Dr. Sears Vita-D Suncream SPF 35

The #1 Cancer Prevention Advice? IGNORE IT!
Top Harvard M.D. reports that it could be GIVING you cancer and…
  • ​ Causing your joint discomfort
  • ​ Stealing your memory
  •   Damaging your heart
  • Promoting uneven skin tone and wrinkles
  • ​ And more!

Dear Friend,

The New York Times hailed it as the “Nutrient of the Decade.” [1]
A Vanderbilt study of 85,000 people proved it can help you live longer. [2]
And clinical studies from the Mayo Clinic,[3]  Harvard,[4]  and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirm it can help soothe joint discomfort[5] improve memory[6,7]… combat colds and flu[8]… rejuvenate aging skin… boost weight loss[9,10] AND reduce your risk of ALL cancers by an incredible 77%. [11]

In fact, after seeing the research a Harvard doctor declared, “I would challenge anyone to find an area or nutrient or any factor that has such consistent anti-cancer benefits as [this nutrient.]” [12]

I’m outraged that the medical establishment continues to encourage the daily use of a product that depletes your body of this vital nutrient in the name of fighting cancer.

And I’m shocked that this product is at the center of a $394 million dollar cancer prevention industry! An industry that’s spending millions on advertising to convince well-meaning doctors to endorse this daily ritual for “healthy aging.”


The sad truth: Those advertising dollars are working!

From the National Institutes of Health to the American Cancer Society, every conventional medical group says the best way to fight cancer and aging is to wear sunscreen.

But what they’re not telling you is that every drop of sunscreen rubbed into your skin blocks your body’s ability to make vitamin D, arguably the most important vitamin in your fight against aging.


Even more alarming, supplements aren’t enough to fix the problem!

A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that Americans aren’t successfully making up for the loss of vitamin D. Despite vitamin D supplements in medicine cabinets everywhere and vitamin D fortified milk in our refrigerators, we have an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency with more than one in seven Americans STILL deficient[13]
Today I’m going to tell you the shocking reason why, and show you a BRAND NEW WAY to improve your vitamin D levels the way Mother Nature intended.
Not only will this breakthrough help raise vitamin D levels in your blood naturally, for a sharper memory, a stronger heart, healthy arteries and to help soothe minor aches and pains.
…it will also raise vitamin D levels in your skin — something supplements almost never do!
As a result, it can help you mount the best defense against illness of all kinds. You can also experience a reduction in the appearance of age spots, crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles for younger-looking skin on your face, your neck, your hands, even your legs.
Best of all, it safely protects your skin from sun damage with the potency of SPF 35 so you can stay young-looking.

Hi, I’m Dr. Al Sears, MD. If you’ve read my newsletter, Doctor’s House Call, or any of my books or articles, then you’re familiar with vitamin D. I believe vitamin D is one of Mother Nature’s anti-aging miracles. That’s why I recommend it to my patients at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine.

Now, the latest research confirms what I’ve long witnessed in my practice: harnessing ALL of vitamin D’s power to fight aging and illness so you can look and feel younger, is nearly impossible using oral supplements alone.
I tell all my patients at my clinic that the best way to fight aging and illness with vitamin D is to harness the power of the sun.
The BEST Way to Get Your Vitamin D is Through Your Skin…

Your body is made to get vitamin D from sunlight shining on your skin. It happens when UVB radiation from the sun combines with your skin’s cholesterol. This triggers a complex biochemical reaction that results in healthy levels of vitamin D pumping into your bloodstream.

In fact, after only 30 minutes of summer sun exposure, your skin can make as much as 10,000 IU of vitamin D to help your body remain strong and healthy.

Without the sun, you’d need to swallow handfuls of vitamin D supplements to get this much vitamin D in your bloodstream. Even then, you’re still missing out on many of vitamin D’s most powerful anti-aging benefits.
If you want the most anti-aging power from vitamin D, then it needs to reach your skin cells!
The latest research confirms what I’ve long seen in my patients, it’s vitamin D in skin cells that gives you some of this nutrient’s biggest and best anti-aging benefits. Starting with your ability to fight illness and cancers…
The “Sunshine Vitamin”
Sunlight hits your skin
Vitamin D3 results
Vitamin D3 goes to liver until needed
Vitamin D3 is activated in kidneys
Active form of vitamin D3 is sent to organs
…BUT Sunscreen STOPS the skin from making vitamin D 97% of the time!
The life-saving news you’ll never hear in your doctor’s office…

Your First-Line of Defense Against Illness is ONLY Triggered by

Vitamin D on Your Skin!

I’ve been studying how vitamin D powers up your immune system to fight everything from the common cold to serious infections for over 20 years now. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that your immune system’s initial defense against infection begins with vitamin D in your skin.

A leading immune health researcher at the University of California says: “Within the skin, vitamin D and its receptors help form an impermeable barrier and promote an innate immune response against foreign microbes.” [14]

What is your innate immune system? Here are three things you need to know:
Strong innate immune response is critical to the healthiest, longest-lived people, including those over age 100! [15]

1. Your innate immune system is your first-line defense against illness. Your immune system has two parts: your innate immune system and your adaptive immune system. Your innate immune system is the first to attack ALL bacteria, viruses and pathogens as they enter the body. If these microbes succeed in entering the body and making you sick, then your adaptive immune system creates protective antibodies to survive the infection and prevent reinfection in the future.

2. Your innate immune system is located primarily in your skin. Your skin cells are the first place your innate immune system regulates your body’s natural killer cells. Natural killer cells are essential to good health because they succeed in fighting off microorganisms regardless of whether they’ve been encountered by your body before or not.
3. Vitamin D in your skin cells triggers your innate immune defenses. Vitamin D is like the “fuel” for your innate immune system. In a recent study published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine & Public Health, researchers wrote, “vitamin D in innate immunity is critical.” [16]
The study, called The Big Vitamin D Mistake, confirms a medical fact that I’ve been telling my readers for years: the vast majority of people don’t get enough vitamin D to effectively maintain strong immune defenses.
Without enough vitamin D, your skin loses your innate immune protection against toxic microbes that cause deadly infection. Just like a castle can’t survive attack with an empty moat, your body simply can’t withstand illness when skin cells are empty of vitamin D. The result?
You get sick…
Doctors 100 Years Ago Already Knew This!

That’s why sunrooms, or solariums, were one of the earliest health practices. In fact, until the 1950’s the sun was the most prescribed and most effective treatment for a variety of ills from chronic pain to deadly tuberculosis.

But you’d never know it! Sadly, solariums were all but wiped out by the multi-billion dollar prescription drug industry.
Today, the multi-million dollar sunscreen industry is all but wiping out the sun’s vitamin D triggering rays. Sunscreen stops 97% to 99% of vitamin D production within the skin.[17] I believe the consequences are deadly, and I’m not the only one…
Harvard MD: Sunscreen is Wiping Us Out at Higher Rates Than Skin Cancer! 

Harvard Medical School’s Edward Giovannucci, MD was recently interviewed on National Public Radio. He talked about the dire immune health consequences from the use of sunscreen in America.

In a stunning statement, Dr. Giovannucci reported an estimated 30 people might die of cancers related to vitamin D deficiency for every one person who dies from skin cancers caused by excessive sun exposure. [18]
That’s right, vitamin D deficiency is even more deadly than skin cancer! Yet you won’t hear this from the sunscreen industry.
After all of this you might think avoiding sunscreen entirely is the best solution, but it’s not. According to groundbreaking research, you’ll risk sun damage to your skin for no benefit.

Skip the Sunscreen?

You’re STILL Not Getting Enough Vitamin D From the Sun

The research, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, shows that between the ages of 20 and 70, your skin loses about 75% of its ability to produce vitamin D from the sun.[19] So, as young as age 20 your skin starts losing the ability to produce vitamin D.

That’s why at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine we recommend topical vitamin D in addition to oral vitamin D supplements.
In fact, topical vitamin D is such a crucial nutrient that we developed our own formula to infuse your skin with vitamin D the way nature intended. It’s called Vita-D Suncream.
America’s #1 Anti-Aging Pioneer

Dr. Al Sears, MD is the founder and director of the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, with more than 25,000 patients. His cutting-edge therapies and reputation for solving some of the most difficult-to-diagnose cases attract patients from around the world.

“First” in Anti-Aging Medicine  After entering private practice, Dr. Sears was one of the first to be board-certified in anti-aging medicine. As a pioneer in this new field of medicine, he is an avid researcher, published author, and enthusiastic lecturer. He is the first doctor licensed in the U.S. to administer TA-65, the most important breakthrough in anti-aging medicine today.
Board Certified M.D.  Dr. Sears is board-certified as a clinical nutrition specialist and a member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), the American Medical Association (AMA), the Southern Medical Association (SMA), the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), and the Herb Research Foundation, (HRF). Dr. Sears is also an ACE-certified fitness trainer.
World Renowned Author, Speaker  – Dr. Sears currently writes and publishes the monthly e-Newsletter, Confidential Cures, and daily email broadcast, Doctor’s House Call, and contributes to a host of other publications in the field. He has appeared on over 50 national radio programs, ABC News, CNN, and ESPN. Since 1999, Dr. Sears has published 35 books and reports on health and wellness with a readership of millions spread over 163 countries.
Vita-D Suncream is The First and Only Breakthrough of its Kind to Solve the Problem of Vitamin D Loss Due to Sunscreen and Aging
dr. Sears Vita-D Suncream SPF 35
Delivers vitamin D3, which is THREE TIMES stronger than vitamin D2 used in most vitamins and supplements.

Vita-D Suncream floods your skin cells with vitamin D while also providing a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 35 to guard against the damaging UV light that causes sunburns, aging and skin cancer.


Vita-D Suncream is formulated to deliver 400 IU of vitamin D per ounce to skin, the way nature intended.

As a result, Vita-D Suncream can raise your vitamin D levels quickly and safely to help fuel your immune system and fight aging.
It’s important to note that this is not just any vitamin D… but vitamin D3. The ONLY form I trust with my patients because it’s the same vitamin D your body produces when UV light hits your skin. [20]
When vitamin D3 soaks into your skin, you can see amazing improvements in your health. The first is with your ability to withstand illness…
Clinically Proven to FIRE UP Innate Immunity to Fight Illness

Vita-D Suncream delivers vitamin D3 directly to the nucleus of your skin cells as nature intended, triggering innate immunity and more immune cells. It’s the help your immune system needs to neutralize infection-causing viruses and bacteria, BEFORE they get inside your body.

The latest research confirms the amazing results I’ve seen with my patients.

Take a look…

Clinical study documents MORE immune cells! 

Injury enhances antimicrobial peptide expression through a vitamin D-dependent mechanism.
When researchers rubbed topical vitamin D onto skin, they found a dramatic increase in LL-37. This is the special innate immune protein that brings more natural killer cells to the site of skin damage. Whether it’s a deep gash, a tiny paper cut, or an injury too small to see, these immune cells keep invading microorganisms out of the body. [21]

When you consider that you’re exposed to BILLIONS of infectious microbes every day, from door handles covered in bacteria such as E. coli to your home bathroom, where an average 5 million bacteria cells thrive, your innate immune system is the only barrier between you and illness.

Vita-D Suncream can also help you enjoy comfortable joints… a sharper memory… healthier circulatory system… healthier normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels within the normal range… even easier digestion. Because topical vitamin D is also…
Your #1 Defender Against “Inflamm-AGING”

At the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine, we talk a lot about the dangers of chronic inflammation, or inflammation that doesn’t “turn off.”

Chronic inflammation can speed up the aging process causing you to get old before your time. I’ve studied how chronic inflammation can cause joint pain, age-related memory loss, low blood pressure and blood sugar levels, even difficult digestion. It’s a disastrous process sometimes called “inflamm-aging.”
Strong Vitamin D Levels Equal a Strong, Pain-Free Body!
Joint Support with High Vitamin D levels [22]
– American College of Rheumatology
Vitamin D Improved Comfort in Low Back in 96% [23]
– Journal of Clinical Investigation
Vitamin D linked to 77% Reduction in ALL Cancers
– Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Vitamin D DOUBLES Colon Cancer Survival Rates [24]
– British Journal of Cancer
Vitamin D for Healthy Heart, Longer Life [25]
– Journal of American Geriatrics Society
Vitamin D Combats Colds and Flu [26]
– Virology Journal
Vitamin D Prevents Falls, Fractures [27]
– American Family Physician
No Nursing Homes for Those with High Vitamin D [28]
– American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Healthy Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Levels with High Vitamin D
– Diabetes Care
Sharper Memory with High Vitamin D
– Journal of Geriatric Neurology and Psychology
Healthy Mood with High Vitamin D


– Archives of General Psychiatry
Healthy Immune Function with High Vitamin D [30]
– American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

One of the best ways I’ve found to stop inflamm-aging in its tracks is by reintroducing vitamin D into your skin cells to improve your innate immune response.

Research published in the journal of Experimental Gerontology confirms that the higher your innate immune response, then the lower your levels of inflammation. [31]
This is BIG news since lowering inflammation is clinically proven to result in joint health, easier digestion, a sharper memory and a healthier body from head to toe.
Remember, your innate immune system is ONLY triggered by vitamin D within skin cells. And Vita-D Suncream is the easiest, safest, most effective way to give your skin cells the vitamin D they need. That’s why I use it myself every single day and recommend my patients do the same.
While Vita-D Suncream can certainly help you feel your best on the inside, it can also help you look good on the outside, too.
Your All-Natural Secret Weapon Against Wrinkles!

Vitamin D is essential for younger-looking skin. But listen to the sunscreen industry, and you’ll hear that all you need to fight aging and skin cancer is sunscreen. You’ll never hear a word about vitamin D!

It’s shocking because the research is clear that your skin requires more vitamin D than any other organ in your body. For one thing, your skin is the largest organ of your entire body.

Research in the journal of Investigative Dermatology shows that vitamin D is essential for a smooth, toned, bright and youthful-looking complexion. Here’s only a sampling of the research that shows vitamin D can:
  • Fight Appearance of Wrinkles by producing powerful peptides that decrease the premature aging of the skin. [32]        — Journal of Investigative Dermatology
  • Improve Elasticity, Moisturize: by creating the structural framework that supports skin health and locks in moisture so skin stays supple and soft. —        Journal of Bone and Mineral Metabolism
  • Repair Skin Damage  by helping produce keratinocytes, specialized cells that make millions of new healthy skin cells every day.[33] This repair is vitally important because your skin loses 30-40,000 cells per minute. —        Journal of Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)

It’s no wonder that numerous clinical studies now link thinning, wrinkled and sagging skin to a deficiency of vitamin D. That’s why my team and I formulated Vita-D Suncream to do what sunscreens and oral supplements can’t.

Vita-D Suncream delivers vitamin D3 directly to starving skin cells so your skin can look supple and more youthful. But there’s more. Vita-D Suncream, is also a superior sunscreen, too…
The BEST Protection Against the Sun’s Damaging UV Rays

If there’s one thing I’ve learned living in South Florida, you need a sunscreen that lasts. Whether you’re working in the yard or enjoying an afternoon at the beach, Vita-D Suncream protects your skin against painful sunburn and skin cancer BETTER than traditional sunscreen.

That’s because we designed Vita-D Suncream with a Sun Protection Factor, or SPF, of 35 using dermatologist recommended broad-spectrum protection against both UVB and UVA light.
This is a HUGE advantage over traditional sun blocks!
They’re usually single-spectrum. So no matter what SPF number a single-spectrum sunblock has, it can’t shield your skin against most UVA light! And that’s a problem whether you’re sitting on a beach in Florida or sitting in an office building in Wisconsin over the winter months. Allow me to explain…
UVA Rays Are Stronger, More Abundant Than UVB Rays
UVA light penetrates the skin more deeply than UVB light and is known to play a major part in skin cancer and wrinkling. Unlike traditional sunscreen, Vita-D Suncream offers broad-spectrum protection against BOTH UVA and UVB light.

The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that UVA rays are present during all daylight hours throughout the year, even in winter-time. What’s more, they can penetrate clouds and glass!

That means that even if you’re sitting inside an office building mid-winter, you’re still receiving UVA light on your skin through the windows.
The result?
Numerous studies conducted by dermatologists show that over time, UVA rays suppress your immune system, age skin and cause skin cancer. [34]
Vita-D Suncream gives you what traditional sunscreens don’t: Superior Broad-Spectrum SPF protection from zinc oxide.
Zinc oxide is clinically proven as the safest, most effective UV light absorber across the entire UVA and UVB spectrum. It even beat out more commonly used titanium dioxide in a study published in a leading dermatology journal. [35]
Not only is zinc oxide shown to be the BEST sunscreen, it’s also 100% NATURAL, safe and actually good for you. 
I’ve written about zinc in my monthly newsletter, Confidential Cures. Zinc is an essential mineral that supports the immune system, digestive tract, brain and skin as a “building block” for protein synthesis, enzyme creation, and metabolism. In fact, rubbing zinc into your skin is a natural healing practice that’s been documented for centuries.
Not ALL Zinc Oxide is Created Equally!

Unfortunately, zinc today isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Technology has changed this essential mineral, and not for the better.

Recent breakthroughs have resulted in micronized zinc oxide. While these micro-sized zinc compounds go on the skin more smoothly, they might damage your health.

These tiny zinc compounds called nanoparticles can penetrate skin and lung tissue. Their effects on human health are still unknown, so until the research is in, I won’t recommend them. Neither does the Environmental Working Group, a leading voice in consumer sunscreen safety.

