotics taken so often could hurt my immune system, my parents decided to take me to a Homeopathic doctor. Now remember I am 61 years old now, and that was a time when people really used more Natural Healing, taking herb teas for anything. My mother was those old-fashioned women who used as much as possible the treatment even more than today, I believe. So we went to the doctor and he prescribed Propolis and it was the liquid one that my parents had gotten for me. Horrible taste. So, then I started my relationship with Propolis. It’s amazing how everything about bees is usable. It comes from the bees, it’s pretty much no waste. They are an amazing creature, our friends, the bees.The Bees Play a Very Important Role in this PlanetI have noticed that people don’t pay very much attention to the Bees.  When they do, is to kill them. They have a part in Nature that is so crucial, and I don’t understand why we are not so involved and doing more work to find out more things about Bees and try not to hurt them. The part that they play in life it’s very important It is truly amazing how men are not trying to bring light to this crucial issue, indeed.

Honey bee comb

I know that there is some research going on about this very intricate God’s creatures. But, I still think that it should be more. Mainly about the things that are hurting the Bees right now.I Have Been Taking Propolis for About 35 yearsIt’s been about 45 years, given and taken, that I have been taking Propolis. I have sometimes during this period, stopped taking it for a while and resumed taking it after, but I know for sure that I have been taking Propolis for about 35 years, at least. I have never had a Cold, The Flu, or any Allergies. I have had some health problems for a long time ago, but that was because of the period of times that I stopped taking the Propolis for some time, so I assume that I had some behavior issues and such.If I Feel Anything Out of The Ordinary, I Take PropolisIf I feel anything out of the ordinary, I take Propolis. If I have an Abscess in my tooth, I take Propolis. If my cat has had a fight and the big chunk that was taken from his neck is infected, I give him Propolis, and Propolis has never, ever fallen short of working, on the contrary, it delivered, efficiently. In my book, Propolis is excellent for anything. Anything at all. A Miracle Holly solution. Propolis was put here on Earth by God.Bee Panacea is a MiracleAll the experiences that I have had with Propolis were positive. All the experiences that my family, friends, and pets have had with Propolis were amazing. That is the reason I have to spread the word. It’s my responsibility to bring awareness of Propolis. Mainly because I know about Propolis, I must spread the word. I want everyone, as far as I can reach, to feel also the miracle of Propolis on themselves, for their families and friends. I want so much for everyone to feel the help of having a sickness cured. Everyone deserves that information. It would be selfish of me to do any different.

Honey bee around a Cherry Flowers

Propolis will Help with Cold and The FluThis is the right season to use the help of Propolis. Granted any season will be the right one. Here I will have many of the benefits that Propolis has given to us, Human Beings. I don’t think that it is all of them because Propolis is always surprising me with their vast list of help that they can bring to our body and soul. Let’s start and get some out to you, shall we? Antibacterial Capabilities. In the mouth with root canals, compared with Calcium Hydroxide, very good Anti-Microbial and more powerful at eliminating certain germs than Calcium is. Effectively killer of Bacteria. It has been additionally used to treat Cold and Flu. Traditionally we have been using Propolis to kill Colds and the Flu. Studies show how powerful the Bacteria-killing properties of your body of Propolis are. Propolis has very powerful killing Bacteria capabilities. Propolis Lower Blood PressureNitric-Oxide is an important substance for a Healthy Heart. The inner lines of your Blood vessels use Nitric Oxide to signal the surrounding smooth muscles to relax, resulting in Vasodilation (widening of Blood Vessels), increasing Blood flow. Reduction of the Bioavailability of nitric oxide plays a significant role in the development of High Blood Pressure. Without it, you would have a Heart Attack. There is an Enzyme called Tyrosine Hydroxylase ( or TH ), that limits the amount of nitric oxide you can produce, The research was done with rats that Propolis decreases TH and lowers Blood Pressure. Propolis may modulate Blood Pressure. If you suffer from Hypertension you may want to consider using raw honey which contains Propolis. Bone Disease.