But that’s not stopping traditional sunscreen makers from using them and not telling you about it!
It’s shocking, but sunscreen makers are not required to detail information about nanoparticles or other toxic chemicals their products contain on labels!
That’s why most people never know that the popular sunscreens they use to protect against cancer are filled with toxins that can actually cause cancer.
It’s terrible!
For example, many sunscreens contain toxic heavy metals such as titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is classified as “possibly causing cancer” when inhaled in large doses, according to The International Agency for Research on Carcinogens[36]

“The vast majority [three out of four] of sunscreens available for purchase in the U.S. still contain damaging chemicals or fail to offer enough protection against ultraviolet rays.”

— The Environmental Working Group (EWG) 11th Annual Guide To Sunscreens, 2017
Many traditional sunscreens also contain chemicals such as oxybenzone,[37]  a common ingredient that’s shown to disrupt hormones in laboratory study. It’s linked to a number of health problems from cancer to heart damage. [38]
Vitamin E: Your Skin’s Most Important  Antioxidant to Fight Aging
Vitamin E is an integral part of your skin’s ability to defend against free radical damage caused by the sun. As with vitamin D, oral supplementation is not enough to protect your skin, according to a report by the prestigious Linus Pauling Institute. [39]
In fact, clinical research shows that vitamin E BETTER PROTECTS skin against damage that causes age spots and fine lines when it’s applied topically. [40]
That’s why we formulated Vita-D Suncream with vitamin E to help you achieve the appearance of smoother-looking skin and a more even skin tone.
To put it simply, Vita-D Suncream is like no other sunblock you’ll find on the market. But it’s only the beginning. There’s even more that Vita-D Suncream can do to help you feel younger than you have in years…
“The BEST Sunscreen This Floridian Has Ever Used!”
“When Hurricane Irma hit, my yard was a mess. I knew I’d be outside all day cleaning up. So I put on some Vita-D Suncream before heading out. It must have been 95 degrees that day and 100% humidity. But no matter how much I sweat, Vita-D stuck to my skin (even after wiping sweat off my forehead with a rag!) Unlike other sunscreens, it didn’t drip into my eyes [and] sting them. And one coat lasted all day. Since I didn’t have to reapply it, I’d guess one [tube] of Vita-D will last as long as 3 or 4 [tubes] of store-bought sunscreen and save me a bunch of money. I was in the sun for a little over 4 hours and did not get a sunburn. This is the best sunscreen I’ve ever used. I highly recommend it.”  — Rob G., Jupiter, FL
One-of-a-Kind “Transdermal” Delivery System… Raises Blood Levels of Vitamin D, Too!

Vita-D Suncream doesn’t just deliver vitamin D3 to your skin… it delivers it through your skin, into your bloodstream. As a result, Vita-D Suncream can help naturally raise your vitamin D levels to support joint health, a sharper memory, a stronger heart and healthy arteries.

Delivering topical nutrients or medicines into the bloodstream through skin is called transdermal delivery.
Up until recently, many doctors believed transdermal delivery of vitamin D didn’t work. Yet the skin is vitamin D’s natural pathway into the bloodstream!
So not surprisingly, the latest research is proving the naysayers wrong…
A study in International Journal of Biomedical Science confirms vitamin D can be “safely and effectively absorbed through the skin”, bringing vitamin D deficient patients’ blood levels back into “normal, healthy range.” [41]
This is fantastic news since vitamin D has the power to activate more than 2,000 genes necessary to regulate good health, more than any other vitamin.
The researchers went on to say that this breakthrough can help improve vitamin D levels for those of us who “have problems that interfere with the absorption of dietary and supplemental vitamin D.”
As you’re about to see, that’s all of us!
Sadly, “100% of People Are STARVING for Vitamin D at Least Part of the Year”

Dr. David Hanley, a leading researcher into vitamin D and health, made that shocking statement.

Dr. Hanley’s study in the Journal of Nutrition reported “vitamin D deficiency is recognized as an epidemic in the United States.” [42]
You’ve already discovered how sunscreen is one reason behind this deficiency. Another reason is the changing seasons. Some parts of the country simply don’t get much sunlight during the winter.
But perhaps the most surprising reason for the epidemic of vitamin D deficiency is our use of supplements.
If You Take Vitamin D Supplements, Here’s What You MUST Know…
Clinical study confirms that your body loses the ability to absorb vitamin D through your digestive tract as you age, reports the journal of Clinical Science and Molecular Medicine. [43]

That’s why it’s critical that you supplement with only the most natural and usable form of vitamin D, vitamin D3. But even then, it’s hard for any nutrients from an oral supplement to reach your skin.

All oral nutrition absorbed into your bloodstream goes to every other organ first before reaching your skin. In fact, your bones suck up most of the vitamin D absorbed into your body. Your skin is the VERY LAST stop!
Researchers concluded that topical vitamin D delivery is “effective” and should be considered even by those taking vitamin D supplements in the International Journal of Biomedical Science study.
It’s very difficult for vitamin D from supplements to reach skin cells. 
While I want to be clear that Vita-D Suncream is not a replacement for a high-quality vitamin D3 supplement, findings like these are why I’m convinced that Vita-D Suncream is an important breakthrough for ANYONE who wants to age gracefully.
Vita-D Suncream Does What No Supplement or Sunblock Can…
Vita-D Suncream is the only product of its kind to deliver the most potent form of vitamin D, vitamin D3, directly to your skin cells, the way Mother Nature intended. As a result, it raises skin levels of vitamin D to:
  • Trigger your innate immune system for the BEST DEFENSE against illness of all kinds
  • Support and soothe HEALTHY JOINTS and a healthy brain for SHARPER MEMORY
  • Promote skin repair for YOUNGER-LOOKING SKIN on your face, your neck, even your hands.
And thanks to Vita-D Suncream’s breakthrough transdermal delivery system, it will also help raise vitamin D levels in your blood to help you enjoy:

Plus, Vita-D Suncream safely protects your skin against sun damage with the potency of Broad-Spectrum SPF 35 so you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities without worrying about sunburn, skin cancer or side effects from toxic sunscreens.

You’ve never experienced results like this from any supplement or sunscreen you’ve seen before. But you’ll never know just how great you can look and feel with Vita-D Suncream until you try it. That’s why I invite you to put Vita-D Suncream to the test without any risk at all.
My Personal 100%-Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee! 

Go ahead and try Vita-D Suncream for 90 days at no risk. The first thing you’ll notice is how well this nourishing cream protects you from sunburn. Then you’ll feel your fatigue vanish and your energy level rise as more vitamin D starts circulating in your bloodstream.

Don’t be surprised if you also notice your natural defenses strengthening, your thinking growing clearer or your mood brightening. Eventually, you’ll likely see a visible reduction in the look of wrinkles and age spots as your skin begins to look more youthful.
That’s why I’m confident that you’ll love Vita-D Suncream. But if you don’t, then just let us know and you’ll receive a full refund of your purchase price.
Plus, as part of this special offer for first-time users…

Special Offer:  

Save 30% and Get My Bestselling e-Report, FREE 
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The secrets you’ll discover in this special e-Report will reveal everything you need to know about vitamin D, including:
  •  Why vitamin D is the real Fountain of Youth
  • ​Why your dermatologist is wrong about the sun’s dangers
  • ​How vitamin D deficiency puts you at risk for ALL cancer
  • ​More surprising links between low vitamin D and disease that you can share with your friends and loved ones
  • ​And lots more!
Vitamin D is Clinically Proven to Fight Aging…

But You Need Vitamin D BOTH Orally and Topically

…Supplements Are No Longer Enough!

The compelling research that you’ve seen today is now proving what I’ve long documented at Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine: oral vitamin D supplements do not deliver enough vitamin D to your skin for you to look and feel dramatically stronger, healthier and more youthful.

You need BOTH a high-quality vitamin D3 supplement and a topical vitamin D3 to achieve optimum vitamin D blood levels and skin levels so you can look and feel your very best.
See the difference topical vitamin D can make in your life. Vita-D Suncream is truly revolutionary. Once you try it, you won’t want to be without it again.
Here’s to a healthier you, inside and out!
To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD, CNS
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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Unlike traditional sunscreen, Vita-D Suncream offers you broad-spectrum protection against BOTH UVA and UVB light — keeping your skin vibrant and youthful.

Mushroom, Spinach, and Brown Rice Loaf

Vegetarian-loaf. That just doesn’t sound sexy.

Nothing ending in “loaf” can possibly capture your attention in a way that makes you think, “yes, this—this is what I want to make to impress friends and win competitions.”

Mushroom, Spinach, and Brown Rice Loaf | Things I Made Today

But I’m hoping that by telling you what’s in it—all those mushrooms, all that spinach, and a healthy dose of brown rice—can make at least the vegetarians out there take another glance.

Mushroom, Spinach, and Brown Rice Loaf | Things I Made Today

Mushroom, Spinach, and Brown Rice Loaf | Things I Made Today

Food in loaf form. Who thought of this? Why is it the quintessential, all-American thing? Are we allowed to take riffs on it and still call it meatloaf? What about when there isn’t a single drop of meat in it? Does it fit in the same category?

Mushroom, Spinach, and Brown Rice Loaf | Things I Made Today

I’ll leave all that for you guys to figure out.

In the meantime, I’m thinking about vacation. Vacation of the beach variety, which I depart for in T minus 7 days.

Mushroom, Spinach, and Brown Rice Loaf | Things I Made Today

We’ll be spending a week in St. Croix and Miami, celebrating the marriage of two dear friends, letting sun hit our arguably translucent limbs, and hopefully eating some Cuban food that inspires me to think about how it could be recreated. All of that is next week.

Mushroom, Spinach, and Brown Rice Loaf | Things I Made Today

But this week it’s plain, unceremonious, vegetarian loaf. And no one is complaining, because it is delicious.

Mushroom, Spinach, and Brown Rice Loaf | Things I Made Today

author: Vicky Cassidy
recipe type: Main Dish
prep time:  
cook time:  
total time:  
serves: 4
  • ½ cup brown rice, dry
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 large yellow onion, chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 celery ribs, chopped
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 10 ounces crimini mushrooms, stems removed, sliced thin
  • 1 tablespoon fresh tarragon, chopped
  • 6 ounces fresh spinach
  • 3 ounces sun-dried tomatoes, chopped
  • 4 eggs, whisked
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable broth
  1. Preheat oven to 400F.
  2. Cook rice according to package instructions. Set aside.
  3. Meanwhile, in a large skillet, heat olive oil over medium-high heat. Add onions and cook until translucent. Stir in garlic and celery and season with salt and pepper. Cook until vegetables are soft, about 5 minutes.
  4. Add in mushrooms and tarragon and cook until mushrooms release their juices and the liquid evaporates, about 5 more minutes. Add in spinach and cook until wilted. Stir in sun-dried tomatoes, then remove from heat and let cool slightly.
  5. In a large bowl, whisk together eggs, mustard, and broth. Add in vegetable mixture and rice and stir to combine.
  6. Generously grease a loaf pan with olive oil. Pour in vegetable mixture and smooth to flat with a spatula. Bake for 40-45 minutes, until edges are nicely browned. Let cool slightly, then run a knife along edges and flip onto a platter.

Let me tell you about Propolis

Let me tell you about Propolis

What the Bee creates are all useful. There is no waste. Everything is good in their own way. Propolis works as a protection for the hive from Natural Elements,  from any harm to the Hive. That could be snow, rain, wind, protection against parasites bringing infections, prevents diseases, small harmful visitors. Propolis mainly is a mixed resin composed of beeswax. It’s dark, sticky. It feels like glue, and it is good to seal the hive so there are no gaps.

Having Propolis into your Regular Diet

The health benefits of Propolis are phenomenal. I still amazed at the results that I normally get when I use Propolis. I am always reaching for Propolis, again and again over so many years. It’s been 45 years since I have known Propolis and about over 35 years that I have been taking it. Not continuously, but, time taking it and time not. Recently I have been taking it more often. Having Propolis into your regular diet is a very wise move towards a life with no sickness.

The Benefits of Propolis are Endless

The benefits of Propolis are endless. I did some research again with the help of my friend Honey Colony and Google and I have found out an amazing amount of solutions that Propolis does to your health. The Bees are definitely very versatile creatures that seem like perfection, I mean, they are really unbelievable little ones that are very good to this Earth and to you. We can’t live without them and as soon as men realize that, as soon as we will become safe. on this Earth.

Diagnosed with Rheumatic Fever

Lemon and Honeycomb

I have been fascinated by Propolis since I was a little over 15 years old. I have just developed a Rheumatic Fever after this very bad Strep Throat that almost killed me. it’s a little hard to diagnose Rheumatic Fever. Some blood tests will still be negative and that doesn’t mean you don’t have it. After many tests, we have gotten the diagnostic and my parents have started to think about how they were going to handle it. The doctors have told my parents that I have to take Antibiotics.

The Bees are Definitely Amazing Creature

Knowing at that time that antibiotics taken so often could hurt my immune system, my parents have decided to take me to a Homeopathic doctor. Now remember I am 61 years old now, and that was a time that people really used more Natural Healing, taking herb teas for anything. My mother was those old fashion woman using as much as possible the treatment even more than today, I believe. So we went to the doctor and he has prescribed Propolis and it was the liquid one that my parents have gotten for me. Horrible taste. So, then I have started my relationship with Propolis. It’s amazing how everything about bees is usable. It comes from the bees, it’s pretty much no waste. They are definitely an amazing creature, our friends, the bees.

The Bees Play a Very Important Role in this Planet

I have noticed that people don’t pay very much attention to the Bees.  When they do, is to kill them. They have a part in the Nature that is so crucial, and I really don’t understand how come we are not so involved and doing more work to find out more things about Bees and really try not to hurt them. The part that they play in life it’s very much so important that is truly amazing how men are not trying to bring light to this crucial issue, indeed.


I know that there is some research going on about this very intricate God’s creatures. But, I still think that it should be more. Mainly about the things that are hurting the

Bees right now.

I Have Been Taking Propolis for About 35 years

It’s been about 45 years, given and taken, that I have been taking Propolis. I have sometimes during this period, stopped taking for a while and resume taking it after, but I know for sure that I have been taking Propolis for about 35 years, at least. I have never had a Cold, The Flu, or any Allergies. I have had some health problems from a long time ago, but that was because of the period of times that I have stopped taking the Propolis for some time, so I assume that I had some behavior issues and such.

If I Feel Anything Out of The Ordinary, I Take Propolis

If I feel anything out of the ordinary, I take Propolis. If I have an Abscess in my tooth, I take Propolis. If my cat has had a fight and the big chunk that was taken from his neck is infected, I give him Propolis, and Propolis has never, ever fall short of working, on the contrary, it delivered, efficiently. In my book, Propolis is excellent for anything. Anything at all. A Miracle Holly solution. Propolis was put here on the Earth by God.

Bee Panacea is a Miracle

All the experiences that I have had with Propolis were positive. All the experiences that my family, friends, and pet have had with Propolis were definitely amazing. That is the reason I have to spread the word. It’s my responsibility to bring an awareness of Propolis. Mainly because I know about Propolis, it’s my obligation to spread the word. I want everyone, as far as I can reach, to feel also the miracle of Propolis on themselves, for their families and friends. I want so much that everyone feels the help of having a sickness being cured. Everyone deserves that information. It would be selfish of me doing any different.


Propolis will Help with Cold and The Flu

This is the right season to use the help of Propolis. Granted any season will be the right one. Here I will have many of the benefits that Propolis has given to us, Human Beings. I don’t think that it is all of them because Propolis is always surprising me with their vast list of the help that they can bring to our body and soul. Let’s start and get some out to you, shall we?

Antibacterial Capabilities

In the mouth with root canals, compared with Calcium Hydroxide, very good Anti-Microbial more powerful at eliminating certain germs than Calcium is. Effectively killer of Bacteria. It has been additionally used to treat Cold and Flu.

Traditionally we have been using Propolis to kill Colds and the Flu. Studies show how powerful is the Bacteria-killing properties on your body of Propolis.

Propolis has a very powerful killing Bacteria capabilities.

Propolis Lower Blood Pressure

Nitric-Oxide is an important substance for a Healthy Heart. The inner lines of your Blood vessels use Nitric Oxide to signal the surrounding smooth muscles to relax, resulting in Vasodilation (widening of Blood Vessels), increasing Blood flow.

Reduction on the Bioavailability of Nitric-Oxide plays a significant role in the development of High Blood Pressure. Without it, you would have a Heart Attack. There is an Enzyme called Tyrosine Hydroxylase ( or TH ), that limits the amount of Nitric-Oxide you can produce,

The research was done with rats that Propolis decrease TH, and Lower Blood Pressure. Propolis may modulate Blood Pressure.

If you suffer from Hypertension you may want to consider using raw honey which contains Propolis.

Bone Disease


Propolis helps treat Bones  Diseases-Healthy Bone Tissue.

Scientists recently investigated whether Caffeic Phenethyl Ester, a very powerful compound found in Propolis could help or reverse Osteolytic Bone  Diseases. It’s very effective at suppressing the inflammatory compounds that cause Bones Diseases. Propolis could be a potential treatment for Bone Wasting Diseases like Osteoporosis.

Take a daily dose of Propolis could be a very wise thing to do.

Propolis Treat Allergies

Propolis helps treat Allergies.

Propolis ability to calm the symptoms of Seasonal Allergies.

The scientists did experiment with rats and have found out that Propolis inhibited histamine Release from the rat’s Mast Cells. Histamine is the compound that makes you sneeze, gives you watery eyes and a runny nose _ Anti-Histamines are the main allergy drugs sold over the counter so, come to Allergy Season, don’t only take your Bee Pollen, but add a daily dose of Propolis.

Propolis Treat Prostate Cancer

Propolis boost Prostate Cancer Cell death. Another benefit of Propolis, it prevents and suppresses this type of cancer.

Scientists examined the Cancer-Killing Effects Of Propolis, Tincture on two common types of Prostate Cancer. They concluded that Propolis Tincture markedly improved Cell death in Prostate Cancer Cells, and suggested the significant role of Propolis in Chemoprevention of Prostate Cancer.

Propolis Kills Colon Cancer Cells

Scientists are looking at the Anti-Cancer and Anti-Microbial potential of Propolis at the same time.

First, they exposed Propolis to four different Pathogens.  as those of us whole used Propolis to many Colds have known for years, the Propolis showed very strong Anti-Microbial activity.

Then they tested Propolis against Colon Cancer Cells. They found out that it caused the Cancer Cells to die by Necrosis, which means that it interrupted the Blood supply to the Cell and caused just the local Cancer Cell to die and not living Cells.

Chemotherapy doe just the opposite of this – it kills both, healthy living and the Cancer Cells and is the reason why chemo has such violent and devasted side effects. Ultimately, this research is very promising. Some of the healthiest peoples in the world have experienced health benefits and other Bee Products for generations. Some exciting new research may be indicative of why these people live such long, healthy, lives, and have such high rates of centenarians amongst them.

Propolis May Help Treat Food Poisoning


The aim of a recent study was to analyze the Anti Microbial Activity of Propolis against the germs that cause what is commonly referred to as Food Poisoning (16 Campylobacter jejuni).

The scientists found that Propolis inhibited the growth of C. jejuni, Enterobacterfaecalis, and Staphylococcus aureus, the three bugs that are commonly found in Food Poisoning cases.

They went to say that Propolis preparations could be used as support to traditional therapy for infection, especially when antibiotics show no activity against these Micro-Organisms.

Now to keep a bottle of Propolis Tincture in my purse at all times and take a dose after eating in an unfamiliar place or restaurant, is a very good idea.

Propolis Protects Injured Teeth

We know that Propolis is very effective on Inflammation, so scientists’ studies concluded that apparently, Traumatic Injury to the teeth creates a huge challenge of Post – Treatment complications such as Inflammation. Propolis was evaluated as Anti-Resorptive Agent, which means that if Propolis could help control the inflammation on someone’s teeth that got knocked out in an accident so they could put the teeth back in.
To find out that they could.

The scientists after a huge number of researches and tests realized that one of the benefits of Propolis is fighting inflammation, which brings a successful number of cures for diseases like, Arthritis, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, and many more.

People that take Propolis more often have less inflammation in their bodies that leads to a healthier life, longer lives.

 Heat Stress and Athletic Performance

Propolis benefits are mainly so exceptional due to the major amount of Antioxidants that are in it. It’s very beneficial for Athletes because of protection from overheating, according to an article in The Journal of Food Science.

Propolis has an active ingredient called “Caffeeic Acid Phenyl Ester, or CAPE, that triggers a broad spectrum of Biological Activities including Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammatory and antiviral.

The Researches done by scientists examined Blood from 30 competitive cyclists who did endurance training two to four years prior to the investigation concluded even after some other tests that CAPE ( one of the most powered compounds in Propolis) promotion of Athletic performance taking Propolis especially during the Summer may give you a safe, natural competitive advantage.

Propolis an Effective Treatment for Warts

This lady reported that she, herself have had a personal experience that Propolis Tincture killed a Plantars Wart that she had, and it has never come back.

The International Journal of Dermatology has reported that in November of 2009, scientists found that Propolis shows strong activity against warts.

Also was reported that a cure was achieved in 75% and 73% of patients, respectively.

After all, it still studies that are not listed here that testify about the amazing effects and benefits of Propolis.

I am inclined to believe counting also my own experiences, that Propolis or anything that comes from the wonderful Bees is indeed a great miracle.

With all the conclusions brought forth by a scientist, I am convinced without a shred of a doubt that the bees are perfect beings and extremely necessary to our planet Earth!

Child refugee with her little dog

One doesn’t know enough

Child refugee with her little dog

About oneself to grab the right choices and make the right decisions in one’s life…

Some choices are easier to identify, and some choices are like a puzzle that no matter what, the choices can’t really be that clear about being the right one or a wrong one. One would love to be in a situation that is black or white. How about the ones that are, “in-between”?  Circle that! Oh, multiple choices! Just put it in a column of five or four and choose one. Doesn’t one would love the simplicity. It’s just not that simple!

Everyday life decisions are never, ever that simple. But, sometimes they really are simple, and we just come and complicate it. Just when you need a blood pressure checked to see if it is high and the doctor wants to put you on some medication that you don’t like because the side effects are horrible. So, it will be high, with the anticipation that will be there. As simple as that. What is that? Anticipation syndrome? Wow!

Somedays decisions can be that simple!

Don’t we wish that decisions would be easier to make? Don’t you wish that they would come with very clear directions or a video tutorial? Yes, I wished that every time that if I was about to make some choice and I was really terrified of it. Somedays decisions can be that simple, and the next day the choices are getting so blurred and hard to recognize…

But there is one decision that is very easy to make, and that would have to be your decision. The choices and decisions about your HEALTH. It is imperative that you will make those decisions. I agree that you do trust your doctor. It is fine. To a certain point. I have met people throughout my life that put the burden of choices and decisions on their doctors. They are amazingly trustful of their doctor to an extreme that they would be not necessarily a person, but some kind of a saint or a genius. A perfect human being…


Doctors are not that infallible.

A doctor is a human being that above all, is not perfect. Doctors are not infallible! Doctors make mistakes. Like in any kind of trade, they do are subject to be sometimes, plain and simple, wrong, making mistakes that sometimes are even stupid. In any profession, there are good and bad professionals. Or sometimes you could make a bad decision on one case and still be a good doctor…

Why then when it comes to a doctor, people simply, can’t get the reality of a doctor making the wrong decision… Like any journalist, lawyer, etc… It is challenging the way that people do adore their doctor to the point that they let the doctors make all decisions for their problems like they would not let any other professionals do in any other circumstances…

Be your Health Advocate

Be your Health Advocate! It’s a wonderful phrase and there is totally safe to be that way because if you do, you will do much better. Question your doctor, disagree if you have too. If he tells you to your face, ” I am your doctor!”, that phrase like he is the almighty, you answer; so what? Answer it; I am a patient.

I have friends that I love dearly, telling me when we are talking about their doctors, that totally disagree with me saying that; Are you crazy? He’s my doctor, he knows… Like he’s some kind of infallible person that will not make any mistake in any circumstances. I can’t agree with it, definitely!

Doctors are not God.

I have been getting hurt by an almighty doctor! I have just painted his picture. The day that I have questioned him about the mistake that he has made that has made me lose my baby, he has answered me that he has never made a mistake in his life! That was what he has told me. That dreadful day was when I have lost my baby and almost lost my life.

I am 60 years old. I have been on Earth for that amount of time that has to mean something.  Let me tell you something; No one is perfect and infallible, no one!



Doctors are human beings just like anyone else!

That’s about one thing that sometimes makes me think more deeply why is everyone so hooked up with doctors being perfect human beings? I have met some people here and there, throughout my life, sometimes a dear friend and sometimes an acquaintance that was introduced to me by a friend that has become very dear to me. Some of them have doctors prescribing them a huge amount of prescriptions sometimes even over 23 different prescriptions. I have to tell you that I wasn’t that comfortable knowing that a person that I care so much about was taking so many prescription medications like that.

So, time went by and during this time it wasn’t only one person that  I  have gotten to know that was taking so many prescription medications like that. I really used to know a lot of people in that same position taking all those chemicals that were unbelievable inappropriate, I have thought. I would try to reason with them on different occasions and be using my knowledge about some homeopathic or organic or even homemade medicine. I don’t even remember the amount any longer, really, that was the average amount of prescription medications that of the people that I have known were prescribed too, and still do.

You would be surprised to know

You would be surprised to know the number of people that in spite of their doctors, even the ones that definitely would have nothing to do with anything, but giving prescription drugs to the core, still will not get away with their closed tight minds. People out there are fighting fiercely to tell their doctors what they would rather have for their bodies other than what their doctors are so closed mind about it. That is really what I am talking about it.

Before I go any further with bad-mouthing doctors, I really don’t want to do that, because there are doctors out there that are really amazing. There are doctors that at this moment that we are speaking about Almighty doctors, they are stretching themselves, prolonging their education on the integration of traditional medicine, Holistic medicine; putting together yoga, acupuncture, herbal supplements, etc…  They are working together to accommodate the best of a westerner medicine with what has been used for thousands of years. I strongly wish this beautiful idea, because we really need both.

It’s very frustrating to even mention to them if they would consider just stop to check about all these prescriptions, if maybe, only maybe, we could somehow make a careful evaluation to eliminate some or maybe, only one medication from the list. Maybe replace some of it with some herbal supplements to see if we could treat some of the symptoms with nutrients in supplements here and there. Even the suggestion was like I was insulting them. How can you take that consideration? He’s my doctor. He knows very well what he’s doing. When I would reply that, maybe we could ask him. That person would think that would be an insult to suggest that to the doctor, to suggest such a thing!

A new study published in the Health Service Research Journal shows that Physicians and Nurses,  about most of the people that work in the Medical Field, are more inclined to use Complementary Medicine Than everyone else. This study has concluded that 63% of the general people use some kind of Natural options Medicine, and 76%  of the ones that work in the Medical Field use Complementary Medicine ( Health Care Workers use more Natural Options than the ones that are not working in The Medical Field; doctors, nurses, social workers, health technicians, etc…

There are rules that keep the doctors from prescribing

There are rules that keep doctors from prescribing Holistic Healing. Those coming from Health Insurance,  Employment Contracts, and Medical Board Regulations. I will do another post on the subject. The most important thing to understand right now is, we need integrated Medicine. We need to combine traditional with Holistic, Herbal supplements, Complementary Medicine. We can all work together for the wellness of the people. Medicine is about finding cures for the Illnesses the best way we can. Use something that works in that particular case. Things like the way you eat, are really the most important issue in your overall health. I like this phrase very much, You are what you eat! Isn’t true? It’s a lot on the subject. We will need another page…

We have to try different things if what we have tried before wasn’t working. Give it a chance…

So, I have to put my tail between my legs and wimp… So much for any suggestions. Let’s not forget about the reason that conversation has even started in the first place. Side effects. So, I really have any concerns about some people that I have cared a lot about and want to help. I know that I am not better than the doctor. I just sometimes don’t understand why a doctor would prescribe so much medication to one person. It’s very disturbing to me that sometimes what they have is not something so major that ends up becoming a major problem because of the way it was handled.

We have to try different things.

We have to try different things if what we have tried before wasn’t working. We don’t have to be a doctor to know that antibiotics weaken our immune system if we take them too much. I see doctors day after day prescribing antibiotics like it is a candy(granted that candy can be very bad for you also). Anyway, I think if you have something infected or inflammation that you can take some time prescribing something that would take care of it without using an antibiotic, why not? Or anything else that you could treat using something more natural without so many side effects.


I knew that some problems that some of the people that were so dear to me have been only minor issues that could have had a very simple solution, but, it was getting more serious day by day and I was hoping for some natural medications, and supplements with good nutrients. but, swelling down those pills every day, wasn’t helping either. It just was making things much worse day by day, all those deadly chemicals. I was so sure that maybe even with an improved diet and some supplements we would have eliminated most of those chemicals.

It’s known that we come in contact with over 200 chemicals agents in our own home every day.

I know for sure that the chemicals that we usually come in contact day after day get our immune system very weak.  They are also carcinogens. I really have tried very hard to have her change her mind, but it was no use. I really believe in nutrients. I really think that the most issues we have with our health have something to do with a very poor diet. Nothing that we can’t solve with some very good nutrients that Nature has to offer.

I have believed also that most of it it could be an inflammation where we could use “propolis“, (propolis is a something used to build their honeycomb),  that works as a very good antibiotic, that naturally would get rid of the inflammation and easy up most of the symptoms. I have learned over the years that I have done the research and is I, myself, enough proof, having Rheumatic Fever for so many years and have gone also so many years without a symptom.  that propolis was very powerful. Trust me, I have used it and knew, about 100% sure that it worked. I was extremely sure. I would bet a lot of money on it and could be rich by now.



I could swear to you, under the sun that our wonderful God has put there to warm us up, that propolis id really a huge, beautiful, and pure miracle. The Honey Bee is a miracle without a shred of doubt. I can tell you this with the conviction of my whole being!

I have to see my friend’s health deteriorate every single day.

Ann is gone. I am here, still very determined to help anyone that accepts my help. We have today, after all the advancements in science, much more research that has been done about the power of the honey bees. I can tell you even more convinced than ever, that you, that are looking for relief about bones, joints, pain, and lack of energy and a ridiculous amount of symptoms that afflict everyone these days, with the real aggravation from the chemicals on our food supply, and every kind of pollution that are around, come and try these simple solutions and allow it to make a miracle on your body, and soul. You will not regret it.

I promote very honest solutions for your personal care, home care, and everything that covers your household.

Take a look at Honey Colony, Amazon, Dr. Al Sears MD, The Ultimate Green Store, Annmarie Gianni, Just Natural, Just Nutritive,  and a huge number of brands that I have gotten from my Amazon Associates Account. These brands are as wonderful as all the others, with the same undeniable credibility and transparency in their actions with an Integrity that is given to Brands that are philanthropic working over the borders without exploitation, giving all their associates a  very honest  Fair Trade.

These stores are also producing miracles with advanced technology and obviously without hurting our planet in the process with very much respect for the environment. That is really amazing. Get the nutrients that you need on the supplements, superfoods that green-approach.com has made available to you, your loved ones, to use on your home, to use in your body, to use on your soul (I believe that if you have a healthy body, your soul will follow right after).

Equilibrium Superfood – I have been taking for a while and I intend to continue to take it as long as it makes me feel healthier and energized. I have never, ever have a supplement that has made me feel this good. I have approved and will approve it over and over again. Honey Colony products are excellent. The quality is without a doubt in my mind, the Best. I have so much trust in this product that I will endorse it over and over again.

Come to my website and read all the information that I have. My friend if it is one thing that I have on this website, is information. green-approach.com will never have you short on information. We celebrate information. green-approach.com becomes information. Also, I want to let you know that Equilibrium Superfood is not the only product that we have. I have a couple more reviews about Honey Colony on my website. Please, take a look and find out about amazing products that will improve your health dramatically for much, much better! Please, read the testimonials that will tell you all the information from the customer’s voices.

Please, give it a try. What have you got to lose? Money back guaranteed, no questions asked. Period.

Honey spilling to a top  glass jar and some dry flowers about

Please, ALLOW all these simple NUTRIENTS that have been found on plants that are NOW grown and harvested ORGANICALLY in a soil that was put on the Earth to make a huge CHANGE in your life!

Please, don’t waste any more precious time!

I hope that this information was useful for many of you. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do so and I will be very happy to give to you or answer anything that I can. If you have also any more information about our beautiful friends, please allow me to get that information also. Thank you so much for your attention to my post. Please, don’t waste any more precious time!

Thank you!


Luzia Soares.





I have made up my mind, that’s the way it is.

I have decided to help people to be aware of deadly chemicals that can hurt you very badly if you don’t eliminate it…

I have made up my mind, that’s the way it is. When  I have started this website, I have something very strong in my mind. I have decided to help people to be aware of the chemicals and the way we treat our planet. During this process, I confess that I was very close to give up. It’s just that you end up being struck by people that do not have a clue about anything and are more like to make sure no one will. Some people are afraid of changes and even knowing that is very good, they prefer to leave it the way it is, which could be very bad for them!

Some people rather leave things the way they are. They don’t want to get off their comfort zone. Any change can alter what they have now.  A change could disturb everything that is known to them. We can be sure that in this case, change is for much better. Chemicals in our everyday life are very dangerous. You would be very surprised at the number of diseases that you get only using the products for Personal Care and Home Care.  It’s really much wider than that. The implications for your body and mind are huge!

I really think from time to time how wonderful it would have been if I have had found out about these threatening chemicals over 20 years ago. But, I can’t dwell on that. We always have to move forward…

A long time ago I have really wished that I have someone with a good heart to land in my complicated life and take me by the hand and give me at least a little, tiny clue at what specifically was going on? Maybe at that time, I wouldn’t believe in their claim. It does sound like a conspiracy theory, coming out of a sci-fi movie or book. That was armed against to me, my baby to be and everything else under the sun. Maybe if I haven’t gone through what I went through, I would believe it neither. The fact is, it’s scientifically proven that the way they are introducing all these pesticides, men made chemicals, etc… We have no chance to have a healthy life no matter how much we trust to stay away from all these deadly chemicals.

It’s very important to know the ingredients in the products that you are using also in your garden, garage, yard, etc…

We need not only take care of what is coming to our beloved home and around us, but, try to make sure we know what we can do to help Nature around us. watch all the products that are at your home, Knowing their ingredients.

Being a part of a community it is also very crucial. Helping each other on finding out the healthiest way to shop and go about finding ways to live healthily.


When you are young one thinks that he is invulnerable. Maybe if I haven’t gone through what I went through, I would believe it neither. The fact is, it’s scientifically proven that the way they are introducing all these pesticides, men made chemicals, etc,… We have no chance to have a healthy life no matter how much we trust to be away from all these deadly chemicals.


If you think the way they take care of the environment it’s very irresponsible.

Having chemical in our environment is a huge reality, let me spell it in capital letters, REALITY! It’s no way that they can deny it. Now the fact that they are invading our home, without even being invited is totally out of control. The FDA, the EPA, etc… Are not doing their jobs right, definitely. So just recently, they banned the “triclosan” from hand soap. Now, you can still use it on toothpaste. Does that make any sense to you? Is it ok to use in your mouth? So, let’s face it. We have to take the matter into our own hands.