A woman being lifted by a dandelion weedPropolis helps treat Bones  Diseases-Healthy and Bone Tissue. Scientists recently investigated whether Caffeic Phenethyl Ester, a very powerful compound found in Propolis could help or reverse Osteolytic Bone  Diseases. It’s very effective at suppressing the inflammatory compounds that cause bone diseases. Propolis could be a potential treatment for Bone Wasting Diseases like Osteoporosis. Taking a daily dose of Propolis could be a very wise thing to do. Propolis Treat AllergiesPropolis helps treat Allergies. Propolis ability to calm the symptoms of Seasonal Allergies. The scientists did experiment with rats and found out that Propolis inhibited histamine Release from the rat’s Mast Cells. Histamine is the compound that makes you sneeze, and gives you watery eyes and a runny nose _ Anti-Histamines are the main allergy drugs sold over the counter so, come to Allergy Season, don’t only take your Bee Pollen, but add a daily dose of Propolis. Propolis Treats Prostate Cancer

Wooden honey-dipped stick being lifted from a honey bee jarPropolis boosts Prostate Cancer Cell death. Another benefit of Propolis, it prevents and suppresses this type of Cancer. Scientists examined the Cancer-Killing Effects Of Propolis, Tincture on two common types of Prostate Cancer. They concluded that Propolis Tincture markedly improved Cell death in Prostate Cancer Cells, and suggested the significant role of Propolis in Chemoprevention of Prostate Cancer. Propolis Kills Colon Cancer CellsScientists are looking at the Anti-Cancer and Anti-Microbial potential of Propolis at the same time. First, they exposed Propolis to four different Pathogens. As those of us who used Propolis for many Colds have known for years, the Propolis showed very strong Anti-Microbial activity. Then they tested Propolis against Colon Cancer Cells. They found out that it caused the Cancer Cells to die by Necrosis, which means that it interrupted the Blood supply to the Cell and caused just the local Cancer cells to die and not Living Cells. Chemotherapy does just the opposite of this – it kills both, healthy living and the Cancer Cells and is the reason why chemo has such violent and devasted side effects. Ultimately, this research is very promising. Some of the healthiest people in the world have experienced health benefits and other Bee Products for generations. Some exciting new research may be indicative of why these people live such long, healthy, lives, and have such high rates of centenarians amongst them. Propolis May Help Treat Food Poisoning

A Honey Bee pollinating  from a yellow flower

The aim of a recent study was to analyze the Anti Microbial Activity of Propolis against the germs that cause what is commonly referred to as Food Poisoning (16 Campylobacter jejuni). The scientists found that Propolis inhibited the growth of C. jejuni, Enterobacterfaecalis, and Staphylococcus aureus, the three bugs that are commonly found in Food Poisoning cases. They went on to say that Propolis preparations could be used as support to traditional therapy for infection, especially when antibiotics show no activity against these Micro-Organisms. Now to keep a bottle of Propolis Tincture in my purse at all times and take a dose after eating in an unfamiliar place or restaurant, is a very good idea. Propolis Protects Injured TeethWe know that Propolis is very effective on Inflammation, so scientists’ studies concluded that apparently, Traumatic Injury to the teeth creates a huge challenge of post-treatment complications such as Inflammation. Propolis was evaluated as an anti-receptive agent, which means that if Propolis could help control the inflammation in someone’s teeth that got knocked out in an accident they could put the teeth back in.

To find out that they could. The scientists after a huge number of researches and tests realized that one of the benefits of Propolis is fighting inflammation, which brings a successful number of cures for diseases like Arthritis, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, and many more. People who take Propolis more often have less inflammation in their bodies which leads to a healthier life, and longer lives. Heat Stress and Athletic Performance
A Honey Bee pollinating some colorful plants
Propolis benefits are mainly so exceptional due to the major amount of Antioxidants that are in it. It’s very beneficial for Athletes because of protection from overheating, according to an article in The Journal of Food Science. Propolis has an active ingredient called “Caffeeic Acid Phenyl Ester, or CAPE, that triggers a broad spectrum of Biological Activities including Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammatory, and antiviral. The Research done by scientists examined Blood from 30 competitive cyclists who did endurance training two to four years prior to the investigation concluded even after some other tests that CAPE ( one of the most powered compounds in Propolis) promotion of Athletic performance taking Propolis, especially during the Summer may give you a safe, natural competitive advantage. Propolis an Effective Treatment for WartsThis lady reported that she, herself has had a personal experience that Propolis Tincture killed a plantar Wart that she had, and it has never come back. The International Journal of Dermatology has reported that in November of 2009, scientists found that Propolis shows strong activity against Warts. Also was reported that a cure was achieved in 75% and 73% of patients, respectively. After all, it still studies that are not listed here that testify about the amazing effects and benefits of Propolis. I am inclined to believe counting also my own experiences, that Propolis or anything that comes from the wonderful Bees is indeed a great miracle. With all the conclusions brought forth by scientists, I am convinced without a shred of a doubt that the bees are perfect beings and extremely necessary to our planet Earth! I hope that this information was useful for many of you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do so and I will be very happy to give to you or answer anything that I can. If you have any more information about our beautiful friends, please allow me to get that information also. Thank you so much for your attention to my post.Warmly!Luzia Soares
A Honey Bee pollinating some colorful plants
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