Please, are you going to sit down and wait that the FDA and other divisions that are supposed to protect you do their jobs? The profit that are exchanging hands speak louder than your son or daughter, or your father, or your spouse? This is the reason we have to try and get information and fight for our rights and don’t expect anyone to do that for you! Take our health in our hands and get informed,


Every time that you find out that something is wrong. The possibility is, you are right. Something is wrong. Period. You can most definitely rely on your instincts, much more than rely on the doing of their job! It’s very important that you don’t rely on them to make any decisions about what you eat, use in your home, and anything else that is involved with your well being.

Some people take so many prescriptions drugs that I can’t believe that is not hurting them…

Black Panther

I know at least 3 people that are taking over 23 different prescription medication. Do I keep thinking, how can a person put so many chemicals into their body? That is, with no doubt in my mind, crazy! And on the top of it, this person still have issues with pain and other complaints that tell you that the 23 different medications are not helping the poor individual. I just can’t accept that a Doctor that under oath, have sworn to take care of that patient no matter what, are prescribing so much medication like that. No one sees that something is wrong with that. Now, you need an Ultrasound or an MRI, they will investigate to make sure you do need a test. It’s all about the cost. But, it is ok to take 23 different medications. What is going on here?

Huge prices for prescriptions that you have paid for the research, unbelievable!

Today I have signed a petition to help bring down the price of life-threatening prescriptions drugs. Some people have to make a choice between buying the medication or put food on the table. Guess who paid for the research that finalized with the development of the said medication? We did, the same people that now have to make a choice between food on the table or the life-saving drug. So, they use the taxpayer individual money to pay for the research to get to the final product and they charge you absurd amounts of money for the medication that would cost your life. How about that for a punch in your stomach.

Enough is enough.

Signed a Petition. You have to take the information to the people that can help.

Every time that I see a person turn and start to shop organic, non-toxic. Either the ones that DIY kind people. Something in my heart change. I feel a Victory. I feel so good for that person, her or his family happy, healthy, is such a huge accomplishment. I can feel in my gut that Nature is smiling on us. Saying thank you with a mouth full of satisfaction. This planet is beautiful. When I look at all the sites in Nature. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I feel at peace. It’s the kind of feeling that goes all through my body and soul.  I realize I am actually happy!

I want to thank you and wish all the blessings to you and loved ones. You have any comments, any suggestions, I will be more than happy to know what you have on your mind… Please, let me know.

God be with you, always!



Luzia Soares.

Re-Energized at any AGE, Dr. Al Sears Primal Force

Natural Health Pioneer, Dr. Al Sears & primal Force

Below is a special message from our friends at Primal Force.

To living healthier naturally,

Natural Health Pioneer

He Skis Like a Teenager. Swims a Mile Every Day.
Runs a Million-Dollar Company.
And He’s 95 Years Old!


Let Me Share His 3 Secrets With You.
You’ll Be Surprised How Simple They Are.

Dear Reader,

Yes — it’s all true… deep in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, this 95-year-old is skiing, running a global business, swimming a mile a day, and practicing the ancient martial art of Aikido.

You have to marvel at his strength, energy and stamina.

And he’s not the only one doing amazing things in their 70s, 80s and 90s.

  • 92-year-old Harriette Thompson of Charlotte, North Carolina, became the oldest woman in the world to finish a marathon.1
  • 80-year-old Bob Bruce skied over 100 days at Buttermilk ski resort in Colorado last season.2
  • Mohr Keet, at 96, became the oldest person in the world to complete a bungee jump. He completed a 708 feet jump in South Africa’s Western Cape.3

And what about those rock-and-roll stars who are still performing in front of huge audiences? Paul McCartney is 70-something and still rocking around the planet on tour. And he’s YOUNG compared to other musicians.

Every week, I meet people who are well past retirement age and they are super-active. I pay close attention to their daily activities, their eating habits, and how they are leading their lives.

There are some very simple things they are doing… and you can do the same.

So… How Are They Doing It?

I have over 25,000 patients who rely on my cutting-edge therapies to maintain and boost their youthful health and energy. Patients from around the world come to the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine to solve difficult-to-diagnose health problems — including sudden lack of energy and vitality.

Ask me what I specialize in and I’ll answer, “helping people maintain their powerful youthful energy using NATURAL SOLUTIONS.”

My Research Into Aging — And the Staggering Discovery

Ten years ago, I started to look at people who have the energy of 30-somethings — but are well past the so-called “retirement” age. I closely studied people around the world who were living “youthful” lives well past their 60s.

I asked these questions.

  • What do they have in common?
  • What do they eat?
  • What activities keep them feeling young?
  • What else is happening that we need to know about?

In short, I simply wanted to find their “secret” so I could share it with my patients.

Before I get to the “secrets” of the gentleman in Colorado… and thousands of others who are enjoying youthful energy, let’s look at…

What I Discovered When I Studied
These Age-Defying Marvels

I have traveled from India to Peru and from Malaysia to West Africa to find one thing… the “secret” to staying and feeling young, and beating back the impact of aging.

During my research, I discovered THREE primary traits of people who always seem to stay young:

  • Staying active
  • Positive mental attitude — keeping the mind engaged
  • Maintaining a healthy diet

The 95-year-old skier in Colorado really caught my attention. After all, less than 10% of Americans reach their 90s and very few can ski like a teenager and swim a mile in the same day!

So let’s drill down a little and get into…

3 Secrets of 95-Year-Old Skiing Maniac

Here’s what I discovered about the gentleman in Colorado. He skis… he swims… he performs a martial art… he runs a business. He also eats an extremely interesting diet.


Building and expanding the power of the lungs as you age. Take a look at the activities of our friend in Colorado and you’ll discover they all help to increase lung strength and capacity. Skiing, swimming and martial arts closely match my PACE guidelines for long-term fitness and power. PACE increases your cardiopulmonary output through tiny — but consistent — increases in exertion. Skiing and martial arts are on-again/off-again exercises with acceleration and “bursts” of activity. Getting to the point where you can swim a mile also progressively builds reserves of energy.


You don’t have to run a multi-million dollar business but it helps to stay creative. Running a business requires creative thinking. People with sharp minds seek creative challenges every day.


Guess what I found in the skier’s diet? Plenty of eggs and cheese. That’s important because eggs and cheese are full of vitamin B12. I’ve recommended B12 to my patients for years. But just taking B12 randomly won’t work. You have to have the right dose of B12 and the right form of B12 plus other B vitamins in the right combinations and dosages… and this gives you the MAXIMUM age-defying power.

So let me reveal…

Why I Recommend B12 to Every Patient
I See… Especially Patients Over 50…
But There’s Something Else You Need
to Know About B12

Yes — exercise and daily creativity help… but if you told me to pinpoint the ONE factor that made me especially excited about the awesome guy in Colorado, it would have to be… VITAMIN B12.

Vitamin B12 performs two major jobs… specifically boosting the health of…

  • Red blood cells
  • The entire nervous system


The main “symptom” of B12 deficiency is FATIGUE. Other problems can include anemia, weakness, constipation, loss of appetite, weight loss, depression, poor memory, soreness of the mouth, asthma, vision problems and a low sperm count.

So let’s focus on the positive and major health benefits of B12.

5 Reasons Everyone Needs Plenty of B12… All Day… Every Day

B12 can provide HUGE benefits for people who are starting to feel the impact of aging. Let’s take a look at just five of these benefits.

  • ENERGY… B12 converts carbohydrates into glucose — which fuels energy production in your body.4
  • BRAIN HEALTH… B12 plays a huge role in the healthy regulation of the nervous system and has been shown to maintain brain size. That’s right — it helps to keep the brain at a normal size for optimum performance.5
  • HEART HEALTH… B12 helps your digestive system with the healthy digestion of food, which is vital for energy production. And B12 can provide benefits to your heart by helping to regulate and support healthy cholesterol levels that are in the normal range.6 This can provide a degree of support for healthy blood vessels in the brain and a healthy blood pressure in the normal range.7,8
  • BEAUTIFUL SKIN… B12 is essential for healthy skin, hair and nails. That’s because it helps in cell reproduction and the renewal of skin.9
  • SUPPORTIVE ROLE IN HEALTH? The latest research shows that B12 supports a healthy heart and brain even in aging populations.10

Let’s take a look at HOW B12 works… especially when it comes to maintaining youthful energy.

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin found in a variety of foods. B12 plays an important role in making DNA — one of the building blocks of strong overall health. During digestion, B12 combines with a substance called intrinsic factor (IF) and then enters the bloodstream.

B12 plays a vital role in the digestion of foods… and the production of the energy we all need. This powerful vitamin also creates and maintains the brain’s protective coating — also known as myelin. Myelin helps neurons… the brain’s messengers. So vitamin B12 is also a key nutrient for maintaining super-fast memory.

Even better, B12 helps the brain to maintain a normal size, even in the aged. That’s the news from a study published in the Journal of Neurology.11 The study found that people who had higher levels of vitamin B12 in their blood were six times more likely to maintain a healthy sized brain compared to those who had lower levels.

Missing the Energy of Just a Few Months Ago? Let Me Explain What’s Happening…
and How to Fix the Problem…

The body stores plenty of B12 in the liver… UNTIL we start to age. The aging process makes it more difficult to process regular amounts of B12.

This means much less B12 is getting to your cells. Your cells are suffering from an “energy crisis.”

And this means your cells are struggling — and failing — to produce sufficient energy to power both your body and your brain for a full day of activity.

This explains why you often feel tired out — both physically and mentally — and become fatigued more often.

It’s a lack of B12 in your diet.

With less B12, you’re trying to start your car when the battery is dead… or there’s no gas in the tank… or the connection between the gas tank and the engine is broken.

It’s a simple fact of life: as we get older, our body becomes less efficient at absorbing this critical vitamin… and so our B12 levels decline.

Here’s proof…

B12 levels

As the research shows, vitamin B12 levels decline as we age. You can restore B12 levels… but ONLY with the PRECISE dosage and delivery methods.Just taking “off the shelf” B12 will not work.


ONE. Vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the reasons so many of my patients complain of feeling tired and worn out. It’s also why your mind sometimes feels “fuzzy”… unable to concentrate or perform demanding mental work at a high level.

TWO. By taking a regular dose of B12, you can RECLAIM lost energy… and feel youthful and vibrant… with a clear mind and sharp thinking.

Let me describe why you’re not getting B12 in your diet like you should…

Why You Don’t Get Enough B12 in Food — Even With a Mega-Healthy Diet…

You’ll find vitamin B12 in food including beef liver, mackerel, sardines, red meat, salmon, Swiss cheese, eggs and yogurt.

So you might be thinking, “I’ll just eat those foods.”

Not so fast.

The best way to get TONS of B12 is through red meat, yet most people are eating less red meat. Another great way is through organ meats like brains, kidneys and liver.

Have you had your daily liver and onions, brains and eggs, or steak and kidney pie?

No? I didn’t think so.

So that’s why I created an all-new way to get maximum B12… INSTANTLY…

Something Extremely Important About B12… Read This BEFORE You Take B12

You might be thinking, “I’ll just head to the store and get a B12 pill.” Not so fast. Here’s a little-known fact about vitamin B12. You have to have the CORRECT amount of B12 and it has to be delivered in a certain way.

If you simply take a B12 pill, it’s a total waste of money. You might as well flush your money down the toilet. And it’s not about the maximum about of B12. It’s about the CORRECT dosage of B12 and the CORRECT delivery method.

There’s good news: I have closely studied and tested the correct amount of B12 and the correct delivery method. I took what I found and put this science into an all-new dietary supplement.

Let me introduce…

Re-Energized With The Correct Dosage
of B12… PLUS NINE Proven Natural
Energy Boosters

Re-Energized is an all-new dietary supplement I created to help people get MAXIMUM ENERGY all day… every day. It comes in a spray… and I’ll explain why in a minute.


I take Re-Energized every day.

Just one dose taken orally instantly gives me a level of mental sharpness — and physical energy — of someone years younger.

I created Re-Energized to give you these instant benefits.

  • Instant Energy Boost
  • Stronger Concentration
  • ALL-DAY Mental Focus
  • Clear Thinking
  • No More “Brain Fog”

Even better, Re-Energized gives you…

Nine Powerful Anti-Aging Nutrients
I Also Included for Energy and Stamina

The main ingredient in Re-Energized is a large, correct — and safe — dose of vitamin B12… as you can see from the label.

I Created Re-Energized to Give You an Instant Dose of Energy…
All Day, Every Day… Note the Super-High Dose of B12…

Let’s take a look at the other ingredients in Re-Energized and the health benefits they can provide.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

  • Supports a healthy nervous system for clear thinking.
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular function for heart health.
  • Helps convert carbohydrates into glucose — for energy.
  • Required for the breakdown of fats and protein so you get the most nutritional value from foods.
  • Maintains muscle tone in the digestive tract so nutrients get into your bloodstream.
  • Supports health of the nervous system, skin, hair, eyes, mouth and liver.12
  • Also called the “anti-stress” vitamin.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

  • Key role in energy production by converting carbohydrates to sugar.
  • Important role in electron transport chain to help with clear thinking.
  • Antioxidant — slowing the pace of aging.
  • Processes amino acids and fats for energy.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)13, 14

  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels within the normal range — a key to heart health.
  • Supports vasodilation which increases quick circulation throughout the body.
  • Healthy skin so you can look younger.
  • Supports normal functioning of the brain — including memory.15
  • Supports healthy digestion by helping to metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)16

  • Supports a healthy immune system.
  • Supports joint discomfort so you can exercise.
  • Important for healthy organs… heart… liver… kidneys… brain… lungs.
  • Supports the production of some neurotransmitters in the brain to help improve mental sharpness.
  • Breakdown of fats, proteins and other nutrients from food.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

  • Important for healthy cardiovascular, digestive, immune, muscular and nervous system function.
  • Plays a role in the production of key hormones like serotonin, norepinephrine, and melatonin. These hormones play a key role in sleep, and energy.

Vitamin B9 (Folate)17, 18

  • Supports a healthy heart.
  • Supports healthy DNA function, thereby supporting the building blocks of your body to maintain total health.
  • Supports healthy blood formation — crucial for “fresh” blood.
  • Due to its support of red blood cells, if it is combined with a diet high in protein it can help support the development of muscle tissue.
  • Supports brain function and feelings of well-being.
  • Supports energy production so you feel young with significant energy.

Green Tea Extract19, 20, 21

  • Powerful antioxidants including flavonoids and catechism — fighting the impact of free radicals.
  • Important “micro-minerals” not found easily in other foods.
  • Promotes healthy brain function.
  • Supports healthy weight loss when added to a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • Supports healthy blood sugar, within the normal ranges.22
  • Supports a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels within the normal range.

Ginseng23, 24, 25

  • Energy boost — stimulating physical and mental activity.
  • Supports healthy blood sugar within the normal ranges.
  • Supports healthy male sexuality.26
  • Supports healthy cognition and brain function.
  • Supports the immune system.

Schisandra — Adaptogenic Berry

  • Supports the liver including the enzymes that naturally occur for detoxification.
  • Skin health so you look younger.
  • Brain activity for razor-sharp thinking at any age.
  • Helps the body to cope with stressful situations.
  • Boost the immune system.
  • Supports healthy sexual well-being.
  • Promotes healthy sleep patterns.
  • Increasing overall stamina — a key to feeling youthful.

As you can see, I created Re-Energized to give you the ultimate natural energy booster… based on my research.

Plus it’s all-natural, completely safe, and there are no known side effects. We only use the highest quality ingredients.

How My “Portable Power Booster”
Solves the Only Potential Problem
with Vitamin B12…

When I started to research vitamin B12 many years ago, I discovered something I didn’t like. Using pills it seemed much of it was hardly absorbed, and it seems a lot of it simply passes through your digestive system. Not good.

Fortunately, I found a way to solve this problem.

I call it my “Portable Power Booster.”

It’s a tiny cylinder with a spray nozzle. It looks just like a breath freshener. It means you get a strong and safe dose of B12 — with 100% power.

Open your mouth and push the button on top of the bottle. Spray the B12 and other nutrients directly under your tongue, where you then swallow it for super-fast absorption. Repeat five times for a full dose.

Within minutes, you can feel more awake… more energized… and more alert — ready to face the challenges of your demanding day thanks to the B12 and other natural energy-boosters.

That’s because Re-Energized can give you the elevated alertness and energy levels produced by coffee or an energy drink without the edginess of caffeine.

A B12 Energy Booster — Without Needles

If you have looked into vitamin B12 and its energy benefits then you probably know about one way to get B12… regular injections with a hypodermic needle.

It’s also painful and super-expensive.

But now, thanks to Re-Energized you can keep your vitamin B12 at peak levels — and maintain that youthful energy — WITHOUT spending time and money visiting your doctor for regular B12 injections.

Need energy fast?

The handy dispenser delivers a precisely-metered dosage of 1,000 mcg per spray. Just one dose gives you 6,000 powerful mcg per day of B12.

And by the way, that’s the exact amount I recommend to my patients who want to eliminate vitamin B12 deficiency… and restore their energy levels to “youthful.” It’s more than TWICE the dosage you’ll find in other supplements.

PLUS… EVEN BETTER… Re-Energized gives you excellent absorption helping it to reach the bloodstream.

Let me ask you a question… have you taken a pill or capsule with B12? Yes? Then you have a problem…

Did you feel any kind of energy boost — even after taking B12 pills for weeks or months? Most likely, you didn’t.

That’s because vitamin B12 — when taken in pill, capsule, or tablet form — is nowhere near as absorbable. And here’s the simple reason… Any solids you swallow in your stomach as part of your daily diet act as a barrier to absorption of B12.

The B12 in Re-Energized is sprayed orally and is swallowed, and quickly and easily absorbed into the bloodstream for rapid delivery to your cells, where it’s directly converted into energy.

Here’s proof.

Tablet vs Spray

As the graph shows, the vitamin B12 spray Re-Energized has 3 to 4 times greater absorption than “off the shelf” B12 taken in tablet form.

Your body absorbs more of the vitamin B12 you get in an oral spray like Re-Energized than it does when you take vitamin B12 in pill form.

Even better, Re-Energized also helps the B12 reach your mitochondria much faster. The mitochondria are your cells “power plants” and they are VITAL for day-to-day energy.

My “Private Label” Products — Top Research Plus Only the Finest Ingredients

I know there are lots of dietary supplements on the market. Many of these contain B12 and some of the other ingredients in Re-Energized.

What makes us different and better?

Good question.

First of all, Re-Energized is part of my “Private Label” collection. It’s absolutely the “BEST OF THE BEST” when it comes to the quality we provide for you… so you get the energy you need.

  • The highest quality ingredients from hand-picked suppliers for the purity you deserve.
  • A “no-compromise” approach to ingredients.
  • Careful research by my team of nutritional specialists and me.
  • All supplements manufactured to FDA Good Manufacturing Pratices (GMP). The “gold standard” in the industry.
  • Organic and non-GMO sources when possible.
  • Full testing and quality control.
  • Supplements made in the United States.

I created Re-Energized because I saw so many people who were suffering from lack of energy.

So let me give you…

The Top 10 Reasons to Use
Re-Energized Today

  1. The non-stop energy you need to live the life you want to lead. You can feel more awake and energetic within minutes of spraying this cool, refreshing, vitamin-packed mist under your tounge and swallowing it.
  2. The perfect dosage of B12 and the right form of B12 plus the perfect combination of B vitamins based on my research and experience working with thousands of patients.
  3. Safe, non-addictive, and no known side effects. It’s the energy booster I use and recommend to my patients.
  4. Created to eliminate “brain fog” so it can sharpen your mind for clearer thinking.
  5. No injections or visits to the doctor… that’s because Re-Energized is available WITHOUT a prescription.
  6. All-natural approach… ABSOLUTELY NO caffeine, chemicals, artificial stimulants, or costly prescription medications.
  7. Fuels your body’s engine. That’s because the B12 in Re-Energized quickly converts carbohydrates into glucose — which fuels the energy production in your body.
  8. BIG FOR HEART HEALTH… Because the B12 in Re-Energized helps with the healthy digestion of food — key for energy production.
  9. Get radiant and healthier-looking skin… and even healthier skin, hair and nails. That’s because B12 helps in cell reproduction and the renewal of skin.
  10. Save HUNDREDS every month because you don’t have to buy all the “brain boosting” and “energy boosting” ingredients separately.

But most importantly…

The “Jump Start” You Need Right Now…
So You Can Be Active…
Just Like My Skiing Buddy…

It’s easy for me — or any doctor — to say to a patient: “it’s time to get moving and it’s time to exercise.”

But it’s a lot harder for patients to get started… to get that spark.

So here’s a huge benefit of Re-Energized

Re-Energized gives you the energy to start moving… to start exercising… to start living the life you want to lead… all with youthful vitality.

Based on my experience as a doctor, it can be extremely difficult for someone to take that all-important first step — because they don’t have the initial energy they need.

That’s where Re-Energized comes in BIG and it’s maybe the BIGGEST reason I’m so excited about Re-Energized… this “super-spray” can give you the energy you need to take a huge and positive step in your life.

Already active?

Excellent… then Re-Energized can help you stay that way… so you’re skiing and swimming at age 95.

Want That Youthful Energy?
Take These Steps RIGHT NOW

Now it’s time to take the all-important steps you need to take — but ONLY if you want to reclaim — and maintain — that youthful energy.

STEP 1. Make a decision to get active… stay active… and stay healthy.

STEP 2. Get Re-Energized right away.

STEP 3. Use Re-Energized in the morning and in the evening and enjoy the health and energy benefits.

100% Rock-Solid Guarantee

Re-Energized is guaranteed to give you the energy you want… or you pay NOTHING.

When your portable Re-Energized dispenser arrives, try one dose.

Within minutes, you’ll start to feel a difference as your energy ramps up a notch… your mind becomes sharper and clearer… and your body comes alive with new vigor and vitality.

That’s what happened to me when I first took Re-Energized and I’m confident you will enjoy its energizing benefits right away.

Re-Energized must provide you with the energy boost you want or you receive a full and prompt refund. If you’re not happy with Re-Energized then send the bottle and any unused product back within 90 days, and we’ll give you a full product refund. No questions asked.

Now You Have a BIG and Life-Changing Decision to Make

You have a simple decision to make.

You can live with low energy levels and simply waste away… losing your independence… and not enjoying your life…


You can order Re-Energized and reclaim — and maintain — the youthful energy you want and need.

Order Re-Energized RIGHT NOW and remember… you take absolutely no risk because I guarantee it will work.

I know you’ll make the right decision for your health.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Al Sears, MD, CNS

P.S. DO NOT TAKE B12 in pill or capsule form. You’re simply wasting your money. There is only ONE way to get B12 so it provides you with maximum youthful energy… and that’s with the CORRECT dosage and the CORRECT way to get your B12.

Only Re-Energized gives you the CORRECT dosage of B12 in a spray. This means you instantly get the maximum benefit of B12.


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Order a one-month supply of Re-Energized Spray for just $24.95 plus shipping and handling.

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Personal guarantee


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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Results may vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.

Easy Fermented Kimchi Recipe

Dear Reader,

The only way you can achieve optimal, natural health is by taking care of one of your most important organs.

What most people don’t realize is that everything is connected by an invisible thread in your body. That source can control some of today’s most devastating diseases and conditions like:

  • Excessive fatigue1
  • Chronic pain2
  • Depression and anxiety3
  • Heart disease4
  • Autoimmune diseases like MS and Crohn’s5
  • Brain fog and memory loss6
  • Diabetes7
  • Arthritis and joint pain8

And that source is your gut.

Like Hippocrates said more than 2,000 years ago… All disease starts in the gut.

You see, your gut plays a critical role in your overall health. It’s a major part of your body’s ecosystem. It’s home to the trillions of bacteria that make up your “microbiome.”

And this microbiome affects just about every organ in your body. Some of these gut bugs cause disease and infection. Others boost your immune system. Still others help you digest your food and turn it into vitamins.

The secret to vibrant health is having enough good microbes to crowd out the bad ones. When the “bad bacteria” in your gut crowd out the “good bacteria,” you see an increase in disease and aging.

Studies show that an imbalance in your gut bugs can cause chronic inflammation throughout your body. And this inflammation is at the root of most diseases.

Our primal ancestors never had to deal with these diseases — in part because they had guts of steel. But today’s toxic world is dangerous to your gut.

Our modern diet of processed foods has all but destroyed this vital organ. All those carbs, starches and sugars feed bad bacteria and yeasts in the gut. And common food additives further compromise the integrity of your intestinal walls and allow the bad bacteria to sneak into your bloodstream.

This damages your immune system and triggers an inflammatory response.

Modern medicine is finally beginning to understand the link between gut bacteria and inflammation. In a recent study, researchers transferred “bad” gut bacteria from sick mice to germ-free mice. Within days, the healthy mice all displayed symptoms of severe inflammation.9

In a separate study, German researchers analyzed the gut bacteria in healthy people and patients with heart disease. They found that the heart failure patients were missing important groups of bacteria that fight inflammation. Their gut flora was not as diverse as in healthy people.10

Along with a toxic Western diet, antibiotics, stress, excess alcohol, chlorine and other toxins can destroy your good gut bugs and allow bad ones to thrive. You can rebalance your microbiome with good gut bacteria called probiotics.

But not with the products you find on supermarket shelves — like enhanced yogurts and drinks. You’d have to consume way too much to make any difference at all. And most supplements aren’t any better… When ConsumerLab.com tested a variety of probiotics, more than a third failed the tests. Most contained too few live bacteria to be effective.

Try finding a supplement that contains at least 10 billion CFUs (colony-forming units) of probiotics to ensure maximum potency. Anything less is ineffective and a waste of your money.

In addition to a good supplement, you can try to get more probiotics from your food. Fermented foods like kefir, kvass, sauerkraut and kombucha tea deliver billions of beneficial microbes in every bite.

One of our favorites is kimchi. This traditional Korean dish is loaded with good bacteria. Here’s an easy recipe…

Easy Fermented Kimchi Recipe


  • 1 large Napa cabbage, cut into strips
  • 3 carrots, peeled and cut into strips
  • ½ cup sea salt
  • 2 Tbsp. minced garlic
  • 4-6 inches ginger, peeled and chopped
  • 4 Tbsp. Korean red pepper flakes
  • 2 bunches sliced green onions
  • 4-6 inches ginger, peeled and chopped

One way to get more good gut bacteria is by eating homemade Korean kimchi.


  1. Place cut cabbage in bowl and cover with salt. Mix thoroughly. Let sit two hours until salt has drawn out all liquid.
  2. Drain and discard water. Rinse cabbage to remove salt and allow to drain again.
  3. Combine cabbage with remaining ingredients and mix.
  4. Transfer to a 1-quart Mason jar. Stuff the cabbage tightly into the jar. You should have enough brine to cover the cabbage. If not, add water to cover the cabbage completely. This will eliminate any mold.
  5. Seal the jar tightly. Let it sit on your counter for two to five days. Every day, remove the lid to release gasses and press down the mixture.
  6. Store in fridge for up to six months.

To living healthier naturally,

Natural Health Pioneer

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Blogs, Healthy Goal

Natural Approach, Healthy Goal

My Goal When I first start to think about having Natural Approach

When I first start to think about having this website I have one thing that was in my mind the whole time, the experience that I have had many years ago. When you are living a situation that things are going bad day by day, and finally you are not in the situation any longer and you look at the past, the hard and difficult times, it seems that it didn’t happen to you. The pain is gone, all the things that used to bother you, are no longer a threat, it looks like it has happened to someone else, indeed. It still, you, one way or the other went through that hard time. You have to remember because if you want to take that as face value, using that experience to learn and help anyone else to prevent it from happening to them, you have to remember, even if it is hard for you to cope with it again, to live it all over again in order for you to give someone that experience, to testify that in awareness to everyone else on the planet. We assume that the products that we use in our home for cleaning and do anything else like to improve the place we live, are harmless, think again. They are not harmless, on the contrary, they are deadly. Most of the popular household cleaners are very dangerously toxic. You hear a lot of stories about diseases that people get from contacting toxic chemicals that are very bad for your health. There is no Federal Regulations of chemicals in household products. Rebecca /Sutton, Ph.D., a senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group (EWG), explains, “In terms of household cleaners,  neither ingredients nor products must meet any sort of safety standards, nor is any testing data or notification required before we bringing a product to market. The average household contains about 62 toxic chemicals, say, environmental experts. We are exposed to them routinely. From the phthalates in synthetic fragrances to the noxious fumes in oven cleaners. Ingredients in common household products have been linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormones disruption, and neurotoxicity. We can’t stop exposure to toxic chemicals altogether, but we can reduce it if we want too. We can change the products that we use and use a better and safe product that is made without the chemicals. We can also use products that we make at home, like DIY works, and are definitely non-toxic and it will take care of the problem. Either way, the choice between one or another depending on the availability of time, whatever suits the household, it will eliminate the use of the ones that are so harmful to you and your beloved family. You can also share this article and bring awareness about the use of toxic products to your friends and acquaintances. Why not? I did a lot of research. The solution for the problem was plain and simple, changing the way you live your life, your surroundings, etc… Take a look at under your sink in the bathrooms, take a look at under the sink in the kitchen, bedrooms, and everywhere in your garage also. Now, read the ingredients in the products that you use almost every day. Sometimes only a couple times a month, they are harsh enough to hurt. I know that you think that the institutions that are in the government are supposed to watch all this stuff. Not really. They don’t. There are a lot of high interests involved and the ball will roll to the camp that pays better. I know that for a lot of people it is hard to believe that these organs are doing such thing. Check out for yourself and after that tell me about it… Down are 8 Hidden Toxins: What’s Lurking in Your Cleaning Products, by Jessie Sholl/October 2011:


1. Phthalates

Found in: Many fragranced household products, such as air fresheners, dish soap, even toilet paper. Because of proprietary laws, companies don’t have to disclose what’s in their scents, so you won’t find phthalates on a label. If you see the word “fragrance” on a label, there’s good chance phthalate are present. Health Risks: Phthalates are known endocrine disruptors. Men with higher phthalate compounds in their blood had correspondingly reduced sperm counts, according to a 2003 study conducted by researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Harvard School of Public Health. Although exposure to phthalates mainly occurs through inhalation, it can also happen through skin contact with scented soaps, which is a significant problem, warns Alicia Stanton, MD, coauthor of Hormone Harmony (Healthy Life Library, 2009). Unlike the digestive system, the skin has no safeguards against toxins. Absorbed chemicals go straight to organs. Healthier Choice: When possible choose fragrance-free or all-natural organic products. Greer recommends bypassing aerosol or plug-in air fresheners and instead using essential oils or simply opening windows to freshen the air. Besides causing more serious effects like endocrine disruption, “Aerosol sprays and air fresheners can be a migraine and asthma triggers,” she says. Also, consider adding more plants to your home: They’re natural air detoxifiers.

2. Perchloroethylene or “PERC”

Found in: Dry-cleaning solutions, spot removers, and carpet and upholstery cleaners. Health Risks: Perc is a neurotoxin, according to the chief scientist of environmental protection for the New York Attorney General’s office. And the EPA classifies perc as a “possible carcinogen” as well. People who live in residential buildings where dry cleaners are located have reported dizziness, loss of coordination, and other symptoms. While the EPA has ordered a phase-out of perc machines in residential buildings by 2020, California is going even further and plans to eliminate all use of perc by 2023 because of its suspected health risks. The route of exposure is most often inhalation: that telltale smell on clothes when they return from the dry cleaner, or the fumes that linger after cleaning carpets. Healthier Choice: Curtains, drapes, and clothes that are labeled “dry clean only” can be taken instead to a “wet cleaner,” which uses water-based technology rather than chemical solvents. The EPA recently recognized liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) as an environmentally preferable alternative to more toxic dry-cleaning solvents. Ask your dry cleaner which method they use. For a safer spot remover, look for a nontoxic brand like Ecover at a natural market, or rub undiluted castile soap directly on stains before washing.

3. Triclosan

Found in: Most liquid dishwashing detergents and hand soaps labeled “antibacterial.” Health Risks: Triclosan is an aggressive antibacterial agent that can promote the growth of drug-resistant bacteria. Explains Sutton: “The American Medical Association has found no evidence that these antimicrobials make us healthier or safer, and they’re particularly concerned because they don’t want us overusing antibacterial chemicals — that’s how microbes develop resistance, and not just to these [household antibacterials], but also to real antibiotics that we need.” Other studies have now found dangerous concentrations of triclosan in rivers and streams, where it is toxic to algae. The EPA is currently investigating whether triclosan may also disrupt the endocrine (hormonal) function. It is a probable carcinogen. At press time, the agency was reviewing the safety of triclosan in consumer products. Healthier Choice: Use simple detergents and soaps with short ingredient lists, and avoid antibacterial products with triclosan for home use. If you’re hooked on hand sanitizer, choose one that is alcohol-based and without triclosan.

4. Quarternary Ammonium Compounds, or “QUATS”

Found in: Fabric softener liquids and sheets, most household cleaners labeled “antibacterial.” Health Risks: Quats are another type of antimicrobial, and thus pose the same problem as triclosan by helping breed antibiotic-resistant bacteria. They’re also a skin irritant; one 10-year study of contact dermatitis found quats to be one of the leading causes. According to Sutton, they’re also suspected as a culprit for respiratory disorders: “There’s evidence that even healthy people who are [exposed to quats] on a regular basis develop asthma as a result.” Healthier Choice: You don’t really need fabric softener or dryer sheets to soften clothes or get rid of static: Simple vinegar works just as well. “Vinegar is the natural fabric softener of choice for many reasons,” explains Karyn Siegel-Maier in her book The Naturally Clean Home (Storey Publishing, 2008). “Not only is it nontoxic, it also removes soap residue in the rinse cycle and helps to prevent static cling in the dryer.” White vinegar is your best choice for general cleaning; other types can stain. Alternatives to chemical disinfectants abound, including antibacterial, antifungal tea-tree oil. Mix a few drops of tea-tree oil and a tablespoon of vinegar with water in a spray bottle for a safe, germ killing, all-purpose cleaner. Add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil for scent.

5. 2-Butoxyethanol

Found in: Window, kitchen and multipurpose cleaners. Health Risks: 2-butoxyethanol is the key ingredient in many window cleaners and gives them their characteristic sweet smell. It belongs in the category of “glycol ethers,” a set of powerful solvents that don’t mess around. Law does not require 2-butoxyethanol to be listed on a product’s label. According to the EPA’s Web site, in addition to causing sore throats when inhaled, at high levels glycol ethers can also contribute to narcosis, pulmonary edema, and severe liver and kidney damage. Although the EPA sets a standard on 2-butoxyethanol for workplace safety, Sutton warns, “If you’re cleaning at home in a confined area, like an unventilated bathroom, you can actually end up getting 2-butoxyethanol in the air at levels that are higher than workplace safety standards.” Healthier Choice: Clean mirrors and windows with newspaper and diluted vinegar. For other kitchen tasks, stick to simple cleaning compounds like Bon Ami powder; it’s made from natural ingredients like ground feldspar and baking soda without the added bleach or fragrances found in most commercial cleaners. You can also make your own formulas with baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils. See the “DIY Cleaners” sidebar for a list of clean concoctions.

6. Ammonia

Found in: Polishing agents for bathroom fixtures, sinks, and jewelry; also in glass cleaner. Health Risks: Because ammonia evaporates and doesn’t leave streaks, it’s another common ingredient in commercial window cleaners. That sparkle has a price. “Ammonia is a powerful irritant,” says Donna Kasuska, a chemical engineer and president of ChemConscious, Inc., a risk-management consulting company. “It’s going to affect you right away. The people who will be really affected are those who have asthma, and elderly people with lung issues and breathing problems. It’s almost always inhaled. People who get a lot of ammonia exposure, like housekeepers, will often develop chronic bronchitis and asthma.” Ammonia can also create a poisonous gas if it’s mixed with bleach. Healthier Choice: Vodka. “It will produce a reflective shine on any metal or mirrored surface,” explains Lori Dennis, author of Green Interior Design (Allsworth Press, 2010). And toothpaste makes an outstanding silver polish.

7. Chlorine

Found in: Scouring powders, toilet bowl cleaners, mildew removers, laundry whiteners, household tap water. Health Risks: “With chlorine, we have so many avenues of exposure,” says Kasuska. “You’re getting exposed through fumes and possibly through the skin when you clean with it, but because it’s also in city water to get rid of bacteria, you’re also getting exposed when you take a shower or bath. The health risks from chlorine can be acute, and they can be chronic; it’s a respiratory irritant at an acute level. But the chronic effects are what people don’t realize: It may be a serious thyroid disrupter.” Healthier Choice: For scrubbing, stick to Bon Ami or baking soda. Toilet bowls can be cleaned with vinegar, and vinegar or borax powder both work well for whitening clothes. So does the chlorine-free oxygen bleach powder made by Biokleen? To reduce your exposure to chlorine through tap water, install filters on your kitchen sink and in the shower.

8. Sodium Hydroxide

Found in: Oven cleaners and drain openers. Health Risks: Otherwise known as lye, sodium hydroxide is extremely corrosive: If it touches your skin or gets in your eyes, it can cause severe burns. Routes of exposure are skin contact and inhalation. Inhaling sodium hydroxide can cause a sore throat that lasts for days. Healthier Choice: You can clean the grimiest oven with baking-soda paste — it just takes a little more time and elbow grease (see recipes in “DIY Cleaners” sidebar). Unclog drains with a mechanical “snake” tool, or try this approach from the Green Living Ideas Website: Pour a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar down the drain and plug it for 30 minutes. After the bubbles die down, run hot water down the drain to clear the debris.

Beware of Greenwashing

If a cleaning product at your supermarket proclaims itself “green,” “natural” or “biodegradable,” that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s nontoxic. In 2010 the environmental consulting firm TerraChoice Group produced a report called “The Sins of Greenwashing.” In it the group found more than 95 percent of so-called green consumer products had committed at least one “greenwashing sin,” like making an environmental claim that may be truthful but unimportant. “CFC-free,” for example, is a common one, since CFCs are banned by law. Donna Kasuska of ChemConscious offers this advice: “When gauging ecological claims, look for specifics. ‘Biodegradable in three to five days’ holds more meaning than ‘biodegradable,’ as most substances will eventually break down with enough time.”

DIY Cleaners

Clean your home safely — and cheaply — with the following recipes: • Basic sink cleanser — Combine ½ cup baking soda with six drops essential oil (such as lavender, rosemary, lemon, lime or orange). Rinse sink well with hot water. Sprinkle combination into the sink and pour ¼ cup vinegar over top. After the fizz settles, scrub with a damp sponge or cloth. Rinse again with hot water. (From The Naturally Clean Home, by Karyn Siegel-Maier.) • Oven cleanser — Put a heatproof dish filled with water in the oven. Turn on the heat to let the steam soften any baked-on grease. Once the oven is cool, apply a paste of equal parts salt, baking soda, and vinegar, and scrub. (From Super Natural Home, by Beth Greer.) • Bathroom mildew remover — Good ventilation helps prevent mildew and mold. When they do occur, make a spray with 2 cups of water and 1/4 teaspoon each of tea-tree and lavender oil. Shake first and spray on trouble spots. The oils break down the mildew so there’s no need to wipe it down. (From Green Interior Design, by Lori Dennis.) • Carpet shampoo — Mix 3 cups water, ¾ cup vegetable-based liquid soap, and 10 drops peppermint essential oil. Rub the foam into soiled areas with a damp sponge. Let dry thoroughly and then vacuum. (From The Naturally Clean Home.) • Laundry soap — Try “soap nuts” made from the dried fruit of the Chinese soapberry tree. Available in natural groceries and online, the reusable soap nuts come in a cotton sack that goes into the washing machine with clothes. • Dusting — Skip the furniture polishes. Instead, use a microfiber cloth. Made from synthetic fibers that are then split into hundreds of smaller microfibers, they capture dust more efficiently than regular rags. If necessary, a little olive oil makes a fine polishing agent.  has written about health for a variety of publications. She is also the author of Dirty Secret: A Daughter Comes Clean About Her Mother’s Compulsive Hoarding (Simon and Schuster/Gallery Books, 2010). Photography by John Mowers Thank you. Warmly! Luzia Soares.

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Annmarie Gianni Essential Oil & Skincare

Annmarie Gianni Essential Oils are a very good brand that has been carried over with a lot of TLC. The founders are very honest and transparent people that are handling Annmariegianni with their heart making sure that all the ingredients are state of art and 100 %  organic and legitimate and most of all, Pure. They also carry Skin Care products that have been proving that is very efficient in solving problems or just being good enough to keep your skin cleansed and nourished. The ingredients are very powerful and it was made with nutritious plants and herbs that have been giving customers a wonderful outcome indeed.


Nature speaks to you in so many ways, with its beauty most of the time and sometimes even with its anger. When you have a storm going on, you feel like nature is upset and coming down on you with a desire for destruction. Nature really is not mad at you. Nature is working hard in order to keep the balance in check.  Put things where they supposed to be because everything has a purpose. Everything that Nature does, being in touch, getting one thing that is always related to another. It’s intricate and only Nature knows how important it is to have every little thing going smoothly to keep all the Earth working together making sure nothing is going to interfere with  Nature running its course.

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Hemp oil is under siege even though it' perfectly legal and has no potential as a drug of abuse. Help us get this plant compound to the people.




We do that to Nature too. Sometimes trying to make a profit, being extremely greedy, will make us, humans, do unimaginable things to nature that shouldn’t be done. It’s ironic because while Nature is working so hard to keep things in perspective, making sure that nothing gets in the way of balance our wonderful Earth, we go and do things that essentially hurt nature in a very bad way. We keep finding excuses to put things where they don’t belong, changing a way that wasn’t supposed to be changed, interfering with the harmony that exists between everything on the Earth and we destroy more than build, we screw up more than fix, and here we go, doing so much harm that maybe we will not be able to fix it, no matter what we do.

  • HoneyColony Superior rich hemp Oil

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  • Running Interference

    Despite the public demanding safer, inexpensive, and natural treatments that stimulate our bodies’ ability to self-heal, the FDA continues to interfere when it comes to medical cannabis in favor of Big Pharma’s less effective and harsher pill prescriptions. The government persists in categorizing cannabis as a drug rather than the herbal healing plant that it is. This subjects marijuana to lengthy and often unrealistic testing standards despite volumes of empirical research attesting to its efficacy.

    Mainstream research is also inhibited due to legal issues of access of marijuana. As California pediatrician David Sine puts it, “It’s difficult for mainstream universities, etcetera, to do research on a plant that’s illegal to grow and keep around.”

    This is unfortunate because one thing is certain: a functional endocannabinoid system, which is hardwired into all of us, is essential for good health. From embryo to old age, endocannabinoids allow us to survive in an environment that is increasingly challenging.


This is the CBD you were waiting for. LEGITIMATE. Made with the right ingredients that make it the way it is supposed to be. Please, read all the testimonies and find out wath this is really about. Do not let anyone fool you. The price is what you pay for the right nutrition. HoneyColony has done what they can to keep at the lowest cost they could. Please, get the start in a new life without pain , without anxiety and enjoy every moment of your life.


The Ultimate Green Store

The Ultimate Green Store


Right now I just wish that we will be able to patch up human being’s screw-ups. I really think that if we get together and work hard doing our part, in our home and around us, bringing awareness to change our attitude for better, recycling, using the right products, working with our elected officials and try to pass laws for the protection and using different ways to act about the Earth. I am very optimistic about save what we have lost, picking up the pieces and be confident that instead of destroying we are going to build, a little bit at the time, every one of us, doing separately, and together getting the bad chemicals and pesticides out of the way, stop the fossil fuel industry for once and for all.

Organimals - Henry the elephant
Regular Price: $48.00
Sale Price: $44.00

Let’s try with your kid in college.

The Ultimate Green Store has an assorted of goods that can be used by your kid, Kids- Dorm. That is a good place to start. The Ultimate Green Store will have most of anything that you will need for this most important phase in your kid’s lives. These are all actions that ultimately will help the environment, but, more so, it will help you to improve his health. I do consider that a major change for you and loved ones. I bet your family would be very happy to know that your kid is a healthier person. All these changes will reflect on them, period!

Solar Bags



Dr. Al Sears Primal Force


Dr. Al Sears Primal Force


green-approach.com and I are not very big in this business. We are crawling like babies, studying, working, getting information and making ourselves more knowledgeable about all these things that will help us to help you or anyone else to work diligently towards a solution to make this Earth and Nature a wonderful world without hurting and without destruction, only love and will deep in the heart to better the loveable Earth.

Primal Force Omega Rejuvenol

Omega Rejuvenol

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Restore the Youthful Power Nature Intended Our ancient ancestors enjoyed a level of strength and potency you and I would envy. What were the secret to such amazing strength, speed, and agility? Our ancestors were perfectly matched to their environment and had access to the key fat-soluble vitamins and other vital nutrients that aren’t always […]


Dr. Al Sears Pure Radiance

Dr. Al Sears Pure Radiance Inc.


What makes a person go someplace to get something for herself or himself? you want style, good taste, very good materials or ingredients. If it is a Supplement, there is a lot of factors that will make a difference from going from one product to another, that they work with to get to the final product, whatever it is. If this item is food or something that goes to your body, it has to be organic, good nutrients, etc. Always making it a better way. It’s always a better way to do anything…  Another factor about supplements or I would say nutrients. Sometimes some nutrients work better in combination with other nutrients or, the quantity, that is very important also, Really it is crucial.  Always making it the Ok, other than that you now need a place to find what you want. That is the point that we have to choose



DNA Rejuvenating Night Cream

Rejuvenate your cells overnight and reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and age spots with the new & improved DNA supporting power of this all-natural night cream.

Wake Up in the Morning with the Beautiful Results You Deserve

The world’s ONLY telomere-boosting night cream just got better!

You see, telomeres are the protective caps at the end of each strand of DNA. They act as the body’s aging clock, and as they get shorter they produce older-looking skin and all that goes with it. But Harvard researchers found a way to signal telomeres to grow longer and create fresher younger-looking cells.

New and improved TeloRevive DNA Rejuvenating Night Cream is the world’s ONLY night cream designed with telomere support based on this Nobel Prize-winning research.

And now I’ve combined five new, telomere enhancing ingredients, including Bali’s “Botox Plant,” with original TeloRevives telomerase activators.

The Earth is strong, The Earth also has a balance that we still crawling on the process of understanding it. This balance, this process of being so much dependent on other factors that is complex. Everything in Nature has a purpose. This is the part that some people sometimes take it for granted. We don’t know very much how important each and every one of us has on this planet. We should then just assume, faithfully that every one of us, creatures, and also physical things have the utmost need of being here and staying here. It’s time to make a decision of changing the goals and assume another more productive idea. It’s time to take you and your loved ones to an adventure that is going to change your lives. Achieve a goal, no matter how much you think that is a crazy idea. Everything that will bring a dramatic change to your life is a little scary, but, you have realized that if you don’t, nothing is going to change. Let’s trust that the Earth needs us to make a decision, so, it’s up to us to get tough and start to demand from us, elected officials and anyone else that have a say on changing things putting the beautiful, wonderful Earth as our biggest PRIORITY NOW! Please, time to take charge and agree with God that it is up to us, only and always. “Men have the Government that he Deserves.”

“Actually, we deserve better than this.”

Amazon – Hope & Henry Organic


 We start with yourself and your loved ones making changes to the products that you and your family use for Personal Care, Nutrition, Apparel for kids, etc…

Hope & Henry & Amazon Hope & Henry Organic are the best clothes that you will get at a reasonable price. It’s 100% of Organic Cotton, no slavery, and most of the money that comes in goes to charity. You will enjoy dressing your kids with the quality that usually cost a very high price, and what this company represents to everyone today. Hope & Henry Organic, comes to the rescue dressing your kids with class and elegance without breaking the pig. It’s new and nostalgic with a little bit of Vintage. it’s trending with an excellent taste. Girls, boys, toddlers, babies. You will be able to be in style without spending a fortune. Let’s not forget about the quality. The quality that you expect to dress your kids and be proud, especially of being organic and not hurting our beautiful environment! Never mind the fact that they will adore it. Being always thankful because they feel very good.


Girls Onepiece Palm Print Swimsuit Set With Swim Cap

Hope & Henry

Girls One-piece Palm Print Swimsuit SWetSet With Swim Cap


Boys Navy Shark Print Swim Trunks
Hope & Henry

Boys Navy Shark Print Swim Trunks


Amazon Personal Care

Amazon’sChoicefor “physicians formula lip



Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Lip Oil Duo, Liquid Gold/Pink, 0.6 Fluid Ounce


  • Set includes two ultra-conditioning lip oils
  • Infused with 100% Pure Argan Oil
  • Conditions and hydrates lips
  • Hypoallergenic. Fragrance-Free. Gluten Free. Cruelty-Free. Paraben-Free. Dermatologist Approved.
  • Set includes two ultra-conditioning lip oils
  • Infused with 100% Pure Argan Oil
  • Conditions & hydrates lips
  • Hypoallergenic. Fragrance-Free. Gluten Free. Cruelty-Free. Paraben-Free. Dermatologist Approved.


Amazon Nutrition

Cc Pollen High Desert Bee Propolis Tablets, 60 Ea (2-pack)

by CC Pollen

Sucrose, maltodextrin, whey (milk), cellulose, vegetable stearine, tri-calcium phosphate, silica, Glycyrrhiza glabra…

Just another miracle of Bees. You have to read labels to find out what product have more of the ingredient you need. Sometimes its what make people confused about prices. Some products cost more, but, in the long run, you save money, because having more of the most important nutrient you need, it will make it worthwhile. I urge my subscribers to read everything that it is available about that particular product. Most of the products that I have here are the best. so, you will choose from the best. In the end, you will never lose. You just chose which one will give you an advantage on the price. Yes.S. Eco Bee Farms have a lot of raw products which I prefer over any other product. It usually cost a little more too.


Just Natural Products Hair Care and Skincare


Just Natural Products Hair Care & Skincare



Beautiful hair and skincare products aren’t something that’s made in a lab.

They are carefully and lovingly cultivated from the earth using natural ingredients. The key is to encourage and strengthen your natural self-renewing process. Nature provides all of the ingredients to achieve beautiful hair and skincare.

We use no animal ingredients in our products or do any animal testing. We use the purest plant oils, butter, botanical extracts, and essentials from the best that nature has to offer. Nature provides us with ingredients that we carefully craft to make personal care products that are effective, inspirational, and enjoyable.

Live without compromise and enjoy the best of what nature has for you. Experience our products for your body and mind today.

  • Herbal Gel for Curly Hair
  • Herbal Gel for Curly Hair

Herbal Gel for Curly Hair

16.00 Ounces
 (101 Reviews)

 available for orders over $35 




Specially formulated for curly hair, this Herbal Gel provides moisture and manageability without being sticky or heavy. Defines and holds curls, boosts bounce and adds lovely sheen with lasting frizz control, giving you healthy-looking curls. It provides hold to all hair types without leaving a residue. Safe for color-treated hair, with added anti-fade, nutritive conditioners. Made with no dyes, silicone, sulfates, salt, artificial fragrance, or parabens. Softens hair without stripping and restores pH balance so that you may save, preserve and enjoy your color longer with beautiful results. Calms fly away hair and frizz and provide an ultra-clean hold for pure styling. It is alcohol-free, silicone-free and mineral oil-free, for a non-sticky gel that keeps hair under control even in high humidity. Freshly handmade in the USA with nutritive ingredients that nourish your hair and scalp.

How to Use

After cleaning hair with shampoo and conditioner, dispense a small amount of gel onto the palms of your hands. Rub hands together and then apply to wet or dry hair for detailed style and added radiance. For a high-shine look, apply to damp hair and air dry. For maximum control with blow-dried styles, apply to damp hair at roots and style accordingly.

Herbal Gel for Curly Hair


Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera Hydrosol), Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam Seed) Oil, Calophyllum Inophyllum (Foraha) Oil, Camellia Oleifera (Camellia Seed) Oil, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Glyceryl Caprylate, Citrus Sinensis (Orange) Peel Oil, Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile) Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia, (Lavender) Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Oil, Dehydroxanthan Gum, Panthenol (Vitamin B5).



Alteya Rose Oil


The Organic Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Oil (Rose Otto), obtained by steam distillation has one of the most valuable and distinct fragrances. Rose oil is widely used in the cosmetics and the perfume industry because of its complex molecular composition, healing, beautifying, and therapeutic properties as well as its multilayered and deep fragrance.
Alteya’s Rose Essential Oil is certified organic according to the strict USDA, National Organic Program standards. Our organic roses are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or any other harmful additives.
We offer our customers one of the world’s most exquisite essential oil, Alteya’s steam-distilled USDA certified organic Bulgarian Rose Oil-Rose Otto, a 100% pure, natural oil that does not contain any pesticide or herbicide residues.

Alteya white rose alba 250ml spray

Organic Bulgarian White Rose Water (Rosa Alba) – 250ml Spray



Alteya’s Roses.

Alteya is a well-established Bulgarian company specialized in the cultivation and harvesting of the highest quality certified organic Bulgarian Rose (Rosa damascena); steam distilling our own organic Bulgarian Rose Oil and exporting it to customers all over the world. Our focus is the production of the highest quality organic Bulgarian Rose Oil available on the world markets. We employ well-known experts who monitor and manage the rose cultivation, harvesting, and rose-oil production. We meticulously select our rose plants; hand-pick the rose blossoms, and distill the precious rose essential oil. Our rose plantations are certified by the Bulgarian Government-appointed laboratory at the Research Institute for Roses, Aromatic, and Medicinal Plants to ensure that our organic essential rose oil meets and exceeds all International Organic Standards. Our direct involvement and strictly controlled process from cultivation and harvesting to distillation, ensure that our rose oil is one of the very finest on the market -100% pure, USDA, NOP certified organic, free of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides.


Please, express your feelings. I would love to hear from you…

Luzia Soares

    https://green-approach.com will always reflect my SOUL!

Better life free of Chemicals

Better Life Free of Chemicals



When I first start https://green-approach.com, the main reason for my mind was a website with the purpose of help people about living a chemical-free life. That idea was born from this huge desire that I have in my heart to warn people, protect them against all the sicknesses that a life with chemical would bring to them.

I went ahead and did a lot of research trying to put together all the articles, all the products that we could replace to a good, organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly, ethical made, getting a wonderful start line of products that would bring back safety and health.  At the same time, I want to also bring awareness about animal cruelty, animal extinction, and everything else that comes from the same territory, poachers, hunters, environment, pollution, our beautiful, perfect planet are going to the total destruction if we don’t take action and fight for our rights and keep our Earth safe, so, the children of our children will be able to enjoy Nature the same way we do today, still do, fortunately.

I know that we have about over 200 chemical agents in our home, any given time, these agents are hurting every one of us in our family, big or small, it hurts people differently. We are different from each other. In a family of 5 people, every one of these families has totally different strengths. One can have a very strong immune system, when the small one, the younger one, may have a weaker immune system. For example, if we are in a family of 5 different human beings that will react to a chemical solution in ways that we would never expect. So, the solution would be, just don’t have chemicals in the house at all. Just eliminate it. Remember, we react differently, but, we will be hurt one way or the other, because chemicals are not good for anyone, no matter how strong your system is.


Ok, easily said than done. We are all people of habit. There are things in our life that we have gotten on the habit to do. It is difficult that all of a sudden we will change a lifetime of addictions and habits that have been in our life since we were kids, it has come from our parent’s home in the first place. We need to do it, definitely, but, maybe slowly, patiently, but, certainly, with a huge conviction because we know for sure what is good for us and our environment. We can try to ignore it, we can try to put it off. neglect, postpone, procrastinate, but, we do know that time is running out and we have to start sooner than later. We owe it to our kids and to the generations that are coming.

We have some research made by the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency,  that are getting our attention to the fact about how bad are the chemicals we have in our home! I really wish that you read it, and find out for yourself what is scientifically proved that the chemicals we have gotten in our nest are really bad. Let’s have a look and try to take that into consideration because this is a very serious business. Sometimes we don’t understand why some families have some sickness, and others don’t. We have to look at the whole picture. We can take me for example:

It was one time in my life that I was fighting cancer. Cervical and breast cancer. On the cervical issue, I have had 3 surgeries and it kept coming back, and eventually, I have to have a hysterectomy. I was still in the hospital recovering when my doctor has found out that I have a little, tiny lump in my breast.  Come to find out a few days later, still in the hospital recovering from the hysterectomy, when I was diagnosed with a lump in my breast that was cancer. So, going on realizing that I better start to eliminate or change dramatically my lifestyle. The lump in my breast was removed, and fortunately, it didn’t spread. It was 2002 and after my recovery, I have moved from Massachusetts to Charlotte, NC. in 2007, since then I haven’t been in a hospital, I mean, not for being that sick.


I am cancer-free for over 16  years. I don’t have a cold, I don’t have the flu. I pray and thank God every moment of my life that is very blessed because I follow his teachings and respect Nature, loving it with all my heart. I have all the chemicals out of my home, out of my life. I have changed my lifestyle much more after all these and will continue on this path. At least I am giving myself a chance to change my life for the better.

There is one thing that I urge you to keep your eyes open too, the big industry behind natural and organic products. You have to do your research and make sure there is a place that you can trust too. There will be places that don’t have what they claim to have. You know that are good people and bad people in this world. Unfortunately, we are not all good. Some people will, without remorse, use people to their advantage, I really don’t like to say it, but, it is true, and we would rather not have to say it, it really sickens me to know that some people do things just like that and ruin it to everyone…


God doesn’t want us to be victims of malicious people that have no integrity, and he will make sure that you will find the right people to deal with. Pray, keep your eyes open, do research and you will be fine. I, myself, have a list of companies that are all legitimate and will help you with a lot of information about their products and making sure you will be safe. The answer is information. The companies that are transparent and legitimate, will have a lot of information. That will pick the good from the bad, period.

I know for sure that everything that God has put in this Earth is an extension of him that is reflected in Nature. Nothing that the men make to have an easier and fast life, and cheaper for him is good. We have to celebrate Nature and thank God for all the miracles that we have on Earth. He is the smartest being in the Universe, and men know nothing. The only thing that men know is breaking God’s law and destroy the perfection of Creation. When we protect the animals, Nature the way God has created, we are respecting God. God is Nature.




8 Shockingly Common Home Pollution Dangers

If you thought the secondhand smoke was a problem, wait until you read this.
By Cliff Weathers / AlterNet January 23, 2015, 10:31 AM GMT

Photo Credit: Davis/Shutterstock

The Environmental Protection Agency says the air we breathe indoors can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. And that is largely our fault as we unwittingly introduce products into our home that diminish the quality of our air. While we may know that secondhand smoke, radon gas, and molds impair our indoor air quality, many sources of indoor air pollution aren’t so obvious.

Here are eight that might surprise you.

1. Candles. As much as you may appreciate the atmosphere they create, candles can fill up your home with harmful gases and sediments. It doesn’t always matter whether the candle is paraffin, vegetable oil, soy, or beeswax-based. During combustion, all candles release some soot carbon particles that become airborne and can lead to respiratory problems.

Paraffin comes with its own problems. It’s a byproduct of petroleum, coal, or shale that’s whitened in industrial-strength bleach that infuses it with dioxins. Another chemical, acrolein, a compound linked to the risk of lung cancer from cigarette smoke, is added to the wax as a solidifying agent.

While the candle industry insists that the final product is inert, studies have shown that burning paraffin candles can release high amounts of benzene and toluene — both known carcinogens — into the atmosphere. And even if you buy a high-end candle, it doesn’t make it any safer. Candles from retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Yankee Candle Store, and Crate & Barrel are mostly made from paraffin.

Add to the mix the artificial dyes and synthetic fragrances often used in candles, especially those for aromatherapy. The recipe varies from candle to candle, but the fragrances and dyes often contain toxic plasticizers and solvents.

If you can’t live without your candles, consider those made of beeswax or vegetable oils, and with natural dyes and perfumes.

2. Dryer Sheets. Few scents are as comforting as warm laundry pulled from the dryer, thanks to the olfactory magic of fabric softener sheets. But have you ever wondered what’s in those dryer sheets? That waxy feeling when you touch them is a surfactant compound that coats your clothes to keep them soft. The compound is also positively charged, which helps remove static. It’s often comprised of a mixture of quaternary ammonium salt (which is linked to asthma), silicon oil, or stearic acid (derived from animal fat). When these ingredients heat in the dryer, they liquefy, coating the clothes. In essence, your fabrics aren’t really softer—they’re just coated with a fatty film to make you think they are.

Along with the surfactant are fragrances that contain toxins and get into the air when released from dryer vent emissions. Because the fragrances manufacturers use are trade secrets, consumers have no way of knowing what they contain. Federal laws require only that cleaning products list the ingredients that are active disinfectants or known to pose hazards.

A study published in the August 2011 issue of the journal Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health, shows that scented laundry items often contain numerous carcinogens and toxins not listed on the packaging, including acetaldehyde and benzene. The University of Washington researchers called the air vented from machines that used scented laundry detergent and dryer sheets toxic.

It’s probably best to ditch the dryer sheets altogether. But if you insist on using them, stick with the less toxic options. Seventh Generation makes dryer sheets that contain no fragrances or masking agents. The company also discloses all the ingredients of the sheets, which include a plant-derived softening agent.

3. Carpets. As much as you may love that “new carpet smell,” that famous scent is actually the off-gassing of hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including toluene, bromine, benzene, formaldehyde, ethylbenzene, styrene, and acetone. Routine exposure to these chemicals are known to cause headaches, throat and eye irritation, allergies, confusion, and drowsiness. Synthetic carpets that contain nylon and olefin fibers are typically the worst offenders.

Regular exposure to significant levels of these toxins can pose long-term problems, including learning and memory impairment, birth defects, decreased fertility, and diseases of the liver, thyroid, ovaries, kidneys, and blood. Benzene is a well-known human carcinogen and formaldehyde is a probable human carcinogen. Some new carpets also contain the moth-proofing chemical naphthalene, which is known to produce toxic reactions, especially in newborns. Also found in some carpets is p-Dichlorobenzene, a carcinogen also known to produce fetal abnormalities when tested on animals.

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But it’s not just new carpets that cause a problem. While older carpets no longer off-gas these chemicals, dust mites and their droppings begin to permeate the nap over time. The droppings cause severe allergic reactions in many people, and researchers are just beginning to correlate dust mite exposure to asthma. Household dust can also have high levels of lead, as the heavy metal still permeates our soil from the days of leaded paint and gasoline. We also add toxins into our carpets when we walk on them with our shoes, tracking in contaminated dirt and pesticides from the outdoors. Almost any toxic substance we use at home, from paints to bug sprays, to candle or fireplace soot, can settle into carpet fibers and later spread into the air.

Consider investing in a quality HEPA vacuum cleaner that can help remove many of the toxins without throwing them back into the air. You can also buy carpeting certified “Green Label Plus” by the Carpet and Rug Institute, which evaluates carpeting for low emissions of VOCs.

4. Kitchen Stove. We’re not advocating getting rid of your range, but a poorly ventilated kitchen can cause a great amount of air pollution in your house, regardless if you’re a culinary whiz or not.

Gas stoves are particularly worrisome as they emit more nitrogen dioxide, a highly reactive gas that’s created when fuel is burned at high temperatures. Nitrogen dioxide, a strong oxidizing agent, mixes with the air to create nitric acid and toxic organic nitrates. These can irritate the lungs and lower resistance to respiratory infections such as influenza. Frequent exposure to higher concentrations than normally found in ambient air may cause acute respiratory illnesses in children, according to the EPA.

The solution to minimizing exposure to nitrogen dioxide is simple. Make sure the kitchen is well ventilated during cooking and for several minutes after. Investing in a high-quality ventilation fan, particularly a range hood, can greatly improve air quality. You should use ventilation whenever you’re cooking, not just for those times you burn something. If fan ventilation isn’t possible, as in some apartments, try to cook with nearby windows open.

5. Cleaning Products. Cleaning your home is important to air quality, as it removes dust, mold, and other particulates from the air. However, many conventional household cleaning products often include harmful chemicals.

Even cleaners labeled “green” or “organic” may contain ingredients that can cause health problems. Notably, natural citrus fragrances can react with the air to produce dangerous pollutants indoors.

But conventional cleaning products are still far worse, as they may contain alcohol, chlorine, ammonia, or petroleum-based solvents, all of which can have negative effects on health, irritating the eyes or the throat or causing headaches. Some cleaning products release dangerous chemicals, including VOCs that can contribute to chronic respiratory problems and exacerbate allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. Products containing VOCs include most aerosol sprays, chlorine bleach, rug, and upholstery cleaners, furniture and floor polish, and oven cleaners.

Chlorine bleach is particularly nasty. Mixing it with an acidic cleaner like ammonia or vinegar can create chlorine gas (yes, the same gas used in chemical warfare) which can cause immediate health problems, even death when inhaled.

If you want to keep your air clean while you clean, consider using less toxic, less expensive products such as hydrogen peroxide (for sanitizing, stain removal and bleaching), tea tree oil and water (for mold removal and as a disinfectant), and white vinegar (for cleaning glass, counters and tile).

These common household items work just as well as the high-end green cleaning products, if not better.

6. Paint. Even if you haven’t painted a room in years, the paint on the walls can still do some damage to your lungs, even your brain for that matter. People living in older homes may still have walls coated in lead paint, which was banned in the late 1970s. Lead can still be a powerful neurotoxin even decades after a room is painted, as the paint continues to chip, peel and flake off surfaces. Many of these chips break down and are pulverized to microscopic pieces that become part of the interior dust you breathe. If you’re worried about lead paint in an older dwelling, you should contact a licensed paint contractor to help you find ways of mitigating your exposure.

Newer paints also create some health risks in the home as many of them contain VOCs and can off-gas for weeks, even months after a room is coated. The short-term risks of these paint fumes are headaches, dizziness, nausea, asthma exacerbation, fatigue, skin allergies, confusion, and memory impairment.

When buying paint, look for brands that have lower levels of VOCs. Low-VOC and zero-VOC paints are just as good as standard interior and exterior paints. They also tend to dry much more quickly and they’re far better for you and the environment.

7. Air Fresheners. While they may cover up bad odors, air fresheners can actually make indoor air much worse by emitting toxic pollutants at levels that may lead to health risks. Many clean-air advocates compare their toxicity to that of secondhand smoke.

There’s plenty of research to back up those claims. Scientists at the UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discovered that many top-selling fresheners contain significant amounts of ethylene-based glycol ethers, which are known to create neurological and blood effects, including fatigue, nausea, tremor, and anemia. These ethers are classified as hazardous air pollutants by the EPA and California Air Resources Board.

Many air fresheners also contain phthalates, a common family of household chemicals often used to soften plastics. You’ll find phthalates in many plastic household products and toys, but they’re also used in air fresheners to support the fragrance. As the manufacturers of air fresheners don’t need to disclose all their ingredients, it’s difficult to pinpoint which products contain them. Phthalates are known endocrine disruptors and can be specifically harmful to infants and children who do not have developed endocrine systems. Phthalates have notable effects on the developing male sex organs and are linked to abnormally developed male genitalia, poor semen quality, and low testosterone levels.

8. Air Purifiers. Knowing that the air in a home may contain dangerous pollutants, consumers have invested in air purifiers to remove the toxins. However, some air purifiers release large amounts of ozone into the atmosphere, which has a pleasant, sweet scent (similar to what you might smell after a thunderstorm).

Consumers shouldn’t be fooled by what their noses tell them; ozone is a potent lung irritant and consistent exposure to it has been linked to the exacerbation of chronic lung diseases like COPD and asthma. It can also be harmful to infants, even scarring their lungs during early development.

About a decade ago, Consumer Reports found that some popular air purifiers, notably those made by Sharper Image, released unhealthy amounts of ozone into the atmosphere. Since that time, the EPA has warned against using ozone emitters as air purifiers and California Air Resources Board has banned air purification systems that emit high amounts of ozone. However, you’ll still see some of these air purifiers for sale online and in stores.

This is not to say all air purifiers are bad; many actually do a great job at removing air contaminants and protecting your health. If you’re interested in buying an air purifier, we recommend you use Good Housekeeping’s guide to help you with your decision.

Cliff Weathers is a former senior editor at AlterNet and served as a deputy editor at Consumer Reports. Twitter @cliffweathers.




Your face, like any part of your body, needs one crucial thing to behave the right way: NUTRITION. It’s all that we care about, be fed, be healthy, and that we get putting the right vitamins, minerals, etc… in our body. Over the years that have passed by, men have learned all the secrets about how to feed our body, how to combine nutrients, like vitamins, minerals, and any nutrients that our body needs to operate well turning out to be healthy and beautiful. Even knowing all these major information, we are still somehow neglecting our bodies of their important necessities. We still won’t give our body the utmost NUTRITION, that we really needed.

Top of that, these vitamins, minerals, and all that should be done the right way. You have to know what the quantity, the quality, the interaction between one and another.  The whole process that it is done, have to be supervised by someone that knows the process well. Even the light depending on the nutrients, that would be a piece of major information that if you don’t have it, it should interfere with the way the potency of that particular nutrient works. Really this is not such a big obstacle. You can find where you can get these supplements, these superfoods, and skincare and everything that you are looking for with someone that works at that place will help to accommodate your needs and concerns, hopefully…



You don’t need to be a scientist to be able to get some crucial supplements and solutions in your body.  Usually, the places that you get these important solutions will definitely have a person that will orient you, indeed.

So, I have some good news. There are places that have what you need, for the part of your body that you need to nourish without all these skills that give the ability to figure out the science behind the simple act of get to nourish your body with the right nutrition, taking advantage of all the benefits that Supplements, Superfoods, and the right Skin Care, etc…  will have your body working in their prime, no matter how old you are. We are what we eat. I always believe that faithfully.

There is in this huge planet and universe, good people that are thriving to do the right thing. People that are sensitive to other people’s pain and suffering you can obviously believe that with your heart.


I am my Healthy Advocate. I ask questions when I am across the desk from my doctor. Whatever doctor that there is, they are human beings, just like I am. They can also make mistakes and sometimes be arrogant, thinking that they know everything and I don’t know anything. I will not allow anyone to do that to me. I respect the years they have spent learning what there is to learn about the trade. But, one of the most important things about learning anything, it is to know that you will never, ever know everything about anything.

Sometimes you can learn very important matters from someone that has never been in school in the first place. When we are willing to respect that, we are ready to be helping someone that needs our help. Drop the Almighty attitude, and come down from the Pedestal. Join me!

For over a year I have done all the research you can think about how to nourish your body-mind, and soul. I have a huge amount of information in the best way we can. I confess that I still have to learn more. About the right place to go, about the best-done products that are there to get. Being sure that I will be dealing with the right people, honestly, transparent, that knows a lot about the subject.


I also invite you to help, if you do have any information that will help with our research and clear things up, leading us to the right place, that will be welcome, anytime. indeed. I know, for sure, that we need our body, mind, and soul well to continue to go on this journey. I do have with me one conviction that we do need to nourish our body, mind, and soul to be able to go on with our life helping every living soul that needs it, just like we do. God has given us all the tools in order for us to be well enough to thrive on this planet and universe feeling our best and helping each other to get to the top. Not really in a selfish way, but sharing everything without exception. Being there for everyone.

God put NATURE to serve us, all of us.extension, just the way it was,  clean of chemicals and raw as it is. Everything we need, is here. Let’s thank God for that and use it wisely. During my research, I have found out about these brands that are excellent, made to perfection, with the best ingredients, nutrients, organically grown with all the specifics respect with NATURE, recyclability, no animals hurt in any process that follow the making of these wonderful products that is in accordance with all the orders of humanity every step of the way!

You will find at the website, green-approach.com, all the Brands that you need to click on and get what you need. I would advise you to read the information, which I have in abundance, for your own good of so you will be able to make a clear decision. Please click on it and find out all about the supplements, superfoods, and solutions for your body that will help to keep your body, mind, and soul healthy and ready for thriving every day respecting what has given to us to keep healthy and ready, indeed, my friend. If you need anything, please write back and let me know. Also, if you are looking for products to clean your home, for decor, or anything at all, please be free to browse around and take your time. If anything still is not clear enough for you, please let me know. I will be happy to assist you in any way I can. Please, leave a comment and let me know what is in your mind.

Thank you so much!


Luzia Soares.



Mobilify & Dr. Al Sears Primal Force

“Miracle Substance” in the Gospel gives you Younger Joints in just 5 Days!

In the second chapter of the Gospel, there’s a “substance” hiding in plain sight,

one that modern science shows could miraculously relieve your achy, creaky, stiff joints.
In the second chapter of the Gospel there’s a remarkable secret to the smoothest, youngest, most comfortable joints of your life.
Joints that don’t ache, pop, flair up, and ruin your day…
Joints that allow you to walk freely, upright, and in strides…
Joints that feel younger than perhaps at any point in your life since age 30!
It’s entirely possible now due to a Biblical substance being proven by modern science.
Something I call the “Gospel’s 1-Week Miracle”.
Because according to new scientific research it dramatically improves your joints in just one week.
This may sound unbelievable, but the results people are seeing with this God-given nutrient are nothing short of miraculous.
Take one double-blind study, where knee patients were given the “Gospel’s 1-Week Miracle.”
And compared to the placebo, they saw a 49% reduction in scores for pain, stiffness, and function…
With measurable results in as little as 5 days!
In another study led by UC Davis researchers, the results took a little longer — two days longer exactly.
Seventy elderly patients were also given either this healing nutrient or a placebo…
And according to researchers, “significant improvements in pain score and functional ability were recorded in as early as 7 days.
Talk about immediate improvement!
Imagine going from old, worn-out, rusty gears…
To shiny new engine parts that keep you moving like a well-oiled machine… all in one week!
That’s what this Biblical treatment is now proven to deliver.
What’s more, 100% of patients in the study saw dramatic improvements!
These weren’t lab rats. And it wasn’t just “in their heads” either.
These were measurable scores in placebo-controlled trials, using a Biblically-prescribed nutrient.
And the truth is, we’re only just now scratching the surface of what people knew eons ago.
According to Alain Touwaide, a historian of medicine at the Smithsonian Institution, “We have textual — and also archaeological — evidence that the [Gospel’s 1-Week Miracle] was used as a medicinal substance in antiquity.”
In other words…
Science has validated what people in ancient, Biblical times knew: that this is a “joint miracle” — one that once gave the elderly the ability to walk with complete mobility, just like the young!

To call it a “miracle” may seem cheesy to some, but let me ask you…

When has our man-made medicine ever created something so powerful, that works so quickly?

158% Better Than The Most
Popular Joint Solution
In fact, a study measuring it against the No. 1 popular joint solution found the two don’t even compare.
They split knee patients in two groups:
1) the typical solution and
2) the Biblical nutrient.
And in just 12 weeks, the patients who received the Biblical nutrient saw 158% improvement rate!
Whereas just 1 in 3 given the manmade solution group experienced joint improvement…
Over 8 in 10 who received the “Gospel’s 1-Week Miracle” saw better, smoother, younger joints!
What’s more, this group could walk better and longer. And experienced less joint discomfort.
The best part: they got these results without the side effects of the popular solution!
Oh yeah, just in case you’re wondering, this involves…
     •  NO Ill Side Effects
     •  NO Big Pharma
     •  NO Expensive, dangerous solutions
     •  NO Doctor’s visits
     •  NO Hospitals
It’s 100% natural, safe and best of all it WORKS.
Today, I’ll share with you the Biblical discovery I call the “Gospel’s 1-Week Miracle”…
You’ll see how I discovered it… and examples of my own patients seeing miraculously younger and smoother joints.
And whereas most solutions simply blast your body with chemicals, making the problem worse…
You’ll see the science showing how this harnesses our body’s God-given ability to support healthy joints.
I’ll also share several other nutrients that compliment and intensify its joint-boosting properties.
I’ve visited and even lived with natives who still live much like our ancient ancestors.
People who have never even heard of modern-day health challenges like arthritis.
People who don’t suffer from the same effects of aging joints as we do in America.
Their elders still walk upright, move in strides, and enjoy complete mobility…
They even compete with the young in sporting matches and intense week-long hikes.
All these decades of experience taught me that modern science has it wrong on joint aging.
It’s not a “natural” part of aging. Nor is it inevitable.
It’s actually a condition resulting from our modern environment.
But nothing prepared me for what I recently uncovered in the second chapter of the Gospel…
A Biblical Breakthrough That Science Shows Delivers Almost Instant Relief
Something that could mean the difference between going through your “golden years” in pain and agony…
Being held back by weaker, stiffer joints…
Or doing all the things you love to do…
Bike, hike, snorkel, and boat…
I have a file full of stories, case studies, and examples of patients just like this.
Everyday folks with stiff, aching joints that held them back…
They tried everything, all conventional formulas and solutions, therapy — you name it.
And nothing worked…
Then, they tried this Biblical substance, and within a matter of days… everything changed.
Their joints felt easier, smoother and more comfortable, even with fewer uses.
Eventually, they were able to move around completely free, with no aches or stiffness.
And all without side effects, a doctor’s visit, or a prescription.
So what is this groundbreaking joint pain nutrient?
  •  Board Certified as a Clinical Nutrition Specialist
  • ​Member of the American Medical Association
  •  Member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine
  •  Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
  •  Member of the Herb Research Foundation
  •  ACE-Certified Fitness Instructor

The Wisemen’s Gift to Jesus and Mary for

Pain-Free Postbirth
Frankincense is an extract from the trunk of the Boswellia tree. For centuries it has been used for its medicinal properties, and is a well-known anti-inflammatory.
In fact, it’s mentioned 17 times in the Bible. 
In the Holy Anointing Oil — given to Moses on Mount Sinai — it’s one of the key ingredients.
Bottom line…
This is truly a sacred substance… a substance that science shows has unquestionable healing potential…
Enough to improve aging joints in as little as 5 days!
But it gets even better…
The Bible’s Solution to Aging Joints
Frankincense is known today as Boswellia serrata by medical researchers.
It’s the gum-like resin scraped from the trunk of the boswellia — a tree native to India.
And new research is being conducted on it by the likes of Baylor University.
Dr. Ajay Goel, a Baylor scientist, calls it a “powerful agent against age-related inflammation.” He adds, “I think it’s only a matter of time until we catch up and really understand how powerful boswellia is.”
But here’s the thing…
In order to see its maximum healing potential, you can’t just use boswellia.
Not unless you want to spend tons of money and consume it on constantly.
That’s why most solutions — advertised as frankincense — will simply not deliver the goods.
Instead, scientists have honed down on its most powerful healing component… what’s called ASBK.
This is a boswellic acid — the network of 6 compounds from within the boswellia tree.
And it’s the most powerful component of this vast molecular system.
One that can deliver the maximum joint-healing powers of frankincense!
Why is frankincense — and its healing compound ASBK — so powerful?
It all boils down to what’s REALLY aging your joints. And how modern medicine fails to treat it. Let me explain…

What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About

Treating Age-Related Inflammation
It’s no secret that inflammation is the biggest cause of weaker, stiffer, older-acting joints.
It breaks down cartilage. It dissolves joint tissue. And it swells your joints.
But the way it’s treated by modern medicine is absolutely insane.
In 99 out of 100 cases, doctors recommend typical pain relievers.
These are supposed to act on inflammation. But they completely miss the mark!
You see, inflammation is linked to hundreds of genes. And synthetic solutions can only go after one. It’s called “monotargeted.”
Take COX-2 — one of the main genes involved in your body’s inflammatory response.
The drug companies have developed a number of COX-2 inhibitors. But the kicker is…
They also suppress your body’s COX-1 gene, which is vital to repair your stomach lining.
That’s why these anti-inflammatories often lead to dangerous gastrointestinal problems.
According to the American Journal of Medicine and the New England Journal of Medicine… ,
Popular pain relievers hospitalize over 100,000 patients per year from gastrointestinal bleeding.
As many as 16,500 die as a direct result of use.
And they called these estimates “conservative”!
That makes these treatments one of the leading causes of death in America.
Popular Pain Solutions are a Leading Cause of Death in America

And that’s just for starters..

One study by Lancet found that these solutions DOUBLE your risk of heart failure.
And that’s just one of over 24 dangerous side effects uncovered by peer-reviewed research.
Plus, since they only target a single gene, these solutions don’t work!
But that’s what makes the sacred substance frankincense so different, and so much better.
Whereas these solutions maybe suppress ONE gene… and not only don’t work, but trigger serious (often fatal) side effects..
This Biblically prescribed nutrient instead switches off ALL of the genes involved in age-related inflammation…
And it does so naturally… and free of side effects.
Which makes it the world’s most powerful and safest solution for age-related inflammation.
Shuts Down Our Body’s “Inflammation Command Center”
How is this possible?
It has to do with the molecule Nuclear Factor-kappa B (NF-kB) — the inflammation command center.
This critical molecule can be linked to nearly every major health concern. Let me explain…
NF-kB is the “switch” that activates over 400 of our body’s pro-inflammatory genes.
Including the enzymes COX-2, iNOS, and LOX.
As a result it provides our body the blueprint for regulating its inflammatory response.
That’s why Big Pharma has long considered NF-KB the “holy grail” for anti-inflammatory drugs.
But they haven’t yet found a way to reliably and safely deactivate it.
So instead they’ve created a bunch of solutions to target each individual enzyme…
And as a result missed the “forest from the trees” — the master molecule of inflammation.
That’s OK.
Because our Creator already designed frankincense — a powerful NF-kB deactivator.
This is why frankincense is so powerful…
Why it relieve aches, pains and stiffness… in such short periods of time.
And actually make your joints feel young again.
The best part is, we don’t have to wait for the FDA.
I’ve traveled half-way around the world to bring this “joint miracle” right to your doorstep.
I Traveled 10,000 Miles to Bring You the World’s Most Powerful Source of Frankincense
As I mentioned, I’ve been “on the ground” in over 30 countries on six continents, going directly to the source of the most powerful therapies in the world. Therapies unknown to Western medicine.
That includes places like India, Bali, and Sri Lanka — where frankincense is renowned for its healing strength.
Where the elderly are just as strong, upright, and mobile as the youth.
And where joints don’t “age” like they do in America…
It’s in the first, India, where I uncovered the world’s ultimate source of frankincense.
A potent concentration of the ABKA compound — the most proven, tested, and sourced form of frankincense.
This is the kind used in all the studies I’ve shared with you.
Now typically, in these studies, the dose used is around 100 mg.
But I’ve taken it a step further…
I’ve concentrated a dose of 400 mg of pure frankincense.
That’s FOUR-TIMES the average power of the dose in these studies.
And remember, these studies show a standard dose of frankincense boosts joint function in just 5 days!
So just imagine what a 300% stronger dose could do for you.
Also, it’s completely safe, and free from side effects.
Younger, Smoother Joints in 1 Week
or Less With Mobilify

This powerhouse Biblical nutrient is the key ingredient in my proprietary new joint formula.

I call it Mobilify.
And it goes beyond just the “joint miracle” frankincense.
In every pill, I’ve added the world’s most powerful enzymes and herbs for joint relief.
That includes…

 “Better than Aspirin”: In 1838, scientists identified a remarkable joint relief ingredient in an old European herbal remedy. This was the meadowsweet flower — and its key substance, salicylic acid.

Scientists isolated this substance, synthesized and processed it. This would become aspirin. In fact, the name “aspirin” is derived from “spirin,” based on the plant’s scientific name: Spiraea.
However, synthesized aspirin is not the “miracle” so many believe it to be. It has fatal gastrointestinal problems and blood-thinning effects. On the other hand, meadowsweet flower relieves joints naturally, and free of dangerous side effects. That’s why I’ve made it a key ingredient in Mobilify.
The meadowsweet flower is the source of aspirin.
Chinese skullcap has been used in ancient medicine for 2,000 years.

 China’s Joint-Soothing Root Extract: Baikal skullcap, also known as Chinese skullcap, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for 3,000 years.

But until a few years ago, it was entirely unknown in Western cultures. New research shows that its key flavonoid, baicalein, effectively “shuts off” multiple inflammatory genes, including COX-2 and 5-LO.

 2 enzymes that fight age-related inflammation: The papaya fruit compound papain and bromelain — extracted from the stem of the Amazonian pineapple. Much like frankincense, these compounds “switch off” the genes that trigger age-related inflammation.

Study after study finds they are as powerful as common joint solutions — without the side effects. In countless studies, patient saw their joint discomfort decrease over time with each, reducing their need for other solutions. These joint champions are a no-brainer, and perfect enhancers of frankincense.
 Papain and bromelain arr powerful fighters of age-related inflammation.

These nutrients, unknown to Western medicine, are all joint-soothing champions.

And each one, on their own, could provide powerful relief.
But when combined together, age-related inflammation simply washes out of your body…
Liberating your joints and muscles from the stiffness, aches and cramps.
And in very short time spans!
That’s what many of my patients are saying about Mobilify.
8,359 Americans Have Used Mobilify — The Results Are Unbelievable

Like Larry McDowell, from Talent, OR, who wrote in saying…

“Dr. Sears,

I have had trouble with my ankles all my life. I am now aged 68 years and all of the problems of growing up, sports injuries, military service have taken its toll. I had been taking glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM for many years with some success, but not satisfied. I was still bothered by changes in the weather, mainly winter, would leave me stiff and achy. After a week and a half of taking Mobilify, the discomfort, stiffness, minor aches, went away. Sometimes I still cannot believe the difference! It’s almost like being reborn. Thank You so much.”

And Joni D wrote:

“I think the Mobilify really helps with soreness, stiffness and pain. Recently, after spending several hours doing spring gardening chores, I was super sore the next day (as I should have been). The day after that I was completely back to normal — so fast!”

I’m so convinced taking Mobilify will give you young, smoother, freer joints, I want to make sure you start getting ALL the benefits right away! But, regardless, with any offer you choose…

You can try Mobilify 100% risk free, thanks to…

My Personal Money-Back Pledge

When your shipment of Mobilify arrives, open the bottle and start taking it every day. Then keep taking it.

I’m confident, that soon, you’ll feel the difference.

As you start to enjoy younger joints, joints that move freely with no aches or stiffness…

You’ll be more mobile and more capable than at any point in years… or maybe even EVER.

You’ll be free to do all the activities you love — without your joints holding you back.

Your loved ones will start noticing a difference… and that they finally have the real YOU back.

That can be yours in a little as 5 days’ time!

That’s why, if for any reason, or for no reason at all, if you are not 100% satisfied with Mobilify, simply return the bottle and unused portion within 90 days, and I will send you an immediate, complete and total refund with no questions asked, including shipping and handling. It is my personal no-nonsense, no exceptions, no-risk guarantee that means you won’t risk one cent.
So what are you waiting for?
You have absolutely nothing to lose — and years, even decades, of growing biologically younger to gain.
So why not order today?
To Your Good Health,
  Al Sears, MD, CNS

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You might know it as one of the three gifts given to the infant Jesus by the Wise Men.
But few ever asked why it was so important for Mary and Jesus.
Back then, frankincense was recognized as a natural healing remedy.
And historians now believe it made perfect sense as therapy to…
     •  Alleviate the pain of postpartum cramps             for Mary.
     •  And dull the pain of a circumcision for               the infant Jesus.
The miracle of frankincense isn’t just in chapter two of the Gospel.